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									Can your practice document?                                                        Yes

Written standards for patient access and patient communication.
Measures to document these standards.
Use of paper or electronic-based charting tools to organize clinical information
Use of data to identify important diagnoses and conditions in practice
Adoption and implementation of evidence-based guidelines for 3 conditions
Active support of patient self-management
Tracking system to test and identify abnormal results
Tracking referrals with paper-based or electronic system
Measurement and reporting of clinical and/or service performance

                                  These are to be NCQA standards for
                                  certification. Many will be met by the
                                  use of HowsYourHealth. But what do you
                                  think you have now?
KNOW YOUR PATIENTS                                % Birth-10 yrs   % 11-18 yrs   % 19-45 yrs   % 46-64 yrs   % 65-70 yrs    % 80+ yrs
Age Distribution
                                                    Enter #s
# pts seen/day
# pts seen last wk                                                                             INSTRUCTIONS:
# new pts last mo
                                                                                        Please complete this Practice
# procedures last mo
                                                                                       Profile information to the best of
# referrals last mo
                                                                                                   your ability.
# unique pts in practice
PROFESSIONALS* (Enter FTE equivalents)                                               *Under the "professionals" category,
# MD                                                                                    please use decimals to indicate
# NP/PAs                                                                              "parts" of full time equivalents. For
# RNs                                                                                   example, 1.5 physicians, etc. If
# LPNs                                                                                someone works less than a fulltime
# LNA/Mas                                                                                week in the office such as .6,
# Secretaries                                                                                 indicate that as well.
Does the Practice Routinely Offer                      Yes             No               ** Established patient visit with
Group Visits                                                                                         nurse.
Practice Web Site
Phone Follow-up
                                                                                           Other questions are self-
Disease Registry                                                                                 explanatory.
Same-Day Appointments
Private Waiting Room
E-mail With Patients
Nurse visits**
Coordinated Hospital Care
24/7 Access
Hours or % of Charity
                                                 Monthly Cost
Rent including utilities
Malpractice insurance
Personal/family insurance
Business insurance
Disability/Life insurance
Auto insurance
Other insurance
Telecom (phone, fax, mobile, internet)
Office supplies (Paper, toner, pens, etc.)
Medical supplies - bandaids, table paper, etc.
Billing service
Accountant/legal fees
Marketing (newspaper, yellow pages, etc.)
Loan(s) - practice
Loan(s) - school
Dues/fees (AAFP, ACT, medical society)
Employee expense
Technical support/consulting
Office software (e.g. EHR)
Computer hardward
Other (Describe):


Since opening your IMP practice, are you more involved in community projects (voluntary or
otherwise) outside your practice?                No          Yes      If yes, what do you do?

                                             Very satisfied   Satisfied   Neurtal   Unsatisfied   Very dissatisfied
How satisfied are you with your choice
of medicine as a career? Check one.

What is your EMR?
What billing program/clearinghouse do you use?
What is your range of reimbursement for a 99214?
Do you accept insurances?
Do you take Medicare?
How many square feet is your office?
What is the tax structure of your practice (S-Corp, LLC, Solo proprieter, etc)?
Do you have a business plan you would be willing to share?

Office Staff Survey          # respond # respond # respond       # respond         # respond
        Questions            Strong Agree   Agree   Diagree     Strong Disagree
#1. Opportunity to do best
#2. Received recognition
#3. Staff works like team
                             Strong Agree   Agree   Unsure         Disagree       Strong Disagree
#4. Recommend office
                              Very Easy     Easy    Difficult    Very Difficult
#5. Easy to ask
                             Strong Agree   Agree   Unsure         Disagree       Strong Disagree
#6. Technology smooth
                                 Yes         No
#7. Full staff meetings                                                                  INSTRUCTIONS:
#8. Up-to-date display
#9. Knows how confident                                              Please ask all staff members to complete the Office
#10. Regular meet patients                                            Staff Survey questions and return to a designated
                                                                       person. (The survey is in the PDF format in the
                                                                   "Baseline Survey" on

                                                                        Please tally responses and enter information in
                                                                   appropriate question line. (If you have 10 staff surverys
                                                                       and 5 people "strongly agree" and 3 agree and 1
                                                                   disagrees to question #1, you enter those raw numbers
                                                                      in each of the columns. the one person wh did not
                                                                           answer does not get a number recorded).
 o complete the Office
eturn to a designated
e PDF format in the

 enter information in
u have 10 staff surverys
 " and 3 agree and 1
nter those raw numbers
ne person wh did not
 mber recorded).
Office Staff Comments
         1              Please enter any verbatim office
                        staff comments.

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