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                                                                                              UNLIMITED CONFERENCING

                                                     A cost-effective way for direct sales professionals to communicate

      If you host four calls             Businesses of all sizes are looking for new ways to streamline their communication strategy
                                         to maximize limited budgets and increase efficiency. Conference calling has become an
                                         integral part of that strategy, but conferencing expenses are often difficult to predict month
     with five participants
                                         over month.

      for 60 minutes at $.25             Cost-Effective Conferencing | Raindance’s Unlimited Conferencing* allows you unlimited
                                         toll access to our audio conferencing service with one low, fixed monthly expense. This
                                         flat-rate service offers industry-leading technology at the lowest cost, allowing you to better
    per minute that totals
                                         manage your conferencing budget.

            $300. Even if you            Benefits | Raindance gives you the tools to:
                                           • Predict your conferencing expenses month over month with a fixed cost and no
   conduct only four calls                   taxes or hidden fees
                                           • Eliminate the hassle of invoicing by automatically paying with your credit card
                                           • Save over per-minute pricing by leveraging your existing long-distance contracts
 per month, Raindance’s
                                         Access Levels | Choose the service that is right for you:
 Unlimited Conferencing                    Up to 25 participants – $99
                                           Up to 50 participants – $199
                                           Up to 125 participants – $299
                saves you $200.
                                         A Flexible Solution | Raindance gives you the tools to instantly access and easily manage
                                         your conference calls with up to 25, 50 or 125 participants. You never need to hassle with
                                         reservations, changes, cancellations or a conference operator. Your virtual conference
                                         room is available whenever you need it. Raindance is a top-tier conferencing provider with
                                         a proven track record and published reliability of 99.99% uptime.
                                         * Conference call durations are limited to 12 hours and are subject to service interruptions.

 Raindance’s Integrated Offerings        Key Features | Raindance offers you the audio conferencing features you require with
                                         the flexibility to determine your access level based on your communication needs.
 Raindance’s    integrated   unlimited
                                         Unlimited usage                                                                                 Integrated web features
 conferencing service support sharing    Conference as much as you need for one monthly                                                  Share and control presentations, conduct Q&A
                                         cost that always remains the same                                                               and manage your conference over the web, all
 presentations over the Internet at no                                                                                                   at no additional cost
                                         Easy access
 additional charge.                      Use the same toll dial-in number and                                                            Credit card billing
                                         conference ID for all of your conferences                                                       Have your conferencing bill charged directly to
                                                                                                                                         your credit card
                                         Simple phone commands
                                         Mute participants and initiate participant count all                                            Toll access
                                         from your telephone keypad                                                                      Take advantage of existing long-distance contracts
                                                                                                                                         or pass charges on to partners and vendors
                                         Lock the call to prevent unwanted participants


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