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					AutoVue Electronics (Pune) Pvt. Ltd.

Industrial and office automation solutions
           company since 1991

          2, Vertex Plaza, Behind S.B.I., Market Yard,
               Pune 411 037, Maharashtra , India
          Phone / fax : 0091 20 2426 3758 / 2427 0614
 email : sales@autovueelectronics.com or autovue@vsnl.com
              web : www.AutoVueElectronics.com
Brief about the Company And Director

• AutoVue started in 1991 primarily because of entrepreneur
  instinct and urge to serve industry for wide spectrum of
  industrial and office automation solutions.

• Having the knowledge & first hand experience on electronics
  Hardware, firmware, software and IT , this plays a very
  important role in AutoVue Project execution style and speed
  of the project execution.

•   Director - Sanjog J. Gandhi
•   Qualification – M. E. (Digital Electronics) 1990
                      B. E. (Electronics & Telecom) 1988

•   Job Experience - Worked for one and half year with Godrej & Boyce,
    Mumbai as a electronics hardware development engineer for VME based
    processor and peripheral cards 8-10 layer VME based 68020 32bit CPU
    cards, Graphic cards, Multiprocessor systems and related systems
    software   development      primarily   catering to    Military  and
    Telecommunication needs.
Areas of Operation
  Automation Software for PLC
  Executed more than 400 Projects
  Worked on Siemens, Allen-Bradley, Mitsubishi, GE Fanuc, ABB,
  Schneider, B&R, Honeywell, Messung
  Worked on devicenet, profibus, cc-link, canbus
  Achievement - Executed 5,000 I/O Swift Suzuki Weld shop

  Application Software for Elipse SCADA
  Distributor for Elipse, Brazil since 1996
  1,500+ installations Elipse SCADA in India
  Executed projects in India, USA, Russia, Japan, Sweden,
  Brazil, Switzerland, Malaysia, Indonesia, Srilanka, Pakistan,
  Thailand, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Sudan, Tunisia, Iran

  Mint Work flow management Software
  Any Business document data entry Can be configured and
  Using configurable business rules, the data can travel anywhere
  via internet backbone, capable of generating email/ SMS alerts

  Mint Electronics Hardware Products
  State of art electronic products design and development
  mainly suitable for plant-wide information monitoring
  offering information transport from sensors till web and mobile
  Products: Mint DC, Mint EM, Mint UI , MIntView6 and MIntView12
  Customised electronic development for Quantity Orders
    Goal :
    To Provide value added automation solution to Industry with consistent
    quality commitment.
    To develop a solution taking advantage of the latest technology updates.

Strengths:                                  Methodology:
•     Understanding customer needs          •   Existing system/ Process study
•     knowledge of latest technology        •   Solution designing using standard

•     Effective usage of product features       hardware, software products
                                            •   Develop and implement controls &
•     User friendly, intuitive interface
                                                information management solution
•     Flexible & reliable system
Automation Software for PLC

PLC : executed more than four hundred PLC based projects using Siemens, Allen-
Bradley, Mitsubishi, Fanuc, Honeywell, B&R, Schneider, ABB
Automation Software for PLC
Few Industrial Automation projects to mention ...

      Maruti Udyog Limited - Suzuki Japan :
      Flexiline Weld shop PLC Automataion for swift car

      Total I/Os : 5000+                PLC CPU MAKE : MITSUBISHI Q02H
      I/Os - Omron make device net
      Graphic interface GOT - screens 500+

      There are three systems : RUB, MF and Door Line
      Each system consists of two CPUs in one local rack connected to two GOT and two
      devicenet master cards and some local I/Os for critical alarms / emergency signals.
      Fixture related I/os are connected to devicenet master through distributed remote IO
      blocks of omron.
      One CPU is dedicated to fixtures and transfer line automation
      Six Yaskawa robots (each having its own devicenet I/O block) are connected to one
      devicenet master
      second CPU is dedicated for Robot IO interface control and interlocking
      Data management is done in the system to enable central monitoring system to change
      the models as well as get model execution system
      AndON - Japanese Production Monitoring system is implimented
      System Data and control is integrated To PCS (Production control system).
Automation Software for PLC

Few Industrial Automation projects to mention ...

         Various Paint Shop Systems executed with Taikisha, Japan and Haden

         I/O : 1000                   MAKE : MITSUBISHI A Series
         Bajaj Auto   Ltd, Akurdi (Pune).
         I/O : 500           PLC Make : NEXGEN 4000
         Bajaj Auto   Ltd, Chakan (Pune).
         I/O : 500           PLC Make : NEXGEN 4000
         Bajaj Auto   Ltd, Waluj (Aurangabad).
         I/O : 200           PLC Make : NEXGEN 4000
         Bajaj Auto   Ltd, Chakan (Pune).
         I/O : 200           PLC Make : MITSUBISHI A Series
         Bajaj Auto   Ltd, Chakan (Pune).

         Two wheeler bodies are painted with ECOAT system.
         Pre-Treatment plant, ECOAT and OVEN systems are provided.
Automation Software for PLC

Few Industrial Automation projects to mention ...


         I/O : 500       PLC Make : ALLEN-BRADLEY SLC 500
         IFRB, Dhaka, bangladesh

         Medical accessories and foods item are processed with irradiation with
         cobalt- 60 material for different cycles nos.. The life of cobalt-60 material
         is calculated through PLC.

         Boiler automation system

         I/O : 600            MAKE : ALLEN-BRADLEY PLC 5 Redundant
Automation Software for PLC
Few Industrial Automation projects to mention ...


      I/O : 300       MAKE : SIEMENS CPU 214 MAKE
      Defense Research & Development Organization, Hyderabad

      Simulation of bowls under vacuum are processed with set time.
      Under grounded tank with 21 mtr. Height is evacuated & then bowls are inserted in


      I/O : 500    MAKE : ALLEN-BRADLEY SLC 500
      L&T JOHNDERE LTD, Ranjangaon, Pune

      Material handling system is given for tractor body parts.
      Tractor parts are transferred with Electro monorail system as per given tasks
Automation Software for PLC
Few Industrial Automation projects to mention ...


        I/O : 500          MAKE : NEXGEN 4000
        Fine Line Circuits, Baroda

        Copper plates are inched in different tanks with set time
        through recipe different cycle timing are downloaded to PLC and perform the cycles.


        I/O : 4000         MAKE : ALLEN-BRADLEY SLC 500/04

        Interfacing with dedicated gun controllers with Fixtures. For DAY and SLEEPER type
        models spots are done with auto sequence on Fixtures. All I/o points are configured
        with devicenet with Allen-Bradley I/O modules. The model data are shifted with
        shuttle and data are transferred to each jigs for performing their tasks.
Application Software for Elipse SCADA
  •   SCADA is a family of configurable software running on single computer
      or multiple computers capable of communicating with any electronic
      hardware such as PLC, PID and offering MIMIC displays for plant
      status, Alarms management, real time Information storage and text as
      well as graphic reporting of the same.

  •   Offered Customised SCADA Solutions development and commisioning
      till 1996 for application in energy as well as oil & gas fields.

  •   Since 1996, AutoVue is Asia Distributor for Elipse Software Ltda, Brazil
      for their Elipse SCADA and E3 products
  •   Scope includes supply , application development , driver development
      as well as field commissioning.

  •   AutoVue has crossed 1,500 installation base of SCADA packages in
      India. Installation base spreading at a rate of 300+ installations per

  •   Executed Elipse Projects in India, USA, Russia, Japan, Sweden, Brazil,
      Switzerland, Malaysia, Indonesia, Shrilanka, Pakistan, Thailand, UAE,
      Saudi Arabia, Sudan, Tunisia, Iran.
A set of advanced
development tools
suitable for any
application, allowing
communication with
virtually any
system, from
industrial plants to
building automation.

Using one or more computers connected on a network of electronic
equipment, the software can display and manage every detail of your
process, supplying up to date information such as temperatures,
pressure, produced units, machine stop time, etc.
SCADA -   Foseco India Ltd : Burma Castrol Company
SCADA -   automated paint line
SCADA -   Short Cycle Laminate Line
SCADA - Transformer Station Details
SCADA - Pharmaceutical Application
SCADA - Pump Test Bed System
SCADA - Pump Test Details
SCADA - Glass Manufacturing
SCADA - Boiler Automation System
Applications                   Industries
                               •   Automobile
•  Process & Control
                               •   Chemical
•  Monitoring & Data logging
                               •   Food and Beverages
•  Quality & Testing           •   Pharmaceuticals
•  Utility management          •   Fertilizer & Cement
•  Production monitoring       •   Defense & Nuclear
•  Alert systems               •   Pulp & paper
•  logistics                   •   Plastics & rubber
                               •   Manufacturing
                               •   Construction & Furniture
                               •   Oil & Gas
                               •   Domestic Appliances
                               •   Energy
                               •   Packaging
                               •   Textile
                               •   Mining
                               •   Medical Electronics
                               •   Education
We touch almost every part …

 Application Software development for PLC & SCADA Systems
 used in Manufacturing & Testing of Automobile
     Services offered to    Car Body Paint Shop
     Maruti - Suzuki        Swift car Weld shop
     Hyundai Motors         Engine Testing Systems
     Hindustan Motors       And-On Production Monitor
     Tata Motors            Glass cutting & polishing
     Ashok Layland          Power Stearing test jig
     Honda Scooters         Assembly Line Conveyors
     TVS Auto Ltd.          Shock-absorber test jig
     Mahindra & Mahindra    Air conditioner test jig
     Bajaj Auto Ltd.        Manufacturing Execution System
Towards Our Dream …
          •   Advanced Plant Information Communicator

          •   A state of art electronic unit, capable of collecting field sensors data or
              PLC data and
          •   processing information.
          •   Can publish & transport information to central plant IT or Internet /
              Intranet Web.

          •   1 RS485 interface: Useful for connecting PLCs / Data acquisition
          •   Can act as Modbus Master or Modbus Slave or any other protocols.

          •   2 RS232 interfaces: These ports can be configured to read from bar
              code scanners, RFID,
          •   local equipment, also it can send reports to local serial printer

          •   Ethernet RJ45 port: SMTP, POP3, FTP, HTTP
          •   Can act as tiny Web-Server, Capable of sending / receiving email
          •   Send/ receive data to Central Server over Ethernet (Internet / Intranet)

          •   4 Optically isolated Digital Inputs, 2 relay NO-C-NC Outputs, Buzzer for
              Audio alarming

          •   4 line 20 characters alpha-numeric LCD, 8 keys / 16 keys keyboard

          •   Supply Voltage 24 V DC (18 V min to 36 V max)

          •   C language programmable - Application code can be downloaded through
              Ext. Connector.

          •   Dimension 144 x 96 x 45 mm panel mount / wall mount
          •   Add-on card for Analog Inputs / Digital Inputs / Digital Outputs
          •   Can be customized for Application specific needs for quantity orders.
MInt - MatriX

  Fully Customizable solution for your Business Process

  •   Configurable Forms, Databases, Computations, Reports
  •   SQL Server, MySQL, Oracle, Access, dBase, FoxPro, Excel
  •   Distributed Servers/ Heterogeneous Database Environment
  •   Data Exchanges using XML Transport
  •   Business Activity monitoring , Decision Support System
  •   Email, SMS Alerts based on Configured Business Logic
  •   VB Scripting, Web Page, email, Internet/Intranet Support
Users of Our Products & Services
Thank you very much for your Interest .
We look forward to business prospects !

Industrial and office automation solutions company since 1991
AutoVue Electronics (Pune) Pvt. Ltd.
2, Vertex Plaza, Behind S.B.I., Market Yard, Pune 411 037, Maharashtra , India
Phone / fax : 0091 20 2426 3758 / 2427 0614
email : sales@autovueelectronics.com or autovue@vsnl.com
web : www.AutoVueElectronics.com

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