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OSTA Press Conference

      PMA 2004
     February 13
• Introduction
   – Parker Lee, Chairman of OSTA
• Introduction to MPV
   – Pieter van Zee – Chairman OSTA MPV WG; Senior Architect, HP
• MPV for Consumer Electronic Products
   – Bob Zollo, Vice Chairman, OSTA; Pres., Software Architects, Inc.
• MPV for Portable Storage
   – Dr. Po-Chieh Hung, Chairman, OSTA MPV Portable Storage WG;
      Konica Minolta
• MPV Adoption
   – Nikon Corporation: Richard LoPinto, Senior Vice President,
     Products, Technology and Engineering, Nikon Inc.
   – Olympus Corporation: Toshikazu Hayashi, GM, R&D Division
   – HP: Pieter van Zee, Senior Architect, Digital Home Solutions
   – Samsung Electronics Co.: Seong Kook Shin, Engineer, Digital
     Media Company
• Summary
                   About OSTA
• Incorporated in 1992 to promote the use of recordable
  optical technologies and products
   – Over 50 members including some of today’s largest PC, CE,
     software and media manufacturers
• OSTA contributions to optical technology
   – Universal Disk Format (UDF)
       • Adopted as the file system for DVD, CD-R/RW
   – Uniform Packet Writing
       • Common form of packet writing for CD-R made possible
         compatible multi-session recording
   – MultiRead
       • CD-R/RW discs compatibility in CD-ROM, CD-RW and DVD drives
       • Universally implemented by drive manufacturers
• OSTA is open -- all companies are invited to join
• Website:
       Introduction to MPV

     Enjoying Collections of Digital
Music, Photo, and Video Files Everywhere

                 Pieter van Zee
     Chairman, OSTA MPV Working Group
     Senior Architect, Digital Home Solutions
            Hewlett-Packard Company
       Introduction to MPV

PCs Are from Mars, CE Products Are from
 Venus: A Practical Guide for Improving
 Communication and Getting What You
      Want in Your Relationships

                                 Apologies to John Gray,
                                 “Men are from Mars,
                                 Women are from Venus”
             PC – CE Convergence:

PCs are from Mars:                   CEs are from Venus:
• Dynamic media formats              • Fixed & stable formats
  & device capabilities                & capabilities
• Everyone is a publisher,           • Professionals are
  publishing is easy                   publishers, publishing is
• SW / HW refresh                      compute- & time-intensive
  required regularly                 • No firmware refresh,
• Expectations:                        slow HW refresh
   – More flexibility, power,        • Expectations
     and cost                           – More simplicity, reliability
   – Less reliability, simplicity.      – Less cost, power
         PC – CE Convergence:
            Driving Forces

• Communication
  – Everyone is a publisher, publishing is easy
     • Low-cost capture devices, home printing,
       home disc burning, web & P2P publishing
  – Low-cost, recordable, portable storage:
    recordable CD, DVD, memory cards, HDD
  – Low-cost home networking & always-on
    internet access
• Technology platforms convergence
  – More power, lower cost, common dev tools
DI and PC – CE Convergence
          (Storage-Based Interoperability)

                     Browse / Watch /
                          Store                      Store


                                                               Browse / Watch /
MobiCam         /View
                                       Media Files

                     /View           Print
                                                                   Browse / Watch

           DI and PC – CE Convergence
                 (Network-Based Interoperability)

              Digital        Software
             Pictures                                                         MediaHub

Storage                                         Rich Media




                                                             Browse / Watch


 There is no standard way
 to represent & exchange
collections of music, photo
and video files & metadata
No standard way to represent & exchange
collections of music, photo and video files

                      • Slow to startup
                      • Hard to navigate
                      • File system-style
                      • Poor slideshow
                        experience – not
                      • Poor
                   An open, multiplatform,
                      free standard for
                       exchanging rich
                    collections of digital
                   music, photo and video
                      files & metadata
   What is MPV - Technically?
• A control file:
     – “Multimedia playlist”,                            MPG
       “multimedia album”
     – Typical file size: 5K to 50K    Foreground
• A list of assets                      1. Still+Audio   Exif
     – Simple assets: Still, Video,     2. Video
       Audio, …                         3. Panorama
     – Composite assets:                4. Still
       Still+Audio, Multishot,
       Panorama, …                                       Exif
     – Renditions: Thumbnail,          Background
       Screen, …                        1. Audio
• Presentation (optional)                                Exif
     – Multimedia slideshow
• Metadata (optional)                                    WAV

     – Title, description, keywords,
       dates, sizes, …
MPV-Enabled Products
         • Guarantees a consistent
           and easy navigation
         • Rapid startup
           – Single file to be read from
             disc or transferred along
             home network
         • Rich metadata available
         • Does NOT require specific
           media file formats.
         • On optical disc, flash
           memory, HDD, home
           network, internet, etc.
         MPV Provides Interoperability
          for Digital Camera Content
    Different File Layouts                                                  Identical MPV Playlists
    (Avoid Collisions on Shared Cards)                                      (Enhance Interoperability)
           MOV08398.JPG   -   JPG thumbnail rendition of video
           MOV08398.MPG   -   video                                           AssetList
           DSC08399.JPG   -   still
           DSC08400.JPG   -   still with audio                                  Video
           DSC08400.MPG   -   audio for still
           DSC08401.JPG   -   still hi-res JPEG rendition of RAW                   Rendition: thumbnail
           DSC08401.TIF   -   still master with hi-res JPG rendition
           DSC08402.JPG   –   still multishot sequence                          Still
           DSC08403.JPG   -   still multishot sequence
           DSC08404.JPG   -   still multishot sequence                          StillWithAudio
A          DSC08405.JPG   -   still panorama sequence                              Still
           DSC08406.JPG   -   still panorama sequence
           DSC08407.JPG   -   still panorama sequence                              Audio
                                                                                   Rendition: raw
    DCIM/                                                                       Multishot
           MVI_3298.AVI   -   video                                                Still
           MVI_3298.THM   -   JPG thumbnail rendition of video
           IMG_3299.JPG   -   still                                                Still
           IMG_3300.JPG   –   still with audio
           IMG_3300.WAV   –   audio with still                                     Still
       133IMDCF/                                                                Panorama
           IMG_3301.JPG   –   still   hi-res JPEG rendition of RAW master
           IMG_3301.RAW   –   still   master of hi-res JPG rendition               Still
           IMG_3302.JPG   -   still   multishot sequence
           IMG_3303.JPG   -   still   multishot sequence                           Still
           IMG_3304.JPG   -   still   multishot sequence
           STA_3305.JPG   -   still   panorama sequence                            Still
B          STB_3306.JPG
                                      panorama sequence
                                      panorama sequence
        MPV Provides Interoperability
         for Data CD/DVD Content
Different File Layouts        Identical MPV Playlists
(Determined by each vendor)   (Enhances Interoperability)
                                      Rendition: master
                                      Rendition: screen
                                      Rendition: thumbnail
                                      Rendition: master
                                      Rendition: screen
                                      Rendition: thumbnail
                                      Rendition: master
                                      Rendition: screen
                                      Rendition: thumbnail
                                      Rendition: master
                                      Rendition: screen
                                      Rendition: thumbnail
                                      Rendition: master
                                      Rendition: screen
                                      Rendition: thumbnail
    Completed & Released
     MPV Specifications

   I3A CPXe
Internet Photo
                 (Photo/Video)   Music


      Upcoming Extensions
                    Under Development

          CE         Portable   Digital    Home
        Playlists    Storage    Camera    Network

• Additional specifications are under development
  – CE Playlists: Consistent Experiences on CE Devices
  – Portable Storage: updatable, indexed archive of digital
    camera content on portable storage (e.g. CD, DVD, HDD)
  – Digital Camera: high-performance update in cameras
  – Home Network: Multimedia Playlists for Home Networked
    Devices Connected Using UPnP AV
MPV Advantages
               • Developed in an
                 open fashion by
   Open          OSTA’s participating

               • Multiplatform
Extensible     • Extensible to new
                 technology areas

               • No royalties from
Royalty-Free      – Minimal one-time
                    administrative logo
                    licensing fee
Growing Industry Support
Companies Participating in MPV-related Press Releases:

   ACD Systems Inc.            Olympus Corporation
   Ahead Software AG           Philips Electronics
   Alera Technologies          Pixel Magic Imaging
   ArcSoft Inc.                Rimage Corporation
   Eastman Kodak Co.           Roxio Inc.
   ESS Technology              Samsung Electronics Co.
   Hewlett-Packard Co.         Samsung Techwin Co.
   Konica Minolta Co.          Software Architects Inc.
   LG Electronics Co.          Sonic Solutions Inc.
   LSI Logic                   Sony Corporation
   MUSICMATCH                  ULead Systems
   Nikon Corporation           Zoran Corporation
              MPV at PMA 2004
• HP announces shipping first MPV-
  enabled Digital Imaging software:
  HP Image Zone and Memories Disc
   – Shipping since Fall 2003
   – Bundled with HP cameras, scanners,
     photo printers,
     all-in-ones and select PCs
• Nikon announces support for MPV
  in future digital camera software
• Olympus announces support for
  MPV in future digital cameras
• Samsung announces MPV support
  for future DVD players & digital
• Software Associates develops
  validation tools, MPV SDK
MPV CE Playlists & Tools

             Robert Zollo
         Vice Chairman, OSTA

President, Software Architects, Inc. (SAI)
 Validation and Logo Program
• MPV CE Playlists specification defines
  guaranteed interoperability and playback
  in CE products
• Validation program administered by OSTA
  – Self-testing, self-certifying
  – Available to public by 3Q 2004
  – Tools under development by Software
    Architects, Inc.
• MPV Logo program is in development
  – Expected in 3Q 2004
  – Low one-time fee per product for logo use
   MPV “CE Playlist” Validation
• Everything needed to validate MPV Playlists
• Command line tool tests correctness:
  – Parses the play list XML
  – Tests each requirement of the Specification
  – Reports on all errors found in the format
• C++ Source code will be available
• Pre-built for Windows and Mac
• Available from OSTA Q3 of 2004
      SAI MPV Mastering Toolkit

                          MPV Mastering Engine
• Creates MPV playlists
                                                   MPV Playlist
• Outputs Photo and                                  Creator

  Audio assets                ISO-9660                UDF
                            Imaging Engine       Imaging Engine
• Burns assets and
  playlists to CDs or              CD/DVD Burning Engine

• Burns both ISO-9660
  or UDF Disc formats
    MPV Portable Storage
           Dr. Po-Chieh Hung
Chair, MPV Portable Storage Working Group
        Active WG Members
•   Epson
•   HP
•   Konica Minolta - WG chair
•   Eastman Kodak Company
•   Olympus
•   Samsung
•   Sony
•   and more...
             Scope of Work

• Allow anyone to handle DSC content easily
  and safely
• Store on CD, DVD, HDD, etc., scale to GByte
• Use MPV for grouping into albums,
  indexing & search
• File system handling rules for rapid & safe
• Multimedia content (audio, photo, video)
• Allow vendor-specific extension
       MPV Adoption:

 MPV Implementation in
    Nikon Software

          Richard LoPinto
   Senior Vice President, Products,
Technology and Engineering, Nikon Inc.
             Nikon and MPV
• Nikon PictureProject™ photo management software
  to support MPV
   – Multimedia collections
   – Slideshows
   – Stored on CD & DVD
• Bundled with new additions to Nikon’s popular
  Coolpix line and D70 digital SLR camera.
• MPV enriches photo presentations and enjoyment of
  personal and professional digital photography.
• MPV functionality is an important part of Nikon’s
  strategy to deliver growing performance for
  photographers at all levels.
    MPV Adoption:

MPV Implementation in
    Olympus DSC

       Toshikazu Hayashi
  General Manager, R&D Division
           February 13
            PMA 2004
        Olympus and MPV
• Olympus developed prototype
  digital camera with MPV.
• Olympus plans to add MPV
  functionality to cameras and
  software in upcoming products.
• MPV enhances the user
  experience in both PC and non-
  PC environments.
• Olympus is leading MPV Camera
  Working Group in OSTA.
  Development Experience
• Prototype was developed based on
  commercial product.
• No hardware change was needed.
• Implementation was very easy. Additional
  firmware size is less than 55KB.
• MPV supports advanced camera features
  such as video, burst, and panorama modes.
         MPV Adoption:

   MPV Implementation in
        HP Software

             Pieter van Zee
Senior Architect, Digital Home Solutions
    MPV and Digital Imaging
        in HP Products
• HP Image Zone software
  – MPV support:
    •   Camera unload creates MPV albums
    •   Interactively make MPV albums on PC
    •   Burn MPV-enabled photo CDs (Memories Discs)
    •   Send email, upload to website & order prints online
        using MPV photo CDs and I3A’s CPXe
  – Released Fall 2003
  – Bundled with most HP cameras, scanners,
    photo printers, all-in-ones, PCs and
  – Many M units to ship in 2004
     MPV Adoption:

MPV Implementation in
 Samsung CE Products

       Seong Kook Shin,
 Engineer, Digital Media Company
Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd.
Benefits of MPV in a playback device
   • Richness of playback experience
   • Easy, appealing user interface
   • Fast performance

             MPV Music Player                             MPV Photo Player

  Song Title for Playback                      Metadata   Album Navi.    Panorama

  Metadata           Metadata&Playlist Navi.                     Multishot

                                                                                    39 / 15
The MPV roadmap of Samsung (Storage-based)

                    MPV Software             CD/DVD/BD

       MP3 Player





                                                         Browse / View / Listen

                       Printer            Print

                                                                                  40 / 15
The MPV roadmap of Samsung (Network-based)

                          MPV Software
             Music/MPV                                                                DVDR/STB

MP3 Player                                       Contents/MPV




                                                             Browse / View / Listen



                                                                                           41 / 15

    HP Image Zone software
Olympus prototype Digital Camera
 Samsung prototype DVD Player
• MPV provides a standard way to
  exchange and playback collections of
  music, photos, and video
• MPV is easy to implement and being
  adopted by many of today’s leading
  PC and CE manufacturers
• MPV is open, extensible and royalty-
MusicPhotoVideo       ™

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