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					         SkillCheck Overview
 Founded in 1988
 Headquarters in Burlington, Massachusetts
    – Offices in New York City, Atlanta
 15,000 Installed Users
 Long-term Commitment to Customers
             SkillCheck Mission
 Empower Test Administrator
 Forefront of Testing Technology
 Bring Together Best Aspects of all
  Industries involved in Testing
    –   Staffing
    –   HR
    –   Education
    –   Certification
             Staffing Today
 Expand Your Markets
 Develop Stronger Customer Relations
 Productivity
    – “Economy Expects More for Less Cost”
             SkillCheck Offer
   High-Quality , Performance-Based testing
    solution deployable via the Internet to each
               SkillCheck Tests
   Microsoft Office (XP,       Industrial Skills
    2000, 97)                   IT Programming
   Behavioral                  Staffing Services
   Clerical Skills             Call Center
   Accounting Knowledge        Internet Literacy
    and Skills                  Computer Literacy
   Medical Knowledge           Retail Sales
   Legal Secretarial Skills    Food Services
 Developed following accepted APA and
  EEOC Guidelines
 Developed under Supervision of Linkage,
 Further Validation performed by The
  Donath Group
    SkillCheck Standard Tests
 Subject Matter Experts Ensure Clarity of
 Establish Standard Tests for Job of Typical
  Temporary Worker
 Updated Analysis of Tests based on Results
  from Field
    SkillCheck Standard Tests
 Highest Quality in the Industry
 Large Library of Standard Tests
"...At first glance, looking at SkillCheck and
   competitors, it's difficult to see the differences.
   But, what we've found in doing very extensive
   psychometric validation analyses, and in our
   discussions with several major US corporations
   who use SkillCheck, and who consider the test
   quality to be very important, is that SkillCheck
   proves to meet other major organizations, and our
   much tougher standards for selection....“

-Carol Milberger, Psychometrician for Exxon Corporation
       Staffmark Web Site
 Our Solutions Make the Difference
 Try Something Different
   A pre-employment test is not valid in and of
    itself; rather a testing process is valid in the
    context of a specific job.
            Custom Tests
 All Jobs are not Alike
 Customize tests to the Job Analysis
 Customize Test to the Client
     Customization of Tests
 Thousands of SkillCheck Performance-
  based Test Items
 ItemWriter tool allows you create your own
  test items
 Items from various products can be
  combined to create a unique solution
       Customization of Tests
   Upload Custom Tests to your Online
    SkillCheck Account
           Demonstration of
   SkillCheck Professional Plus TestMaker
SkillCheck Internet Test
 Management System
             Internet Testing
   Advantages
    – Centralized Database of Scores
    – Centralized Software
    – Productivity (Test People before they Come in)
   Disadvantages
    – Security
    – Reliance on Third-Party Internet Service
         Internet Deployment
   SkillCheck Internet Test Management
    – Multi-level control over all testing and
      reporting activity
   Ability to run any SkillCheck test over the
    Internet Test Deployment
 Administer a test
 E-Ticket
 Integration with Company Web Site
             Internet Test Management

                                                         StaffMark Headquarters

                         Regional Manager                   Regional Manager                  Regional Manager
Client Account                Texas                             Northeast                        Southwest

                  StaffMark Office StaffMark Office StaffMark Office StaffMark Office StaffMark Office StaffMark Office
Testing Account
                       Dallas        San Antonio     New York City        Boston         Las Vegas         Phoenix
Internet Test Management
    System – Structure
   Account Type   Controls
   Headquarters   Tests, test delivery and
                  reporting options that will be
                  available to “daughter”
                  Regional Accounts.

   Regional       Tests, test delivery and
                  reporting options that will be
                  available to “daughter” Testing

   Testing        Test delivery to test takers via:
                  Testing workstation
                  One-Click Access
 Comparing Internet Solutions
Configuration Option SkillCheck              Kenexa

Cookies Required     Yes                     Yes

Java/Active X        Javascript Required     Javascript, Java
                     Optional configuration: Applets and activeX all
                     Java Applet or activeX required
Security             Secure testing over     Unencrypted traffic
     Demonstration of Internet
   SkillCheck Internet Test Management
        Productivity Tools
 Internet Deployment
 SkillCheck TimeSolver
     SkillCheck TimeSolver
 Cut Testing Time in Half without
  Sacrificing Accuracy
 Computer-Adaptive Testing
SkillCheck TimeSolver
             SkillCheck TimeSolver
Online Testing Score Report
Word 2000 - TimeSolver
First Name: SHEILA
     Last Name: PERRY
     ID: DEMO
     Date: 01/18/01
     Time: 09:45 EST
     Time Taken: 6 minute(s)

Grade Meter: 7.5 (based on a scale of 0-10)

    The examinee's test performance indicates familiarity with advanced document formatting in Word.
    The examinee's performance also shows familiarity with Word file management, indicating a likely
    familiarity with Windows in general and other Windows applications. However, the test performance
    also indicates that the examinee may not be familiar with other advanced features of Word, such as
    macros. In addition, the test performance shows that there may be some "holes" in the examinee's
    knowledge of editing, printing, and formatting. The examinee can be sent on assignments that require
    the creation and editing of complex documents. It is recommended that the examinee receive "brush
    up" training on specific Word features before being sent on assignments that require the use of Word
    at the highest level.
 High-quality Testing
 Internet-based Access
 Customizable Solutions
 Multi-tier Management of Testing
 Productivity Tools

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