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Spring 2008                                                                          Exam Blocks                                                                                     Field Trip Block
Instructor: Fanning                                                                  Pizza Sessions (2.5 hours of Class)                                                             No Class Block
Date Revised:         7/8/2010                                                       Design Project Activites shown in red; See Design Project Map                                   Spring Break

Class No. Day         Date                           Activity                                                                Description                                                                                        Assignment
    1      Wed        1/9        Course Introduction                                 Distribute Syllabus. All aspects of grading and policy will be discussed. Questions and        Access the ME 4375 Web Site and familiarize yourself with the layout
                                 Syllabus                                            answers. A "map of the course" will be discussed. We will have several parallel paths in the
                                 Course Map                                          course, including a design project. Describe the tools that are included with the textbook and
                                 Explain The Design Process                          how to use them. All Students are Encouraged to copy the tools to your hard drive.
                                 Discuss Design Projects
    2      Mon        1/14       Tool Kit Derrivation I: Ideal Gas Law Equations     Psychrometric Processes: Thermodynamic processes for moist air; adiabatic mixing; the           Homework Handout #1
                                                                                     psychrometric Chart
    3      Wed        1/16       Tool Kit Derrivation II: Cooling Equations: The     Psychrometric Processes: Sensible, Latent and Total Cooling equations and applications          Homework Handout #2
                                 BIG three
    ---    Mon        1/21       MLK Holiday                                         No Class                                                                                        No Homework
     4     Wed        1/23       Took Kit Derrivation III: Bypass Factor, ADP,       Using the psychrometric chart                                                                   Homework Handout #3
                                 and the psychrometric chart
    5      Mon        1/28       Psychrometric Calculations Example                  Problem Example that will be similar to the problem of Test #1                                  Test #1 Preparation; no assignment
                                 Review for Test 1
    6      Wed        1/30       Test #1                                             Test #1 In Class                                                                                No Homework
                                 Psychrometric Calculations

    7      Mon        2/4        Overview of HVAC Systems                            General Overview of HVAC Equipment; Discuss Project Packets                                     Homework Handout
                                 Roll out the Project Assignments
                                 Project Teams are Assigned
    8      Wed        2/6        Heat Transfer - Load Calculations;                  Discussion of basic heat transfer; calculation of u-factors; components of heating and          U-factor calculation Homework
                                                                                     cooling loads - overview                                                                        Turn in Project U-Factor Calculations on 2/13

     9     Mon        2/11       Heating and Cooling Load Calculations               Example of Simple CLTD Load Calculation                                                        Simple Load Calculation using CLTD Spreadsheet from Text
    10     Wed        2/13       Turn in Project U-Factor Calculations;              Input example in class; Internal loads, motor loads, process loads; Relating load calculations Take-home Test (#2) on Load Calculations; Perform simple load calculation using the load software
                                 Load Calculation Software Example                   to the Psych Chart                                                                             spreadsheet
                                                                                     Demonstrate use of Software - CLTD Spreadsheet
    11     Mon        2/18       Turn in Take-Home Test #2 on Load Calculation       Project Team interview with Client (instructor) 3 GROUPS BEFORE SHORT LECTURE                   Assimilation of Interview info
                                 Principles                                          Project team asks all pertinent questions about their building - 25 minutes per group           Compose notes and turn in assembled interview minutes on 2/20
                                 Project Work Begins with Client Interviews          5:15-5:40 - SHORT LECTURE: Importance of proper documentation in the Design Process             Demonstrate proper documentation
                                                                                     (Dinner will be served)

    12     Wed        2/20       Turn in Project Interview Minutes                   Zoning applied to projects; Zoning principals relative to exterior exposures, internal loads,   Homework on Zoning
                                 Lecture on Zoning                                   etc.

    13     Mon        2/25       Air Distribution; ADPI                              Lecture on Ductwork and Grilles                                                                 Work on Progress Report and Zoning
                                 Grille Selection Procedure                                                                                                                          Homework Handout on Grille Sizing
                                 Ductwork Sizing

    14     Wed        2/27       Fan Types; Fan Laws; Fan Selection                  Lecture on Chapter 9 material; fan selection                                                    Turn in Load Calc Progress Report and Zoning Map via email by midnight, February 29th
                                 Static Pressure Calculations                        Airfoil / Flat Blade / Axial /                                                                  Homework on Pressure Loss Calculations - Handout
                                                                                     Constant Friction vs. Static Regain Calculations; Introduce the duct module
    ---    Fri        2/29       Progress Report on Load Calcs and Zoning                                                                                                            Due by Midnight 2/29
    15     Mon        3/3        Pumps and Piping Design; Fluid Mechanics in         Pump selection                                                                                  Pump and Piping Homework Handout
                                 HVAC                                                                                                                                                Schematic Phase Design Sketches and Final Load Calculations are due on 3/14/08
    16     Wed        3/5        Exam 3 Review Session                               Work Example Problems; answer questions on duct and piping sizing                               Take-home Test (#3) on Air Distribution; Duct Design; Fan Selection, Pump Selections; Piping Design
                                                                                     After Class workshop
    17     Mon        3/10       Turn In Test #3 on Air Distribution; Duct Design;   Conservation of Mass in Airflow Calculations; Determining Outside Air and Exh.                  Work on Schematic Phase Design
                                 Fan Selection                                       Indoor Air Quality and Filtration; Positive and Negative Space design; Selecting Packaged       Select Equipment for Project; Assemble cut sheet package for the design. To be turned in for Class
                                 Pump Selections; Piping design                      Equipment                                                                                       20
                                 Package Equipment Selection workshop
    18     Wed        3/12       Contract Document Presentation                      Workshop on presentation techniques for HVAC Design (drafting)
                                 Cutsheet Package Examples                           Fan Selection; Unit Selection continued
    ---     Fri       3/14       Turn in Schematic Phase Design                                                                                                                      By 4:00 pm in ME Office - Lori Walraven
 ---    Mon        3/17       Spring Break                                                                                                                                       Get a jump on the cutsheet package if possible during this break
 ---    Wed        3/19       Spring Break
 ---    Mon        3/24       No Classes                                                                                                                                         There will be NO HOMEWORK assigned after Spring Break
 19     Wed        3/26       Chiller Types and Chiller Selection               Chiller Selections and Efficiencies; Refrigerants                                                Continue to work on Cut Sheet Package and Design Development Submittal; 35% Design Drawings
                                                                                                                                                                                 (DD Phase) are due on 4/14 at the beginning of Class 24
 20     Mon        3/31       Boiler Systems; Steam System Design               Types of Boilers; Boiler Sizing; Steam Piping                                                    Continue to work on Cut Sheet Package and Design Development Submittal; 35% Design Drawings
                                                                                                                                                                                 (DD Phase) are due on 4/14 at the beginning of Class 24
 21     Wed        4/2        Turn in Cut Sheet Package                        Guided Tour of Plant / or project under construction; Discussion of Layout, Function, Etc.        Meet at Plant at 3:50pm Tour until 5:00pm
                              Central Plant Tour CHACP #1 or Alternative Field                                                                                                   Cut Sheet Packages will be graded and available for Pickup in ME Office Thursday, 4/3/07, 4:30 pm
 22     Mon        4/7        Exam 4 Review Session                             Go over concepts to be included on Exam 4                                                        Test #4 Preparation
 23     Wed        4/9        Test #4                                           Test #4 in Class
                              Front End Equipment Selection                     Closed Book; Multiple Choice with some problems
                              Chiller and Boiler Selections; Refrigeration
 24     Mon        4/14       Design Development Submittal is Due               Turn in project book to DD phase with 35% Drawings                                               Think about your project relative to control system design for energy conservation.
                              Control System Strategies                         Controls in HVAC; DDC Control Systems;                                                           Analyze your project for opportunities to create a quality environment relative to noise control and

 25     Wed        4/16       Sound and Vibration in HVAC                       Sound Isolation strategies; Sound Attenuators; Octave Band Analysis and Sound Power               By midnight on Friday, 4/18/07, you must email the instructor a progress report showing your progress
                              Question and Answer on Projects after Class       Calculations; NC vs. RC vs. DB(a)                                                                in evaluating control system and sound considerations.
                              Class Evaluation
 ---    Th-Fr   4/17 & 4/18   Schedule an Appointment with your                 Final Coodination Meeting on Sound and Vibration and Final Project Deliverables                  DD Package Feedback will be Discussed in this Conference period; Expectations of controls and
                              instructor for Thursday or Friday                                                                                                                  sound strategies will be discussed.
 ---     Fri       4/18       Progress reports on Controls and Sound Due by                                                                                                      Feedback on Controls an Sound to be Distributed Monday 4/21
 26     Mon        4/21       Feedback on Sound and Controls to be              General Lecture - the Business of HVAC                                                           Work on Final Project Presentations
                              distributed                                       Communication Skills in the Workplace
                              Contract documents and Quality Control
                              Commissioning and TAB
                              Contractural Relationships
                              Licensing Requirements, Careers in HVAC
                              After Class Q&A on Projects

 27     Wed        4/23       Class Workshop on Final Deliverables              Question and Answers on Projects                                                                    Work on Project Presentation
 28     Mon        4/28       Project Presentation & Pizza                      100% Project documents are due FROM ALL TEAMS AT THE BEGINNING OF CLASS Final Exam Preparation
                                                                                ON 4/28/08
                                                                                Student teams share the responsibility for a "project briefing" where they will present the
                                                                                salient aspects of their design - its advantages, disadvantages, maintainablility; first cost, life
                                                                                cycle cost, etc. 15 MINUTE PRESENTATIONS x 7 = 2 - 2.5 hour class time (Dinner will be
Final   Mon        5/5        Optional Final Exam with emphasis on Controls     Final Exam is scheduled for Monday, 5/5/08, 4:30pm to 7:00 pm
                              and Sound                                         Closed Book, Multiple Choice

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