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Personic - DOC


Personic document sample

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									                               JOB DESCRIPTION
Job Title:           Recruitment Consultant
Reports to:          Branch Manager
Staffing          None

Job Summary / Purpose:
To understand and match the needs of our clients and candidates to provide quality
tailored recruitment services whilst continually meeting target.

Main Duties and Responsibilities

Sales Activities
    New business generation - Make canvass calls and carry out mail shot activities
    Meet sales/gross profit targets in line with dashboard
    Deal with speculative calls, aftercare and service calls
    Client visits – new and service – identify and follow up business leads
    Write proposal documents and tenders, negotiate fees and rates in line with Co
      policy and comply with approvals and discounts allowed and Issue Terms of
    Write and place advertisements in newspapers and on website and Keep in contact
      with job centres and colleges

Client Management
    Serve clients, identify their needs and provide feedback on success of filling jobs
    Qualify job specification / salary information and record accurate and
       comprehensive job description – check info / client requirements in line with key
       processes and legislation
    Gather info on client – decision maker and no of employees
    Network internally and externally with clients
    Benchmark for clients – salary, availability, candidate pool, industry activity
    Write and Place advertisements in newspapers and on website

Candidate Management
   Candidate control – keep in regular contact to review progress and performance
   Pre-screen candidates before their interview for suitability and conduct interviews
   Coach candidates on interview skills / Skills testing
   Manage Temp availability to meet client needs
   Spec CVs / Market candidates, Search / Shortlist CVs in line with job order request,
     Ensure CVs are of a specific standard and reflective of client requests
   Provide information to candidates on clients and job specifications for permanent

   Version 1 March 2006
    Administration duties including; identification and national insurance checks,
      verification of qualifications, obtaining bank details, dealing with timesheets, payroll
      queries and amendments, tracking credit checks, raise permanent invoices and
      reference checking
    Capture info / calls / bookings correctly on EZ Access – update and maintain client
      and candidate information database and adhere to personic rules
    Manage own PDP
    Ensure records are kept in line with legislative requirements
    Carry out work instructions in line with Key Processes and QMS
    Any other duties as required

   Version 1 March 2006
                                                PERSONNEL SPECIFICATION
Job Title:           Recruitment Consultant
 CATEGORY                                        ESSENTIAL                                                       DESIRABLE
Qualifications      5 G.C.S.E’s at Grades A-C (or equivalent) including English Language             3 A’levels or equivalent
                    and Maths
Experience          1 Year’s Recruitment Consultancy experience within the last 4 years
                                                                                                  2 Year’s Recruitment Consultancy
                    Or                                                                            experience within the last 4 years
                    2 Years’ direct sales experience within the last 5 years in a target driven   3 Years’ direct sales experience within the
                    environment where you have had to identify new clients and maintain           last 5 years in a target driven environment
                    existing clients                                                              where you have had to identify new clients
                    Experience should include;                                                    and maintain existing clients
                        Administrative functions
                    And                                                                           Use of computer databases

                    Experience of using MS Office to include Microsoft Word and Email
Competencies                 Business decision making and knowledge – Ability to make
                              effective judgements on available data / knowledge
                             Influencing - Ability to influence others
                             Building Relationships - Ability to build relationships, interact
                              sensitively, use effective networks
                             Planning and Organising – Ability to identify the steps to be
                              taken to achieve objectives
                             Communication
                             Resilience
                             Accountability
                             Problem Solving
Other                                                                                                Current driving licence

   Version 1 March 2006

Job Title:           Recruitment Consultant
Department /
Hours of Work:       Office Hours 08.00 – 18.00, however 24 hour on call
                     cover may be required, depending on desk / branch.

   Job Background:

   As a Consultant you will be offered an exciting opportunity to learn, grow
   and develop. Reporting to the Branch Manager, you will be working in a
   challenging position in a dynamic work environment.

   Entry level for Recruitment Consultant is 1 year’s Agency experience or 2
   years’ Direct Sales experience

   Upon joining Grafton Recruitment you will receive comprehensive training
   and development. The objective of the training programme is to ensure
   the same standards are applied throughout the company.

   Training will be given in the following areas:

                             Sales and Development Planning
                             REC Training
                             Negotiation Skills

   All training courses attended are completed with an action plan which is
   set by the Branch Manager and establishes areas for development.
   Refresher courses are also available if required.

   Each consultant is assigned a “desk” to a business area i.e. sales and
   marketing and is coached to become knowledgeable in that field. With
   time you should be able to both identify and create opportunities for
   business growth on your desk.

   The Branch Manager sets targets and Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s)
   which you will be required to meet. As a successful recruitment consultant
   you will be required to achieve 90% of sales targets over the year as well
   as satisfactory KPI’s.

   Version 1 March 2006
   Typical KPI’s reviewed are:
                       Sales Activity – existing, lapsed, new job orders
                       Canvassing projects;
                       Diarising follow-up calls to planner.

                             Minimum of £30K each quarter, achieving £144K
                              revenue over the year

Key Performance Indicators are reviewed on an ongoing basis and form part
of the quarterly performance review.

Your progression will be reviewed on an annual basis during a formal

   Version 1 March 2006

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