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									Deploying Windows and Office in your
Deploying Windows XP and
Office 2003 System in your
Don Campbell
Business Productivity Tech Spec
Healthcare & Life Sciences
Microsoft Corporation

    Why Upgrade?
    Deployment Blockers
    Desktop Deployment Solution Overview
    Resources Available
“The „Technological Gap‟ is estimated to
be quite wide currently, which suggests
that there are still significant opportunities
for firms to upgrade the quality of their
technology and with it the level of
                             Alan Greenspan
                                October 2002
Key Business Concerns

       Business                             IT
                               Disconnected mobile
Productivity is
                               Sub-optimal collaboration
Headcount declining,          technologies
work load increasing           Help and support costs
Disconnected people,          rising
processes, data                Security of information
Opportunities lost
                               Cost of deployment and
due to lack of timely,
accurate information
  Business leaders looking to IT to create business value
            and close the “Technological Gap”
Proven Enterprise Value
 ―Most customers have reported up to a 50%
  reduction in OS-related help desk calls,
  increased end-user satisfaction, and 10% or
  better reduction in operational costs.
  Customers also have been able to leverage
  newer plug-and-play capabilities to
  consolidate images and reduce image
  management costs by 50% or better. At this
  point, we feel that most new systems
  should be implemented with Windows XP
  as the OS‖
          Steve Kleynhans, META Group
               February 14th 2003
Business Value Enablers
                        Benefit Area                           Key Enablers
Dependable Productive

                        Security and          Windows 2000 code base, supportability tools,
                        Reliability           advanced security, document recovery

                        Deployment and        Improved deployment tools, application
                        Operational Cost      compatibility, manageability

                        Information Worker    Usability, reliability, personal productivity tools

                        Communication and     Content revision, sharing and publishing, RTC
                        Collaboration         communications, SharePoint scenarios
                                              Advanced support for notebooks, seamless
                                              networking and communication, advanced security

                        Tablet PC             Ultimate mobility, increased productivity with ink
                                              based applications

                        Automate business
                        processes with        SmartTags, LOB Integration, Tablet PC vertical apps
                        Desktop XP platform
Business Productivity Value
 Benefit                                  Results

                 Windows XP Professional users are 18% more productive than
                  Windows Me users and 25% than Windows 2000 Professional
  Usability       (American Institutes for Research)

                 eTesting Labs: Win XP 36% better on Business Winstone 2001 and
Performance       77% better on Content Creation Winstone 2001 than Windows 98
                  SE, launching applications up to 50% faster
Deployment & Mgmt Value

 Benefit                                  Results

                98.7% level of compatibility with packaged software apps (474 apps
                 tested across 9 companies)
                97.3% level of compatibility with custom applications (836 apps
                 tested across 9 companies)
Deployment      Number of desktop images required reduced by 74% minimizing
                 image engineering and maintenance cost
                Reduced desktop deployment time by up to 67%
                MUI reduces desktop imaging costs by 25%

                Average annual cost for operating system management and
                 maintenance reduced by 51%
                Average reduction in number of help desk calls for Windows XP Pro
Management       was 10%
                When used together Windows XP and Office XP resulted in help
                 desk support call volume decrease by up to 40%
Top Ten Reasons to Upg to Office 2003?
Key Reasons to Upgrade

Flexible Platform     Makes
  for Business      Productivity
    Solutions         Simple

   Extends            Enables
  Beyond the        Collaboration
   Desktop          for Everyone
Facilitating Deployments
New   Application Compatibility Toolkit
       Reduces time to test and update applications to run on
        Windows XP
New   Baseline Security Analyzer
       Scans desktops for missing security updates & SPs
       Identifies common system miss-configurations
Calculator   to measure return on investment
       Simple tool to help evaluate the overall business value of
Business   Desktop Deployment Solution
       http://www.microsoft.com/solutions/msm/evaluation/overvie

Office 2003 Deployment Tools
   No new system files, no reboot, no new file
   World-wide executables and multi-language
    user interface packs
   Shared Trusted Sources list, ability to
    deploy custom certificates
   Create security settings at time of
    deployment with CIW
   More Outlook customization in Custom
    Installation Wizard
   New Office Resource Kit
   Local install source caches image on local
   Software Update Service support
   Fewer changes, less testing
   Simplified procedures
   More deployment tools
   Improved performance and resiliency
Windows Client Roadmap

          Windows XP                                                 2005 - RTM
        Tablet PC Edition                                      2004 – Beta 2

                                                          2004 - Beta 1

                                                    Oct 2003 - PDC

         Media Center       Service Pack 2      Mar 2003 - Developer Preview


          Service Pack 1                             Media Center PC
                                                   Tablet PC Version 2

 2001         2002             2003                     2004 – 2005
                                                   Blackcomb
                                              Innovations from
                                             IW New Markets
                                      Application platform evolution
                                   Ongoing solution development

                         Jupiter integration
                   Web Services enhancements
               Further integration in SharePoint
          Longhorn Office Desktop
      Enhanced real time communications
   SQL Server “Yukon” Release with BI
                                              Service Pack Schedule
                                             Office 2000 SP4 - 06/04
                                              Office XP SP3 - 01/04

   Business leaders are looking to IT to create
    business value and close the ―Technological
   TVO measures complete value of software
    investment (cost savings & business
    productivity benefits)
   Windows XP and Office 2003 provide
    significant business value in the areas of
    Dependability, Productivity & Connectivity
   New Web Portal facilitates deployment
   Find out more at:
   Now let’s talk about some of the tools
Adoption and Deployment Blockers
Concerns We’ve Heard

   Will our applications work on XP? If not, then
   We don’t know who has which applications
    installed today.
   We need to ensure that applications are installed
    consistently across the enterprise. How do we do
   We know we’ll need to upgrade some machines,
    but which ones and with what (disk, RAM, CPU)
    we don’t know.
More Concerns We’ve Heard

   We’re not sure if our network can support an
   We have a ton of data on workstations. How do
    we ensure that the data and user’s settings are
    retained during the migration?
   We’ve tried imaging, but we ended up with a
    management headache. We need a better, more
    consistent imaging process.
   Deployments are hard to manage and even
    harder to conduct. How do we streamline this
Microsoft Solution Accelerator
    for Businesses Desktop
BDD Solution Components

                 BDD is a comprehensive set of
                 tools, processes, and guidance for
                 planning, building, and deploying
                 Windows XP workstations

It leverages commercially available software
and custom scripts combined with real world
experience and guidance to create an
end-to-end solution for migrating workstations
to Windows XP and Office XP and Office 2003
Solution Accelerator for
Business Desktop Deployment

BDD is a comprehensive set
of tools, processes and
guidance for planning,
building, and deploying
Windows XP, Office XP
or Office 2003
   Leverages commercially available software and custom
    scripts combined with real world experience and
    guidance to create an end-to-end solution for migrating
   Available for free (TechNet download) and is the basis
    for end-to-end service delivery by Partners and MCS
Business Desktop Deployment

   Solution Accelerator
The BDD Solution Accelerator…
   Provides proven tools and practices
    that enable IT professionals to:
       Test for application compatibility upon upgrade to
        Windows XP.
       Create a software and hardware inventory to
        assist in deployment planning.
       Set up an initial lab environment with deployment
        and imaging servers.
       Automate desktop image creation.
       Provide "light touch" desktop migration for each
       Ensure that the desktop is hardened to improve
        the security in the environment.
The BDD Solution Accelerator…
   Brings together time-honored and well-
    proven practices, as well as the following
    Microsoft technologies:
       Windows Preinstallation Environment (WinPE) CDs as boot
       Batch files and Microsoft Visual Basic® Scripting Edition
        files for managing the flow of images.
       User State Migration Tool (USMT) for capturing and
        restoring user data.
       Microsoft Application Compatibility Toolkit 3.0—to gather
        application inventory, and to test and remediate application-
        compatibility issues.
       Office XP Professional and Office Professional Edition 2003
        as cornerstone enterprise applications.
       Office XP Professional and Office Professional Edition 2003
        Resource Kit for creating the custom-deployment packages.
       Windows XP Professional as the deployed workstation
        operating system.
BDD Solution Components
Deployment Lifecycle

  Envision/                                                                Operate/
                         Plan              Build             Deploy
  Evaluate                                                                 Manage

• Business        • Hardware         • Application     • Zero-touch     • Manage
  Value and         Inventory          packaging         deployment       mobile user
  Justification                        and scripting                      environment
                  • Software                           • Software
• Cost/Risk         Inventory        • Application       distribution   • Patch
  Analysis                             Compatibility     tools            management
                  • Infrastructure
• Creation,         requirements                       • User           • Server
  Integration,                       • ISV               data/state       Management
                  • Pilot
  Extension of                         Application       back-up and
                    identification                                      • Hardware
  Management                           Compatibility     migration
  Framework       • Training plan      testing
                                                                        • Legacy
                                     • Script-based
                                     • Image-based
Technologies Applied

   HW & SW Inventory – Application Compatibility
    Analyzer, SQL\MSDE, & MS Access
   Office Packaging – MS Office and MS Office Resource
   Imaging – VBScript, Batch, WinPE, Sysprep, RIS,
    PowerQuest (PQDI), Windows XP, Windows XP Tablet
   Project Management – MS Project 2002
   Application Packaging – Customer Choice
   User Data and Settings – User State Migration Tool
   Deployment Process – Batch, VBScript, HTA, Kixtart,
    RIS, PowerQuest (PQDI)
Top Ten Deployment Resources
1.    Resource Center
2.    Web Seminars
3.    Tour
4.    Application Compatibility Toolkit
5.    Higher Yields Business Value Study
6.    Microsoft Knowledge Base
7.    Microsoft Certified Partners
8.    Office Resource Kit
9.    Microsoft Training
10.   TechNet
1. Desktop Deployment Resource Center

   One location for the BEST resources
   Windows XP and Office XP and 2003
   Guides you to what you need
     Organized by company size, product, stage
   600 of our best deployment resources
     Best practices, white papers, guides, service
      offerings, Knowledge Base articles, tools, etc
   www.microsoft.com/windowsxp/officexp/deploy
2. Desktop Deployment Web Seminars

    Ten 1-hour online deployment seminars
    Presented by THE Program Managers
    Watch from your Desk!
    Topics

Strategic Planning          Migrate User Settings & Data
Joint Deployment Planning   Application Compatibility
Windows Installer 2.0       Office 2003 Best Practices
Scripted Installation       Managing the Desktop
Image-based Installation    Security Best Practices
3. Desktop Deployment Tour
    Nationwide 1 Day Deployment Training
    Full deployment process overview
    Modules

 Evaluation / Business Case Office 2003 Deployment
 Product Roadmap            Resource Roadmap
 Project Planning           Ask The Experts
 Windows XP Deployment

4. Application Compatibility Toolkit
Current Version: 3.0
     Overview of compatibility process
       Test current, planned applications
       Find compatibility fixes, if required
       Package and deploy fixes
     Primary tools
       AppVerifier—tool for finding
         compatibility problems and crashes in an
       QFixApp—finding compatibility fixes
       CompatAdmin—packaging fixes (SDB
5. Higher Yields Business Value Study

     Business value study from 17 enterprises
       203% ROI and 13 Month Payback period
     Measurements
       Net Present Value
       Internal Rate of Return
       Payback Period
       Return on Investment
     ROI Calculator
     www.microsoft.com/value
6. Knowledge Base
   Detailed drill-down of specific issues
   250,000+ articles: Used by Microsoft PSS
   Search options
     Product
     Phrase, all or some words, boolean
     Full text, title only, article ID
     Maximum age and Results limit
   Search tips
     Use common lingo
     Favor a few words over phrases
     Use boolean searches and Browse FAQs
   Examples
     Bad: Setup.ini
     Good: Customize Office Setup.ini
   http://support.microsoft.com
Knowledge Base
7. Microsoft Certified Partners
   Independent local service companies with deep skills in
    Microsoft products
     ACP, Coleman Technologies, Enterprise Integration,
   QuickStart Program: Desktop Planning
     Best practices, fixed duration, fixed-price
     Speeds deployment, lowers risk
   Providers
     Microsoft Consulting Services
     Microsoft Certified Partners
8. Office 2003 Resource Kit
    Single best Office resource
      Comprehensive & detailed
    Online version updated continuously
    ORK Toolbox

 Custom Installation Wizard   Office Profile Wizard
 Custom Maintenance Wizard    Office Removal Wizard
 Setup INI Wizard             File viewers
 Corporate Error Reporting    Policy templates

    www.microsoft.com/office/ork
9. Microsoft Training
   Microsoft Official Curriculum (MOC)
     Microsoft Training & Certification
     Product Development Teams
   Microsoft Certified Technical Education Centers
    (Microsoft CTECs)

    Course   Days Title
     2505     2    Deploying Microsoft Office XP
                   Deploying Microsoft Windows XP
     2520     1
                   Implementing and Supporting Windows
     2272     5
                   XP Professional

   www.microsoft.com/training
10. TechNet
    TechNet is for IT Professional
      Website
      Monthly Mailings
      Newsletters
    Content Rich:
      Large content creation team
      Deep deployment content for all
      Hint: Go to Products first
    www.microsoft.com/technet
TechNet Website
Deployment Templates
Project 2002 Planning Templates
Windows XP and Office 2003 Resources
To Locate a Partner Who Works With                          For Training and Certification Questions
Desktop eXPerience Technologies                             Microsoft Training & Certification
Microsoft Certified Providers Directory

For Technical Information About Desktop                     Specific Certified Technical Education Center
eXPerience Technologies                                     (CTEC) Courses
Microsoft Windows XP:                                       Course 2505: Deploying Office XP

General                                                     Course 2380: Building Workflow, Data Access, and Data
http://www.microsoft.com/windowsxp/default.asp              Analysis Solutions with Office XP
                                                            Course 2381: Planning Collaborative Solutions with
TechNet                                                     Office XP Technology
=/technet/prodtechnol/winxppro/default.asp                  Course 2272: Implementing and Supporting Microsoft
                                                            Windows XP Professional
Office 2003 Editions Resource Kit                           Course 2520: Deploying Microsoft Windows XP
http://www.microsoft.com/office/ork/2003/default.htm        Professional
Final Thoughts
    Not easy but manageable
    Making it easier with better technology
    Here’s what to do:
      Get some training
      Tap the resources outlined here
      Get help from PSS, MCS, and partners
      Take advantage of the tools
Thank you for attending. Visit www.mshug.org.
Backup Slides

   Optional:
       The following slides or demo depending
        on time
Overview / Steps

   Create administrative installation
    (Enterprise Ed.)
   Optional: OPW
   Gather other resources
   Create transform for Office package
   Optional: System Files Update
   Customize Setup.ini
Custom Installation Wizard

Using the CIW, you can configure things like:
 Feature installation states
 Custom user settings
 Add/remove files
 Identify additional servers
 Add installations and run programs
 Registry settings
 Shortcuts
 Outlook installation options
 Setup properties
Custom Installation Wizard (2)
Remove Previous Versions
Set Feature Installation States
Custom Office User Settings
Add/Remove Files
Identify Additional Servers
Add Installations and Run Programs
Outlook: Customize Default Profile
Outlook: Specify Exchange Settings
Outlook: Add Accounts
Outlook: Remove Accounts and
Export Settings
Outlook: Customize Default Settings
OPS Files

   Deploy customized application settings
   Install software to test computer, create
   Customize Proflwiz.ini to include
    additional settings
   Create OPS file
   Include OPS file in transform
Office Version Removal Wizard

   Choose which applications and
    versions to remove in transform
   Customize further via OPC file
       Clean twiddle, TMP files from TEMP
       Clean TEMP dir
       More aggressively remove Microsoft
        Office 97 and previous versions
Command Line

   Control user interaction and display
   Supply transform name
   Supply INI file name
   Control reboot
   Include Windows Installer properties
   Include Office properties
   New switches and options
Resolving Conflicting Setup Options

Defaults are overridden:
 Transforms override packages
 Modify Setup Properties page
  override all other pages in CIW
 Setup.ini overrides transform
 Command line overrides Setup.ini
Viewer Tools

What to use:
 Setup.ini for command line
  replacement, chaining Windows
  Installer applications
 Transforms for the bulk of the
 OPW/CIW for custom user settings
 OPC files to customize removal
 IEAK to customize Internet Explorer
Customization Process                       Create
                                       installation point

                       Enforced        Create default or    OPW?
                                      enforced settings?
         Create                                                        Install
         system                                                       Office on
        policies /                                                      test
          GPO                            Collect files,               computer
                                       registry settings,

                                                                    Create custom
                     Custom-                                            Run
                     ize OPC                  No                       Office
                                           Run CIW,                    Wizard


                                     Create command line

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