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									                 NDRM‟2009—First Announcement

 Third International Conference on New Development in Rock Mechanics
                             and Engineering
          & Sanya forum for the plan of city and city construction

                            May 24-26, 2009
                               Sanya, P.R.China

                                 Organized by

                        Northeastern University
                                 Sponsored by

Sanya Scientific Technical Committee
College of Resources and Civil Engineering, Northeastern University
Northeastern Society of Chinese Society of Rock Mechanics and Engineering
State Key Laboratory of Geomechanics and Geotechnical Technology
Institute of Rock and Soil Mechanics, Chinese Academy of Sciences
Liberty Culture &Technology Company (USA)

       The conference is to provide a forum for these engaged in research
and development of not only Rock Mechanics & Engineering, but also Civil
Engineering. There will be presentations and discussions on original
researches, new development and case studies in Rock Engineering and
Civil Engineering for topics as wide as possible throughout the industry.
The conference should be attended by scientists and engineers from civil,
geological, mining, hydro-electrical and a lot of related fields.
       The official languages are English and Chinese.

                          Conference Themes
   A. Rock Mechanics and Engineering:
         New ideas in geology & geophysics;
         Earthquakes & other geological calamity;
         Environment & rock or soil engineering;
         Intelligent rock mechanics;
         Numerical rock mechanics;
         Experimental rock mechanics;
         Analysis of the process of rock failure;

            New techniques of design, construction & support in tunnels or
             large caverns;
          Underground mining & subsurface storage of gas and oil;
          Case studies or others in rock engineering;
   B. Civil Engineering:
          New ideas & new development of the plan of city construction;
          Studies of base & ground foundation;
          The construction of highway and road;
          Researches & comparison between viaduct & subway;
          New ideas, new techniques, new technologies of design &
             construction of civil engineering;
          New building materials;
          Environment & civil engineering;
          Discuss of art of the buildings at the beautiful Sanya;
          Discuss of the plan of city construction at the beautiful Sanya;
          Case studied or others in civil engineering;

                      International Advisory Committee
Honorary Chairman
Prof. Pan Jiazhen( 潘家铮)
Academician, Chinese Academy of Sciences and Engineering (China)

Prof. Qian Qihu(钱七虎 )
President, Chinese Society for Rock Mechanics and Engineering,
Vice-president at large, ISRM
Academician, Chinese Academy of Sciences (China)

Prof. John A Hudson
Imperial College and Rock Engineering Consultants
President-elect of ISRM (United Kingdom)

Prof. Wang Sijing (王思敬)
Institute of Geology and Geophysics ,
Academician, Chinese Academy of Sciences (China)

Prof. Sun Jun (孙钧)
Tong-ji University
Academician, Chinese Academy of Sciences (China)

Prof. Wu Faquan (伍法权)
Secretary General, Chinese Society for Rock Mechanics and

Prof. Li Zhongkui (李仲奎)
Secretary General, The Chinese National Group of ISRM(China)

Prof. Fu Bing Jun (傅冰骏)
Institute of Geology and Geophysics, Chinese Academic of Sciences (China)

Prof. L. Ribeiro e Sousa
University of Porto,
Faculty of Engineering
Department of Civil Engineering
Vice-president at large, ISRM (Portugal)

Dr. Eda Freitas de Quadros
Senior Researcher
Laboratory of Rock Mechanics and Hydraulics
Vice-president for South America (Brazil)

Dr. L. Lamas
Secretary General, ISRM
Av. do Brasil, 101
1700-066 Lisboa

Prof. Chung-in-Lee
School of Civil, Urban and Geo-system Engineering,
Seoul National University (Korea R)

Prof. Pinnaduwa H.S.W. Kulatilake
Department of Materials Science and Engineering,
University of Arizona,
Tucson, AZ 85721,

                              Organizing Committee

Prof. Lin Yunmei   Northeastern University


Prof. Zhu Zhichuan
       Sanya Scientific Technical Committee
Prof. Feng Xiating
       State Key Laboratory of Geomechanics and Geotechnical Technology
Prof. Zhao Wen
       College of Resources and Civil Engineering, Northeastern University

Members:     Xu Wenli, Zhu Shiwen, Zheng Shuangliang, Huang Zhiqiang,
             Wu Jiawen, Guan Shuiliu

Secretary General: Yu Zhongtian

                                  Call for papers
       Papers are invited on the topics outlined in the conference themes
above and on other topics within the general scope of the conference.
Abstract should be within a length of 300 words and should be submitted
to the conference secretariat as soon as possible but not later than
September 1, 2008. Abstract should clearly state the purpose, results and
conclusions of a work that will be presented in the final paper. The final
acceptance will depend upon a satisfactory full-length paper.
       Proceedings of NRDM‟2008 will be published by Liberty Culture
and Technology Company (New York, USA). Each delegate will receive a
copy. The proceedings will also be distributed worldwide.            Each
contribution should be within 4 pages with trim size 9×6 inches. 3-5
excellent papers of proceedings would be selected and awarded during
the meeting.

                      A short introduction about Sanya
        Sanya, a bright pearl glittering on the South China Sea, is a
wonderful paradise of Hainan Island in China and be praised “not Hawaii,
but better than Hawaii”. Spotting on the tropical belt, Sanya expires unique
charm featured by its all-seasonal summer days, unspoiled sandy
beaches, pleasant sunshine, beautiful undersea community and
diversified ethnic culture. Being a natural „Oxygen Bar‟ in the world, the
city is tourist friendly for a large multitude of traveling services such as
rainforest venture, green holidays, hot spring experience and golf trip.
With fitting weather condition and eminent natural environment, Sanya
boasts the most ideal tourist destination, a place that you will surely come
back again and never forget.

                     Information of the lines of tourism
      The lines of tourism during and after the conference would be
arranged in low prices according the requirement of delegates as follows:
           The end of heaven & remote corner of the sea
           Ya Long Bay
           Boao forum for The Asia
           Nan San Temple (with a 108 Meter tall Guan Yin Buddha
              located at sea-surface
           Wander at sea bottom (with special boat or individual diving)
           Monkey Island (with a population above 2000 monkeys)
           Xiao Yu (small fishes) Hot Spring
           Wu Zhi Mountain etc.

                                Important Dates
Submit Abstract: As soon as possible and must before September 1, 2008
Submit Final Manuscript: November 30, 2008
Information of the final acceptance: March 1 , 2009

Abstracts and enquiries should be sent to

E-mail:      zhongtian.yu@hotmail.com

Tel.:        86-24-83682448

Fax:         86-24-23915254

Website:      www.ndrm2008.cn (Please pay attention, because of some difficulty,
we still use the original name for our website)

Mail address: Prof. Lin Yunmei
              NDRM‟2008 P.O.BOX 265
              College of Resources and Civil Engineering
              Northeastern University,
              Shenyang, Liaoning,
              P.R. China 110004


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