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					                            UPPER KEYS GARDEN CLUB

                       FEBRUARY 17, 2009

President, Julie Mead called the meeting to order at 11:15 AM. One new guest was
recognized. Welcome Carolyn!

Special Valentine centerpieces were provided by Mary Powell and Alicia Quintana. The
candies were a nice treat. Mary and Alicia will be collecting the adorable bears after the
meeting and donating them to the children at Island Dolphin Care. On behalf of the club,
your thoughtfulness is much appreciated.

Lunch and refreshments were provided by Dee Dee Barreto and Donna Hanson. Ladies,
lunch was first rate. Thank you!

In the interest of time, the minutes were not read. The minutes from each general
meeting are posted on our website at

The Treasurer’s Report was presented by Evelyn McGlone. It was approved and filed.


A bulletin board was placed at the club to post news and advertise community events.
Please take the opportunity to post local events happening in our community.

The next meeting, March 17th, will be our field trip at Crane Point Hammock.
We will meet at the clubhouse at 8:45 A.M., form car pools and leave the clubhouse at 9
A.M. to arrive at Crane Point in Marathon at 10 A.M... Anyone living south of the
clubhouse may want to meet the group in Marathon. John Henderson will guide us
through the park on a 2 to 3 mile walk to the Frank Lloyd Wright designed house and
give us the history of the park A park entrance fee of $10 per person is required. Every
one is asked to bring a bag lunch, to picnic in the park, comfortable foot wear, a hat, and

Upcoming Events:
2/18                   Healing Crystal Bowls – Island Dolphin Care – 5:15pm
2/19, 2/20, 2/21,      San Pedro Church - So. FL Center for Arts 453-0997
2/26, 2/27, 2/28       Meshuggah – The Ecumenical Nunsense
2/27                   Recycle Electronic Equip. (printers, etc) – KL Chamber
2/28                   Pops In The Park “From Bach to Beatles” – Islamorada 4pm
3/7                    Plant Sale – Friends of Islamorada State Park
                       Windley Key 9am
4/4                    John Pennecamp – free native giveaway plants 9am-3pm
4/4                    Monthly Series – KL Library – Vegetable Gardening 6:30pm

11 AM                  3rd Tues once a month -- Garden Club meetings

Sick/Prayer List:

Please remember Paulette and Bill Sears. Paulette has undergone ovarian surgery. We
will keep you in our prayers Paulette and Bill.


The membership was asked to make their final preparations for this garden event.
Anyone needing last minute help with preparations was asked to stand up and make their
requests known to the members.

Ways you can help:

        1.   February 25th – Preview-Tour of Gardens for volunteers – See Karin
        2.   Additional Hostesses (morning or afternoon) – Feb. 27 – See Karin
        3.   Booth workers at the clubhouse – Feb. 27 – See Mary Lee or Sherry
        4.   Tickets – See Susan Matthews for additional tickets
        5.   Finger pastries for the Tea Party (3 dozen)
        6.   Extra hands needed for set up and break down of tables and chairs
        7.   Workers bring a bag lunch

As we all pull together to make this a memorable day, our thanks goes out to all
chairpersons, committee members, and members for their dedication and long hours
preparing for this year’s fabulous garden walk. A special thanks to Jerri Grossman for
her superb organizational skills and Susie Ley for great publicity of our event

The owners are excited, working pruning, and keeping in touch with us about their
gardens. There are 8 unique landscaped properties 12-1/2 miles from start to finish and
one bonus open house to browse for landscape ideas. While enjoying the bonus property
of the Beach House Gardens Landscape Center, participants will be treated to

Here at the club house all can enjoy our annual tea party with music, art, plants, and
much more to hold their attention.

Hostesses and Workers Going on the Preview Walk:

Meet at the clubhouse for your instruction packet and a preview tour of the properties on
February 25 at 9:30am.

On February 27, the Garden Walk Event will be open from 10am to 4pm. After finishing
your shift at the homes you’re assigned to, please drop by the clubhouse to meet and
greet our guests.

Tea Party:

Edna Waldorf asked all volunteers making finger pastries to drop them off at the
clubhouse early Friday morning. She also asked for an additional ice chest and 2-3 bags
of ice be donated.


Julie Schneeberger brought a sample of the colorful signposts marking the streets off US1
and the locations of this year’s gardens. Flags and signs will be placed early Friday
morning. Thanks to her husband, Don, our sign posts are a much better identifier in
mapping out the garden locations from US1 to their street addresses. They will be an
asset for this year’s event and for years to come.

Pat Cullin announced that the banner advertising the event will be hung and the electronic
sign from the Sheriff’s office will be put in place tomorrow.


Mary Lee Mobley expressed her gratitude to Richard Barreto for his help in getting the
grounds prepared for this event. Richard was able to solicit help from the Monroe
County Prisoner Work Program. Richard will also request help from the county to help
with the removal of the clubhouse carpet after the May meeting.

Interest has come to the club’s attention of a landscaper wanting to donate plants to
enhance our grounds and help with the above ground root problems. Since the
clubhouse sits on a natural hammock and is overseen by Mary Lee, she has some
concerns about certain plantings and care of the property. Further discussion on this
matter will be put on the agenda for a later board meeting.


Richard Baretto motioned to purchase three benches for the property. Karin Wolf
seconded. Membership voted: Yes – 13 No – 25 Motion denied

Committee: A committee of two was formed to obtain cost information on cement
tables and benches for possible additions to our grounds. Committee members are
Carolyn Holmes and Phyllis Mitchell. They will report back with information at the next
regular scheduled meeting.


Our president announced that the timetable for sewer installation for the club is about two
years away. Our treasurer is concerned about the clubs funds for this outstanding cost.


Publicity: Web Posting of Events - The club would like to be able to advertise garden
club events on line. If anyone has experience on how to post events into a web site
calendar, please contact Susie Ley. She is in much need of your support! She can be
reached through your club directory.


The Bird Basket was passed and $80.59 was collected for the Wild Bird Center.
Suki Bell will deliver the money to the center.

Meeting adjourned at 12:52 PM

Respectfully submitted,

Linda Gonsalves
Recording Secretary


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