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Acer tataricum 'Garann' by arslanoguz


									                       Plant of the week
                       Acer tataricum ‘Garann’
                      Hot Wings Tatarian Maple

        Hot Wings Tatarian Maple is a distinctive small ornamental tree
with unique traits in almost every season. After the leaves emerge in
the spring, this tree is covered with yellowish-white flowers. These
flowers are followed by breathtaking scarlet-red samara fruit that
persists for over a month. The fruit contrasts beautifully with its dark
green foliage, and gives the tree the appearance of being in bloom.
It’s fall foliage ranges in color from orange-red to yellow. This small
tree reaches heights of 20’-30’ at maturity, and spreads up to 20’
        Acer tataricum ‘Garann’ was first discovered growing as a
seedling in production at Fort Collins Nursery in northern Colorado in
1993. It quickly became popular because of its stunning fruit display,
and was highlighted by the Plant Select program of Colorado in 2007.
The Tatarian Maple is originally native to southeastern Europe and
western Asia.
        Use Hot Wings Tatarian Maple as an accent or specimen tree. It
is also an excellent hedge or screen in the landscape. It is tolerant of
alkaline soils and drought, and is hardy to zone 4.
        Durango Nursery and Supply sells Hot Wings Tatarian Maple in
#15 pots. Please call us with any questions at 259-8800.

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