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fi les       How green is
             your office?
                                                  How green is your office?

                               We all know the importance of reducing our carbon footprint.
                    Save money and reduce your emissions with these simple-to-implement ICT solutions.

1. Maximise computer efficiency                                     2. Print smarter

FACT During the day, setting your computer to go to sleep           FACT The average office worker goes through 10,000 sheets
automatically during short breaks can cut energy use by             of paper a year. (Source:
70%. Remember, screen savers don’t save energy.
(Source                                  •   Think before you print and go paperless when possible –
                                                                          could the information be shared online instead? If you
   •   Enable the "sleep mode" feature on your computer,                  haven’t already heard, you can now share documents
       allowing it to use less power during periods of inactivity         safely with colleagues and clients using the internet by
                                                                          signing up to an online workspace. Users can have their
   •   Unplug your charger when you're not charging up the                own log in, and all you need to do is upload the
       battery                                                            information you want to share with people.
                                                                          The Centre for eBusiness recommends Google Docs
   •   In your computer settings, lower the brightness and                and Huddle Workspaces as good examples of free
       resolution of the screen so that it consumes less                  online document sharing solutions
                                                                      •   There are also online solutions for sharing presentations,
   •   Think about implementing a policy to invest in energy–             so you don’t need to print them as handouts for a
       saving computers, monitors, and printers. Using less               workshop for example. The Centre for eBusiness
       power means cheaper electricity bills!                             recommends SlideShare, the free online
                                                                          presentation sharing tool
   •   Make sure that old equipment is properly recycled or
       even donated to another organisation. If you are               •   If you can’t find a way to share the information online
       recycling old computer equipment, look for a recycler              and have to print, why not find out if your printer is
       that has pledged not to export hazardous e–waste and               capable of printing double sided?
       to follow other safety guidelines.
3. Develop a ‘green purchasing’ policy                           4. Rethink your travel

  •   Gain the competitive edge over your competitors when       FACT BT claims to have reduced its carbon footprint by 97,000
      you’re bidding for work, and show that your                tons (15%) of CO2 per year, by using videoconferencing to cut
      organisation is forward thinking by creating a ‘green      back on staff travel for meetings. (Business Week)
      statement’. This is simply a statement about your
      business which shows that you will commit to               BT has also eliminated 860,000 face-to-face meetings. Each
      improving your CO2 emissions as part of your ongoing       call also saves around £178 in travel costs and frees up £120
      activities.                                                in management time for more productive tasks. Over the last
                                                                 year this equated to a £238m total saving (Environmental
  •   Think about creating a policy to purchase office           Leader)
      supplies and furniture made from recycled materials.
                                                                    •   Instead of travelling long distances to go for single
  •   Carbon Footprint Ltd have released a paper on how to              meetings, why not think about investing in video
      Sell More by Going Green – A Green Marketing Guide –              conferencing? It will save you money and time in the
      it’s worth a read if you’re interested in following this          long run
      up, as it takes you through the ins and outs of                   The Centre for eBusiness recommends measuring
      developing a Green Strategy.                                      your CO2 emissions using an online calculator such
                                                                        as this one we found on the BT website, so that
                                                                        you can see where improvements can be made.

                                                                    •   There are also solutions if you want to share ideas with
                                                                        groups of people, get opinions on new ideas and even
                                                                        develop brands.
                                                                        The Centre for eBusiness recommends Google
                                                                        Groups as a good example of a free online
                                                                        collaboration tool.
The Centre for eBusiness recommends …                                                          Webliography

The Centre for eBusiness papers:                                                               Planet Green - Going Green at Work: Top Tips
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“Reduce your carbon footprint – a CBI methodology”                                             Tips for conserving electricity and cutting your energy costs

                                                                                               CO2 Savings Calculator
Please feel free to email The Centre for eBusiness at                                 or call us on 0191 487 2002 to                                      calculate.jsp
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