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Conference of the Parties to the Basel Convention
on the Control of Transboundary Movements of
Hazardous Wastes and Their Disposal
Ninth meeting
Bali, 23–27 June, 2008
Item 7 (c) of the provisional agenda
Implementation of the decisions adopted by the
Conference of the Parties at its eight meeting:
Nairobi Declaration on the environmentally sound management
of electrical and electronic waste and decision VIII/2

                   Partnership for Action on Computing Equipment:
                   overview of global activities on environmentally
                   sound management of used and end-of-life
                   computing equipment
                   Note by the Secretariat
                   1.        The present note presents, in its annex, a first attempt to “map”
                   international, multilateral and regional initiatives and activities on used and end-of-
                   life computing equipment. This draft should provide the basis for the elaboration of a
                   Mapping Document, intended to facilitate better coordination and collaboration on
                   key issues, provide opportunities for information sharing, and prevent costly
                   duplication of efforts. Information is provided on initiatives and activities within the
                   public domain only.

                   2.        The draft Mapping Document is considered as a work in progress, and is,
                   therefore, not an exhaustive list of all relevant initiatives underway, or of work in the
                   regions listed. The Secretariat invites Parties and all interested stakeholders to
                   provide additional content via e-mail to the following address:, with
                   “Computing equipment partnership” or “PACE” listed in the subject line. It is
                   intended that the Mapping Document will be used as Partners begin to develop in


 For reasons of economy, this document is printed in a limited number. Delegates are kindly requested to bring their copies to
 meetings and not to request additional copies.

               detail the work programme for he Partnership for Action on Computing Equipment




                   PART ONE: Key E-Waste Initiatives and Projects

I.         Multilateral, Bilateral and International Initiatives

     Initiative /Forum   Focus / Scope and            Participants                              Brief Description                                     URL address
Basel Convention         ESM, awareness      To be confirmed                  Multi-stakeholder partnership to address the  
Partnership for Action   raising,                                             environmentally sound management of used and end-
on Computing             certification                                        of-life personal computers
Equipment (PACE)

Global e-                Supply chain,   Global partnership of ICT companies that promotes
Sustainability           ESM, energy         article_id=44                    technologies for a sustainable development.
Initiative               efficiency, take
                         back, cradle-to-                                     Fosters global and open cooperation, informs the
                         cradle design                                        public of members‟ voluntary actions to improve their
                                                                              sustainability performance, and promotes technologies
                                                                              that foster sustainable development.
Global e-                Supply chain        12 member companies, EICC        To develop and deploy a consistent set of tools and
Sustainability                                                                processes to measure, monitor and improve supply
Initiative Supply                                                             chain corporate responsibility performance across the
Chain Working Group                                                           ICT sector

                                                                                 - Supplier self-assessment Questionnaire
                                                                                 - Risk assessment tools
                                                                                 - Common audit protocols and a joint audit


    Initiative /Forum   Focus / Scope and             Participants                              Brief Description                                     URL address
                                                                                  - Web-based data management tool (E-TASC)
                                                                                  - Learning and capability building strategy
International           Recycling,           International Development        Principle goal is to promote capacity building and
Development             refurbishment        Research Centre (Canada),        knowledge transfer for the collection and recycling of   DO_TOPIC.html
Research Centre –                            ICA, SUR Corporación de          PCs in Latin American countries. Peru, Colombia,
Computers for School                         Estudios Sociales y Educación    Costa Rica and Chile were identified as possible pilot
and Personal                                 (Chile), Peru, Colombia, Costa   countries in a meeting in Montevideo in April 2007.
Computers Recycling                          Rica, Chile
Applied Research
International           Energy efficiency;   DEFRA (UK), USEPA                Develop a network on computers under the Marrakech
Taskforce on            reuse/recycling                                       process. The purpose of this work is to draw out
Sustainable Products                                                          lessons learned and best practices from different
                                                                              countries on energy efficiency and re-use/recycling of
                                                                              computers. The UK is leading on this, with a second
                                                                              from the USEPA in DEFRA
MakeITFair              Awareness raising;   SOMO, IRENE (Netherlands);       SOMO is a not-for-profit Dutch research and advisory
                        social               Swedwatch; Fair Trade Center;    bureau that investigates and produces international
                        responsibility;      Church of Sweden Aid;            guidelines, treaties and codes of conduct aimed at
                        supply chain         FinnWatch; Finnish               multinational corporations. SOMO conducts research
                                             Association for Nature           into compliance issues.
                                             Conservation; Germanwatch;
                                             Verbraucher Initiative,
                                             KARAT; ACIDH (DR Congo);
                                             CIVIDEO (India); SACOM
Solving the E-waste     E-waste              StEP is a multi-stakeholder      StEP's work is founded on scientific assessments and
Problem (StEP)          management;          initiative with more than 50     incorporates a comprehensive view of the social,
                        Eco-efficiency,      members from industry (OEMs,     environmental and economic aspects of e-waste.
                        recycling,           Recyclers, Refurbishers),
                        dismantling;         governments, international       StEP conducts research on the entire life-cycle of
                        Green design         organizations, academia and      electronic and electrical equipment and their
                                                                              corresponding global supply, process and material


Initiative /Forum   Focus / Scope and            Participants                                Brief Description                         URL address
                                        NGOs.                             flows.

                                        http://www.step-                  StEP's research and pilot projects are meant to
                                 contribute to the solution of e-waste problems
                                                                          Key objectives are:

                                                                                  optimizing the life cycle of electric and
                                                                                   electronic equipment by
                                                                                            improving supply chains
                                                                                            closing material loops
                                                                                            reducing contamination
                                                                                  increasing utilization of resources and reuse of
                                                                                  exercising concern about disparities such as
                                                                                   the digital divide between the industrializing
                                                                                   and industrialized countries
                                                                                  increasing public, scientific and business


II.      Multilateral, Bilateral and International Projects

       Project            Focus / Scope and           Participants                               Brief Description                                       URL address

Global e-
Initiative Supply
Chain Working

1. Electronics Tool for   1. Supply chain     1. 12 member companies          1. Web based supply chain data and risk management          1.
Accountable Supply                                                            tool. Due to be expanded to include end-of-life
Chains (E-TASC)                                                               management.

2. Study on Extractive    2. Material         2. 12 member companies of       2. Promote „material stewardship‟ across the ICT            2. n/a
Industries and ICT        stewardship         Working Group                   sector based on the preliminary results of this study and
Products                                                                      full life cycle analysis of metals to identify entry and
                                                                              exit points of metals in the ICT product life cycle,
                                                                              including the e-waste phase

Global e-
Integrated Approach       Synergies           Members of GeSI e-Waste         Road map to link activities of GeSI e-Waste Working         n/a
Road Map                                      Working Group and Supply        Group with those of GeSI Supply Chain Working
                                              Chain Working Group             Group

MakeITFair – List of      Sustainable         SOMO, IRENE (Netherlands);      Research, meetings and dialogues regarding extractive
Principles on the         development         Swedwatch; Fair Trade Center;   phase of the supply chain of consumer electronics. The      principles
extractive phase of the                       Church of Sweden Aid;           list identifies a number of social, environmental and
electronics supply                            FinnWatch; Finnish              labour issues that require attention, offers a number of
chain                                         Association for Nature          sustainable solutions and suggests practical actions for


       Project            Focus / Scope and             Participants                               Brief Description                                       URL address
                                               Conservation; Germanwatch;       electronics companies.
                                               Verbraucher Initiative,
                                               KARAT; ACIDH (DR Congo);
                                               CIVIDEO (India); SACOM

Solving the E-waste
Problem (StEP)
1. E-waste                1. E-waste           1. EMPA, StEP                    1. Assess e-waste management in Kenya, Morocco,   
management in Africa      management                                            Senegal, Tunisia and implementation of replicable pilot
                                                                                project for e-waste processing in South Africa

2. Best of Two            2. Eco-efficiency,   2. StEP Project (Taskforce 4),   2. Investigate eco-efficiency of manual dismantling of
Worlds                    recycling,           TU Delft                         domestic e-waste in China

3. DfR case studies       3. Green design      3. StEP Project (Taskforce 2),   3. Overview on current approaches and case studies in
library                                        Fraunhofer IZM                   the field of Design for Recycling

4. International expert   4. Networking,       4. German Ministry for           4. Foster high level connections between various
workshop on e-waste       problem-solving      Environment, United Nations      stakeholders in the e-waste problem.
                                                                                It aims at (i) working out a common problem definition
                                                                                and identifying the significant problem fields (ii) and -
                                                                                in a joint approach – concluding on measures which
                                                                                appear feasible and essential for targeting these.
                                                                                Relevant actors from bilateral and multilateral
                                                                                development cooperation and industry are to be

                                                                                Focus of the examined equipment is put on ICT


III.     Regional Initiatives

    Initiative /Forum      Focus / Scope               Participants                               Brief Description                                    URL address
                           and Activities

Basel Convention          ESM, producer       BCRC SEA, BCRC-China,            Assess the situation (national inventories, establish
Partnership on the        responsibility,     BCRC-South Pacific, Cambodia,    information sharing and impact monitoring
ESM of Electrical and     awareness           China, India, Indonesia,         mechanisms); prevent illegal traffic and minimise e-
Electronic Wastes for     raising and         Malaysia, New Guinea, the        waste generation; achieve ESM of e-waste (promote
the Asia-Pacific          training            Philippines, Singapore, Sri      use of recycling technologies, develop methods for
Region                                        Lanka, Thailand, Vietnam,        evaluation, testing, characterising and classifying e-
                                              South Pacific Regional           waste; raise awareness and training (establish clearing
                                              Environment Programme            house)
                                              Donors- Japan, Canada


UNIDO/Microsoft           UNIDO/Micros        UNIDO/Microsoft Partnership      UNIDO/Microsoft Partnership                               UNIDO/Microsoft Partnership
Partnership               oft Partnership     Burkina Faso, UNIDO,             Establish a local refurbishment centre of excellence
Refurbished               Refurbishment       Microsoft                        based on a sustainable business framework, providing      9/f/69f8c76b-198e-4114-9c12-
                                                                               affordable hardware, relevant software and ICT            f0b13e4d7e4e/PartnerProfile_UNIDO.pdf
Computer Initiative                                                            training for small and medium enterprises


Regional                  Awareness           Hungary, the United States and   Not-for-profit, independent international organisation
Environmental Centre      raising, capacity   the Commission of the European   whose mission is to assist in solving the environmental
for Central and Eastern   building            Communities                      problems in new EU Member States, Candidate
Europe                                                                         Countries, South Eastern Europe, Eastern Europe,


  Initiative /Forum      Focus / Scope             Participants                            Brief Description                                     URL address
                         and Activities
                                                                         Caucasus and Central Asia and Turkey

                                                                             - cooperation among NGOs, governments,
                                                                                 businesses and other environmental
                                                                             - free exchange of information
                                                                             - public participation in environmental

MERCOSUR                MERCOSUR          MERCOSUR                       MERCOSUR
Policy of               Awareness         Argentina, Brazil, Paraguay,   Ensure end of life products are collected, reused,
Environmental           raising; ESM      Uruguay; Venezuela;            recycled, recovered or eliminated; increased consumer
Management of                             manufacturers/ importers in    awareness; waste inventories, regional information
Special Universal                         MERCOSUR member states         systems, clean production; producer /importer take-
Wastes and Post-                                                         back plans

European Union –        Eco-design        E.U. member states             EU-wide rules for eco-design, ensures that disparities
Directive 2005/32/EC                                                     among national regulations do not become obstacles to    dex_en.htm
on eco-design of                                                         intra-EU trade.
Energy-using Products
(EuP)                                                                    Requirements regarding environmentally relevant
                                                                         product characteristics;
                                                                         Implements an Integrated Product Policy (IPP).


  Initiative /Forum      Focus / Scope             Participants                             Brief Description                                     URL address
                         and Activities

European Union:         Green design;     E.U. member States             Complement measures on landfill / waste incineration;
WEEE & RoHS             producer                                                                                                    /index_en.htm
(Directives             responsibility;                                  Producer responsible for take back and recycling
2002/95/EC and          recycling;
2002/96/EC)             takeback                                         Provide incentives to design electrical and electronic
                                                                         equipment in an environmentally more efficient way,
                                                                         which takes waste management aspects fully into

                                                                         Free consumer take back schemes

                                                                         Substitution of various heavy metals / brominated
                                                                         flame retardants in new electrical and electronic

North American Clean    Eco-design        U.S. Pollution Prevention      Objective – facilitate the transition to new competitive
Electronics Pollution                     Roundtables, North American    global standards while sustaining economic sector and
Prevention Programme                      Commission for Environmental   advancing clean production strategies in North   
(CEP3)                                    Cooperation, Canada, Mexico,   America                                                    01_en.pdf
                                          USA                            - Eliminate use of heavy metals, PBBs and PBDEs
                                                                         - Voluntary version of RoHS


IV.     Regional Projects

  Initiative /Forum       Focus / Scope             Participants                               Brief Description                                      URL address
                          and Activities

Basel Convention         Basel             Basel Convention                 Basel Convention                                            Basel Convention
1. Development of        Convention        1. BCRC – SEA, SBC, Japan,       1. As part of the Basel Convention Partnership on the       1. www.bcrc-
Technical Guidelines     1. ESM and        Laboratory of Solid and          ESM of Electrical and Electronic Wastes in the Asia-
for Electronic and       inventory of e-   Hazardous Waste – Faculty of     Pacific Region, 2 sets of technical guidelines were
Electrical Waste         waste             Civil                            completed under the leadership of the BCRC for South
Inventory (E-Waste)                        and Environment                  East Asia (BCRC-SEA) on the methodology of e-waste
and ESM 5R (Reduce,                        Engineering‐ Bandung Institute   inventory and environmentally sound management and
Reuse, Recycle, Repair                     of Technology,                   “3R” (reduce, reuses, recycle) of end-of-life e-
and Refurbishment)                                                          products.

2. Proposed Pilot        2. Various        2. BCRC – SEA, Cambodia,         2. Identify and document existing sources of e-waste        2.
Projects for the ESM                       Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand,   streams along the life-cycle; identify improved
of Electrical and                          the Philippines, Sri-Lanka,      practices based on 3R principles; awareness raising
Electronic Waste in                        Vietnam                                                                                      s/09e.pdf
Asia and the Pacific

Basel Convention         Basel             Basel Convention                 Basel Convention                                            Basel Convention
Programme of             Convention        SBC,                             3-year programme of activities aimed at reviewing the
activities for the ESM   ESM                                                issues currently facing African countries relating to the
of e-waste in Africa                                                        ESM of e-waste.
                                                                            (a) Obtain a more precise description of e-waste-related
                                                                            trade and management issues in West Africa,;
                                                                            (b) Evaluate existing e-waste management practices in
                                                                            1 pilot country, provide guidance for the development
                                                                            of environmentally sound recycling capacity;


  Initiative /Forum      Focus / Scope              Participants                                 Brief Description                                    URL address
                         and Activities
                                                                              (c) Carry out pilot training and demonstration projects
                                                                              on the community basis for establishing ESM systems
                                                                              for collection, refurbishment or recycling of e-wastes
                                                                              to address the issue of poverty reduction and
                                                                              environmental sustainability;
                                                                              (d) Develop an enforcement training programme, in
                                                                              cooperation with the European Union Network for the
                                                                              Implementation and Enforcement of Environmental
                                                                              Law, including peer matching of developed countries.

UNIDO/Microsoft         UNIDO/            UNIDO/Microsoft Partnership         UNIDO/Microsoft Partnership                               UNIDO/Microsoft Partnership
Partnership             Microsoft         Government of Uganda,               Agreement to cooperate on the development of a  
Cooperation agreement   Partnership       Microsoft, UNIDO                    sustainable local software economy in Uganda for 12       9/f/69f8c76b-198e-4114-9c12-
between Government      Social                                                months from September 2007                                f0b13e4d7e4e/PartnerProfile_UNIDO.pdf
of Uganda and           responsibility


Electronic Tools Task   Awareness         Regional Environment Centre                                                         
Force                   raising           for Central and Eastern Europe,     Forum of pan-European governments and experts,
                                          Aarhus Convention (UNECE            international and non-governmental organisations
                                          Convention for Access to            established by the Meeting of the Signatories to the
                                          Information, Public Participation   Aarhus Convention, with the endorsement of the
                                          in Decision-making and Access       UNECE's Committee on Environmental Policy.
                                          to Justice in Environmental
                                          Matters)                            Commitments towards exploring opportunities and
                                                                              benefits offered by ICTs; and sharing related
                                                                              experiences, know-how and information, on the
                                                                              region's and countries' needs.

                                                                              Users workshops, e-fora, good practice documentation


  Initiative /Forum        Focus / Scope              Participants                                  Brief Description                                     URL address
                           and Activities
                                                                                 and its website to explore new mechanisms to improve
                                                                                 public access to environmental information and to
                                                                                 enhance the opportunities for community participation
                                                                                 in decision-making.

Basel Convention                            BCRC-Argentina, Regional             Assist participating countries to prepare, draft and
Inventory of Electronic                     Focal Points, Secretariat of Basel   update national inventory and establish different
Wastes in the Latin                         Convention                           technical directives to deal with e-waste in order to
American Region                                                                  achieve international standards on ESM

International             Recycling,        International Development            Provision of a basis to build efficient and well-
Development Research      refurbishment     Research Centre (Canada), ICA,       informed local capacity; consolidation of knowledge      DO_TOPIC.html
Centre – Computers                          SUR Corporación de Estudios          sharing mechanism to facilitate national Computers for
for School and                              Sociales y Educación (Chile),        Schools proposals; implementation through pilot
Personal Computers                          Peru, Colombia, Costa Rica,          projects (Peru, Colombia, Chile, Costa Rica were
Recycling Applied                           Chile                                proposed at a meeting in Montevideo, Uruguay) of
Research (Phase II)                                                              CFS initiatives at national level


V.      National and sub-national Initiatives:

  Initiative /Forum      Focus / Scope             Participants                                Brief Description                                  URL address
                         and Activities

China                   China             China                              China                                                   China
China Compulsory        Certification     State General Administration for   Compulsory quality and safety certification mark for
Certification (“3C”)                      Quality Supervision and            products following inspection; establishment of China
Scheme                                    Inspection and                     National Regulatory Commission for Certification and
                                          Quarantine(AQSIQ);                 Accreditation
                                          Certification and Accreditation
                                          Administration (CNCA)
                                          Ministry of Commerce,
                                          Ministry of Finance, State
                                          Administration of Taxation,
                                          AQSIQ, Ministry of Science and
                                          Ministry of Information
                                          Industry, Ministry of
                                          Construction and SEPA

Republic of Korea       Republic of       Republic of Korea                  Republic of Korea
1. Commission on        Korea             1. Republic of Korea – producers   1. Commission judges products‟ design for the
Reviewing Producers‟    1. Green design   of electrical and electronic       environment and control o use of heavy metals
Environmental                             products
Performance and
Product Recyclability

2. Information Centre   2. Awareness      2. Republic of Korea               2. Records treatment data of WEEE received from and
                        raising                                              systematically managed by recyclers and transporters


  Initiative /Forum      Focus / Scope              Participants                              Brief Description                                        URL address
                         and Activities

South Africa            South Africa       South Africa                    South Africa                                                  South Africa
Green e-waste           Reuse, recycling   Nationwide programme for use    Re-use and recycling system whereby e-waste is      
Channels                                   by all members of society       handled only by authorised stakeholders of the Channel
                                                                           and when material goes out of the Channel, partners
                                                                           choose a partner who respects the ideals of the Channel

Uganda                  Uganda             Uganda                          Uganda
e-Waste Assessment in   E-waste            UNIDO, Microsoft, EMPA          Make secondary PCs available to SMEs in developing
Uganda                  management /       (Swiss Materials Science and    economies in a safe and sustainable way.
                        generation         Technology Institute), Uganda
                                           Cleaner Production Centre       Support the establishment of local sustainable e-waste
                                                                           material recovery facilities; carried out e-waste
                                                                           assessment study;

                                                                           Provide necessary data to define a solution for handling
                                                                           e-waste associated with the refurbishment project in
                                                                           Kampala and provide general data about the e-waste


Argentina               Argentina          Argentina                       Argentina
1. Law 1.854 (Zero      1. End of life     1. City of Buenos Aires         3 options for end-of-life management responsibilities (i)
Waste Law)              management                                         taking charge of the management of end-of-life
                                                                           products directly: (ii) participating in an organised waste
                                                                           management system: (iii) contributing economically to
                                                                           the City to cover management costs

2. Decree No. 639       2. End of life     2. City of Buenos Aires         2. Special management wastes must be covered by
(Implements Zero        management                                         specific management programmes and plans with goals


  Initiative /Forum       Focus / Scope               Participants                                  Brief Description                                       URL address
                          and Activities
Waste Law)                                                                      of selection, storage, transport, valorisation or treatment
                                                                                and disposal in an adequate manner

Mexico                   Mexico             Mexico                              Mexico
1. General Law for       1. Waste           1. Producers, importers,            1. Entities involved (please see to left) are responsible
Prevention and           management         exporters and distributors of       for preparing management plans for special
Integrated                                  listed hazardous wastes;            management wastes including technological wastes i.e.
Management of                               Generators of hazardous wastes;     those from the information sector and manufacturers of
Hazardous Wastes                            Large quantity generators and       electronic products
                                            producers, importers, exporters
                                            and distributors of products that
                                            when discarded become urban
                                            solid wastes or special
                                            management wastes

2. Law of Solid          2. Take back       2. States of Nuevo Leon and         2. Special management wastes are subject to take back
Wastes                                      Queretero                           management plans. Non hazardous special management
                                                                                wastes include technological wastes and electronic
                                                                                products, urban solid wastes


New Zealand              New Zealand        New Zealand                         New Zealand                                                   New Zealand
Product Stewardship      Product            Open to any interested              Implement compulsory and voluntary accredited       
scheme                   stewardship        stakeholder from IT equipment       product stewardship schemes for priority products
                                            and TV sector

United States of         United States of   United States of America            United States of America                                      United States of America
America                  America
1. Electronics Product   1. Green           1. USEPA, Green Electronics         1. EPEAT and EPEAT Registry aim to help purchasers            1.
Environmental            procurement,       Council                             evaluate, compare and select desktop computers, laptops
Assessment Tool                                                                 and monitors based on environmental attributes.


  Initiative /Forum       Focus / Scope               Participants                                 Brief Description                                    URL address
                          and Activities

2. Federal Electronics   2. Green            2. USEPA, other federal            2. Federal government partnership program- encourages     2.
Challenge (FEC)          procurement,        government agencies and            U.S. federal facilities and agencies to:        
                         ESM                 departments                        • Purchase greener electronic products.
                                                                                • Reduce impacts of electronic products during use.
                                             FEC is managed by the U.S.         • ESM of obsolete electronics.
                                             EPA and U.S. Office of Federal
                                             Environmental Executive.           Provides Agency and Facility Partners with resources
                                                                                and technical assistance for improving electronics
                                                                                management practices, gives annual recognition to
                                                                                Facility Partners that have achieved specific goals.

3. National Centre for   3. Recycling        3. MARCEE, Polymer                 3. Research and programme information organisation        3.
Electronics Recycling                        Technology Park                    dedicated to the development and enhancement of a
(NCER)                                                                          national infrastructure for the recycling of used
                                                                                electronics in the U.S.A.

4. Design for the        4. Life cycle       4. USEPA, US Department of         4. Partnership to reduce risk by preventing pollution.    4.
Environment              assessment,         Energy, partnerships with public   Partners develop goals and guide the work of the
Programme                green design        and private sector organisations   partnership. Projects evaluate human
                                                                                health/environmental considerations, performance, cost
                                                                                of traditional/alternative technologies, materials,

5. Energy Star           5. Eco-labelling;   5. DfE; Center for Clean           5. Standard analytical tools to help businesses           5.
Programme                green purchasing    Products and Clean                 incorporate environmental considerations into business
                                             Technologies                       decisions, including the Cleaner Technologies   
                                                                                Substitutes Assessment (CTSA) methodology for             out.ab_history
                                                                                evaluating the risk, performance, cost and conservation
                                                                                of substitute chemicals, processes and technologies.

6. USEPA Wastewise       6. Waste            6. U.S. Office of Solid Wastes     6. Identify and promote energy-efficient products         6.


  Initiative /Forum       Focus / Scope             Participants                                 Brief Description                                      URL address
                          and Activities
                        reduction; eco-                                       through labelling and education programme

7. US Office of Solid   7. Awareness       7. OSW, please see website for     7. Supports multi-stakeholder dialogues, collection         7.
Wastes                  raising,           further details                    pilots, public education and international cooperation to
                        coordination;                                         foster greater awareness and coordination of electronics
                        reuse/ recycling                                      reuse / recycling issues

VI.     National and sub-national Projects:

  Initiative /Forum      Focus / Scope              Participants                                 Brief Description                                      URL address
                         and Activities

China                   China              China                              China
Recycling task force    Recycling          State General Administration for   A recycling task force is being created. Further details
                                           Quality Supervision and            to follow.
                                           Inspection and
                                           Certification and Accreditation
                                           Administration (CNCA)
                                           Ministry of Commerce,
                                           Ministry of Finance, State
                                           Administration of Taxation,
                                           AQSIQ, Ministry of Science and


  Initiative /Forum     Focus / Scope              Participants                            Brief Description                                      URL address
                        and Activities
                                         Ministry of Information
                                         Industry, Ministry of
                                         Construction and SEPA


South Africa           South Africa      South Africa                   South Africa                                              South Africa
1. Green Scorpions     1. Enforcement    1. South African government    1. National Environment Management Inspectorate           1.

2. Information         2. Recycling,     2. Involves various diverse    2. Committee on R&D: Research best practices and          2.
Technology             reuse             sectors of society             provide a guideline for local use; Committee on Re-
Association of South                                                    Use: Develop replicable and sustainable
Africa e-waste                                                          reuse/refurbishment/spare parts development systems;
subcommittees                                                           Committee on Recycling Technology and Skills
                                                                        Development: Grow and enhance infrastructures,
                                                                        systems and technologies to realise sustainable e-waste
                                                                        collection and recycling by implementing the ITA e-
                                                                        waste Management System; Committee on Business
                                                                        and Financing: Investigate, negotiate, implement and
                                                                        manage appropriate financing mechanism to ensure
                                                                        sustainability of national e-waste management strategy;
                                                                        Committee on Marketing, Awareness Creation and
                                                                        Education; Committee on Certification and Auditing
                                                                        out e-waste assessment study;


New Zealand            New Zealand       New Zealand                    New Zealand                                               New Zealand
eDay                   Collection and    Community-led event, managed   Annual free computer collection and recycling event
                       recycling         by Computer Access New         held across NZ.


  Initiative /Forum       Focus / Scope              Participants                                 Brief Description                                      URL address
                          and Activities
United States of         United States of   United States of America           United States of America                                   United States of America
America                  America

1. Maryland Statewide    1. Recycling       1. State of Maryland,              1. Computer manufacturers may not sell a new               1.
Computer Recycling                          Department for the                 computer unless the manufacturer has registered its
Pilot Program                               Environment, computer              brands and paid a fee to the Maryland Department for       384_HB0575T.pdf
                                            equipment manufacturers            the Environment. Covers computer equipment
                                                                               (desktops, laptops, computer monitors)

2.NCER: Centralized      2. Recycling       2. Polymer Alliance Zone, EPA      2. National clearing house for e-recycling data            2.
Data Repository                             Plug-in to eCycling, National      supporting public and private electronics recycling
(CDR)                                       Centre for Electronics Recycling   system development and operations. Open, collaborative
                                                                               public/private data sharing project built around the
                                                                               creation of several XML standards to aid sharing of data
                                                                               and results from e-recycling efforts

3. Plug-In to eCycling   3. Collection;     3. US EPA, Electronic              3. National clearing house for e-recycling data            3.
                         recycling          manufacturers and                  supporting public and private electronics recycling
                                            retailers (AT&T Wireless, Best     system development and operations. Open, collaborative
                                            Buy, Dell, HP, Intel, JVC,         public/private data sharing project built around the
                                            Lexmark, NEC Display               creation of several XML standards to aid sharing of data
                                            Solutions, Nokia, LG, Motorola,    and results from e-recycling efforts
                                            Office Depot, Panasonic,
                                            Philips, Samsung, Sharp, Sprint,   Partnership to offer consumers more opportunities to
                                            Sony, Ericsson, Staples,           donate or recycle their used electronics;
                                            Toshiba, T-Mobile,                 - Pilot innovative on-the-ground solutions that can be
                                            Wal-Mart)                          expanded to sustainable local, regional and national
                                                                               collection and recycling infrastructures.


VII.     Voluntary Initiatives:

  Initiative /Forum      Focus / Scope             Participants                              Brief Description                                   URL address
                         and Activities

ADVANCED                Energy            AMD, consumers                  Several projects to develop energy efficient products,
MICRO DEVICES           efficiency,                                       reduce impacts in all stages of product lifecycle,       en/0,,3715_14217_14202,00.html
(AMD)                   product                                           practice sustainable manufacturing and reduce waste
AMD Green               stewardship,
                        green design

APPLE                   Energy            Apple, consumers, NGOs,         Reduce energy consumption, minimise use of raw 
1. Apple and the        efficiency;       recyclers,                      materials, optimise product longevity; restrict use of
Environment             producer                                          harmful chemicals in production; provide information
2. Recycling            responsibility;                                   about substances contained in some products,
3. Responsible          green design                                      instructions on storage and handling, regulatory
Manufacturing                                                             information.
4. Material Safety
Data Sheets

Basel Action Network    Recycling         http://www.ban.                 Pledge by electronics recyclers to follow certain
(BAN) e-Stewards                          org/pledge                      practices and standards                                  cler_pledge.pdf
Initiative and                            /Locations.html
Electronics Recyclers
Pledge of True

Canon Global            Recovery,         Canon Europa N.V./ Canon        Global recovery system for used and end-of-life
Collection and          collection;       Europe Ltd; Canon Huyesen       computing equipment                                      /recycle.html
Recycling System        recycling         GmbH; Canon Bretagne S.A.S. ;
                                          Canon Asia Marketing Group;
                                          Canon Dalian Business
                                          Machines Inc; Canon Ecology


  Initiative /Forum     Focus / Scope                Participants                              Brief Description                                    URL address
                        and Activities
                                           Industry Inc.; Top Business
                                           Machines Co. Ltd; Canon
                                           Australia Pty. Ltd; Canon
                                           Virginia Inc.; Industrial
                                           Resource Technologies Inc.

Centre for Clean       Green design        Centre for Clean Products and     Describes DfE methods and analyses employed by
Products and Clean                         Clean Technologies; USEPA;        USEPA, the Centre and other stakeholders in DfE pilot   et
Technologies – CTSA                        Stakeholders in Design for the    projects.
Methodology and                            Environment Projects
resource guide                                                               Comprehensive listing of databases, analytical models
                                                                             and previously published guidance for conducting

CISCO                  1. Reuse,           1. Cisco office sites worldwide   1. In-house virtual equipment exchange; scrap           1.
1. Resource Exchange   recycling,                                            assistance                                    
and Disposal Online    materials                                                                                                     28/ac231/about_cisco_expert_q_and_a.html
(CREDO)                recovery

2. Surplus Product     2. Reuse,           2. Cisco office sites worldwide   2. Reuse and recycle programmes, contribution and       2.
Utilization and        recycling                                             collection methods, waste minimisation        
Reclamation Program                                                                                                                  28/ac232/about_cisco_recycling_and_waste
(SPUR)                                                                                                                               _case_study.html#whats_next_for_spur

Climate Savers         Green design and    http://www.climatesaverscomput    Promote smart technologies that can improve the
Computing Initiative   procurement,   efficiency of a computer‟s power delivery and reduce    out/
                       energy efficiency                                     the energy consumed in an inactive state.

                                                                             Participants commit to producing products meeting
                                                                             specified energy-efficiency targets and to purchasing
                                                                             energy-efficient computing products.


  Initiative /Forum    Focus / Scope              Participants                              Brief Description                                      URL address
                       and Activities

Computer Aid          Refurbishment     Please see website               Refurbishment for use by educational, health, not-for-
International                                                            profit organisations in developing countries

Consortium on Green   Green design   University initiative to encourage multi-disciplinary
Design and                              ponsors.html                     research and education on environmental management,
Manufacturing                                                            design for the environment and pollution prevention

1. Environmental      1. Product life   1. Dell                          1. Integrate environmental attributes into each aspect of   1.
Product Design -      cycle                                              the product life cycle, reduce most significant
Design for the                                                           environmental aspects of the life cycle without
Environment                                                              unnecessarily burdening the supply chain

2. Dell Recycling     2. Recycling      2. Dell                          2. Global recycling and donation scheme for old             2.
                                                                         computers.                                                  /topics/global.aspx/

3. ReGeneration –     3. Green design   3. Competition open to design    3. Dell invited design students / individuals to create a   3.
International Green                     students and individuals         range of design concepts and innovations for                topics/global.aspx/corp/environment/e
Computing                                                                technology products that demonstrated refreshed             n/re_green_contest_popup?c=us&l=en&s=c
Technology Design                                                        approaches and responsible solutions for green              orp
Competition                                                              computing technologies                            

4. Supply Chain       4. Life-cycle     4. Dell and suppliers            4. Environmentally sensitive materials elimination;         4.
Management and        design,                                            product content restrictions; compliance verification
Compliance                                                               process, audit programme                                    spx/corp/environment/en/prod_design?c=us


  Initiative /Forum    Focus / Scope             Participants                                Brief Description                                     URL address
                       and Activities

Electronic Product    Product       Multi-stakeholder not-for-profit organization working
Stewardship Canada    Stewardship       html                               to design, promote and implement sustainable solutions
                                                                           for Canada's electronic waste problem.

                                                                           Developing national electronics end-of-life programme
                                                                           for Canada

1. Gateway and the    1. End-of-life    1. Gateway, customers, recyclers   1. Environmental policy; end-of-life management          1.
Environment           management;                                          options for customers; ESM battery recycling;  
                      recycling                                            disposition of components                                nsibility/environment.php

2. Trade- In and      2. Take back,     2. Gateway and customers           2. Take back and recycling program for previous          2.
Recycle Programme     recycling                                            customers

Green 21 Awards       ESM               Hitachi Group                      Award program focusing on advanced environmental
Programme                                                                  activities, products, and services to energise           d/green21/index.html
                                                                           environmental activities and share successful examples
                                                                           within Hitachi Group.

                                                                           Evaluate and rate items under „sustainability compass‟

GREENPEACE            Green design,     Greenpeace                         Assessment of 18 top manufacturers of PCs, mobile
„Guide to Greener     recycling                                            phones, TVs, games consoles according to policies on     mpaigns/toxics/electronics/how-the-
Electronics‟                                                               toxic chemicals and recycling                            companies-line-up


  Initiative /Forum      Focus / Scope              Participants                               Brief Description                                     URL address
                         and Activities

1. Africa Sustainable   1. Recycling      1. HP, Global Digital Solidarity   1. Find sustainable recycling processes for developing   1.
E-Waste Recycling                         Fund, Swiss Institute for          countries; develop safe and workable solutions for
Project                                   Materials Science and              electronic recycling in Africa in partnership with       hip/uk/en/bulletin/18/news1.html
                                          Technology (EMPA)                  industry-leading experts with experience in similar
                                                                             projects in Asia

2. Product Return and   2. Take back,     2. HP, customers                   2. Takeback and recycling services, including online     2.
Recycling               recycling                                            tool to request recycling services             

3. Global Citizenship   3. Energy         3. HP, supply chain, customers,    3. Numerous projects relating to reduction of            3.
                        efficiency,       shareholders, employees,           environmental impact and improved social       
                        product reuse,    partners                           accountability /corporate responsibility                 /?jumpid=reg_R1002_USEN
                        return and

4. Planet Partners      4. Recycling      4. HP, consumers, National         4. Global responsible recycling programme for            4.
Recycling Program                         Cristina Foundation (for US        computer hardware and printing supplies                  globalcitizenship/environment
                                          only)                                                                                       /recycle/index.html

5. HP Trade in          5. Reuse,         5. HP, customers                   5. Offers market value of aging technology and           5.
                        recycling                                            upgrade to new technology                                Customers/19/GetQuote.


  Initiative /Forum       Focus / Scope               Participants                             Brief Description                                       URL address
                          and Activities

Global Environmental
Management System
1. Product               1. Product          1. IBM                          1. Extend product life; reuse and recyclability           1.
Stewardship              Stewardship                                         considerations; safe disposal; use of recycled  
                                                                             materials; energy efficiency; reduced energy              ucts/
                                                                             consumption; minimize resource use / environmental
                                                                             impact; product recycling

2. Environment           2. Supply chain     2. IBM, suppliers               2. Environmental management focus for suppliers           2.
Supply Chain                                                                                                                 

1. IPC Designers         1. Certification,   1. Open for all PCB Designers   1. Printed Circuit Board (PCB) Designer Certification -   1.
Council                  education                                           for PCB Designers and Instructors, licensed training
                                                                             centres and schools, certification workshops and

2. Certification for     2. Facility         2. Any facility may request     2. IPC certification audit programme to audit an          2.
RoHS Lead Free           Certification       certification.                  electronics assembly facility to determine if the
Electronics Assembly                                                         company‟s facility is capable of producing products to
Process Capability                                                           meet the lead free requirements of the RoHS Directive.
Programme                                                                    The audit is not designed to-and cannot- ensure a
                                                                             facility will produce RoHS lead free compliant

3. Lead-free labelling   3. Labelling        3. IPC                          3. Marking and labelling of Components, PCBs /            3.
and Component                                                                PCBAs to identify Lead (Pb), Pb-free and other
Suppliers Lead-free                                                          attributes and devices (IPC) J-STD-609


  Initiative /Forum       Focus / Scope               Participants                               Brief Description                                    URL address
                          and Activities
Web pages list

1. AIM Corporate         1. Corporate      1. Intel; Asian Institute of        1. Recognise CSR projects in 1 or more selected areas   1.
Responsibility           responsibility    Management                          through providing innovative use of information
Awards                                                                         computer technology                                     %20AIM.htm

2. Product Ecology       2. ESM            2. Intel                            2. Reduce environmental impact, energy efficiency;      2.
and Recycling                                                                  reduce and reuse packing; reuse/recycling options

International            Certification     IAER, Bureau Veritas Quality        Certification process designed to conduct third party
Association of           (facility),       International, Lifespan             audits of electronics recycling facilities to achieve   cationview.htm
Electronics Recyclers    recycling         Technology Recycling, Metech        designation of Certified Electronics Recycler
(IAER) Third Party                         International, UNICOR, Earth
audited Certification                      Protection Services, Cascade
Electronics Recycler                       Asset Management, Global
Programme                                  Electric Electronic Processing,
                                           Supply Chain Services Inc.,
                                           open to all IAER Member

International Electro-   Certification     Providers of services or products   Certification that equipment, systems or components
technical Commission                       covered by the IEC scheme, IEC      conform to IEC standards                                ty/
(IEC) Conformity
Assessment schemes

IT Eco-Declarations      Certification     Acer, APC, Apple, Bodehoff,         Tool for product environmental attributes     
                                           Brother, Canon, Carl                                                                        URA05092003.ppt#1
                                           Lamm/Ricoh; Comex; Danka;
                                           Dell; DGC System; Doro; Eizo;
                                           Epson; Ericsson; EUD; Fujitsu-


  Initiative /Forum     Focus / Scope                Participants                                Brief Description                                     URL address
                        and Activities
                                            Siemens; Hewlett Packard; IBM;
                                            Kyocera Mita; Lexmark;
                                            Minolta; Network Technical;
                                            NRG; Oce; OKI; Olivetti;
                                            Panasonic; Samsung; Scribona;
                                            Sekvencia; Sharp;Skanova;
                                            Solid; Steria; Sun; Toshiba;
                                            Unisys; Vice; West Int.; Wolber;

1. Product Recycling   1. Recycling         1. Consumers and commercial        1. Recycling programmes, advice to reuse and              1.
Programmes                                  clients of Lenovo; reuse and       treatment centres in countries with WEEE regulations;
                                            treatment centres                  reusable bulk packaging                                   ustainability/environment/Product_Recyclin

2. Global Supply       2. Social            2. Lenovo; Electronics Industry    2. Monitor supplier performance across several areas of   2.
Chain                  responsibility       coalition                          social responsibility                           

1. Cartridge           1. Reuse and         1. Lexmark                         1. Take back, reuse and collection of used ink            1.
Collection             recycling                                               cartridges                                      
Programme                                                                                                                                uentialem/home/0,7070,252735_424427909

2. WEEE Equipment      2. Collection, end   2. Lexmark                         2. Collection and recycling of WEEE products              2.
Collection and         of life                                                                                                 
Recycling Programme    management                                                                                                        uentialem/home/0,7070,252735_424427909
and Operations                                                                                                                           _534429203_en,00.html

Roadmap for            Green design         JEITA, with input from sister      Roadmap for companies in the electronics industry to
Commercialisation of                        trade organisations                stop using lead soldering materials                       e/english/leadfree/data/roadmap-v21-


  Initiative /Forum     Focus / Scope               Participants                                   Brief Description                                  URL address
                        and Activities
Lead-free Solder                                                                                                                         eHP.ppt

1. Eco-Partner         1. Certification   1. Samsung employees and              1. Environmental quality system for subcontracted        1.
Certification                             suppliers                             suppliers, audited by trained Samsung staff    
Programme                                                                                                                                G/ELECTRONICSGLOBAL/SocialCommi

2. Green Procurement   2. Green           2. Samsung                            2. Internal data management system -control              2.
system                 purchasing                                               information concerning all hazardous substances used
                                                                                by vendors who work with Samsung Electronics             G/ELECTRONICSGLOBAL/SocialCommi

3. Laboratories for    3. Environmental   3. Samsung factories                  3. Screening of product composition and detection of     3.
environmental impact   impact                                                   hazardous RoHS substances                      
analysis               assessment                                                                                                        G/ELECTRONICSGLOBAL/SocialCommi

TCO Development        Eco-labelling      Tjänstemännens                        Certification and eco-labelling of electronic products
and Labelling                             Centralorganisation (the
                                          Swedish Confederation of
                                          Professional Employees),
                                          regional representatives in USA,
                                          Taiwan, Germany, Austria and
                                          Norway. Network consists of
                                          strategic partners, experts, users,


  Initiative /Forum       Focus / Scope                 Participants                           Brief Description                                   URL address
                          and Activities

1. End of Life Product   1. Green design    1. Unisys                        1. Product reuse and recycling programmes,              1.
Disposition Program                                                          environmentally safe packaging                
&                                                                                                                                    mitments/environmental__stewardship/end_

2. Design for            2. Energy          2. Unisys Product Development    2. Guideline, energy conservation programme,            2.
Environment Program      conservation,      organisations                    environmentally safe packaging.               
                         packaging                                                                                                   mitments/environmental__stewardship/clea

3. Clean Air Program     3. Hazardous       3. Unisys employees              3. Reduction in use of ozone depleting substances and   3.
                         chemical                                            replacement with non ODS, inventory of equipment
                         minimisation                                        using ODS and track ODS use                             mitments/environmental__stewardship/clea

Waste Management         ESM                Think Waste Management           Various waste management and ESM projects     
„Think Green‟

World Computer           Refurbishment/re   Please see website for list of   Refurbishment of used computers for schools   
Exchange                 use                participants


PART TWO: Guidelines, Standards and Guidance

      Initiative /Forum                 Category            User                        Brief Description                              URL address

Basel Convention Regional
Centre for South East Asia

1. Technical guidelines for       1. Guidelines    1. South-East Asian      1. Guidelines and information for Parties     1. http://www.bcrc-
electrical and electronic waste                    countries,               in the South East Asia Region on the
inventory                                          Cooperating Agencies     methodology of designing and
                                                   - BCRC-SEA, SBC,         implementing a national e-waste inventory
                                                   National Focal Points    program.
                                                   and other stakeholders

2. Development of Technical       2. Guidelines    2. South-East Asian      2. Guidelines and information to Parties in   2. http://www.bcrc-
Guidelines for 3 R (Reduce,                        countries,               the South East Asia Region on the ESM of
Reuse, Recycle) of End-of-                         Cooperating Agencies     “3R” (Reduce, reuse, recycle) of end-of-
Life Electrical and Electronic                     - BCRC-SEA, SBC,         life e-products
Products                                           National Focal Points
                                                   and other stakeholders

BIR Tools for                     Guidance         BIR members; public      Tools to assist recyclers demonstrate their
Environmentally Sound                              document aimed at        environmentally sound management              or
Management for an ISO                              recyclers                                                    
Compliant Environment                                                                                                     ership/GuideESMBIR.pdf
Management System

Centre québécois de               Guidance         Intended for all kinds   Help organisations get the tools needed to
développement durable -                            of organisations         set up IT equipment disassembly and           ts/CFER%20implementation%20guide%
Implementation Guide for                           engaged in               sorting centres.                              20EN.pdf
Information Technology                             disassembly work
Equipment Disassembly and                                                   Overview of issues involved in recycling
Sorting Centres                                                             used IT equipment; methods of collecting


      Initiative /Forum                Category           User                     Brief Description                              URL address
                                                                       equipment and advantages /
                                                                       disadvantages; provides tools to facilitate
                                                                       implementation of best workplace health
                                                                       and safety practices; identifies
                                                                       equipment/resources needed to set up an
                                                                       IT equipment disassembly and sorting

Electronics Industry Code of      Guidelines      Code for voluntary   Outlines standards to ensure that working
Conduct                                           adoption by any      conditions in the electronics industry        nglish.pdf
                                                  business in the      supply chain are safe, workers are treated
                                                  electronics sector   with respect and dignity an manufacturing
                                                                       processes are environmentally responsible

Electronic Product                Guidelines      Canada - Recyclers   Educational document on environmental,
Stewardship Canada(EPSC)                                               legal, health and safety hazards associated   iples_e.pdf
- Recycling Vendor                                                     with end of life electronics. Allows
Qualification Guidance                                                 recyclers to develop environmentally
Document                                                               sound recycling processes. Provides           QP_GD.pdf
                                                                       environmental auditors with a knowledge
                                                                       base for conducting assessments of  
                                                                       electronics recyclers.                        df

Hewlett Packard – Supply          Policy                               Supply chain social and environmental
Chain Programmes (Supply                                               responsibility –social and environmental      globalcitizenship/environment/
Chain Social and                                                       responsibility programme for workers          supplychain/index.html
Environmental Responsibility
Policy/HP Electronic Industry
Code of Conduct)

India Central Pollution Control   Guidelines      India                Guidelines for identification of sources of
Board and Ministry of                                                  e-waste; prescribed procedures for            aste/Final-Ewaste-
Environment and Forests                                                handling e-waste in an ESM; applies to all    Documents/Executive_Summary.pdf
Guidelines for ESM of e-waste                                          who handle e-waste


      Initiative /Forum                  Category            User                          Brief Description                             URL address

Information Technology           Guide              Canada                    Data security Information Technology          http://www.rcmp-
Security Guide                                                                Security Guide                      
                                                                              Lead Agency Publication: RCMP Hard            userguide_e.pdf
                                                                              Disk Overwrite Software (DSX) User
                                                                              Manual (June 2001 / rev. May 2004)

International Electrotechnical   Standards          Manufacturers,            International standardisation activities in
Commission (IEC)                                    providers,                relation to electro-technical matters         /
                                                    distributors, vendors,
                                                    consumers and users,      IEC TC 111 – prepare necessary
                                                    all levels of             guidelines, basic and horizontal standards,
                                                    government agencies,      including technical reports, on electrical
                                                    professional societies    and electronic equipment environmental
                                                    and trade associations,   field
                                                    standards developers
                                                                              Working Groups on: Material declaration
                                                                              for electrical and electronic equipment;
                                                                              Environmentally conscious design for
                                                                              electrical and electronic products and
                                                                              systems; Test methods of hazardous
                                                                              substances; Recycling, reuse and recovery

                                                                              Project Teams on: guidance for assessing
                                                                              compliance of finished goods with respect
                                                                              to restriction of use of hazardous
                                                                              substances; Standardisation of
                                                                              environmental aspects – Glossary of terms

Joint Industry Guide (JIG        Guide              Japan                     Guide as to the material composition of
101): Material Composition                                                    electronic products                           CF276.pdf
Declaration for Electronic


     Initiative /Forum               Category             User                       Brief Description                              URL address

North American Commission       Guidance          Canada, Mexico, USA    Guidance for small and medium-sized
for Environmental Cooperation                                            enterprises on product design and
- Pollution Prevention                                                   international trade
Partnership Voluntary Clean
Electronics Challenge

OECD - Council                  Guidance          OECD member            End-of-life:- Council Recommendation on
Recommendation                                    States, other          the ESM of Waste (9 Jun 2004)
                                                  stakeholders may
                                                  apply on a voluntary

OECD - Guidance Manual for      Guidance Manual                          End-of-life:- Guidance Manual for the
the Implementation of the                         OECD member            Implementation of the Council
Council Recommendation on                         States, other          Recommendation on the ESM of Waste
ESM of Waste                                      stakeholders may       (14 March 2007)
                                                  apply on a voluntary

OECD – Scoping paper on         Scoping Paper     OECD member            Paper briefly describes possible work that
ICTs and Environmental                            States, other          could be carried out focussing on the
Challenges                                        stakeholders may       impacts of ICTs on environmental
                                                  apply on a voluntary   challenges, including energy efficiency
                                                  basis                  and environmental performance.
                                                                         Circulated to delegates for discussion of
                                                                         work that could be carried out under
                                                                         Working Party and for 2009-2010
                                                                         Programme of Work


      Initiative /Forum               Category           User                       Brief Description                              URL address

OECD - Technical Guidance       Guidance         OECD member            Recycling:- Technical Guidance for the
for the ESM of Specific Waste                    States, other          ESM of Specific Waste Streams: Used and
Streams                                          stakeholders may       Scrap PCs (23 January 2003)
                                                 apply on a voluntary

Solving the E-waste Problem                                                                                 
1. Best E-waste Policies        1. Policies      1. United Nations      1. Comparatively evaluate different
                                                 University,            national policies and legislation on e-
                                                 TELECOM &              waste and come up with legal and political
                                                 Management             recommendations for “best e-waste
                                                 SudParis, Philips      policies”
                                                 Consumer Lifestyle

2. SustainECycles               2. Practices     2. UNU, Fraunhofer     2. Overall objective of this project is the
                                                 IZM                    adoption of better practices by local
                                                                        refurbishment and recycling SMEs. The
                                                                        involvement of local urban populations
                                                                        active in the informal sector in
                                                                        environmental planning and management
                                                                        and the support of federal and local
                                                                        governments on e-waste policies,
                                                                        enforcement and compliance


      Initiative /Forum                 Category                 User                       Brief Description                           URL address

United Nations Educational,       Guidelines (in draft   n/a (in draft form)     Guide on PC recycling –intended to train   Not yet published
Scientific and Cultural           form)                  Intended for informal   entrepreneurs and dedicated recycling
Organization (UNESCO) Draft                              recycling sector in     practices inventory, with emphasis on
Guide pratique pour la création                          developing countries    basic rules relating to the environment,
d‟une structure de recyclage                             /countries with         health and safety.
informatique dans les pays du                            economies in
Sud / Draft PC Recycling                                 transition



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