; Microsoft Certified Systems Administrator (MCSA) Resume Sample
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Microsoft Certified Systems Administrator (MCSA) Resume Sample


Enjoy this expertly developed sample MCSA resume with complimentary cover letter strategies included. Unlike most resume samples you will find, this one is a completely editable Word document, which means you can revise this resume as needed to suit your needs while keeping the stylish format in tact.

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									JESSE KENDALL                                                                               jkendall@notmail.com
                                  123 Elm Street ▪ Miami, FL 33183 ▪ 305-555-5555

                            Microsoft Certified Systems Administrator
Solution-oriented, highly analytical and resourceful candidate with extensive experience in network administration
and support. Proven ability to provide creative and effective server and networking strategies through the
application of highly developed problem solving skills. Expert administration and troubleshooting skills for all
Microsoft operating systems and Windows Server products. Exceptional technical education; consistently keeping
current with emerging network technologies. Team player with reputation for providing excellent user service; tenacity
to work with demanding clientele. Able to travel and maintain a flexible work schedule.

 Network Development: Skilled in managing local and wide area network connectivity through maintenance
  and troubleshooting of routers, switches, hubs, network cards, and dial-up networking. Six years of workstation
  and server experience within a LAN environment through proactive LAN administration roles. System
  architecture design (LAN and WAN) experience. Strong knowledge of implementing and utilizing remote
  network management and monitoring tools (LAN Desk, WebEx, Microsoft RDP).
 Small Business Specialist: Six years of experience in supporting the technical needs of small businesses with
   emphasis on Security and OS configuration, DNS, Group Policy, hardware support, storage, and raid
   methodologies. Successfully completed Microsoft technical exam, small business sales, and marketing skills
   assessment. Strong knowledge of the Small Business Server Suite.
 Certifications: MCSA, MSDST, MCP, A+, Network +

                                      TECHNICAL PROFICIENCIES
Workstations / Servers: Windows NT Workstation, Windows 98/2000/XP/NT, Windows Server 2000/2003; Microsoft
Office 98/2000/2003/XP, Microsoft Exchange Server 5.5–2000, Microsoft ISA server 2000/2004, Microsoft SQL
Server, Microsoft SharePoint Portal Server; Citrix Metaframe XP; Novell Netware Server; NetWare 5.x/6.x; OEM
system builder for workstations and server products.

Software Applications: Microsoft Office Suite (Word, Excel, Outlook, PowerPoint), Active Directory, Microsoft
MBSA, MOM, SPS, SUS, WSUS; Symantec Anti Virus Corporate Suite; Veritas Backup Exec versions 5-10; LAN
Desk Management 5.5; Symantec Ghost.

                                    PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE
NETWORK ADMINISTRATOR, ABC Information Solutions, Miami, FL                                             20xx – Present
Microsoft Certified Systems Administrator: Support dozens of small to medium sized businesses, remotely
monitoring established network infrastructures from the Sacramento office, and implementing changes as needed
to maintain a secure and efficient network. Analyze, design, develop, recommend, and present data network
solutions. Perform preventive maintenance and develop technical installation work plans.Implement network and
software upgrades and modifications. Provide data backup and recovery, quality assurance reviews, and accurate
riskassessment. Build and maintain PCs and the functionality / security of virtual private networks (VPNs). Employ
various tools such as Microsoft MBSA (Microsoft Baseline System Analyzer) to assess security requirements and
provide full network migration solutions.
   Established a secure, central location for customer / technical documentation that is readily
    available and accessible to all technical staff members; used Microsoft SharePoint portal server.

   Recommended and implemented customer questionnaire to track satisfaction rates for the
    services and products provided.
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Technical Support / Excellence: Provide help desk support and remote technical troubleshooting using Microsoft
Remote Desktop and Webex remote control software. Meet with and educate customers on networking
environments and client service offerings. Survey customer needs to provide complete system analysis and
recommend technology solutions. Proactively maintain current knowledge of competitive products and services.
Translate business needs into network solutions and deliver in-depth, high-level technicalpresentations.

   Distinction as a Small Business Specialist, and multiple certifications achieved through Microsoft testing, enabled
    company’s Microsoft partner level to elevate from “Registered Partner” to “Certified Partner.” Efforts resulted in
    lower training costs and greater program benefits.

NETWORK SUPPORT TECHNICIAN, BCD Jet, Miami, FL                                                      20xx – 20xx
Network cable technician responsible for moves, adds, and changes made to the inter-network topology. Oversaw
related connectivity service and repair.

                                        TECHNICAL EDUCATION
XYZ College, Miami, FL ▪ 20xx – Present
 Introduction to UNIX: Comprehensive study with laboratory assignments of UNIX commands, file manipulation,
  shell programming, administration, and security.
 Unix System Administration: Survey of system administration functions and duties associated with the Unix
  operating system. Instruction in setting up file systems, adding / removing user accounts, file maintenance,
  security, networking configuration, and program backup.

49er ROP Cisco Networking Academy, Miami, FL ▪ 20xx
 CCNA, Curriculum levels 1-4: Coursework covered OSI model, TCP/IP, subnetting, routing, and remote access
   router configuration and administration.

XYZ Computer Learning Center, Miami, FL ▪ 20xx – 20xx
 Completed Courses: Administering Microsoft Windows NT 4.0; Networking Essentials; Supporting MS Windows
  NT 4.0 Core Technologies; Internetworking TCP/IP on Windows NT 4.0; A+ certification Hardware and OS.

Northern California Sound and Communication Joint Apprenticeship and Training Committee:
 Successfully completed 5000 classroom hours and OJT training.
 Certificate of completion as a Level 3 Telecommunications Technician.
Awarded certificates of achievement for successfully completing Microsoft approved courses: Planning and
Maintaining a Microsoft Windows Server 2003 Network Infrastructure; Migrating from Microsoft Windows NT 4.0 to
Microsoft Windows Server 2003; Networking Essentials; Supporting Microsoft Windows NT 4.0 Core Technologies;
Getting Started with Microsoft Office Live Meeting 2005; Microsoft Live Meeting: Getting Started for Administrators;
Internetworking TCP/IP on Windows NT 4.0; Deploying and Managing Microsoft System Center Data Protection
Manager; Applying Microsoft Security Guidance Training; Small Business Sales and Marketing Skills Assessment;
Administering Microsoft Windows NT 4.0; A+ certification Hardware and OS

Successfully passed numerous Microsoft exams: Deploying and managing a network solution for small and
medium sized businesses; Supporting users and troubleshooting desktop applications on a Microsoft Windows XP
operating system; Supporting users and troubleshooting a Microsoft Windows XP operating system; Deploying
Microsoft Office desktops; Managing a Microsoft Windows 2000 network environment; Installing, configuring, and
administering 2000 Server; Installing, configuring, and administering 2000 Pro; Implementing Microsoft Windows
NT Workstation 4.0; Networking essentials; Implementing and supporting Windows NT Server 4.0

                                  PROFESSIONAL MEMBERSHIPS
                                   Comptia Member ▪ Microsoft Registered Partner
Creating a Compelling Cover Letter
A powerfully written cover letter is necessary to land most interviews and ensure job search success. When an
advertised position creates a pile of 100+ resumes, it becomes the responsibility of the hiring personnel to shortlist
the applications. Resumes without cover letters are usually the first to go, followed by the ones with poorly written
cover letters. Avoid this fate by following these effective strategies:

Address your cover letter appropriately:
Be sure that you get the name of the hiring manager before sending your resume, and address the letter to that
individual. The proper greeting will be either “Dear Mr. (Smith),” or “Dear Ms. (Smith).” Avoid using Miss or Mrs.,
and do not address your letter to “Dear Sirs,” as it is considered inappropriate. If you are unsure of your contact’s
gender, address them by their first and last name, as in “Dear Pat Smith,” to avoid an embarrassing mistake. If you
don’t know the name of the hiring manager, simply use the greeting “Dear Hiring Manager,”– it’s clear, to the point,
and gender neutral.

Get to the point in your opening paragraph:
One of the most common interviewing questions employers ask is “Why should I hire you among other
candidates?” Provide an answer to that question right off the bat in your opening paragraph. This is a very
important section because it is the first thing the employer will read. It must be powerful and make an immediate
impact. Be sure sell yourself and your unique abilities. Do not use a generic opening paragraph that can apply to
any Tom, Dick or Harry.
Every line should sell you, so use aggressive language here and throughout the rest of your cover letter. For
example, instead of writing “My background is in finance management, making me well-suited for your advertised
Corporate Finance Director position.” you can write “A background in finance management and a proven record of
developing effective strategies that drive revenue, growth and shareholder value make me a strong candidate for
your advertised Corporate Finance Director position.”

Show your interest and sell your accomplishments in the body of the letter:
In this section, you need to show your interest in the job and the company. Research is a key ingredient to a
successful job search. The more you are able to demonstrate your interest and knowledge about a company, the
better your chances are to secure an interview. Get to know the company’s mission and new corporate initiatives,
and tell them how you can help them meet their objectives or resolve their problems. Praise the company for public
recognitions or recent accomplishments. The employer will surely take notice of your active interest.
Use “I” and “my” sparingly. Try not to use these words more than six times in your cover letter. You need to focus
on what you will bring to the company and how you will help them improve their profitability. Too much use of the
word “I” will also make your letter look elementary and poorly written.
For executive-level candidates and professionals with substantial achievements, a bullet point format is often the
most effective and efficient way to highlight accomplishments. If you fall into this category, be sure to keep the
bullet point statements unique and fresh. Do not copy and paste the exact same phrases from the resume as it will
make you look lazy. All sentences and achievements transferred from the resume should be rephrased.

Close your letter with a strong paragraph:
In the closing paragraph, you need to address several issues. At the very least, you need to ask for the interview
and provide contact information. This is also the ideal place to mention your salary requirements (if the employer
insists on it), or your desire to relocate.
To demonstrate your drive and interest, mention that you will call within a week to follow up. This is a great way to
ensure the resume was successfully received, and it creates an opportunity to establish a dialog. However, do not
mention this in your cover letter if you do not intend to follow up.

In summation, an aggressive and dynamic cover letter will help you stand out among the competition. Remember
that the goal is to market yourself – not to compose a dull biography.

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