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					                                              GPA Calculation
                                               SUNY Oswego

In order to understand how to improve your GPA, you must first understand how it is calculated. GPA is a
result of the total quality points earned divided by the total credits taken.

The following grades do not count towards your GPA here at Oswego:
    Grades taken at other institutions (if you repeat a D or E class at another institution it removes the
       grade but does not replace it.)
    Pass/Fail courses or courses graded with an H, S, or U or incompletes
    Courses from which you have withdrawn
    MAX courses

Be aware that an incomplete turns to an E if the work is not made up within 6 weeks of the next semester.

Quality Points Table

Grade      1 Credit    2 Credit    3 Credit    4 Credit
A          4.0         8.0         12.0        16.0                            Calculating a GPA
A-         3.67        7.34        11.01       14.68
B+         3.33        6.66        9.99        13.32
B          3.0         6.0         9.0         12.0               Total Quality Points
B-         2.67        5.34        8.01        10.68              ----------------------------------- =      GPA
                                                                  Total credits taken
C+         2.33        4.66        6.99        9.32
C          2.0         4.0         6.0         8.0
C-         1.67        3.34        5.01        6.68
D+         1.33        2.66        3.99        5.32
D          1.0         2.0         3.0         4.0
D-         .67         1.34        2.01        2.68
E          0.0         0.0         0.0         0.0

                        Projecting Your New GPA Goal if NOT retaking courses

1.      Total GPA credit hours to date                                                                    _____

2.      Total quality points earned to date                                                               _____

3.      Total credit hours you are taking this semester (not including Pass/fail)                         _____

4.      Add line 1 to line 3. This is the total credit hours you will have at the end of the semester. _____

5.      What is the overall GPA you want by the end of this semester?                                     __2.0_

6.      Multiply line 4 times line 5. This is the cumulative quality points you need at the               _____
        end of this semester.

7.      Subtract line 2 from line 6. This will give you the points that you need to earn                  _____
        this semester.

8.      Divide line 7 by line 3. This is your goal GPA for this semester!                      ____________
                        Retaking D’s and E’s? How to recalculate your GPA

1.    GPA needed to be in Good Standing                                                        __2.0_

2.    Total GPA hours to date                                                                  _____

3.    Are you retaking any D’s or E’s? How many hours are you retaking?                        _____

4.    Subtract #3 from #2 (Total GPA hours attempted – Hours retaking)                         _____

5.    How many credit hours are you taking this semester that will earn a letter grade?        _____
      Do not include pass/fail courses, H/S/U, MAX courses.

6.    Add #4 and #5 together to get the total number credits after this semester.              _____

7.    How many quality points have you earned?                                                 _____

8.    If you are retaking a grade in which you earned a grade other than an E, you must
      subtract those quality points from the total in #7. How many points are you subtracting? _____

9.    Subtract the total in #8 from the total in #7                                            _____

10.   Multiply the total in #6, by the GPA in #1. This is the total quality points needed to
      get the GPA required.                                                                    _____

11.   Subtract the points in #9 from the points in #10                                         _____

12.   Divide the number of quality points in #11 by #5 (number of credits you are taking this semester.
      This is the GPA you need to earn this semester to return to good standing if you plan on
      retaking any D’s or E’s providing you do better in the course you are repeating.


If this score is over a 4.0 it will take more than one semester to return to good

If you get a projected score under a 2.0 it is because your original GPA will
technically improve due to the original D or E being removed. You MUST do better
than the D or E in the course you are retaking or else the grade is not removed.

You MUST get at least a 2.0 this semester in order to return to good standing even if
your cumulative GPA has improved.