GPA CALCULATION

                                               GRADE   GRADE POINT VALUE
Please provide your Undergraduate Grade
Point Average noted on the transcript of        A+             4
the institution from which you received
your undergraduate degree. If you               A              4
attended more than one institution for your
undergraduate degree, please compute one        A-            3.7
GPA according to the steps below. If your
institution did not compute a GPA, but did      B+            3.3
give grades, please compute your GPA
following these steps:                           B            3.0

1) refer to the table in the next column and    B-            2.7
find the grade point value of a grade; then,
multiply that figure by the number of           C+            2.3
credits for the course (e.g., a three-credit
B+: 3.3 grade points x 3 credits = 9.9 grade    C             2.0
                                                C-            1.7
2) do this for every course and add the
total points;                                   D+            1.3

3) divide this total by the total number of     D             1.0
earned course credits (e.g., 215 points  60
credits = 3.58 GPA).                            D-            0.7

This final figure is the GPA that you record     F             0
on your application.

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