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									Rudraksha – Its use and benefits

                             Source: Hindu Mythology

The brick-red coloured dried berry of the Rudraksha tree (Elaeocarpus Ganitrus
Roxb) has played a dominant role on the Indian arena for a long time now. Rudra
(terrible) aksha (eye), the name connotes the effect of the seed on evil and its
concomitants. According to Hindu mythology, Lord Shiva used a fire weapon called
Aaghor to kill Tripura Sur, the troublesome demon. The weapon killed the demon,
but temporarily blinded Shiva too, who had to shut his eyes to escape its dazzling
brilliance. When Shiva opened his eyes, they were watery. Places on earth where the
teardrops fell sprouted Rudraksha trees.

It is been proved beyond doubt that Rudraksha cures many illnesses including those
related to blood pressure and heart. So powerful are the Rudraksha's protective
powers that it can actually protect the wearer from untimely death. Ancient sages
maintained that Rudraksha provides peace and tranquility.

Types of Rudraksha:
Twenty-one types of Rudraksha find mention in various religious texts. However,
only fourteen of these are available. Rudraksha trees are mainly found in Java,
Sumatra, Borneo, Bali and Java as also in Nepal and India. The Rudraksha found in
India and Nepal is a larger version of the one found in other South Asian islands. The
Rudraksha gets its type from the number of faces (mukh) it carries.

According to Puranas, Rudraksha has various benefits, the most well known
amongst them being:

a) Rudraksha defeats death
b) Kundalini can be awakened
c) Rudraksha ensures longevity
d) Rudraksha destroys evil spirits
e) Rudraksha helps in attaining moksha (freedom from rebirth)
f) Rudraksha is known to cure infertile women and they can have children
g) Goddess Lakshmi (the goddess of wealth) resides where Rudraksha's worshipped

Note: The effect of the Rudraksha is evident after forty days of wearing it!

Necessary precautions before wearing Rudraksha:
Duplicate Rudrakshas made from cardboard are flooding the market and hence it is
crucial to ensure that one wears a genuine Rudraksha. It would be ideal if one could
purchase the Rudraksha from a known source. Here are a few tests to detect for
false beads that could be passed off as genuine:

• A fake Rudraksha will float in water. A real one on the other hand will settle at the
• Do not wear a Rudraksha that has been eaten by insects and pests.
• Do not wear a Rudraksha that is broken or chipped.
• Smaller Rudraksha is ideal for meditation and prayers. It is advisable to use the
bigger Rudraksha for curing illnesses.

Scientific evidence of Rudraksha's benefits
Wearing a Rudraksha is known to cure ailments like blood pressure, stress, anxiety,
depression, palpitations, lack of concentration, etc. The bead enhances the powers of
concentration, orients the mind towards attaining prosperity, boost confidence and
energy levels, and is also known to increase the ability of speculative thinking.

While some may contend that what is mentioned in ancient texts need not be a
source of authentic knowledge, there is scientific evidence to validate Rudraksha's
beneficial powers. The Rudraksha has strong electrical and magnetic properties.
Besides storing electrical energy, a Rudraksha can send out subtle electrical impulses
and induce vibrations.

To understand the functioning of the Rudraksha, one must understand the working of
the human body the central nervous system, organ systems etc that form a part of
the bio electronic circuit. Sense organs respond to impulses like touch, smell, noise,
sight and taste as a result of bioelectricity. Bioelectricity transmits information from
the brain to various parts of the body and vice versa. The bioelectric current is
generated because of the different energy levels that exist at various levels in the

So long as the bioelectricity flow between the body, mind and brain is smooth, bodily
functions are `normal'. The moment there is stress in this flow of energy the body
starts malfunctioning.

It is here that Rudraksha beads come to play a dominant role - that of a stabilizing

Rudraksha beads have a strong influence on our well being, and affect areas
mentioned below:

Specific Rudraksha beads resist the flow of bio-electrical impulses that cross the
desired ampere requirement (leading to an imbalance in the brain-body-mind
circuit). The beads act in tandem with the heart, streamlining it and sending out
specific impulses to the brain. The impulses in return generate positive brain
chemicals that induce us with a sense of confidence and energy.

Electric energy can be stored in Rudraksha beads making them a safe stabilizing
agent. This property of the Rudraksha makes it useful for controlling hyperactivity,
palpitation, etc. The excess energy is stored in the bead thereby normalizing the bio-
electric flow.

Rudraksha beads contain magnetic properties and hence send out inductive
vibrations. This is the reason why people report of feeling better after wearing the
bead (even if the bead does not touch them).

Rudraksha beads have dynamic polarity (i.e. the ability to change polarity). The flow
of blood that is blocked or reduced results in various illnesses and ailments. The cells
in the blood as also arteries and veins have positive and negative poles. When
magnets are pressed into action to restore the imbalance the opposite poles of the
magnet and that of the cells are attracted and open up contracted passages. Once
blood flow is streamlined most illness are automatically cured. However magnets
have a limited use, in the sense that they have fixed polarity, Rudraksha beads on
the other hand have dynamic polarity and guarantee total cure for a problem. Not
only do Rudrakshas possess dynamic polarity they are also endowed with a quality
called diamagnetism, ie. the ability to acquire temporary magnetic field in the
presence of an external magnetic field. Depending on the polarity of the induced
magnetic field, Rudraksha beads acquire a polarity opposite to the induced field. This
results in the opening up of arteries and veins leading to a better health.

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