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					    Functional Food Ingredients: Probiotics

    Second generation probiotics
    DSM Food Specialties has developed second generation probiotics that are the result of extensive screening of
    a vast collection of micro-organisms with potential probiotic effects.
    LAFTI® probiotics have recently been selected using today’s scientific techniques that focus on probiotic
    properties that are now known to be important:

           stability
           survival
           proven health effects
           safety

    LAFTI®‘s unique benefits are the direct result of this Second-Generation screening
    Available Probiotic strains:

           Lactobacillus acidophilus LAFTI® L10
           Bifidobacterium lactis LAFTI ® B94
           Lactobacillus paracasei LAFTI ® L26

    What are probiotics?

    A natural part of our body

    The literal meaning of ‘probiotics’ is ‘for life’. Probiotics are a generic term for
    naturally occurring ‘friendly’ bacteria that are beneficial for health, which
    differentiates them from the ‘bad’ bacteria such as the well known Escherichia coli
    and Salmonella, causing diarrhea and other intestinal problems. The most famous
    probiotic families are Lactobacillus and Bifidobacterium.
    Many different types of probiotic bacteria grow in the human digestive tract, and
    together with other ‘friendly’ bacteria create a complex ecosystem in our intestines
    called the intestinal microflora. Probiotics are thus a natural part of our body.

    What makes a bacteria a probiotic?
    Three checks

    Why do we need probiotics?
    Staying healthy
What makes a bacteria a probiotic?                        3. Survival of the bacteria

Three checks
                                                          The bacteria must be alive when reaching the
1. Safe for consumption
                                                          human gut in order to provide the health
The bacteria to be used as probiotic must be a
                                                          It is important to note that probiotic
'friendly' bacteria that is safe. By law, only safe
                                                          supplements in which the number of live
bacteria are accepted on the market. However,
                                                          bacteria CFU is guaranteed until the end of
the law does not yet regulate the definition
                                                          shelf life provide more certainty that you get a
‘probiotics’. Anyone can claim a bacteria to be a
                                                          sufficient dose of 'friendly' bacteria than a
probiotic bacteria.
                                                          supplement that only guarantees the dose "at
2. Measurable beneficial effects on health                time of manufacturing".

There must be scientific evidence available
demonstrating the beneficial effects of the
probiotic strain on our health. Very important is
that this scientific evidence must be for a
specific strain. For example, there are many
different Lactobacillus acidophilus strains, such
as Lactobacillus acidophilus LAFTI® L10. This             What are probiotics?
strain is a probiotic, since there is scientific          A natural part of our body

evidence available demonstrating the health               Why do we need probiotics?
benefits for this specific strain.                        Staying healthy

 Lactobacillus          acidophilus          LAFTI® L10

 [family]               [species]            [strain]
Why do we need probiotics?                             The important balance of the many different
Staying healthy                                        types of ‘friendly’ bacteria is easily
                                                       disturbed, however. External factors such
Probiotic bacteria play an important role in
                                                       as (antibiotic) medication, travel, changes in
digesting food as well as maintaining health.
                                                       diet and stress as well as internal influences
They produce short chain fatty acids, which
                                                       including microbial interactions and
promote colonic nutrition, help the body in
                                                       intestinal secretions can have a negative
breaking down food, assist the absorption of
                                                       effect. As a result, undesirable ‘bad’
essential vitamins, and protect against
                                                       bacteria may invade, bringing symptoms
attack from ‘bad’ bacteria such as E. coli
                                                       such as diarrhea, constipation, and other
and Salmonella.
                                                       bowel problems. Supplementing the daily
                                                       diet with probiotics keeps the important
                                                       balance of ‘friendly’ bacteria in place and
                                                       thereby helps maintain health.

                                                       What are probiotics?
                                                       A natural part of our body

                                                       What makes a bacteria a probiotic?
                                                       Three checks

                                     What are LAFTI®                What makes LAFTI® probiotics special?
                                                                    They bring the latest discoveries in the
                                     Second-generation              field of probiotics
                                                                    The second-generation screening
                                     LAFTI® probiotics are
                                                                    strategy has resulted in unique benefits such
                  second-generation probiotics. The first
                                                                    as stability, survival and probiotic health
                  probiotic strains were isolated many
                                                                    effects (see picture below).
                  decades ago without insight into strain-
                  related characteristics and their efficacy
                  was not always predictable or
                  repeatable. Additionally, many
                  ‘probiotics’ currently available in the
                  market place lack the (strain-specific)
                  scientific evidence to demonstrate the
                  health benefits.
                     Second-generation LAFTI® probiotics,
                     conversely, have built on knowledge
                     amassed over the years. LAFTI®
                     probiotics are the result of sophisticated
                     screening of a large number of bacteria
                     with potential probiotic effects.

                     LAFTI® second-generation probiotics
                     have recently been selected using
                     today’s scientific techniques that focus
                     on probiotic properties that are now
                     known to be important.

LAFTI®’s unique benefits include:                                        Proven health effects
                                                                       LAFTI® probiotics assist the immune system via
       Superior stability                                             protection against ‘bad’ bacteria such as Listeria
                                                                       and Salmonella. Also, clinical studies in humans
      In order to deliver health benefits, probiotics must
      be alive when they arrive at their final destination:            have been completed. These support LAFTI® as
      the intestines. Heat, moisture, long shelf life and              having a beneficial effect on the general feeling of
      inadequate packaging of the final product can all                well being and control of irritable bowel syndrome.
      easily inactivate probiotics, resulting in inferior                Excellent survival
      consumer products. LAFTI® probiotics have been                   Before arriving at their final destination, probiotics
      particularly developed to minimise the difficulties              must pass through the digestive system, including
      associated with stability.                                       the stomach. The acidic stomach and bile in the
                                                                       digestive system can easily inactivate probiotics.
                                                                       LAFTI® second-generation probiotics have been
                                                                       specifically screened for acid and bile resistance
                                                                       and survival in the human digestive system.
                                                                         High concentration
                                                                       LAFTI® probiotics are available in very high
                                                                       concentrations, enabling for example dietary
                                                                       supplement manufacturers to create cost-effective
                                                                       supplements which are also efficacious. These
                                                                       probiotics can be blend with other ingredients such
                                                                       as prebiotics, vitamins and minerals, and they
                                                                       allow consumers to take their daily dose of
                                                                       probiotics in a single capsule.
                                                                         Safety
                                                                       All LAFTI® strains are safe to use in every

Scientific information                      DSM’s understanding of probiotic

Numerous studies have been undertaken       cultures, combined with extensive and

which support the positive effects of       continuing in vivo and in vitro research

probiotic microbial population. Choice of   ensures that the LAFTI® range provides

strain depends on the desired health        an optimal combination of important

benefits of the application.                probiotic properties with data available to
                                            support product and labelling claims.

To claim efficacy beyond the point of       DSM will continue to provide scientific

manufacture, probiotics must remain         backing for all LAFTI® strains and

stable throughout shelf life and in the     support customers with advice and

gastro-intestinal tract where they are      support in product development and

designed to take effect. Our studies have   labeling. Literature information is

shown that LAFTI ® survives well in the     available

human gastro-intestinal tract.              from DSM upon request.

Sophisticated strain selection is key to
probiotic performance. DSM second-
generation LAFTI® strains are specially
selected and formulated to meet the dual
demands of stability and survival,
delivering positive probiotic effects to

Clinical trials have been completed which
show that LAFTI® products are effective
These trials indicated promising results,
for example a beneficial effect on the
general feeling of well being and control
of irritable bowel syndrome. Other
studies have shown that all three LAFTI ®
strains inhibit a range of pathogenic
bacteria in vitro.