how to get adsense in docstoc

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					how to get adsense in docstoc

 1. You have to register and an
   docstoc account.
Note: try to use Gmail Id in email
address space. Because google will give
higher preference to gmail only.
 2. Then complete your profile in the
   first day. Don’t forget to upload your
   profile photo.
   Note: Google is using Bio Metrics
   technology to validate your picture.
   So try to use face related photo. Give
   priority to your true picture.
3. Don’t leave any field left blank in
  Docstoc profile.
4. Try to change the profile photo on
  the next two days.
5. Don’t use any adult or
  Copyrighted documents or photos in
  your account,documents or
6. You should have atleast 3 own
  documents (not copied from net).
  Tip: Your life experience and other is
  easy to write.
7. Don’t register for adsense on the
  registered day(first day).
8. Apply adsense after you have
  some original contents in your profile
  and documents section. (ie, After two
9. The main thing is You should have
  atleast 15 document view Everyday
  Before you apply for Adsense.
10. Don’t use any fraudulent ways to
  suddently increase your traffic after
  applying your adsense account
  (Period in between google
11. Don’t forget to thank if it is useful.
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Thanks Rashid,Thengapattanam.

Description: the easy way to get adsense in docstoc, easy 3 steps for an adsense