SPCAA Head Start Early Head Start Program Policy Procedures TRANSITION Source Performance Standards Reference 1304 Child Development Services 1308 Services to Childre

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					SPCAA Head Start/Early Head Start Program

Policy & Procedures: TRANSITION

Source:       Performance Standards

Reference: 1304 Child Development Services
           1308 Services to Children with Disabilities


SPCAA has a developmental approach toward children and families and coordination of
services is essential prior to, during, and following the child’s EHS or HS experience.
Coordination with other agencies results in positive outcomes for the child and SPCAA
HS/EHS and other agencies.

The purpose of this policy is to assist children and families in the community to
successfully transition from infant/toddler (EHS) experiences to preschool (HS)
experiences and from pre-school (HS) to a pre-k or kindergarten public or other private
school program.

This policy establishes procedures common to all agencies dealing with young children to
facilitate transition and to network with other agencies to establish closer communication
regarding the development of children.

It is important to note confidentiality must be
safeguarded; therefore HS/EHS must obtain written
consent from parents/guardians prior to release of any
information about an individual child (written or verbal).

Management will:
   Establish and update a time line for the transition process
   Plan for training of staff around the transition process
   Coordinate efforts among staff to ensure a comprehensive plan
   Coordinate efforts with outside agencies to ensure community involvement and
   Ensure supervision staff in transition activities
   Maintain data on children with special needs who will be enrolled in Head
     Start/Early Head Start for another year
   Ensure that transition provisions for Early Head Start enrolled children are met
     according to need;

South Plains Community Action Association, Inc. Head Start and Early Head Start, p1 of 1
      Coordinate efforts with the public school (LEA) to provide information-sharing
       between agencies for children with special needs enrolled in Head Start or Early
       Head Start;
      Coordinate with management team, internal referrals and transition activities of
      As appropriate, organize internal multi-disciplinary staffing’s for children with
       special needs, children who have received mental health services or children with
       other concerns;
      With written parental permission, facilitate joint transition staffing with the public
       schools, special education coop, and other appropriate agencies for children with
       diagnosed disabilities;
      Coordinate development and dissemination of the program Transition handout
       materials to all center/school.
      Ensure that up to date records are kept on each child enrolled in Head Start/Early
       Head Start and that records of departing children are maintained in an orderly,
       accessible manner;
      Identify and work with other program/agency administrators to provide for
       collaborative agreements; and
      Coordinate and discuss referrals from the Head Start/Early Head Start classrooms,
       Head Start to public school for potential special needs and determine a plan of

Center Directors of Licensed facilities will:
    Provide training and guidance to staff, as needed, regarding the transition process
    Assist in planning and ensure transition activities for children enrolled in Early
      Head Start programs to Head Start or other early child development programs as
      children become age eligible;
    Establish center timelines for the completion of Head Start to kindergarten
      transition activities consistent with overall plan for transition activities to occur no
      later than last week of school;
    Solicit and garner parent involvement in transition activities;
    Provide leadership and initiative regarding transitions by completing
      communications and visits to public schools or other early childhood programs;
    Ensure school principals are contacted to invite kindergarten teachers and other
      pertinent staff from the various schools and coordinate visit to Head Start
    Deliver Parent Consent for Release of Information to the appropriate public school
      personnel; and
    Ensure delivery of the Transition Booklet to parents.

Classroom staff will:
    When possible, organize visits to public/private school classrooms with approval of
       the site administrator. Activities occurring off premises of licensed facilities are
       recognized as field trips by TDFPS and therefore, will require presentation to the
       Parent Committee for approval and, if necessary arrangements for transportation.

South Plains Community Action Association, Inc. Head Start and Early Head Start, p1 of 1
       In most cases Center Activity funds will not be needed, therefore, PC approval is
       not required.
      Assist during home visits, parent conferences or with classroom or center-wide
       activities, including, but not limited to kindergarten visits or visits to Head Start
       classrooms/centers by public school personnel.
      Plan and develop transition activities for Early Head start families upon entrance
       into the program. Evaluate need for transition on a monthly basis.
      Provide information for parents by distributing approved transition information
      Provide information, support and encouragement for children to enable them to
       transition smoothly to other programs or public schools
      Assist parents to understand the importance of their continued involvement in
       their child's education and development
      Provide classroom experiences designed to familiarize children with the preschool
       public school setting and other classroom settings.

Family Support Workers will:
        The FSW will assist parents in understanding what is expected during the
         transition period. FSW will aid parents with transition by:
        Schedule educational trainings about transitions throughout the year;
        Provide support to help parents in being well-prepared for the changes they
         may face;
        Form support groups with other families that have been through similar
         transitions; and assist in “opening the door” to communication between parents
         and other programs personnel;
        Upon parent request child records can be transferred to the child’s new
         classroom or school;
        When the child moves from Early Head Start, his/her relevant records will be
         transferred to next placement in which the will enroll.
        Guide the pregnant women to home to center base by:
              Encouraging the new mother to take the baby to new center for a visit;
              Giving information on separation anxiety, breast feeding while working,
                 and how to get the body back to normal; and
              Assisting the new mother with organization skills to ready the baby and
                 mother for work and child-care.

South Plains Community Action Association, Inc. Head Start and Early Head Start, p1 of 1