Form A_ Functional Vision Assessment by hcj


									                  Summary of Findings on the Assessment of Learning Media


A reading and learning media assessment was conducted as part of STUDENT’s evaluation. The
California Education Code requires all visually impaired students to have a current learning
media assessment which should be updated and/or reviewed every three years.

This assessment is designed to determine the most effective method for teaching an individual
student, or to ensure that the method being used is the correct one. For example, some students,
although visually impaired, continue to use remaining vision as their primary method for
learning. Other students may utilize tactile learning (Braille), auditory learning (recorded or
taped materials), or a combination of media.

Functional Vision Assessment

Results of STUDENT’s Functional Vision Assessment, completed by TEACHER on DATE,
were incorporated into this report. The Functional Vision Assessment combines medical
information on the student’s eye condition, eye health, and prognosis with observations of visual
behavior in various environmental settings.

STUDENT’s Functional Vision Assessment indicated that
     Summarize Information from Eye Report and Optical Aids

If completed,
       Summarize Section A: How a student sees under a variety of situations
       Summarize Section B: Techniques student uses to increase functional vision
         Summarize Section C: Problem areas/Inconsistencies and Solution/Recommendations

Use of Sensory Channels

The Use of Sensory Channels is an observation form that examines and documents the student’s
most efficient way of taking in information. At school, STUDENT was observed in three
settings (1) _____, (2) _____, (3) _____. STUDENT’s most efficient way for taking in
information appeared to be the ____ mode. The secondary channel for taking in information was
the _____.

If parents completed the Use of Sensory Channels form:

STUDENT’s parent(s) also observed their child and completed the Use of Sensory Channels
form. At home, STUDENT was observed in three settings (1) _____, (2) _____, (3) _____. The
parent findings suggest that STUDENT’s primary way of taking in information appeared to be
the _____ mode and the secondary channel was the ____ mode. These findings are (SIMILAR/
NOT CONSISTENT) to the teachers observations suggesting, ______.
File Review to Determine Estimated Reading Level

The File Review determines the students estimated reading level as indicated in previous
assessments. STUDENT was last assessed by (name of assessor) at (name location where
assessment took place), on (DATE).
    a. The findings suggest that HIS/HER reading level is ___.
    b. The findings suggest that HE/SHE does not use print or Braille as a reliable means of
       taking in information.

Reading Media Preference

Based on the findings of the File Review to Determine Estimated Reading Level two Reading
Media Preference forms were completed. The first form examines visual efficiency, which
describes how STUDENT sees at distances, visual stability, visual field, and print size. A review
of the statements suggests that BRAILLE/PRINT/LARGE PRINT may afford STUDENT the
best opportunity to learn through reading.

The second form involved completing a Curriculum Based Assessment. The assessment chosen
was ___. It was administered in BRAILLE/PRINT (discuss print size, did you use both forms,
uncontracted). The purpose of this assessment was to determine STUDENT’s instructional
level. The Word Recognition Score indicated that HE/SHE was ‘Instructional’ at the __ grade
level and reading speed was __. For Reading Comprehension the Instructional level was grade
__. For Listening Comprehension the instructional level was __. Signs of fatigue included ___.
Student was also observed ___.


Functional Literacy Triennial Review

Based on the findings of the File Review to Determine Estimated Reading Level the Functional
Literacy Review was completed. This form examines how STUDENT is progressing within
HIS/HER functional literacy program. The results suggest that STUDENT uses HIS/HER (insert
primary sensory channel) skills for ___. HE/SHE uses (insert secondary sensory channel) for
       a) At the next Triennial evaluation this form will be completed again and STUDENT’s
           progress will be discussed.
       b) This form was last completed in DATE(s). When comparing the current review to
           past ones, the following changes can be noted:__

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