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					                  Curriculum Vitae – Hugh Kennedy

Personal Information
                       Surname:                    Kennedy
                       Forenames:                  Hugh Alexander James
                       Nationality:                British
                       Daytime Number:             Frankfurt +49 (0)6171/895701
                       Fax Number:                 Oberursel +49 (0)6171/895703
                       Mobile Number:              D2: +49 (0)173/6560208
                       Email Address:    
                       Home Page:        
                       Current Address:            Henchenstrasse 6,
                                                   61440 Oberursel,

Highlighted Areas Of Expertise
      Project Management: Lean, cheap and fast. Ability to coordinate project
       work between teams and continents.
      Business Analysis: Thorough knowledge of the trading, clearing and
       settlement of financial products (i.e., equities, bonds, etc.) and their
       derivatives. Risk management systems.
      Networking: Have worked with networked applications over a very long
       period and am familiar with the problems of planning and migration.
      Communication and Team-working: Ability to work and communicate with
       persons of all levels from junior staff though to senior management.
      Security Management: Developing Security Policies and Implementation
      Disaster Recovery/Contingency Planning: Protection of the corporate
       information base and recovery planning. Exercising of recovery plans.
      Vendor Management: Optimal platform/application selection based on client
       requirements and budget. Work with software and hardware vendors to
       optimise TCO.
      Total Quality Management: Ensuring systems are based on specifications
       that are developed according to user requirements. Delivery of systems on-
      Integration Management: Linking of disparate systems to ensure the
       continuous and accurate flow of information through the enterprise.

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Experience (Last 12 years)
          Although I have 25 years experience in the IT industry, for the sake of brevity, this shows only
those positions worked in the last 12 years. Experience is listed in reverse order starting with the
current jobs. Where dates overlap, two or more jobs were being performed concurrently.
          All jobs between June 1979 and July 1992 were worked on a freelance basis. As a guideline,
the projects in Eastern Europe from 1996 through 2000 occupied about 50% of my time, the rest was
filled by short and medium term consultancy projects in Germany and other parts of western Europe
(UK, France, Holland and Gibraltar).

Trading/Settlement Systems & Applications
Eurex (MISS & UD), Xetra, Eurex/Xetra, XONTRO, VALUES, LIFFE-Connect, LSE SETS. Sungard,
Front Capital, GMI, Kondor, Murex (MxEquity/MxRates), TT, RTS. Equity and equity derivative
trading systems, fixed income and fixed income derivative trading systems, FX and FX derivative
trading systems. Interest-rate trading systems. Equity central counterparty/netting systems (CCP).
REPO trading systems. Securities loan systems. STP (straight-thru processing), T-1, T+1, T+2, T+3
Clearing and Settlement. Risk management systems, position simulation systems. General Ledger.

Data Feeds
Reuters, Bloomberg, FutureSource, Bridge, Telekurs (see also above exchanges).

Special Protocols & Message Formats
SWIFT, ISO 7775, ISO 11521, ISO 15022, FIX, XML.

SUN/Solaris, WinXP/2K, Compaq Alpha/OpenVMS, HP/UX, Linux. Workstations, Servers, Clusters,
SAN. Networking: IP (v4&v6), X.25, Multicast, LANs, WANs, Firewalls, DMZs.

Oracle RDB, Ingress, SYBASE, Informix, Access, Microsoft SQL Server. DBMS-32, Oracle, ODBC,

Design Methodologies
OOP, UML, Gane & Sarson, DEC Phase Review, TQM (BS5750/ISO 9000).

Management, Documentation and Design Tools
MS Project, MS Office, OpenOffice, MrProject, VISIO, Dia, Xfig, Rational-ROSE, Quark Express,
Acrobat, The Gimp, MS Photodraw

Jul ’02 – Nov ’02                   System Administrator, Analyst and Trainer
Oakweald Ltd                       Oberursel, Germany
Support in-house systems (mixed Win2K/Unix as well as VMS) as well as for clients. Support in-house
network and firewalls. Train up new system administrator for Linux/Win 2K. Adapting a ledger system
running for German norms. Add functionality to ledger system.

Feb ‘02 – Jun ‘02                   Developer & Maintainer
Deutsche Börse Systems             Frankfurt a. M., Germany
Program maintenance. Increase number of products handled by EUREX 6.0. Add support for Delta
Neutral products to EUREX 6.0. Create volatility interrupts for time-price matching of futures (Circuit
Breakers). Create market scenarios for order-book manipulation and trading to test volatility interrupts.
Database support.

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Feb ’02 – Feb ’02                  Business Analyst/Project Coordinator
FBF, Gruppe Deutsche Börse         Frankfurt a. M., Germany
Prepare proposal, tender document (World Bank format) and budget for IBRD financed consultancy
(World Bank tender process) for market supervision and information system for the Republic of
Uzbekistan. Project abandoned due to reorganisation by the Deutsche Boerse which will close down
the FBF at the end of ’02.

Sep ’01 – Feb ’02                  System Administrator/Project Coordinator
Oakweald Ltd                      Oberursel., Germany
Support in-house systems (mixed Win2K/Unix as well as VMS) as well as for clients. Support in-house
network and firewalls. Migrate NT systems to 2K Coordinate projects in support phase.

Jun ‘01 – Sept ‘01                 Business Analyst & Tester
Deutsche Börse Systems               Frankfurt a. M., Germany
Develop and perform functional regression test for Eurex 5.0 multiple CSD support. Provide tech
support for regression test team. . Run and debug Eurex Batch. Check VALUES, Gate and backend
software for message discrepancies. Assist developers with corrections to s/w developed in C and

Mar ‘01 – May ‘01                  Developer
Deutsche Börse Systems           Frankfurt a. M., Germany
Work on developing support for multiple central securities depositories, incl. enhancements to existing
code as well as new modules.

Jul 97 – Jun ‘01                   Stock Market Technical Project Manager &
                                   Business Analyst
St. Petersburg Currency             St. Petersburg, Russian Federation
Specification of T+3 delivery versus payment system for corporate shares. Supervision of
implementation. Supervision of project transfer from stock exchange. Working with external settlement
depositories and such the DCC (based on the US DTC) and the PSC (based on a mixture of the US and
European models). Specification of electronic trading system for repos. Design of a central
counterparty netting system. Work with PSB (Specialised cash settlement bank). Specification &
design of network infrastructure enhancements to support access from other regions, advice on securing
trading via public networks. Advice on web design and information services. Advice on front and back-
office systems. Creation of high-growth/high-disclosure segment (Growth Market St. Petersburg) based
on Germany’s Neuer Markt and NEWEX. Assist with discussions with new issuers and partners. Web
based information system for new segment. Plan communications solutions for connecting members
(local and remote incl. Vladivostok). Web based matchmaking system for Entrepreneurs/Venture
Capitalists (BRAIN). Projects manage technical development process. Advice on derivatives and risk
management of equity and derivatives portfolios.

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Jul 96 – Feb 01                    Eurex/Xetra Analyst & Developer
Oakweald Limited                     Frankfurt, Germany
Contingency planning for trading room disaster recovery (mostly together with Chubb/Bosch)
Continuing software development for Eurex/Xetra integration into client systems, incl. order-routing
and back-office. Work with users to assist with selection of Front, Middle and Back Office packages
based on user requirements. Extract requirements using questionnaires. Write reports and make
presentations based on findings. Develop and present training courses for traders and technical support
Support of client installations in Germany and the UK as well as other European countries incl:
      ABN-AMRO
      BZW
      Extra Clearing (Now part of ING-Barings)
      Hamburgische Sparkasse
      Helios
      Rabobank
      Saratoga
      Trafalgar Financial Futures

Jan 00 – Dec 00                    Project Manager/Business Analyst
Centre for Coordination of the       Tashkent, Uzbekistan
Securities Market
Budget, plan and manage development of a system for the supervision of issuers of corporate securities
(shares and bonds). Collect information from existing individual systems for integration into the main
database. The system checks and stores the quarterly reports filed whilst issues are taking place and
then checks and stores the annual reports of all issues. The system is distributed across 10 regions in
the country using a variety of communications methods, including both Satellite and Terrestrial.
Integration of existing portfolio supervision system for privatisation mutual funds.

Nov 98– Dec 00                     Project Manager/Business Analyst
Central Depository                    Tashkent, Uzbekistan
Specification of two-level depository system (CSD + independent branch depositories) for corporate
securities and PIF (privatisation investment fund) supervision for the Republic of Uzbekistan, in
Tashkent. Prepare proposal for, perform analysis, supervise development and supply said system using
offshore developers (based in Russia) and funded by the IBRD (Part of World Bank). The depository
system uses international messaging standards based for operations between regional offices, client
depositories, the markets, the registrar and the regulatory authority. Plan migration of data from old
depository system to new.

Dec 96 – Dec 99                    Project Manager/ Business Analyst
Republic Stock Exchange                Tashkent, Uzbekistan
“Tashkent” &
National Depository “Vakt”
Specification of functional and technical systems of trading, clearing, settlement and depository.
Liaison with the CCSM (Regulatory authority) and discussion of legal framework. Consult on
communications issues for the regional offices of the stock exchange and depository. Advice on
functional issues relating to the listing of Uzbek shares in western markets (ADR, GDR or direct
listing). Creation of Web based securities information system using Java (Project Manager). Project
Coordination for all the German govt (GTZ)/Deutsche Boerse assistance activities in the financial
markets of the Republic of Uzbekistan.

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Feb 97 – Jun 97                     Technical Project Manager & Business Analyst
St. Petersburg Stock Exchange         St. Petersburg, Russian Federation
.Specification of T+3 delivery versus payment system for corporate shares. Supervision of
implementation. Enhancements to trading system. Liaison with technical partners at depositories and
registrars. Project was transferred to the currency exchange after the exchange lost its license due to
regulatory changes.

Jul 92 – Jul 96                     DTB (Now Eurex) and XETRA Technology
Oakweald Limited                   Leeds, England
Advice on trading room technologies. Configuration advice and troubleshooting for various DTB
(German Financial Futures & Options Exchange) members. I was responsible for the planning
configuration and software development for the first DTB member to trade from outside Germany.
System Management advice for DTB members. Develop Client-Server solutions for extending the
DTB interface. Develop DTB Front and Backoffice Interface. Integration of PC based front/back office
solutions into DTB (Using Pathworks). Convert said package to run under AIX communicating with
Clients running under TCP/IP. Convert a PC based cryptographic package for VAX/VMS support.
Assist client with setting up TQM for the IS system. Project management for trading systems relocation
and development at a major bank. OpenVMS/AXP migration. SWIFT configuration advice. Clients
      ABN-AMRO
      BZW
      Extra Clearing (Now part of ING-Barings)
      Nat West Markets (Germany)
      SG Bank

89 - Jul 92                         Network & Systems Consultant
Deutsche Terminebörse GmbH          Frankfurt, W. Germany
Planning, performance analysis, and developing operating procedures in a large network with inter-
organisational connections for a financial futures and options exchange (DTB now Eurex, part of the
Deutsche Boerse Group). Design and implement security policies for the network. Design and develop
fault and disaster recovery procedures. Test failure recovery. Design client-server solutions. Technical
support and tuning advice for applications developers. Study of Alpha and OSI migration issues. Study
of performance issues relating to RMS journaling and RdB with a view to migration. Extensive study
of locking and locking problems across a large cluster.

        English as native speaker.
        German (good).
        Basic Russian.
        Minimal French (Understand but spoken is out of practice)

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Training Courses Given
        Introduction to Tcl/Tk for programmers
        Quality and project management at Deutsche Boerse Systems
        Introduction to Eurex

Other Information
I was invited by the OECD to participate in their 1999 workshop on the securities markets in Central Asia because
of my work in Uzbekistan. There I represented Germany together with a specialist from the Bundesbank.

I have been jointly responsible for organising the Security SIG for Digital’s User Group, DECUS Europe in 91
through 93 with particular responsibility for conference co-ordination. I should add that on both occasions where I
presented papers in DECUS Europe, I was not responsible for the selection!

I was a frequent contributor to the DECUS symposia both at the chapter and at the national level. The following is a
list of papers presented:

   Security and PC based Unix Systems DECUS Muenchen Symposium, Karlsruhe, 1992
   Security in Heterogeneous Networks DECUS Europe Symposium, Den Haag, 1991
   Networked Application Security DECUS Europe Symposium, Cannes, 1990
   Keeping Chaos Outside the Door, Intro to X.25 Security DECUS US Symposium. Las Vegas, 1992.

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