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					                        Completed Functionality Document

Implemented Requirements from Software Requirement Specifications Page:

Increment I
     Section – Inventory Edit Implemented in our Application
     Section – Inventory Add Accessed from Database main Form

Increment II
     Section 2.2.1 – Accessed from Database main Form
     Section 2.2.2 – Accessed from Database main Form and Application
     Section 2.2.3 – Implemented in Database Password Feature
     Section 2.2.6 – Accessed from Database main Form
     Section 2.2.7 – Accessed from Database main Form

Increment III
     Section 2.2.8 – Application and Database are user-friendly

Comparative levels of functionality, SRS:

Increment I
    Increment I is completed to the specifications in our SRS document. We have
    expanded the inventory management to our application which allows them to manage
    their inventory with less user error. This was the most important step.

Increment II
    Increment II falls slightly short of the specifications in our SRS document. The gap
    exists in the requirement of Section 2.2.5 – Manifest reporting. Currently, the
    database does not have an option for printing an official manifest for a container. It
    does contain a detailed shipment manifest. We were not able to implement this report
    due to the amount of work spent on the scanning increment, and we were never
    presented with the form of the manifest to create.

Increment III
    We have completed Increment III in that we have ensured the user interface is
    streamlined and bug free. We spent time making sure errors did not occur between
    the application and the database, and made several changes to the database to make
    things work properly.

Comparative levels of functionality, Intentions Document:

Completed Sections from Intentions Document:
   Code Documentation for maintenance / ease of use
   Stability in all three increments
   Circumvented major VisualBasic language bug
   Corrected data formatting errors
   Ensured Application and Database are intuitive and give user-friendly and
    informative error messages.