Calculators by hcj


Repeat Calculations:
Try pressing the following keys:
 - 4 + = = = = = = (with some calculators it is necessary to press the operation button twice)
 - 2x======                 - 100 – 2 = = = = =                             -6+5=====
What happens? What do you notice?
Use this trick to turn your calculator into a counting machine which
counts in steps of any size.
Clear Button:
When typing a calculation, it is easy to press the wrong button. If you are
typing a long calculation it would be a waste of time to start all over again.
The ON/C button when pressed once will clear only the last key typed.
If pressed twice it will clear the entire calculation.

Memory Key:
Calculators will do operations in the order they are typed.
This is a problem if you need to do several calculations and use the
results from one in another.
If I wanted to find the total cost of 3 items, then find change from
£10 I could use the memory key:
M+ will add the number on the display to the memory.
M- will subtract the number on the display from the memory.

MRC when pressed once will display what is in the memory (recall);
      when pressed twice will clear the memory.

Eg: For the above problem I would type:
2.55 + 2.98 + 3.15 = M+   10 – MRC =
When the memory is in use, a small M will appear on the display.
If starting a new calculation, ensure that the memory is cleared first.

Positive/ negative numbers:
The +/- button will change the number typed to negative (or back to positive).
If the number shown is negative a – symbol will appear at one side of the screen.

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