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                                   Costs of Training

The present overview gives some indication as far as calculations of training costs for the
project 'Establishment of a Judicial Training Center in the Republic of Serbia' are

As indicators, the financial figures used in the proposals of the SAJ were taken.

As far as the training is concerned, this will take place on two levels:

   Urgent training as proposed by the SAJ, for the time that no core curricula are
    elaborated (so-called 'crash courses'):
   Training according to the needs of the core curricula. As of then, the proposals of the
    SAJ will be integrated in the core curricula.

While talking about the proposals of the SAJ, we have the following proposals in mind:
- Criminal Law School
- Civil Law School
- Administrative Law School
- Commercial Law School
- Human Rights Law School
- Course to prepare for the Federal Bar Exam
- Course 'From Complaint to Judgement', which is supported by ABA/Ceeli.

Please, note that these courses are only for judges and judicial trainees. Once the JTC will
be established also courses will need to be designed and conducted for prosecutors and
court staff. Both at the level of most urgent 'crash courses', as well as on the level of more
structured courses within the curricula to be established.

The indicative figures used in the above mentioned proposals are:

Organizational and materials expenses:
 Organizational expenses: are to be covered by salaries of JTC staff/National
   consultants and running costs of the JTC
 Preparation and multiplying materials: are to be covered through JTC equipment and /
   or 'Contracts' (if I clearly understood the UNDP budget procedures; unfortunately I
   left the Guidelines in the Netherlands). Here one should make sure that enough
   money is available to cover all of this. As an average, I would guess that $ 500,00 per
   seminar is enough.

Average per training course
 Duration of the courses: 5 days
 Numbers of participants: 30
 Numbers of lecturers: 4
   Fee for lecturers: $ 50,00 per day
   Accommodation, meals and coffee breaks: $ 100,00 per participant per day
   Travel expenses: $ 50,00 per participant / lecturer
   Rent for premises, if appropriate premises can not be provided by the courts and
    prosecutor's offices in the regions: $ 150,00 per day

The total costs for an average course would be:

  Fee for lecturers: 5 days x 4 lecturers x $ 50,00 = $ 1000,00
  Accommodation: 37 persons (participants, lecturers and 2 JTC staff members for
   organizational issues) x $ 100,00 per day x 5 days = $ 18.500
 Rent for premises: 5 days x $ 150,00 = $ 750,00
 Travel expenses: 37 persons X $ 50,00 = $ 1850,00
Total per seminar / course: $ 22100,00

Given the fact the numbers and prices may vary for each seminar, I took an average of
approximately $ 20.000,00 per course.

Numbers of seminars:

If ABA/Ceeli would cover the 'From Complaint to Judgement' courses, the UNDP project
should focus on the following SAJ proposals / 'crash courses':
- Human Rights School
- Preparation for the Federal Bar Exam
- Civil Law School
- Criminal Law School
- Commercial Law School
- Administrative Law School

Again, these proposals are only developed for judges and judicial trainees. In addition,
appropriate 'crash course' should be organized for prosecutors and court staff as soon as
possible. And again, these courses should be integrated in the core curricula at a later

As for the above mentioned 'crash courses' for judges and judicial trainees, I would
propose to include 3 regional courses (one for the North, one in Central Serbia and one in
the South) for each of the 6 directions. This would be approximately $ 300.000,00 for the
Similar 'crash courses' should be developed very soon for the prosecutors and court staff.
However, the 'crash program' for these groups can probably be somewhat less extensive.

My guess is: $ 150.00.000 for prosecutors and $ 100.000,00 for court staff.

This would make the budget for the 'crash courses': $ 450.000,00
After a number of the courses in the various directions will be conducted, the JTC should
thoroughly evaluate and make modifications, if necessary.

Once more structured and institutionalized core curricula will be established, also
resources should be made available to conduct additional courses. The exact financial
figures are to give at the moment, since this will depend on the progress made, but I
assume that another $ 200.000,00 / $ 300.000,00 would be needed for the coming years.

 regarding all these figures, it would also be recommendable to consult with the
   Educational Committee of the SAJ, since they included these figures in their
 As a result of the above mentioned, also additional financial resources should be
   secured to conduct the courses of the core curricula once they will be ready.
   Therefore, my estimate of $ 450.000,00 should even be increased with a couple of
   hundreds more. However, this will also depend on the speed the JTC can be
   established and implementation of core curricula can start. I guess that for the first
   year one could focus on the 'crash courses' and then gradually start implementing
   other courses as well.


   if courses and seminars take place in Belgrade or involve participants locally to
    enable them to go home each day, expenses can be reduced;
   the donors might consider to negotiate with the Government, the Judiciary and the
    Republican Prosecutor's Office that the premises will be an input provided by the
    respective institutions. If so, expenses can be reduced to some extent;
   once again, my calculation is only a very rough estimation;
   In any case, the future project should have enough flexibility to adapt the real