A 15-Minute Full Body Workout by bengreenfield


									                                 The 15 Minute Workout

So you don't have time to exercise. It happens to everyone - those hectic periods in
your life when time is so valuable that spending an hour in the gym is simply not a
reality. Unfortunately, many individuals cannot achieve a full-body, metabolism-boosting
workout without giving at least 60 minutes to their workout.

Guess what? It's completely possible, for as many as 2-4 weeks, to maintain and even
improve your fitness with just one 15 minute workout. How is that even possible? The
key is in the effectiveness of the individual exercises. I'm going to introduce you to an
exercise that will use 85% or more of your body's muscles, while inducing a fat-melting
metabolism boost and a lean muscle tissue growth response that will put your workout
through the ceiling! Combine this with another exercise that works the other 15% of your
body...and you're good to go! While your friends are trying to combine a marathon
workout with holiday shopping, social events, kid's basketball games, and bad weather,
you'll be fit, trim, and completely unstressed.

So now for the magic exercise. I call it The Burner, because it burns out just about every
muscle in your body. You'll understand why if you get a chance to try it! Essentially, it's
a combination of a deadlift, squat-thrust, and overhead press.

Choose two dumbbells that you're able to press overhead 15 times. You're going to be
near or at failure by the 15th rep, and your shoulder strength is going to be the limiter for
this exercise, so make sure you choose your weight carefully. Most beginners for this
exercise will be in the 10-30lb range.

Set those two dumbbells in front of your feet, with both feet about shoulder width apart.
This is the starting position for The Burner: with your arms extended down to the ground
and hands holding on to the dumbbells, in a deep crouching position with knees bent,
back straight, and *very importantly*, weight back behind you, on your heels.

From this position, kick your feet out behind you, thrusting both feet into the air and out
to a pushup position, with your shoulders and wrists over the dumbbells and your hands
still attached to the dumbbells, which should still be resting on the floor.

Kick back up to the starting position, then stand up straight with the dumbbells, while
maintaining good form. This is easier said than done - your back needs to stay straight,
so your knees and hips will have to do most of the lifting. As you stand, you will transfer
the dumbbells from the floor and up to your shoulders, so that they are ready to press
overhead when in the standing position. Then do it. Press the dumbbells overhead, hold
briefly, then bring them, under control, back down to your shoulders.

Return the weight to the floor, again easier said than done, by maintaining the back-
straight, knees-bent, weight-on-heels position. You're now ready to kick out again.

That's one rep. You must complete 15.
Move *directly* from your fifteenth Burner to a pull-up bar or assisted pull-up machine.
Complete 15 pull-ups - ideally switching from a front grip to a reverse grip to a narrow
grip. If neither of these machines are available, do standing rows with a cable

Go back and forth, from The Burner to the pull-ups, 4 times OR for 15 minutes.

That's it. You're done.

By combining The Burner, which works 85% or more of your body's muscles, with
the pulling motion, which works the other 15%, you've completed a full body workout
that is a perfect combination of both cardiovascular and lean muscle building effort.

For those of you with very little time to exercise during this hectic time of year, swing by
the gym at some point during the day and finish this workout. Trust me - you'll stay in
shape until you can get back into your routine. While I don't recommend 15 minute
workouts for an extended period of time, this will definitely be enough to keep you fit
and trim for this busy time of the year.

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                                                                Until next time, train smart!

                                                                             Ben Greenfield

                                                              M.S. PE, NSCA-CPT, CSCS

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