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									                        The 13th Macao International Trade & Investment Fair (MIF)

                                               Press Conference
                                                  11 June 2008

                                                 (Press Release)

                       The Largest International Economic and Trade Event in Macao
                      Dedicated to Helping You Develop New Business Opportunities

Organised by the Macao Trade and Investment Promotion Institute (IPIM), co-organised by the Macao

Chamber of Commerce, Industrial Association of Macao, Macao Importers and Exporters Association,

Association of Knitting and Spinning Industry of Macao, Macao Shipper’s Association, The Macao

Association of Banks, Macao Association of Building Contractors and Developers, The Macao Small and

Medium Enterprises Association, The Macao Chinese Enterprises Association, Chongqing Foreign

Trade and Economic Relations Commission, The Chinese Manufacturers’ Association of Hong Kong,
and coordinated by the Macao Convention and Exhibition Association, the Macau Fair and Trade

Association and the Association of Advertising Agents of Macau, “The 13th Macao International Trade

and Investment Fair (MIF)” will be held at The Cotai StripTM Convention and Exhibition Center at the
Venetian® Macao from 23rd to 26th of October 2008.

Macao International Trade and Investment Fair (MIF) is the largest trade and economic event held

annually in Macao. MIF serves as your platform to network with international companies and

businesspeople and is a hub for trade and investment promotion, publicity of your products and services,

and establishment of business partnerships. Since its first launch, MIF has all along been strongly

supported by the business sector of Macao. Last year, the 12th MIF was graced by the presence of 27

local chambers of commerce who organised activities at the Fair, and attracted successfully 236

delegations from 50 countries and regions, who participated as exhibitors and/or attendees of
forums/conferences. MIF serves to promote Macao’s advantage as a business service platform.

The theme of this year’s MIF is “Macao: An Efficient Business Platform to Leverage the Advantages of

Regional Co-operation.” With the deepening of regional co-operation, it helps to bring forth new

dynamics for economic growth. With the completion of numerous large investment projects in Macao, it

has generated tremendous trade and investment opportunities, favorable to promoting co-operation with
peripheral industries and neighbouring regions.

With regard to exhibitions, this year’s MIF will enrich the contents of the various pavilions. The main

pavilions   include    China’s    Provinces     and    Cities     Pavilion,   Macao   Pavilion,   EU   Pavilion,

Portuguese-Speaking Countries Pavilion, Portugal Pavilion, International Trade and Investment

Promotion Institutions Pavilion, International Convention and Exhibition Pavilion and a number of themed

products pavilions. This year, MIF is intending to establish some new pavilions, namely “2010 Shanghai

World Expo Pavilion”, “Franchise/Agency Business Pavilion” and “Taiwan Pavilion”. Regarding forums

and conferences, by adopting the approach of “promoting exhibition with convention”, this year’s MIF will

organize trade and economic conferences, and forums on co-operation in the convention and exhibition

industry, which will help to bring in visitors from different countries and regions. As for business

matching, this year’s MIF will introduce “delegation matching” which is a more sophisticated system for

business matching service. Meanwhile, MIF will reinforce the on-site information management

system. Participants can obtain information about the exhibitor’s industry and booth location via the

on-site computer terminals, which facilitates the process of purchase negotiations. With respect to the

arrangement of activities, this year’s MIF will introduce an “on-site activities centre”, which will provide

space for the chambers of commerce and exhibitors to demonstrate their strength with a variety of shows
and displays, hence contributing to increasing the attractiveness of the Fair.

Extensive Promotion Activities Being Rolled Out
Attracting More Trade Visitors to Take Part in MIF

Until now, IPIM has sent out over 10,000 invitation letters to the government departments and private

enterprises in Mainland China, overseas consulates and commercial services, international organisations,

trade promotion institutes, chambers of commerce, multinational corporations and enterprises. Since

the end of last year, MIF has been actively carrying out external promotion and publicity work, including

the setting up of exhibition booth and organization of promotional activities in such large trade and

economic exchange activities as “12th East-West China Co-operation & Investment Trade Fair” of Xi’an,

“Canton Fair” (103rd China Import and Export Fair) of Guangzhou, “3rd Expo Central China” of Wuhan,

and   “Forum     of   Enterprises    for   Trade    and    Economic   Co-operation   between   China    and

Portuguese-Speaking Countries” of Cape Verde. Besides, MIF has been carrying out cross promotion

and radiative promotion through co-operation partners and partner fairs, such as “China Hi-Tech Fair”

organized by several ministries and authorities of the Mainland including Ministry of Commerce and

Ministry of Science and Technology, “Hong Kong Brands and Products Expo” organized by The Chinese

Manufacturers’ Association of Hong Kong, “International Fair of Maputo” organized by Institute of Export

Promotion of Mozambique, and “China International Fair for Investment and Trade” organized by Ministry

of Commerce of China. In addition, IPIM will hold two promotional activities for MIF in Hong Kong and

Guangzhou later in this month, and will announce or update the latest information about MIF through

such media as newspapers, magazines, internet websites, and outdoor advertisements. IPIM will hold

two promotional activities for MIF in Hong Kong and Guangzhou later month. Besides, IPIM will take

every opportunity to promote MIF in the provinces of Mainland China, Portuguese-Speaking Countries,
EU countries, Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan.

With the further improvement in the number of flight routes and transport facilities, MIF will liaise with

countries and regions which have direct flights to Macao and invite their chambers of commerce to

organise trade and economic delegations to participate in the Fair, to attract more trade visitors who will
learn about the investment environment and co-operation opportunities in Macao.

The co-ordinators of the 13th MIF, namely the Macao Convention and Exhibition Association, the Macau

Fair and Trade Association and the Association of Advertising Agents of Macau are giving their full

support in promotion work, by the use of emails, direct mails and promotion plan, to convey news about
the MIF to the above mentioned target organisations.

In Macao, the organiser will publicize the latest news about the MIF through advertisements in

newspapers and electronic media, outdoor advertisements, and the support of chambers of commerce,
with the aim of expanding the reach to all sectors of Macao.

Main Pavilions

China’s Provinces and Cities Pavilion – With the deepening of the implementation of CEPA, it has

provided local and overseas enterprises with broader market and facilitating measures. MIF, being a
platform to promote regional trade and investment, will provide participants with an opportunity to

understand in greater depth the investment policies, development trend, investment environment and
investment hot spots.

Macao Pavilion – This pavilion comprises the “Macao Pavilion” organised by IPIM, “Macao Pavilion for

Commerce and Industry” featuring the commerce and industry of Macao and “Macao – An Ideal Place to

Live” which showcases the real estate industry of Macao. This Pavilion provides a comprehensive

overview of the traditional and new industries in Macao, as well as participating local corporations and
enterprises. For registration, please call 2882-8711.

Portuguese-Speaking Countries Pavilion – Jointly organized by IPIM and the Permanent Secretariat to

the Forum for Economic and Trade Cooperation between China and the Portuguese-speaking Countries,

this Pavilion aims to help the building of Macao into a trade and economic service platform between

China and Portuguese-Speaking Countries. Statistics show that in the first semester this year, the value

of imports and exports between China and Portuguese-speaking countries amounted to USD 15.296

billion, representing a net increase of USD 7.252 billion or 90.2% over the same period last year. MIF is

actively advancing its advantages as a trade and economic co-operation service platform by assisting

enterprises from the Mainland China and Macao to exploit new markets in the Portuguese-speaking

countries, promoting import and export trade and at the same time attracting more investors,

entrepreneurs and professional buyers from Portuguese-speaking countries to come to Macao for
product sourcing.

Portugal Pavilion – Last year, API and ICEP merged to form AICEP, which is responsible for the

promotion of trade and investment, import and export and assisting the enterprises in foreign

investment. With the support of AICEP and the major chambers of commerce of Portugal, MIF attracts

every year entrepreneurs from Portugal to Macao to conduct business negotiations and display
Portuguese products and technologies.

EU Pavilion – At the 12th MIF, with the support of the Commission of the European Community in Hong

Kong, this Pavilion attracted the participation of 11 entities, namely the consulates and commercial

services of Austria, Belgium, Czech, Hungary, the Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Spain and UK,

Euro-Info Centre Macau and Institute of European Studies of Macau. This Pavilion will make its

presence again in this year’s MIF and will assist the enterprises in understanding EU’s trade and
economic policies, investment environment, co-operation channels and product information, etc.

International Trade and Investment Promotion Institutions Pavilion – This Pavilion will help strengthen the
ties between Macao and the trade promotion institutions from all over world.

International Convention and Exhibition Pavilion – To cope with the development of the convention and

exhibition industry of Macao, this year’s MIF will establish the International Convention and Exhibition

Pavilion to attract international convention and exhibition groups to Macao to gain more in-depth

knowledge about the favourable conditions of Macao for developing into a centre for convention and
exhibition, so as to develop more opportunities for co-operation.

2010 Shanghai World Expo Pavilion – 2010 Shanghai World Expo will be held from 1 May to 31 October

in 2010 in the region between the Nanpu Bridge and Lupu Bridge along both sides of Huangpu River in

Shanghai, with the theme of “Better City, Better Life”. The Expo, a mega project extending a vast area of

5.28 square km, will be represented at this year’s MIF with a themed pavilion to showcase its plans and

Franchise/Agency Business Pavilion – By introducing franchise/agency business pavilion, MIF will

provide local and Mainland enterprises with new business development opportunities. In recent years, it

has been seen that more and more brand names have adopted this business model to expand their

business. In fact, the enterprises in Macao can also make use of this model to diversify their business
and enter the Mainland market, and hence sparkling new dynamics for growth.

Themed Pavilions – This year, there will be a “Digital Technology Pavilion” featuring world renowned

brand name digital and photographic equipment and products. Meanwhile, “Tourism and Leisure
Products Pavilion” will make its presence again this year.

Subsidy to SME’s for participation in MIF

      MIF is keen to help local Small and Medium Sized Enterprises (SME’s) in finding co-operation

partners, conducting promotion and publicity and introducing new products and technologies. Last year,

the new SME Pavilion co-organized by Macao Chamber of Commerce and IPIM met with very

encouraging response from local SME’s. All the 118 booths were sold out. The MIF this year will again

set up this Pavilion and expand it moderately in order increase the level of participation and
attractiveness. Initially, there will be 140 booths.

      To support the local SME’s and encourage them to make use of the MIF platform to open up new

business opportunities, IPIM will offer local SME’s subsidy for their participation in MIF. The amount of

subsidy for each booth will be MOP 5,800.00, which means that the charges for a 9 square metre booth

will be MOP 5,000.00. MIF welcomes the participation of local SME’s to take the chance to develop new
business opportunities.

“On-site Activities Centre”

      This year’s MIF will introduce an “On-site Activities Centre”, which will provide the commercial

chambers and participating enterprises a dynamic platform to promote their latest products and
technologies, hence enriching the contents and promotion channels of the Fair.

Forums & Conferences

Forums and conference constitute a major feature of MIF. Every year, MIF invites top government

officials, leaders of commercial chambers and different business sectors to participate in our event to

jointly promote regional and cross-regional trade and economic co-operation. According to our plan, the

major forums and conferences for this year include “International Trade and Investment Forum 2008”,

“Macao International Convention and Exhibition CEO Conference 2008”, “Forum of Exhibition
Co-operation of Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao 2008”, and “Informatics Forum”.

      By adopting the approach of “promoting exhibition with convention”, this year’s MIF will organize

more international conferences to attract more international buyers, investors and corporate

representatives to come to Macao. Meanwhile, “co-operation between convention and exhibition” will

help bring in more conferences and exhibitions to Macao. In fact, the “Investment Environment

Presentations” and “Professional Presentations” held every year at the MIF have brought in a large

number of professional visitors. By taking part in the above meetings, participants can gain knowledge
about the latest investment environment, policies and regulations and market information.

Business Matching & Purchase Negotiations

Business Matching

      This year, more efforts will be put in the collection of business matching and investment projects so

as to expand the volume of matching. In addition to “on-site matching” and “off-site matching”, this

year’s MIF will reinforce “investment project matching” and “delegation matching”. The organiser of MIF

is also planning to collect investment projects from the authorities in mainland China, with whom MIF

maintains connections, including departments of commerce, investment promotion bureaus, foreign

trade and investment co-operation bureaus, China Council for the Promotion of International Trade,

All-China Federation of Industry and Commerce, and investment centers, with the intention to promote
the efficiency of MIF and hence Macao’s trade and economic development.

Buyers’ Corner

Moreover, the organiser is going to arrange visits of local and overseas buyer delegations, with an aim to

provide the exhibitors and participants with more opportunities of purchase negotiation. MIF welcomes

the business sector of Macao to provide projection information for arranging business matching
service. Contact person: Mr. Tylor Ian, IPIM at tel: 853-8798 9297.

Specialized Sourcing Seminars

      To improve the professional level of the MIF and to provide a direct link between the buyers and

suppliers, MIF will again organize “Specialized Sourcing Seminars” which serves as a direct exchange

platform to the buyers and suppliers. Speakers will come from local and international sourcing groups

who will brief participating suppliers about the international trends of sourcing and purchasing needs,

followed by interaction and exchange. Examples of specialized sourcing seminars held in the past

include “China and the Portuguese-Speaking Countries-Products Sourcing – 2007” and “Buyers’ Briefing
for Construction Materials Sector”.

Supporting Services

Online Pre-registration

Since its introduction last year, this service has received favourable response from users. This year,

MIF will continue to provide online pre-registration service for professional visitors. For more information,
please visit our website at:

Improved Online Services

To offer more quality supporting services to exhibitors and participants, the official website of this year’s

MIF will provide a wide range of services, including general information, exhibitors services, professional

visitors services and business matching services. Users may also send out invitation letters from our

website, make online inquiries about exhibitors’ information, shuttle buses, official hotels, forwarding
service and flights to Macao.

On-site Searching Service

This year, the organiser is going to install computer terminals at the MIF venue through which

participants can search for exhibitors’ products and services. Professional visitors or buyers can instantly

obtain the booth number and zone of the exhibitors they are looking for, thus enhancing the effectiveness
of business matching.

Venue management to be reinforced

MIF will establish a regulatory and complaint mechanism at the venue this year, and will make every

effort to protect intellectual property rights, handle complaints and inspect products, with the goal of
improving the professional level of the Fair.

All Round Ancillary Services

This year’s MIF will continue to improve the various ancillary services. In addition to “Media Centre”,

“Business Centre”, “Registration Centre”, “Agreement Signing Centre”, “Business Matching Centre” and

“Buyer’s Corner”, there will be a “Small and Medium Enterprises Service Counter” dedicated to provide

on-site consulting service to local SME’s. Other ancillary services include “telecommunications service”,

“postal service”, “travel service’, “translation service”, “shuttle bus service” and “on-site transportation

More Convenient Local Transportation

To cope with the needs of the participants, this year’s MIF will improve the transportation arrangement to

and from the MIF venue, including the extension of the service hours of shuttle buses to 7:00 PM,
increasing the frequency of buses to and from official hotels to every 30 minutes, so as to encourage

more participants to make use of the official transportation of the MIF and thus minimize the need for car
park space at the venue. Meanwhile, more publicity will be made about the routes of the shuttle buses.

MIF Administrative & Service Centre Set Up
Committed to Providing Quality Service to Participants

The MIF Administrative & Service Centre, located on 20th Floor of China Civil Plaza Building at Alameda

Dr. Carlos D’Assumpção No. 263, is now open for service, and is committed to providing local and

overseas exhibitors and participants with quality service.

For further information about the 13th Macao International Trade and Investment Fair (MIF), please
contact us at tel: 853-2882 8711, fax: 853-2882 8722, or visit our website at:


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