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									Blinds Chalet Announces Top Three Reasons to Buy Cellular Window Shades
Blinds Chalet announces top three reasons to buy cellular window shades.
(Vocus) July 7, 2010 -- Cellular window shades are becoming increasingly popular as homeowners look for ways
to improve the appearance of their home while reducing energy costs. Honeycomb, or cellular blinds are some of
the most energy efficient blinds on the market today. Blinds Chalet announces the top three reasons to use cellular
window shades:

 1. Lower energy bills. The honeycomb pattern in cellular shades traps air before it reaches the interior of the
house. No matter the season, energy savings increase as the need for air conditioning or heating is reduced.
Windows are the number one source for drafts, which can significantly cool a house or office in winter, and
increase temperatures during the summer. Cellular shades not only block heat and cold, they also protect homes
against damaging UV rays. By closing cellular window treatments during hours where direct sunlight hits, homes
remain cooler. Some cellular window shades also qualify for a federal tax credit of up to $1500.00.

 2. Sound absorption. The design of cellular shades not only captures outside air before it enters a home, it also
helps block out sound. Double cellular shades are particularly effective for this purpose. For those living on
heavily trafficked streets, sound blocking can increase the peace and ambiance of a home.

 3. Appearance/Real Estate. When houses go on the market, the number one piece of advice real estate agents
give is to update or install window treatments. They help increase the value of a home significantly are the least
expensive option for remodeling. They create a more updated look for a home. Cellular shades in particular offer
a neutral design that compliments the current home design as well as possible future remodels or redesigns.

“Cellular window treatments are so versatile in the manner in which they work,” says Chris Stanley of Blinds
Chalet. “They insulate, they increase the visual element of the home, and they help absorb outside noise for a
more peaceful home or work environment.”

Blinds Chalet has been a leader in the window treatment industry for over 25 years. They specialize in roller
window shades, window blinds, drapery, drapery hardware, shutters and more.

For more information on Blinds Chalet or current trends in the industry:

Contact: Chris Stanley
Company: Blinds Chalet
Phone: 1-888-633-7840 or 480-633-7840


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