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11 April 2008

Dear Parents

Parenting Workshop

SIS-PTA is organizing a parenting workshop as part of our parent education mission.
The workshop is hosted by a prominent educational organization, MindChamps from
Singapore. It aims to explore effective parenting strategies with participants. The
workshop flyer is attached for your information.

2.     We are honored to have Mr David Chiem speak at the workshop:

            o   Founder and CEO of MindChamps
            o   Master trainer in the application of mind and study techniques
            o   Co-author of “Only the Heart” and “Deeper than the Ocean”

3.     The workshop will be held on 21 April 2008 (Monday) from 5:30 – 7:30pm at SIS
Auditorium. Light refreshments will be provided. Each participating PTA member will
pay $20. Non-members will pay $50 to attend.

4.     Please complete the attached registration form and send together with cheque
made payable to “Singapore International School – PTA”. Cash will not be accepted.
The closing date is Thursday, 17 April 2008.

5.    If you need further information, please e-mail Mrs. Madeleine Kam, PTA
Workshops Coordinator at

Thank you

Yours sincerely
Madeleine Kam (Mrs.)
Workshops Coordinator
SIS-PTA, 2007/08
Hear and See
 International Parenting Strategies Expert
          & Best Selling Author
       Mr David Chiem on Stage!
“David Chiem, more than anyone I know, has the insight, the experience and
   the unique creative skills to draw together cutting-edge research, from
   a wide range of scientific domains. He has created practical, profound,
       champion parenting strategies – which any parent can learn.”
 – Professor Allan Snyder FRS, Founder and Director of Centre for the

                            Monday, 21 April 2008
      5.30pm to 7.30pm        Singapore International School Auditorium

 I now understand the importance of leading
 & transforming my child’s mindset & attitude.
 - Clarence Lim, Parent

 It gives a different perspective on
 - Puay Eng Chuan, Parent

 Help improve my parenting skills,
 understand my children better and I
 have learnt problem solving skills.
 - Karin Chan, Parent

 This workshop has shown me how I
 could do the right thing to bring out
 the potential of a child positively.
 - Patrick Low, Parent

 Great workshop! Brings us back to
 cater to the basic needs of our
 children in today’s fast pace society
 - Juliet Seno, Parent
                             The ‘Home Nation’ Movement
    ‘Great Nations are built from within the Home’

                 “Build a nation which we can all draw strength from and
                   a home base from which we can venture forth and
                          seize the opportunities all around us.”
                         – PM Lee Hsien Loong, National Day Rally Speech 2007

The Champion Parenting Workshop™ has been created to equip parents – the leaders of the
Home Nation – with the latest scientifically-validated parenting strategies. Create, within your
Home, an environment which can inspire the Champion Mindset in your children and help prepare
them for success in the demanding and rapidly-changing world of the 21st Century.

Parenting is the most significant role that we will ever undertake, and yet most people enter
the field with little or no training. MindChamps’ Champion Parenting Workshop is the first
step into your ‘university of parenting’.

MindChamps’ Champion Parenting Workshop is the first step into your ‘university of

   What is the Champion Mindset™ and how do I instill it in my child.
   How to create the best learning environment to maximise my child’s learning capacity.
   How to build a meaningful and long lasting relationship with my child.

  “The 3 steps to becoming a Champion Parent are so simple, yet powerful.”
                                           – Ong Bee Heng, Parent

By UNDERSTANDING key aspects of:
   the brain’s evolution and structure
   ‘Left-brain’, ‘right-brain’ and ‘whole-brain’ learning
   The vitally-important RAS system and its influence on the creation of mindset – our ‘world-view’
   How and why ‘attitude’ influences performance
   The ‘life-changing’ power of positive psychology and the strategies we can use to instil it in our children
   Changing perspectives and controlling mindset to create a more positive approach for future learning –
   to create ‘the Champion Mindset’

         All parents will receive a Champion Parenting workbook.
                                       Speaker’s Profile
  David has written two critically acclaimed novels together with
  internationally-recognised author Brian Caswell – “Only the Heart”
  and “The Full Story”. Both were nominated for three prestigious
  David Chiem
  Australian literary awards between them. “Only the Heart” is a
  Founder in its 15th print run and is studied in both the New
  best-seller & Principal, MindChamps
  South Wales Higher School Certificate and the Victorian
  Certificate of Education. David’s latest bestselling book, also
  written togeher with Brian, is called “Deeper than the Ocean”
  provides parents and teachers with a comprehensive approach to
  preparing children, academically, socially and creatively, for life as
  citizens of the world.

  Here’s what world scientific and education giants are saying about this book.
   “Deeper than the Ocean is a bible on how to optimise the minds of school children. Every
       parent and educator will be captivated by its message and want to implement its
                                     - Professor Allan Snyder
      World renowned neuroscientist and Fellow of the Royal Society, the prestigious academy of
            that counted Sir Isaac Newton and Albert Einstein as its distinguished Fellows

           “Having been an educator all my life, I have found in Deeper than the Ocean,
               the complete guide to creating a champion mindset for your child.”
                                         - Mrs Carmee Lim
   Mrs Carmee Lim, the Principal of Raffles Girls’ School for 12 years, a former Senior Inspector of

As a parent, this may be the most important workshop that you will ever
                                  Registration Form

                               Parenting Workshop

                                    By Mindchamps

                           21 April, 2008 (5:30 – 7:30pm)

Name: ____________________________            PTA Membership No: ________________

Contact no: ________________________          Email: _____________________________

Child’s name: ______________________          Class: _____________________________

Number of participants: ______________        Fee: HK$____________________________

Cheque No: _______________________            Bank: ______________________________

The closing date is 17 April 2008. Cheques are to be made payable to “Singapore
International School - PTA”. Cash will not be accepted. Please drop off the form plus cheque
at SIS P6 Level Mailboxes or mail to SIS-PTA at 23 Nam Long Shan Road, Aberdeen, Hong
Kong. Attention: Madeleine Kam / Workshop

For Official Use

Form received on _____________Apr 08 at _____________am/pm. Received by: ___________________

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