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MySpace Marketing

MySpace consists of tens of millions of people, and every interest group that exists is represented on the site. One can quickly and easily sift through the many profiles to find users with specific qualities and/or interests. As a result, it is easy to target prospective customers in any given niche. In addition, existing users will find areas of interest and add them to their profiles. If something of value is being provided, it can spread very quickly on MySpace.

STRATEGY 1: The Comment Formula

3 Simple Steps to Successful MySpace Marketing 1. Create A Profile 2. Add Friends 3. Comment on Friends

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MySpace Marketing


Create a Profile
A. Make a profile at B. Jazz up your profile Find a nice looking layout at according to the niche you have chosen. Don’t forget to link up your site or blog, or maybe you affiliate links. Remember, we can post HTMLs on profiles! This way we can add some banners. C. Use your real picture You don’t wanna look spammy, don’t you? Besides, using your own real picture is also for branding purposes!


Add Friends – You need friends. They will be your customers!
Using Adder Robots

When making money on MySpace, you may want to consider employing an adder robot to aid in the building of your friends list. Currently, there are several different software programs available on the market that will do this to varying degrees. So what is an adder robot? Quite simply, it is a software program that allows you to set certain parameters that relate to MySpace and adding friends. The “bot” will then spider its way through MySpace, adding friends until it has reached the quota you set for it.


Comment on Friends
After building up our friends list, it’s time to comment on their profiles thanking them for adding you and posting some affiliate links or asking them to visit your profile, which will be like your sales page.

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MySpace Marketing

Note on Affiliate Links!
MySpace does not like affiliate links because of the poor reputation that spammers have given it to the arena. Therefore, you need to disguise your links by using redirects. This is simply the process of obtaining a domain name and using it to redirect to your affiliate link. You can register domain names at or

The great thing about groups is that people join them because THEY WANT TO. They want to meet people with the same interests as them, and they want to learn more about whatever they are interested in. Lucky for us, we can provide them with exactly what they want and make a killing. In addition, groups often grow much faster and much larger than any single profile would. If you do it correctly, you can have thousands of people begging for your product within a few weeks. People love groups because they allow them to get involved with things that they already have an interest in. By creating groups that are related to people's interests, they are encouraged to join, and they often find you instead of you having to do the targeting yourself. As a result of having people with similar interests in one place, you can target their interests. As the creator of the group, your voice will be heard, and you will be taken as an authority. You can therefore promote your affiliate products in the forum and on the group page. Finally, people will see your profile all the time, and they will add you as a friend, giving you opportunity to comment them in the future. Forming a group can give you a lot exposure, especially as your following grows.


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MySpace Marketing

MySpace blogs originally served as a way for users to communicate with one another. Many used it as an online diary to keep their friends updated on what was going on in their lives. However, you can use your MySpace blogs to make a lot of money. This requires you to think outside of the box, but if you do it correctly, you can have autopilot income coming to you for months from every single one of your accounts. People love reading blogs. MySpace users (especially your friends and those interested in whatever niche you are promoting) will read your posts without you doing much. If you simply sent out a bulletin and let your friends know that you have updated your blog, they will come and read it. You could also send out comments with the same message. CONCLUSION
MySpace is a powerful new marketing tool that literally thousands of business owners have begun to exploit. MySpace can be an effective tool for you, too; however, there are some important things you should keep in mind. The first thing to keep in mind is that creating a friends list purely with non-targeted members will yield conversion rates akin to what you might see with “guaranteed traffic” programs. People will view the bulletins you send out; they just wont actually buy anything. For this reason, you will want to carefully target friends when you create a list. The next thing you will want to keep in mind when creating a friends list is that commercial activity is discouraged by MySpace. In fact, some forms of commercial activity can potentially get you banned or fined. While this is not what usually happens, it is a good idea to consider what is allowable and what is plainly unethical and against the MySpace terms of service. You may want to consider contacting a representative for advice first. Once you figure out how to overcome these two problems, you will want to begin formulating a strategy to make money on MySpace. You will want to figure out how to find friends, what type of profile to create, and how to sell your product, as well as what your product or service will be if you do not have one yet. You will then want to determine if there are any tools you can use to make the entire process easier. For instance, can you automate messaging? Can you automate the friend-adding process? If so, try to find a piece of software that will do that, rather than adding all of the friends yourself. That will save a tremendous amount of time. Last, you will actually want to execute your plan and follow through. Once you have had success, take what you have learned and apply it other social networks by simply applying the same profile, approach, and messaging techniques. © Free Internet Marketing Training | All Rights Reserved 2009 Page 5

MySpace Marketing

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