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Completing Job Applications Correctly


									Completing Job Applications Correctly

Prior to job application

1. Find a reference sheet template and complete it and include this information:

1. Work history and charity work including the date you were employed, the company's names, their address, and
phone number.
2. Personal info like level of schooling and/or social security number.
3. References including their name, address, and telephone number.

Obtaining the Application

1. Politely request the application from a receptionist or manager. Remember that the first impression lasts

2. If they want you to complete the application immediately it can signal that they may be hiring so make sure you
look professional.

3. If your asked to fill out the application at home or on the spot take it home so you can perfect it prior to turning
it in.
4. If you want to look professional you should be prepared for an on the spot application completion. If you have
to complete the application right away bring:
• A pen
• A reference sheet or resume template
• A resume

Completing the application

The application must be printed on white paper. If you are completing and application online it's important to
realize that many businesses have similar applications irrespective of the job you're looking to fill, they can search
key words via online applications so that they can get the best candidates, therefore you should be certain to
customize you experience towards the desired position. Finishing the application correctly is really essential,
simply because your application will be utilized to see the way you follow directions and the amount of care and
effort that goes in to your work. The application is the best chance to showcase your talents. Be sure to write
exclusively in blue or black ink and honestly complete the form.

Personal info

Check if employers ask for the last or first name first. If you don't fill out your name properly they probably won't
hire you.

Be sure to use a mailing address rather than physical addresses because they might need to get in touch with you
via mail. Most applications request both.
Make sure you are reachable at the phone number you provide. Do not have any ring-back tones and make sure
your message sounds professional.

Your education should begin with the last school you attended with its address. List all certifications,
acomplishment or degrees earned and include other information like honors awards, or ther certificates. An have
copies ready to present.

Post what you are interested in, hobbies and other activities that showcase your diverse skill and knowledge.

Provide an honest shedule you are willing to work because it can be difficult to deal with hours you can't work but
had said you would. Tell them that you are immediately available for work or explain why you wont be availible

It is also necessary to list any misdemeanor or felony convictions. Be truthful because you may be fired for
falsifying your job application.

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