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					            What is ABT?                                             What is the first semester like?
The Kwantlen ABT Department
will prepare you for an exciting         ADMINISTRATIVE              Bookkeeping Basics (manual accounting
career as an administrative                  ASSISTANT                process to year end and closing entries)
assistant in legal or general        The first term for this         Office Dynamics (keyboarding, team
office work. Employment              program contains basic core      dynamics, and office procedures)
                                     courses in which students
opportunities exist in public and                                    Computer Competency (the fundamentals
private offices and institutions     develop skills, knowledge,
                                                                      of MS Excel and Access)
of all sizes.                        and attitudes required for
                                     success in any business         Word Processing (word processing
                                     office. This program is          fundamentals using MS Word)
                                     offered at the Surrey           Business Communications (intensive
                                     campus during the day.           English grammar review and memo and
                                                                      letter writing)

                                      LEGAL ADMINISTRATIVE           Office Dynamics (keyboarding, team
                                             ASSISTANT                dynamics, and office procedures)
                                     The first term for this
                                                                     Word Processing (word processing
                                     program contains three
                                                                      fundamentals using MS Word)
                                     basic core courses and two
Where is ABT taught?                 legal courses. This program     Business Communications (intensive
                                     is taught at the Langley and     English grammar review and memo and
Courses in this department are
                                     Surrey campuses during the       letter writing)
offered at Surrey and Langley
campuses.                            day.                            Legal Office Procedures – Corporate Law
                                                                      (fundamentals of corporate law)
                                                                     Legal Office Procedures – Litigation
                                                                      (fundamentals of civil litigation in BC)
  What are your career
             choices?                           Are the ABT programs full time or part time?
Upon acceptance into the            You may be either a full time or a part time student in the daytime. Please
program, you are required to        note: Not all courses are offered every semester – plan your schedules
choose one of the specialized       carefully!
programs.                                                                         How do you register?
                                    These Kwantlen admission requirements apply:
 Administrative Assistant
 Legal Administrative Assistant     “C” in English 12, Communications 12, TPC 12, or English Literature 12
                                     LPI Essay score of 26 level 4
                                     Computer-based TOEFL score of 213 with Writing Band 4.5; paper-based
                                        score of 550 with TWE of 4.5; Internet-based score 80
                                     Kwantlen placement test into ENGL 1099, ABEE 0091, ABEE 0097, PSPE
                                        1091, PSPE 1097 or ELST 0381 (EASL 0085)
                                    Apply at any admissions counter within 10 months of program or course start
                                    date. Full time seat offers for the September program will begin in June.
                                    Visit or call 604-599-3283 for more information.
                                                             Why become an Administrative Assistant?
You may seek employment in a huge array of
agencies, services, and businesses. You may select a
position that allows you to focus on the
demonstration of your excellent computer skills or                                         What will I study in the
you may seek greater variety and interpersonal
interactions. Perhaps you will want additional
                                                                                                second semester?
responsibility and challenge with the goal of                Executive Support – create meeting agendas and minutes, organize
advancement.                                                  events, make travel arrangements, do presentations using MS
                                                              PowerPoint, learn the skill of machine transcription
                                                             Computerized Accounting - learn to use Simply Accounting
 What positions may be available                             Advanced Word Processing – develop advanced skills in MS Word,
                                                              improve proofreading skills
               upon graduation?                              Desktop Publishing – study document design principles and create
     Administrative Assistant                                flyers, brochures, business cards, letterhead, etc.
     Sales or Marketing Assistant                           Information Processing – learn advanced features of electronic
     Office Assistant                                        spreadsheets and databases using MS Excel and Access
     Secretary                                              Job Preparation and Practicum/Project – develop effective job
     Executive Assistant                                     search techniques and apply skills, knowledge, and attitudes to a
     Office Manager or Coordinator                           workplace situation.
     Contract Service

         What courses will I complete in the second                                        Why become a Legal
                                          semester?                                     Administrative Assistant?
     Bookkeeping Basics – manual accounting process to year end and closing
     Computer Competency – the fundamentals of MS Excel and Access                 OPPORTUNITIES!!
     Legal Office Procedures – Conveyancing
      – procedures and documentation related
      to real estate transfer                                                     What positions are available
     Legal Office Procedures – Wills &
      Estates – procedures and documentation                                        for me upon graduation?
      regarding wills and estates                                                       Legal offices in a variety of roles
     Legal Office Procedures – Family Law –                                            Notary public
      preparation and processing of family law                                          Government offices
      documents                                                                         Legal departments of large
     Job Preparation and Practicum/Project                                              corporations
      – develop effective job search techniques and apply skills, knowledge,            ICBC
      and attitudes to a legal workplace situation.                                     Correctional service
                                                                                        Court Registries
ABTY 1115                                  presentations. Students will apply        ABTY 1203
Bookkeeping Basics                         the rules of business communication,      LOP - Conveyancing
Students will practice basic               format and presentation with the          Students will apply the procedures
bookkeeping functions for a service        use of machine transcription              and documentations related to the
company. They will perform all functions   assignments.                              transfer of real estate in British
of the complete accounting cycle,          Prerequisites: ABTY 1125 and 1155         Columbia. They will focus on the
reconcile bank statements and perform                                                transfer of title of residential
payroll functions.                         ABTY 1226                                 properties, including strata title and
                                           Word Processing - Level II                mortgage financing.
ABTY 1125                                  Students will create and edit             Prerequisites: ABTY 1202 and ABTY
Office Dynamics                            business documents using advanced         1205
Students will practice career and          word processing features. They will
interpersonal skills necessary for         participate in individual and group       ABTY 1204
success in the workplace. They will work   projects simulating a realistic           LOP - Wills & Estates
in teams to examine administrative,        office environment, with emphasis         Students will prepare and process
ergonomic and efficiency functions of a    on efficiency, problem solving,           wills, codicils, applications for
business office.                           teamwork, and knowledge of the            Letters Probate and Letters of
                                           versatility and advanced capabilities     Administration, correspondence
ABTY 1135                                  of word processing software.              regarding estates, distribution and
Computer Competency                        Prerequisites: ABTY 1145 and 1155         passing of accounts.
Students will produce databases,                                                     Prerequisites: ABTY 1202 and ABTY
spreadsheets and reports using             ABTY 1227                                 1205
Microsoft Excel and Access.                Introduction to Desktop Publishing
                                           Students will participate in the          ABTY 1205
ABTY 1145                                  desktop publishing process by             LOP-Litigation
Word Processing                            examining design principles and           Students will study the process of
Students will produce business             producing documents. They will also       civil litigation in BC. They will learn
documents using specific features of       design and produce personal and           the preparation and processing of
word processing software. Proper           professional documents, including         civil litigation documents, including
formatting, proofreading, and attention    letterhead, business cards, flyers,       trial procedures and collections
to detail will be emphasized.              brochures, newsletters, reports,          procedures resulting from court
                                           and manuals. They will use advanced       judgments.
ABTY 1155                                  word processing features to create
Business Communications                    and produce these documents.              ABTY 1206
Students will practice English Language    Co-requisite: ABTY 1226                   LOP-Family Law
Skills, applying the mechanics of style,                                             Students will be introduced to the
developing proofreading and editing        ABTY 1228                                 process of family law in BC. They
skills and using words effectively. They   Job Preparation and                       will learn the preparation and
will apply these skills to a variety of    Practicum/Project (Admin Asst)            processing of family law documents,
business communications.                   This course provides the student          including trial procedures and
                                           with effective employment search          collections procedures resulting
ABTY 1223                                  skills. The student will gain practical   from court judgments. Student
Computerized Bookkeeping                   knowledge of an office environment.       centered instruction will focus on
Students will review accounting            The student will, at the discretion       the legal procedures and
concepts and will use Simply Accounting.   of the instructor, be assigned to an      documentation related to marriage
They will use comprehensive simulation     office for a two-week work                agreements, separation agreements,
projects to apply the accounting           experience or be required to submit       division of family assets and
concepts.                                  a project relating to office employ-      defended and undefended divorces.
Prerequisites: ABTY 1115 and 1155          ment.                                     Students will become familiar with
                                           Co-requisites: Term II courses            the requirements of the Divorce
ABTY 1224                                                                            Act and the Family Relations Act.
Information Processing                     ABTY 1202                                 Prerequisites: ABTY 1202 and ABTY
Students will use advanced features of     LOP-Corporate Law                         1205
electronic spreadsheets and databases      Students will study the BC Company
as applied to business-based projects.     Act, and the terminology and              ABTY 1399
They will participate in the               procedures relating to corporate          Job Preparation and
administration and design of data          law. They will prepare and process        Practicum/Project (Legal)
management systems.                        the documentation required for            This course provides the student
Prerequisites: ABTY 1135 and 1155          incorporation of a company, for           with effective employment search
                                           post-incorporation, for annual            skills. The student will gain practical
ABTY 1225                                  requirements and for registration         knowledge of an office environment.
Executive Support                          and filing with the Registrar of          The student will, at the discretion
Students will gain experience in office    Companies.                                of the instructor, be assigned to an
systems that support management                                                      office for a two-week work
success. They will set up meetings,                                                  experience or be required to submit
create agendas, take minutes and follow                                              a project relating to office employ-
through with assigned tasks. Students                                                ment.
will use presentation software to create                                             Co-requisites: ABTY 1203, ABTY
and deliver proposals, reports, and                                                  1204, ABTY 1206
            Are there opportunities for continuing business education at Kwantlen?
Yes!! Although the Applied Business Technology Diploma is currently under review and not being offered Fall
2006/Spring 2007, students may still complete the 30 additional credits necessary to ladder into the Bachelor of
Business Administration in Entrepreneurial Leadership degree.

                                                                        Why consider further education?
                                          Compete for advancement, increased recognition and increased
                                           employment security!!
                                          Study full time or part time!!
                                          Flexibility in course selection!!
                                          Opportunity to ladder into the Bachelor of Business Administration in
                                           Entrepreneurial Leadership Degree!!
                                          Learn more!!

Admission Requirements:
General Admission requirements apply.
ABT Certificate is normally the first year although some students may complete some of these additional courses
prior to enrolling in the ABT Certificate program.
                                                                                 What courses will I take?

ACCT 1230 *      Business Statistics                        CMNS 1140        Business and Technical Communication:
                                                                             Theory and Application
ACCT 2293 * or Introductory Financial Accounting
ACCT 1110 *and Principles of Accounting I                   ENGL 1100        Writing, Reading, and Thinking: An
ACCT 1210 *    Principles of Accounting II                                   Introduction

BUSI 1210 * or   Essentials of Management                   6 credits        Liberal education courses outside
BUSI 1215 *      Organizational Behavior                                     School of Business

CBSY 1105 * or   Intro. Microcomputer Applications
CBSY 2205 *      Computers and Information Processing

ECON 1101 * or Foundation of Economics
ECON 1150 * or Principles of Microeconomics
ECON 1250 *    Principles of Macroeconomics

MRKT 1199 *      Introduction to Marketing

Courses marked with an * are required bridging courses
for entry into the BBA in Entrepreneurial Leadership

                                                                                        For more information
                                                                          Visit or call 604-599-3283

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