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                                                                                     “We’ve really advanced our organizational platform
                                                                                  in medical communications and how we’ll take advan-
                                                                                  tage of those opportunities,” says Nordstrom, noting
                                                                                  that while McCann’s DTC business is still growing
                                                                                  strongly, “the growth trend in medical communications
                                                                                  is exponential.” Asia-Pacific, in particular, has proven a

                          McCann                                                  boon for the business, followed by North America and
                                                                                  Europe, Nordstrom says.
                                                                                     The trend toward medical communications is being

                        Healthcare                                                driven by clunky pipelines. “Where new drugs are fewer
                                                                                  and farther between, our clients have moved upstream
                                                                                  in terms of investment,” says Nordstrom, “so we have

                        Global giant with consumer and professional
                                                                                  been able to leverage the breadth of our capabilities to
                                                                                  take advantage of that spending.”
                                                                                     “Upstream,” in McCann vernacular, means moving
                                                                                  from post-approval promotion to market shaping—
                                                                                  patient education, disease awareness, medical commu-
                            powerhouses seeks to move upstream                    nications and approvals preparation. In-country
                                                                                  expertise makes these market conditioning techniques
                                                                                  valuable at a time when every launch and every market
                                                                                  counts all the more for a dearth of new products.
                                                                                     McCann, more than most, aspires to be the most
                                                                                  global of agency networks. Nordstrom says that while
                                                                                  growth has leveled off in the US, companies are expand-
                                                                                  ing promotion overseas and clients are translating talk
                                                                                  about global brand-building into action. McCann’s
                                                                                  positioning has helped bring in global integrated assign-
                                                                                  ments for GSK’s asthma awareness program and
                                                                                  Novartis-Idenix Hepatitis B vaccines.
                                                                                     “That’s where the growth is really coming from,” says
                                                                                  Nordstrom. “Global pitches are driving revenue across
                                                                                  the network.”
“Global pitches
                                he healthcare arm of Interpublic’s McCann
                                Worldgroup completed a global reorganization      Torre Lazur McCann
     are driving                while netting 243 new assignments, 76 of which    After changes at the top and a divestiture of its West
 growth across            came from five top clients, and capped a sweeping       Coast operations to sibling Regan Campbell Ward,
   the network.           global consolidation.
                             The firm appointed a regional management struc-
                                                                                  Torre Lazur McCann moved forward with new business
                                                                                  from GSK, Sepracor and Novartis.
   That’s where           ture, with Susie Browning heading operations for the       The group’s flagship medical shop saw the elevation
   the growth is          Middle East and Africa, Walter Ehrinzon taking charge   of Marci Piasecki as chief executive for US operations.
  really coming           of Latin America, and John Cahill heading up Asia-
                          Pacific and serving as president and CEO of McCann
                                                                                  The appointment of Piasecki, a former GSK marketer
                                                                                  who had most recently headed East Hanover, NJ-based
          from”           Healthcare Japan. Dana Adler was named director of      Echo Torre Lazur, followed the departure of CEO Bev-
   —Richard Nordstrom
                          global operations for the group and Dave Bachman        erly Breitenbach. Prior to that, founder and longtime
                          became CFO, while Guy Pedelini was appointed world-     chairman Joe Torre also departed. Torre will now serve
                          wide HR director.                                       as managing director for healthcare at McCann parent
                             The network snagged DDB Chicago’s Richard            Interpublic. Joe Poggi took over Piasecki’s role at Echo
                          DiLillo to serve as executive creative director. For    Torre Lazur as she made her move to the Parsippany
                          North America, the heads of group networks—Torre        mothership.
                          Lazur McCann, Regan Campbell Ward McCann,                  Torre Lazur picked up a slew of assignments on
                          McCann HumanCare and Adair-Greene—continue to           experimental products, including a respiratory product
                          report to CEO Richard Nordstrom.                        from GSK, a Hepatitis B product from Novartis and
                             McCann Healthcare also reorganized its medical       Idenix, and developmental drugs from Adams Respira-
                          education business into two global “footprints,” with   tory Therapeutics. In addition to these wins, the shop
                          Caudex and Complete. Former North American Com-         pitched and retained the Fragmen business following its
                          plete CEO Gail Flockhart now heads Caudex.              acquisition by Eisai.

98 MM&M JULY 2006
   Echo Torre Lazur added Arformoterol for COPD to         hot-desk strategic function servicing clients throughout
its lucrative Sepracor business, including both Lunesta    the group. “We’re offering new ideas and a full multime-
and Xopenex. The firm’s managed markets practice           dia solution to clients looking at print, interactive, sales,
picked up assignments for Sanofi-Aventis/BMS’ Plavix,      journals, whatever,” says Piasecki. “We see our volume
along with Novartis’ Lotrel, Allergan’s ophthalmics        of business in that area growing.” The shop named Brett
franchise and Eisai’s Fragmen, among others.               Nichols VP director of interactive media and added
   On the downside, Adams elected to take its Mucinex      interactive business on its Plavix and Ethicon Endo-
consumer business in-house. Torre Lazur also declined      surgery accounts.
to pitch on a consolidation of the Ortho McNeil neuro-        Piasecki says that as clients are seeking efficiencies,
logics franchise, from which it held assignments on two    agencies must figure out how to offer them more for
brands, due to a conflict. Eisai stopped promoting         less. “We are more than capable of answering that call.
Zonegran, which previously had been handled by Echo        The challenge is trying to determine where we can real-         AT THE HELM
Torre Lazur.                                               ize those efficiencies without cutting back on idea gen-        Richard Nordstrom,
                                                                                                                           global CEO
   Torre Lazur McCann has its eye on industry trends.      eration or strategic planning and becoming a
In addition to its burgeoning managed markets practice,    commodity, but everyone can tighten execution and               TORRE LAZUR
the shop has reorganized its multimedia practice into a    implementation.”                                                McCANN
                                                                                                                           New business from
                                                                                                                           GSK, Novartis, Eisai,
                                                                                                                           Sepracor, Allergan and
                                                                                                                           Adams Respiratory
                                                                                                                           Therapeutics, among

                                                                                                                           Scuttled West Coast
                                                                                                                           shop and lost Mucinex
                                                                                                                           consumer campaign as
                                                                                                                           it went in-house

                                                                                                                           REGAN CAMPBELL
                                                                                                                           WARD McCANN
                                                                                                                           Took the McCann name
                                                                                                                           and went West, absorb-
                                                                                                                           ing Torre Lazur’s San
                                                                                                                           Diego shop and picking
                                                                                                                           up wins from
                                                                                                                           Genentech, Gilead,
                                                                                                                           Bayer/Onyx and Barrier
                                                                                                                           Therapeutics. Revenue
                                                                                                                           up around 20% for 2005

                                                                                                                           No longer the young
                                                                                                                           brand shop, Adair is
                                                                                                                           focusing on devices and
Above: journal ads for BMS/Sanofi’s Plavix (Torre Lazur) and Hoya Super HiVision lenses (Adair-Greene)                     diagnostics with wins
Far left: a corporate ad for Sigma-Tau Pharmaceuticals from RCW McCann emphasizes rare ailments                            from Roche and Steifel

                                    McCann Healthcare Worldwide                                                            Landed Pfizer’s Aricept
                                                                                                                           and grew its business
                                                                                                                           with GSK. Launched new
                                                                                                                           ED awareness work for
                                                                                                                           Pfizer and ads for GSK’s
                                                                                                                           Paxil CR, Coreg and
    Torre Lazur                 Regan Campbell                Adair-Greene                         McCann                  Avodart
     McCann                      Ward McCann                 H’care Comms.                        HumanCare
                                                                                                                           For contacts and
 Ads and communica-            Healthcare branding           Full service                      Consumer healthcare         rosters, see Agency
                                                                                                                           A-to-Z, pages 133 (Adair-
 tions to professionals        and communications,           professional agency,              advertising unit within
                                                                                                                           Greene), 148 (echo),
 and patients via print,       with medical education        specializes in devices            McCann Erickson
                                                                                                                           165 (HumanCare),
 interactive and video         (Fission) and interactive     and diagnostics                   Worldwide, New York-        172 (RCW) and 182
                               (Medrageous) units                                              based with hubs             (Torre Lazur)
                                                                                               across the globe

                                                                                                                           JULY 2006 MM&M 99
Regan Campbell Ward McCann                                                                  “We modified the original positioning,”said Jay Levy,
The New York-based agency adopted the McCann                                             president of Adair-Greene. “We’ve had a lot of success
name and rolled up sibling Torre Lazur McCann’s San                                      over the past couple years in the medical devices and
Diego office into its own burgeoning three-year-old                                      diagnostics arena. We know how to work with them, we
West Coast shop, along with its Truvada HIV direct-to-                                   understand them and we want to continue to expand in
patient business from Gilead.                                                            that segment.”
   RCW McCann scored some big new West Coast                                                Like all regional shops outside of the Northeast and
                                                               TORRE LAZUR
accounts for the new shop, winning Genentech’s Her-                                      West Coast hubs, Adair-Greene has to work harder to
ceptin for breast cancer, the launch of Nexavar                Marci Piasecki, CEO for   attract new business and maintain a stable of clients
(sorafenib) for advanced renal cell carcinoma from             US operations             spread out across the US. Recruiting and retaining staff
Bayer and Emeryville, CA-based Onyx and Aceon and                                        is a constant challenge, says Levy, though the shop has
Ranexa from Palo Alto’s CV Therapeutics. In addition,                                    been blessed with low turnover in recent years.
RCW pulled in new business from derm firm Barrier                                           The firm continues to service the healthcare and hos-
Therapeutics. The shop continues to handle Allergan’s                                    pital divisions of major device and diagnostics players.
Restasis.                                                                                These include Kimberley-Clark, Boston Scientific and
   Managing partner Maureen Regan said revenues                                          King Pharmaceuticals, for which it handles top-selling
were up around 20% for 2005—a drop from 2004’s 45%                                       Thrombin-JMI.
growth, but hardly a disappointment. “Last year was a          REGAN CAMPBELL
very difficult one for a lot of our competitors,” says         WARD McCANN               McCann HumanCare
                                                               Maureen Regan,
Regan. “We’re very blessed that we were able to main-          managing partner
                                                                                         McCann’s DTC shop won Pfizer’s Aricept—a nice con-
tain good growth.”                                                                       solation prize for the shelving of Bextra—and grew its
   Regan says RCW has made good use of its interactive                                   business with GSK.
division, MedRageous, as DTC spending has dropped                                           The firm launched unbranded work for Pfizer’s Via-
off and clients have shifted much of that into DTP.                                      gra and GSK’s Paxil CR, along with new branded cam-
“Where people were doing mass advertising, DTP is a                                      paigns for Medpoint’s Astelin nasal spray, Sepracor’s
lot more cost efficient for many brands,” says Regan.                                    Lunesta, GSK’s Coreg and Avodart. On the downside,
Cost efficiencies as well as patient compliance and regu-                                McCann HumanCare lost the business for a pre-market
latory compliance are driving DTP growth, and clients          ADAIR GREENE              Novartis diabetes product to DDB Rx.
are becoming more sophisticated about one-to-one               Jay Levy, president          McCann HumanCare continues to cross-pollinate
communications, Regan says, moving beyond DTRV                                           with sibling agencies—most notably with CRM shop
and Web sites.                                                                           MRM, which it collaborates with on six accounts, and
   Not satisfied with its bicoastal stretch, the shop has                                FutureBrand. McCann also cross-markets brand-
taken its work global—notably with the Nexavar roll-                                     design shop FutureBrand, events promotion arm
out. “That’s another reason we added McCann formally                                     Momentum, PR firm Weber Shandwick and young
to our masthead,” said Regan. “We’re seeing more and                                     adult agency TAG with HumanCare. “That offering is
more of our business headed in that direction, and hav-                                  starting to percolate,” says McCann HumanCare head
ing global capabilities is now the price of entry.”                                      Andrew Schirmer. “One of the biggest trends affecting
                                                                                         advertising and communications is the multitude of
Adair-Greene Healthcare Communications                         HUMANCARE
                                                                                         touchpoints, and clients are struggling with measure-
McCann Healthcare’s Atlanta satellite picked up                Andrew Schirmer,          ment and deployment.”
peachy new accounts from Roche Diagnostics and                 managing director            HumanCare is also finding opportunities outside the
Terumo Interventional Systems as it shifted focus from                                   US in strategic planning and consumer insights, and
emerging brands to its strong suit in medical devices and                                recently established offices in both Tokyo and London.
diagnostics.                                                         “For many           And the firm is looking outside pharmaceuticals, han-
   The Atlanta agency won the centralized lab business
at Roche Diagnostics and won the US interventional
                                                               afflictions, you          dling projects for Intel and the University of Arizona
                                                                                         health system. “Our bread and butter continues to be
business for Terumo, a Japanese firm with US head-                simply can’t           pharmaceuticals, but we’ve expanded into technology
quarters in Somerset, NJ. The firm also strengthened its              abandon            and hospitals,” says Schirmer. Intel, a McCann World-
relationship with Stiefel, adding the Atlanta company’s
eczema treatment MimyX to its portfolio, which
                                                               broadcast, but            wide marquee client, is tapping the firm’s expertise as it
                                                                                         explores opportunities in healthcare.
includes Steifel’s top seller, Duac. On the debit side, the        you need to              Good old-fashioned mass-market DTC isn’t going
firm parted ways with Hospira.                                      effectively          anywhere, says Schirmer, but expertise on a multi-chan-
   Adair-Greene also shifted its positioning through a
tweaking of its eye-catching campaign. The firm is no
                                                              supplement and             nel approach is more in demand. “For many afflictions
                                                                                         that affect millions of people, you simply can’t abandon
longer singing the “Young Brand Blues.”Instead, it’s the          surround it”           broadcast media, but you need to effectively supple-
“Agency Blues.”                                                    —Andrew Schirmer      ment it and surround it,”he says. —Matthew Arnold

                                                                                                                         JULY 2006 MM&M 101

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