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Fiduciary Accounting Software


Fiduciary Accounting Software document sample

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                                                                                                  Corporate Overview page one

S   O    F    T   W    A   R   E

        CORPORATE OVERVIEW:        DataTech Software, Inc.

                      FOUNDED:     1989


         MISSION STATEMENT:        DataTech Software, Inc. will research, develop, manufacture and market software
                                   programs. The software packages will be sold at a fair price while maintaining a
                                   reasonable profit margin, therefore ensuring financial gains for shareholders of
                                   DataTech Software, Inc.

             VISION STATEMENT:     DataTech Software, Inc. products will be the software of choice for professional
                                   offices and organizations. DataTech Software will attain this goal by:
                                   !   Employing and retaining the best people who will be encouraged to develop both
                                       professionally and personally;
                                   !   Fostering teamwork and synergy among staff;
                                   !   Maintaining ultimate levels of professionalism, ethics and integrity;
                                   !   Providing unparalleled customer service and support;
                                   !   Constantly developing new and updating existing products and services, thus
                                       taking advantage of cutting edge technology, environmental factors (social,
                                       economic, technological, political, legal, competitive, natural) and market trends;
                                   !   Allocating an appropriate amount of time and money for the promotion of new
                                       and existing products and services;
                                   !   Consistently evaluating and modifying day-to-day operations in order to optimize
                                       all available and emerging resources.
                                   By establishing these points as normal business practice,
                                   DataTech Software, Inc. will realize substantial growth.

                              DATATECH SOFTWARE, INC. • 4800 Linglestown Road, Suite 201• Harrisburg PA 17112
Tel 1-717-652-4344, 1-800-556-7526 • fax 717-652-3222 • Web:,
                                                                                                    Corporate Overview page two

S   O   F     T   W   A    R   E


            DataTech Software, Inc. was founded in 1989 to provide software that automates the process of obtaining a
            job with the Federal Government. For the first three years of operation, all efforts were focused exclusively on
            developing and improving products for that purpose. DataTech's Federal Jobs Kit continues to hold a
            substantial following in the Federal job market.

            In 1993, DataTech launched Rich and Retired, the first product in its financial software line. At the time of its
            release, Rich and Retired was the only retirement planning package available and instantly captured the
            market. Rich and Retired received extensive press coverage including a coveted “Product of the Year” award
            from Computer Life Magazine and a “Buy” recommendation from Modern Maturity, the magazine of the AARP.

            The American Golf Guide Presented by Arnold Palmer, the first multimedia tour of America's golf courses, was
            introduced in the summer of 1994. Once again, this was a first-to-market product and was able to capture a
            large market share before any competitors appeared.

            Since that time, DataTech Software has devoted significant efforts to developing and advancing its electronic
            forms replication technology, which now allows for the accurate replication and automation of any form in exact
            detail, regardless of complexity. This core technology builds upon the company's extensive experience in
            automating forms for the Federal Government.

            In 1996, DataTech introduced its first “Quick&Easy” legal market product, a package of Workers'
            Compensation forms for Pennsylvania. The quality of this product led to the program gaining
            “recommendation” status from the Pennsylvania Bar Institute. Today DataTech's Quick&Easy automated forms
            product line includes Workers' Compensation packages for other states, Inheritance and Estate Tax forms for
            various states and the Federal government, as well as Family Law forms.

            There are now thousands of individuals, law firms, insurance and corporate organizations, and government
            agencies using DataTech Software products. thinkDOCS document assembly system was successfully launched
            on of June 25, 2000, and its first major upgrade released on October 3 of the same year. Version 2.0, released
            in August 2001, included added features and enhanced performance. Enhancements and additions during
            2002 included precedent management features, a Software Development Kit, iManage document
            management and Hummingbird Software’s DOCS Open and PowerDOCS document management software
            integration options.

            DataTech’s newest software offering is Heritance fiduciary accounting. Blended with the
            Quick&Easy automated forms, the modules seamlessly integrate to create the
            comprehensive Heritance SYSTEM for fiduciary accounting, tax, probate, and estate and
            trust administration.

                              DATATECH SOFTWARE, INC. • 4800 Linglestown Road, Suite 201• Harrisburg PA 17112
Tel 1-717-652-4344, 1-800-556-7526 • fax 717-652-3222 • Web:,
                                                                                                   Corporate Overview page three

 S   O   F   T   W   A        R   E

                                  The Heritance System includes four powerful Windows-based
                                  modules (Accounting, and automated forms for Federal Estate
 FIDUCIARY ACCOUNTING,            including the 706 and 709, Federal 1041, and State-specific
PROBATE AND TAX SYSTEM            Estate/Inheritance/Probate) that work together to provide seamless multi-level integration
                                  of accounting, forms, and more. Key features include:
                                  -- Seamless accounting to forms integration.
                                  – One-time data entry. Accounting data, including beneficiary information, is entered
                                     once, and then used over and over to populate many different accounts, transactions,
                                     reports, forms, and more.
                                  – Multi-beneficiary complex distributions. Bequests and residual distributions can be
                                     specified by priority, percentage, unit, or dollar amounts.
                                  – Real-time, all-the-time relational data enables users to drill down into information to
                                     see related data from multiple angles.
                                  – One-click First & Final Accounting and dozens of reports are included. Users can
                                     then export to a variety of formats including PDF, Excel, Text, Word, and HTML.
                                  – MasterTicker System alerts users of approaching deadlines.
                                  – Heritance can automatically create a trust with the residuals of an estate.

         Quick&Easy               Easy-to-use automated forms software packages. Print approved forms using blank paper
     AUTOMATED FORMS              and your laser printer. Automatic continuations and more! Choose from many practice-
                                  specific packages listed below (new packages currently in development):
                                  California:                           New York:
                                  Probate (includes Judicial Council    NY Workers' Compensation
                                  forms and CA Estate)                  NY Estate Tax
                                                                        NY Real Estate Settlement (City & State)
                                  Pennsylvania:                         NY Statement of Net Worth (DRL 236)
                                  PA Workers' Compensation              NY Uncontested Divorce Package
                                  PA Inheritance
                                  New Jersey:                           IN Inheritance
                                  NJ Workers' Compensation
                                  NJ Inheritance Tax                    Virginia:
                                  NJ Family Law                         VA Workers’ Compensation

                                  Illinois:                             Florida:
                                  IL Workers' Compensation              FL Workers’ Compensation
                                  IL Estate                             FL Estate

                                  Missouri:                             Other Legal Forms Packages:
                                  MO Workers' Compensation              Federal Estate Tax (706, 709)
                                                                        Federal 1041
                                                                        HUD-1 Real Estate Settlement
                                  Employment Products:
                                  Federal Jobs Kit (The complete software package for getting a Federal
                                    job. Contains everything you need plus a Federal format resume.)
                                  Federal Security Clearance Forms

                               DATATECH SOFTWARE, INC. • 4800 Linglestown Road, Suite 201• Harrisburg PA 17112
 Tel 1-717-652-4344, 1-800-556-7526 • fax 717-652-3222 • Web:,
                                                                                        Corporate Overview page four

S   O   F   T   W   A   R   E

        CORPORATE CONTACT               DataTech Software, Inc.
        INFORMATION:                    4800 Linglestown Road Suite 201
                                        Harrisburg PA 17112
                                        1-800-556-7526 or 717-652-4344
                                        717-652-3222 fax

                                        Crystal Lauver
                                        Director of Marketing
                                        Telephone extension 1018

                                        David Ohl
                                        Quick&Easy Sales Manager
                                        Telephone extension 1008

                                        Paul Endress
                                        President and CEO, DataTech Software Inc.
                                        (May be contacted through the Director of Marketing)

                              DATATECH SOFTWARE, INC. • 4800 Linglestown Road, Suite 201• Harrisburg PA 17112
Tel 1-717-652-4344, 1-800-556-7526 • fax 717-652-3222 • Web:,

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