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					       Chicago and Washington

Indiana University School of Law-Bloomington
                    February 2009

       Frank Kimball - Kimball Professional Management

  7/7/2010               (c) 2009 Franklyn D. Kimball    1
Today‟s Program
   Chicago
   Washington, D.C.
   Practice Areas
   Tactics – Strategies
   Beyond OCI

7/7/2010         (c) 2009 Franklyn D. Kimball   2
The 2008-2009 Recession

  Causes, Effects and Impact on
      Law School Students
       Recession – Cause & Effect
   Manic boom in real estate, sub prime mortgages, and
    securitization collapses rapidly in Summer 2007
   Economic boom sputters and slowdown gathers
    momentum in Fall and Winter 2007-08
   Flow of deals, lending, mortgages, and structured finance
    drops rapidly
   First lay offs by law firms seen early 2008
   Layoffs grow and spread from Summer 2008 through today
   By summer law firms begin to face economic facts as
    utilization drops
   Firms embrace numerous measures - layoffs, comp freeze,
    salary reductions, staff cuts

       7/7/2010           (c) 2009 Franklyn D. Kimball      4
      What Prudent Students Must Assume

   A reduction in invitations after OCI
   A reduction in offers after call back interviews
   Students will accept offers more quickly
   Some firms summer programs are “over subscribed”
   Firms will be less willing to grant multi city split summers.
   Less tolerance for slow starters in the associate ranks
   A recognition that something has changed in litigation
    which will finally effect entry-level hiring

      7/7/2010             (c) 2009 Franklyn D. Kimball             5
Researching Law Firms
Dependable Sources

   Websites
   Recent experiences with Indiana
   Legal Media
   Business Media
   Your own independent assessment

7/7/2010       (c) 2009 Franklyn D. Kimball   6
Researching Law Firms
Dubious and Dangerous Sources
   Friends and room-mates
   The brother of a friend of a guy you
    met at a bar last Tuesday
   Law school ancient grapevine
   Random anonymous bloggers

7/7/2010         (c) 2009 Franklyn D. Kimball   7
       Master Local National Legal and
       Business Media

 &
   Legal Times of Washington

       7/7/2010         (c) 2009 Franklyn D. Kimball   8
Students Who Must Explore Options Beyond OCI
Shotguns Trump Rifles

   Launch effort In mid August
   Attack a wide range of targets immediately
   Don‟t wait for OCI to play itself out
   Broad mass mailing to firms >25 lawyers who don‟t do OCI
   Use your law school and/or undergraduate network –
    aggressively and creatively
   E-mail resume, transcript, writing sample, reference.
   Explain tie to the market and practice area interest
   Use Word 03 – Many firms have not moved to Word 2007 –
    even better turn all files into PDFs.
   Title files intelligibly “Smith John Harvard 2010 Resume.doc
   Explain when you will be visiting

7/7/2010                 (c) 2009 Franklyn D. Kimball              9
Grades Matter

  Other Things Matter Even More
      The New Hiring Math- Impact on Students

I        Top 10% / Magna Law Review

II       Top 10-25%

III      Top 25-50%

IV       Remainder of Class

Improving your Grades…..LEEWS…stay in the game

      7/7/2010                (c) 2009 Franklyn D. Kimball   11
      Grades Matter in 2009
   Law school grades matter at all schools during this
   However – firms will look beyond grades to
    journals, moot court, work experience, attitude,
    energy, ties to a city and seriousness about
    private practice
   Bad attitude, poor preparation, or mediocre
    intangibles is fatal
   Selective firms will be even more selective in 2009

      7/7/2010          (c) 2009 Franklyn D. Kimball   12
       Windy City Selectivity
   For decades the most selective firms in terms of GPA, schools, and extra
    curriculars have been Kirkland, Sidley, Mayer, and Skadden Arps.
   Generally many other premier mega and national firms have been a shade
    less selective – e.g., Jenner, Winston, McDermott, Katten, Schiff,
    Sonnenschein, Seyfarth Shaw.
   Large Chicago offices of national firms with HQ elsewhere are a shade
    less selective than the first group – e.g., Jones Day, Latham, Foley,
    Greenberg Traurig, Holland & Knight, McGuire Woods.
   Do not assume that an elite mid size or smaller firm will not be selective
    on grades. Indeed because they are hiring fewer 2L‟s they will be equally
    selective on GPA and even more careful on personality, intangibles,
    energy, private practice focus, ambition, and work experience.

       7/7/2010                 (c) 2009 Franklyn D. Kimball                13
Chicago –

     A Rapidly-Changing
     Market for Law Firms
As a place to live and work
   Cost of living
   Real Estate
   Taxes
   Schools
   Commuting
   Culture Cubs Pizza

7/7/2010        (c) 2009 Franklyn D. Kimball   15
      National Firms Outnumber Homegrown






      Chicago   L.A.          S.F             D.C     N.Y.

                Homegrown           National
 7/7/2010              (c) 2009 Franklyn D. Kimball          16
           Class of 2007 in 104 Chicago Law Firms

Northwestern          89   Notre Dame                    21    Columbia       4
Illinois              52   Indiana                       18    Case Western   3

Chicago               58   Virginia                      11    UCLA           2

Michigan              36   Wisconsin                     13    Boalt          2

DePaul                30   Georgetown                    13    Yale           1

Loyola                36   Iowa                          14    Stanford       4

Kent                  41   Penn                            3   Duke           5

Harvard               22   Cornell                         2   USC            0
John Marshall         29   Boston Univ.                    2   NYU            5

           7/7/2010                  (c) 2009 Franklyn D. Kimball                 17
     Mega Firms With Original Office in Chicago

Baker & McKenzie   Kirkland & Ellis                  Seyfarth Shaw
DLA Piper          Mayer Brown                       Sidley Austin
Jenner & Block     McDermott, Will                   Sonnenschein
Katten Muchin      Schiff Hardin                     Winston & Strawn

     7/7/2010             (c) 2009 Franklyn D. Kimball                  18
      21 National Firms Large / Fast Growing / Ambitious Plans

Drinker Biddle                   Jones Day                        Paul Hastings
Duane Morris                     Kaye Scholer                     Perkins Coie
Dykema                           Latham                           Reed Smith
Foley & Lardner                  McGuire Woods                    Skadden Arps
Barnes Thornburg                 Thomson Coburn                   Quarles & Brady
Ropes & Gray                     Proskauer                        Bryan Cave
Greenberg Traurig                Liddell Sapp                     Michael Best
This is an interesting group. Many have fast growing profits and all continue to cherry pick
partners from strong local firms. This group would have included only 4 firms 15 years ago.
Now it grows rapidly each year. Most of these are active in entry-level hiring and most are
overlooked by students who lean towards famous local names. Some here pay partners at the
very top – Skadden, Paul Hastings, Latham, Kaye Scholer, Jones Day, Ropes & Gray, Greenberg
Traurig – with correspondingly demanding hours. Many are lower but still quite competitive.
Firms in this group can present a tremendous opportunity to join an office in its infancy – while
it is building. For some that‟s exciting – for others it‟s off putting.
      7/7/2010                         (c) 2009 Franklyn D. Kimball                            19
     Six Chicago Based Firms With 150-250 Lawyers

Bell Boyd & Lloyd    Hinshaw                           Vedder Price

Chapman and Cutler   Neal Gerber                       Wildman

      7/7/2010          (c) 2009 Franklyn D. Kimball                  20
      National Firms With Small Chicago Footprints

Anderson Kill     Bryan Cave        Epstein Becker      Fisher Phillips   Steptoe
Kelley Drye       Kutack Rock       Dewey LeBoeuf       Lewis Brisbois    Littler
Loeb & Loeb       Luce Forward      Ogletree            Jackson Lewis     Ross Dixon
Cozen O’Connor    Fisher Phillips   Ford Harrison       Fragomen Del      Husch Blackwell
Ice Miller        Loeb & Loeb       Luce Forward        Miller Canfield   Polsinelli
Sedgwick          Ulmer Berne       Pircher Nichols     Wilson Elsner     Zevnik Horton
Baker & Daniels   Adorno Yoss       Sandler Davis       Thomson

      7/7/2010                      (c) 2009 Franklyn D. Kimball                          21
          Elite Firms With <100 Lawyers
Bartlit Beck           Goldberg Kohn                     Pircher Nichols                Franczek Sullivan
Eimer Stahl            Levenfeld Pearlstein              Barrack Ferrazano              Stein Ray & Harris

Grippo & Elden         Schopf & Weiss                                                   Novack & Macey

Chicago is home to many strong firms with 20-100 lawyers. Many were founded by big firm alumni. These firms
are highly profitable, have terrific client rosters, and matter for matter the work you will do will be just as
sophisticated as what you would find in the proto typical mega firms. The staffing of matters tends to be leaner
making it possible for a terrific associate to climb more rapidly up the responsibility ladder.

 These not cushy “lifestyle shops” with low hours. Senior partners at these firms take justifiable pride in
their culture but they, in general, recoil at the notion that they are soft and fuzzy havens for the lawyers who do
not want to work hard. Partners are eager to build their firms and compete with the megas. Many are very active
in the bar, industry groups, aggressive client development, public service, and marketing. Their pay for
associates, in general, is competitive with the mega firms.

Many students prefer the brand name for their first stop. A wise, contrarian student might pick one of these
marvelous firms as the place to begin her career. Dare to be different – you probably won‟t regret it. N.B. These
firms hire very few new associates each year. They have the luxury of waiting for the perfect prospect.

          7/7/2010                              (c) 2009 Franklyn D. Kimball                                     22
      Intellectual Property Firms
Banner Witcoff                 Leydig Voit                      Niro Scavone

Brinks Hofer                   Marshall Gerstein                Pattishall McAuliffe

Fitch Even                     McAndrews Held                   Trexler Bushnell

Kegan and Kegan                McDonnell Boenen                 Welsh & Katz*

The I.P. specialty firms range in size from 15 to nearly 100 lawyers. Most focus on
patent side intellectual property with a mix of litigation, prosecution, and transactional
advice. They are under siege by suitors – national firms seeking acquisition targets or
cherry picking talented lawyers with portable business. The next decade may see more
of these firms become a part of Chicago based large firms or national firms seeking to
establish critical mass in this red hot practice area. entry-level hiring usually requires a
Masters (at least) in Engineering, a bio science field, mathematics, etc.

* Recently announced merger with Husch Blackwell Sanders

      7/7/2010                        (c) 2009 Franklyn D. Kimball                             23
6. Leaders in Selected Practice Areas
           Mega Firms                       National                 Mid Size/Boutique
Kirkland            Mayer            Skadden                         Bell Boyd
Sidley              Winston          Latham                          Neal Gerber
Jenner              Katten           Paul Hastings                   Goldberg Kohn
McDermott           Sonnenschein     Greenberg Traurig               Levenfeld
Schiff              Baker            Reed Smith                      Barack Farazzano
DLA Piper                            Drinker Biddle                  Burke Warren
                                     Jones Day                       Vedder Price
Corporate practices nationally and in Chicago slowed considerably starting in Fall 2007.
Considerable uncertainty remains about the length and depth of the recession and
whether a recovery will be in progress when this year‟s 2L‟s join firms in 2010. Best
estimate: firms will be cautious about corporate hiring – down from 2007 but cautiously
optimistic about a recovery in work flow by 4Q 2010.

         7/7/2010                     (c) 2009 Franklyn D. Kimball                         25
     Banking and Finance
           Mega                 National             Mid Size and Boutique
Mayer           McDermott       Skadden             Chapman         Schiff
Sidley          Winston          Latham             Schwartz     Vedder Price

Kirkland        Jenner                            Neal Gerber   Goldberg Kohn


This practice is area is far slower than it was in 2006-2007 because of the
general conditions in the lending and finance markets. Many of these firms are
looking to expand and add partners with business and appear optimistic about
needs two years from now.

     7/7/2010                    (c) 2009 Franklyn D. Kimball                    26
     Private Equity
           Mega                               National                   Mid Size
Kirkland        Katten       Skadden             Greenberg Traurig      Chapman
Mayer           McDermott    Jones Day           Paul Hastings          Bell Boyd
Sidley          Jenner       Latham              Reed Smith             Schiff
Winston                      Kaye Scholer        Ropes & Gray

Private equity was the hottest transactional practice area in the 2004-2007 boom.
Deal flow is certainly way off in 2008 but firms are looking to build in this area in
anticipation of a recovery in 1-3 years. Many firms are looking to snare top laterals
to jump start or expand their own private equity practices.

     7/7/2010                      (c) 2009 Franklyn D. Kimball                     27
       Corporate M&A
Mega              National              Mid                 >100
Kirkland          Skadden               Bell Boyd           Levenfeld
Mayer             Latham                Ungaretti           Burke Warren
Sidley            Jones Day             Goldberg Kohn       Barack Ferrazzano
Winston           Greenberg             Wildman
Katten            Traurig
McDermott         Reed Smith
Winston           Drinker Biddle
Jenner            Kelley Drye
Sonnenschein      Ropes & Gray
DLA Piper         Kaye Scholer
Schiff Hardin

       7/7/2010              (c) 2009 Franklyn D. Kimball                  28
    Capital Markets: Debt & Equity

Mega           National                   Mid            Boutique
Kirkland       McGuire Woods              Bell Boyd      Barack

Sidley         Jones Day                  Neal           Levenfeld
Mayer          Latham                     Goldberg
Baker          Skadden

    7/7/2010              (c) 2009 Franklyn D. Kimball               29
           Derivatives and Structured Products
            Mega                               National                         Mid
Mayer          Katten         Bryan Cave             Latham            Bell Boyd
Sidley         McDermott      Barnes Thornburg       Loeb              Chapman
Kirkland       Schiff         Dewey LeBoeuf          Reed Smith        Goldberg
Winston        Seyfarth       Drinker Biddle         Morgan Lewis      Masuda
DLA Piper      Sonnenschein   Duane Morris           Perkins Coie      Neal Gerber
Jenner                        Dykema                                   Vedder
                              Greenberg Traurig                        Ungaretti
                              Jones Day                                Wildman
This area has been hit very hard by the recession – witness the across the board layoffs at
Cadwalader, Thacher Proffitt, and McKee Nelson, to name only a few.

           7/7/2010                    (c) 2009 Franklyn D. Kimball                     30
    Project Finance
Baker & McKenzie   Barnes Thornburg        Chapman            DLA Piper

Holland & Knight   Jones Day               Kirkland           Latham

Mayer Brown        McGuire Woods           McDermott          Morgan Lewis

Reed Smith         Schiff Hardin           Sidley             Skadden

Sonnenschein       Ungaretti               Vedder             Winston

     7/7/2010                  (c) 2009 Franklyn D. Kimball                  31
        Investment Management
               Mega               National                Mid           Boutique

Kirkland           Schiff         Drinker                 Bell Boyd     Goldberg Kohn
Baker              Seyfarth       Duane Morris            Vedder
Katten             Sidley         Greenberg Traurig       Neal Gerber

Jenner             Sonnenschein   Latham & Watkins

Mayer Brown        Winston        Locke Lord

McDermott                         Perkins Coie

        7/7/2010                    (c) 2009 Franklyn D. Kimball                        32

   Cross-border transactional work involving corporate, banking, real estate, project
    finance, tax litigation, and other lawyers.
   Chicago‟s volume of international legal work has grown but still is far lower than
    what is found in New York.
   Certain mega firms have an increasing amount of international work for their
    Chicago associates - e.g., Kirkland, Sidley, Mayer, Winston, Skadden, Jones Day,
    Baker & McKenzie - to name a few - it is in contrast to New York where working
    on international matters is a more day to day occurrence.
   Most firms do not have an „international‟ department
   The best advice for students: ask a firm for the percentage of transactional
    work which is cross-border.
   Does work originate in Chicago or is it serviced in Chicago?

     7/7/2010                     (c) 2009 Franklyn D. Kimball                     33
           Real Estate
              Mega                    National               Mid Size         Boutique
DLA Piper             Sidley     Latham                   Neal Gerber      Pircher Nichols

Katten                Mayer      Jones Day                Bell Boyd

Kirkland              Jenner     Paul Hastings            Barack Ferrazzano

Sonnenschein          Winston    Holland & Knight         Goldberg Kohn

Chicago is home to many of the nation‟s strongest real estate practices. The practice area
remained surprisingly strong during the 2001-2003 recession and hiring in the area has
been extremely strong for entry-levels and laterals in 2004-2007. Lateral hiring has
almost stopped in this field. However, many leading firms are looking to build their real
estate practices in anticipation of a recovery. Again a trickle down to entry-level hiring at
a meaningful level seems probable for the Class of 2010.

           7/7/2010                     (c) 2009 Franklyn D. Kimball                            34
    Health Care

Mega                 National                     Mid           Boutique
McDermott            McGuire Woods                Ungaretti     Hogan Merren
Sidley               Drinker Biddle               Bell Boyd
Katten               Foley Lardner
Sonnenschein         DLA Piper

Hiring in health care has been strong for the past two years. These practice groups
are not large – most hire 1-3 new associates per year. The area attracts a high
level of interest among students. It is a transactional practice – not a policy
oriented patients‟ rights practice. Lateral hiring activity has actually picked up
during the 2007-2008 recession.

    7/7/2010                     (c) 2009 Franklyn D. Kimball                     35
     Energy /Natural Resources / Utilities

Foley & Lardner      Sonnenschein           Jones Day           Mayer Brown
Sidley               DLA Piper              Schiff Hardin       Paul Hastings
Eimer Stahl
This is a regulatory and transactional practice area where firms represent utility
companies, natural gas and petroleum companies, producers of alternative forms
of energy, pipeline and natural gas distributors. Related litigation can involve
antitrust and regulatory issues. The transactional practice includes permitting,
development, licensing, and other issues. Many of the leading utility companies in
the Midwest use a variety of outside counsel. Lawyers in this area report being
somewhat busier than certain of their corporate colleagues in the past year. The
area as a whole is undervalued by law students.

     7/7/2010                    (c) 2009 Franklyn D. Kimball                    36
     Entertainment / Media / Sports

Winston              Sonnenschein           Holland & Knight        Schiff Hardin
Jenner & Block       Michael Best           Bryan Cave              Bell Boyd
Sidley               Foley Lardner          Katten                  Grippo & Elden

Media / entertainment practice has more depth in Los Angeles and New York – because
more media and entertainment properties have their headquarters on the Coasts than in
the Midwest. However each of the firms listed above has a strong practice in
entertainment / media / or sports. Clients in these fields include professional sports
teams, local media properties, publishers, entertainers, artists, producers and film
makers, and others. The student interest in the area far outweighs the number of
available positions so don‟t expect that your love for sports or media will blaze a path to
easy entry into these small and selective practice areas.

     7/7/2010                       (c) 2009 Franklyn D. Kimball                         37
Mega                       National                           Mid                     Boutique
Kirkland                   Latham                             Neal Gerber             Bartlit
Jenner                     Skadden                            Wildman                 Grippo
Winston                    Jones Day                          Goldberg                Eimer
Sidley                     Howrey                             Bell Boyd               Schopf
McDermott                  Steptoe                                                    Stein Ray
Mayer                      Morgan Lewis                       Other National Novack
Baker McKenzie             McGuire Woods                      Reed Smith
Katten                     Dewey LeBoeuf                      Quarles
Chicago is home to many of the nation‟s strongest litigation practices. However – litigation is not
growing as rapidly as it once did – and utilization in some firms is lower than historical averages. Query
firms carefully about (i) average staffing size on specific typical matters (ii) how much of your 1-3 years
will be spend on electronic discovery (iii) the number of equity partners made in each of the past 5
years in complex commercial litigation in Chicago (iv) client chargeable hour trends for associates in the
last five years. Don‟t choose litigation because you don‟t want to be a transactional lawyer. You‟ve got
to be tenacious, great on your feet, thrive on uncertainty, and truly enjoy the advocacy process.
         7/7/2010                              (c) 2009 Franklyn D. Kimball                                   38
   Securities Litigation
Mega                    National                Mid                       Boutique
Kirkland                Latham                  Neal Gerber               Bartlit
Jenner                  Skadden                 Wildman                   Grippo
Winston                 Jones Day               Goldberg                  Eimer
Sidley                  Howrey                  Bell Boyd                 Schopf
MWE                     Steptoe                                           Novack
Mayer                   Morgan Lewis
Note: The volume of securities litigation dropped substantially from 2002-2006 but
has increased significantly in the last year as a result of the various financial crises in
the economy. So far this has not resulted in increased lateral hiring but the volume of
entry-level hiring could increase in the next year.

   7/7/2010                         (c) 2009 Franklyn D. Kimball                              39
           Antitrust Litigation
   Mega And National                         Mid Size                   Boutique
Kirkland              Sonnenschein     Bell Boyd                    Eimer Stahl
Mayer                 Katten           Liddell Sapp                 Bartlit Beck
Sidley                Baker                                         Sperling Slater
Winston               McDermott                                     Grippo Elden
Jenner                                                              Schopf Weiss

This practice area has shown more strength in this decade than it did in the 1990‟s.
There are strong practice groups at the firms known as leaders in bet the company
litigation but also in mid size and boutique firms. An Obama administration could result
in more active antitrust enforcement which would increase activity in this area. Stay
tuned. .

           7/7/2010                  (c) 2009 Franklyn D. Kimball                     40
    Bankruptcy – Restructuring
Mega                            National                        Mid Size
Kirkland                        Skadden                         Goldberg Kohn
Winston                         Latham                          Vedder
Sidley                          Foley
DLA Piper                       Kaye Scholer
Jenner                          Jones Day
There are many strong creditors‟ rights practices in the Windy City and the
area has blossomed, as one would expect, during the current recession.
The goliaths in the field are familiar to most but don‟t overlook mid size and
smaller firms that are worthy of consideration.

    7/7/2010                     (c) 2009 Franklyn D. Kimball                    41
     Labor & Employment
Mega                   National                  Mid                      National Labor
Seyfarth               Jones Day                 Vedder                   Littler

Jenner                 Morgan Lewis              Neal Gerber              Jackson Lewis
Winston                McGuire Woods             Wildman                  Ogletree
Sidley                 Paul Hastings             Goldberg
Mayer                  Holland & Knight          Bell Boyd
Katten                 Reed Smith                Franczek Sullivan

This area is showing great strength in 2008. Chicago is home to many firms with great depth in L&E
including mega firms, nationals, mid size and labor specialty firms. Note: NALP forms often understate
the number of L&E lawyers because they are domiciled in a general litigation group. L&E work can
involved executive compensation, benefit, contract and related issues – class and individual actions
under various federal and state statutes and common law claims.

      7/7/2010                          (c) 2009 Franklyn D. Kimball                                42
Kirkland                    Sidley                 Jenner

Winston                     Mayer
There are far more students interested than there are slots available.
The premier appellate practice groups cherry pick associates who were
published law review editors, top 10% of the class at top 10 schools,
with Circuit or Supreme Court clerkships. The top appellate practice
groups in Chicago add 1-3 lawyers a year -tops - and they all have
Rolls Royce credentials. There are far more opportunities available in
the Washington offices various elite mega firms than are to be found in

   7/7/2010                   (c) 2009 Franklyn D. Kimball                43
         Patent – I.P. Litigation
           Mega              National          Mid Size                Boutique
Kirkland     Winston        Jones Day       Neal Gerber          Brinks Hofer
Jenner       McDermott      Latham          Bell Boyd            McAndrews Held
Sidley                                                           Marshall Gerstein
Mayer                                                            Banner Witcoff
                                                                 McDonnell Boenen
                                                                 Leydig Voit
This area of litigation remains extremely active – and entry-level and lateral hiring are
strong. However, most leading patent IP litigation firms require/strongly prefer
candidates with a M.A. or more in engineering, mathematics, biology, chemistry, or
other technical area. Firms will have as great an interest in your undergraduate and
graduate academic record as your law school grades.

         7/7/2010                       (c) 2009 Franklyn D. Kimball                        44
    White Collar
Kirkland                       Sidley                Jenner
Jones Day                      Baker                 Latham
Winston                        Mayer                 Foley
White collar criminal work does not generate enough entry-level work to
provide opportunities for more than a handful of students interested in the
area. Again - there are strong practices in all of these areas in Chicago but
the interest of students is probably 20 times higher than the actual need. In
firms with “market” or “unassigned” systems you‟ll be competing with many
other new lawyers who would like to practice in the same area. On the other
hand working on major corporate internal investigations will sharpen your
skills. All of these firms generate many new members of the U.S. Attorneys
office in various jurisdictions.

     7/7/2010                    (c) 2009 Franklyn D. Kimball                   45
                Mega                    National                Mid Size
Jenner           Baker                  Drinker Biddle          Bell Boyd

Mayer            Winston                McGuire Woods
Sidley           Sonnenschein

Seyfarth         Schiff

This area is not growing but remains popular among law students. After a period
of explosive growth in the 80‟s and 90‟s the area can best be described as
mature. Very little entry-level hiring. Even less lateral hiring.

     7/7/2010                    (c) 2009 Franklyn D. Kimball                     46

Mega                                        National            Mid Size

Jenner                Baker                 Drinker Biddle      Bell Boyd

Mayer                 Winston               McGuire Woods

Sidley                Sonnenschein          Proskauer           Wildman

Seyfarth              Schiff                Morgan Lewis

This area is not growing but remains popular among law students. After a period
of explosive growth in the 80‟s and 90‟s the area can best be described as
mature. Very little entry-level hiring. Even less lateral hiring.

     7/7/2010                    (c) 2009 Franklyn D. Kimball                     47
            Products Liability Litigation

    Mega                        National                      Mid Size            <100
Baker              Bryan Cave          Howrey             Arnstein Lehr       Bartlit Beck
DLA Piper          Dewey LeBoeuf       Jones Day          Bell Boyd           Eimer Stahl
Jenner             Drinker Biddle      Locke Lord         Bollinger Ruberry   Grippo Elden
Katten             Dykema              Lewis Brisbois     Clausen Miller      Schopf Weiss
Kirkland           Foley Lardner       McGuire Woods      Freeborn Peters     Goldberg Kohn
Mayer              Greenberg Traurig   Perkins Coie       Goldberg Kohn

McDermott          Holland & Knight    Reed Smith         Hinshaw
Schiff Hardin                                             Neal Gerber
Seyfarth                                                  Ungaretti
Sidley                                                    Vedder Price
Sonnenschein                                              Wildman

            7/7/2010                    (c) 2009 Franklyn D. Kimball                          48
                Mega                        National            Mid Size        Boutique
Kirkland            Sidley               Skadden             Neal Gerber
Mayer               McDermott            Latham
Baker               Winston              Jones Day
DLA Piper           Schiff
Katten              Sonnenschein

Chicago is home to many firms with strong and wide ranging tax practices which advise
clients on all manner of domestic and international transactions. Notably, in many of these
firms the senior tax partners originate substantial amounts of business – so the tax
practice is not just a “service” unit but it is a group which has strong client relationships
and thus influence across the board within the firm

         7/7/2010                      (c) 2009 Franklyn D. Kimball                             49
        ERISA / Employee Benefits
                   Mega                             National             Mid Size

McDermott           Katten                    Skadden                Vedder Price
Winston             Sidley                    Jones Day              Neal Gerber
Mayer               Kirkland                  Latham
Sonnenschein        DLA Piper                 Morgan Lewis

Baker                                         Drinker Biddle
This burgeoning area is often ignored by students – perhaps because of the absence of
coursework in employee benefits at many leading schools. This tax driven discipline is
involved in some of the most interesting issues of policy, corporate governance, and
finance as corporations of all sizes wrestle with the complexity and expense of benefits
plans and retirement issues.

        7/7/2010                      (c) 2009 Franklyn D. Kimball                         50
         Estate Planning
    Mega                         National             Mid Size               Boutique
McDermott           Katten                        Neal Gerber           Levin Schreder

Mayer               Jenner                                              Levenfeld Pearlstein

Sidley              Schiff
Chicago is home to some of the nation‟s leading practices in this area. It is tax- driven,
complex, and demanding. The groups are small and highly selective. Students must have
the technical skills and a full range of people skills. It is not a cushy “life style” area. Far
from it. You will represent families / clients with 8-10 figures net worth on a regular basis.
Terrific work for the truly talented.

         7/7/2010                        (c) 2009 Franklyn D. Kimball                              51
Washington, D.C.

      Leading Practices in
     Selected Practice Areas
DC As A Place to Practice
   Premiere practices           A Government Town
   Income v. COL                Average Hours
   Partnership Odds             Intensity of Hours
   Specialty Areas              Stellar experience
   Pro bono emphasis

7/7/2010            (c) 2009 Franklyn D. Kimball       53
       DC As A Place To Live

   DC/MD/VA choice                  Restaurants
   Housing Options                  Amount of Free Time
   Commuting                        Raising Family
   Smithsonian                      Educating Kids
   World-class arts                 Net Aggravation Index
   Sports                           Lawyer Culture

       7/7/2010        (c) 2009 Franklyn D. Kimball           54
The D.C. Market
   Mega Firms Based in D.C.
   National Firms With Large D.C. offices
   National Firms – Smaller Offices
   Mid Size Firms
   Specialty Firms and Boutiques
   A large complex and very selective market
   Attractive to students from all leading schools

7/7/2010           (c) 2009 Franklyn D. Kimball   55
         Mega firms with
         Original Offices in DC

Arnold & Porter                  Covington & Burling                    Wiley Rein
Hogan & Hartson                  Clifford Chance                        Dickstein Shapiro
Howrey                           Wilmer Hale                            Steptoe & Johnson

The largest DC firms continue to prosper, though their hiring trends may fluctuate year over year in
reaction to the market and the relative business of various practice groups. Some have absorbed
lateral groups or regional firms, and thus experienced growth in other markets. It is more difficult to
make equity partner / hours and expectations are higher / the pressure to specialize more immediate
/ elevation to capital partner requires exceptional skill and the ability to cultivate or maintain client
relationships. The vast majority of firms in the DC market have a two-tiered structure – income
(junior) partners and equity (share) partners. Several have terminated or involuntarily retired many
partners – equity and non-equity – and not all of these events have drawn attention from the media.

         7/7/2010                            (c) 2009 Franklyn D. Kimball                                   56
But…the broader Market
   130 firms with 30-250 lawyers
   200+ national firm offices
   Scores of boutiques
   Martindale / Leadership / NALP

7/7/2010        (c) 2009 Franklyn D. Kimball   57
Arnold & Porter     Boies & Schiller               Cleary Gottlieb
Covington Burling   Howrey                         Hogan Hartson

Jones Day           Kelley Drye                    Kirkland & Ellis
Sidley Austin       Gibson Dunn                    Fried Frank

Wilmer Hale         Weil Gotshal                   Crowell Moring
O‟Melvny & Myers    King & Spalding                Freshfields
White & Case        Skadden                        Paul Weiss
Mayer Brown         McDermott Will                 Latham

    7/7/2010             (c) 2009 Franklyn D. Kimball                 58
   Appellate Litigation
Sidley Austin       Mayer Brown                    Jones Day
Jenner & Block      Latham & Watkins               Akin Gump

Kellogg Huber       Hogan Hartson                  Wilmer Hale
Baker Botts         Morrison Foerster              Farr & Taranto
O‟Melvny & Myers    Kirkland & Ellis               Goodwin Proctor

Sutherland Asbill

   7/7/2010              (c) 2009 Franklyn D. Kimball                59
     Communications / Telecomm
Wiley Rein          Dow Lehones        Latham Watkins       Skadden

Arnold Porter       Drinker Biddle     Mintz Levin          Steptoe Johnson

Bingham McCutchen Harris Wiltshire     Morrison Foerster    Willkie Farr

Collier Shannon     Holland Knight     Paul Weiss           Wilmer Hale

Covington Burling   Keller Heckman     Pillsbury Winthrop   Wilkinson Baker

Davis Wright        Kellogg Huber      Sidley Austin        Womble Carlyle

     7/7/2010                (c) 2009 Franklyn D. Kimball                  60
Akin Gump             Jones Day                     Skadden
Alston Bird           LeBoeuf Lamb                  Steptoe Johnson
Baker Botts           Morgan Lewis                  Sutherland Asbil
Dickstein Shapiro     Patton Boggs                  Troutman Sanders
Fulbright Jaworski    Paul Hastings                 Van Ness Feldman
Hogan Hartson         Pillsbury                     White & Case
Hunton & Williams     Sidley                        Winston & Strawn

     7/7/2010        (c) 2009 Franklyn D. Kimball                      61
Hunton & Williams     Hogan & Hartson                    Pillsbury Winthrop

Akin Gump             Kirkland & Ellis                   Sidley

Arnold & Porter       Latham & Watkins                   Sutherland Asbill
Baker & Botts         McKenna Long                       Van Ness Feldman
Beveridge & Diamond   Morgan Lewis                       Veneable

Crowell & Moring      Patton Boggs                       Vinson & Elkins

Gibson Dunn                                              Willkie Farr

      7/7/2010            (c) 2009 Franklyn D. Kimball                        62
   Erisa / Executive Comp.
Covington Burling   Ivins Philips                     McDermott Will
Alston Bird         K&L Gates                         Morgan Lewis

Dow Lohnes          Kilpatrick Stockton               Paul Hastings

Groom Law Group     Latham & Watkins                  Steptoe Johnson

Hogan & Hartson

   7/7/2010            (c) 2009 Franklyn D. Kimball                     63
    Food & Drug
Arnold & Porter     Hyman Phelps                    Olsson Frank

Covington Burling   K&L Gates                       Patton Boggs

Goodwin Proctor     Keller Heckman                  Ropes & Gray

Hogan & Hartson     King & Spalding                 Sidley Austin

Hunton & Williams   Kleinfeld Kaplin

    7/7/2010         (c) 2009 Franklyn D. Kimball                   64
    Government Contracts
Akin Gump           Hogan Hartson                    Perkins Coie

Arnold & Porter     Holland & Knight                 Reed Smith

Crowell Moring      Jenner & Block                   Seyfarth Shaw

Dickstein Shapiro   K&L Gates                        Venable

DLA Piper           Mayer Brown                      Vinson Elkins

Fried Frank         McKenna Long                     Wiley Rein

Gibson Dunn         Miller & Chevalier

    7/7/2010          (c) 2009 Franklyn D. Kimball                   65
  Government Relations / Lobbying
                     Law Firms
Akin Gump            Covington                      Hunton Williams
Alston & Bird        Dickstein Shapiro              McKenna Long
Arnold & Porter      DLA Piper                      Patton Boggs
Baker Hostetler      Greenberg Traurig              Sonnenschein
Bingham McCutchen    Hogan Hartson                  Williams Jensen
Blank Rome           Holland & Knight
                     Lobbying Firms
Barbour Griffith     Dutko Associates               PMA Group
BKSH & Associates    Federalist Group               Quinn Gillespie
Carmen Group         Livingston Group               Van Scoyoc
Cassidy Associates
  7/7/2010           (c) 2009 Franklyn D. Kimball                     66
Health Care
Akin Gump            Hogan Hartson                   Proskauer

Alston & Bird        Jones Day                       Reed Smith

Arent Fox            Latham                          Reed Smith
Crowell Moring       McDermott Will                  Ropes & Gray
Drinker Biddle       Mintz Levin                     Sonnenschein
Epstein Becker       Patton Boggs                    Vinson Elkins

Fulbright Jaworski   Powell Goldstein

7/7/2010              (c) 2009 Franklyn D. Kimball                   67
       Intellectual Property - Patent
Arnold & Porter      Fitzpatrick Cella       McKenna Long          Sonnenschein
Banner & Witcoff     Foley & Lardner         Morgan Lewis          Sterne Kessler
Buchanan Ingersoll   Hogan & Hartson         Morrison & Foerster   Sughrue Mion
Cooley Godward       Howrey                  Paul Hastings         Wiley Rein
Covington Burling    Hunton & Williams       Pillsbury Winthrop    Wilmer Hale
Dickstein Shapiro    Jones Day               Proskauer Rose        Venable
Drinker Biddle       Kirkland                Ropes & Gray          McGuire Woods
Finnegan Henderson   Mayer Brown             Sidley
Fish & Richardson    McDermott Will          Skadden Arps

       7/7/2010                  (c) 2009 Franklyn D. Kimball                       68
   Intellectual Property- Trademark
Arent Fox            DLA Piper                       Howrey

Baker & Hostetler    Drinker Biddle                  McDermott Will

Blank Rome           Finnegan Henderson              Morgan Lewis

Buchanan Ingersoll   Foley & Lardner                 Oblon Spivak

Dickstein Shapiro    Hogan & Hartson                 Patton Boggs

   7/7/2010           (c) 2009 Franklyn D. Kimball                    69
    International Trade
Akin Gump           Hogan & Hartson                 Sidley
Alston Bird         Kaye Scholer                    Skadden
Arent Fox           Kelley Drye                     Steptoe Johnson
Arnold & Porter     King & Spalding                 Stewart & Stewart
Baker & Hostetler   Mayer Brown                     Vinson Elkins
Dewey LeBoeuf       McDermott Will                  Weil Gotshal
DLA Piper           Miller Chevalier                White & Case
Gibson Dunn         Paul Hastings                   Wiley Rein
                    Pillsbury                       Willkie Farr
                    Sandler Travis                  Wilmer Hale

    7/7/2010         (c) 2009 Franklyn D. Kimball                       70
Labor & Employment
Akin Gump           Holland Knight                 O'Melvny

Arent Fox           Jackson Lewis                  Patton Boggs

Crowell Moring      Jones Day                      Paul Hastings

Dickstein Shapiro   Littler Mendelson              Seyfarth

DLA Piper           McDermott Will                 Steptoe

Ford & Harrison     Mintz Levin                    Venable

Gibson Dunn         Morgan Lewis                   Winston Strawn

7/7/2010            (c) 2009 Franklyn D. Kimball                    71
Akin Gump            Hunton & Williams               Skadden
Arnold & Porter      Jenner & Block                  Steptoe
Baker Botts          Jones Day                       Sullivan Worcester
Chadbourne Parke     Kirkland & Ellis                Sutherland Asbil
Covington Burling    Patton Boggs                    Troutman Sanders
Dewey LeBoeuf        Paul Hastings                   Van Ness Feldman
Fulbright Jaworski   Pillsbury Winthrop              Williams & Connolly
Gibson Dunn          Ropes & Gray                    Wilmer Hale
Goodwin Proctor      Ross Dixon                      Winston & Strawn
Hogan & Hartson      Sidley                          Zuckerman Spaeder

    7/7/2010              (c) 2009 Franklyn D. Kimball                     72
    Project Finance

Chadbourne Parke     Hunton & Williams              Paul Hastings

Clifford Chance      Latham & Watkins               Skadden Arps

Fulbright Jaworski   Milbank Tweed                  Vinson Elkins
Hogan & Hartson      Nixon Peabody                  White & Case

    7/7/2010              (c) 2009 Franklyn D. Kimball              73
     Real Estate

Akin Gump         DLA Piper                Nixon Peabody
Arent Fox         Goulston Storrs          Powell Goldstein

Arnold & Porter   Hogan Hartson            Reed Smith
Ballard Spahr     Holland Knight           Venable

Bingham McCutchen Mayer Brown              Pillsbury Shaw Pittman

     7/7/2010           (c) 2009 Franklyn D. Kimball                74
Baker & Hostetler   Irvins Phillips                 Morgan Lewis
Baker & McKenzie    Jones Day                       Powell Goldstein
Caplin Drysdale     King & Spalding                 Shearman & Sterling
Covington Burling   Latham & Watkins                Skadden Arps
Dewey LeBoeuf       Mayer Brown                     Steptoe & Johnson
Dow Lohnes          McDermott Will                  Sutherland Asbil
Fried Frank         McKee Nelson                    White & Case

                    Miller & Chevalier

    7/7/2010              (c) 2009 Franklyn D. Kimball                    75
Your Network
   Law School
   College
   Fraternities, Sororities, other organizations
   Activities
   Social / Charitable / Political / Almost Anything
   Keith Ferrazzi – Never Eat Alone

7/7/2010              (c) 2009 Franklyn D. Kimball      76
Reach for the Stars
   Leaders in your field
   Leaders who can help you
   Leaders to build relationships

7/7/2010         (c) 2009 Franklyn D. Kimball   77
     Persistence In the Face of Frustration
     Networking Is…………….

   Time Consuming
   Unpredictable
   Frustrating
   Inspiring
   Informative
   And when you least expect it …effective

     7/7/2010       (c) 2009 Franklyn D. Kimball   78
Make the Call
   Ann Arbor to Australia -1 Skeptical Wolverine
   Keith Ferrazzi – Never Eat Alone
   10,000 Contacts -Three A Week Forever
   What Your Network Can Do
   You Can‟t Jump Start it in 15 Years
   If I can do Facebook – You Can Make The
   Yes you will call someone you don‟t know!

7/7/2010           (c) 2009 Franklyn D. Kimball   79
Kimball Professional Management

Search Advisory & Program Experience
      Firms Where We Have Placed Lawyers

Baker              Foley           Katten              McGuire Woods         Skadden
Bartlit Beck       Freeborn        Kirkland            Miller Canfield       Sonnenschein
Bell Boyd          Gardner         Latham              Perkins Coie          Ungaretti
Chapman            Grippo          Stein Ray           Schiff Hardin         Wildman
Eimer Stahl        Howrey          Mayer Brown         Seyfarth              Vedder
Faegre             Jenner          McDermott           Sidley Austin         Winston
Burke Warren       Jones Day       Neal Gerber         Stein Ray & Harris
Kimball Professional works with AmLaw 100 firms in California, New York, and Washington, D.C.
on project consulting and lateral hiring. For information on our experience in those markets and
opportunities for lateral candidates, please e-mail or call. 773-
528-7548 Where we are unable to assist you because of client conflict reasons we are pleased
to refer you to exceptional search firms in each market.

        7/7/2010                      (c) 2009 Franklyn D. Kimball                           81
 Practice Area Experience
Antitrust        Corporate                      Benefits

Estates          I.P. Patent                    I.P. Non Patent

Litigation       Outsourcing                    Private Equity

Public Finance   Private Finance                Real Estate

Sports Law       Tax                            Trade Ass’n NFP

White Collar     Govt Contracts                 Environmental

 7/7/2010               (c) 2009 Franklyn D. Kimball              82
        Selected Partner Placements
   A   Patent Partner with a Chemical Engineering background at a 900 lawyer national firm
   A   Real Estate Partner with a $2MM practice – placed in a large Chicago firm
   A   Tax Practice Group Leader – placed at one of the five largest firms in Chicago
   A   Benefits Practice Group Head placed at a 800 lawyer national firm
   A   partner with $1.2MM in health care business, placed at large Chicago based firm
   A   tax lawyer from a 2,000 lawyer firm placed as head of a mid size firm‟s tax practice.
   A   prominent antitrust partner with one of the leading litigation practices in the nation
   A   state and local tax partner placed with a 500 lawyer Chicago firm
   A   corporate partner with a seven figure practice placed with a multi office national firm
   A   minority Real Estate partner with business placed at national firm
   A   sports law partner with business - placed with a large national firm
   A   corporate partner with nearly $2 MM in business - placed at large Chicago-based firm
   A   corporate partner with a substantial practice – placed in a leading Michigan firm

        7/7/2010                         (c) 2009 Franklyn D. Kimball                             83
       Selected Recent Associate Placements

•   2006 litigator from Northwestern with Latham & Watkins placed with Bartlit Beck
   2002 corporate associate from Lord Bissell placed with one of Chicago‟s Jenner & Block
   2003 insurance coverage litigator placed with Jenner & Block
   2005 litigator from Northwestern from Sonnenschein placed with Mayer Brown San Francisco
   2005 Michigan grad from a leading Honolulu firm placed with Neal Gerber‟s Real Estate group
   2005 Illinois grad from Barnes Thornburg placed in the health care group of McGuire Woods
   2002 Indiana grad from Reed Smith placed with Stein Ray Harris
   2003Michigan grad practicing with Sullivan & Cromwell placed with Jones Day
   2006 Illinois grad with Snell & Wilmer placed in Jones Day Chicago real estate practice group
   2003 Michigan grad from Simpson Thacher laced in the Chicago office of Jones Day.
   2004 Northwestern graduate placed with Grippo & Elden
   2004 Northwestern graduate from Wildman Harrold placed with Stein Ray Harris
   2003 Yale grad from Debevoise Plimpton placed with Neal Gerber Eisenberg Wealth Management
   2001 Harvard graduate who practiced with Cravath placed with Kirkland & Ellis.
   2000 Denver grad with Holland & Hart placed in Global Outsourcing with Baker & McKenzie
   2003 Michigan grad from Baker & Daniels placed in Bankruptcy with Jenner & Block
   2006 Chicago grad from Latham & Watkins placed in litigation with Winston & Strawn

       7/7/2010                         (c) 2009 Franklyn D. Kimball                                84
       Advisory Services
   We provide consulting, advisory, and training services to leading firms nationally. We
    advise our clients on entry-level and lateral hiring tactics and strategies, compensation,
    and competitive issues. We‟ve presented programs at law firm retreats and national
    hiring partner conferences and often participate in multi office video conferences for
    leading firms discussing their entry-level and lateral hiring strategies and tactics.
   We have trained hundreds of campus and office interviewers for more than a dozen
    AmLaw 200 firms including Shearman & Sterling, Paul Hastings, Akin Gump, Katten
    Muchin Rosenman, Jenner & Block, Gardner Carton & Douglas (now Drinker Biddle),
    Arnold & Porter, Winston & Strawn, Schiff Hardin, and Neal Gerber Eisenberg.
   Frank has presented more than 50 programs to more than 3,000 students at Chicago,
    Columbia, DePaul, Georgetown, Harvard, Indiana, Illinois, Kent, Loyola University
    Chicago, Michigan, Northwestern, NYU, Virginia, Washington & Lee, and other law
   Frank has presented scores of programs for hiring and managing partners and
    placement professionals including seven NALP Annual Conferences, NALSC annual
    meetings, IOMA Seminars, and other programs for recruiting professionals in Los
    Angeles, Philadelphia, and other markets.

       7/7/2010                       (c) 2009 Franklyn D. Kimball                          85
             About Frank Kimball
   Frank Kimball is the only former hiring partner of one of the largest national firms who provides search services, project
    consulting and training for leading law firms. He has interviewed, hired, placed, or counseled more than 9,500 law
    students and attorneys. Each year he meets 1:1 with more than 200 law students who are considering joining the
    nation‟s leading law firms and with more than 200 lawyers considering lateral moves. .Frank was a partner with
    McDermott, Will & Emery from 1986-1992, served for six years on the hiring committee, ran two summer programs,
    and was chair of the national hiring committee in 1990-1992.
   Frank‟s firm has placed partners and associates with more than thirty firms including Baker & McKenzie, Bartlit Beck,
    Bell, Boyd & Lloyd, Chapman and Cutler, Faegre & Benson, Foley & Lardner, Gardner Carton, Grippo & Elden, Howrey,
    Jenner & Block, Jones Day, Katten Muchin, Kirkland & Ellis, Latham & Watkins, Mayer Brown, McDermott, Will & Emery,
    McGuire Woods, Miller Canfield, Neal Gerber Eisenberg, Perkins Coie, Schiff Hardin, Seyfarth Shaw, Sidley Austin,
    Skadden Arps, Sonnenschein, Stein Ray & Harris, Vedder Price, and Winston & Strawn.
   He has trained hundreds of campus and office interviewers and presented programs for hiring partner retreats for more
    than twenty AmLaw 200 firms including Shearman & Sterling, Paul Hastings, Akin Gump, Katten Muchin Rosenman,
    Winston & Strawn, Jenner & Block, Gardner Carton & Douglas (now Drinker Biddle), Arnold & Porter, Schiff Hardin, and
    Neal Gerber Eisenberg. He has completed consulting projects for many AmLaw 200 firms and interviewed on campus at
    two dozen law schools.
   Frank has presented more than 50 programs to more than 3,000 students at Chicago, Columbia, DePaul, Georgetown,
    Harvard, Illinois, Kent, Michigan, Northwestern, NYU, Virginia, and Washington & Lee.This year he will add Loyola
    University of Chicago and Indiana University to that list. Frank has presented scores of programs for hiring and
    managing partners and placement professionals including hiring committee retreats, seven NALP Annual Conferences,
    NALSC annual meetings, IOMA Seminars, and programs for recruiting professionals in Los Angeles, Philadelphia, and
    other markets.
   A 1977 Michigan graduate, Frank won the Campbell Moot Court Competition (with his brother George), was a Note &
    Comment Editor of the Michigan Journal Of Law Reform, and a Senior Writing Instructor. He graduated magna cum
    laude from UCLA, is a member of Phi Beta Kappa, and was Second Speaker at the 1973 National Debate Tournament.
   A practicing litigator in two national firms, he argued appeals in takeover, shareholder derivative, class action, banking,
    tax, and probate cases and represented leading investment banks, commercial banks, offerors and targets in more than
    thirty contested takeovers and tender offers.
              7/7/2010                                 (c) 2009 Franklyn D. Kimball                                           86

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