Deferred Compensation Rules

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					                                                                     NET PAY CALCULATOR

                                      CALCULATION INFORMATION                                                            RESULTS
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Enter Payroll Area                                                                 Z3
Biweekly Pay Gross                                                              $0.00     Biweekly Pay Gross                         $0.00
Taxable Vehicle Amount FWT                                                      $0.00
Taxable Vehicle Amount - No FWT                                                 $0.00                                TAXES
Marital Status (M or S)                                                             m     Federal Witholding Tax (FWT)               $0.00
Number of Allowances                                                                 0    Social Security Tax                        $0.00
FWT Tax Exempt (Y or N)                                                              n    Medicare Tax                               $0.00
Additional Federal Withholding Tax                                              $0.00     State Withholding Tax                      $0.00
Soc Sec Tx (Y or N)                                                                  y    Unemployment Compensation (UC) Tax         $0.00
Medicare Tx (Y or N)                                                                 y    Local Wage Tax                             $0.00
Unemp Comp Tx (Y or N)                                                               y    Local Services Tax (LST)                   $0.00
State Withholding Tax Rate                                                      0.00%                                   DEDUCTIONS
Additional State Withholding Tax                                                $0.00     Pre-Tax Medical Hospital (M/H)             $0.00
Live or Work in City of Philadelphia (Y or N)                                        n    Pre-Tax M/H Buy Up                         $0.00
Local Wage Tax Rate                                                          0.0000%      Deferred Compensation                      $0.00
Local Services Tax (LST, Formerly EMS Tax)                                      $0.00     Tax Sheltered Annuity (TSA)                $0.00
Retirement P/U Contribution Rate                                                0.00%     Family Care Account Program (FCAP)         $0.00
Deferred Compensation                                                           $0.00     Tuition Account Program (TAP)              $0.00
Tax Sheltered Annuity (TSA)                                                     $0.00     Retirement P/U Contribution                $0.00
Family Care Account Program (FCAP)                                              $0.00     Taxable Maintenance Deduction              $0.00
Tuition Account Program (nowU College Savings Plan)                             $0.00     Non-Taxable Maintenance Deduction          $0.00
Taxable Maintenance Deduction                                                   $0.00     Other Pre-Tax Deductions                   $0.00
Non-Taxable Maintenance Deduction                                               $0.00     Other Post-Tax Deductions                  $0.00
Pre-Tax Medical Hospital                                                        $0.00
Pre-Tax M/H Buy Up                                                              $0.00
Other Pre-Tax Deductions                                                        $0.00
Other Post-Tax Deductions                                                       $0.00     Net Pay                                    $0.00
Domestic Partner Taxable Income                                                 $0.00

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