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									                                                                  2719 Tobey Drive
                                                                  Indianapolis, IN 46219

  Forecast Sales
                                                                  Phone: 800.892.6223
                                                                  Fax: 317.829.0148
  Manufacturer & Wholesaler                             

 Application For Distributor Login
 Please fill out form completely and return to Forecast Sales via e-mail or fax. You
 must be a current Forecast Sales Distributor to be eligible for a Login.

 E-mail Directions:   Fill out this form by typing in the fields provided and save the
                      completed form to your computer. After saving the form, send
                      an e-mail to with the subject
                      “Web Login Application” and send the saved form as an

 Fax Directions:      You may complete the form by either typing in your responses
                      and printing the form, or by printing the form and filling in the
                      blanks by hand. Once completed, fax the form to Forecast
                      Sales at 317-829-0148.

                      Company Name:

                      Street Address:

                       City, State Zip:

Federal Identification Number (FID):
or Goods And Services Tax # (GST)

Name Of Person Requesting Login:

                         Telephone #:

                                Fax #:


              Requested Username:

              Requested Password:

A Forecast Sales representative will contact you after reviewing your request.

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