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									                                                                                                                                          MILEAGE EXPENSE REPORT
Week Ending (Sunday):
                                                                                                                                           Fax to 858-366-0662 by 10:30 am Monday

Expense Report Number:                                       Internal Only

Rate Per Mile

Consultant / Resource:                                     Client:

      Date              Miles            Rate/Per                 Total

                      Total Mileage Expense

CLIENT: Client hereby certifies that the mileage expenses shown on this mileage expense report are true and that the expenses relate to existing active project. Client understands that the supervision of the assigned KoreOne
Staffing Consultant for the agreed upon duties is the Client's responsibility, not KoreOne's. Without prior written consent of KoreOne, Client shall not entrust a KoreOne Consultant with unattended premises, cash, negotiable
instruments, keys, security pass cards or codes, or other valuables.

CONSULTANT: To ensure prompt processing of your mileage expense check, it is important that you report your mileage expense report to KoreOne Staffing by no later than 10:00 am Monday morning. To properly report your
mileage, present this mileage expense report bearing your signature and the signature of an authorized supervisor of the company you are rendering services to. Signatures must be in ink. By signing and submitting this mileage
expense report, you agree and warrant that all of the information contained herein is true and accurate. Please fax this mileage expense report and mail the original copy to KoreOne Staffing at the fax number and address listed on
this document.

  Consultant                                                                                                               Client
  Signature:                                                                                                            Approval:
                                                                                       Date                                                                                                                 Date

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