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Book Keeping Software


Book Keeping Software document sample

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entry              beginner             intermediate          advanced              exit

Letter & numeral                                              keyboarding
matching           Home keys,           Function keys         techniques.                                 keyboarding

Alphabetic keys

                   Symbol keys

                   Hand/body position

                                                                                 Data processing
                                                                                 and data storage data entry
                   Email: transcribed                                            Email: copy to,
print              content, address     Email:Novel                              forward,attachmen
email/webpage      book                 content/body          Email: Novel Reply ts                e-mail
                                        Internet: basic
                   Internet:            research to
                   browse/search for    address company/      Internet: webpage Internet:
Log-on functions   personal interest.   business needs        info into document Advanced Search internet
                                        Create new            File Functions:
                   transcribed data     worksheet: fields &   Moving and
                   into fields          lists                 copying cell content Sorting by attribute Excel

                                                              Formats: Using        Mathematical,
                                                              text, number          statistical, and
                                                              money & date          financial functions

                                                                                    report generation

                                                              Creating an initial   Wizards for
                                                              outline               Autocontent           PowerPoint

                                                              Inserting text and    Formatting and
                                                              graphics              proofing text

                                                              Using various views Objects

                                                                                    Introductory skills   Access

                                                                                    File Management MS Word

                                                              file functions:       formatting, table
                                                              find/replace          creation
                                                                                    File Functions:
                                                                                    Using Go To,
Occupations Clerical
entry     beginner                 intermediate             advanced             exit

                                   Speed & accuracy to
                                   business level                                Touch-typing      keyboarding

           Recognizing & using     Speed & accuracy to
           fields                  business level           Check to correct                       data entry

                                                            et in other
                                   Using templates          document

                                                                                 Managing business
           Indexing by alphabet                             Document             letters, reports,
           or numberical           Filing & sorting by      management &         invoices, and     business
           attribute               various attributes       organization         resumes           applications

                                                            Creating business                      Business
           Basic spoken                                     documents: letter, Dealing with        Communicatio
           language skills         workplace behavior       report, resume, etc difficult people   n

                                   Telephone services &     Personal &
           Personal etiquette      techniques               business ethics
           management- time        Time management &
           card, ID, notebook,     recording for specific
           timer                   activities               Dress code

                                   Inter-personal           Interviewing &
                                   communications skills    business
                                   & teamwork               conversations
                                                                                 Analytical and
                                                                                 problem-solving ,
                                                                                 typical business
                                                            Discount & Tax       scenarios and case
           item cost calculation   total cost calculation   Calculation          studies            Business Math

                                                            File functions:
           Create/ transcribe      File functions: save/    Moving, copy paste
           new document            save as, print            text                                  MS Word
                                   Edit documents - spell   Headers and
                                   & grammer check          footers
                                   Basic document
                                   formatting: change       Creating various
                                   font/size, underline,    documents with
                                   bold, center             business formats
Occupations Retail
entry    beginner                        intermediate             advanced             exit

                                         math functions with                                              money
                                         money: total purchase    discount & Tax       POS software,      manage
              item cost calculation      cost                     Calculation          cash register      ment
Money                                                                                  Payment- credit
identificatio                                                     Give the correct     card & POS
n/ quantity counting with money          Payment- cash, check     amount of change     devices

                                                                                       Dealing with       communi
             Basic Spoken Language       Workplace behavior                            difficult people   cations

                                         Telephone services &     Personal &
             Personal etiquette          techniques               business ethics
                                         communications skills
                                         & teamwork               Dress code
             Personal management-        Time management &        Interviewing &
             time card, ID, notebook,    recording for specific   business
             timer                       activities               conversations

                                                                  Material &                              retail
             Material management:                                 document                                applicati
             Sorting, setup & stocking                            organization                            ons

             Material Management:        Workplace safety-
             price coding/ labeling      passages                 Record Keeping       Book-keeping

             Material Management:        Workplace safety- wet    Workplace safety-
             routes & delivery           & dry                    hazardous material

             Material Management -       Workplace safety-
             box, bag, wrap              personal safety
                                                                  Requests support/
                                                                  advice from
             Customer greeting or        Provides courteous,      supervisor or co- TREF content &        Custome
             acknowledgment.             complete attention       worker            certification         r Service
                                         Customer needs are       All steps in the
Program &                                clarified and re-        sales transaction
instructor Offer of assistance (e.g.,    confirmed (e.g.,         are completed
information How can I help you?).        restated to the          accurately.

                                         Information on process
             Comment of appreciation     and policies for       Provides all
             (e.g., Thank you, Come      complaints and         relevant, available
             back soon).                 problems.              information
                                                                Directs customer
                                         Accurately records     to appropriate
             Accurate information        (writes/ types)        department/
             about product delivery      information            individual

             Explanations and            Product information                         marketing/           product
             demonstrations of           documents: copy &        productinformation advertising plan     informati
             products or services        distribute               document: design or document            on
entry                    beginner              intermediate              advanced            exit
                         Basic arithmetic –
                         addition, subtraction,
Number identification,   multiplication and
sequnce, quantity        division.              calculator math          word problems       fraction, decimalsmath

Personal information:    Basic spoken          Basic novel spoken &      novel document
spoken & written         language skills       written language skills   creation

                                                                                             Editing/proofrea oral,
letter sequence,        basic reading &        expanded reading &        Reading & writing   ding for         reading/
Letter/word recognition writing skills         writing skills            for Business        business         writing
                                               Time management &
units of time: Clock &   clock & calendar      recording for specific    calculating using                   time/
calendar recognition     basic functions       activities                units of time                       calendar
Graphics & OLE

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