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OECD CodeSBN      Title                  所蔵状況 棚番号1
                              Published Date
202006017P1                   04/30/2008 OECD投資政策レビュー:中国
                  中国クロスボーダーM&A架          開           Shelf C
         9789264043336 Policies of IEA開架
612008171P1       Energy                             Shelf G
                              06/06/2008CountriesSweden: 2008
         9789264045514Economic Impact 開架
922008041P1       The                    of          Shelf
                              07/08/2008 CounterfeitingJand Piracy
662008031P1                   06/17/2008 架
                                         開           Shelf G
                  Uranium 2007: Resources, Production and Demand
         9789264044043Internationalisation of Business R&D: Evidence, Impacts and Implications
922008021P1       The                    開
                              06/20/2008 架           Shelf J
282008041P1                   09/04/2008 架
                                         開           Shelf in
                  Fighting Bribery in Public Procurement D Asia-Pacific
302008271P1                   10/28/2008 Statistics: An B
                  Understanding Economic架開           Shelf OECD perspective
         9789264045798 Reviews of Labour Market ShelfSocial PoliciesSerbia: A Labour Market in Transition
812008081P1       OECD                   開
                              06/20/2008 架           and J
         9789264041424 Technology Perspectives Shelf G
612008021P1       Energy                 開
                              06/17/2008 架           2008: Scenarios and Strategies to 2050
         9789264043350 Policies of IEA開架
612008181P1       Energy                             Shelf 2008
         9789264044852 Economic and Employment Shelf F
842008051P1       Local                  開
                              06/20/2008 架           Development (LEED)Making Local Strategies Work: Building the Evidence Base
         9789264046467 for Youth/Des emplois pourShelf J
812008101P1       Jobs                   開
                              07/18/2008 架            les jeunesUnited Kingdom
932008021P1                    Growth and 架
                                         開           Shelf J
                  Broadband 07/18/2008 Policies in OECD Countries
212008071P1                   08/19/2008 架
                                         開           Shelf D
                  Improving Financial Education and Awareness on Insurance and Private Pensions
         9789264043732 Reviews of Innovation PolicyNorway
922008011P1       OECD                   開
                              07/18/2008 架
         9789264042186 in the Western開架
612008051P1       Energy                             Shelf G
                              07/02/2008Balkans: The Path to Reform and Reconstruction
662008051P1                   07/23/2008 架
                                         開           Shelf G
                  Radioactive Waste ManagementRegulating the Long-Term Safety of Geological Disposal of Radioactive Waste: P
         9789264039148 Reviews of Tertiary EducationCroatia
912008101P1       OECD                   開
                              08/14/2008 架           Shelf I
742008041P1                   07/24/2008 架
                                         開           Shelf I
                  ITF Round TablesNo. 140 : The Wider Economic Benefits of Transport: Macro-, Meso- and Micro-Economic Tra
         9789264045972 Investment Policy架
212008061P1       OECD                   開           Shelf D
                              07/30/2008 ReviewsRussian Federation: Strengthening the Policy Framework for Investment
662008041P1                   07/25/2008 架
                                         開           Shelf G
                  Nuclear ScienceStructural Materials for Innovative Nuclear Systems (SMINS): Workshop Proceedings - Karlsruh
         9789264047259 Sustainable Development Studies Conducting Sustainability Assessments
972008071P1       OECD                   開
                              07/04/2008 架           Shelf H
912008051P1                   08/06/2008 架
                                         閉           Shelf I
                  Improving School Leadership: Volume 1: Policy and Practice
302008251P1                   09/10/2008 架
                                         開           Shelf B
                  Handbook on Constructing Composite Indicators: Methodology and User Guide
912008031P1                   08/26/2008 架
                                         開           Shelf I
                  Improving School Leadership: Volume 2: Case Studies on System Leadership
512008091P1                   07/08/2008 架
                  Environmental Performance of Agriculture at a Glance
         9789264046320 Employment Outlook - 2008 Edition
812008091P1       OECD                   開
                              08/20/2008 架           Shelf J
         9789264044241Marshall Plan: Lessons Learned for the 21st Century
012008091P1       The                    開
                              09/17/2008 架           Shelf C
         9789264048188 Tax Convention開架
232008051P1       Model                               and D
                              09/02/2008on IncomeShelfon Capital: Condensed version -- July 2008
         9789264049192 for Youth/Des emplois pourShelf J
812008121P1       Jobs                   開
                              09/04/2008 架            les jeunesNorway
         9789264047679 Innovation in Global Networks J
922008071P1       Open                   開
                              10/17/2008 架           Shelf
         9789264046610 Shaping Education - 2008Shelf I
962008081P1       Trends                 開
                              09/02/2008 架            Edition
         9789264047747Global 09/30/2008 for Talent: Mobility of the Highly Skilled
922008081P1       The                    開
                               Competition 架         Shelf J
962008041P1                   09/09/20082008:        Shelf I
                  Education at a Glance 開架 OECD Indicators
812008071P1                   09/11/2008Outlook: SOPEMI - 2008 Edition
                  International Migration開架          Shelf J
912008071P1                   09/22/2008the          Shelf I
                  Tertiary Education for 開架Knowledge Society: VOLUME 1 : Special features: Governance, Funding, Quality - VO
         9789264039810 Reviews of Innovation PolicyChina
922008091P1       OECD                   開
                              08/29/2008 架           Shelf J
612008151P1                   08/06/2008 架
                                         閉           Shelf
                  Electricity Information: 2008 Edition O (closed)
612008161P1                   07/30/2008 2008 Edition O (closed)
                  Renewables Information: 架          Shelf
302008143P1                   07/30/2008 架
                                         開           Shelf Volume II, Detailed Tables, 1995-2006, 2008 Edition
                  National Accounts of OECD Countries: B
662008063P1                   07/25/2008 架
                  Nuclear Energy Data: 2008 Edition  Shelf G
         9789264037267 Statistics of OECD Countries: 2005/2006: 2008 Edition
612008073P1       Energy                 閉
                              07/25/2008 架           Shelf O (closed)
         9789264042087 Balances of OECD Countries: 2005/2006: 2008 Edition
612008083P1       Energy                 閉
                              07/25/2008 架           Shelf O (closed)
         9789264039193Co-operation 2008: Towards Shelf D Playing Field: Assessment by the Global Forum on Taxation
232008061P1       Tax                    開
                              08/29/2008 架           a Level
612008113P1                   08/19/2008 架
                  Oil Information: 2008 Edition      Shelf O (closed)
         9789264048928 Reviews of Regional InnovationNorth of England, United Kingdom
042008061P1       OECD                   開
                              10/17/2008 架           Shelf F
         9789264042292 Statistics of Non-OECD Countries: 2005/2006: 2008 Edition
612008093P1       Energy                 閉
                              09/03/2008 架           Shelf O (closed)
         9789264042322 Balances of Non-OECD Countries: 2005/2006: 2008 Edition
612008103P1       Energy                 閉
                              09/03/2008 架           Shelf O (closed)
         9789264042476 Gas Information: 架
612008141P1       Natural                閉           Shelf
                              09/02/2008 2008 Edition O (closed)
         9789264042414 Information: 2008閉架
612008131P1       Coal        08/20/2008Edition Shelf O (closed)
662008071P1                   09/17/2008 架
                                         開           Shelf G
                  Nuclear DevelopmentMarket Competition in the Nuclear Industry
         9789264039209 Reviews of Tertiary EducationIceland
912008091P1       OECD                   開
                              08/20/2008 架           Shelf I
         9789264039230 Reviews of Tertiary Education Mexico
912008081P1       OECD                   開
                              08/14/2008 架           Shelf I
         9789264039278 Reviews of Tertiary EducationNew Zealand
912008111P1       OECD                   開
                              08/13/2008 架           Shelf I
812007107P1                   07/00/2008 架
                  図表でみる世界の最低生活保障 Shelf J 開           OECD給付・賃金インディケータ -働くための福祉の国際比較
812007057P1                   05/31/2008 架
                  図表でみる世界の保健医療 OECDインディケータ(2007年版)   Shelf J

                                                     Page 1

962007067P1                    05/13/2008 架
                  学習の社会的成果 健康、市民・社会的関与と社会関係資本         Shelf I
         9789264043374 Policies of IEA開架
612008191P1       Energy                              Shelf G
                               09/17/2008CountriesIEA Energy Policies Review - The European Union: 2008
         9789264050914 Investment Policy架
202008051P1       OECD                    開
                               12/17/2009 ReviewsVietnam
                  OECD         02/20/2007 架
                                          開           Shelf B
8120031459789264029088 InsightsHuman Capital: How what you know shapes your life
         9264035249 ECD Documents: From架
021992013P1       O                       閉           Shelf L (closed)
                               03/01/1992 Higher Education to Employment Australia, Austria, Belgium, Germany - Volume 1
         9264035257 ECD Documents From Higher Education to Employment Canada, Denmark, Spain, United States - Volume 2
021992023P1       O            3/9/1992 閉架            Shelf L (closed)
         926403529X ECD Documents: From架
021992033P1       O                       閉           Shelf L (closed)
                               07/01/1992 Higher Education to Employment Finland, France, Italy, Japan, Netherlands, Norway - V
         9264036954 ECD Documents: From Higher Education to Employment Portugal, United Kingdom, Sweden, Switzerland - Vol
021992043P1       O            9/17/1992閉架            Shelf L (closed)
         926413722X tructural Change and閉架
021992051P1       S                                   Shelf L (closed)
                               08/01/1992Industrial Performance A Seven Country Growth Decomp. Study
         926413672X uropean Integration The Impact Shelf L (closed) Industrialising Economices
021992061P1       E                       閉
                               07/01/1992 架           on Asian Newly
021992067P1                    03/1993 閉架
                  欧州統合とアジアNIEsへのインパクト (日経調資料)         Shelf L (closed)
         9264137769 ECD Documents Climate Change Designing a Practical Tax System
021992071P1       O                       閉
                               11/23/1992 架           Shelf L (closed)
         9264136711 he United07/06/1992 the Regionalisation of the World Economy
021992081P1       T             States and閉架          Shelf L (closed)
021992087P1                    08/1993 閉架
                  アメリカと世界経済のリージョナリゼーション (日経調資料)       Shelf L (closed)
         9264137319 ECD Documents Climate Change: Designing a Tradeable Permit System
021992091P1       O                       閉
                               08/12/1992 架           Shelf L (closed)
         9264036881 cience Responds to Environmental Threats: Country Studies
021992103P1       S                       閉
                               08/24/1992 架           Shelf L (closed)
         9264036873 cience Responds to Environmental Threats: Synthesis Report
021992123P1       S                       閉
                               08/24/1992 架           Shelf L (closed)
         9264036946 he Changing Public Policies in Information Technology: Canada, the Netherlands, and Sweden
021992133P1       T                       閉
                               10/08/1992 架           Shelf L (closed)
         9264137521 he Urban 09/25/1992 架 Policy Options, Technological Trends, and Market Prospects
021992141P1       T                       閉
                               Electric Vehicle:      Shelf L (closed)
         9264137564 ECD Documents New Technology and its Impact on Educational Buildings
021992151P1       O                       閉
                               10/07/1992 架           Shelf L (closed)
         9264137718 nvironmental Education: An Approach L (closed)
021992161P1       E                       閉
                               01/15/1993 架           Shelf to Sustainable Development
         926413784X ECD Documents Public架
021992171P1       O                       閉           Shelf L (closed)
                               12/01/1992 Educational Expenditure, Costs and Financing: An Analysis of Trends 1970/1988
         9264037039 ECD Documents ICCP 架
021992183P1       O                       閉           of Information and Communications Policies Finland
                               11/19/1992 Reviews Shelf L (closed)
         9264037047 he OECD 12/8/1992閉架 for Industrial (closed) 1992 Edition
021992193P1       T            STAN Database          Shelf L Analysis
         9264138218 ECD Documents Tax閉架
021993011P1       O                                   Shelf L (closed)
                               01/18/1993 Aspects of Transfer Pricing within Multinational Enterprises The United States Proposed
         9264037152 ECD Documents Coastal Zone Management Selected Case Studies
021993023P1       O                       閉
                               02/26/1993 架           Shelf L (closed)
         9264138447 ECD Documents: Higher Education and (closed)
021993031P1       O                       閉
                               04/08/1993 架           Shelf L Employment The Case of Humanities and Social Sciences
         9264038620 inancial Opening Policy Issues and Experiences in Developing Countries
021993043P1       F            3/29/1993閉架            Shelf L (closed)
         9264038639 ECD Documents Curriculum Reform Assessment in Question
021993063P1       O                       閉
                               03/29/1993 架           Shelf L (closed)
         9264038655 ECD Documents Advanced Emission Controls for Power Plants
021993073P1       O                       閉
                               04/26/1993 架           Shelf L (closed)
         9264138552 ECD Documents The Labour Market in (closed)
021993081P1       O                       閉
                               04/28/1993 架           Shelf L the Netherlands
         926403868X ECD Documents Toward Clean Shelf L (closed) Automobiles
021993093P1       O                       閉
                               05/10/1993 架           and Fuel Efficient
         926403529Xrom Higher Education to Employment L (closed)
021999033P1       F                       閉
                               07/01/1992 架           Shelf Finland, France, Italy, Japan, Netherlands, Norway - Volume 3
         9264119671nterfutures Facing the Future: Mastering(closed)
031979031P1       I                       閉
                               08/01/1979 架           Shelf L the Probable and Managing the Unpredictible
         9264127585 osts and Benefits of 閉架
031985021P1       C            09/30/1985  Protection Shelf L (closed)
031985027P1                    1986       閉架
                  保護主義の功罪 -その費用と利益- (経団連OECD諮問委員会))   Shelf L (closed)
         9264129960nterdependence and Cooperation in Tomorrow's World: A Symposium Marking the Twenty-Fifth Anniversary of
031987011P1       I                       閉
                               09/30/1992 架           Shelf L (closed)
         9264130063 tructural Adjustment閉架 Economic Performance
031987021P1       S            03/31/1988and          Shelf L (closed)
         96000031 Macrothesaurus for Information Processing in the Field of Economic and Social Development
031991011P1                               閉
                               02/28/1991 架           Shelf L (closed)
         9264134808 rade, Investment and閉架
031991021P1       T                                   Shelf L 1990s
                               05/14/1991Technology in the (closed)
         9264135596 trategic Industries in a Global Economy (closed)
031991031P1       S            9/27/1991閉架            Shelf L Policy Issues for the 1990s
         9264136754 ong-Term07/01/1992for the World Economy
031992031P1       L             Prospects閉架           Shelf L (closed)
         9264137971nternational Air Transport The Challenges Ahead
031993011P1       I                       閉
                               02/17/1993 架           Shelf L (closed)
         9264138080 hat Future for Our Countryside? A Rural Development Policy
031993021P1       W                       閉
                               01/11/1993 架           Shelf L (closed)
031993027P1                    03/1993 閉架
                  岐路に立つ農村地域 -OECD農村地域開発レポート-          Shelf L (closed)
         9264138404 conomic Integration OECD Economies, Dynamic Asian Economies and Central and Eastern European Countrie
031993041P1       E            4/1/1993 閉架            Shelf L (closed)
031993047P1                    05/1994 閉架             Shelf L (closed)
         9264139443 993 Issues The OECD Response
031993051P1       1                       閉
                               07/13/1993 架
031993061P1                    09/21/1993for the Shelf
                  Infrastructure Policies開架 1990s C
031993067P1                    01/1995 開架
                  1990年代のインフラストラクチャー政策 C              Shelf (日経調資料)
         926414112X reating Rural Indicators架 Shaping Territorial Policy
031994011P1       C                       閉
                               05/01/1994 for         Shelf L (closed)
         9264141642 he Contribution of Amenities to Shelf L (closed)
031994021P1       T                       閉
                               07/20/1994 架           Rural Development
         926414241X ECD Jobs Study Evidence and Explanations Part I - Labour Market Trends and Underlying Forces of Change;
031994041P1       O                       閉
                               10/05/1994 架           Shelf L (closed)
         9264142568 ECD Societies in Transition The Future(closed) and Leisure
031994051P1       O                       開
                               10/14/1994 架           Shelf L of Work
         9264142460 ew Economic Partners 架
031994061P1       N                       閉            Asian (closed)
                               11/17/1994 DynamicShelf LEconomies and Central and Eastern European Countries
         9264144005 ECD Jobs Study Taxation, Employment (closed)
031995041P1       O                       閉
                               04/24/1995 架           Shelf L and Unemployment
         9264043594 ECD Jobs Study Investment, Productivity and Employment
031995053P1       O                       閉
                               06/09/1995 架           Shelf L (closed)

                                                      Page 2

         9264144692 ECD Jobs Study Implementing the Strategy
031995061P1       O            05/23/1995 架閉         Shelf L (closed)
         926414644Xuture Global Capital Shortages Real Threat or Pure Fiction?
031996011P1       F            01/22/1996 架閉         Shelf L (closed)
         9264043624 ECD Historical Series The European Reconstruction Bibliography on the Marshall Plan and the Organisation fo
031996023P1       O            03/25/1996 架閉         Shelf L (closed)
         9264148914 he OECD 05/20/1996 架
031996041P1       T                        閉         Shelf L with the
                                Jobs Strategy Pushing Ahead(closed) Strategy
         9264149244 hina in the 21st Century Long-term Global Implications
031996051P1       C            9/24/1996閉架           Shelf L (closed)
         9264153519 ECD Proceedings Globalisation Shelf L (closed) 2020 Challenges and Opportunities for OECD Countries
031996061P1       O            10/17/1996 架閉         and Linkages to
         9264154035 he Future01/09/1997 架 Air Transport(closed)Responding to Global Change
031997011P1       T                        閉
                                of International     Shelf L Policy
         4818812005 際航空輸送政策の将来 グローバルな変化に対応して
031997017P1       国            06/30/2000 架閉         Shelf L (closed)
         926414286X ECD Historical Series Explorations in L (closed)
031997021P1       O            04/11/1997 架閉         Shelf OEEC History
         9264154841 ocietal Cohesion and閉架 Globalising Economy What Does the Future Hold?
031997031P1       S            06/18/1997the         Shelf L (closed)
         9264155031 ECD Historical Series From WarShelf L (closed) Years of Innovation
031997041P1       O            05/16/1997 架閉          to Wealth Fifty
         9264155651 owards a New Global閉架 Challenges and Opportunities - Policy Report
031997051P1       T            05/22/1997Age         Shelf L (closed)
         9264156275 he World in 2020 Towards a New Global Age
031997081P1       T            11/13/1997 架開         Shelf C
         4492442308 020年の世界経済 開架
031997087P1       2            01/28/1999            Shelf C
         9264156941 he Future01/21/1998 架
031998021P1       T                        開         Shelf C
                                of Food Long-term Prospects for the Agro-food Sector
         4502639427 料の未来 90億時台の農業食物需要
031998027P1       食            4/30/2000開架           Shelf C
         9264160523 1st Century Technologies Promises and Perils of a Dynamic Future
031998031P1       2            09/18/1998 架開         Shelf C
         4502638129 1世紀の技術 ダイナミックな未来の有望性と危険性
031998037P1       2            11/17/1998 架開         Shelf C
         9264160930 aintaining06/22/1998in架 Ageing Society
031998051P1       M             Prosperity閉 an       Shelf L (closed)
         4623030946 ECD諸国・活力ある高齢化への挑戦 L (closed)
031998057P1       O            04/30/2000 架閉         Shelf 持続的な経済成長をめざして
         9264161619 History of the Château de la Muette L (closed)
031998061P1       A            11/18/1998 架閉         Shelf
         9264170162 nergy: The Next Fifty Years
031999011P1       E            6/28/1999開架           Shelf C
031999017P1                    2001        開架
                  エネルギー:次の50年間の展望 (新エネルギー海外情報2000-12)Shelf C
         9264170294 he Future10/08/1999 架
031999021P1       T                        開         Shelf C
                                of the Global Economy Towards a Long Boom?
         4502643122 ローバル・エコノミーの未来 ロングブームにむかっているか
031999027P1       グ            06/15/2001 架開         Shelf C
         9264171916 ECD Proceedings Frameworks to Measure Sustainable Development An OECD Expert Workshop
032000011P1       O            02/10/2000 架開         Shelf C
         9264171967 he Creative Society of 架 21st Shelf C
032000021P1       T                        開
                               08/23/2000 the        Century
         9264176616 ECD Proceedings Policies Towards Full Employment
032000031P1       O            05/02/2000 架開         Shelf C
         9264185410 overnance in the 21st Century Shelf C
032001011P1       G            4/5/2001 開架
         9264186611 olicies to 05/14/2001 架
032001021P1       P                        開         Shelf C
                               Enhance Sustainable Development
         9264186956 ustainable06/28/2001 架
032001031P1       S                        開         Issues
                                 Development CriticalShelf C
         9264196722 he Future06/22/2002 架
032002011P1       T             of Money 開           Shelf C
         9264199470 merging Risks in the 開架 Century An C
032003011P1       E            05/19/2003  21st      Shelf Agenda for Action
         4795509077 1世紀の新たなリスク開架
032003017P1       2                                  Shelf C
                               01/04/2004 -アクションへの政策提言-
         9264020187 arge-scale Disasters開架
032004011P1       L                                  Shelf C
                               04/30/2004Lessons Learned
         9264020322 pace 2030 Exploring 開架
032004021P1       S                        the       of Space
                               05/10/2004 Future Shelf C Applications
         4906445241 ペース2030 宇宙利用の未来探査 C
032004027P1       ス            08/31/2006 架開         Shelf
         926410772X he Security Economy 架
032004031P1       T            06/23/2004  開         Shelf C
         9264008322 pace 2030 Tackling Society's Challenges
032005011P1       S            06/13/2005 架開         Shelf C
         4906445276 スペース2030 宇宙利用の未来と展望
032005017P1       続            01/24/2008 架開         Shelf C
         9264009167 egional Integration in閉架Asia Pacific C
032005021P1       R            06/01/2005the         Shelf Issues and Prospects
         9264023984nfrastructure to 2030 開架
032006011P1       I                                  Shelf C
                               07/06/2006Telecom, Land Transport, Water and Electricity
         9264025502 ECD Reviews of Risk Management Policies Norway Information Security
032006021P1       O            04/26/2006 架開         Shelf C
         9264025642 ECD Sustainable Development Studies Subsidy Reform and Sustainable Development Economic, Environmenta
032006031P1       O            05/04/2006 架開         Shelf C
         9789264027060 Reviews of Risk Management Policies Sweden The Safety of Older People
032007011P1       OECD         03/07/2007 架開         Shelf C
         9789264031098Space 10/29/2007 a Glance Shelf C
032007021P1       The                      開
                                Economy at 架
032007031P1                    9/10/2007開架           Shelf C
                  Infrastructure to 2030 (Vol.2) Mapping Policy for Electricity, Water and Transport
         9789264018877 Sustainable Development Studies Institutionalising Sustainable Development
032007041P1       OECD         03/28/2007 架開         Shelf C
         9789264019362 Sustainable Development Studies Subsidy Reform and Sustainable Development Political Economy Aspec
032007051P1       OECD         4/27/2007開架           Shelf C
         9264142878 ities for the 21st Century
041994011P1       C            11/4/1994閉架           Shelf K (closed)
         9264143351 rban Energy Handbook Good Local Practice
041995011P1       U            1/20/1995閉架           Shelf K (closed)
         9264143858 ECD Reviews of Rural Policy Finland K (closed)
041995021P1       O            04/04/1995 架閉         Shelf
         9264143904 iche Markets as a Rural Development K (closed)
041995031P1       N            04/05/1995 架閉         Shelf Strategy
         9264145583 reating Employment for架
041995041P1       C                        閉         Shelf K (closed)
                               10/27/1995 Rural Development New Policy Approaches
         9264145702 omen in the City Housing, Services and(closed) Environment
041995051P1       W            08/29/1995 架閉         Shelf K the Urban
         9264146369 iche Markets and Rural架
041995061P1       N                        閉         Shelf Workshop
                               10/27/1995 Development K (closed) Proceedings and Policy Recommendations
         9264148035 econciling06/19/1996 架
041996011P1       R                        閉         Shelf K (closed)
                                 Economy and Society Towards a Plural Economy

                                                     Page 3

         9264146636 trategies for Housing閉架 SocialShelf K (closed)
041996021P1       S             03/26/1996and           Integration in Cities
         9264148140 menities for Rural Development Shelf K Examples
041996031P1       A             05/22/1996 架閉          Policy (closed)
         9264147969 ECD Documents Better Policies for Rural Development
041996041P1       O             3/6/1996 閉架            Shelf K (closed)
         9264148787 ocal Partnerships and Social Innovation (closed)
041996051P1       L             05/20/1996 架閉          Shelf K Ireland
         9264153349 egional Problems and Policies Japan K (closed)
041996061P1       R             11/22/1996 架閉          Shelf
         9264149155nnovative Policies for閉架
041996071P1       I                                    Shelf K Development The Ecological City
                                10/18/1996Sustainable Urban (closed)
         4938894092 1世紀の街づくりを求めて -環境都市の創造-
041996077P1       2             07/01/1997 架閉          Shelf K (closed)
         9264152768 erritorial Indicators of Employment Focusing on Rural Development
041996081P1       T             09/23/1996 架閉          Shelf K (closed)
         9264153128 etworks of Enterprises 架 Local Development
041996091P1       N                         閉
                                01/08/1997 and         Shelf K (closed)
         926415454X etter Understanding 閉架Cities The Role of Urban Indicators
041997011P1       B             04/09/1997  Our        Shelf K (closed)
         9264154671 ECD Reviews of Rural Policy Partnership in the United States
041997021P1       O             04/21/1997 架閉          Shelf K (closed)
         9264156844 egional Competitiveness and Skills K (closed)
041997041P1       R             12/15/1997 架閉          Shelf
         9264156879 egional Development閉架 Structural Policy in Mexico
041997051P1       R             12/10/1997and          Shelf K (closed)
         9264160493 ecentralisation and Local Infrastructure (closed) A New Public Policy for Development
041998011P1       D             2/13/1998閉架            Shelf K in Mexico
         9264160515 ocal Management for閉架 Effective Employment Policies
041998021P1       L             03/31/1998More         Shelf K (closed)
         9264160620ntegrating 04/27/1998 架 Areas
041998031P1       I             Distressed 閉Urban      Shelf K (closed)
         9264161392 he OECD 10/09/1998 架
041998041P1       T                         閉          Shelf K (closed)
                                Jobs Strategy Fostering Entrepreneurship
         298022085X eview of Agricultural 閉架
041998063P1       R             01/06/1999             Shelf K (closed)
                                            Policies Micro-financing and Local Development
         9264169598 rban Policy in Germany架
041999011P1       U                         閉          Shelf K (closed)
                                07/13/1999 Towards Sustainable Urban Development
         9264170731 ocial Enterprises
041999021P1       S             11/08/1999 架閉          Shelf K (closed)
         9264170510 usiness Incubation InternationalShelf K (closed)
041999031P1       B             09/21/1999 架閉          Case Studies
         9264170553 ECD Proceedings Decentralising Employment Policy: New Trends and Challenges The Venice Conference
041999041P1       O             04/23/1999 架閉          Shelf K (closed)
         926417060X ultivating 05/17/1999 架 An Economic Development Perspective
041999051P1       C                         開
                                Rural Amenities        Shelf F
         4259517775 ーラルアメニティ:農村地域活性化のための政策手段
041999057P1       ル             12/26/2001 架開          Shelf F
         9264171657 rban Renaissance Belfast's Lessons for Policy and Partnership
042000011P1       U             02/28/2000 架開          Shelf F
         9264171207 ECD Proceedings Integrating Transport in the City Reconciling the Economic, Social and Environmental Dimen
042000021P1       O             02/16/2000 架開          Shelf F
         4324063613 生!日本の都市 OECD対日都市政策勧告
042001007P1       再             10/31/2001 架開          Shelf F
         9264185313 ECD Proceedings Valuing Rural Shelf F
042001011P1       O             01/19/2001 架開          Amenities
         9264185887 ocal Partnerships for開架 Governance
042001021P1       L             11/15/2001Better       Shelf F
         9264183795 ECD Documents Putting the Young inFBusiness Policy Challenges for Youth Entrepreneurship
042001031P1       O             03/23/2001 架開          Shelf
         9264185984 ities for Citizens Improving Metropolitan Governance
042001041P1       C             11/30/2001 架開          Shelf F
         9264186026 ECD Territorial Outlook 2001 Edition F
042001051P1       O             07/11/2001 架開          Shelf
         9264186034 ECD Proceedings Towards a New Role for Spatial Planning
042001061P1       O             03/31/2001 架開          Shelf F
         9264186050 ECD Territorial Reviews Teruel,Shelf F
042001071P1       O             08/24/2001 架開           Spain
         9264186700nformation07/02/2001 架
042001081P1       I                         開          Shelf F
                                 and Communication Technologies and Rural Development
         9264186980 ECD Territorial Reviews The Valencian Central Districts, Spain
042001091P1       O             06/27/2001 架開          Shelf F
         926418712X ECD Territorial Reviews Italy Shelf F
042001111P1       O             7/2/2001 開架
         9264195122 orporate Social Responsibility Partners for Progress
042001131P1       C             10/08/2001 架開          Shelf F
         4906445209 業の社会的責任 OECD加盟国の理念と現状
042001137P1       企             10/18/2004 架開          Shelf F
         9264195289 ECD Territorial Reviews Bergamo, Italy
042001141P1       O             10/30/2001 架開          Shelf F
         9264195319 ECD Territorial Reviews Hungary
042001151P1       O             10/26/2001 架開          Shelf F
         9264196501 ECD Territorial Reviews Korea Shelf F
042001171P1       O             1/18/2002開架
         9264196560 evolution 10/26/2001 架 Implications (closed Decision-makers
042001181P1       D                         閉
                                and Globalisation      Shelf K for Local
         9264196773 ECD Territorial Reviews Tzoumerka, Greece
042002011P1       O             3/5/2002 開架            Shelf F
         9264196986 edefining 04/30/2002 架Functional Regions
042002021P1       R                         The
                                Territories 開          Shelf F
         9264196900 rban Renaissance: Canberra A Sustainable Future
042002031P1       U             5/27/2002開架            Shelf F
         9264197745 ECD Territorial Reviews Siena, Italy F
042002041P1       O             7/9/2002 開架            Shelf
         9264198008 ECD Territorial Reviews Champagne-Ardenne, France
042002051P1       O             1/17/2003開架            Shelf F
         9264198326 ECD Territorial Reviews Canada
042002081P1       O             9/24/2002開架            Shelf F
         9264198458 ECD Territorial Reviews Switzerland F
042002091P1       O             9/16/2002開架            Shelf
         9264199365 rban Renaissance: Glasgow Lessons for Innovation and Implementation
042002111P1       U             1/8/2003 開架            Shelf F
         9264199616 ECD Territorial Reviews Helsinki, Finland
042003011P1       O             5/23/2003開架            Shelf F
         9264199349 ECD Territorial Reviews MexicoShelf F
042003021P1       O             02/10/2003 架開
         9264198172 geing, Housing and Urban Development
042003031P1       A             1/23/2003開架            Shelf F
         9264100830 he Future6/25/2003開架 From Sectoral to Place-Based Policies in Rural Areas
042003051P1       T              of Rural Policy       Shelf F
         9264101462 rban Renaissance Berlin: Towards anFIntegrated Strategy for Social Cohesion and Economic Development
042003061P1       U             6/24/2003開架            Shelf
         9264106391 ECD Territorial Reviews Czech Shelf F
042004021P1       O             4/22/2004開架            Republic

                                                     Page 4

         9264018638 ECD Regions at a Glance
042005011P1       O            7/27/2005開架           Shelf F
         9264008888 ECD Territorial Reviews Japan Shelf F
042005031P1       O            6/7/2005 開架
         9264009469 uilding Competitive Regions: Strategies and Governance
042005041P1       B            6/28/2005開架           Shelf F
         9264010122 ew Approaches to Rural Policy Lessons from Around the World
042005051P1       N            6/17/2005開架           Shelf F
         926401277X ECD Territorial Reviews FinlandShelf F
042005081P1       O            11/9/2005開架
         9264021914 ECD Territorial Reviews The Mesoamerican Region Southeastern Mexico and Central America
042006011P1       O            3/16/2006開架           Shelf F
         9264022651 ECD Territorial Reviews FranceShelf F
042006031P1       O            9/4/2006 開架
         9264027084 ECD Territorial Reviews Competitive F
042006041P1       O            12/1/2006開架           Shelf Cities in the Global Economy
         9789264009875 Regions at a Glance 2007 Shelf F
042007021P1       OECD         5/18/2007開架           Edition
042007027P1                    03/25/2008 架開
                  地図で見る世界の地域格差 都市集中と地域発展の国際比較        Shelf F
         9789264011526 Rural Policy Reviews Mexico F
042007031P1       OECD         06/06/2007 架開         Shelf
         9789264013155 Rural Policy Reviews Germany F
042007041P1       OECD         06/06/2007 架開         Shelf
         9789264031821 Reviews of Regional Innovation Competitive Regional Clusters National Policy Approaches
042007061P1       OECD         06/06/2007 架開         Shelf F
         9789264034143 Education and Regions Globally F
042007071P1       Higher       9/20/2007開架           Shelf Competitive, Locally Engaged
         9789264037021 Territorial Reviews Yucatan, Mexico
042007081P1       OECD         11/28/2007 架開         Shelf F
         9789264037793 Reviews of Regional Innovation Globalisation and Regional Economies Can OECD Regions Compete in Gl
042007091P1       OECD         10/31/2007 架開         Shelf F
         9789264038011 Territorial Reviews Norway
042007101P1       OECD         01/28/2008 架開         Shelf F
         9789264038479 Territorial Reviews Madrid,Shelf F
042007111P1       OECD         9/17/2007開架            Spain
         926412764X urchasing 12/1/1985閉架 and Real Expenditures in the OECD
111985011P1       P             Power Parities       Shelf L (closed)
         9264130993 hy Economic Policies Change Course: Eleven Case Studies
111988011P1       W            6/30/1988閉架           Shelf L (closed)
         926413204X conomies 3/1/1989 閉架
111989011P1       E                                  Shelf L (closed)
                               in Transition Structural Adjustment in OECD Countries
         9264136134 eforming the Economies of Central and (closed) Europe
111992011P1       R            1/24/1992閉架           Shelf L Eastern
         9264137637 rogress in10/14/1992Reform AnShelf L (closed)
111992021P1       P             Structural閉架          Overview
         9264137807 ealth Policy Studies 閉架 U.S. Health Care at the Cross-Roads
111992031P1       H                        No.
                               11/16/1992 01:
         9264038752 he Costs 6/4/1993 Carbon EmissionsLLessons for the Future
111993013P1       T            of Cutting 閉架         Shelf (closed)
         9264140905 ssessing Structural Reform Lessons for(closed)
111994011P1       A            3/14/1994閉架           Shelf L the Future
         9264143777 lobal Warming Economic Dimensions and Policy Responses
111995011P1       G            4/3/1995 閉架           Shelf L (closed)
         9264149163ndicators of Tariff and Non-tariffShelf L Barriers
111996021P1       I            9/6/1996 閉架            Trade (closed)
         9264153268 ECD Proceedings Macroeconomic Policies and Structural Reform
111996041P1       O            12/10/1996 架閉         Shelf L (closed)
         9264155112 he OECD 5/26/1997閉架
111997011P1       T                                  Shelf (closed)
                               Jobs Strategy ImplementingLthe OECD Jobs Strategy Lessons from Member Countries' Experience
         9264155961 he OECD 9/26/1997閉架
111997021P1       T                                  Shelf (closed)
                               Jobs Strategy ImplementingLthe OECD Jobs Strategy Member Countries' Experience
         9264156658ndicators of Tariff & Non-Tariff Trade L (closed)
111997031P1       I            10/20/1997 架閉         Shelf Barriers Update 1997
         9264170278 MU Facts,3/24/1999閉架 Policies L (closed)
111999011P1       E             Challenges and       Shelf
         9264171045 he OECD 9/21/1999閉架
111999021P1       T                                  Shelf (closed)
                               Jobs Strategy ImplementingLthe OECD Jobs Strategy Assessing Performance and Policy
         9264171134 ction Against Climate Change The Kyoto Protocol and Beyond
111999031P1       A            10/19/1999 架閉         Shelf L (closed)
         926417639X MU One Year on
112000011P1       E            04/04/2000 架開         Shelf B
         9264176977 hina in the Global Economy Reforming China's Enterprises
112000171P1       C            9/6/2000 開架           Shelf B
         9264185364 he European Union's 開架 Policies and their Economic Effects
112000181P1       T            1/8/2001 Trade        Shelf B
         9264199454 he Sources of Economic Growth in OECD Countries
112003011P1       T            3/17/2003開架           Shelf B
         1403941475 nderstanding Economic Growth Shelf B
112004011P1       U            4/2/2004 開架           A Macro-level, Industry-level, and Firm-level Perspective
         4502653802 済成長論 OECD諸国における要因分析
112004017P1       経            4/18/2005開架           Shelf B
         9264016937 ustainable3/30/2005開架 OECD Countries Getting the Policies Right
112004021P1       S             Development in       Shelf B
         9264108718 rade and Competitiveness in Argentina, Brazil and Chile Not as Easy as A-B-C
112004031P1       T            11/25/2004 架閉         Shelf B
         9264035850 ECD Glossaries OECD Economics Glossary English-French
112006013P1       O            11/6/2006開架           Shelf B
         9264013717 hina in the Global Economy Challenges for China’s Public Spending Toward Greater Effectiveness and Equity
112006021P1       C            02/23/2006 架開         Shelf B
         9264022074 hallenges 2/23/2006開架
112006031P1       C                                  Shelf B
                               to Fiscal Adjustment in Latin America The Cases of Argentina, Brazil, Chile and Mexico
         926419004X ECD Economic Studies Special Shelf L Regulatory Reform No. 32 Volume 2001 Issue 1
132001321P1       O            6/1/2001 開架           Issue: (closed)
         9264134530 he Economy of the USSR
141991011P1       T            1/11/1991閉架           Shelf L (closed)
         9264134689 Study of 3/1/1991 閉架
141991021P1       A            the Soviet Economy Shelf L (closed)
         9264134913 ransformation of Planned Economies: L (closed)Rights Reform and Macroeconomic Stability
141991031P1       T            6/1/1991 閉架           Shelf Property
         9264134867 tatistics for a Market閉架
141991041P1       S            6/1/1991 Economy Shelf L (closed)
         9264035206 he Transition to a Market Economy Volume 1 - The Broad Issues; Volume 2 - Special Issues
141991063P1       T            1/7/1992 閉架           Shelf K (closed)
         9264136096 ccounting12/19/1991 架 and Eastern Europe
141991091P1       A             Reform in 閉Central Shelf L (closed)
         9264035230 hort-Term Economic閉架
141992013P1       S                                  Central and Eastern Europe
                               2/1/1992 Statistics Shelf L (closed)
         9264137939 ECD Glossaries Glossary of IndustrialLOrganisation Economics and Competition Law
141993011P1       O            7/16/1993閉架           Shelf (closed)
         9264138560 ational Accounts for the FormerShelf K (closed)
141993031P1       N            4/23/1993閉架            Soviet Union Sources, Methods and Estimates
         9264139397 omania - 7/16/1993閉架
141993081P1       R                                  Shelf
                               An Economic Assessment L (closed)

                                                     Page 5

         9264038809 ransformation of the Banking System L (closed)Restructuring, Privatisation and the Payment System
141993093P1       T            7/13/1993閉架             Shelf Portfolio
         9264140646ntegrating 1/27/1994閉架 EconomiesKinto the International Trading System
141993101P1       I            Emerging Market         Shelf (closed)
         9264038884 hort-Term Economic閉架
141993113P1       S                                    Commonwealth
                               9/2/1993 Statistics Shelf L (closed) of Independent States
         9264139451 xchange Control Policy
141993121P1       E            8/9/1993 閉架             Shelf L (closed)
141993131P1       I             Guides Ukraine         Shelf L (closed)
         9264140557 eview of Agricultural Policies HungaryN (closed)
141994011P1       R            1/27/1994閉架             Shelf
141994017P1                    9/1994      閉架
                  翻訳叢書NO.26 OECDハンガリー農業政策レヴュー          Shelf N (closed)
         9264140816 cience, Technology and Innovation Policies Federation of Russia -- Evaluation Report Volume 1
141994021P1       S            2/25/1994開架             Shelf M (closed)
         926414076X nemployment in Transition Countries N (closed) or Persistent ?
141994031P1       U            2/28/1994閉架             Shelf Transient
         9264141375 ECD Documents Agriculture and the Environment in the Transition to a Market Economy
141994041P1       O            6/7/1994 閉架             Shelf N (closed)
         9264141391 gricultural6/7/1994 Markets andShelf Nin the Central and Eastern European Countries (CEECs), the New Indep
141994051P1       A             Policies, 閉架            Trade (closed)
         9264142290 ational Accounts for Hungary Shelf L (closed)
141994061P1       N            9/19/1994閉架
         9264141871ndustry in 8/1/1994 閉架Slovak Shelf M (closed)
141994071P1       I            the Czech and           Republics
141994081P1       I             Guides Belarus         Shelf L (closed)
         9264141928 orporate Bankruptcy閉架 Reorganisation Procedures in OECD and Central and Eastern European Countries
141994091P1       C            8/8/1994 and            Shelf L (closed)
         9264142525 ssessing Investment 閉架
141994101P1       A            10/24/1994              Shelf Economies
                                           Opportunities in L (closed) in Transition
         9264142061 arriers to 9/1/1994 閉架Eastern Economies in Transition
141994111P1       B            Trade with the          Shelf K (closed)
         9264142398 cience, Technology and架
141994121P1       S                        開           Shelf M (closed)
                               10/14/1994 Innovation Policies Federation of Russia -- Background Report Volume 2
         9264143106 eview of Agricultural Policies Poland N (closed)
141995011P1       R            1/31/1995閉架             Shelf
         9264143718 axation and Foreign Direct Investment The Experience of the Economies in Transition
141995021P1       T            1/24/1995閉架             Shelf L (closed)
         9264144013 eview of Industry and Industrial Shelf M (closed)
141995041P1       R            4/20/1995閉架             Policy in Hungary
         926414434X gricultural5/23/1995閉架 andShelf Nin the Central and Eastern European Countries, Selected New Independ
141995051P1       A             Policies, Markets       Trade (closed)
141995057P1                    1/1996
                  翻訳叢書 No.41 農業政策、市場及び貿易   閉架          Shelf N (closed)
         9264146423 eviews of 2/26/1996閉架 and Shelf M (closed) Poland
141995111P1       R            National Science        Technology Policy
         9264146563 eview of Agricultural Policies Czech Republic
141995121P1       R            11/9/1995閉架             Shelf N (closed)
         9264148108nvestment3/28/1996閉架 Federation L (closed)
141996011P1       I             Guides Russian         Shelf
141996021P1                     Guides Estonia
                  Investment3/11/1996閉架                Shelf L (closed)
         9264148191 ational Accounts for Bulgaria Sources, Methods and Estimates
141996031P1       N            5/31/1996閉架             Shelf L (closed)
         9264148094nvestment4/2/1996 閉架
141996041P1       I             Guides Uzbekistan Shelf L (closed)
         9264148124 ECD Documents Small Firms asShelf L (closed) Case Studies from Transition Economies
141996051P1       O            6/26/1996閉架              Foreign Investors
         9264148116nvestment4/3/1996 閉架
141996061P1       I             Guides Bulgaria        Shelf L (closed)
         9264148183 gricultural5/14/1996閉架 andShelf Nin Transition Economies Monitoring and Evaluation 1996
141996071P1       A             Policies, Markets       Trade (closed)
141996077P1                    1/1996      閉架
                  翻訳叢書 No.53 移行経済諸国における農業政策、市場及び貿易     Shelf N (closed)
         9264148663 rade Policy and the Transition Process (closed)
141996081P1       T            5/23/1996閉架             Shelf K
         9264153489 eview of Agricultural 閉架
141996121P1       R            10/11/1996              Shelf
                                           Policies Estonia N (closed)
         9264153497 eview of Agricultural 閉架
141996131P1       R            10/11/1996              Shelf
                                           Policies Latvia N (closed)
         9264153500 eview of Agricultural 閉架
141996141P1       R            10/11/1996              Shelf N
                                           Policies Lithuania (closed)
         9264154051 ECD Proceedings Systems for Financing Newly Emerging Private Enterprises in Transitional Economies
141997011P1       O            1/27/1997閉架             Shelf L (closed)
         792398572Lessons from the Economic Transition L (closed) Eastern Europe in the 1990s
141997051P1                    2/27/1997閉架             Shelf Central and
         9264155686 eview of Agricultural Policies Slovak Republic
141997061P1       R            8/25/1997閉架             Shelf N (closed)
         9264156119 ECD Proceedings Entrepreneurship and (closed) Transition Economies The Visegrad Conference
141997071P1       O            9/12/1997閉架             Shelf M SMEs in
         9264155872 gricultural9/10/1997閉架
141997081P1       A                                    Economies Monitoring and Evaluation 1997
                                Policies in Transition Shelf N (closed)
         9264156836 ECD Proceedings The New Banking Landscape in Central and Eastern Europe Country Experience and Policie
141997101P1       O            12/10/1997 架閉           Shelf L (closed)
         9264156933 ECD Proceedings Insurance Regulation (closed)
141997111P1       O            12/9/1997閉架             Shelf L and Supervision in Economies in Transition
141998011P1       I                                    Shelf L
                                Guides The Kyrgyz Republic (closed)
141998031P1       I             Guides Latvia          Shelf L (closed)
         9264160728 eview of Agricultural 閉架
141998041P1       R                                    Shelf Federation
                               7/9/1998 Policies Russian N (closed) Volume 2
         9264160744 gricultural9/29/1998閉架
141998051P1       A                                    Shelf N (closed)
                                Policies in Emerging and Transition Economies Monitoring and Evaluation 1998
141998081P1       I             Guides Kazakhstan Shelf L (closed)
         9264161198 ECD Proceedings Capital Market Development in Transition Economies Country Experiences and Policies for
141998101P1       O            10/5/1998閉架             Shelf L (closed)
141998121P1       I             Guides Lithuania       Shelf L (closed)
         9264161406 ECD Proceedings Financing Newly Emerging Private Enterprises in Transition Economies
141999011P1       O            9/29/1999閉架             Shelf L (closed)
         9264170839 ECD Glossaries Glossary of Insurance Policy Terms
141999021P1       O            6/10/1999閉架             Shelf L (closed)
         926417043X ECD Proceedings Structural Aspects L (closed) Asian Crisis
141999031P1       O            4/8/1999 閉架             Shelf of the East
         9264170588 gricultural7/30/1999閉架
141999041P1       A                                    Shelf N (closed)
                                Policies in Emerging and Transition Economies 1999
         9264170693 ECD Proceedings Agricultural Finance and Credit Infrastructure in Transition Economies Proceedings of OECD
141999051P1       O            7/26/1999閉架             Shelf N (closed)
         9264170820 ECD Proceedings Foreign Direct Investment and Recovery in Southeast Asia
141999061P1       O            6/24/1999閉架             Shelf L (closed)

                                                     Page 6

         9264170944 hina in the Global Economy Agriculture in China and OECD Countries Past Policies and Future Challenges (OE
141999071P1       C            8/23/1999閉架             Shelf N (closed)
         926417110X nvironment in the Transition to a Market Economy Progress in Central and Eastern Europe and the New Indep
141999081P1       E            10/14/1999 架閉           Shelf N (closed)
         9264170472 ECD Proceedings Foreign Direct Investment Policy and Promotion in Latin America
141999101P1       O            9/22/1999閉架             Shelf L (closed)
         9264171630 ompetition Law and Policy in the Baltic (closed)
141999121P1       C            12/20/1999 架閉           Shelf N Countries
         9264171797 hina in the Global Economy TheShelf H
142000011P1       C            1/12/2000開架              Agro-food Processing Sector in China Developments and Policy Challenges
         9264171886 ECD Proceedings Institutional Investors in Latin America
142000041P1       O            6/30/2000開架             Shelf D
         9264176403 gricultural7/24/2000開架
142000061P1       A                                    Shelf H
                                Policies in Emerging and Transition Economies 2000
         926417673X eview of Agricultural Policies Romania (closed)
142000081P1       R            10/2/2000開架             Shelf N
         926418550X hina in the Global Economy National Accounts for China Sources and Methods
142000281P1       C            10/9/2000開架             Shelf B
         9264185518 eview of Agricultural 開架
142000291P1       R            12/21/2000              Shelf
                                           Policies BulgariaN (closed)
         9264183302 ECD Proceedings Insolvency Systems in Asia An Efficiency Perspective
142001021P1       O            3/26/2001開架             Shelf D
         9264185933 eview of Agricultural 開架
142001031P1       R                                    Shelf N
                               4/5/2001 Policies Slovenia (closed)
         9264186298 ECD Proceedings Bond Market Shelf D
142001051P1       O            4/2/2001 開架             Development in Asia
         9264186506 he Investment Environment in the Russian Federation Laws, Policies and Institutions
142001091P1       T            5/4/2001 開架             Shelf D
         9264186824 ECD Proceedings China's Agriculture H the International Trading System
142001111P1       O            06/05/2001 架開           Shelf in
         9264186867 gricultural9/3/2001in開架
142001121P1       A                                    Shelf H
                                Policies Emerging and Transition Economies Special focus on non-tariff measures 2001
         9264186875 ECD Proceedings Insurance Regulation and Supervision in Asia and Latin America
142001131P1       O            7/10/2001開架             Shelf D
         9264195475 gricultural10/26/2001 架
142001151P1       A                        開           Shelf H
                                Finance and Credit Infrastructure in Transition Economies Focus on South Eastern Europe - Proce
         9264176640 ECD Reviews of Foreign Direct Shelf D
142001201P1       O            9/6/2001 開架             Investment Lithuania
         9264195211 ECD Reviews of Foreign Direct Shelf D
142001221P1       O            9/7/2001 開架             Investment Estonia
         9264196579 ridging the Innovation Gap in Russia J
142001231P1       B            10/26/2001 架開           Shelf
         9264196684 sing Knowledge for Development The J
142001241P1       U            12/7/2001開架             Shelf Brazilian Experience
         9264196749 ousing Finance in Transition Economies
142002011P1       H            3/15/2002開架             Shelf D
         9264196978 ECD Investment Policy Reviews Slovenia
142002031P1       O            2/11/2002開架             Shelf D
         9264197079 hina in the Global Economy China in the World Economy The Domestic Policy Challenges
142002041P2       C            4/30/2002開架             Shelf B
         9264197087 hina in the Global Economy China in the World Economy The Domestic Policy Challenges -- Synthesis Report
142002051P1       C            3/18/2002開架             Shelf B
         9264197664 lobal Trends in the Dairy Industry Outlook for the Baltics
142002061P1       G            6/19/2002開架             Shelf H
         926419780X hina in the Global Economy Foreign Direct Investment in China Challenges and Prospects for Regional Develop
142002071P1       C            7/5/2002 開架             Shelf D
         9264198016 ECD Investment Policy Reviews Ukraine Progress in Investment Reform 2002
142002111P1       O            7/16/2002開架             Shelf D
         9264198156 ECD Investment Policy Reviews Israel
142002121P1       O            9/16/2002開架             Shelf D
         9264199101 gricultural10/3/2002開架
142002131P1       A                                    Economies Trends in Policies and Support - 2002
                                Policies in Transition Shelf H
         9264198865 hina in the Global Economy Agricultural Policies in China after WTO Accession
142002141P1       C            09/18/2002 架開           Shelf H
         9264197338 gricultural1/23/2003開架
142003011P1       A                                    Shelf Policy Analysis Count
                                Trade and Poverty Making N (closed)
         9264100717 eviews of 12/10/2003 架 for Education South Eastern Europe Volume 1: Albania, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Bulga
142003031P1       R                        開
                               National Policies       Shelf I
         9264101934 ECD Global Forum on International Investment Attracting International Investment for Development
142003041P1       O            6/24/2003開架             Shelf D
         9264101950 ECD Investment Policy架
142003051P1       O                        開           Shelf D
                               07/10/2003 Reviews China Progress and Reform Challenges
         9264102019 rade Policies in Russia 架 RoleShelf C and Regional Governments
142003061P1       T                        開
                               06/04/2003 The           of Local
         9264102760 nvironmental Finance Financing Shelf H
142003081P1       E            5/23/2003開架             Strategies for Water and Environmental Infrastructure
         9264102787 rade and Competition From Doha to Cancun
142003101P1       T            07/10/2003 架開           Shelf D
         9264104283 gricultural10/1/2003開架
142003111P1       A                                    Shelf H
                                and Rural Development Policies in the Baltic Countries
         9264104453nsurance Regulation and Supervision in Latin America A Comparative Assessment
142003121P1       I            11/21/2003 架開           Shelf D
         9264104828 eviews of 12/17/2003 架 for Education South Eastern Europe Volume 2: FYROM, Moldova, Montenegro, Rom
142003131P1       R                        開
                               National Policies       Shelf I
         9264105808 eforming Public Pensions Sharing the J
142004011P1       R            1/23/2004開架             Shelf Experiences of Transition and OECD Countries
         9264105093 ECD Investment Policy Reviews Caribbean Rim Costa Rica, Dominican Republic and Jamaica
142004021P1       O            3/26/2004開架             Shelf D
         9264105158 eviews of 2/16/2004開架 for Education Bulgaria
142004061P1       R            National Policies       Shelf I
         9264106146 romoting Trade in Services Experience of the Baltic States
142004071P1       P            05/21/2004 架開           Shelf D
         9264106332 eviews of 3/4/2004Policies for Education Chile
142004091P1       R            National 開架             Shelf I
         9264015280 hina in the Global Economy Rural Finance and Credit Infrastructure in China
142004101P1       C            5/7/2004 開架             Shelf D
         9264017208 hina in the Global Economy Income Disparities in China An OECD Perspective
142004111P1       C            9/30/2004開架
         9264198954 ECD Guidelines for Multinational Enterprises Focus on Responsible Supply Chain Management 2002 Edition
202002011P1       O            12/05/2002 架開           Shelf D
         9264199179nternational Investment Perspectives 2002 Edition
202002051P1       I            10/1/2002開架             Shelf D
         9264199276 oreign Direct Investment for Development Maximising benefits, minimising costs
202002061P1       F            10/3/2002開架             Shelf D
         9264176128 orty Years' Experience 架 the Shelf DCode of Liberalisation of Capital Movements
202002131P1       F                        開
                               10/31/2002 with         OECD
         9264199888 ECD Code of Liberalisation of CapitalD
202003011P1       O            5/23/2003開架             Shelf Movements 2003 Edition
         9264199942 ECD Codes of Liberalisation of Capital Movements and of Current Invisible Operations User's Guide
202003021P1       O            7/28/2003開架             Shelf D
         9264103600nternational Investment Perspectives 2003 Edition
202003041P1       I            9/18/2003開架             Shelf D
         926401912X nnual Report on the OECD GuidelinesD Multinational Enterprises: 2003 Edition Enhancing the Role of Busine
202003051P1       A            12/2/2003開架             Shelf for

                                                     Page 7

202004041P1                    9/13/2004開架            Shelf D
                  International Investment Perspectives 2004 Edition
         9264018492 ECD Investment Policy架
202004071P1       O                        開          Shelf D
                               12/21/2004 Reviews Russian Federation Progress and Reform Challenges
         9264007067 nnual Report on the OECD GuidelinesD Multinational Enterprises: 2004 Edition Encouraging the Contribution
202004091P1       A            12/24/2004 架開          Shelf for
         9264006869 ECD Investment Policy Reviews Romania
202005011P1       O            2/18/2005開架            Shelf D
         9264008527nternational Direct Investment Statistics Yearbook 1992/2003 - 2004 Edition
202005023P1       I            05/20/2005 架開          Shelf D
202005061P1                    9/14/2005開架            Shelf D
                  International Investment Perspectives 2005 Edition
         4750323780 ECD国際投資展望 世界経済の潮流とインベストメント
202005067P1       O            9/26/2006開架            Shelf D
         9264011641nternational Investment Law: A Changing Landscape A Companion Volume to International Investment Perspec
202005141P1       I            9/23/2005開架            Shelf D
         926401456X nnual Report on the OECD GuidelinesD Multinational Enterprises: 2005 Edition Corporate Responsibility in th
202005171P1       A            12/20/2005 架開          Shelf for
         9264021930 ECD Investment Policy Reviews China Open Policies towards Mergers and Acquisitions 2006
202006011P1       O            4/21/2006開架            Shelf D
         9264025863 olicy Framework for Investment Shelf D of Good Practices
202006021P1       P            8/24/2006開架            A Review
         9264025928 ECD Investment Policy Reviews Russian Federation Enhancing Policy Transparency
202006031P1       O            8/7/2006 開架            Shelf D
         9264025960 ECD Investment Policy Reviews Caribbean Rim Antigua and Barbuda, Grenada and St. Lucia
202006041P1       O            7/13/2006開架            Shelf D
         9264026894nternational Investment Perspectives: D
202006061P1       I            9/26/2006開架            Shelf 2006 Edition
         9264029001 nnual Report on the OECD GuidelinesD Multinational Enterprises - 2006 Edition Conducting Business in Wea
202006081P1       A            12/18/2006 架開          Shelf for
         9789264034617 Investment Policy架
202007031P1       OECD                     開          Shelf D
                               10/29/2007 Reviews Egypt
         9789264035560 Codes of Liberalisation of Capital Movements and of Current Invisible Operations User's Guide 2007
202007041P1       OECD         10/3/2007開架            Shelf D
202007051P1                    10/11/2007 Perspectives 2007 Freedom of Investment in a Changing World
                  International Investment 架          Shelf D
         9789264039377 Report on the OECD GuidelinesD Multinational Enterprises 2007 Corporate Responsibility in the Finan
202007091P1       Annual       12/7/2007開架            Shelf for
         9264126589 ECD Tax 4/30/1985閉架
211985011P1       O                                   Shelf Investment
                               Policy Studies International L (closed) and Multinational Enterprises National Treatment for Foreign
         9264026673 osts and Margins in Banking Statistical Supplement 1978-1982
211985023P1       C            1/1/1985 閉架            Shelf L (closed)
         9264127704 tructural Adjustment閉架 Multinational Enterprises
211985051P1       S            11/30/1985and          Shelf L (closed)
         9264027297 ccounting2/28/1986閉架
211986013P1       A                                   Shelf L (closed)
                                Standards Harmonization Foreign Currency Translation
         9264128069 ode of Liberalisation 閉架
211986021P1       C                                   Invisible Operations
                               1/1/1986 of Current Shelf L (closed)
         9264128123nternational Investment and Multinational Enterprises OECD Guidelines for Multinational Enterprises
211986031P1       I            4/30/1986閉架            Shelf L (closed)
         9264128603nternational Trade in Services: Audiovisual Works
211986041P1       I            9/30/1986閉架            Shelf L (closed)
         9264128956 armonization of Accounting Standards: Achievements and Prospects
211986071P1       H            12/31/1986 架閉          Shelf L (closed)
         9264028765 ccounting2/28/1987閉架
211987013P1       A                                   Shelf L 02: Consolidation Policies in OECD Countries
                                Standards Harmonization No. (closed)
         9264129162 rends in Banking Structure and Shelf L (closed)
211987031P1       T            5/31/1987閉架            Regulation in OECD Countries: Prudential Supervision in Banking
         9264129561nternational Trade in Services: Securities
211987051P1       I            5/31/1987閉架            Shelf L (closed)
         9264129715 ecent Trends in International Direct Investment
211987061P1       R            6/30/1987閉架            Shelf L (closed)
211987077P1                    3/1988      閉架
                  「OECDの自由化コードについて (損害保険研究第49巻第4号)」)  Shelf L (closed)
         9264130055 ontrols and Impediments Affecting Inward Direct Investment in OECD Member Countries
211987091P1       C            9/30/1987閉架            Shelf L (closed)
         9264130098 rend in Banking Structure and Regulation in OECD Countries: Asset and Liability Management by Banks
211987101P1       T            10/31/1987 架閉          Shelf L (closed)
         9264130314 inimizing Conflicting 閉架
211987111P1       M            12/31/1987             Shelf L (closed)
                                           Requirements: Approach of "Moderation and Restraint"
         9264130306 tructure and Organisation of Multinational Enterprises
211987121P1       S            12/31/1987 架閉          Shelf L (closed)
         9264030670 ccounting5/31/1988閉架
211988023P1       A                                   Shelf L 04: Operating Results of Insurance Companies: Current Practices in O
                                Standards Harmonization No. (closed)
         9264030808 ultinational Enterprises and Disclosure of Information: Clarification of the OECD Guidelines
211988033P1       M            5/31/1988閉架            Shelf L (closed)
         9264131094 ode of Liberalisation 閉架
211988041P1       C                                   Invisible Operations, 1988 Edition
                               1/1/1988 of Current Shelf L (closed)
         9264031413 ccounting10/31/1988Harmonization No. (closed)
211988053P1       A             Standards 閉架          Shelf L 05: Consolidated Financial Statements
         9264131590 ew Financial Instruments: Disclosure and Accounting
211988061P1       N            11/30/1988 架閉          Shelf L (closed)
         4495153714 ECD新金融商品ガイドライン -開示の精神と会計手続-)
211988067P1       O            7/25/1990閉架            Shelf L (closed)
         9264131973 ompetition in Banking
211989011P1       C            8/25/1989閉架            Shelf L (closed)
         9264132163nvestment6/30/1989閉架 Disincentives: (closed) on International Direct Investment
211989021P1       I             Incentives and        Shelf L Effects
         9264132899nternational Direct Investment and theLNew Economic Environment: The Tokyo Roundtable
211989031P1       I            11/30/1989 架閉          Shelf (closed)
         9264134107 egmented9/13/1990閉架
211990011P1       S             Financial Information Shelf L (closed)
         9264134301 iberalisation of Capital Movements and Financial Services in the OECD Area 1990
211990021P1       L            11/13/1990 架閉          Shelf L (closed)
         9264134549 ystemic Risks in Securities Markets L (closed)
211991011P1       S            2/1/1991 閉架            Shelf
         4890321055 際金融危機と証券市場
211991017P1       国            9/30/1991閉架            Shelf L (closed)
         9264035087 ccounting9/5/1991 閉架
211991023P1       A                                   Shelf L 06: New
                                Standards Harmonization No. (closed) Financial Instruments
         9264136312 anks Under Stress
211991041P1       B            3/11/1992閉架            Shelf L (closed)
         926413638X ecurities Markets and Systemic Shelf L (closed) Asian Economies
211992011P1       S            4/1/1992 閉架            Risks in Dynamic
         9264136533nsurance and Other Financial ServicesLStructural Trends
211992031P1       I            5/12/1992閉架            Shelf (closed)
         9264137270 isk Management in Financial Services L (closed)
211992071P1       R            8/10/1992閉架            Shelf
         9264137998nternational Direct Investment Policies and Trends in the 1980s
211992081P1       I            12/15/1992 架閉          Shelf L (closed)
         9264138501 oreign Direct Investment Relations between OECD and the Dynamic Asian Economies The Bangkok Workshop
211993021P1       F            4/20/1993閉架            Shelf L (closed)
         9264138463 merging Bond Markets in the DynamicLAsian Economies
211993031P1       E            4/20/1993閉架            Shelf (closed)

                                                      Page 8

         9264139230 ational Treatment for Foreign-Controlled Enterprises
211993041P1       N            6/15/1993閉架           Shelf L (closed)
         9264139257 inancial Conglomerates
211993051P1       F            6/14/1993閉架           Shelf L (closed)
         9264139648 romoting Foreign Direct Investment inLDeveloping Countries
211993061P1       P            9/21/1993閉架           Shelf (closed)
         9264038892 o. 01: Policy Issues in Insurance
211993103P1       N            9/21/1993閉架           Shelf L (closed)
         9264140115 overnment Securities and Debt Shelf L (closed) the 1990s
211993121P1       G            11/22/1993 架閉          Management in
         926413848X ECD Reviews of Foreign Direct Shelf L (closed) Zealand
211993511P1       O            4/8/1993 閉架            Investment New
         9264138498 ECD Reviews of Foreign Direct Shelf L (closed)
211993521P1       O            4/7/1993 閉架            Investment Sweden
         9264141308 ECD Reviews of Foreign Direct Shelf L (closed)
211993531P1       O            5/16/1994閉架            Investment Portugal
         9264141499 ECD Reviews of Foreign Direct Shelf L (closed)
211993541P1       O            6/7/1994 閉架            Investment Ireland
         926414109X ECD Guidelines for Multinational Enterprises
211994021P1       O            4/26/1994閉架           Shelf L (closed)
         9264141561 rade and Investment Transplants
211994041P1       T            6/15/1994閉架           Shelf L (closed)
         9264141537 ECD Reviews of Foreign Direct Shelf L (closed)
211994511P1       O            6/30/1994閉架            Investment Greece
         9264142177 ECD Reviews of Foreign Direct Shelf L (closed)
211994521P1       O            9/29/1994閉架            Investment Italy
         9264144285 ECD Reviews of Foreign Direct Shelf L (closed)
211994531P1       O            6/2/1995 閉架            Investment Denmark
         9264145249 ECD Reviews of Foreign Direct Shelf L (closed)
211994541P1       O            7/13/1995閉架            Investment Norway
         9264143823 oreign Direct Investment OECD Shelf L (closed)
211995011P1       F            3/21/1995閉架            Countries and Dynamic Economies of Asia and Latin America
         9264143866ntroduction to the OECD Codes Shelf L (closed) of Capital Movements and Current Invisible Operations
211995021P1       I            4/6/1995 閉架            of Liberalisation
         9264144064 oreign Direct Investment Trade Shelf L (closed)
211995031P1       F            4/12/1995閉架            and Employment
         9264144404 ECD Documents Liberalisation of Trade(closed)
211995051P1       O            6/20/1995閉架           Shelf L in Professional Services
         9264144641 ode of Liberalisation of Capital Movements 1995
211995061P1       C            6/27/1995閉架           Shelf L (closed)
         926414465X ode of Liberalisation of Current Shelf L (closed)
211995071P1       C            6/27/1995閉架            Invisible Operations 1995
         9264145656 ecuritisation An International Perspective
211995101P1       S            10/23/1995 架閉         Shelf L (closed)
         9264146326 ECD Documents Securities Markets in OECD Countries Organisation and Regulation
211995111P1       O            9/29/1995閉架           Shelf L (closed)
         9264146350nsurance Solvency Supervision Shelf L (closed)
211995121P1       I            11/2/1995閉架
         9264146504 ECD Documents The New Financial Landscape Forces Shaping the Revolution in Banking, Risk Management a
211995131P1       O            11/10/1995 架閉         Shelf L (closed)
         9264144889 ECD Reviews of Foreign Direct Shelf L (closed)
211995511P1       O            7/13/1995閉架            Investment Finland
         9264145265 ECD Reviews of Foreign Direct Shelf L (closed)
211995521P1       O            8/2/1995 閉架            Investment United States
         9264148175 ECD Reviews of Foreign Direct Shelf L (closed)
211995531P1       O            4/22/1996閉架            Investment Switzerland
         9264152814 ECD Reviews of Foreign Direct Shelf L (closed)
211995541P1       O            9/17/1996閉架            Investment France
         9264047638nternational Capital Markets StatisticsL (closed) 1996 Edition
211996013P1       I            2/6/1996 閉架           Shelf 1950/1995
         926414787X olicy Issues in Insurance Investment, Taxation, Insolvency No. 2
211996021P1       P            3/8/1996 閉架           Shelf L (closed)
         9264147845 ECD Documents Towards MultilateralLInvestment Rules
211996031P1       O            3/15/1996閉架           Shelf (closed)
         9264146652 rivatisation in Asia, Europe and Latin America
211996061P1       P            5/29/1996閉架           Shelf L (closed)
         9264148736 ECD Documents International Trade in (closed)
211996071P1       O            5/31/1996閉架           Shelf L Professional Services Assessing Barriers and Encouraging Reform
         9264152830 ECD Benchmark Definition of ForeignL (closed)
211996081P1       O            11/6/1996閉架           Shelf Direct Investment Third Edition
         9264154469 ECD Proceedings Investment PoliciesLin Latin America and Multilateral Rules on Investment
211997011P1       O            1/20/1997閉架           Shelf (closed)
         9264154884 ode of Liberalisation 閉架
211997021P1       C                                   Invisible Operations 1997 Edition
                               5/5/1997 of Current Shelf L (closed)
         9264154892 ode of Liberalisation 閉架
211997031P1       C                                  Shelf L (closed)
                               5/5/1997 of Capital Movements 1997 Edition
         9264155104 ECD Proceedings International Trade L (closed)
211997051P1       O            6/18/1997閉架           Shelf in Professional Services Advancing Liberalisation Through Regulatory Re
         9264154973 ECD Reviews of Foreign Direct Shelf L (closed)
211997511P1       O            4/20/1997閉架            Investment Argentina
         9264155724 ECD Reviews of Foreign Direct Shelf L (closed)
211997521P1       O            6/20/1997閉架            Investment Chile
         9264159800 ECD Proceedings Institutional Investors in the New Financial Landscape
211998021P1       O            6/10/1998閉架           Shelf L (closed)
         9264160752 ECD Proceedings Corporate Governance, State-Owned Enterprises and Privatisation
211998031P1       O            3/31/1998閉架           Shelf L (closed)
         9264161147 oreign Direct Investment and Economic (closed)
211998051P1       F            6/2/1998 閉架           Shelf L Development Lessons from Six Emerging Economies
         9264160973 ECD Reviews of Foreign Direct Shelf L (closed)
211998511P1       O            6/10/1998閉架            Investment Brazil
         926405846Xiberalisation of International InsuranceLOperations Cross-border Trade and Establishment of Foreign Branches
211999023P1       L            6/2/1999 閉架           Shelf (closed)
         9264171266 ECD Principles of Corporate Governance
211999061P1       O            10/6/1999開架           Shelf D
         4322102034 ECDのコーポレートガバナンス原則 D
211999067P1       O            5/7/2002 開架           Shelf
         9264171622 ECD Proceedings Foreign Direct Investment, Development and Corporate Responsibility
211999071P1       O            11/17/1999 架閉         Shelf L (closed)
         9264176330 ECD Reviews of Foreign Direct Shelf D
212000021P1       O            10/11/2000 架開          Investment Hungary
         9264176349 rivate Pensions Series No. 01: Private Pension Systems and Policy Issues
212000031P1       P            3/22/2000開架           Shelf D
         9264176608 o Longer Business as Usual Fighting Bribery and Corruption
212000041P1       N            10/2/2000開架           Shelf D
         9264176799 ank Profitability Methodological Shelf D Notes 2000 Edition
212000071P1       B            7/18/2000開架            Country
         9264183612 rivate Pensions Series No. 02: Private Pensions Systems Administrative Costs and Reforms
212001031P1       P            3/23/2001開架           Shelf D
         926418659X rivate Pensions Series No. 03: OECDD
212001051P1       P            4/11/2001開架           Shelf 2000 Private Pensions Conference
         9264186697 orporate Responsibility架
212001101P1       C                        開         Shelf D
                               05/02/2001 Private Initiatives and Public Goals
         9264183388 ECD Reviews of Foreign Direct Shelf D
212001111P1       O            7/3/2001 開架            Investment Czech Republic

                                                      Page 9

         9264186948 olicy Issues in Insurance No. 03:Shelf D
212001121P1       P           7/2/2001 開架              Insurance Regulation, Liberalisation and Financial Convergence
         9264195432 ehind the 12/6/2001開架Using Corporate Entities for Illicit Purposes
212001131P1       B            Corporate Veil        Shelf D
         926419682X ECD Guidelines for Multinational Enterprises Global Instruments for Corporate Responsibility 2001 Edition
212001171P1       O           0/18/2002開架            Shelf D
         9264197036nsurance Solvency Supervision OECD D
212002021P1       I           4/22/2002開架            Shelf Country Profiles
         9264197281 ECD Global Forum on International Investment New Horizons for Foreign Direct Investment
212002041P1       O           3/18/2002開架            Shelf D
         9264197613 ECD Public Debt Markets Trends andD
212002081P1       O           6/11/2002開架            Shelf Recent Structural Changes
         9264197761 rivate Pensions Series No. 04: Regulating Private Pension Schemes: Trends and Challenges
212002091P1       P           5/17/2002開架            Shelf D
         9264097953nsurance Statistics Yearbook 1993/2000 - 2002 Edition
212002103P1       I           7/26/2002閉架            Shelf L (closed)
         9264198075 ebt Management and開架
212002121P1       D                                  Shelf D
                              9/5/2002 Government Securities Markets in the 21st Century
         9264101896 olicy Issues in Insurance No. 04:Shelf D
212003031P1       P           7/28/2003開架              Assessing the Solvency of Insurance Companies
         9264102892 olicy Issues in Insurance No. 05:Shelf D
212003041P1       P           8/19/2003開架              Insurance and Expanding Systemic Risks
         9264105506 olicy Issues in Insurance No. 06:Shelf D
212003091P1       P           11/21/2003 架開            Environmental Risks and Insurance A Comparative Analysis of the Role of Ins
         9264021051 rivate Pensions Series No. 05: Pension Reform in the Baltic Countries
212004011P1       P           4/22/2004開架            Shelf D
         9264021078 olicy Issues in Insurance No. 07:Shelf D
212004021P1       P           4/22/2004開架              Insurance in the Baltic Countries
         926401697X rivate Pensions Series 架 06: Supervising Private Pensions: Institutions and Methods
212004031P1       P                       開
                              12/20/2004 No.         Shelf D
         9264016996 ECD Glossaries Private Pensions OECD Classification and Glossary
212005013P1       O           4/27/2005開架            Shelf D
         9264008721 olicy Issues in Insurance No. 09:Shelf D
212005021P1       P           7/6/2005 開架             Terrorism Risk Insurance in OECD Countries
         9264104410 dvances in Risk Management of Shelf D
212005031P1       A           8/3/2005 開架            Government Debt
         9264009949 olicy Issues in Insurance No. 08:Shelf D
212005041P1       P           08/04/2005 架開            Catastrophic Risks and Insurance
         9264010165 ousing Finance Markets in Transition Economies Trends and Challenges
212005051P1       H           8/24/2005開架            Shelf D
         9264011188 olicy Issues in Insurance No. 10 Shelf D
212005071P1       P           11/29/2005 架開          Reforming the Insurance Market in Russia
         9264017011nsurance Statistics Yearbook 1994-2003 2005 Edition
212005083P1       I           8/9/2005 閉架            Shelf L (closed)
         9264012222 ecurities Markets in Eurasia
212005091P1       S           12/5/2005開架            Shelf D
         9264012567mproving Financial Literacy Analysis of Issues and Policies
212005101P1       I           12/5/2005開架            Shelf D
         9264012907 ational Treatment for Foreign-Controlled Enterprises 2005 Edition
212005111P1       N           12/12/2005 架開          Shelf D
         9264013865 rivate Pensions Series No. 07: Reform and Challenges for Private Pensions in Russia
212005121P1       P           4/21/2006開架            Shelf D
         9264026509nsurance Statistics Yearbook 1995-2004 2006 Edition
212006013P1       I           12/22/2006 架開          Shelf D
         9789264029040 Issues in Insurance No. 11 Shelf D Malpractice Prevention, Insurance and Coverage Options
212006051P1       Policy      1/10/2007開架            Medical
212007023P1                   10/10/2007 架開          Shelf D
                  Insurance Statistics Yearbook, 1996-2005 2007 Edition
212007031P1                     Policy Reforms
                  Progress in01/22/2008 架 to Improve the Investment Climate in South East Europe Investment Reform Index 2
         9264028102 rivate Pensions Series No. 08: Protecting Pensions Policy Analysis and Examples from OECD Countries
212007061P1       P           11/7/2007開架
         9264127461 ountertrade: Developing Country Practices
221985011P1       C           8/31/1985閉架            Shelf K (closed)
         9264129472 xport Credit Financing Systems Shelf K (closed) Countries, Third Edition
221987011P1       E           1/1/1987 閉架            in OECD Member
         9264132783 rade in Services and 閉架
221989011P1       T           10/31/1989              Countries
                                          DevelopingShelf K (closed)
         9264133585 xport Credit Financing Systems Shelf K (closed) Countries Fourth Edition
221990011P1       E           4/18/1990閉架            in OECD Member
         9264134875 ervices in5/1/1991 閉架
221991011P1       S                                  Shelf K (closed)
                               Central and Eastern European Countries
         9264136169ntegration 1/21/1992閉架
221991021P1       I                                  Shelf K (closed)
                               of Developing Countries into the International Trading System
         9264139095 egional Integration and Developing Countries
221993011P1       R           5/17/1993閉架            Shelf K (closed)
         9264139958 o. 01: Intra-Firm Trade
221993021P1       N           10/1/1993閉架            Shelf K (closed)
221993027P1                   9/1994      閉架
                  通商政策問題シリーズ1 日米における企業内貿易 (日経調資料))   Shelf K (closed)
         9264140174 rade Policy Issues No. 02: Assessing K (closed) of the Uruguay Round
221993031P1       T           11/8/1993閉架            Shelf the Effects
221993037P1                   8/1994      閉架         Shelf K (closed)
                  通商政策問題シリーズ2 ウルグアイ・ラウンドの効果を評価する (日経調資料))
         9264140573 ECD Documents Mining and Non-Ferrous Metals Policies of OECD Countries
221994011P1       O           1/18/1994閉架            Shelf K (closed)
         9264141103 rade Policy Issues No. 03: The Benefits(closed)
221994021P1       T           5/2/1994 閉架            Shelf K of Free-Trade East Asia and Latin America
         9264141049 ain Developments in Trade 1993 1994 Edition
221994041P1       M           4/19/1994閉架            Shelf K (closed)
         9264142452 ECD Documents The New World Trading System Readings
221994051P1       O           9/27/1994閉架            Shelf K (closed)
         9264043535 rade and Labour Standards A Review K (closed)
221995013P1       T           4/4/1995 閉架            Shelf of the Issues
         9264143386 ECD Documents New Dimensions of Market Access in a Globalizing World Economy
221995021P1       O           2/10/1995閉架            Shelf K (closed)
         9264144323 egional Integration and the Multilateral Trading System Synergy and Divergence
221995031P1       R           5/3/1995 閉架            Shelf K (closed)
221995037P1                   3/1996      閉架
                  地域統合と多国間貿易システム:Shelf K (closed)     相乗効果と拡散効果 (日経調資料))
         9264144412 ain Developments in Trade 1995 Edition(closed)
221995041P1       M           6/30/1995閉架            Shelf K
221995507P3                   -           閉架
                  OECD輸出信用制度 -OECD加盟国および非加盟国- 第五版)   Shelf K (closed)
         926414823X arket Access After the UruguayShelf K (closed)
221996011P1       M           4/18/1996閉架             Round Investment, Competition and Technology Perspectives
         9264148310 ECD Documents Regionalism and its Place in the Multilateral Trading System
221996021P1       O           5/9/1996 閉架            Shelf K (closed)
         9264152709 rade, Employment and Labour Standards A Study of Core Workers' Rights and International Trade
221996031P1       T           9/9/1996 閉架            Shelf K (closed)
         9264152741 ntitrust and Market Access TheShelf K and Coverage of Competition Laws and Implications for Trade
221996041P1       A           9/23/1996閉架             Scope (closed)
221996047P1                   8/25/1998閉架
                  反トラストと市場アクセス)                      Shelf K (closed)

                                                     Page 10

         9264153160 rade Liberalisation Policies in Mexico K (closed)
221996051P1       T           10/18/1996 架閉          Shelf
         9264147462 xport Credit Financing Systems Shelf K (closed) and non-Member Countries Export Credit Financing System
221996511P3       E           4/16/1996閉架            in OECD Member
         9264156801 ECD Proceedings Market Access Issues in the Automobile Sector
221997011P1       O           11/24/1997 架閉          Shelf K (closed)
         926415583X xport Credit Financing Systems Shelf K (closed) and non-Member Countries Export Credit Financing System
221997521P3       E           11/7/1997閉架            in OECD Member
         9264171673 xport Credit Financing Systems Shelf K (closed) and non-Member Countries Export Credit Financing System
221997531P3       E           11/3/1999閉架            in OECD Member
         9264161007 pen Markets Matter The Benefits of Trade and Investment Liberalisation
221998011P1       O           4/27/1998閉架            Shelf K (closed)
         450263882X 場自由化の重要性 閉架
221998017P1       市           1/1/1998 貿易・投資自由化の利益)  Shelf K (closed)
         9264161031 ECD Proceedings Regulatory Reform K (closed) Economy Asian and Latin American Perspectives
221998021P1       O           6/19/1998閉架            Shelf in the Global
         926415695X he Export4/16/1998閉架
221998531P1       T                                  Shelf K (closed)
                               Credit Arrangement Achievements and Challenges 1978/1998
         9264171118 rade, Investment and Development: Reaping the Full Benefits of Open Markets
221999011P1       T           8/16/1999閉架            Shelf K (closed)
         9264171126 rade, Investment and Development: Policy Coherence Matters
221999021P1       T           8/18/1999閉架            Shelf K (closed)
         9264171282 ost-Uruguay Round Tariff Regimes Achievements and Outlook
221999031P1       P           10/22/1999 架閉          Shelf K (closed)
         9264171290 rade and Competition Policies for Tomorrow
221999041P1       T           10/27/1999 架閉          Shelf K (closed)
         9264171304 rade Measures in Multilateral Environmental Agreements
221999051P1       T           10/26/1999 架開          Shelf C
         9264170561 xport Credit Financing Systems Shelf K (closed) Countries and Non-Member Economies Export Credit Financ
221999541P3       E           7/23/1999閉架            in OECD Member
         9264171908 ECD Proceedings Assessing the Environmental Effects of Trade Liberalisation Agreements Methodologies
222000011P1       O           02/07/2000 架開          Shelf C
         9264185356nternational Trade and Core Labour Standards
222000041P1       I           10/12/2000 架開          Shelf C
         9264186433 rade and Competition Policies Options for a Greater Coherence
222001011P1       T           03/22/2001 架開          Shelf C
         9264187278 nvironmental Goods and Services TheC
222001031P1       E           7/31/2001開架            Shelf Benefits of Further Global Trade Liberalisation
         9264187286 rade and Regulatory 開架 Insights from Country Experience
222001041P1       T           08/01/2001  Reform     Shelf C
         926419522X rade in Services: Negotiating Issues and Approaches
222001051P1       T           9/4/2001 開架            Shelf C
         9264196757 he Development Dimensions of Trade C
222001061P1       T           12/7/2001開架            Shelf
         9264186344 xport Credit Financing Systems Shelf C Member Countries and Non-Member Economies Export Credit Financ
222001551P3       E           8/21/2001開架            in OECD
         9264197257 ATS: The4/25/2002開架 Services Markets
222002021P1       G            Case for Open         Shelf C
         9264100423 uantifying5/23/2003開架 Liberalising C
222003011P1       Q            the Benefits of       Shelf Trade in Services
         9264099387 xport Credit Financing Systems Shelf C Member and non-Member Countries Export Credit Financing System
222003021P3       E           5/6/2003 開架            in OECD
         9264101365 egionalism and the Multilateral Trading System
222003031P1       R           7/21/2003開架            Shelf C
         9264016384 rade and Migration Building Bridges for Global Labour Mobility
222004011P1       T           8/4/2004 開架            Shelf C
         9264016538 xport Credit Financing Systems Shelf C Member and non-Member Countries Export Credit Financing System
222004021P3       E           8/23/2004開架            in OECD
         9264018530 New World Map in Textiles and Shelf C Adjusting to Change
222004051P1       A           12/24/2004 架開          Clothing
         9264010963 rade and Structural Adjustment:Shelf C
222005021P1       T           10/5/2005開架             Embracing Globalisation
         9264013733 ECD Trade Policy Studies Environmental Requirements and Market Access
222005031P1       O           12/5/2005開架            Shelf C
         9264014608 ECD Trade Policy Studies Looking Beyond Tariffs The Role of Non-Tariff Barriers in World Trade
222006011P1       O           12/13/2005 架開          Shelf C
         926403577X ECD Trade Policy Studies Trade thatC
222006021P1       O           12/12/2005 架開          Shelf Benefits the Environment and Development Opening Markets for Environ
         9264036350 xport Credit Financing Systems Shelf C Member Countries and Non-Member Economies Export Credit Financ
222006031P3       E           2/2/2006 開架            in OECD
         9264025596 ECD Trade Policy Studies Trading UpC
222006051P1       O           6/21/2006開架            Shelf Economic Perspectives on Development Issues in the Multilateral Tradin
         9264024816 ECD Trade Policy Studies Environmental and Energy Products The Benefits of Liberalising Trade
222006061P1       O           6/21/2006開架            Shelf C
         9264028676 ECD Trade Policy Studies Liberalisation and Universal Access to Basic Services Telecommunications, Water a
222006081P1       O           11/14/2006 架開          Shelf C
         9264126260 ransfer Pricing and MultinationalShelf K (closed)
231984051P1       T           10/1/1984閉架              Enterprises Three Taxation Issues
231985007P1                   8/1985
                  中央政府個人所得税制における租税弾力性     閉架         Shelf K (closed)
         9264127038 rends in International Taxation Shelf K (closed)
231985011P1       T           5/30/1985閉架
231985017P1                   5/1986      閉架
                  国際課税の動向 (日経調資料) Shelf K (closed)
         926412778X n Empirical Analysis 閉架
231985031P1       A                                   in Personal Income Taxes
                              2/1/1986 of ChangesShelf K (closed)
         9264127895 ersonal Income Tax Systems under Changing Economic Conditions
231986021P1       P           2/1/1986 閉架            Shelf K (closed)
         9264129251ssues in International Taxation International Tax Avoidance and Evasion
231987011P1       I           4/30/1987閉架            Shelf K (closed)
         9264129294 axation in4/30/1987閉架
231987021P1       T            Developed Countries Shelf K (closed)
231987041P1                   -           Taxation Thin Capitalisation Taxation of Entertainers, Artists and Sportsmen No.2
                  Issues in International 閉架         Shelf K (closed)
         9264130543 he Taxation of Fringe Benefits Shelf K (closed)
231988011P1       T           3/9/1988 閉架
         926413073X he Taxation of Net Wealth Capital, Transfers and Capital Gains of Individuals
231988021P1       T           10/1/1988閉架            Shelf K (closed)
         9264131248ssues in International 閉架
231988061P1       I                                  Shelf (closed)
                              9/8/1988 Taxation No. 03: KThe Consequences of Foreign Exchange Gains and Losses
         926413154X tudies in Taxation A 閉架
231988071P1       S           01/01/1988             Shelf K of personal income tax models : a report
                                          comparative study (closed)
         9264131604 axing Consumption 閉架
231988091P1       T           12/16/1988             Shelf K (closed)
231988097P1       消費課税 (日経調資料)10/1998 閉架             Shelf K (closed)
         9264133909 axpayers Rights and ObligationsShelf K (closed) Legal Situation in OECD Countries
231990011P1       T           6/15/1990閉架             A Survey of the
231990017P1       納税者の権利と義務 閉架-                      Shelf K (closed)
         9264133682 he Personal Income Tax Base AShelf K (closed)
231990031P1       T           6/22/1990閉架             Comparative Study
         9264134263 axation and International CapitalShelf K (closed)
231990051P1       T           11/2/1990閉架              Flows

                                                     Page 11

         9264138013ssues in International 閉架
231992031P1       I           12/23/1992            Shelf K (closed)
                                          Taxation Model Tax Convention Four Related Studies No. 4
         9264138153 axation in2/2/1993 閉架
231993011P1       T            OECD Countries       Shelf K (closed)
         9264138390 axation and the Environment Complementary Policies 1993
231993021P1       T           6/8/1993 閉架           Shelf K (closed)
         4641067015 境と税制3/16/1994閉架
231993027P1       環             相互補完的な政策を目指して       Shelf K (closed)
         926413915X odel Tax Convention閉架
231993031P1       M                                  and K Capital
                              6/8/1993 on IncomeShelfon (closed) Condensed version September 1992
         9264140581ssues in International Taxation Model Tax Convention Attribution of Income to Permanent Establishments No. 5
231994011P1       I           1/18/1994閉架           Shelf K (closed)
         926414093X axation and Small Businesses Shelf K (closed)
231994021P1       T           4/7/1994 閉架
         4990047311 小企業と税金
231994027P1       中           12/31/1995 架閉         Shelf K (closed)
         9264040390 ax Information Exchange between OECD Member Countries A Survey of Current Practices
231994033P1       T           3/28/1994閉架           Shelf K (closed)
         9264143092 ECD Documents Taxation and Investment Flows An Exchange of Experiences Between the OECD and the Dyn
231994051P1       O           1/6/1995 閉架           Shelf K (closed)
         9264141618 axation of6/28/1994閉架Instruments K (closed)
231994061P1       T            New Financial        Shelf
         9264041702 ransfer Pricing Guidelines for Multinational Enterprises and Tax Administrations, Discussion Draft of Part I
231994073P1       T           7/8/1994 閉架           Shelf K (closed)
231994077P1                   -
                  移転価格税制をめぐる動きと経団連の対応     閉架        Shelf K (closed)
         9264142517 axation and Household Saving Shelf K (closed)
231994091P1       T           11/9/1994閉架
         9264042652 axation and Household Saving Country Surveys
231994103P1       T           1/5/1995 閉架           Shelf K (closed)
         9264144366 onsumption Tax Trends 1995 Edition K (closed)
231995011P1       C           6/19/1995閉架           Shelf
         9264145338 ransfer Pricing Guidelines for Multinational Enterprises and Tax Administrations (Binder)
231995021P3       T           7/28/1995閉架           Shelf K (closed)
231995027P3                   1998        開架        Shelf K (closed)
                  新移転価格ガイドライン 「多国籍企業と税務当局のための移転価格算定に関する指針」 平成10年9月
         9264152849 odel Tax Convention on IncomeShelfon (closed) Model Tax Convention on Income and on Capital Condensed ve
231996031P1       M           8/14/1996閉架            and K Capital
         9264153314 ECD Documents Tax Treaties Linkages (closed) OECD Member Countries and Dynamic non-Member Econom
231996041P1       O           10/7/1996閉架           Shelf K Between
         9264154213 onsumption Tax Trends 1997 Edition K (closed)
231997011P1       C           1/6/1997 閉架           Shelf
         9264154558 ECD Proceedings Taxing International Business Emerging Trends in APEC and OECD Economies
231997021P1       O           2/28/1997閉架           Shelf K (closed)
231997027P1                   1/1999      閉架        Shelf K (closed)
                  国際ビジネス課税 APEC及びOECD諸国に見られる新たな傾向 (日経調資料))
         9264156003 ransfer Pricing Guidelines for Multinational Enterprises and Tax Administrations Update 1997
231997621P3       T           10/1/1997閉架           Shelf K (closed)
         9264160221 ax Sparing A Reconsideration Shelf K (closed)
231998011P1       T           2/19/1998閉架
         9264160574 ECD Documents The Taxation of Global(closed) of Financial Instruments
231998031P1       O           3/3/1998 閉架           Shelf K Trading
         9264160906 armful Tax Competition An Emerging Global Issue
231998041P1       H           4/21/1998閉架           Shelf K (closed)
231998047P1                   7/1998
                  有害な税の競争 起こりつつある国際問題     閉架        Shelf K (closed)
         9264161155 odel Tax Convention閉架
231998511P1       M                                  and K Capital
                              6/2/1998 on IncomeShelfon (closed) Model Tax Convention on Income and on Capital Condensed V
         9264170359 onsumption Tax Trends 1999 Edition K (closed)
231999021P1       C           5/7/1999 閉架           Shelf
         9264170456 axation of4/28/1999閉架Portfolio Investment Mutual Funds and Possible Tax Distortions
231999031P1       T            Cross-Border         Shelf K (closed)
         9264171355 ECD Tax 10/13/1999 架 01:Shelf K (closed) of State and Local Government
231999051P1       O                       開
                              Policy Studies No.      Taxing Powers
         9264170774ssues in International Taxation The Application of the OECD Model Tax Convention to Partnerships No. 6
231999521P1       I           8/17/1999閉架           Shelf K (closed)
         9264171371 ECD Tax 5/2/2000 開架 02:Shelf Burdens Alternative Measures
232000021P1       O           Policy Studies No.      Tax D
         9264176497mproving Access to Bank Information for Tax Purposes
232000031P1       I           4/6/2000 開架           Shelf D
         9264176438ssues in International Taxation No. 07: DIssues Related to Article 14 of the OECD Model Tax Convention
232000531P1       I           4/10/2000開架           Shelf
         9264185496 odel Tax Convention on IncomeShelfon Capital Model Tax Convention on Income and on Capital Condensed ve
232000551P1       M           8/29/2000開架            and D
         926418595X axation and Electronic Commerce Implementing the Ottawa Taxation Framework Conditions
232001011P1       T           5/4/2001 開架           Shelf D
         9264183450 ECD Tax 5/2/2001 開架 03:Shelf D Insurance Companies
232001021P1       O           Policy Studies No.      Taxing
         926418628X ransfer Pricing Guidelines for Multinational Enterprises and Tax Administrations Travel version
232001041P1       T           6/18/2001開架           Shelf D
         9264183442 ECD Tax 9/10/2001開架 04:Shelf D
232001071P1       O           Policy Studies No.      Corporate Tax Incentives for Foreign Direct Investment
         9264176993 onsumption Tax Trends VAT/GST, Excise and Environmental Taxes 2001 Edition
232001111P1       C           12/20/2001 架開         Shelf D
         9264195440 ECD Tax 12/14/2001 架 06:Shelf and the Economy A Comparative Assessment of OECD Countries
232001121P1       O                       開
                              Policy Studies No.      Tax D
232001127P1       税制と経済9/2002             開架
                                OECD諸国の比較検討 (日経調資料) Shelf D
         9264195459 ECD Tax 11/26/2001 架 05:Shelf Ratios: A Critical Survey
232001131P1       O                       開
                              Policy Studies No.      Tax D
         9264195351 ECD Tax 2/11/2002開架 07:Shelf D Design Surveys across Levels of Government
232002011P1       O           Policy Studies No.      Fiscal
         9264198962 odel Tax Convention開架
232002081P1       M                                  and D
                              2/5/2003 on IncomeShelfon Capital Model Tax Convention on Income and on Capital Condensed ve
         4930964091 ECDモデル租税条約2003年版(所得と財産に対するモデル租税条約) 簡略版 2003年11月
232002087P1       O           12/4/2003開架           Shelf D
         9264199802 ECD Tax 5/27/2003開架 08:Shelf D Micro-Data to Assess Average Tax Rates
232003011P1       O           Policy Studies No.      Using
         9264099905ssues in International 開架
232003031P1       I                                 Shelf
                              6/4/2003 Taxation No. 08: D2002 Reports Related to the OECD Model Tax Convention
         9264016570 ECD Tax 11/11/2004 架 09:Shelf D Tax Policy Trends and Reforms in OECD Countries
232004041P1       O                       開
                              Policy Studies No.      Recent
         9264006761 onsumption Tax Trends VAT/GST and Excise Rates, Trends and Administration Issues, 2004 Edition
232005011P1       C           3/9/2005 開架           Shelf D
         9264007202 ECD Tax 6/1/2005 開架 10:Shelf D
232005031P1       O           Policy Studies No.     E-commerce: Transfer Pricing and Business Profits Taxation
         9264011994 odel Tax Convention on IncomeShelfon Capital Model Tax Convention on Income and on Capital Condensed ve
232005051P1       M           9/27/2005開架            and D
         4930964113 ECDモデル租税条約2005年版(所得と財産に対するモデル租税条約) 簡略版 2006年7月)
232005057P1       O           9/28/2006開架           Shelf D
         9264012842 evenue Statistics 1965-2004 - 2005 Edition
232005063P1       R           10/18/2005 架開         Shelf D
         9264012486 ECD Tax 1/17/2006開架 11:Shelf Taxation of Employee Stock Options
232005071P1       O           Policy Studies No.     The D

                                                     Page 12

         9264013202 ECD Tax 12/13/2005 架 12:Shelf D Working Families A Distributional Analysis
232005081P1       O                        開
                               Policy Studies No.      Taxing
232006007P1                    5/2006      開架
                  恒久的施設への帰属利益の算定に関するディスカッション・ドラフト     Shelf D
         9264014179 onsumption Tax Trends VAT/GST and Excise Rates, Trends and Administration Issues, 2006 Edition
232006011P1       C            6/16/2006開架            Shelf D
         9264022023 axing Wages 2004/2005 - 2005 Shelf D
232006041P1       T            4/11/2006開架            Edition
         9264024077 ax Co-operation Towards a Level Playing Field
232006071P1       T            6/14/2006開架            Shelf D
         9264025774 ECD Tax 6/16/2006開架 13:Shelf D
232006081P1       O            Policy Studies No.      Fundamental Reform of Personal Income Tax
         9264028129 evenue Statistics 1965-2005 - 2006 Edition
232006103P1       R            10/17/2006 架開          Shelf D
         9264029494 ECD Tax 12/6/2006開架 14:Shelf D of Capital Gains of Individuals Policy Considerations and Approaches
232006121P1       O            Policy Studies No.      Taxation
         9789264031357 Tax 3/7/2007 開架
232007021P1       OECD                                Shelf D
                               Policy Studies N.15 Encouraging Savings through Tax-Preferred Accounts
         9789264031920 Wages 2005/2006 2006 Edition D
232007031P1       Taxing       3/7/2007 開架            Shelf
         9789264036208 Tax Convention開架
232007051P3       Model                                and D
                               01/21/2008on IncomeShelfon Capital SET: Model Tax Convention on Income and on Capital: Volume
         9789264038110 Tax 11/27/2007 架
232007061P1       OECD                     開          Shelf D
                               Policy Studies No.16 Fundamental Reform of Corporate Income Tax
232007073P1                    10/24/2007 架開          Shelf D
                  Revenue Statistics 1965-2006 - 2007 Edition
         9789264038370 Tax 01/22/2008 架 17 Shelf D
232007091P1       OECD                     開
                               Policy Studies No.     Tax Effects on Foreign Direct Investment Recent Evidence and Policy Analysi
         9789264039025Co-operation 2007 Towards a Level Playing Field: Assessment by the Global Forum on Taxation
232007111P1       Tax          11/7/2007開架            Shelf D
         9264126856 ompetition Policy and the ProfessionsK (closed)
241985011P1       C            2/28/1985閉架            Shelf
         9264128980 ompetition Policy and Joint Ventures K (closed)
241986031P1       C            2/28/1987閉架            Shelf
         9264129200 onsumers4/30/1987閉架
241987021P1       C             and Life Insurance Shelf K (closed)
         9264129243 roduct Safety: Developing and Implementing Measures
241987031P1       P            6/30/1987閉架            Shelf K (closed)
         9264130373 he Costs 1/31/1988閉架
241987061P1       T                                    The K (closed)
                               of Restricting Imports:Shelf Automobile Industry
         9264131019 eregulation and Airline Competition K (closed)
241988021P1       D            7/30/1988閉架            Shelf
241988033P1                    12/2/1988閉架            Shelf K (closed)
                  International Mergers and Competition Policy
         9264131795 lectronic Funds Transfer PlasticShelf K and the Consumer
241988041P1       E            3/17/1989閉架             Cards (closed)
         9264132457 redatory Pricing
241989021P1       P            5/31/1989閉架            Shelf K (closed)
         9264132422 ompetition Policy and Intellectual Property Rights
241989031P1       C            6/30/1989閉架            Shelf K (closed)
         9264134115 griculture 10/31/1990 架
241990021P1       A                        閉
                                and the Consumer Shelf K (closed)
         926413428X ompetition Policy and the Deregulation of Road Transport
241990031P1       C            11/12/1990 架閉          Shelf K (closed)
         9264134794 onsumer Product Safety Standards and (closed)
241991011P1       C            4/23/1991閉架            Shelf K International Trade
         9264033475 ompetition and Economic Development (closed)
241991023P1       C            4/29/1991閉架            Shelf K
         9264136665 egulatory 6/23/1992閉架
241992011P1       R                                   Shelf K (closed)
                               Reform, Privatisation and Competition Policy
         449231203X 制緩和と民営化
241992017P1       規            6/24/1993閉架            Shelf K (closed)
         9264137289 ompetition Policy in OECD Countries K (closed)
241992021P1       C            8/8/1992 閉架            Shelf 1989-1990
         926413736X onsumer Information 閉架 Financial Services
241992031P1       C            -           about      Shelf K (closed)
         9264137386 ew Home 8/27/1992閉架
241992041P1       N            Shopping Technologies  Shelf K (closed)
         9264138382 bstacles to Trade and Competition K (closed)
241993011P1       O            3/23/1993閉架            Shelf
         9264138358 onsumer Policy in OECD Countries 1989/1990 1993 Edition
241993021P1       C            3/5/1993 閉架            Shelf K (closed)
         9264140239 ompetition Policy in OECD Countries K (closed) 1993 Edition
241993031P1       C            12/8/1993閉架            Shelf 1990/1991
         9264139871 ompetition Policy and a Changing Broadcast Industry
241993041P1       C            10/5/1993閉架            Shelf K (closed)
         9264140530 ompetition Policy and Vertical Restraints Franchising Agreements
241993051P1       C            1/10/1994閉架            Shelf K (closed)
         9264141006 erger Cases in the Real World A Study of Merger Control Procedures
241994011P1       M            4/1/1994 閉架            Shelf K (closed)
         9264142274 ompetition Policy in OECD Countries K (closed) 1994 Edition
241994021P1       C            9/28/1994閉架            Shelf 1991/1992
         9264143343 ompetition Policy in OECD Countries K (closed) 1995 Edition
241995011P1       C            2/10/1995閉架            Shelf 1992/1993
         9264144145 Global Marketplace for Consumers K (closed)
241995021P1       A            5/11/1995閉架            Shelf
241995027P1                    7/1996      閉架
                  消費者のためのグローバル市場 Shelf K (closed)     (日経調資料)
         9264144390 roduct Liability Rules in OECD Countries
241995031P1       P            6/27/1995閉架            Shelf K (closed)
         9264145567 onsumer Policy in OECD Countries 1991/1992 1995 Edition
241995041P1       C            9/4/1995 閉架            Shelf K (closed)
241995047P1                    -           閉架         Shelf K (closed)
                  OECD諸国の消費者政策 1991~1992 (東京都消費生活総合センター)
         9264146849 onsumer Policy in OECD Countries 1993/1994 1995 Edition
241995051P1       C            11/30/1995 架閉          Shelf K (closed)
         9264152989 onsumer Product Safety Standards and (closed)
241996011P1       C            9/11/1996閉架            Shelf K Conformity Assessment Issues in a Global Marketplace
         9264154760 ompetition Policy in OECD Countries K (closed) 1997 Edition
241997011P1       C            5/14/1997閉架            Shelf 1993/1994
         9264155775 ECD Proceedings Competition Policy K (closed) Economy A Latin American Perspective
241997021P1       O            7/2/1997 閉架            Shelf in a Global
         9264156046 onsumer Policy in OECD Countries 1995 1997 Edition
241997031P1       C            9/8/1997 閉架            Shelf K (closed)
         9264156925 ECD Proceedings The Role of the Competition Agency in Regulatory Reform
241997051P1       O            11/24/1997 架閉          Shelf K (closed)
         9264160167 ECD Proceedings Gateways to the Global Market Consumers and Electronic Commerce
241998011P1       O            2/4/1998 閉架            Shelf K (closed)
         821342886A Framework for the Design and Implementation of Competition Law and Policy
241999011P1                    12/17/1998 架閉          Shelf K (closed)
         9264171223 ECD Proceedings Trade and Competition Policies Exploring the Ways Forward
241999021P1       O            9/10/1999閉架            Shelf K (closed)
         926418726X estructuring Public Utilities for Competition
242001251P1       R            08/17/2001 架開          Shelf D

                                                     Page 13

         4818814245 造分離 公益事業の制度改革 Shelf D
242001257P1       構                       開
                               09/03/2002 架
         9264197354 ighting Hard-core Cartels Harm,Shelf D Sanctions and Leniency Programmes
242002011P1       F                       開
                               06/06/2002 架           Effective
         9264101241 ard Core Cartels Recent progress and challenges ahead
242003011P1       H            5/23/2003開架           Shelf D
         9264105921 ccess Pricing in Telecommunications D
242004011P1       A                       開
                               02/16/2004 架          Shelf
         9264014985 ompetition Law and Policy in Latin America Peer Reviews of Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Mexico and Peru
242006041P1       C            11/9/2006開架           Shelf D
         9264104089 rivatising 11/26/2003 架
262003011P1       P                       開          Shelf D
                               State-Owned Enterprises An Overview of Policies and Practices in OECD countries
         9264106057 orporate Governance A架
262004011P1       C                       開          of OECD
                               05/07/2004 Survey Shelf D Countries
         9264015973 ECD Principles of Corporate Governance - 2004 Edition
262004021P1       O                       開
                               05/21/2004 架          Shelf D
262004027P1                    2004
                  OECDコーポレート・ガバナンス原則 D    開架         Shelf
         9264009426 orporate Governance of State-Owned Enterprises A Survey of OECD Countries
262005021P1       C            1/17/2006開架           Shelf D
         9264035737 orporate Governance of Non-Listed Companies in Emerging Markets
262006011P1       C            2/17/2006開架           Shelf D
         9264028633 orporate Governance in Turkey Shelf D Study
262006031P1       C                       開
                               11/14/2006 架          A Pilot
         9789264038325 Insolvency Systems: Closing the D
262007021P1       Asian        12/7/2007開架           Shelf Implementation Gap
         9264035753 inancial Market Trends Ageing and Pension System Reform: Implications for Financial Markets and Economic P
272005031P1       F            12/7/2005開架           Shelf D
         926419746X nti-corruption Measures in South Eastern Europe Civil Societys Involvement
282002011P1       A            5/3/2002 開架           Shelf D
         9264101136mplementing the OECD Anti-Bribery Convention Implementing the OECD Anti-bribery Convention
282003011P3       I            9/29/2004開架           Shelf D
282003111P3                    10/22/2004 Anti-Bribery Convention Implementing the OECD Anti-bribery Convention Vol. 1: Bulga
                  Implementing the OECD 架 開          Shelf D
         9264017828mplementing the OECD 架
282003121P3       I                       開          Shelf D
                               10/22/2004 Anti-Bribery Convention Implementing the OECD Anti-bribery Convention Vol. 2: Unite
         9264018069mplementing the OECD 架
282003131P3       I                       開          Shelf D
                               10/25/2005 Anti-Bribery Convention Implementing the OECD Anti-bribery Convention Vol. 1: Cana
         9264009841 ighting Corruption in Transition Economies Armenia
282005011P1       F            8/12/2005開架           Shelf D
         9264010750 ighting Corruption in Transition Economies Azerbaijan
282005031P1       F            8/12/2005開架           Shelf D
         9264010777 ighting Corruption in Transition Economies Georgia
282005041P1       F            8/12/2005開架           Shelf D
         9264010793 ighting Corruption in Transition Economies Tajikistan
282005051P1       F            8/12/2005開架           Shelf D
         9264010815 ighting Corruption in Transition Economies Ukraine
282005061P1       F            8/12/2005開架           Shelf D
         9264010831 ighting Corruption in Transition Economies The Kyrgyz Republic
282005071P1       F            8/12/2005開架           Shelf D
         9264013997 ighting Corruption and Promoting Integrity in Public Procurement
282005081P1       F                       開
                               12/20/2005 架          Shelf D
282007011P3                    8/23/2007開架           Shelf D
                  Implementing the OECD Anti-Bribery Convention Implementing the OECD Anti-Bribery Convention Volume 1: B
         9789264013940 in Public Procurement Methods, Actors and Counter-Measures
282007061P1       Bribery      5/31/2007開架           Shelf D
282007071P1                    6/6/2007 Transition Economies Kazakhstan
                  Fighting Corruption in 開架          Shelf D
282007091P3                    8/23/2007開架           Shelf D
                  Implementing the OECD Anti-Bribery Convention Implementing the OECD Anti-Bribery Convention Volume 2: It
         9789264106109Financial War on Terrorism: A Guide by the Financial Action Task Force
292004011P1       The                     開
                               03/02/2004 架          Shelf D
         9264019200 ational Accounts of OECD Countries L (closed) Main Aggregates 1952-1977
301979023P1       N            1/1/1979 閉架           Shelf Volume I
         926402459X ational Accounts 1964-1981, 1983 Edition
301980033P1       N            1983       閉架         Shelf L (closed)
         9264021175 ational Accounts of OECD Countries, L (closed) Main Aggregates 1950-1979
301981013P1       N            1/1/1981 閉架           Shelf Volume 1:
         9264022864 ational Accounts Volume 1: Main Aggregates 1951-1980
301982013P1       N            1/1/1982 閉架           Shelf L (closed)
         9264023593 lows and Stocks of Fixed Capital 1955-1980
301983013P1       F            1/1/1983 閉架           Shelf L (closed)
         9264028358 ational Accounts Volume II: Detailed Tables 1972-1984
301986023P1       N            1/1/1986 閉架           Shelf L (closed)
         9264028366 alances of Payments of OECD Countries 1965-1984
301986043P1       B            8/31/1986閉架           Shelf L (closed)
         926402879X easurement of Value閉架 at Constant Prices in Service Activities National Accounts: Sources and Methods
301987023P1       M            3/1/1987 Added        Shelf L (closed)
         9264029613 lows and Stocks of Fixed Capital, 1960-1985
301987033P1       F            1/1/1987 閉架           Shelf L (closed)
         9264030182 urchasing 1/1/1988 閉架 and Real Expenditures, 1985
301987063P1       P             Power Parities       Shelf L (closed)
         9264030174 ational Accounts Volume 1: Main Aggregates 1960-1986
301988013P1       N            1/1/1988 閉架           Shelf L (closed)
         9264032347 lows and Stocks of Fixed Capital, 1962-1987
301989033P1       F            1/1/1989 閉架           Shelf L (closed)
         9264033400 ational Accounts Volume II: Detailed Tables 1977-1989
301991033P1       N            8/1/1991 閉架           Shelf L (closed)
         9264035141 lows and Stocks of Fixed Capital 1964-1989
301991043P1       F            11/1/1991閉架           Shelf L (closed)
         9264035222 ational Accounts Volume 1: Main Aggregates 1960-1990
301992013P1       N            1/1/1992 閉架           Shelf L (closed)
         9264035338 urchasing 4/15/1992閉架 and Real Expenditures for Nordic Countries 1990
301992033P1       P             Power Parities       Shelf L (closed)
         9264036865 urchasing 8/3/1992 閉架 and Real Expenditures EKS Results Volume 1 1990 1992 Edition
301992043P1       P             Power Parities       Shelf L (closed)
         9264036830 ational Accounts Volume II: Detailed Tables 1978-1990
301992063P1       N            8/17/1992閉架           Shelf L (closed)
         926403708X ational Accounts of OECD Countries L (closed)
301992083P1       N            1/13/1993閉架           Shelf Methods and Sources - Methods used by OECD Countries to Measure S
         9264037071 ational Accounts of OECD Countries L (closed)
301993013P1       N            1/19/1993閉架           Shelf Main Aggregates 1960/1991 1993 Edition Volume 1
         926403711X urchasing 3/5/1993 閉架 and Real Expenditures for Canada and United States
301993023P1       P             Power Parities       Shelf L (closed)
         9264038760 ational Accounts of OECD Countries L (closed)
301993033P1       N            7/26/1993閉架           Shelf Detailed Tables 1979/1991 1993 Edition Volume 2
         9264038973 urchasing 11/19/1993 架 and Real Expenditures GK Results Volume 2
301993063P1       P                       閉
                                Power Parities       Shelf L (closed)
         9211613523 ystem of National Accounts 1993
301994011P1       S            2/3/1994 開架           Shelf L (closed)
         9264039767 ational Accounts of OECD Countries L (closed)
301994023P1       N            1/14/1994閉架           Shelf Main Aggregates 1960/1992 1994 Edition Volume 1
         9264041206 lows and Stocks of Fixed Capital 1967/1992 1994 Edition
301994033P1       F            5/19/1994閉架           Shelf L (closed)

                                                    Page 14

         9264014699 ational Accounts of OECD Countries L (closed)
301994043P1       N            7/13/1994閉架            Shelf Detailed Tables 1980/1992 1994 Edition Volume 2
         9264043527 ational Accounts of OECD Countries L (closed)
301995013P1       N            1/23/1995閉架            Shelf Main Aggregates 1960/1993 1995 Edition Volume 1
         9264044469 urchasing 5/12/1995閉架 and Real Expenditures for Nordic Countries 1993
301995033P1       P             Power Parities        Shelf L (closed)
         9264044914 urchasing 6/30/1995閉架 and Real Expenditures EKS Results 1993 1995 Edition Volume 1
301995043P1       P             Power Parities        Shelf L (closed)
         9264044957 ational Accounts of OECD Countries L (closed)
301995053P1       N            7/25/1995閉架            Shelf Detailed Tables 1981/1993 1995 Edition Volume 2
         926404759X ational Accounts Main Aggregates 1960/1994 1996 Edition Volume 1
301996013P1       N            1/23/1996閉架            Shelf L (closed)
         9264047611 urchasing 1/31/1996閉架 and Real Expenditures GK Results 1993 1996 Edition Volume 2
301996023P1       P             Power Parities        Shelf L (closed)
         9264147861 ervices Measuring Real Annual Value L (closed)
301996031P1       S            2/28/1996閉架            Shelf Added
         9264149228nflation Accounting A閉架
301996061P1       I                                   National Accounting Under Conditions of High Inflation
                               11/12/1996Manual on Shelf L (closed)
         9264048529 ational Accounts Detailed Tables 1982/1994 1996 Edition Volume 2
301996083P1       N            8/8/1996 閉架            Shelf L (closed)
         9264052550 lows and Stocks of Fixed Capital 1970/1995 1996 Edition
301996173P1       F            1/6/1997 閉架            Shelf L (closed)
         9264052585 ational Accounts Main Aggregates 1960/1995
301997023P1       N            1/9/1997 閉架            Shelf L (closed)
         9264055320 ational Accounts Detailed Tables 1983/1995 Volume 2
301997033P1       N            8/5/1997 閉架            Shelf L (closed)
         9264055401 lows and Stocks of Fixed Capital 1971/1996 1997 Edition
301997063P1       F            1/8/1998 閉架            Shelf L (closed)
         9264055509 ational Accounts Main Aggregates 1960/1996 1998 Edition Volume 1
301998013P1       N            1/8/1998 閉架            Shelf L (closed)
         9264057706 ational Accounts Detailed Tables 1984/1996 Volume 2
301998053P1       N            8/18/1998閉架            Shelf L (closed)
         9264058400 ational Accounts Main Aggregates 1960/1997 1999 Edition Volume 1
301999013P1       N            1/12/1999閉架            Shelf L (closed)
         9264058230 urchasing 1/10/2000閉架 and Real Expenditures 1996 Results 1999 Edition
301999063P1       P             Power Parities        Shelf L (closed)
         9264176322 ECD Glossaries System of National Accounts, 1993 - Glossary
302000021P1       O            2/17/2000開架
         9264058915 ational Accounts of OECD Countries L (closed)
302000033P1       N            2/15/2000閉架            Shelf Main Aggregates 1988/1998 Volume 1
         9264058958 ervices: Statistics on Value Added and Employment 2000 Edition
302000043P1       S            4/19/2000閉架            Shelf L (closed)
         926408553X ational Accounts of OECD Countries L (closed)
302000083P1       N            9/28/2000閉架            Shelf Detailed Tables 1988/1998 Volume 2
         9264085920 ECD Historical Statistics 1970/1999 2000 Edition
302001013P1       O            2/12/2001開架            Shelf B
         9264085998 tructural Statistics for Industry Shelf L (closed) 1: Core Data - Vol. 2: Energy Consumption 2000 Edition
302001033P1       S            3/30/2001閉架            and Services Vol.
         9264187022 easuring Capital -- OECD Manual Measurement of Capital Stocks, Consumption of Fixed Capital and Capital S
302001061P1       M            6/12/2001開架            Shelf B
         9264097309 urchasing 4/22/2002開架 and Real Expenditures 1999 Benchmark Year 2002 Edition
302002043P1       P             Power Parities        Shelf B
         9264197451 easuring the Non-Observed Economy: A Handbook
302002051P1       M            6/14/2002開架            Shelf B
         9264097600 ECD Historical Statistics 1970/2000 (2001 Edition)
302002063P1       O            4/22/2002開架            Shelf B
         4887216106 民経済計算 2002年版
302002077P1       国            5/15/2003開架            Shelf B
         9264099026 conomic Surveys and Data Analysis CIRET Conference Proceedings, Paris 2000
302002111P1       E            1/16/2003開架            Shelf B
         9264198946 usiness Tendency Surveys A Handbook
302003011P1       B            04/09/2003 架開          Shelf B
         9264019898nstitutional Investors Statistical Yearbook 1992/2001: 2003 Edition
302004013P1       I            1/21/2004開架            Shelf C
         9264106219 xternal Debt Statistics 架
302004033P1       E                        閉          Shelf K (closed)
                               04/30/2004 1998-2002 (2003 Edition)
         9264020128 easuring 7/15/2004開架
302004041P1       M                                   Shelf B
                                Sustainable Development Integrated Economic, Environmental and Social Frameworks
         9264007512 urchasing 2/18/2005開架 and Real Expenditures 2002 Benchmark Year (2004 Edition)
302005013P1       P             Power Parities        Shelf B
302005017P1                    9/26/2005開架
                  購買力平価と実質支出 2002基準年 平成17年9月          Shelf B
         9264007652 ank Profitability: Financial StatementsDof Banks, 1994-2003, 2004 Edition
302005023P1       B            12/07/2005 架開          Shelf
         9264007679 ank Profitability: MethodologicalShelf D Notes - 2004 Edition
302005031P1       B            10/12/2005 架開           Country
         9264018697 ECD Factbook 2005 Economic, Shelf B
302005041P1       O            3/15/2005開架            Environmental and Social Statistics
         4885387078 ECD Factbook 2005 経済、環境、社会に関する統計資料)
302005047P1       O            1/17/2006開架            Shelf B
         9264009000 tatistics, Knowledge and Policy Key Indicators to Inform Decision Making
302005061P1       S            1/10/2006開架            Shelf B
         9264009884 entral Government Debt Statistical Yearbook 1994-2003, 2005 Edition
302005073P1       C            12/15/2005 架開
302005087P1                    11/13/2006
                  国民経済計算 2005年版架           開          Shelf B
         9264013849 ECD Statistics on International Shelf C Services Volume II - Detailed Tables by Partner Country, 2000-2003
302005123P1       O            06/13/2006 架開          Trade in
         9264035613 ECD Factbook 2006 Economic, Shelf B
302006011P1       O            3/28/2006開架            Environmental and Social Statistics
         4750324841 表で見る世界の主要統計 ― OECDファクトブック2006年版
302006017P1       図            7/2/2007 開架            Shelf B
         9264021973 ational Accounts of OECD Countries B
302006023P1       N            1/30/2006開架            Shelf Volume I, Main Aggregates, 1993-2004, 2006 Edition
         9264023828 entral Government Debt Statistical Yearbook 1996-2005, 2006 Edition
302006043P1       C            9/19/2006開架            Shelf B
         9264025669 nderstanding National AccountsShelf B
302006061P1       U            1/10/2007開架
         9264025685 tructural and Demographic Business Statistics 1996-2003, 2006 Edition
302006073P1       S            7/25/2006開架            Shelf J
         9264026479 ational Accounts of OECD Countries B
302006083P1       N            7/28/2006開架            Shelf Volume II, Detailed Tables 1993-2004 (2006 Edition)
         9264026835 ECD Statistics on International Shelf C Services: Volume I Detailed Tables by Service Category - 1995-2004
302006103P1       O            10/16/2006 架開          Trade in
         9264029842 ational Accounts of OECD Countries B
302006123P1       N            2/13/2007開架            Shelf Volume IV, General Government Accounts 1994-2005 (2006 Edition)
         9264031901 ECD Statistics on International Shelf C Services Volume II - Detailed Tables by Partner Country, 2001-2004
302006133P1       O            8/24/2007開架            Trade in
302006161P1                    5/30/2007開架            Shelf on
                  Eurostat-OECD Methodological ManualB Purchasing Power Parities
         9264030034 urostat-OECD Methodological Guide for Developing Producer Price Indices for Services
302006171P1       E            5/18/2007開架            Shelf B
         9789264029460 Factbook 2007 Economic, Shelf B
302007011P1       OECD         4/13/2007開架            Environmental and Social Statistics

                                                    Page 15

302007017P1                   02/15/2008 架
                  図表で見る世界の主要統計 ― E2007年版) 開          Shelf B
         9789264030329 and Metadata Reporting andShelf B
302007021P1       Data        7/3/2007 開架             Presentation Handbook
302007033P1                   1/25/2007開架            Shelf Volume I, Main Aggregates, 1994-2005, 2007 Edition
                  National Accounts of OECD Countries B
         9789264032637 Government Debt Statistical Yearbook 1997-2006, 2007 Edition
302007043P1       Central     11/8/2007開架            Shelf B
         9789264034365 Statistics on International Shelf C Services: Volume I Detailed Tables by Service Category - 1996-2005
302007063P1       OECD        9/10/2007開架            Trade in
302007071P1                   7/23/2007開架            Shelf B
                  Compilation Manual for an Index of Services Production
302007083P1                   7/27/2007開架            Shelf Volume II, Detailed Tables, 1994-2005, 2007 Edition
                  National Accounts of OECD Countries B
         9789264035539 Force Statistics 1986-2006 2007 Edition
302007113P1       Labour      01/29/2008 架開          Shelf J
302007133P1                    Power Parities
                                          開          Shelf B
                  Purchasing 02/29/2008 架 and Real Expenditures 2005 Benchmark Year, 2007 Edition
         9789264040540 Factbook 2008 Economic, Shelf B
302008011P1       OECD        04/8/2008開架            Environmental and Social Statistics
302008021P1                   02/18/2008 架開          Shelf B
                  Eurostat-OECD Manual on Business Demography Statistics
302008043P1                   02/06/2008 架開          Shelf Volume I Main Aggregates, 1995-2006, 2008 Edition
                  National Accounts of OECD Countries: B
         9789264041899 Statistics on International Shelf C Services: Volume II Detailed Tables by Partner Country, 2002-2005, 2
302008053P1       OECD        03/5/2008開架            Trade in
         9264020551 onsumer Price Indices: SourcesShelfMethods and Historical Statistics
311980223P1       C           1/1/1980 閉架             and L (closed)
         9264025456 onsumer Price Indices: SourcesShelfMethods and Historical Statistics, 1960-1983
311984203P1       C           1/1/1984 閉架             and L (closed)
         9264028781 ECD Leading Indicators and BusinessL (closed) Member Countries, 1960-1985 Sources and Methods January
311987203P1       O           4/1/1987 閉架            Shelf Cycles in
         9264032967 ain Economic Indicators Historical Statistics 1969-1988
311990203P1       M           3/31/1990閉架            Shelf L (closed)
         9264038736 ain Economic Indicators: Historical Statistics - Prices, Labour and Wages 1962/1991
311993203P1       M           6/10/1993閉架            Shelf L (closed)
         9264041133 ain Economic Indicators: Consumer Price Indices Sources and Methods
311994203P1       M           1/1/1994 閉架            Shelf L (closed)
         9264040374 ain Economic Indicators Sources and L (closed)- Producer Price Indices
311994213P1       M           4/18/1994閉架            Shelf Methods
         926414921X ain Economic Indicators Sources and L (closed) May 1996
311996131P1       M           7/25/1996閉架            Shelf Definitions
         9264154531 ain Economic Indicators - Sources and (closed) Mexico
311997131P1       M           1/24/1997閉架            Shelf L Methods
         9264154825 ain Economic Indicators - Sources and (closed) Korea
311997141P1       M           4/28/1997閉架            Shelf L Methods
         9264155767 ain Economic Indicators - Sources and (closed) Labour and Wage Statistics
311997161P1       M           7/16/1997閉架            Shelf L Methods
         926415602X ain Economic Indicators Sources and L (closed) July 1997
311997171P1       M           8/25/1997閉架            Shelf Definitions
         9264154914 onstruction Price Indices Sources and Methods
311997201P1       C           5/14/1997閉架            Shelf L (closed)
         9264160353 ain Economic Indicators - Sources and (closed) Domestic Finance Statistics
311998131P1       M           1/28/1998閉架            Shelf L Methods
         9264160361 ain Economic Indicators - Sources and (closed) Interest Rates and Share Price Indices
311998141P1       M           1/9/1998 閉架            Shelf L Methods
         9264197265 ain Economic Indicators: ComparativeBMethodological Analysis: Industry, Retail and Construction Indicators Vo
312002131P1       M           4/5/2002 開架            Shelf
         9264197575 ain Economic Indicators: ComparativeBMethodological Analysis: Consumer and Producer Price Indices Volume
312002151P1       M           9/17/2002開架            Shelf
         9264197583 ain Economic Indicators: ComparativeBMethodological Analysis: Wage related statistics Volume 2002 Suppleme
312002161P1       M           12/22/2003 架開          Shelf
411963001P1                   -           閉架         Shelf L (closed)
                  Development Assistance Efforts and Policies 1963 Review
411964001P1                   -           閉架         Shelf L (closed)
                  Development Assistance Efforts and Policies 1964 Review
411965001P1                   -           閉架         Shelf L (closed)
                  Development Assistance Efforts and Policies 1965 Review
411966001P1                   -           閉架         Shelf L (closed)
                  Development Assistance Efforts and Policies 1966 Review
         9264155600 evelopment Centre Studies Manual ofK (closed) Project Analysis in Developing Countries Methodology and Ca
411968061P1       D           8/10/1968閉架            Shelf Industrial
411969031P1                   1969        閉架         Shelf Industrial
                  Development Centre Studies Manual ofK (closed) Project Analysis in Developing Countries Volume II
411970001P1                   -           閉架          Review
                  Development Co-Operation, 1970Shelf L (closed)
411971001P1                   -           閉架          Review
                  Development Co-Operation, 1971Shelf L (closed)
411972001P1                   1972        閉架         Shelf Industrial
                  Development Centre Studies Manual ofK (closed) Project Analysis in Developing Countries Methodology and Ca
         9264114432 evelopment Co-Operation, 1975Shelf L (closed)
411975001P1       D           -           閉架          Review
         9264115897 evelopment Co-Operation, 1976Shelf L (closed)
411976001P1       D           -           閉架          Review
         9264118667 evelopment Co-Operation, 1978Shelf L (closed)
411978001P1       D           -           閉架          Review
         926412019X evelopment Co-Operation, 1979Shelf L (closed)
411979001P1       D           -           閉架          Review
         9264126449 apan's General Trading Companies: Merchants of Economic Development
411984071P1       J           1/31/1985閉架            Shelf K (closed)
         9264128026 roject Aid: Limitations and Alternatives (closed)
411986021P1       P           4/30/1986閉架            Shelf K
         9264128670 anks and Specialised閉架
411986061P1       B                                  Shelf K (closed)
                              10/31/1986Financial Intermediaries in Development
         9264130241 conomic Policies and閉架
411987041P1       E                                  Shelf K (closed)
                              11/30/1987Agricultural Performance in Low-Income Countries
         9264130322 ommunity1/31/1988閉架 Planning: K (closed)
411987051P1       C            Action for Family     Shelf A Comparison of Six Project Experiences
         9264130535 eveloping 3/31/1988閉架 The Budgetary and Transfer Problem
411988011P1       D            Country Debt:         Shelf K (closed)
         9264130772n-Service 5/30/1988閉架
411988021P1       I                                  Shelf K (closed)
                              Training: Five Asian Experiences
         9264131000 orld Phosphates Supply to the Year 2000
411988031P1       W           11/30/1988 架閉          Shelf K (closed)
         9264132015 evelopment Centre Seminars The Impact of International Migration on Developing Countries
411988041P1       D           3/24/1989閉架            Shelf K (closed)
         9264131779 ecycling Japan's Surpluses for Developing Countries
411988051P1       R           2/28/1989閉架            Shelf K (closed)
         9264131256 ighting Urban Unemployment in Developing Countries
411988061P1       F           10/31/1989 架閉          Shelf K (closed)
         9264131620 he Impact1/31/1989閉架 Projects on Poverty
411988071P1       T            of Development        Shelf K (closed)
         9264131876 inancial Policies and Development
411989011P1       F           1/31/1989閉架            Shelf K (closed)

                                                     Page 16

         9264131884 ew Forms7/31/1989閉架 Developing Country Industries: Mining, Petrochemicals, Automobiles, Textiles, Food
411989021P1       N             of Investment in      Shelf K (closed)
         9264132503 evelopment Centre Studies External Trade and Income Distribution
411989031P1       D            8/31/1989閉架            Shelf K (closed)
         9264132740 evelopment Centre Studies TheShelf KEconomy in the 20th Century
411989051P1       D            9/21/1989閉架             World (closed)
         4492370722 1世紀の世界経済
411989057P1       2            4/19/1990閉架            Shelf K (closed)
         9264132732 gricultural10/31/1989 架 Africa and K (closed) of Manufactured Goods
411989061P1       A                         閉
                                Development in        Shelf the Supply
         9264132791 evelopment Centre Studies Technology (closed)
411989071P1       D            1/11/1990閉架            Shelf K and Global Competition The Challenge for Newly Industrialising Econom
         9264133690 hanging Comparative AdvantageShelf K (closed)
411989081P1       C            4/30/1990閉架             in Food and Agriculture: Lessons from Mexico
         926413350X evelopment Centre Studies Agricultural (closed) for the 1990s
411990011P1       D            2/27/1990閉架            Shelf K Policies
         9264133542 evelopment Centre Studies Changing K (closed)
411990021P1       D            3/21/1990閉架            Shelf Comparative Advantages in China Effects on Food, Feed and Fibre Mark
         9264133283 evelopment Centre Seminars The Informal Sector Revisited
411990031P1       D            3/8/1990 閉架            Shelf K (closed)
         9264133666 gricultural4/26/1990閉架
411990041P1       A                                   Shelf K (closed)
                                Trade Liberalization Implications for Developing Countries
         9264133828 ining and 6/30/1990閉架
411990051P1       M                                    in the (closed)
                               Metallurgy InvestmentShelf K Third World: The End of Large Projects?
         9264133992 evelopment Centre Studies Foreign Direct Investment and Industrial Development in Mexico
411990061P1       D            7/26/1990閉架            Shelf K (closed)
         9264133976 evelopment Centre Studies Building Industrial Competitiveness in Developing Countries
411990071P1       D            7/19/1990閉架            Shelf K (closed)
         9264134727 inancial Systems and Development What Role for the Formal and Informal Financial Sectors ?
411991011P1       F            4/18/1991閉架            Shelf K (closed)
         926413459X evelopment Centre Studies TheShelf Kof Aid
411991021P1       D            2/20/1991閉架             Tying (closed)
         9264134409 evelopment Centre Studies Rebalancing(closed)
411991041P1       D            3/28/1991閉架            Shelf K the Public and Private Sectors Developing Country Experience
         926413476X evelopment Centre Seminars Restoring (closed) Flows to Latin America
411991061P1       D            3/25/1991閉架            Shelf K Financial
         9264134964 evelopment Centre Studies Third World (closed) Financial Innovation The Experiences of Chile and Mexico
411991071P1       D            6/13/1991閉架            Shelf K Debt and
         9264134751 evelopment Centre Studies TheShelf K (closed) in the 1980s and 1990s
411991081P1       D            3/20/1991閉架             Informal Sector
         9264035036 evelopment Centre Seminars Environmental Management in Developing Countries
411991103P1       D            8/1/1991 閉架            Shelf K (closed)
         9264135723 conomic Development in Ethiopia: Agriculture, the Market, and the State
411991111P1       E            10/1/1991閉架            Shelf K (closed)
         9264135472 evelopment Centre Studies Foreign Direct Investment in Brazil Its Impact on Industrial Restructuring
411991121P1       D            9/9/1991 閉架            Shelf K (closed)
         9264135782 evelopment Centre Studies TheShelf K (closed)
411991131P1       D            11/7/1991閉架             Diffusion of Advanced Telecommunications in Developing Countries
         9264135952 evelopment Centre Studies Biotechnology and Developing Country Agriculture The Case of Maize
411991141P1       D            12/4/1991閉架            Shelf K (closed)
         9264135391 djustment9/1/1991 閉架
411991151P1       A             and Equity in Ecuador Shelf K (closed)
         9264136193 djustment2/5/1992 閉架
411991161P1       A                                   Shelf K (closed)
                                and Equity in Developing Countries Chile
         9264137572 djustment10/15/1992 in Developing Countries Ghana
411991181P1       A             and Equity閉架          Shelf K (closed)
         9264136517 djustment4/29/1992閉架
411991191P1       A                                   Shelf K (closed)
                                and Equity in Developing Countries Indonesia
         9264136010 djustment1/20/1992閉架
411991201P1       A                                   Shelf K (closed)
                                and Equity in Developing Countries Malaysia
         9264135898 djustment11/25/1991 in Developing Countries Morocco
411991211P1       A             and Equity閉架          Shelf K (closed)
         9264136649 djustment6/9/1992 閉架
411991221P1       A                                   Shelf K (closed)
                                and Equity in Developing Countries Adjustment and Equity in Developing Countries: A New Approac
         9264136509 evelopment Centre Studies Competing in the Electronics Industry The Experience of Newly Industrialising Eco
411992011P1       D            5/7/1992 閉架            Shelf K (closed)
         9264136282 evelopment Centre Studies TheShelf K (closed)
411992021P1       D            3/2/1992 閉架             Future of Agriculture Developing Country Implications
         9264136525 evelopment Centre Studies Technological Change in China
411992031P1       D            5/4/1992 閉架            Shelf K (closed)
         9264136347 evelopment Centre Seminars Strategic Options for Latin America in the 1990s
411992041P1       D            3/23/1992閉架            Shelf K (closed)
         9264137505 evelopment Centre Studies New Technologies and Enterprise Development in Africa
411992051P1       D            9/17/1992閉架            Shelf K (closed)
         9264136738 evelopment Centre Studies FinancingK (closed) Developing Countries
411992061P1       D            7/29/1992閉架            Shelf Exports to
         9264136703 evelopment Centre Studies Technological Change in the Korean Electronics Industry
411992071P1       D            8/18/1992閉架            Shelf K (closed)
         9264137475 evelopment Centre Studies Investing K (closed)
411992081P1       D            9/21/1992閉架            Shelf in Food
         9264138374 evelopment Centre Seminars Mobilising (closed)
411993011P1       D            3/16/1993閉架            Shelf K International Investment for Latin America
         9264138420 evelopment Centre Studies Employment and Development A New Review of Evidence
411993021P1       D            4/1/1993 閉架            Shelf K (closed)
         926413851X evelopment Centre Studies Agricultural (closed)
411993031P1       D            4/22/1993閉架            Shelf K Trade Liberalisation and India
         9264139079 evelopment Centre Studies Policy Reform, Economic Growth and China's Agriculture
411993041P1       D            5/6/1993 閉架            Shelf K (closed)
         9264139060 evelopment Centre Studies Agriculture (closed) Policy Environment Tanzania and Kenya
411993051P1       D            5/6/1993 閉架            Shelf K and the
         9264139362 evelopment Centre Studies Agriculture, (closed)
411993061P1       D            7/6/1993 閉架            Shelf K Liberalisation and Economic Growth in Ghana and Côte d'Ivoire 1960/
         9264139427 evelopment Centre Studies Adjustment (closed)
411993071P1       D            7/21/1993閉架            Shelf K and Technology The Case of Rice
         9264139311 evelopment Centre Studies Technology (closed)
411993081P1       D            6/25/1993閉架            Shelf K and Developing Country Agriculture The Impact of Economic Reform
         9264139931 evelopment Centre Studies Liberalising (closed)Flows in Developing Countries Pitfalls, Prerequisites and Persp
411993091P1       D            10/7/1993閉架            Shelf K Capital
         9264139621 evelopment Centre Studies Trade Liberalisation Global Economic Implications
411993101P1       D            9/13/1993閉架            Shelf K (closed)
         9264139672 olitical Feasibility of AdjustmentShelf Political Dimension of Economic Adjustment
411993111P1       P            9/23/1993閉架             The K (closed)
         9264140808 evelopment Centre Studies Modelling K (closed)
411993121P1       D            2/28/1994閉架            Shelf Economy-Wide Reforms
         9264140689 evelopment Centre Studies Debt Relief (closed)
411993131P1       D            2/16/1994閉架            Shelf K and Growth
         9264140786 olitical Feasibility of AdjustmentShelf Political Feasibility of Adjustment in Ecuador and Venezuela
411993141P1       P            3/2/1994 閉架             The K (closed)
         9264140085 evelopment Centre Studies Regionalisation and Labour Flows in Pacific Asia
411993161P1       D            11/10/1993 架 閉         Shelf K (closed)
411993167P1                    11/1994 閉架             Shelf K (closed)
                  アジア太平洋地域におけるリージョナリゼーションと労働移動 (日経調資料))
         9264140522 evelopment Centre Documents Shelf K (closed)
411994011P1       D            1/18/1994閉架            From Trade-Driven Growth to Growth-Driven Trade Reappraising the East As

                                                      Page 17

         9264141812 evelopment Centre Studies Managing K (closed)
411994021P1       D            8/1/1994 閉架            Shelf the Environment with Rapid Industrialisation Lessons from the East Asia
         4492442049 アジアの環境問題 -「奇跡」の裏側- (closed)
411994027P1       東            12/19/1996 架 閉         Shelf K
         9264141057 olitical Feasibility of AdjustmentShelf K Philippines
411994031P1       P            4/20/1994閉架             in the (closed)
         9264140891 evelopment Centre Seminars Redefining the State in Latin America
411994041P1       D            3/21/1994閉架            Shelf K (closed)
         9264040331 evelopment Centre Documents Shelf K (closed)
411994053P1       D            3/25/1994閉架            South-South Co-operation in a Global Perspective
         9264141065 evelopment Centre Studies Globalisation and Regionalisation The Challenge for Developing Countries
411994061P1       D            4/26/1994閉架            Shelf K (closed)
         9264041184 evelopment Centre Documents Shelf K (closed) Growth China and Other Countries in Transition in Asia and C
411994073P1       D            5/31/1994閉架            From Reform to
         9264141316 evelopment Centre Documents Shelf K (closed)
411994081P1       D            5/20/1994閉架            Environmental Degradation from Mining and Mineral Processing in Developing C
         9264141510 olitical Feasibility of AdjustmentShelf Political Feasibility of Adjustment in Côte d'Ivoire and Morocco
411994091P1       P            6/27/1994閉架             The K (closed)
         9264141952 evelopment Centre Studies Micro-enterprises and the Institutional Framework in Developing Countries
411994101P1       D            8/18/1994閉架            Shelf K (closed)
         9264141820 kills Acquisition in Micro-Enterprises Evidence From West Africa
411994111P1       S            7/29/1994閉架            Shelf K (closed)
         9264142304 evelopment Centre Documents Shelf K (closed)
411994121P1       D            9/16/1994閉架            Statistics on Military Expenditure in Developing Countries Concepts, Methodol
         9264142908 evelopment Centre Studies China's Long March to an Open Economy
411994131P1       D            10/28/1994 架 閉         Shelf K (closed)
         9264142592 evelopment Centre Documents ShelfNew Paradigm of Systemic Competitiveness Toward More Integrated Polic
411994141P1       D            10/15/1994 架 閉         The K (closed)
         9264143262 evelopment Centre Documents Shelf K (closed)
411995011P1       D            4/18/1995閉架            Beyond the Multifibre Arrangement Third World Competition and Restructuring
         9264143254 evelopment Centre Studies TheShelf K (closed)
411995021P1       D            4/3/1995 閉架             Economic Transformation of South Korea Lessons for the Transition Economi
         9264143483 inkages - 3/2/1995 閉架 Developing Economies Summary
411995031P1       L            OECD and Major         Shelf K (closed)
         9264143955 evelopment Centre Studies TheShelf K (closed)
411995041P1       D            3/28/1995閉架             Political Feasibility of Adjustment in Developing Countries
         926414403X evelopment Centre Seminars Social Tensions, Job Creation and Economic Policy in Latin America
411995051P1       D            3/7/1995 閉架            Shelf K (closed)
         9264144382 inkages - 4/24/1995閉架 Developing Economies
411995061P1       L            OECD and Major         Shelf K (closed)
         926414482X evelopment Centre Documents Shelf Kand Asean Economies The Challenge of Policy Coherence
411995071P1       D            06/30/1995 架 閉         OECD (closed)
         9264145397 evelopment Centre Seminars Participatory Development from Advocacy to Action
411995081P1       D            8/4/1995 閉架            Shelf K (closed)
         9264145494 evelopment Centre Studies Monitoring the World Economy 1820/1992
411995091P1       D            8/17/1995開架            Shelf K (closed)
         4492442561 界経済の成長史 1820 ~ 1992年 199カ国を対象とする分析と推計)
411995097P1       世            6/30/2000開架            Shelf K (closed)
         9264146407 evelopment Centre Studies TheShelf K (closed)
411995111P1       D            11/6/1995閉架             Challenge of Development within Conflict Zones
         9264146474 evelopment Centre Studies Whither African Economies?
411995131P1       D            11/16/1995 架 閉         Shelf K (closed)
         9264146547 evelopment Centre Studies Conversion (closed) Industries in China
411995141P1       D            11/15/1995 架 閉         Shelf K of Military
         9264146830 ong-Term12/20/1995 架 Taipei TheK (closed) the Economic Miracle
411995151P1       L                         閉
                                Growth Chinese        Shelf Origins of
         9264146873 evelopment Centre Studies Micro Economy-Wide Models for Migration and Policy Analysis An Application to R
411995161P1       D            12/22/1995 架 閉         Shelf K (closed)
         926414790X evelopment Centre Seminars Development Strategy, Employment and Migration Country Experiences
411996011P1       D            3/25/1996閉架            Shelf K (closed)
         9264148000 evelopment Centre Seminars Development Strategy, Employment and Migration Insights from Models
411996021P1       D            3/28/1996閉架            Shelf K (closed)
         9264147993 ecuring Stability and 閉架
411996031P1       S                                   Shelf K (closed)
                               3/5/1996 Growth in Latin America Policy Issues and Prospects for Shock-Prone Economies
         9264148655 ublic Support for International Development
411996041P1       P            5/21/1996閉架            Shelf K (closed)
         9264149015 evelopment Centre Studies Integrating Biotechnology in Agriculture Incentives, Constraints and Country Expe
411996051P1       D            7/3/1996 閉架            Shelf K (closed)
         9264149074 igrants Partners in Development Co-operation
411996061P1       M            7/11/1996閉架            Shelf K (closed)
         9264149252 ong-Term8/8/1996 閉架
411996071P1       L                                   Shelf in Tunisia
                                Growth Long-Term GrowthK (closed)
         9264149171 oldiers to 7/18/1996閉架
411996081P1       S                                   Shelf K (closed)
                               the Rescue Humanitarian Lessons from Rwanda
         9264152970 ong-Term9/16/1996閉架 Development Policy and Growth
411996091P1       L             Growth Financial      Shelf K (closed)
         926415308X evelopment Centre Seminars Policy Reform in India
411996101P1       D            9/27/1996閉架            Shelf K (closed)
         9264152997 evelopment Centre Studies Corporate Bankruptcy in India A Comparative Perspective
411996111P1       D            9/4/1996 閉架            Shelf K (closed)
         9264153470 evelopment Centre Documents Shelf Approaches to Financing Development in Africa
411996121P1       D            10/17/1996 架 閉         New K (closed)
         9264153101 evelopment Centre Studies Privatisation in Pakistan
411996131P1       D            9/27/1996閉架            Shelf K (closed)
         9264154086 evelopment Centre Seminars Investing in Asia
411997011P1       D            1/17/1997閉架            Shelf K (closed)
         9264154094 rowth in Senegal: A Lost Opportunity? (closed)
411997021P1       G            1/8/1997 閉架            Shelf K
         9264154159 evelopment Centre Seminars Microfinance for the Poor?
411997031P1       D            1/17/1997閉架            Shelf K (closed)
         9264154620 romoting Savings in Latin America K (closed)
411997051P1       P            2/26/1997閉架            Shelf
         9264154736 evelopment Centre Studies Price Controls and the Economics of Institutions in China
411997061P1       D            5/14/1997閉架            Shelf K (closed)
         9264154744 ong-Term4/22/1997閉架
411997071P1       L                                   Shelf K (closed)
                                Growth Bypassing the State Economic Growth in Kenya 1964/1990
         9264154817 ong-Term4/30/1997閉架 in the 20th (closed) An Account of Long-Awaited Growth
411997081P1       L             Growth Argentina      Shelf K Century
         9264155597 evelopment Centre Studies TheShelf K (closed)
411997091P1       D            6/18/1997閉架             Role of Governance in Economic Development A Political Economy Approach
         9264155813 evelopment Centre Studies China's Economic Performance in an International Perspective
411997101P1       D            8/18/1997閉架            Shelf K (closed)
         9264155996 evelopment Centre Studies Banking Sector Reform and Credit Control in China
411997111P1       D            8/28/1997閉架            Shelf K (closed)
         9264156097 evelopment Centre Studies Is China aK"Large Country"? China's Influence on World Markets
411997121P1       D            9/17/1997閉架            Shelf (closed)
         9264156178 evelopment Centre Studies TheShelf K (closed)
411997131P1       D            10/3/1997閉架             EU and the Maghreb
         9264156194 ong-Term10/2/1997閉架
411997141P1       L                                   Shelf K (closed)
                                Growth Long-Term Brazilian Economic Growth 1930/1994
         9264160108 evelopment Centre Studies Hong Kong Policy Initiatives Against Corruption
411998011P1       D            1/12/1998閉架            Shelf K (closed)
         9264160175 evelopment Centre Studies Politics and(closed) Growth A Cross-Country Data Perspective
411998021P1       D            1/12/1998閉架            Shelf K Economic

                                                      Page 18

         9264160329 evelopment Centre Studies TheShelf K (closed) Politics of Transition to an Open Market Economy Russia
411998031P1       D            1/12/1998閉架            Economics and
         9264160698 evelopment Centre Seminars The future of Asia in the World Economy
411998041P1       D            3/26/1998閉架           Shelf K (closed)
         9264160604 evelopment Centre Seminars Democracy, Decentralisation and Deficits in Latin America
411998051P1       D            3/3/1998 閉架           Shelf K (closed)
         9264160884 evelopment Centre Seminars Different Paths to a Market Economy: China and European Economies in Transit
411998061P1       D            4/29/1998開架           Shelf E
         9264161171 ivil Society and International Development
411998081P1       C            7/22/1998閉架           Shelf K (closed)
         9264161201 evelopment Centre Seminars ConflictK (closed)
411998091P1       D            7/3/1998 閉架           Shelf Management in Africa A Permanent Challenge
         9264161244 evelopment Centre Studies TheShelf K (closed) Politics of Transition to an Open Market Economy Egypt
411998101P1       D            9/24/1998閉架            Economics and
         9264161295 evelopment Centre Studies TheShelf K (closed)
411998111P1       D            9/24/1998閉架            Second-Generation Pension Reforms in Latin America
         9264161309 evelopment Centre Studies Capital Flows and Investment Performance Lessons from Latin America
411998121P1       D            8/26/1998閉架           Shelf K (closed)
         9264161805 evelopment Centre Studies Chinese Economic Performance in the Long Run
411998131P1       D            9/8/1998 開架           Shelf E
         9264161953 evelopment Centre Studies Public Attitudes and International Development Co-operation
411998141P1       D                       閉
                               10/26/1998 架          Shelf K (closed)
         9264169733 evelopment Centre Seminars Growth K (closed)
411999011P1       D            1/22/1999閉架           Shelf and Competition in the New Global Economy
         9264169741 evelopment Centre Seminars Financial Liberalisation in Asia Analysis and Prospects
411999021P1       D            2/26/1999閉架           Shelf K (closed)
         9264170332 evelopment Centre Studies Education, Migration and Productivity An Analytic Approach and Evidence from Ru
411999051P1       D            4/26/1999閉架           Shelf K (closed)
         9264170464 evelopment Centre Seminars Fiscal Decentralisation in Emerging Economies Governance Issues
411999061P1       D            4/7/1999 閉架           Shelf K (closed)
         926417091X evelopment Centre Studies Competition, Innovation and Competitiveness in Developing Countries
411999071P1       D            8/19/1999閉架           Shelf K (closed)
         1840643080 ensions, Savings and閉架
411999081P1       P                                  Shelf K (closed)
                               4/5/2000 Capital Flows: From Ageing to Emerging Markets
         9264171010 evelopment Centre Studies Conflict and(closed) in Africa The Sahel Volume 1
411999091P1       D            9/10/1999閉架           Shelf K Growth
         926417141X evelopment Centre Studies Conflict and(closed) in Africa Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda Volume 2
411999101P1       D            11/4/1999閉架           Shelf K Growth
         9264171649 evelopment Centre Studies Conflict and(closed) in Africa Southern Africa Volume 3
411999111P1       D                       閉
                               11/29/1999 架          Shelf K Growth
         9264171703 evelopment Centre Seminars Waging the Global War on Poverty Strategies and Case Studies
412000011P1       D            1/24/2000開架           Shelf E
         9264171789 evelopment Centre Studies EconomicEOpening and Growth in China
412000021P1       D            3/8/2000 開架           Shelf
         9264171975 evelopment Centre Studies Policy Competition for Foreign Direct Investment A study of Competition among G
412000031P1       D                       開
                               03/08/2000 架          Shelf E
         9264176446 evelopment Centre Seminars Reform E Growth in Africa
412000041P1       D            5/17/2000開架           Shelf and
         9264176470 evelopment Centre Seminars Global Finance from a Latin American Viewpoint
412000051P1       D            3/13/2000開架           Shelf E
         9264176705 evelopment Centre Seminars Achieving Financial Stability in Asia
412000071P1       D            6/27/2000開架           Shelf E
         9264176756 evelopment Centre Studies Regional Integration and Internal Reforms in the Mediterranean Area
412000081P1       D                       開
                               07/21/2000 架          Shelf E
         9264185461 evelopment Centre Seminars Sustainable Recovery in Asia Mobilising Resources for Development
412000091P1       D                       開
                               11/10/2000 架          Shelf E
         9264185488 evelopment Centre Studies Facts about European NGOs Active in International Development
412000101P1       D            9/29/2000開架           Shelf E
         9264186085 evelopment Centre Studies TheShelf EEconomy A Millennial Perspective
412001011P1       D            6/12/2001開架            World
         4760126201 済統計で見る世界経済2000年史
412001017P1       経                       開
                               12/15/2004 架          Shelf E
         926418645X evelopment Centre Seminars Foreign E
412001021P1       D            3/1/2001 開架           Shelf Direct Investment versus other Flows to Latin America
         9264187057 evelopment Centre Seminars PoliciesE Promote Competitiveness in Manufacturing in Sub-Saharan Africa
412001041P1       D                       開
                               08/14/2001 架          Shelf to
         9264195238 evelopment Centre Studies TheShelf E
412001051P1       D            8/24/2001開架            Economics and Politics of Transition to an Open Market Economy: Colombia
         9264195335 evelopment Centre Studies Don't Fix,E
412001071P1       D                       開
                               08/29/2001 架          Shelf Don't Float
         9264196552 evelopment Centre Studies Emerging E
412001081P1       D            4/18/2002開架           Shelf Africa
         9264196889 evelopment Centre Seminars Towards Arab and Euro-Med Regional Integration
412001091P1       D                       開
                               12/20/2001 架          Shelf E
         9264197044 frican Economic Outlook 2001/2002 E
412002011P1       A            2/14/2002開架           Shelf
         9264187146 evelopment Centre Studies EducationEand Health Expenditure, and Development The Cases of Indonesia and P
412002021P1       D            5/27/2002開架           Shelf
         9264197796 evelopment Centre Seminars Regional Integration in Africa
412002031P1       D                       開
                               05/27/2002 架          Shelf E
         9264198091 evelopment Centre Studies FDI Shelf Developing Countries A Vector for Trade and Development
412002041P1       D            6/14/2002開架           from E
         9264198210 evelopment Centre Seminars Technology and Poverty Reduction in Asia and the Pacific
412002051P1       D                       開
                               06/19/2002 架          Shelf E
         9264198911 evelopment Centre Studies Development is back
412002061P1       D                       開
                               10/24/2002 架          Shelf E
         9264198989 evelopment Centre Studies EducationEand Health Expenditure and Poverty Reduction in East Africa Madagas
412002071P1       D                       開
                               10/11/2002 架          Shelf
         9264099549 evelopment Centre Studies Electronic Commerce for Development
412002091P1       D                       開
                               11/12/2002 架          Shelf E
         9264099581 evelopment Centre Studies Trading Competitively Trade Capacity Building in Sub-Saharan Africa
412002101P1       D                       開
                               11/22/2002 架          Shelf E
         9264199985 evelopment Centre Studies Public Opinion and the Fight against Poverty
412003011P1       D            4/9/2003 開架           Shelf E
         9264100032 frican Economic Outlook 2002/2003 E
412003021P1       A            3/12/2003開架           Shelf
         926410187X evelopment Centre Seminars Globalisation, Poverty and Inequality
412003041P1       D            6/24/2003開架           Shelf E
         4750320137 発途上国におけるグローバル化と貧困・不平等)
412003047P1       開                       開
                               11/30/2004 架          Shelf E
         9264103384 evelopment Centre Seminars Asia and Europe Services Liberalisation
412003051P1       D            6/25/2003開架           Shelf E
         9264104127 evelopment Centre Studies TheShelf EEconomy Historical Statistics
412003061P1       D                       開
                               10/31/2003 架           World
         9264019405 evelopment Centre Studies Ownership and Partnership What Role for Civil Society in Poverty Reduction Strat
412003071P1       D            1/13/2004開架           Shelf E
         9264106588 orporate Governance in DevelopmentE
412003081P1       C                       開
                               04/30/2004 架          Shelf The Experiences of Brazil, Chile, India, and South Africa
         926410643X evelopment Centre Studies Institutional Efficiency and its Determinants The Role of Political Factors in Econ
412004011P1       D            3/4/2004 開架           Shelf E
         9264020365 evelopment Centre Studies Privatisation in Sub-Saharan Africa Where Do We Stand?
412004021P1       D            3/5/2004 開架           Shelf E
         9264015345 evelopment Centre Studies TheShelf E of Global Finance 1880-1913
412004031P1       D            5/7/2004 開架            Making

                                                     Page 19

         9264016244 frican Economic Outlook 2003/2004 E
412004041P1       A            7/1/2004 開架          Shelf
         9264017275 evelopment Centre Studies Governance Culture and Development A Different Perspective on Corporate Gove
412004051P1       D                      開
                               10/26/2004 架         Shelf E
         9264006524 evelopment Centre Studies Regional Integration, FDI and Competitiveness in Southern Africa
412004061P1       D                      開
                               10/27/2004 架         Shelf E
         9264010009 frican Economic Outlook 2004/2005 E
412005011P1       A            5/18/2005開架          Shelf
         9264013016 evelopment Centre Studies Guaranteeing Development? The Impact of Financial Guarantees
412005021P1       D                      開
                               10/18/2005 架         Shelf E
         9264014012 evelopment Centre Studies Reducing E
412005031P1       D                      開
                               11/29/2005 架         Shelf Capital Cost in Southern Africa
         9264022430 frican Economic Outlook 2005/2006 E
412006011P1       A            5/18/2006開架          Shelf
         9264022619 evelopment Centre Studies TheShelf EEconomy Volume 1: A Millennial Perspective and Volume 2: Historical S
412006021P1       D            9/21/2006開架           World
         9264024417 evelopment Centre Studies TheShelf E China and India: What's in it for Africa?
412006031P1       D            5/30/2006開架           Rise of
         9264026851 evelopment Centre Studies Uses and E
412006041P1       D            8/8/2006 開架          Shelf Abuses of Governance Indicators
         9264028226 evelopment Centre Studies Meeting the Challenge of Private Sector Development Evidence from the Mekong
412006051P1       D                      開
                               10/31/2006 架         Shelf E
         9264028269 evelopment Centre Studies TheShelf E of Competitiveness How to Climb it
412006061P1       D                      開
                               11/14/2006 架          Ladder
         9789264025103 Economic Outlook 2006/2007 E
412007011P1       African      5/18/2007開架          Shelf
412007021P1                    5/18/2007開架          Shelf E
                  Financing Development Aid and Beyond
412007031P1                    04/16/2007 架
                                         開           Visible
                  Development Centre Studies TheShelf E Hand of China in Latin America
         9789264038264 American Economic Outlook 2008
412007041P1       Latin                  開
                               11/23/2007 架         Shelf E
412007071P1                    5/30/2007開架          Shelf E
                  Business for Development Fostering the Private Sector
         9789264037403 from Migration Towards aShelf E
412007081P1       Gaining      9/10/2007開架           New Mobility System
412007091P1                    10/18/2007 架
                                         開          Shelf E
                  Development Centre Studies Chinese Economic Performance in the Long Run - Second Edition, Revised and U
412007101P1                    10/23/2007 架
                                         開          Shelf E
                  Development Centre Studies Informal Institutions How Social Norms Help or Hinder Development
412007111P1                    10/10/2007 架
                                         開          Shelf E
                  Development Centre Studies Public-Private Dialogue in Developing Countries Opportunities and Risks
         9264126953 anagement of Water Projects: Decision-making and Investment Appraisal
421985011P1       M            5/31/1985閉架          Shelf K (closed)
         9264128263 he Public 8/31/1986閉架 Forestry Projects
421986011P1       T            Management of        Shelf K (closed)
         9264128581 ural Public Management
421986021P1       R            9/30/1986閉架          Shelf K (closed)
         9264129464 dministration as Service; the Public as Client
421987011P1       A            5/31/1987閉架          Shelf K (closed)
         9264129952 he Control and Management of Government Expenditure
421987021P1       T                      閉
                               10/31/1987 架         Shelf K (closed)
         9264131353 ew Trends in Rural Policymaking
421988011P1       N            9/26/1988閉架          Shelf K (closed)
         4931118046 ECD諸国における農村政策の新展開 K (closed)
421988017P1       O            6/25/1991閉架          Shelf -各国編-
         9264133534 lexible Personnel Management in the Public Service
421990011P1       F            3/13/1990閉架          Shelf K (closed)
         9264133801 artnerships for Rural Development K (closed)
421990021P1       P            5/14/1990閉架          Shelf
         9264134379 ublic Management Developments: Survey 1990
421990031P1       P                      閉
                               12/31/1990 架         Shelf K (closed)
         9264135464 ublic Management Developments - Update 1991
421991011P1       P            9/1/1991 閉架          Shelf K (closed)
         9264135928 ew Ways of Managing Services in Rural Areas
421991021P1       N                      開
                               11/27/1991 架         Shelf F
         9264137297 ublic Management Developments: Update 1992
421992011P1       P            8/6/1992 閉架          Shelf K (closed)
         9264138234 ublic Management Studies Private Pay for Public Work Performance-Related Pay for Public Sector Managers
421992021P1       P            2/16/1993閉架          Shelf K (closed)
         9264138099 ublic Management OECD Country Profiles
421993011P1       P            1/20/1993閉架          Shelf K (closed)
         9264139494 ublic Management Studies Pay Flexibility in the Public Sector
421993021P1       P            8/5/1993 閉架          Shelf K (closed)
         9264139664 ublic Management Developments 1993 (closed)
421993031P1       P            9/27/1993閉架          Shelf K
         9264140107 ublic Management Studies Managing with Market-Type Mechanisms
421993041P1       P                      閉
                               11/16/1993 架         Shelf K (closed)
         9264142355 tatistical Sources on Public Sector Employment
421994011P1       S            9/21/1994閉架          Shelf K (closed)
         9264141960 ublic Management Studies RegulatoryF
421994021P1       P            9/15/1994開架          Shelf Co-operation for an Interdependent World
         4947698047 制の国際化 規制緩和・国際標準化基準強化
421994027P1       規            9/15/1994開架          Shelf F
         9264142444 ublic Management Developments Update 1994
421994031P1       P                      閉
                               10/26/1994 架         Shelf K (closed)
         926414143X ublic Management Occasional Papers K (closed) the Public Sector Pay A Study of Nine OECD Countries 1985/
421994511P1       P            7/1/1994 閉架          Shelf Trends in
         9264141596 ublic Management Occasional Papers K (closed)
421994521P1       P            7/1/1994 閉架          Shelf Public Service Pay Determination and Pay Systems in OECD Countries
         9264142266 ublic Management Occasional Papers K (closed)
421994531P1       P            9/9/1994 閉架          Shelf Performance Management in Government Performance Measurement an
         9264142835 ublic Management Occasional Papers K (closed) Service Pay A Study of Eleven Countries 1980/1991 No. 4
421994541P1       P                      閉
                               10/19/1994 架         Shelf Senior Civil
         9264143025 ublic Management Occasional Papers K (closed)
421994551P1       P            12/1/1994閉架          Shelf Performance Measurement in Government Issues and Illustrations No. 5
         9264143068 ublic Management Occasional Papers K (closed) of Managing Infrastructure Provision No. 6
421994561P1       P                      閉
                               12/13/1994 架         Shelf New Ways
         926414479X ublic Management Occasional Papers K (closed) and Controlling Transfer Programme Costs Definition and M
421994571P1       P            6/26/1995閉架          Shelf Forecasting
         9264145664 ublic Management Occasional Papers K (closed) Management and Information Systems No. 8
421994581P1       P            11/6/1995閉架          Shelf Regulatory
         9264144765 udgeting for Results Perspectives on K (closed)
421995011P1       B            7/28/1995閉架          Shelf Public Expenditure Management
         9264144862 overnance in Transition Public Management Reforms in OECD Countries
421995021P1       G                      閉
                               10/13/1995 架         Shelf K (closed)
         9264145745 ublic Management Developments Update 1995
421995031P1       P                      閉
                               10/25/1995 架         Shelf K (closed)
         9264146431 rends in Public Sector Pay in OECD Countries 1995 Edition
421995041P1       T                      閉
                               11/10/1995 架         Shelf K (closed)
         9264147098 esponsive2/22/1996閉架
421996011P1       R                                 Quality (closed)
                                Government Service Shelf K Initiatives
         9264152792ntegrating 9/30/1996閉架
421996021P1       I                                 Shelf K (closed)
                               People Management into Public Service Reform

                                                    Page 20

         9264153462 erformance Auditing 閉架the Modernisation of Government
421996031P1       P            12/18/1996  and        Shelf K (closed)
         9264152903 ublic Management Occasional Papers K (closed)
421996591P1       P            8/28/1996閉架            Shelf Performance Management in Government Contemporary Illustrations No
         9264152938 ublic Management Occasional Papers K (closed) in the Public Service Initial Impact on Pay Dispersion in Aus
421996601P1       P            9/6/1996 閉架            Shelf Pay Reform
         9264152946 ublic Management Occasional Papers K (closed) Structural Deficit Reduction No. 11
421996611P1       P            9/10/1996閉架            Shelf Managing
         9264153322 ublic Management Occasional Papers K (closed)
421996631P1       P                       閉
                               10/16/1996 架           Shelf Putting Citizens First Portuguese Experience in Public Management Ref
         9264153675 ublic Management Occasional Papers K (closed)the Public Service Current Issues and Practice No. 14
421996641P1       P            12/3/1996閉架            Shelf Ethics in
         9264155740n Search of Results Performance Management Practices
421997021P1       I            9/12/1997閉架            Shelf K (closed)
         9264155759 anaging across Levels of GovernmentK (closed)
421997031P1       M                       閉
                               10/13/1997 架           Shelf
         9264155198 he OECD 10/27/1997 架
421997041P1       T                       開           Reform
                               Report on Regulatory Shelf F Vol I - Sectoral Studies; Vol II - Thematic Studies
         4818810940 界の規制改革(上)
421997047P1-1     世            6/16/2000開架            Shelf F
         4818810959 界の規制改革(下)
421997047P1-2     世            6/18/2001開架            Shelf F
         9264155562 he OECD 9/3/1997 Regulatory Shelf F Synthesis Report
421997051P1       T            Report on 開架           Reform
         9264155821 rends in Public Sector Pay in OECD Countries 1997 Edition
421997071P1       T                       閉
                               10/16/1997 架           Shelf K (closed)
         9264156038 egulatory 12/4/1997閉架 Best Shelf K (closed)
421997081P1       R            Impact Analysis        Practices in OECD Countries
         926415678X odern Budgeting
421997091P1       M                       閉
                               12/17/1997 架           Shelf K (closed)
         9264154574 ublic Management Occasional Papers K (closed)
421997651P1       P            3/20/1997閉架            Shelf Performance Pay Schemes for Public Sector Managers An Evaluation of
         9264155007 ublic Management Occasional Papers K (closed) the Cost of Transfer Programmes No. 16
421997661P1       P            8/12/1997閉架            Shelf Managing
         9264155708 ublic Management Occasional Papers K (closed)
421997671P1       P            8/28/1997閉架            Shelf Consultation and Communications Integrating Multiple Interests into Poli
         9264155678 ublic Management Occasional Papers K (closed)
421997681P1       P            9/9/1997 閉架            Shelf Co-operative Approaches to Regulation No. 18
         9264156151 ublic Management Occasional Papers K (closed)
421997691P1       P            1/7/1998 閉架            Shelf Putting Markets to Work The Design and Use of Marketable Permits and
         9264156895 ublic Management Occasional Papers K (closed) Out Government Services Best Practice Guidelines and Cas
421998701P1       P            1/16/1998閉架            Shelf Contracting
         9264156984 ublic Management Occasional Papers K (closed)
421998711P1       P            1/30/1998閉架            Shelf Wage Determination in the Public Sector A France/Italy Comparison No
         9264160426 ublic Management Occasional Papers K (closed)
421998721P1       P            3/6/1998 閉架            Shelf User Charging for Government Services Best Practice Guidelines and C
         9264170618 ECD Reviews of Regulatory Reform Regulatory Reform in Japan
421999011P1       O            7/23/1999開架            Shelf F
         4818810908 長か衰退か-日本の規制改革- F
421999017P1       成            7/23/1999開架            Shelf
         926417074X ECD Reviews of Regulatory Reform Regulatory Reform in the Netherlands
421999021P1       O            9/10/1999開架            Shelf F
         9264170758 ECD Reviews of Regulatory Reform Regulatory Reform in the United States
421999031P1       O            9/30/1999開架            Shelf F
         9264170715 ublic Sector Corruption An International Survey of Prevention Measures
421999041P1       P            8/26/1999閉架            Shelf F
         9264171002 ECD Reviews of Regulatory Reform Regulatory Reform in Mexico
421999051P1       O                       開
                               12/21/1999 架           Shelf F
422000007WP1                   2000       閉架          Shelf K (closed)
                  評価の実施の改善 最良の評価を実施するためのガイドラインとバックグラウンドペーパー
422000007WP2                   2000       閉架          Shelf K (closed)
         9264176632 ECD Reviews of Regulatory Reform Regulatory Reform in Korea
422000021P1       O            6/2/2000 開架            Shelf F
         9264176659 ECD Reviews of Regulatory Reform Regulatory Reform in Denmark
422000031P1       O            12/8/2000開架            Shelf F
         9264176675 ECD Reviews of Regulatory Reform Regulatory Reform in Hungary
422000041P1       O            7/21/2000開架            Shelf F
         9264176683 ECD Reviews of Regulatory Reform Regulatory Reform in Spain
422000051P1       O            8/21/2000開架            Shelf F
         9264185194 rust in Government Ethics Measures in OECD Countries
422000061P1       T                       開
                               10/20/2000 架           Shelf F
         9264184481 overnment of the Future
422000081P1       G            1/8/2001 開架            Shelf F
         9264186530 anaging Public Expenditure A Reference Book for Transition Countries
422001051P1       M            3/30/2001開架            Shelf F
         9264186603 ECD Reviews of Regulatory Reform Regulatory Reform in Italy
422001061P1       O            4/17/2001開架            Shelf F
         9264187049 ECD Reviews of Regulatory Reform Regulatory Reform in Ireland
422001071P1       O            7/24/2001開架            Shelf F
         9264187154 ECD Reviews of Regulatory Reform Regulatory Reform in Greece
422001081P1       O            8/7/2001 開架            Shelf F
         9264195106 ECD Reviews of Regulatory Reform Regulatory Reform in the Czech Republic
422001091P1       O            11/2/2001開架            Shelf F
         9264187162 usinesses' Views on 開架Tape Administrative and Regulatory Burdens on Small and Medium-sized Enterprises
422001101P1       B            10/10/2001 Red         Shelf F
         9264195297 ublic Sector Leadership for the Shelf Century
422001121P1       P                       開
                               10/30/2001 架           21st F
         9264195394 itizens as10/31/2001 架
422001131P1       C                       開           Consultation and Public Participation in Policy-Making
                                Partners Information, Shelf F
         9264195408 itizens as11/29/2001 架 Handbook on Information, Consultation and Public Participation in Policy-Making
422001141P1       C                       開
                                Partners OECD         Shelf F
         9264187472 overnance for Sustainable Development Five OECD Case Studies
422002051P1       G            2/26/2002開架            Shelf F
         9264198083 ECD Reviews of Regulatory Reform Turkey Crucial Support for Economic Recovery
422002061P1       O                       開
                               11/22/2002 架           Shelf F
         9264198113 ECD Reviews of Regulatory Reform Poland From Transition to New Regulatory Challenges
422002071P1       O            7/31/2002開架            Shelf F
         926419830X ublic Sector Transparency and Accountability Making it Happen
422002081P1       P            9/18/2002開架            Shelf F
         926419908X ECD Reviews of Regulatory Reform Canada Maintaining Leadership through Innovation
422002091P1       O            11/8/2002開架            Shelf F
         9264199241 ECD Reviews of Regulatory Reform United Kingdom Challenges at the Cutting Edge
422002101P1       O                       開
                               11/12/2002 架           Shelf F
         926419892X istributed 11/22/2002 架
422002111P1       D                       開           Shelf F
                                Public Governance Agencies, Authorities and other Government Bodies
         9264198938 ECD Reviews of Regulatory Reform Regulatory Policies in OECD Countries From Interventionism to Regulator
422002121P1       O            11/6/2002開架            Shelf F
         9264198970 odels of Public Budgeting and Accounting Reform
422002131P1       M            12/9/2002開架            Shelf F
         9264099832 pen Government Fostering Dialogue with Civil Society
422003011P1       O            1/13/2004開架            Shelf F
         9264100679 rom Red Tape to Smart架
422003061P1       F                       開           Shelf F
                               06/24/2003 Tape Administrative Simplification in OECD Countries

                                                      Page 21

         9264101179 ECD e-Government Studies The e-Government Imperative
422003071P1       O            8/19/2003開架            Shelf F
         9264102590 ECD e-Government 開架 Finland F
422003081P1       O            2/4/2004 Studies Shelf
         9264102671 ECD Reviews of Regulatory Reform Finland A New Consensus for Change
422003091P1       O            8/11/2003開架            Shelf F
         9264103104 ECD Reviews of Regulatory Reform Norway Preparing for the Future Now
422003101P1       O            9/19/2003開架            Shelf F
         9264019480 romise and Problems of E-Democracy Challenges of Online Citizen Engagement
422004011P1       P            2/11/2004開架            Shelf F
         9264104895 anaging Conflict of Interest in the Public Service OECD Guidelines and Country Experiences
422004021P1       M            2/4/2004 開架            Shelf F
         9264107843 ECD Reviews of Regulatory Reform Germany Consolidating Economic and Social Renewal
422004071P1       O            7/6/2004 開架            Shelf F
         9264015469 ECD Reviews of Regulatory Reform France Charting a Clearer Way Forward
422004081P1       O                       開
                               11/26/2004 架           Shelf F
         9264017151 ECD Reviews of Regulatory Reform Japan: Progress in Implementing Regulatory Reform
422004101P1       O            8/2/2004 開架            Shelf F
         4818818038 ・規制大国日本-効率的な政府をめざして-
422004107P1       脱            1/16/2006開架            Shelf F
         926401750X ECD Reviews of Regulatory Reform Mexico: Progress in Implementing Regulatory Reform
422004111P1       O            11/2/2004開架            Shelf F
         9264018336 ECD e-Government 開架 e-Government for Better Government
422005051P1       O            11/24/2005 Studies Shelf F
         9264007539 erformance-related Pay Policies for Government Employees
422005071P1       P            6/15/2005開架            Shelf F
         4750321745 界の公務員の成果主義給与 Shelf F
422005077P1       世            9/30/2005開架
         9264015744 eallocation The Role of Budget Institutions
422005081P1       R            2/11/2005開架            Shelf F
         926400842X hina in the Global Economy Governance in China
422005091P1       C            9/7/2005 開架            Shelf F
         9264008942 valuating Public Participation in Shelf FMaking
422005101P1       E            8/31/2005開架            Policy
         9264018220 anaging Conflict of Interest in the Public Sector A Toolkit
422005121P1       M            8/31/2005開架            Shelf F
         9264010491 odernising Government The Way Forward
422005131P1       M            9/27/2005開架            Shelf F
422005137P1                    12/20/2006 架
                  世界の行政改革 21世紀型政府のグローバル・スタンダード        Shelf F
         9264010599 ublic Sector Integrity A Framework for Assessment
422005141P1       P            12/7/2005開架            Shelf F
         926401067X ECD e-Government Studies Norway F
422005151P1       O            8/31/2005開架            Shelf
         9264010718 ECD e-Government Studies Mexico F
422005161P1       O            8/24/2005開架            Shelf
         9264011226 ECD Reviews of Regulatory Reform Russia Building Rules for the Market
422005171P1       O            9/6/2005 開架            Shelf F
         9264012346 ECD e-Government 開架 DenmarkF
422006051P1       O            2/9/2006 Studies Shelf
         9264022473 ECD Reviews of Regulatory Reform Switzerland Seizing the Opportunities for Growth
422006061P1       O            3/31/2006開架            Shelf F
         9264023909 ECD Rural Policy Reviews The New Rural Paradigm Policies and Governance
422006071P1       O            7/13/2006開架            Shelf F
         9264029788 utting Red Tape Cutting Red Tape National Strategies for Administrative Simplification
422006101P1       C                       開
                               12/18/2006 架           Shelf F
422006107P1       世界の行政簡素化政策 架            開
                               03/20/2008 レッド・テープを切れ  Shelf F
         9264029702 geing and 8/6/2007 開架
422007051P1       A                                   Shelf F
                               the Public Service Human Resource Challenges
         9789264028449 e-Government Studies Turkey F
422007061P1       OECD         6/11/2007開架            Shelf
         9789264030282 e-Government Studies Netherlands
422007071P1       OECD         6/18/2007開架            Shelf F
         9789264030510 e-Government Studies Hungary F
422007081P1       OECD         6/11/2007開架            Shelf
         9789264008731 Regions and Central Governments Contracts for Regional Development
422007101P1       Linking      4/24/2007開架            Shelf F
         9789264032057 Reviews of Regulatory Reform Korea Progress in Implementing Regulatory Reform
422007111P1       OECD         4/13/2007開架            Shelf F
         9789264008519 Reviews of Regulatory Reform Sweden Achieving Results for Sustained Growth
422007121P1       OECD         4/18/2007開架            Shelf F
422007131P1                    Public Procurement Good Practice from A to Z
                  Integrity in 5/31/2007開架            Shelf F
422007141P1                    9/17/2007開架            Countries
                  Performance Budgeting in OECD Shelf F
         9789264035492 Public Scrutiny Stocktaking of F
422007151P1       Beyond 7/25/2007開架                  Shelf Social Accountability in OECD Countries
         9789264038295 Red Tape Administrative Shelf F
422007161P1       Cutting                 開
                               10/11/2007 架           Simplification in the Netherlands
         9789264008212 Red Tape Comparing Administrative Burdens across Countries
422007171P1       Cutting                 開
                               10/23/2007 架           Shelf F
         9789264037977 Reviews of Regulatory Reform Italy Ensuring Regulatory Quality across Levels of Government
422007181P1       OECD         11/9/2007開架            Shelf F
         9789264038196 Reviews of Human Resource Management in Government Belgium Brussels-Capital Region, Federal Gove
422007191P1       OECD                    開
                               11/23/2007 架           Shelf F
         9264121412 evelopment Cooperation, 1980 Review (closed)
431980011P1       D            1/1/1980 閉架            Shelf L
         9264022376 eographical Distribution of Financial Flows to Developing Countries, 1977-1980
431982013P1       G            1/1/1982 閉架            Shelf L (closed)
         9264125337 evelopment Cooperation, 1983 Review (closed)
431983051P1       D            1/1/1983 閉架            Shelf L
         9264025413 eographical Distribution of Financial Flows to Developing Countries, 1979-1982
431984033P1       G            1/1/1984 閉架            Shelf L (closed)
         9264127801 evelopment Cooperation 1985 Report:LTwenty-Five Years of Development Cooperation - A Review
431985011P1       D            1/1/1985 閉架            Shelf (closed)
431985017P1       開発援助25年の歩み 閉架3/1986                 Shelf L (closed)
                                          OECD開発援助委員会(DAC) 1985年議長報告)
         9264027912 eographical Distribution of Financial Flows to Developing Countries 1981-1984
431986013P1       G            1/1/1986 閉架            Shelf L (closed)
         9264129049 evelopment Cooperation 1986 ReviewL (closed)
431987011P1       D            1/1/1987 閉架            Shelf
         9264028773 eographical Distribution of Financial Flows to Devloping Countries 1982/1985
431987023P1       G            1/1/1987 閉架            Shelf L (closed)
         9264130713 valuation in Developing Countries: A Step in the Dialogue
431988031P1       E            5/31/1988閉架            Shelf K (closed)
         9264131531 oluntary Aid for Development: The Role (closed)
431988051P1       V                       閉
                               11/30/1988 架           Shelf K of Non-Governmental Organisations
         9264131744 evelopment Cooperation 1988 ReportL (closed)
431988061P1       D            1/1/1988 閉架            Shelf
         9264132619 inancing and External閉架 of Developing Countries, 1988 survey
431989031P1       F            1/1/1989 Debt          Shelf K (closed)
         9264133003 evelopment Cooperation in the 1990sL (closed)
431989041P1       D            1/1/1989 閉架            Shelf (1989 Report)

                                                 Page 22

         9264033300 eographical Distribution of Financial Flows to Developing Countries 1985-1988
431990013P1       G           1/1/1990 閉架           Shelf K (closed)
         9264133593 romoting Private Enterprise in Developing Countries
431990021P1       P           4/17/1990閉架           Shelf K (closed)
         9264134298 evelopment Cooperation, 1990 ReportL (closed)
431990041P1       D           1/1/1990 閉架           Shelf
         9264033459 eographical Distribution of Financial Flows to Developing Countries 1986-1989
431991013P1       G           1/1/1991 閉架           Shelf L (closed)
         9264134948 inancing and External閉架 of Developing Countries: 1990 Survey
431991021P1       F           9/1/1991 Debt         Shelf K (closed)
         9264135707 anaging Technological Change in Less-Advanced Developing Countries
431991031P1       M                      閉
                              10/21/1991 架          Shelf K (closed)
         9264135936 evelopment Cooperation: 1991 ReportL (closed)
431991051P1       D           12/1/1991閉架           Shelf
         9264035265 eographical Distribution of Financial Flows to Developing Countries 1987-1990
431992013P1       G           3/27/1992閉架           Shelf L (closed)
         926413770X evelopment and Democracy AidShelf K (closed) America
431992021P1       D                      閉
                              10/28/1992 架           Policies in Latin
         9264137416 inancing and External閉架 of Developing Countries: 1991 Survey
431992031P1       F           9/4/1992 Debt         Shelf K (closed)
         9264137726 evelopment Co-operation Efforts and L (closed) the Members of the Development Assistance Committee 199
431992051P1       D                      閉
                              11/25/1992 架          Shelf Policies of
         9264137793 evelopment Assistance架
431992061P1       D                      開          Shelf E
                              11/24/1992 Manual DAC Principles for Effective Aid
         9264037179 eographical Distribution of Financial Flows to Developing Countries Disbursements, Commitments, Economic In
431993013P1       G           3/22/1993閉架           Shelf L (closed)
         9264139915 ew Directions in Donor 架
431993021P1       N                      閉          Shelf Micro-enterprises
                              10/18/1993 Assistance to K (closed)
         9264140077 inancing and External閉架 of Developing Countries 1992
431993031P1       F           11/30/1993 Debt       Shelf K (closed)
         9264139524 ECD Documents Economic Instruments(closed)
431993041P1       O           8/19/1993閉架           Shelf K for Environmental Management in Developing Countries
         9264140832 evelopment Co-operation Aid inShelf L (closed)
431994021P1       D           3/16/1994閉架            Transition - Efforts and Policies of the Members of the Development Assistan
         926404034X eographical Distribution of Financial Flows to Developing Countries Disbursements, Commitments, Economic In
431994033P1       G           4/5/1994 閉架           Shelf L (closed)
         9264141251 evelopment Co-operation Reviews United Kingdom 1994 No. 1
431994041P1       D           6/1/1994 閉架           Shelf L (closed)
         9264141626 evelopment Co-operation Reviews France 1994 No. 2
431994051P1       D           8/8/1994 閉架           Shelf L (closed)
         9264142150 evelopment Co-operation Reviews Spain 1994 No. 3
431994061P1       D           9/2/1994 閉架           Shelf L (closed)
         9264142231 evelopment Co-operation Reviews Netherlands 1994 No. 4
431994071P1       D           7/13/1995閉架           Shelf L (closed)
         9264142193 ECD Proceedings Capacity Development in Environment
431994081P1       O           9/1/1994 閉架           Shelf K (closed)
         9264142215 evelopment Co-operation Reviews Canada 1994 No. 5
431994091P1       D           9/30/1994閉架           Shelf L (closed)
         926414305X rivate Sector Development A Guide to Donor Support
431995011P1       P           5/23/1995開架           Shelf K (closed)
         926414322X evelopment Co-operation Efforts and L (closed) the Members of the Development Assistance Committee 199
431995021P1       D           1/25/1995閉架           Shelf Policies of
         9264143750 evelopment Co-operation Reviews Belgium 1995 No. 7
431995031P1       D           3/8/1995 閉架           Shelf L (closed)
         9264143793 evelopment Co-operation Reviews Ireland 1995 No. 6
431995041P1       D           1/3/1995 閉架           Shelf L (closed)
         9264043519 eographical Distribution of Financial Flows to Aid Recipients Disbursements, Commitments, Country Indicators
431995053P1       G           3/8/1995 閉架           Shelf L (closed)
         9264143831 ECD Documents Developing Environmental Capacity A Framework for Donor Involvement
431995061P1       O           2/28/1995閉架           Shelf K (closed)
         9264144080 evelopment Co-operation Reviews United States 1995 No. 8
431995071P1       D           3/24/1995閉架           Shelf L (closed)
         9264144242 ECD Documents Planning for Sustainable Development Country Experiences
431995081P1       O           5/9/1995 閉架           Shelf K (closed)
         9264145400 evelopment Co-operation Reviews Germany 1995 No. 9
431995091P1       D           8/16/1995閉架           Shelf L (closed)
         9264145818 evelopment Co-operation Reviews Denmark 1995 No. 10
431995101P1       D                      閉
                              10/19/1995 架          Shelf L (closed)
         9264146318 ECD Documents Promoting Cleaner Production in Developing Countries The Role of Development Co-operatio
431995111P1       O           10/3/1995閉架           Shelf K (closed)
         9264146482 evelopment Co-operation Reviews Finland 1995 No. 11
431995121P1       D                      閉
                              11/23/1995 架          Shelf L (closed)
         9264147071 evelopment Co-operation Efforts and L (closed) the Members of the Development Assistance Committee 199
431996011P1       D           1/26/1996閉架           Shelf Policies of
         926404762X eographical Distribution of Financial Flows to Aid Recipients Disbursements, Commitments, Country Indicators
431996023P1       G           1/29/1996閉架           Shelf L (closed)
         9264147764 ECD Documents Assistance Programmes for Central and Eastern Europe and the Former Soviet Union
431996031P1       O           2/5/1996 閉架           Shelf K (closed)
         9264147837 evelopment Co-operation Reviews European Community 1996 No. 12
431996041P1       D           3/18/1996閉架           Shelf L (closed)
         9264147942 evelopment Co-operation Reviews Japan 1996 No. 13
431996051P1       D           3/18/1996閉架           Shelf L (closed)
         9264147985 oherence 5/14/1997閉架 Assessment (closed) Guidance on Development Co-operation Projects
431996061P1       C           in Environmental      Shelf K Practical
         9264148213 evelopment Co-operation Reviews Norway 1996 No. 14
431996071P1       D           4/29/1996閉架           Shelf L (closed)
         9264148892 evelopment Co-operation Reviews Austria 1996 No. 15
431996081P1       D           6/25/1996閉架           Shelf L (closed)
         9264149023 evelopment Co-operation Reviews Italy(closed) 16
431996101P1       D           7/12/1996閉架           Shelf L 1996 No.
         9264149058 evelopment Co-operation Reviews Australia 1996 No. 18
431996121P1       D           8/5/1996 閉架           Shelf L (closed)
         9264152857 evelopment Co-operation Reviews Sweden 1996 No. 19
431996131P1       D           9/27/1996閉架           Shelf L (closed)
         9264153624 ECD Documents Reconciling Trade, Environment and Development Policies The Role of Development Co-ope
431996201P1       O                      閉
                              11/18/1996 架          Shelf K (closed)
         9264154000 evelopment Co-operation Report Efforts and Policies of the Members of the Development Assistance Commit
431997011P1       D           1/20/1997閉架           Shelf L (closed)
         9264052569 eographical Distribution of Financial Flows to Aid Recipients 1997 Edition
431997023P1       G           1/10/1997閉架           Shelf L (closed)
         9264154582 evelopment Co-operation Reviews Switzerland No. 20
431997041P1       D           3/7/1997 閉架           Shelf L (closed)
         9264154876 ustainable5/28/1997閉架
431997061P1       S                                 Shelf Approaches
                               Development OECD PolicyK (closed) for the 21st Century
         9264155171 evelopment Co-operation Reviews France No. 21
431997091P1       D           11/4/1997閉架           Shelf L (closed)
         9264156852 evelopment Co-operation Reviews Portugal 1997 No. 2
431997111P1       D           1/7/1998 閉架           Shelf L (closed)
         9264160191 evelopment Co-operation Report Efforts and Policies of the Members of the Development Assistance Commit
431998011P1       D           1/23/1998閉架           Shelf L (closed)
         9264055444 eographical Distribution of Financial Flows to Aid Recipients 1998 Edition
431998023P1       G           1/9/1998 閉架           Shelf L (closed)
         9264160310 evelopment Co-operation Reviews Belgium 1997 No. 23
431998031P1       D           2/24/1998閉架           Shelf L (closed)

                                                     Page 23

         9264160345 evelopment Co-operation Reviews Netherlands 1997 No. 24
431998041P1       D           3/11/1998閉架            Shelf L (closed)
         9264160701 evelopment Co-operation Reviews United Kingdom No. 25
431998071P1       D           4/2/1998 閉架            Shelf L (closed)
         9264160949 evelopment Co-operation Reviews Spain 1998 No. 27
431998091P1       D           6/18/1998閉架            Shelf L (closed)
         9264160981 evelopment Co-operation Reviews Canada 1998 No. 26
431998101P1       D           7/9/1987 閉架            Shelf L (closed)
         9264161252 evelopment Co-operation Reviews United States 1998 No. 28
431998121P1       D           9/1/1998 閉架            Shelf L (closed)
         926416152X evelopment Co-operation Reviews Germany 1998 No. 29
431998151P1       D           10/9/1998閉架            Shelf L (closed)
         9264169652 evelopment Co-operation Reviews European Community 1998 No. 30
431998171P1       D                      閉
                              12/22/1998 架           Shelf L (closed)
         9264058362 eographical Distribution of Financial Flows to Aid Recipients 1999 Edition
431999013P1       G           1/11/1999閉架            Shelf L (closed)
         9264170022 evelopment Co-operation Report Efforts and Policies of the Members of the Development Assistance Commit
431999021P1       D           2/8/1999 閉架            Shelf L (closed)
         9264170103 evelopment Co-operation Reviews Finland 1999 No. 31
431999031P1       D           1/20/1999閉架            Shelf L (closed)
         9264170170 evelopment Co-operation Reviews Luxembourg 1999 No. 32
431999041P1       D           2/5/1999 閉架            Shelf L (closed)
         9264170707 evelopment Co-operation Reviews Denmark 1999 No. 33
431999051P1       D           6/3/1999 閉架            Shelf L (closed)
         9264058613 xternal Debt Statistics Supplement Resource Flows, Debt Stocks and Debt Service 1987/1998 1999 Edition
431999063P1       E           8/3/1999 閉架            Shelf K (closed)
         9264170855 evelopment Co-operation Reviews Japan 1999 No. 34
431999071P1       D           7/26/1999閉架            Shelf L (closed)
431999077P1                   -
                  日本の開発協力政策および計画に関する審査報告書閉架          Shelf L (closed)
         9264171185 evelopment Co-operation Reviews Ireland 1999 No. 35
431999081P1       D           8/24/1999閉架            Shelf L (closed)
         9264058842 eographical Distribution of Financial Flows to Aid Recipients 2000 Edition
432000013P1       G           1/13/2000閉架            Shelf L (closed)
         926417169X evelopment Co-operation Reviews Norway 1999 No. 36
432000021P1       D           2/4/2000 閉架            Shelf L (closed)
         9264171541 he DAC Journal 2000 Development Co-operation Report 1999 - Efforts and Policies of the Members of the De
432000311P1       T           2/11/2000開架            Shelf E
         9264059113 xternal Debt Statistics: Historical Data Resource Flows, Debt Stocks and Debt Service 1988/1999
432000603P1       E           7/12/2000閉架            Shelf K (closed)
         9264186239 xternal Debt Statistics Main Aggregates(closed)
432001021P1       E           2/7/2001 閉架            Shelf K 1998/1999
         9264195041 he DAC Guidelines Strengthening Trade Capacity for Development
432001071P1       T                      開
                              10/30/2001 架           Shelf E
         926419505X he DAC Guidelines Strategies for Sustainable Development
432001081P1       T                      開
                              11/19/2001 架           Shelf E
         9264195068 he DAC Guidelines Poverty Reduction
432001091P1       T           12/6/2001開架            Shelf E
         9264195076 he DAC Guidelines Helping Prevent Violent Conflict Part I: Helping Prevent Violent Conflict: Orientations for E
432001101P1       T           12/6/2001開架            Shelf E
         9264196927 xternal Debt Statistics 架
432001161P1       E                      閉           Shelf K Edition
                              12/20/2001 1999/2000 2001 (closed)
         9264190007 he DAC Journal Development Co-operation Report 2000 - Efforts and Policies of the Members of the Develop
432001311P1       T           2/12/2001開架            Shelf E
         9264097058 eographical Distribution of Financial Flows to Aid Recipients Disbursements, Commitments, Country Indicators
432002013P1       G           2/11/2002閉架            Shelf L (closed)
         926419813X he DAC Guidelines Integrating the RioEConventions into Development Co-operation
432002041P1       T           8/29/2002開架            Shelf
         926419889X fficial Development Assistance and Private Finance Attracting Finance and Investment to Developing Countrie
432002051P1       O           9/5/2002 開架            Shelf E
         9264191879 he DAC Journal Development Co-operation - Report 2001 - Efforts and Policies of the Members of the Devel
432002311P1       T           4/4/2002 開架            Shelf E
         9264099735 eographical Distribution of Financial Flows to Aid Recipients 1997/2001 2003 Edition
432003013P1       G           2/10/2003閉架            Shelf L (closed)
         9264199829 AC Guidelines and Reference Series Harmonising Donor Practices for Effective Aid Delivery
432003021P1       D           5/8/2003 開架            Shelf E
         9264099344 xternal Debt Statistics 2000-2001 2002 (closed)
432003031P1       E           2/10/2003閉架            Shelf K Edition
         9264100180 AC Guidelines and Reference Series Poverty and Health
432003051P1       D           4/28/2003開架            Shelf E
         4762015539 発途上国における貧困と保健)Shelf E
432003057P1       開           4/10/2006開架
         926410089X he DAC Journal Development Co-operation - Report 2002 - Efforts and Policies of the Members of the Devel
432003311P1       T           4/8/2003 開架            Shelf E
         9264105786 eographical Distribution of Financial Flows to Aid Recipients 1998/2002 2004 Edition
432004013P1       G           2/3/2004 閉架            Shelf L (closed)
         9264019618 he DAC Journal Development Co-operation - 2003 Report - Efforts and Policies of the Members of the Devel
432004311P1       T           2/2/2004 開架            Shelf E
         9264106618 reditor Reporting System on Aid Activities Aid Activities in Africa 2002 Volume 2004 Issue 1
432004553P1       C           6/1/2004 開架            Shelf E
         9264106677 reditor Reporting System on Aid Activities Aid Activities in Asia 2002 Volume 2004 Issue 2
432004563P1       C           6/16/2004開架            Shelf E
         9264106693 reditor Reporting System on Aid Activities Aid Activities in Latin America and the Caribbean 2002 Volume 200
432004573P1       C           6/16/2004開架            Shelf E
         9264106715 reditor Reporting System on Aid Activities Aid Activities in Europe and Oceania 2002 Volume 2004 Issue 4
432004583P1       C           6/16/2004開架            Shelf E
         9264106731 reditor Reporting System on Aid Activities Aid Activities in CEECs/NIS 2002 Volume 2004 Issue 5
432004593P1       C           6/16/2004開架            Shelf E
         9264016775 reditor Reporting System on Aid Activities Aid Activities in Support of HIV/AIDS Control Volume 2004 Issue 6
432004603P1       C           7/5/2004 開架            Shelf E
         9264007350 he DAC Journal Development Co-operation - 2004 Report - Efforts and Policies of the Members of the Devel
432005011P1       T           2/15/2005開架            Shelf E
         9264008063 reditor Reporting System on Aid Activities Aid Activities in Africa 2003 - Volume 2005 Issue 1
432005053P1       C           5/16/2005開架            Shelf E
         926400808X reditor Reporting System on Aid Activities Aid Activities in Asia 2003 - Volume 2005 Issue 2
432005063P1       C           6/16/2005開架            Shelf E
         9264008101 reditor Reporting System on Aid Activities Aid Activities in Latin America and the Caribbean 2003 - Volume 2
432005073P1       C           6/27/2005開架            Shelf E
         9264008128 reditor Reporting System on Aid Activities Aid Activities in Europe and Oceania 2003 - Volume 2005 Issue 4
432005083P1       C           8/9/2005 開架            Shelf E
         9264008144 reditor Reporting System on Aid Activities Aid Activities in CEECs/NIS 2003 - Volume 2005 Issue 5
432005093P1       C           9/1/2005 開架            Shelf E
         9264008160 reditor Reporting System on Aid Activities Aid Activities in Support of Gender Equality 1999-2003- Volume 20
432005103P1       C           3/10/2005開架            Shelf E
         9264007571 eographical Distribution of Financial Flows to Aid Recipients 1999/2003 2005 Edition
432005113P1       G           1/18/2005閉架            Shelf L (closed)
         926400761X AC Guidelines and Reference Series Managing Aid Practices of DAC Member Countries
432005121P1       D           6/29/2005開架            Shelf E
         9264007865 AC Guidelines and Reference Series Security System Reform and Governance
432005131P1       D           6/6/2005 開架            Shelf E
         9264108548 he Development Dimension Policy Coherence for Development Promoting Institutional Good Practice
432005151P1       T           10/4/2005開架            Shelf E
         9264008683 AC Guidelines and Reference Series Environmental Fiscal Reform for Poverty Reduction
432005161P1       D           6/21/2005開架            Shelf E

                                                      Page 24

         9264010149 he Development Dimension Fostering E
432005171P1        T           10/12/2005 架 開          Shelf Development in a Global Economy A Whole of Government Perspective
         9264013342 he Development Dimension Agriculture and Development The Case for Policy Coherence
432005191P1        T           11/17/2005 架 開          Shelf E
         9264036512 ECD Journal on Development Development Co-operation - 2005 Report - Efforts and Policies of the Member
432006011P1        O           3/23/2006開架             Shelf E
         9264035834 AC Guidelines and Reference Series Harmonising Donor Practices for Effective Aid Delivery Volume 2: Budget
432006061P1        D           4/21/2006開架             Shelf E
         9264036334 eographical Distribution of Financial Flows to Aid Recipients 2000/2004 2006 Edition
432006073P1        G           1/17/2006開架             Shelf E
         9264013466 he Development Dimension The Shelf E
432006081P1        T           5/31/2006開架              Development Effectiveness of Food Aid Does Tying Matter?
         9264023941 he Development Dimension Fishing for Coherence Fisheries and Development Policies
432006121P1        T           5/2/2006 開架             Shelf E
         9264026576 AC Guidelines and Reference Series Applying Strategic Environmental Assessment Good Practice Guidance fo
432006141P1        D           12/1/2006開架             Shelf E
         9264028544 reditor Reporting System Aid Activities for Basic Social Services in 2004
432006163P1        C           12/1/2006開架             Shelf E
         9264028595 he Development Dimension Aid Shelf E Making it Effective
432006171P1        T           11/08/2006 架 開          for Trade
         9789264031050 Journal on Development Development Co-operation - 2006 Report - Efforts and Policies of the Member
432007011P1        OECD        4/2/2007 開架             Shelf E
         9789264031197Development Dimension Trade-Related Assistance What Do Recent Evaluations Tell Us?
432007051P1        The         05/31/2007 架 開          Shelf E
         9264031545 eographical Distribution of Financial Flows to Aid Recipients 2001/2005 2007 Edition
432007063P1        G           3/7/2007 開架             Shelf E
         9789264024779 Guidelines and Reference Series Promoting Pro-Poor Growth Policy Guidance for Donors
432007081P1        DAC         3/7/2007 開架             Shelf E
         9.7892640222e+012 11/8/2007開架 2007 Statistics by Region
432007091P1        Development Aid at a Glance         Shelf E
432007123P1                    01/22/2008 架 開          Shelf E
                   Creditor Reporting System 2007 Aid Activities in Support of HIV/AIDS Control, 2000-2007
         9789264041479 Journal on Development Development Co-operation - 2007 Report - Volume 9 Issue 1
432008011P1        OECD        02/11/2008 架 開          Shelf E
         9264041079 eographical Distribution of Financial Flows to Developing Countries Disbursements, Commitments, Country Ind
432008073P1        G           04/2/2008開架             Shelf E
         9264131574 he Sahel Facing the Future: Increasing Dependence or Structural Transformation
441988011P1        T           11/30/1988 架 閉          Shelf K (closed)
         926415406X reventing 9/24/1997閉架the Sahel Ten (closed) Network Experience in Action
441997011P1        P           Food Crises in          Shelf K Years of
         9264154078 reparing for the Future - A Vision of West Africa in the Year 2020 West Africa Long-Term Perspective Study
441998011P1        P           7/6/1999 閉架             Shelf K (closed)
         9264169768 inding Problems to Fit the Solutions Twenty Years of Aid to the Sahel
441999011P1        F           7/29/2000閉架             Shelf K (closed)
         9264186336 rospects for Trade between Nigeria and its Neighbours
442001011P1        P           2/22/2001開架             Shelf E
         9264198296 owards a Better Regional Approach to Development in West Africa Conclusions of the Special Event of Sahel
442003011P1        T           3/30/2004開架             Shelf E
         9264025057 he Development Dimension Cotton in E
442006011P1        T           12/06/2006 架 開          Shelf West Africa The Economic and Social Stakes
511974007P1                    -            閉架
                   OECD諸国の農業政策 上巻、中巻、下巻 (closed)       Shelf N
511980007P1                    7/10/1980閉架
                   兼業農家 -OECD農業政策レポート-N (closed)       Shelf
511982007P1                    -            閉架
                   農産食品システムの機能と価格形成 -のびゆく農業 651 世界の農政  Shelf N (closed)
         9264127410 griculture 7/31/1985閉架
511985041P1        A                                   Shelf N (closed)
                                in China: Prospects for Production and Trade
511986007P1        1980年代の食品産業 6/25/1986閉架             Shelf N (closed)
         9264029303nternational Standardisation of Fruit and (closed)
511987023P1        I           4/13/1987閉架             Shelf N Vegetables Aubergines
         9264129766 ational Policies and Agricultural Shelf N (closed)
511987041P1        N           1/1/1987 閉架              Trade
         9264129987 ational Policies and Agricultural Shelf NEuropean Economic Community
511987061P1        N           10/30/1987 架 閉           Trade (closed)
         9264129995 ational Policies and Agricultural Shelf NAustralia
511987071P1        N           10/31/1987 架 閉           Trade (closed)
         9264130004 ational Policies and Agricultural Shelf NNew Zealand
511987081P1        N           10/31/1987 架 閉           Trade (closed)
         9264130225 ational policies and agricultural trade N (closed)
511987091P1        N           1/1/1987 閉架             Shelf (Austria)
         9264130209 ational Policies and Agricultural Shelf NCanada
511987101P1        N           11/30/1987 架 閉           Trade (closed)
         9264130233 ational Policies and Agricultural Shelf NJapan
511987111P1        N           10/31/1987 架 閉           Trade (closed)
         9264230238 olitiques nationales et échangesShelf N (closed)
511987112P1        P           1987         閉架          agricoles : (Japon)
         4532088062 界の農業補助政策 閉架
511987117P1        世           1987                    Shelf N (closed)
         9264030638nternational Standardisation of Fruit and (closed)
511988013P1        I           8/29/1988閉架             Shelf N Vegetables Tomatoes
         9264131558 ational Policies and Agricultural Shelf NSweden
511988051P1        N           11/30/1988 架 閉           Trade (closed)
         9264131787 ECD Standard Codes for the Official Testing of Agricultural Tractors
511989011P1        O           1/17/1989閉架             Shelf N (closed)
         9264032223 ilk and Milk Product 閉架
511989023P1        M           01/01/1989              Shelf N Countries,
                                            Balances in OECD (closed) 1979-1987
         9264132406 ational Policies and Agricultural Shelf NFinland
511989041P1        N           4/30/1989閉架              Trade (closed)
         9264133844 ational Policies and Agricultural Shelf NNorway
511990021P1        N           6/30/1990閉架              Trade (closed)
         9264133852 ational Policies and Agricultural Shelf NSwitzerland
511990031P1        N           6/30/1990閉架              Trade (closed)
         926413414X eforming Agricultural Policies Quantitative Restrictions on Production Direct Income Support
511990061P1        R           10/1/1990閉架             Shelf N (closed)
511990067P1                    -            閉架         Shelf N (closed)
                   農業政策の改革 -生産に対する数量制限と直接所得支持- -のびゆく農業 802~803 世界の農政)
         9264035133 ood Consumption Statistics 1979-1988 (closed)
511991023P1        F           10/1/1991閉架             Shelf N
         9264136029 he Soviet 1/1/1992 閉架
511991041P1        T                                   Shelf N (closed)
                               Agro-Food System and Agricultural Trade: Prospects for Reform
511991047P1                    12/1992 閉架
                   ソ連の農業・食料システムと農産物貿易 -改革の見通し-         Shelf N (closed)
         9264135901 he Apple Market in OECD Countries N (closed)
511991051P1        T           12/1/1991閉架             Shelf
         9264135820 hanges in 12/1/1991閉架 Policies in OECD Countries: A Model Based Analysis
511991061P1        C            Cereals and Dairy      Shelf N (closed)
         926413767X he Tomato Market in OECD Countries (closed)
511992011P1        T           11/1/1992閉架             Shelf N
         9264036970nternational Standardisation of Fruit and (closed)
511992033P1        I           11/10/1992 架 閉          Shelf N Vegetables Kiwifruit
         9264139028 gricultural5/21/1993閉架 and Trade: (closed)
511993011P1        A             Policies, Markets,    Shelf N Monitoring and Outlook 1993

                                                    Page 25

511993017P1       農業政策、市場、貿易閉架 3/1/1995 -状況報告と見通し 93年-Shelf N (closed)
         9264038787 eat Balances in OECD Countries 1985-1991
511993023P1       M            7/13/1993閉架            Shelf N (closed)
         9264038930nternational Standardisation of Fruit and (closed)
511993033P1       I            11/5/1993閉架            Shelf N Vegetables Mangoes
         9264140255 orld Cereal Trade: What Role for Developing Countries ?
511993041P1       W            12/27/1993 架閉          Shelf N (closed)
         9264140840 arm Employment and Economic Shelf N (closed)
511994021P1       F            3/10/1994閉架            Adjustment in OECD Countries
         9264041176nternational Standardisation of Fruit and (closed)
511994033P1       I            9/22/1994閉架            Shelf N Vegetables Witloof Chicories
         9264042644 airy Sector Indicators
511994053P1       D            9/29/1994閉架            Shelf N (closed)
         9264142479 he World Oilseed Market: Policy Shelf N (closed)
511994061P1       T            10/10/1994 架閉          Impacts and Market Outlook
         9264041192nternational Standardisation of Fruit and (closed)
511994073P1       I            11/18/1994 架閉          Shelf N Vegetables Apricots
         926414238X ational Policies and Agricultural Shelf NTurkey
511994081P1       N            12/6/1994閉架            Trade (closed)
         9264041788 eat Balances in OECD Countries: 1986/1992
511994103P1       M            8/29/1994閉架            Shelf N (closed)
         9264142916 gricultural1/9/1995 閉架- New Shelf N (closed) Role of Direct Income Payments
511994111P1       A             Policy Reform         Approaches: The
511995033P1                    3/30/1995閉架            Shelf N Vegetables Avocados
                  International Standardisation of Fruit and (closed)
         9264143424 gricultural4/25/1995閉架and Adjustment: The Swedish Experience
511995041P1       A             Policy Reform         Shelf N (closed)
         9264142533 gricultural2/3/1995 閉架 Impact on the(closed) Vegetables Sector in OECD Countries
511995051P1       A             Reform and its        Shelf N Fruit and
         9264144099 echnological Change and Structural Adjustment in OECD Agriculture
511995081P1       T            4/21/1995閉架            Shelf N (closed)
         9264145346 ational Policies and Agricultural Shelf NIceland
511995091P1       N            8/7/1995 閉架            Trade (closed)
         9264144196 gricultural5/23/1995閉架 andShelf Nin OECD Countries Monitoring and Outlook 1995
511995101P1       A             Policies, Markets      Trade (closed)
         9264145370 he Chinese Grain and Oilseed Sectors: Major Changes Under Way
511995111P1       T            10/23/1995 架閉          Shelf N (closed)
         926414580X ECD Documents Forestry, Agriculture and the Environment
511995121P1       O            9/18/1995閉架            Shelf N (closed)
         9264145826 he Uruguay Round: A Preliminary Evaluation of the Impacts of the Agreement on Agriculture in OECD Countrie
511995131P1       T            9/28/1995閉架            Shelf N (closed)
         9264146261 djustment11/2/1995閉架
511995141P1       A                                   Issues (closed)
                                in OECD Agriculture: Shelf N and Policy Responses
         9264146466 ustainable11/28/1995 Concepts, Issues(closed)
511995151P1       S                        閉
                                Agriculture: 架        Shelf N and Policies in OECD Countries
         926414868X gricultural5/17/1996閉架 andShelf Nin OECD Countries - Monitoring and Evaluation Summary and Conclusi
511996031P1       A             Policies, Markets      Trade (closed)
         9264048448nternational Standardisation of Fruit and (closed)
511996043P1       I            11/27/1996 架閉          Shelf N Vegetables Lettuces, Curled-leaved Endives and Broad-leaved (Batav
         9264148981 xport Fruit Boom from the South: A Threat for the North?
511996051P1       E            9/11/1996閉架            Shelf N (closed)
         9264149112 eforming Dairy Policy
511996061P1       R            8/22/1996閉架            Shelf N (closed)
         9264153667 he Environmental Effects of Agricultural(closed)
511997011P1       T            3/19/1997閉架            Shelf N Land Diversion Schemes
         9264154167 ECD Proceedings Environmental Benefits from Agriculture Issues and Policies
511997031P1       O            8/22/1997閉架            Shelf N (closed)
         4259517449 業の環境便益 その論点と政策
511997037P1       農            6/1/1998 閉架            Shelf N (closed)
         9264153152 nvironmental Indicators for Agriculture (closed)
511997041P1       E            2/3/1997 閉架            Shelf N
         9264154698 he Agricultural Outlook 1970/2001 1997(closed)
511997051P1       T            3/25/1997閉架            Shelf N Edition
         9264154809 gricultural5/21/1997閉架 Countries Volume I - Monitoring and Evaluation; Volume II - Measurement of Sup
511997071P1       A             Policies in OECD      Shelf N (closed)
         9264154868 ational Policies and Agricultural Shelf NMexico
511997091P1       N            11/4/1997閉架            Trade (closed)
         9264055290 conomic Accounts for Agriculture: 1997 (closed)
511997103P1       E            8/5/1997 閉架            Shelf N Edition
         9264155627 eview of Agricultural 閉架
511997111P1       R            12/22/1997             Shelf N (closed)
                                           Policies Agricultural Policies in China
         9264155805 he Uruguay Round Agreement on Agriculture and Processed Agricultural Products
511997121P1       T            21/10/1997 架閉          Shelf N (closed)
         9264160272 djustment3/11/1998閉架
511998011P1       A                                   Reforming Farmland Policies
                                in OECD Agriculture: Shelf N (closed)
         9264160280 he Agricultural Outlook 1998/2003 1998(closed)
511998021P1       T            2/27/1998閉架            Shelf N Edition
         9264160418 he Environmental Effects of Reforming Agricultural Policies
511998041P1       T            2/19/1998閉架            Shelf N (closed)
         9264154183 o-operative Approaches to Sustainable (closed)
511998051P1       C            3/31/1998閉架            Shelf N Agriculture
         9264160434 gricultural6/26/1998閉架 Countries Volume I - Monitoring and Evaluation; Volume II - Measurement of Sup
511998061P1       A             Policies in OECD      Shelf N (closed)
         9264160485 griculture 2/18/1998閉架
511998071P1       A                                   Shelf (closed)
                                and the Environment IssuesNand Policies
         9264160647 ECD Proceedings Sustainable Management of Water in Agriculture: Issues and Policies - The Athens Worksho
511998081P1       O            7/2/1998 閉架            Shelf N (closed)
241999007P1                    -           閉架         Shelf K (closed)
                  OECD諸国の消費政策 1999年 (くらしの安全情報 2001.3 Vol.38)
         9264169644 ECD Agricultural Outlook 1999/2004 N (closed)
511999011P1       O            4/20/1999閉架            Shelf 1999 Edition
         926417012X eview of Agricultural Policies Korea National Policies and Agricultural Trade
511999021P1       R            3/25/1999閉架            Shelf N (closed)
         9264066713 bstracts of Agricultural Tractors Tests According to OECD Codes 1 and 2 1999
511999033P1       A            3/11/1999閉架            Shelf N (closed)
         9264170340 gricultural5/21/1999閉架 Countries Monitoring and Evaluation 1999
511999041P1       A             Policies in OECD      Shelf N (closed)
         9264170413 ECD Proceedings Environmental Indicators for Agriculture Vol. 1: Concepts and Framework Vol. 2: Issues and
511999051P1       O            9/23/1999閉架            Shelf N (closed)
         9264171347 nvironmental Indicators for Agriculture Concepts and Framework Volume 1
511999071P1       E            9/23/1999閉架            Shelf N (closed)
         9264171592 ood Safety and Quality 架
511999081P1       F                        開          Shelf H
                               11/17/1999 Trade Considerations
         4906445136 品の安全と品質 自由貿易をめぐる最近の話題
511999087P1       食            8/5/2002 開架            Shelf H
         9264058907nternational Standardisation of Fruit and (closed)
512000013P1       I            5/12/2000閉架            Shelf N Vegetables Carrots
         9264176411 ECD Agricultural Outlook 2000/2005 H
512000031P1       O            4/26/2000開架            Shelf 2000 Edition
         926417642X gricultural6/8/2000in開架 Countries Monitoring and Evaluation 2000
512000041P1       A             Policies OECD         Shelf H
512000053P1                    5/16/2000閉架            Shelf N Vegetables Colour Gauge for Use by the Trade in Gauging the Colour
                  International Standardisation of Fruit and (closed)

                                                     Page 26

         9264059105nternational Standardisation of Fruit and (closed)
512000063P1       I            6/29/2000閉架            Shelf N Vegetables Colour Gauge for Use by the Trade in Gauging the Skin Co
         9264185348ncome Risk Management in Agriculture
512000121P1       I            12/11/2000 架開          Shelf H
         9264085386nternational Standardisation of Fruit and (closed)
512000133P1       I            10/17/2000 架閉          Shelf N Vegetables Broccoli
         9264085645nternational Standardisation of Fruit and (closed)
512000153P1       I            1/26/2001閉架            Shelf N Vegetables Asparagus
         926418614X nvironmental Indicators for Agriculture Methods and Results Volume 3
512001011P1       E            3/13/2001開架            Shelf H
         9264186247 tate Trading Enterprises in Agriculture
512001031P1       S            03/15/2001 架開          Shelf H
         9264186255 ultifunctionality Towards an Analytical Framework
512001041P1       M            05/02/2001 架開          Shelf H
         4540010786 ECDリポート 農業の多面的機能
512001047P1       O            10/19/2001 架開          Shelf H
         9264186263 he Uruguay Round Agreement on Agriculture: An Evaluation of its Implementation in OECD Countries
512001051P1       T            04/30/2001 架開          Shelf H
         9264186328 ECD Agricultural Outlook 2001-2006 H
512001061P1       O            5/4/2001 開架            Shelf 2001 Edition
         9264186859 gricultural07/12/2001OECD Countries Monitoring and Evaluation 2001 2001 Edition
512001101P1       A             Policies in開架         Shelf H
         9264195270 arket Effects of Crop Support Measures
512001141P1       M            09/12/2001 架開          Shelf N (closed)
         9264197095 griculture 4/10/2002開架
512002011P1       A                                   Shelf H
                                and Trade Liberalisation Extending the Uruguay Round Agreement
         9264097112nternational Standardisation of Fruit and (closed)
512002023P1       I            9/16/2002閉架            Shelf N Vegetables Lettuces, Curled-leaved Endives and Broad-leaved (Batav
         9264097120nternational Standardisation of Fruit and (closed)
512002033P1       I            10/7/2002閉架            Shelf N Vegetables Plums
         9264097139nternational Standardisation of Fruit and (closed)
512002043P1       I            4/4/2003 閉架            Shelf N Vegetables Tomatoes
         9264187219 ECD Agricultural Outlook 2002/2007 H
512002071P1       O            7/17/2002開架            Shelf 2002 Edition
         9264197648 gricultural7/1/2002in開架 Countries Monitoring and Evaluation 2002
512002081P1       A             Policies OECD         Shelf H
         9264099654 arm Household Income: Issues and Policy Responses
512003011P1       F            3/6/2003 開架            Shelf H
         9264099719 iological Resource Management Shelf H
512003021P1       B            2/21/2003開架            in AgricultureInnovative Soil-Plant Systems for Sustainable Agricultural Pract
         9264199209 griculture 6/25/2003開架 Developing Indicators for Policy Analysis
512003041P1       A             and Biodiversity:     Shelf H
         9264101500 rganic Agriculture: Sustainability, Markets and Policies
512003071P1       O            06/06/2003 架開          Shelf H
         9264102299 gricultural7/17/2003開架 Countries Monitoring and Evaluation 2003
512003081P1       A             Policies in OECD      Shelf H
         9264103023 ECD Agricultural Outlook 2003/2008 H
512003091P1       O            7/28/2003開架            Shelf
         926410416X griculture,10/22/2003the EnvironmentHThe Pig Sector
512003101P1       A             Trade and開架           Shelf
         9264104267 iological Resource Management Shelf H
512003111P1       B            9/19/2003開架            in AgricultureMammalian Embryo Genomics
         926410447X nvironmentally Harmful Subsidies: Policy Issues and Challenges
512003121P1       E            9/4/2003 開架            Shelf H
         9264104518 ultifunctionality The Policy Implications
512003131P1       M            9/18/2003開架            Shelf H
512003137P1                    7/2/2004 開架
                  OECDレポート 農業の多面的機能 政策形成に向けて          Shelf H
         9264105360 oodborne 1/13/2004開架 Countries:HPresent State and Economic Costs
512003151P1       F            Disease in OECD        Shelf
         9264105409 he Impact02/04/2004 架on Agro-Food Trade: The Technical Barriers to Trade (TBT) and Sanitary and Phyto
512003161P1       T                        開
                                of Regulations        Shelf H
         9264105557 iomass and Agriculture: Sustainability,H
512004011P1       B            9/13/2004開架            Shelf Markets and Policies
         9264019790nternational Standardisation of Fruit and (closed)
512004023P1       I            5/7/2004 閉架            Shelf N Vegetables Avocados
         926402008X ECD Agricultural Outlook 2004/2013 H
512004031P1       O            07/22/2004 架開          Shelf
         9264015884 griculture,10/19/2004the EnvironmentHThe Dairy Sector
512004051P1       A             Trade and開架           Shelf
         9264016031 gricultural7/5/2004in開架 Countries At a Glance - 2004 Edition
512004061P1       A             Policies OECD         Shelf H
         4750321893 表でみるOECD諸国の農業政策 2004年版
512004067P1       図            9/30/2005開架            Shelf H
         9264108777 iological Resource Management Shelf H
512004071P1       B            08/23/2004 架開          in AgricultureChallenges and Risks of Genetically Engineered Organisms
         9264009329 referential Trading Arrangements in Agricultural and Food Markets: The Case of the European Union and the U
512005011P1       P            04/04/2005 架開          Shelf H
         9264009558 gricultural8/31/2005開架 Countries Monitoring and Evaluation 2005
512005021P1       A             Policies in OECD      Shelf H
         9264009965 griculture,9/14/2005開架EnvironmentHThe Arable Crops Sector
512005041P1       A             Trade and the         Shelf
         9264010106 valuating Agri-Environmental Policies:H
512005051P1       E            9/22/2005開架            Shelf Design, Practice and Results
         9264010181 ECD-FAO Agricultural 架
512005061P1       O                        開          2005-2014
                               07/18/2005 Outlook Shelf H
         9264011595 airy Policy Reform and 架
512005071P1       D                        開          Shelf H
                               08/15/2005 Trade Liberalisation
         9264012044 nvironmentally Harmful Subsidies Challenges for Reform
512005081P1       E            8/15/2005開架            Shelf H
         9264012540 ECD Review of Agricultural Policies Brazil
512005091P1       O            11/1/2005開架            Shelf H
         9264012605 ECD Review of Agricultural Policies China
512005101P1       O            11/15/2005 架開          Shelf H
         9264013229nternational Standardisation of Fruit and Vegetables Strawberries
512005123P1       I            11/10/2005 架閉          Shelf H
         9264013245nternational Standardisation of Fruit and (closed)
512005133P1       I            11/9/2005閉架            Shelf N Vegetables Cultivated Mushrooms
512005143P1                    11/10/2005 架閉          Shelf N Vegetables Beans
                  International Standardisation of Fruit and (closed)
         9264013644 axation and Social Security in Agriculture
512005151P1       T            11/30/2005 架開          Shelf H
         9264014462 ultifunctionality in Agriculture What Role for Private Initiatives?
512005161P1       M            12/15/2005 架開          Shelf H
         9264036792 ECD Review of Agricultural Policies South Africa
512006011P1       O            4/21/2006開架            Shelf H
         9264022546nternational Standardisation of Fruit and (closed)
512006023P1       I            3/30/2006閉架            Shelf N Vegetables Melons
         9264022562 ater and Agriculture:開架
512006031P1       W                                   Shelf H
                               11/13/2006Sustainability, Markets and Policies
         9264022007 he Development Dimension Trade, Agriculture and Development Policies Working Together
512006041P1       T            4/26/2006開架            Shelf H
         9264022759 gricultural8/8/2006in開架 Countries At a Glance - 2006 Edition
512006051P1       A             Policies OECD         Shelf H

                                                      Page 27

         9264023887 he Development Dimension Coherence of Agricultural and Rural Development Policies
512006061P1       T            6/20/2006開架             Shelf N (closed)
         9264025731 gricultural7/14/2006開架 Reform Potential Effects at Global, National and Household Levels
512006071P1       A              Policy and Trade      Shelf H
         9264024603 ECD-FAO Agricultural Outlook Shelf H
512006081P1       O            7/17/2006開架             2006-2015
         9264028463 hina in the Global Economy Environment, Water Resources and Agricultural Policies Lessons from China and O
512006101P1       C            11/13/2006 架 開          Shelf H
         9264028870 upermarkets and the 開架 Supply Chain: The Economic Impact of Food Retail on Farmers, Processors and Co
512006111P1       S            10/12/2006Meat          Shelf H
         9264031294nternational Standardisation of Fruit and (closed)
512006123P1       I            1/29/2007閉架             Shelf N Vegetables Table Grapes
         9789264030916Implementation Costs of Agricultural (closed)
512007011P1       The          4/18/2007開架             Shelf N Policies
512007031P1                      Policies in Non-OECD Countries Monitoring and Evaluation 2007
                  Agricultural6/14/2007開架              Shelf H
512007041P1                    8/3/2007 開架
                  OECD-FAO Agricultural Outlook Shelf H2007-2016
512007051P1                      Policies in開架         Shelf H
                  Agricultural10/31/2007OECD Countries Monitoring and Evaluation 2007
512007061P1                      Policy and Trade      Shelf H
                  Agricultural5/15/2007開架 Reform The Impact on World Commodity Markets
512007081P1                    07/27/2007 架 開          Shelf H
                  Preferential Trade Agreements: How Much Do They Benefit Developing Economies?
512007091P1                    10/23/2007
                  Effective Targeting of 開架            Shelf N (closed)
                                            Agricultural Policies Best Practices for Policy Design and Implementation
         926404020X ugar Policy Reform in the European Union and in World Sugar Markets
512007101P1       S            01/08/2008 架 開          Shelf H
531968001P1                    1968         閉架         Shelf Products
                    Multilingual Dictionary of Fish and FishN (closed)
         9264127755 roblems of Trade in Fishery Products N (closed)
531985021P1       P            12/31/1985 架 閉          Shelf
         9264132066 quaculture: Developing a New Industry (closed)
531989011P1       A            4/30/1989閉架             Shelf N
         926413218X quaculture A Review閉架
531989021P1       A                                    Experience
                               4/1/1989 of Recent Shelf N (closed)
         9264139400 ECD Documents The Use of Individual Quotas in Fisheries Management
531993011P1       O            7/29/1993閉架             Shelf N (closed)
         9264141650 isheries Enforcement Issues
531994011P1       F            7/12/1994閉架             Shelf N (closed)
         9264149066 econciling7/31/1996閉架 Coastal Zone: Fisheries and Aquaculture
531996021P1       R             Pressures on the       Shelf N (closed)
         926415289X eview of Fisheries in OECD CountriesN (closed) Edition
531996031P1       R            12/4/1996閉架             Shelf 1994 1996
         9264154485 owards Sustainable Fisheries Economic (closed) of the Management of Living Marine Resources
531997011P1       T            6/18/1997閉架             Shelf N Aspects
         9264154949 eview of Fisheries in 閉架 CountriesN (closed) Edition
531997021P1       R            12/19/1997   OECD       Shelf 1995 1997
531997027P1                    11/1998 閉架
                  OECD加盟国の水産業概観 1995                   Shelf N (closed)
         9264171800 eview of Fisheries in OECD CountriesN (closed)
532000011P1       R            5/15/2000閉架             Shelf Vol I: Policies and Summary Statistics - Vol II: Country Statistics 2000
         9264171606 ransition to Responsible Fisheries Economic and Policy Implications
532000021P1       T            9/25/2000開架             Shelf H
         9264085475 eview of Fisheries in 閉架 CountriesN (closed) Update 1997-1998
532000033P1       R            9/4/2000 OECD           Shelf Statistical
532000037P1                    3/2001
                  OECD加盟国の水産業概観 2000        閉架         Shelf N (closed)
         9264087389 eview of Fisheries in OECD CountriesH
532001013P1       R            8/16/2001開架             Shelf Country Statistics 1998/1999 2001 Edition
         9264195084 eview of Fisheries in OECD CountriesH
532001021P1       R            10/8/2001開架             Shelf Policies and Summary Statistics 2001 Edition
         9264099751 he Costs 3/17/2003開架
532003011P1       T            of Managing Fisheries Shelf H
         9264199861 iberalising3/21/2003開架 Scope and Effects
532003021P1       L             Fisheries Markets      Shelf H
         9264101403 eview of Fisheries in OECD CountriesH
532003031P1       R            7/30/2003開架             Shelf Vol. 1: Policies and Summary Statistics, 2003 Edition
         9264102051 eview of Fisheries in OECD CountriesH
532003043P1       R            7/31/2003開架             Shelf Vol. 2 Country Statistics 1999-2001, 2003 Edition
         9264020438 eview of Fisheries in OECD CountriesH
532004013P1       R            5/10/2004開架             Shelf Vol. 2 Country Statistics 2000-2002, 2004 Edition
         9264016791 ish Piracy9/30/2004開架 Unreported and Unregulated Fishing
532004021P1       F             Combating Illegal,     Shelf H
         9264009027 eview of Fisheries in OECD CountriesH
532005013P1       R            8/24/2005開架             Shelf Vol. 2 - Country Statistics 2001-2003, 2005 Editon
         9264009043 eview of Fisheries in 開架 CountriesH
532005021P1       R            12/20/2005   OECD       Shelf Volume 1: Policies and Summary Statistics, 2005 Edition
         9264010874 hy Fish Piracy Persists The Economics of Illegal, Unreported and Unregulated Fishing
532005031P1       W            10/4/2005開架             Shelf H
         9264036571 sing Market Mechanisms to Manage Fisheries Smoothing the Path
532006011P1       U            4/21/2006開架             Shelf H
         9264036636 inancial Support to Fisheries Implications for Sustainable Development
532006021P1       F            9/4/2006 開架             Shelf H
         9264025294 he Development Dimension Fishing for Coherence Proceedings of the Workshop on Policy Coherence for Deve
532006031P1       T            9/13/2006開架             Shelf H
         9789264028692 of Fisheries in OECD CountriesH
532007033P1       Review       7/23/2007開架             Shelf Vol. 2 - Country Statistics, 2002-2004, 2006 Edition
532007041P1                    01/14/2008 架 開          Shelf H
                  Globalisation and Fisheries Proceedings of an OECD-FAO Workshop
532007051P1                    10/3/2007開架             Shelf with
                  Structural Change in Fisheries Dealing H the Human Dimension
         926413252X he Role of Technology in Iron and Steel (closed)
581989021P1       T            8/1/1989 閉架             Shelf N Developments
         9264135359 he Steel Market in 1990 and theShelf N (closed)
581991021P1       T            7/1/1991 閉架               Outlook for 1991
         9264136770 he Steel Market in 1991 and theShelf N (closed)
581992021P1       T            7/1/1992 閉架               Outlook for 1992
         9264037136 he Iron and Steel Industry in 1991
581993013P1       T            3/2/1993 閉架             Shelf N (closed)
         9264139303 he Steel Market in 1992 and theShelf N (closed) 1993 Edition
581993021P1       T            6/29/1993閉架               Outlook for 1993
         9264142886 he Steel Market in 1993 and theShelf N (closed) and 1995 1994 Edition
581994011P1       T            12/1/1994閉架               Outlook for 1994
         9264042660 he Iron and Steel Industry 1992 Shelf N (closed)
581994023P1       T            10/25/1994 架 閉           1994 Edition
         9264043675 he Iron and Steel Industry in 1993 1995 (closed)
581995013P1       T            6/28/1995閉架             Shelf N Edition
         9264144870 teelmaking Capacity 閉架
581995021P1       S                                    Shelf N (closed)
                               7/5/1995 in non-OECD Countries 1995 Edition
         9264145311 he Steel Market in 1994 and theShelf N (closed) and 1996 1995 Edition
581995031P1       T            7/26/1995閉架               Outlook for 1995
         9264146393 orld Steel12/1/1995閉架 1995 Edition
581995041P1       W              Trade 1983/1993       Shelf N (closed)

                                                       Page 28

         9264048421 he Iron and Steel Industry in 1994 1996 (closed)
581996013P1       T             5/31/1996閉架          Shelf N Edition
         9264153063 he Steel Market in 1995 and theShelf N (closed) and 1997 1996 Edition
581996021P1       T                        閉
                                10/15/1996 架           Outlook for 1996
         9264048634 he Iron and Steel Industry in 1995 1996 (closed)
581996033P1       T             1/6/1997 閉架          Shelf N Edition
         9264155015 teelmaking Capacity in non-OECD Countries 1997 Edition
581997011P1       S             5/22/1997閉架          Shelf N (closed)
         9264156135 he Steel Market in 1996 and theShelf N (closed) and 1998 1997 Edition
581997021P1       T             10/2/1997閉架            Outlook for 1997
         9264055487ron and Steel Industry in 1996 1998 Edition
581998013P1       I             2/4/1998 閉架          Shelf N (closed)
         9264161902 he Steel Market in 1997 and theShelf N (closed) and 1999 1998 Edition
581998021P1       T                        閉
                                10/13/1998 架           Outlook for 1998
         9264058370ron and Steel Industry in 1997 1999 Edition
581999013P1       I             1/20/1999閉架          Shelf N (closed)
         9264058419 evelopments in Steelmaking Capacity N (closed)
581999023P1       D             2/22/1999閉架          Shelf of Non-OECD Countries 1999 Edition
         9264171398 ECD Steel Outlook 1999/2000 1999 Edition
581999031P1       O                        閉
                                10/22/1999 架         Shelf N (closed)
         9264058834ron and Steel Industry in 1998 2000 Edition
582000013P1       I                        開
                                01/17/2000 架         Shelf J
         9264085912ron and Steel Industry in 1999 2001 Edition
582001013P1       I             3/1/2001 開架          Shelf J
         9264087206 evelopments in Steelmaking Capacity J Non-OECD Countries 2001 Edition
582001023P1       D                        開
                                10/19/2001 架         Shelf of
         9264097066ron and Steel Industry in 2000 2002 Edition
582002013P1       I             2/26/2002開架          Shelf J
         9264100083ron and Steel Industry in 2001 2003 Edition
582003013P1       I             5/27/2003開架          Shelf J
         9264105581ron and Steel Industry in 2002 2004 Edition
582004013P1       I             5/25/2004開架          Shelf J
         9264105204 evelopments in Steelmaking Capacity J Non-OECD Economies 2003 Edition
582004033P1       D             1/26/2005開架          Shelf of
         9264006745ron and Steel Industry in 2003 2005 Edition
582005013P1       I             6/28/2005開架          Shelf J
         9264022414ron and Steel Industry in 2004 2006 Edition
582006013P1       I             3/27/2006開架          Shelf J
         9264025715 evelopments in Steelmaking Capacity J Non-OECD Economies 2005 Edition
582006023P1       D                        開
                                11/13/2006 架         Shelf of
         9264128697 xisting Chemicals Systematic Investigation, Priority Setting and Chemical Reviews
591986011P1       E                        閉
                                01/01/1987 架
         4806521477 業用燃料-石炭の可能性
611982037P1       産             9/10/1982閉架          Shelf P (closed)
611982047P1                     11/1/1982閉架
                  IEA・天然ガス -2000年への展望- P (closed)    Shelf
611982087P1       世界のエネルギー展望    2/15/1983閉架          Shelf O (closed)
         9264126570 he Clean Use of Coal: A Technology Review
611985011P1       T             1/1/1985 閉架          Shelf P (closed)
         9264126880 nergy Technology Policy
611985031P1       E                        閉
                                01/01/1985 架         Shelf P (closed)
         9264127003 nnual Oil Market Report, 1984 Shelf P (closed)
611985071P1       A             4/1/1985 閉架
         9264127631 ynthetic liquid fuels :閉架
611985121P1       S                                  Shelf P (closed)
                                01/01/1985International Energy Agency an IEA seminar
         9264127836 nergy Research, Development and Demonstration in the IEA Countries, 19843 Review
611986011P1       E             1986       閉架        Shelf P (closed)
         9264128077 nergy for Buildings Microprocessor Technology
611986021P1       E             4/1/1986 閉架          Shelf P (closed)
         9264128220 atural Gas Prospects 架
611986061P1       N             01/01/1986 閉         Shelf P (closed)
611986067P1                     3/30/1987閉架
                  IEA・天然ガス -2010年への展望- P (closed)    Shelf
         9264131116 oal Prospects and Policies in IEA Countries, 1987 Review
611988061P1       C             1/1/1988 閉架          Shelf P (closed)
         9264131159 nergy in Non-OECD Countries, Selected Topics 1988
611988081P1       E                        閉
                                01/01/1988 架         Shelf P (closed)
         926413185X mission controls in electricity generation and industry : International Energy Agency
611988091P1       E                        閉
                                01/01/1988 架         Shelf P (closed)
         9264132597 lectricity End-Use Efficiency Shelf P (closed)
611989041P1       E             9/30/1989閉架
         4885551366 球環境とエネルギー 架
611989107P1       地             11/15/1990 閉         Shelf P (closed)
         9264133062 nergy and1/31/1990閉架 Policy Overview
611989101P1       E              the Environment:    Shelf P (closed)
         9264133240 ubstitute 3/31/1990閉架
611989111P1       S                                  Shelf Technology
                                Fuels for Road Transport: A P (closed) Assessment
         9264133879 nnual Oil Market Report 1989 Shelf P (closed)
611990061P1       A             1/1/1990 閉架
         9264134441 reenhouse Gas Emissions: The Energy Dimension
611990091P1       G             4/1/1991 閉架          Shelf P (closed)
         9264134638 uel Efficiency of Passenger Cars
611991011P1       F             6/1/1991 閉架          Shelf P (closed)
         9264134646 tility Pricing and Access: CompetitionP (closed)
611991021P1       U             3/1/1992 閉架          Shelf for Monopolies
611991027P1                     9/1991     閉架
                  公益財の価格設定と利用: 競争の導入 (日経調資料)         Shelf P (closed)
         9264134824 nergy in Non-OECD Countries: Selected Topics 1991
611991041P1       E             6/1/1991 閉架          Shelf P (closed)
         9264134816 uidelines for the Economic Analysis of Renewable Energy Technology Applications
611991061P1       G             6/1/1991 閉架          Shelf P (closed)
         9264135502 nnual Oil Market Report 1990 Shelf P (closed)
611991121P1       A             12/1/1991閉架
         9264135677 atural Gas Prospects and Policies
611991161P1       N             10/3/1991閉架          Shelf P (closed)
         9264135995 lectricity Supply in the OECD Shelf P (closed)
611991201P1       E             5/11/1992閉架
         9264136185 lobal Energy: The Changing Outlook P (closed)
611992011P1       G             2/3/1992 閉架          Shelf
         9264136614 ollaboration in Energy Technology: 1987-1990
611992091P1       C             5/30/1992閉架          Shelf P (closed)
         9264137408 he Role of IEA Governments in Energy: A Survey
611992121P1       T             10/7/1992閉架          Shelf P (closed)
         9264137548 nergy and9/11/1992閉架 Climate Changes: Policy Initiatives
611992141P1       E              the Environment     Shelf P (closed)
         9264137866 nergy Policies of IEA閉架
611992161P1       E                                   Czech (closed)
                                12/23/1992Countries Shelf PRepublic and Slovak Republic
         9264138064 axing Energy: Why and How
611993011P1       T             3/26/1993閉架          Shelf P (closed)
         9264138048 nergy and4/6/1993 閉架 Cars and Climate Change
611993021P1       E              the Environment     Shelf P (closed)
         9264138528 nergy Efficiency in Asian Countries P (closed)
611993071P1       E             5/13/1993閉架          Shelf

                                                     Page 29

         9264139044 orld Energy Outlook 1993 Edition
611993091P1       W            5/18/1993閉架            Shelf O (closed)
         4806524417 010年世界のエネルギー展望 1993年版)
611993097P1       2            11/1/1993閉架            Shelf O (closed)
         9264139990 nergy Policies of Romania 1993 Shelf P (closed)
611993161P1       E            1/21/1994閉架
         926413994X lectric Power Technologies: Environmental Challenges and Opportunities
611993191P1       E            10/11/1993 架閉          Shelf P (closed)
         9264140158 lectric Vehicles: Technology, Performance and Potential
611993201P1       E            1/13/1994閉架            Shelf P (closed)
         926414059X he History of the International EnergyP (closed) The First 20 Years Origins and Structure Volume 1
611994021P1       T            3/1/1994 閉架            Shelf Agency -
         9264140603 emand-Side Management: Opportunities and Perspectives in the Asia-Pacific Region with Emphasis on the Ga
611994031P1       D            2/4/1994 閉架            Shelf P (closed)
         9264140743 orld Energy Outlook 1994 Edition
611994061P1       W            3/29/1994閉架            Shelf O (closed)
         4881120638 010年世界のエネルギー展望 1994年版)
611994067P1       2            3/29/1994閉架            Shelf O (closed)
         9264140972 atural Gas Transportation: Organisation (closed)
611994081P1       N            8/22/1994閉架            Shelf P and Regulation
         9264141332 lectricity in European Economies in Transition
611994111P1       E            8/1/1994 閉架            Shelf P (closed)
         9264141359 nergy in Developing Countries: A Sectoral Analysis
611994131P1       E            8/24/1994閉架            Shelf P (closed)
         9264141421 nergy and7/8/1994 閉架 Climate Change - Update Policy Initiatives 1994 Volume 1
611994141P1       E              the Environment      Shelf P (closed)
         9264141588 ussian Energy Prices, Taxes and Costs: (closed)
611994151P1       R            8/1/1994 閉架            Shelf P 1993
         9264142096 tockdraw 3/6/1995 閉架 Response Policy and Management
611994191P1       S             and Emergency         Shelf P (closed)
         9264142088nvesting in8/24/1994閉架
611994201P1       I                                   Shelf P (closed)
                                 Energy Efficiency: The Role of Third Party Financing
         9264142037 lobal Methane and the Coal Industry P (closed)
611994211P1       G            8/8/1994 閉架            Shelf
         926414207X nergy Policies of IEA閉架
611994221P1       E                                   Czech (closed)
                               10/10/1994Countries Shelf PRepublic 1994
         9264142228 lectricity Supply Industry Structure, Ownership and Regulation
611994241P1       E            7/24/1995閉架            Shelf P (closed)
611994251P1                     Scoping Study
                                           閉          Shelf P Environmental Technologies to Respond to Global Climate Change Co
                  IEA/OECD 11/21/1994 架on Energy and (closed)
         9264142339 nergy and12/5/1994閉架 Biofuels P (closed)
611994261P1       E              the Environment      Shelf
         9264142347 atural Gas Technologies: EnergyShelf P (closed)
611994271P1       N            10/6/1994閉架             Security, Environment and Economic Development
         9264142312ndustry Attitudes to Combined Cycle Clean Coal Technologies Current Status and Survey
611994281P1       I            10/6/1994閉架            Shelf P (closed)
         9264142436 lean and Efficient Use of Coal and Lignite
611994291P1       C            11/29/1994 架閉          Shelf P (closed)
         9264143041ndustrial Energy Efficiency: Policies and Programmes
611995011P1       I            12/9/1994閉架            Shelf P (closed)
         9264143130 nergy Policies of IEA閉架
611995021P1       E                                   Republic of Korea
                               12/15/1994Countries Shelf P (closed) 1994
         926414384X he Energy3/28/1995閉架 A Description of its Provisions
611995041P1       T              Charter Treaty:      Shelf P (closed)
         9264143874 iddle East1/23/1996閉架
611995051P1       M               Oil and Gas         Shelf P (closed)
         9264143882 il Supply Security: The Emergency Response Potential of IEA Countries
611995061P1       O            4/5/1995 閉架            Shelf P (closed)
         9264143912 orld Energy Outlook 1995 Edition
611995071P1       W            4/24/1995閉架            Shelf O (closed)
         4806525219 010年世界のエネルギー展望 1995年版)
611995077P1       2            3/15/1997閉架            Shelf O (closed)
         9264143939 evelopment and Deployment of Shelf P (closed) Respond to Global Climate Change Concerns
611995091P1       D            11/16/1995 架閉          Technologies to
         9264143378 he History of the International EnergyP (closed)
611995101P1       T            3/15/1995閉架            Shelf Agency Major Policies and Actions Volume 2
         9264144048 nergy Policies of IEA閉架
611995111P1       E                                   Hungary 1994
                               7/3/1995 Countries Shelf P (closed)
         9264144102 nergy Policies of IEA Countries Shelf P 1994
611995121P1       E            6/28/1995閉架            Poland (closed)
         9264144110 econciling5/15/1995閉架 Environmental and Energy Issues
611995131P1       R              Transportation,      Shelf P (closed)
         9264144129ndustry Attitudes to Steam Cycle Clean (closed)
611995141P1       I            6/16/1995閉架            Shelf P Coal Technologies Survey of Current Status
         9264144161 nergy Policies of IEA Countries Shelf P (closed)
611995151P1       E            9/11/1995閉架            Russian Federation 1995
         9264144722 nergy Policies of IEA閉架
611995181P1       E                                   1994 P (closed)
                               8/8/1995 Countries Shelf 1995 Edition
         926414658X he IEA Natural Gas Security Study P (closed)
611995241P1       T            10/26/1995 架閉          Shelf
         9264146598 he History of the International EnergyP (closed)
611995251P1       T            2/9/1996 閉架            Shelf Agency Principal Documents Volume 3
         9264147063 he Strategic Value of Fossil Fuels: Challenges & Responses
611996011P1       T            8/14/1996閉架            Shelf P (closed)
         9264147721nternational Energy Technology Collaboration: Benefits & Achievements
611996021P1       I            3/4/1996 閉架            Shelf P (closed)
         9264147853 nergy Policies of IEA閉架
611996031P1       E                                   South Africa 1996
                               5/9/1996 Countries Shelf P (closed)
         9264146601 omparing 2/23/1996閉架
611996041P1       C             Energy Technologies Shelf P (closed)
         9264148019 nergy Policies of IEA Countries Shelf P (closed)
611996051P1       E            3/19/1996閉架            Netherlands 1996
         9264148167 orld Energy Outlook 1996
611996061P1       W            4/25/1996閉架            Shelf O (closed)
         9264148248 sia Gas Study
611996071P1       A            5/14/1996閉架            Shelf P (closed)
         9264148256 nergy Policies of IEA閉架
611996081P1       E                                   France (closed)
                               5/9/1996 Countries Shelf P 1996
         9264148264 nergy Policies of IEA Countries Shelf P (closed)
611996091P1       E            4/26/1996閉架            Ukraine 1996
         9264148701 nergy Policies of IEA Countries Shelf P (closed)
611996101P1       E            5/29/1996閉架            Slovenia 1996
         926414871X limate Change Policy Initiatives Shelf P (closed) Selected non-IEA Countries Volume 2
611996111P1       C            8/22/1996閉架            - 94/95 Update
         9264148728 actors Affecting the Take-up ofShelf PCoal Technologies Overview Report
611996121P1       F            5/29/1996閉架             Clean (closed)
         9264148906 he Role of IEA Governments in Energy (closed)
611996131P1       T            7/10/1996閉架            Shelf P
         9264148825 nergy Policies of IEA Countries Shelf P (closed)
611996141P1       E            6/25/1996閉架            Spain 1996
         9264148868 lobal Offshore Oil Production: Prospects to 2000
611996151P1       G            11/20/1996 架閉          Shelf P (closed)
         9264148949 ew Electricity 21: Designing a Sustainable Electric System for the Twenty-first Century
611996161P1       N            6/7/1996 閉架            Shelf P (closed)

                                                    Page 30

         9264149031 limate Technology Initiative: Inventory of Activities
611996191P1       C            7/10/1996閉架           Shelf P (closed)
         9264149201 nergy Policies of IEA Countries Shelf P (closed)
611996231P1       E            10/2/1996閉架           Canada 1996
         9264149260 egulatory 8/25/1996閉架
611996241P1       R                                  Shelf Gas Sector
                               Reform in Mexico's Natural P (closed)
         9264152717 nergy Policies of IEA Countries Shelf P (closed)
611996251P1       E            9/19/1996閉架           1996
         9264152725 nergy Policies of IEA閉架
611996261P1       E                                  Sweden 1996
                               9/3/1996 Countries Shelf P (closed)
         9264153012 nergy Policies of IEA閉架
611996291P1       E                                  Portugal 1996
                               12/16/1996Countries Shelf P (closed)
         9264153292 ompetition and New TechnologyShelf P Electric Power Sector
611996321P1       C            10/2/1996閉架            in the (closed)
         9264153306 orth Africa Oil and Gas
611996331P1       N            2/12/1997閉架           Shelf P (closed)
         9264154256 nhancing the Market 開架
611997011P1       E                                  Shelf G
                               4/4/1997 Deployment of Energy Technology A Survey of Eight Technologies
         9264154493 sia Electricity Study
611997021P1       A            3/24/1997閉架           Shelf P (closed)
         9264154507 nergy Policies of IEA Countries Shelf P (closed)
611997031P1       E            2/19/1997閉架           Australia 1997
         9264154515 il in Power Generation
611997041P1       O            7/15/1997閉架           Shelf P (closed)
         9264154639EA Energy3/17/1997閉架
611997051P1       I                                   and P (closed)
                                Technology ResearchShelfDevelopment Statistics: 1974/1995 1997 Edition
         9264149198ndicators of Energy Use and EfficiencyP (closed)
611997071P1       I            5/28/1997閉架           Shelf
         926415325X nergy Technology for the 21st Century (closed)
611997081P1       E            5/14/1997閉架           Shelf P
         9264154728 nergy Efficiency Improvements in China (closed)
611997091P1       E            5/28/1997閉架           Shelf P
         926415485X atural Gas Technologies: A Driving Force for Market Development
611997101P1       N            4/22/1997閉架           Shelf P (closed)
         9264146571 nergy and4/14/1997閉架 Voluntary P (closed) Energy-Related Co2 Abatement
611997111P1       E             the Environment      Shelf Actions for
         9264154906 ussia's Energy Efficient Future: Shelf P (closed)
611997121P1       R            5/15/1997閉架           A Regional Approach
         9264154981 nergy Policies of IEA Countries ShelfZealand 1997
611997131P1       E            5/15/1997閉架           New P (closed)
         9264154957 enewable 6/5/1997 IEA Countries: Overview Volume 1
611997141P1       R            Energy in 開架          Shelf G
         4905622506 エネルギーの国際戦略・I (総括編))G
611997147P1       新            6/25/1999開架           Shelf
         9264155643 iomass Energy: Key Issues and Priority Needs
611997151P1       B            6/18/1997閉架           Shelf P (closed)
         9264156054 nergy Policies of IEA閉架
611997241P1       E                                  Turkey
                               10/17/1997Countries Shelf P (closed)
         9264156100 nergy Policies of IEA閉架
611997251P1       E                                  1997
                               10/17/1997Countries Shelf P (closed)
         9264156216 nergy Policies of IEA閉架
611997261P1       E                                  Slovak (closed)
                               11/28/1997Countries Shelf P Republic 1997
         9264156208 nergy Policies of IEA閉架
611997271P1       E                                  Belgium 1997
                               12/10/1997Countries Shelf P (closed)
         9264156674nternational Coal Trade The Evolution P (closed) Market
611997301P1       I            1/8/1998 閉架           Shelf of a Global
         9264156682 nergy and12/4/1997閉架 An IEA Source-Book for Kyoto and Beyond
611997311P1       E             Climate Change       Shelf P (closed)
         9264156909 he Link Between Energy and Human Activity
611997331P1       T            12/4/1997開架           Shelf G
         4906445055 ネルギーと人間活動のリンク Shelf G
611997337P1       エ            5/20/1999開架
         9264156917 ransport, Energy and Climate Change P (closed)
611997341P1       T            12/4/1997閉架           Shelf
         9264156887 nergy Policies of IEA Countries Shelf P (closed)
611997351P1       E            12/8/1997閉架           Norway 1997
         9264156992 ctivities Implemented Jointly: Partnership for Climate and Development
611997361P1       A            12/4/1997閉架           Shelf P (closed)
         9264160094 ey Issues 11/26/1997 架
611997371P1       K                       開          Shelf
                               in Developing Renewables G
         4906445020 生可能エネルギー開発の主要課題 G
611997377P1       再            8/10/1998開架           Shelf
         9264160248 nergy Technology Availability toShelf P (closed) Greenhouse Gas Emissions
611997381P1       E            12/4/1997閉架            Mitigate Future
         9264160957 aspian Oil5/28/1998閉架
611998021P1       C                                  Potential of Central Asia and Transcaucasia
                                and Gas: The Supply Shelf P (closed)
         9264161228 nergy Policies of IEA Countries Shelf P (closed)
611998051P1       E            6/26/1998閉架           Germany 1998 Edition
         9264161368 nergy Policies of IEA Countries Shelf P (closed)
611998071P1       E            9/22/1998閉架           Greece 1998 Edition
         9264161422 nergy Policies of IEA閉架
611998141P1       E                                  United (closed)
                               10/21/1998Countries Shelf PKingdom 1998 Edition
         9264161430 nergy Policies of IEA閉架
611998151P1       E                                  Denmark 1998 Edition
                               10/20/1998Countries Shelf P (closed)
         9264161449 nergy Policies of IEA閉架
611998161P1       E                                  Austria (closed)
                               11/16/1998Countries Shelf P 1998 Edition
         9264161457 nergy Policies of IEA Countries Shelf PStates 1998 Edition
611998171P1       E            9/18/1998閉架           United (closed)
         9264161465 nergy Policies of IEA閉架
611998181P1       E                                  1998 P (closed)
                               10/22/1998Countries Shelf Edition
         9264161821 atural Gas Distribution Study: Focus on (closed) Europe
611998191P1       N            12/3/1998閉架           Shelf P Western
         926416183X enign Energy? The Environmental Implications of Renewables
611998201P1       B            10/7/1998閉架           Shelf P (closed)
         9264161848 apping the Energy Future Energy Modelling and Climate Change
611998211P1       M                       閉
                               10/22/1998 架          Shelf P (closed)
         9264161856 orld Energy Outlook 閉架 Edition
611998221P1       W            11/10/1998 1998       Shelf O (closed)
         4806526126 orld Energy Outlook 閉架 Edition (Japanese version)
611998227P1       W            11/10/1998 1998       Shelf O (closed)
         9264161864 enewable 10/22/1998 架 IEA Countries: Country Reports Volume 2
611998231P1       R                       開
                               Energy Policy in      Shelf G
         4860180062 エネルギーの国際戦略・II (各国編) G
611998237P1       新            8/30/2001開架           Shelf
         9264161872 nergy Market Reform ElectricityShelf G Reform An IEA Handbook
611998241P1       E            2/12/1999開架            Market
         9264161945 iomass Energy: Data,閉架
611998251P1       B                                  Shelf P (closed)
                               09/09/1998Analysis and Trends
         9264169504 egional Trends in Energy-Efficient, Coal-Fired, Power Generation Technologies
611998281P1       R            12/4/1998閉架           Shelf P (closed)
         9264169555 atural Gas Pricing in Competitive Market
611998301P1       N            12/9/1998開架           Shelf P (closed)
         9264170189 nergy Policies of IEA Countries Shelf P (closed)
611999011P1       E            3/22/1999閉架           Japan 1999 Edition

                                                   Page 31

         490644508X 本のエネルギー政策 世界から見た日本の挑戦)
611999017P1       日            9/5/2001 閉架             Shelf P (closed)
         9264170197 egulatory 3/4/1999 Argentina's Shelf P (closed)
611999021P1       R             Reform in 閉架            Natural Gas Sector: 1974/1999
         9264169601 utomotive8/24/1999閉架
611999031P1       A              Fuels for the Future Shelf P (closed)
         9264170480 he Future4/19/1999閉架
611999041P1       T                                     Supply and the
                                Role of Coal Markets,Shelf P (closed) Environment
611999051P1                    6/8/1999 閉架             Shelf P (closed)
                  International Collaboration in Energy Technology: A Sampling of Success Stories
         9264170626 nergy Policies of IEA Countries Shelf P (closed) Edition
611999061P1       E            6/29/1999閉架             Switzerland 1999
         9264170812 nergy Policies of IEA Countries Shelf P 1999 Edition
611999091P1       E            6/24/1999閉架             Finland (closed)
         926416961X nergy Market Reform開架
611999101P1       E                                     Reform
                               12/20/1999ElectricityShelf G Power Generation Costs and Investment
         9264170960 nergy Policies of IEA Countries Shelf P (closed)
611999171P1       E            12/8/1999閉架             Hungary 1999 Edition
         9264170979 oal in the 9/22/1999閉架of China
611999181P1       C             Energy Supply          Shelf P (closed)
         9264171037 nergy Policies of IEA Countries Shelf P 1999 Edition
611999201P1       E            10/5/1999閉架             Ireland (closed)
         9264171258 nergy Policies of IEA閉架
611999211P1       E                                    Italy P (closed)
                               10/13/1999Countries Shelf1999 Edition
         9264171339 lectric Power Technology: Opportunities and Challenges of Competition
611999221P1       E            9/27/1999開架             Shelf G
         4906445071 力技術 市場自由化に向けた挑戦 G
611999227P1       電            3/31/2001開架             Shelf
         9264171401 orld Energy Outlook - 1999 Insights Looking at Energy Subsidies: Getting the Prices Right
611999231P1       W            11/3/1999閉架             Shelf O (closed)
         9264171746 outh East12/20/1999 架
611999241P1       S                         閉
                                Asia Gas Study         Shelf P (closed)
         9264171878 nergy Policies of IEA Countries Shelf Edition
611999251P1       E            2/17/2000閉架             1999 P (closed)
         9264176489 hina's Worldwide Quest for Energy Security
612000011P1       C            4/20/2000開架             Shelf G
         9264176500 xperience4/28/2000開架
612000021P1       E                                    Shelf G
                                Curves for Energy Technology Policy
         9264176527 lack Sea Energy Survey
612000031P1       B            6/23/2000閉架             Shelf G
         9264176802 nergy Policies of IEA Countries Shelf P (closed)
612000041P1       E            5/30/2000閉架             Portugal 2000 Edition
         9264176829 nergy Policies of IEA Countries Shelf P (closed)
612000051P1       E            6/20/2000閉架             Canada 2000 Edition
         9264176918 nergy Efficiency Policy Profiles Energy Labels & Standards
612000061P1       E            8/8/2000 開架             Shelf G
         9264185135 orld Energy Outlook 閉架
612000171P1       W            11/28/2000   2000       Shelf O (closed)
         4806526657 020年世界のエネルギー展望2000年版 (closed)
612000177P1       2            12/13/2001 架 閉          Shelf O
         9264185224 nergy Policies of IEA Countries Shelf P (closed) Edition
612000181P1       E            10/6/2000閉架             Luxembourg 2000
         9264185232 nergy Policies of IEA閉架
612000191P1       E                                    Sweden 2000 Edition
                               10/20/2000Countries Shelf P (closed)
         9264185550 nergy Policies of IEA閉架
612000231P1       E                                    Netherlands 2000
                               11/10/2000Countries Shelf P (closed) Edition
         9264185569 nergy Policies of IEA閉架
612000241P1       E                                    France (closed)
                               11/17/2000Countries Shelf P 2000 Edition
         9264185585 nergy Market Reform Regulatory Reform European Gas
612000261P1       E            10/9/2000開架             Shelf G
         9264185593 nergy Market Reform開架
612000271P1       E                                    Shelf G
                               02/01/2001Competition in Electricity Markets
         4906445144 力自由化と構造改革 競争市場に対する戦略的思考とは?
612000277P1       電            9/10/2002開架             Shelf G
         9264185607 ealing with Climate Change Policies and Measures in IEA Member Countries
612000281P1       D            11/8/2000開架             Shelf G
         9264185631 nergy Technology And Climate Change A Call to Action
612000311P1       E            11/27/2000 架 開          Shelf G
         4906445160 球温暖化とエネルギー技術開発戦略
612000317P1       地            12/2/2003開架             Shelf G
         9264185658 nergy Policies of IEA閉架
612000321P1       E                                    2000 P (closed)
                               12/18/2000Countries Shelf Edition
         9264185755 il Supply Security: The Emergency Response Potential of IEA Countries in 2000
612000331P1       O            2/22/2001開架             Shelf G
         9264185836 nergy Market Reform Regulatory Institutions in Liberalised Electricity Markets
612001011P1       E            3/28/2001開架             Shelf G
         9264186441 nergy Policies of IEA Countries ShelfZealand 2001 Edition
612001021P1       E            7/12/2001閉架             New P (closed)
         9264186883 owards a Sustainable Energy Future G
612001041P1       T            5/17/2001開架             Shelf
         9264185798 uclear Power in the OECD Countries G
612001051P1       N            4/24/2001開架             Shelf
         9264185577 hings that5/23/2001開架
612001061P1       T                                    Shelf G
                                go Blip in the Night: Standby Power and How to Limit it
         9264187324 ussia Energy Survey 2002
612001161P1       R            3/18/2002開架             Shelf G
         9264187332 nergy Policies of IEA閉架
612001171P1       E                                    Australia 2001 Edition
                               7/9/2001 Countries Shelf P (closed)
         9264187340 nergy Policies of IEA閉架
612001181P1       E                                    Belgium 2001 Edition
                               11/13/2001Countries Shelf P (closed)
         926416832X nergy Policies of IEA閉架
612001291P1       E                                    Spain 2001 Edition
                               11/15/2001Countries Shelf P (closed)
         9264187308 nergy Policies of IEA Countries Shelf PRepublic 2001 Edition
612001301P1       E            12/6/2001閉架             Czech (closed)
         9264195165nternational Emission Trading - Shelf G
612001311P1       I            11/7/2001開架             From Concept to Reality 2001
         9264195181 ealing with Climate Change Policies and Measures in IEA Member Countries 2001 Edition
612001321P1       D            10/30/2001 架 開          Shelf G
         9264196587 orld Energy Outlook - 2001 Insights Assessing Today’s Supplies to Fuel Tomorrow’s Growth
612001341P1       W            11/7/2001閉架             Shelf O (closed)
         9264196595 nergy Policies of IEA Countries Shelf Edition
612001361P1       E            1/18/2002閉架             2001 P (closed)
         9264196609 nergy Policies of IEA Countries Shelf P 2001 Edition
612001371P1       E            1/23/2002閉架             Turkey (closed)
         926419679X nergy Policies of IEA Countries Shelf P (closed)
612001421P1       E            2/26/2002閉架             Norway 2001 Edition
         9264197249 lectricity in India: Providing Power for G Millions
612002051P1       E            3/12/2002開架             Shelf the
         9264197621 nergy Policies of IEA Countries Shelf PStates 2002 Review
612002061P1       E            5/13/2002閉架             United (closed)
         9264197672 nergy Policies of IEA Countries Shelf P (closed)
612002071P1       E            9/13/2002閉架             Denmark 2002 Review
         9264197680 nergy Policies of IEA Countries Shelf P (closed) 2002 Review
612002081P1       E            6/14/2002閉架             Republic of Korea

                                                   Page 32

         9264197699 nergy Policies of IEA閉架
612002091P1       E                                    Greece 2002 review
                                10/21/2002Countries Shelf P (closed)
         9264197702 nergy Policies of IEA閉架
612002101P1       E                                    United (closed)
                                11/12/2002Countries Shelf PKingdom 2002 Review
         9264197710 nergy Policies of IEA Countries Shelf P (closed)
612002111P1       E             1/14/2003閉架            Germany 2002 Review
         9264197729 nergy Policies of IEA Countries Shelf P 2002 Review
612002121P1       E             7/12/2003閉架            Austria (closed)
         9264197737 nergy Policies of IEA閉架
612002131P1       E                                    2002 P (closed)
                                1/7/2003 Countries Shelf Edition
         9264197990 oal in the 8/6/2002 開架of India
612002231P1       C              Energy Supply         Shelf G
         9264198024 istributed 7/1/2002 開架
612002241P1       D                                    Shelf G
                                 Generation in Liberalised Electricity Markets
         9264198059 nergy Market Reform開架
612002251P1       E                                    Shelf G
                                7/1/2002 Security of Supply in Electricity Markets Evidence and Policy Issues
         9264198067 us Systems for the Future: Achieving G
612002261P1       B             8/15/2002開架            Shelf Sustainable Transport Worldwide
         9264198350 orld Energy Outlook - 2002 Shelf O (closed)
612002271P1       W             10/9/2002閉架
         4885552826 界のエネルギー展望2002
612002277P1       世             8/26/2003閉架            Shelf O (closed)
         9264198385 eyond Kyoto: Energy開架
612002301P1       B                                    Shelf P (closed)
                                10/24/2002Dynamics and Climate Stabilisation
         9264198415 ealing with Climate Change Policies and(closed) in IEA Member Countries - 2002 Edition
612002311P1       D                        開
                                10/21/2002 架           Shelf P Measures
         9264199381 lexibility in Natural Gas 架
612002321P1       F                        開           Shelf P (closed)
                                12/10/2002 Supply and Demand
         9264099638 reating Markets for Energy Technologies
612002341P1       C             2/21/2003開架            Shelf G
         9264196633 outh American Gas: Daring to tap the G
612003011P1       S             3/13/2003開架            Shelf Bounty
         9264196617 nergy Efficiency Policy Profiles Cool Appliances Policy Strategies for Energy-Efficient Homes
612003061P1       E             5/1/2003 開架            Shelf G
         9264014705 nergy Policies of IEA Countries Shelf P (closed)
612003081P1       E             6/20/2003閉架            Hungary 2003 Review
         9264014721 nergy Policies of IEA Countries Shelf P 2003 Review
612003091P1       E             7/10/2003閉架            Ireland (closed)
         9264014748 nergy Policies of IEA閉架
612003101P1       E                                    Japan 2003 Review
                                11/26/2003Countries Shelf P (closed)
         4885552974 際エネルギー機関国別詳細審査2003年 日本のエネルギー政策
612003107P1       国             2/17/2005開架            Shelf P (closed)
         9264014764 nergy Policies of IEA閉架
612003111P1       E                                    Italy P (closed)
                                11/13/2003Countries Shelf2003 Review
         9264014780 nergy Policies of IEA Countries Shelf P (closed) Review
612003121P1       E             9/17/2003閉架            Switzerland 2003
         9264014802 nergy Policies of IEA Countries Shelf Review
612003131P1       E             1/12/2004閉架            2003 P (closed)
         9264014829 nergy Policies of IEA Countries Shelf P 2003 Review
612003231P1       E             2/16/2004閉架            Finland (closed)
         9264018824 il Crises and Climate Challenges: 30 Years of Energy Use in IEA Countries
612003241P1       O             3/31/2004開架            Shelf G
         9264105034 he Power 12/2/2003開架
612003251P1       T                                    Shelf G
                                 to Choose: Demand Response in Liberalised Electricity Markets
         9264019049 nergy to 2050: Scenarios for a Sustainable Future
612003261P1       E             12/9/2003開架            Shelf G
         9264019065 orld Energy Investment架
612003271P1       W                        閉            2003
                                11/27/2003 OutlookShelf O (closed)
         9264105441 enewables in Russia: From Opportunities to Reality
612003281P1       R             12/9/2003開架            Shelf G
         9264019189 enewables for Power Generation Status and Prospects - 2003 Edition
612003291P1       R             12/9/2003開架            Shelf G
         9264105565 ower Generation Investment in Electricity Markets
612003301P1       P             12/2/2003開架            Shelf G
         9264014934 he History of the International EnergyP (closed)
612004151P1       T             4/21/2004開架            Shelf Agency Volume 4
         9264107916 enewable 6/15/2004開架and Policy Trends in IEA Countries
612004171P1       R              Energy Market         Shelf G
         9264107932 nergy Policies of IEA Countries Shelf P (closed)
612004181P1       E             6/18/2004閉架            Sweden 2004 Review
         9264107959 nergy Policies of IEA閉架
612004191P1       E                                    Netherlands 2004
                                7/6/2004 Countries Shelf P (closed) Review
         9264107975 nergy Policies of IEA Countries Shelf P 2004 Review
612004201P1       E             7/22/2004閉架            France (closed)
         9264107991 nergy Policies of IEA閉架
612004211P1       E                                    Portugal 2004 Review
                                10/26/2004Countries Shelf P (closed)
         9264108033 nergy Policies of IEA閉架
612004231P1       E                                    2004 P (closed)
                                12/13/2004Countries Shelf Review - Special 30th Anniversary Edition
         9264108068 ecurity of8/4/2004 開架
612004241P1       S                                    Shelf G
                                 Gas Supply in Open Markets: LNG and Power at a Turning Point
         9264108173 orld Energy Outlook 2004
612004251P1       W             11/4/2004閉架            Shelf O (closed)
         4885553121 界のエネルギー展望 2004 Shelf O (closed)
612004257P1       世             1/17/2006閉架
         926410819X oming in from the Cold: Improving District Heating Policy in Transition Economies
612004261P1       C             10/7/2004開架            Shelf G
         9264108793 nergy Policies of IEA閉架
612004271P1       E                                    Luxembourg 2004
                                3/9/2005 Countries Shelf P (closed) Review
         9264108815 nergy Technology Analysis Prospects for CO2 Capture and Storage
612004281P1       E                        開
                                12/15/2004 架           Shelf G
         9264108831 ydrogen and Fuel Cells:架
612004291P1       H                        開           of National R&D Programs
                                12/24/2004 Review Shelf G
         9264109072 enewables Information 2005 Edition O (closed)
612005061P1       R             8/9/2005 閉架            Shelf
         9264109277 nergy Policies of IEA Countries Shelf P 2005 Review
612005151P1       E             4/27/2005閉架            Turkey (closed)
         9264109293 nergy Policies of IEA Countries Shelf PRepublic 2005 Review
612005161P1       E             9/22/2005閉架            Czech (closed)
         9264109315 nergy Policies of IEA閉架
612005171P1       E                                    Spain 2005 Review
                                10/18/2005Countries Shelf P (closed)
         9264109331 nergy Policies of IEA Countries Shelf P (closed)
612005181P1       E             8/15/2005閉架            Australia 2005 Review
         9264109358 nergy Policies of IEA Countries Shelf P (closed)
612005191P1       E             12/7/2005閉架            Norway 2005 Review
         9264109374 nergy Policies of IEA Countries Shelf P (closed)
612005201P1       E             3/23/2006閉架            Belgium 2005 Review
         9264109390 nergy Policies of IEA閉架
612005211P1       E                                    Energy (closed)
                                1/5/2006 Countries Shelf P Policies in IEA Countries 2005 Review
         9264109412 aving Oil in a Hurry 開架
612005221P1       S             05/05/2005             Shelf G
         9264109439 ussian Electricity Reform Emerging Challenges and Opportunities
612005231P1       R             4/19/2005開架            Shelf G
         9264109455 aving Electricity in a Hurry: Dealing with Temporary Shortfalls on Electricity Suppliers
612005241P1       S             6/14/2005開架            Shelf G

                                                     Page 33

         9264109471 esources 10/4/2005開架 and Gas Technologies for the Energy Markets of the Future
612005251P1       R            to Reserves Oil       Shelf G
         9264109498 orld Energy Outlook 開架 Middle EastG
612005261P1       W           11/17/2005  2005       Shelf and North Africa Insights
         926410951X nergy Efficiency Policy Profiles Light's labour's lost Policies for Energy-Efficient Lighting
612005271P1       E           7/17/2006開架            Shelf G
         9264109536 ct Locally, Trade Globally Emissions trading for climate policy
612005281P1       A           12/5/2005開架            Shelf G
         9264109552 enewable 2/23/2006開架
612005291P1       R                                  Shelf G
                               Energy RD&D Priorities Insights from IEA Technology Programme
         9264109579 nergy Technology Analysis Prospects G Hydrogen and Fuel Cells
612005311P1       E           12/7/2005開架            Shelf for
         9264109595 nergy Market Experience Lessons from Liberalised Electricity Markets
612005321P1       E           12/20/2005 架開          Shelf G
         9264109617 nergy Market Experience Learning from the Blackouts Transmission System Security in Competitive Electricit
612005331P1       E           12/20/2005 架開          Shelf G
         926410965X lovak Republic: Energy Policy Review G
612006011P1       S           4/11/2006開架            Shelf 2005
         9264109676 ngola: Towards an Energy Strategy G
612006021P1       A           10/2/2006開架            Shelf
         9264109692 nergy Policies of IEA Countries ShelfZealand 2006 Review
612006031P1       E           5/22/2006開架            New G
         9264109714 nergy Policies of IEA開架
612006041P1       E                                  Denmark
                              7/6/2006 Countries Shelf G 2006 Review
         9264109730 nergy Policies of IEA開架
612006051P1       E                                  Greece
                              12/11/2006Countries Shelf G 2006 Review
         9789264109759 Policies of IEA Countries Shelf G
612006061P1       Energy      6/11/2007開架            The Republic of Korea 2006 Review
         9789264109773 Policies of IEA開架
612006071P1       Energy                             United
                              3/7/2007 Countries Shelf GKingdom 2006 Review
         9789264109797 Policies of IEA Countries Shelf G Policies of IEA Countries 2006 Review
612006081P1       Energy      1/22/2007開架            Energy
         9264109811 hina's Power Sector Reforms: Where to next?
612006091P1       C           7/17/2006開架            Shelf G
         9264110003 O2 Emissions from Fuel Combustion :O (closed) 2006 Edition
612006113P1       C           11/14/2006 架閉          Shelf 1971 / 2004
         9264109846 atural Gas Market Review 2006:Shelf G a Global Gas Market
612006211P1       N           6/16/2006開架             Towards
         9264109862 ptimising 7/25/2006開架 Gas: Reform and Climate Policy
612006221P1       O           Russian Natural        Shelf G
         9264109897 orld Energy Outlook 開架
612006231P1       W           11/16/2006  2006       Shelf G
         9264109919 kraine: Energy Policy開架
612006241P1       U           10/24/2006Review 2006 GShelf
         9264109935 nergy Security and Climate Policy - Assessing Interactions
612006251P1       E           4/2/2007 開架            Shelf G
         9789264109957 Policies of IEA Countries Shelf G 2006 Review
612006261P1       Energy      4/17/2007開架            Hungary
         9789264027305 Energy Outlook 開架 ChinaShelf India Insights
612007011P1       World       11/23/2007  2007        and G
         9789264027664 Statistics of OECD Countries: 2004/2005 2007 Edition
612007023P1       Energy      06/21/2007 架閉          Shelf O (closed)
         9789264027671 Balances of OECD Countries: 2004/2005 2007 Edition
612007033P1       Energy      7/6/2007 閉架            Shelf O (closed)
         9789264027688 Statistics of Non-OECD Countries: 2004/2005 2007 Edition
612007043P1       Energy      8/30/2007閉架            Shelf O (closed)
         9789264027695 Balances of Non-OECD Countries: 2004/2005 2007 Edition
612007053P1       Energy      8/30/2007閉架            Shelf O (closed)
612007063P1                   8/6/2007 閉架
                  Oil Information 2007 Edition       Shelf O (closed)
         9789264027718 Emissions from Fuel Combustion :O (closed) 2007 Edition
612007073P1       CO2         11/22/2007 架閉          Shelf 1971 / 2005
         9789264027725 Information 2007 Edition
612007081P1       Coal        8/24/2007閉架            Shelf O (closed)
         9789264027732 Gas Information 2007 Edition O (closed)
612007091P1       Natural     8/29/2007閉架            Shelf
612007101P1                   8/6/2007 2007
                  Electricity Information閉架 Edition  Shelf O (closed)
612007111P1                   8/28/2007閉架            Shelf
                  Renewables Information 2007 Edition O (closed)
         9789264028562 Gas Market Review 2007:Shelf G in a Globalising Market to 2015
612007121P1       Natural     5/18/2007開架             Security
         9789264030077 Market Experience Tackling Investment Challenges in Power Generation in IEA Countries
612007131P1       Energy      5/18/2007開架            Shelf G
612007141P1                   5/10/2007開架            Shelf G
                  Climate Policy Uncertainty and Investment Risk
612007151P1                   7/3/2007 開架            Shelf G
                  Tracking Industrial Energy Efficiency and CO2 Emissions
         9789264022232 Policies of IEA Countries Shelf G 2007
612007161P1       Energy      6/11/2007開架            Germany
         9789264025622 Policies of IEA Countries Shelf G2007
612007171P1       Energy      7/12/2007開架            Ireland
         9789264030695 Policies of IEA Countries Shelf G
612007181P1       Energy      12/7/2007開架            Switzerland 2007
         9264034080 egal Aspects of Storing CO2: Update and Recommendations
612007231P1       L           7/3/2007 開架            Shelf G
         9264034293 nergy Use9/24/2007開架
612007241P1       E                                  Shelf G
                                in the New Millennium: Trends in IEA Countries
         9789264039087 Fuel-Fired Power Generation: Case studies of recently constructed coal- and gas-fired power plants
612007271P1       Fossil      11/7/2007開架            Shelf G
         926404003X il Supply Security: Emergency Response of IEA Countries 2007
612007281P1       O           12/7/2007開架            Shelf G
         9264128425 ranium Resources, Production, and Demand
661986061P1       U           1/1/1986 閉架            Shelf O (closed)
661987067P1                   -           閉架
                  OECD諸国におけるチェルノブイル事故の放射線影響          Shelf O (closed)
         9264130918 ranium Resources, Production, and Demand, 1988
661988031P1       U           1/1/1988 閉架            Shelf O (closed)
         9264030859 uclear Energy Data 1988
661988083P1       N           1988        閉架         Shelf O (closed)
661989007P1                   10/1989 閉架
                  チェルノブィル事故後のOECD諸国における緊急時計画の実施と基準   Shelf O (closed)
661989017P1                   9/1991
                  原子力事故 公衆防護のための介入レベル     閉架         Shelf O (closed)
         9264032266 uclear Energy Data 1989
661989043P1       N           1/1/1989 閉架            Shelf O (closed)
661989077P1                   1989        閉架         Shelf O (closed)
                  原子力資料 12 1989 No.227 「プルトニウム燃料:その1つの評価 -専門家グループの報告-(OECD/NEA)」
         926403370X uclear Energy Data 1990
661990053P1       N           1990        閉架         Shelf O (closed)
         9264032975 uclear Energy Data 1991
661991083P1       N           6/1/1991 閉架            Shelf O (closed)
         9264136622 ranium 1991: Resources, Production, and Demand
661992071P1       U           12/31/1992 架閉          Shelf O (closed)

                                                    Page 34

661992077P1                    -          閉架
                  ウラン 資源・生産・需要 1991 Shelf O (closed)
         9264036806 uclear Energy Data 1992
661992083P1       N            6/10/1992閉架            Shelf O (closed)
661992167P1                    -
                  原子力資料 4、 1993 No.267    閉架          Shelf O (closed)
661993017P1                    1993       閉架
                  原子力資料 11/12、1993 No.273 Shelf O (closed)
         926403871X uclear Energy Data 1993
661993053P1       N            5/27/1993閉架            Shelf O (closed)
         9264141545 he Economics of the Nuclear Fuel Cycle(closed)
661993141P1       T            7/12/1994閉架            Shelf O
661993147P1-1                  1994       閉架
                  原子力資料10 1994 No.282 「原子燃料サイクルの経済性 I」Shelf O (closed)
661993147P1-2                  1994       閉架          Shelf O (closed)
                  原子力資料11 1994 No.283 「原子燃料サイクルの経済性 II」
         9264140190 ranium Resources, Production and Demand 1993
661993151P1       U            3/24/1994閉架            Shelf O (closed)
661993157P1                    -          閉架
                  ウラン 資源・生産・需要 1993 Shelf O (closed)
         9264141014 robabilistic Accident Consequence Assessment Codes Overview Report
661994011P1       P            4/19/1994閉架            Shelf O (closed)
         9264040315nternational Code Comparison for Intermediate Energy Nuclear Data
661994033P1       I            3/8/1994 閉架            Shelf O (closed)
         9264041222 uclear Energy Data 1994
661994073P1       N            5/17/1994閉架            Shelf O (closed)
         9264142487 uclear Safety Research in OECD Countries
661994091P1       N            10/7/1994閉架            Shelf O (closed)
         9264143297 an-Machine Interfaces in Nuclear Power Plants
661994101P1       M            1/6/1995 閉架            Shelf O (closed)
         9264142789 ECD Proceedings Intermediate Energy Nuclear Data Models and Codes
661994111P1       O            11/2/1994閉架            Shelf O (closed)
         9264143270 ECD Documents Shielding Aspects ofO (closed)
661995011P1       O            2/10/1995閉架            Shelf Accelerators, Targets and Irradiation Facilities
         9264143734 adioactive Waste Management Environmental and Ethical Aspects of Long-Lived Radioactive Waste Disposal
661995031P1       R            2/20/1995閉架            Shelf O (closed)
661995037P1                    1995       閉架
                  長寿命放射性廃棄物の地層処分の環境的および倫理的基礎          Shelf O (closed)
         9264143726 uture Human Actions at Disposal Sites (closed)
661995041P1       F            2/20/1995閉架            Shelf O
         9264143769 ECD Documents Advanced Monte Carlo(closed)
661995051P1       O            3/2/1995 閉架            Shelf O Computer Programs for Radiation Transport
         9264144137 ethods of4/20/1995閉架
661995061P1       M                                    and O (closed)
                                Projecting OperationsShelf Maintenance Costs for Nuclear Power Plants
         926414420X ECD Documents Scientific Issues in Fuel Behaviour
661995071P1       O            5/10/1995閉架            Shelf O (closed)
         9264144226 ECD Documents Review of Nuclear Fuel Experimental Data Fuel Behaviour Data Available from IFE-OECD Ha
661995081P1       O            5/10/1995閉架            Shelf O (closed)
         9264144374 ECD Documents Sarcophagus Safety O (closed)
661995101P1       O            5/9/1995 閉架            Shelf '94 The State of the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant Unit 4
         9264044566 uclear Energy Data 1995
661995113P1       N            5/17/1995閉架            Shelf O (closed)
         9264144676 ECD Documents Geoval '94 Validation through Model Testing
661995121P1       O            6/2/1995 閉架            Shelf O (closed)
         9264144668 uclear Energy Programmes in OECD/NEA Countries
661995131P1       N            9/6/1995 閉架            Shelf O (closed)
         9264144854 adioactive Waste Management Hydraulic(closed)
661995141P1       R            6/26/1995閉架            Shelf O and Hydrochemical Characterisation of Argillaceous Rocks
         9264145389 ECD Documents Physics of Plutonium Recycling Issues and Perspectives Volume 1
661995151P1       O            7/28/1995閉架            Shelf O (closed)
         9264145273 ECD Documents Binding Models Concerning Natural Organic Substances in Performance Assessment
661995161P1       O            7/28/1995閉架            Shelf O (closed)
         9264145605 n International Nuclear Emergency Exercice INEX 1
661995171P1       A            12/4/1995閉架            Shelf O (closed)
         9264145869 uclear Legislation, Analytical Study Nuclear Legislation Analytical Study
661995181P3       N                       閉
                               11/21/1995 架           Shelf O (closed)
         9264145915 ECD Documents Physics of Plutonium Recycling Void Reactivity Effect in Pressurized-Water Reactors Volum
661995201P1       O            9/26/1995閉架            Shelf O (closed)
         9264147039 ECD Documents Physics of Plutonium Recycling Fast Plutonium-Burner Reactors - Beginning of Life Volume
661995221P1       O            1/23/1996閉架            Shelf O (closed)
661996007P1                    1996       閉架          Shelf O (closed)
                  チェルノブイリから10年 -放射線・健康影響- (原子力資料No.289)
         9264147047 ECD Documents Physics of Plutonium Recycling Plutonium Recycling in Fast Reactors Volume 5
661996021P1       O            1/23/1996閉架            Shelf O (closed)
         9264147926 ECD Historical Series EUROCHEMIC O (closed)Company for the Chemical Processing of Irradiated Fuels 1956
661996031P1       O                       閉
                               11/13/1996 架           Shelf European
         9264147810 rends in Nuclear Research Institutes O (closed)
661996041P1       T            6/4/1996 閉架            Shelf
         9264147950 uture Financial Liabilities of Nuclear Activities
661996051P1       F            4/25/1996閉架            Shelf O (closed)
         9264148299 ECD Documents Characterisation of Long-term Geological Changes for Disposal Sites Disposal of Radioactive
661996061P1       O            4/25/1996閉架            Shelf O (closed)
         9264148752 ranium Resources, Production and Demand 1995 1996 Edition
661996071P1       U            5/6/1996 閉架            Shelf O (closed)
661996077P1                    -          閉架
                  ウラン 資源・生産・需要 1995 Shelf O (closed)
         9264152873 ECD Documents SATIF-2 Shielding Aspects of Accelerators, Targets and Irradiation Facilities
661996111P1       O            8/29/1996閉架            Shelf O (closed)
         9264152865mplementing Severe Accident Management in Nuclear Power Plants
661996121P1       I                       閉
                               11/14/1996 架           Shelf O (closed)
661996127P1                    5/2004     閉架          Shelf O (closed)
         9264153365 uclear Safety Research in OECD Countries Areas of Agreement, Areas for Further Action, Increasing Need for
661996151P1       N            11/6/1996閉架            Shelf O (closed)
         9264154590 ECD Documents Work Management in the Nuclear Power Industry
661997021P1       O            2/17/1997閉架            Shelf O (closed)
661997047P1                    11/1997 閉架
                  放射線 -利用、リスク、防護 - Shelf O (closed)
         9264055207 uclear Energy Data 1997
661997053P1       N            6/3/1997 閉架            Shelf O (closed)
         9264155090 uclear Safety Research in OECD Countries Capabilities and Facilities
661997061P1       N            7/8/1997 閉架            Shelf O (closed)
         9264155694 odelling in Aquatic Chemistry Shelf O (closed)
661997071P1       M            9/1/1997 閉架
         9264156143 ECD Proceedings Agricultural Aspects of Nuclear and/or Radiological Emergency Situations
661997081P1       O            12/4/1997閉架            Shelf O (closed)
         926415616X ECD Proceedings In-core Instrumentation and Reactor Core Assessment
661997091P1       O                       閉
                               10/17/1997 架           Shelf O (closed)
         9264160132 ECD Proceedings Field架
661997131P1       O                       閉           Shelf O (closed)
                               12/19/1997 Tracer Experiments Role in the Prediction of Radionuclide Migration
         9264160205 ECD Proceedings 3-D Deterministic Radiation Transport Computer Programmes Features, Applications and P
661997161P1       O            1/9/1998 閉架            Shelf O (closed)
         9264160337 adioactive Waste Management Programmes in OECD/NEA Member Countries
661998011P1       R            5/15/1998閉架            Shelf O (closed)

                                                    Page 35

         926416037X ECD Proceedings Nuclear EmergencyO (closed)
661998021P1       O           2/6/1998 閉架             Shelf Data Management Zurich, Switzerland, 13-14 September 1995
         9264160213 ECD Proceedings Fluid Flow through Faults and Fractures in Argillaceous Formations A Joint NEA/EC Worksh
661998031P1       O           2/2/1998 閉架             Shelf O (closed)
         9264156690 afety Research Needs for Russian-Designed Reactors
661998041P1       S           3/4/1998 閉架             Shelf O (closed)
         9264160183 ECD Documents Overview of NuclearO (closed) in Central and Eastern Europe and the NIS
661998051P1       O           3/6/1998 閉架             Shelf Legislation
661998057P1                   9/1998      閉架
                  中・東欧、旧ソ連諸国の最新原子力法)O (closed)        Shelf
         9264160507 ranium Resources, Production and Demand 1997 1998 Edition
661998061P1       U           6/3/1998 閉架             Shelf O (closed)
         926416071X ECD Proceedings SATIF-3 Shielding Aspects of Accelerators, Targets and Irradiation Facilities Tohoku Univer
661998071P1       O           3/20/1998閉架             Shelf O (closed)
         926416099X ECD Proceedings Modelling the Shelf O (closed) Variability on Radionuclide Migration Paris, France - 9-11 J
661998091P1       O           8/25/1998閉架             Effects of Spatial
         9264161066 uture Nuclear Regulatory Challenges A Report by the NEA Committee on Nuclear Regulatory Activities
661998101P1       F           6/22/1998閉架             Shelf O (closed)
         9264057625 uclear Energy Data 1998
661998113P1       N           5/18/1998閉架             Shelf O (closed)
         9264161473 ECD Proceedings The Societal Shelf O (closed)
661998121P1       O           9/11/1998閉架             Aspects of Decision Making in Complex Radiological Situations Workshop Proc
         9264161481 ECD Proceedings Long-Lived Radionuclide Chemistry in Nuclear Waste Treatment Workshop Proceedings, Vil
661998131P1       O           9/23/1998閉架             Shelf O (closed)
         9264161538 ECD Proceedings Use of Hydrogeochemical Information in Testing Groundwater Flow Models Radioactive Was
661998141P1       O           1/27/1999閉架             Shelf O (closed)
         9264161627 rojected Costs of Generating Electricity(closed) 1998
661998161P1       P           10/2/1998閉架             Shelf O Update
661998167P1                   8/1999
                  発電コスト予測(下) 閉架                       Shelf O (closed)
         9264169539 eneficial Uses and Production of Isotopes
661998171P1       B           11/27/1998 架閉           Shelf O (closed)
         9264169571 ECD Proceedings Thermal Performance(closed) Burn-Up LWR Fuel Seminar Proceedings, Cadarache, France,
661998181P1       O           11/27/1998 架閉           Shelf O of High
         9264161546 ow-Level 2/2/1999 閉架 Repositories An Analysis of Costs
661999031P1       L            Radioactive Waste Shelf O (closed)
         9264170251 ECD Proceedings Ion and Slow Shelf O (closed)
661999041P1       O           3/23/1999閉架             Positron Beam Utilisation Costa da Caparica, Portugal, 15-17 September 1998
         9264058427 ECD Glossaries Glossary of Nuclear Power Plant Ageing
661999053P1       O           7/7/1999 閉架             Shelf O (closed)
         9264170448 ECD Proceedings Shielding Aspects of Accelerators, Targets and Irradiation Facilities - SATIF 4 Workshop Pr
661999061P1       O           5/7/1999 閉架             Shelf O (closed)
         9264170502 ECD Proceedings Physics and Fuel Performance of Reactor-Based Plutonium Disposition Workshop Proceedin
661999071P1       O           5/7/1999 閉架             Shelf O (closed)
         9264058567 uclear Energy Data 1999
661999083P1       N           5/17/1999閉架             Shelf O (closed)
         9264170642 nvironmental Activities in Uranium Mining and Milling
661999091P1       E           9/21/1999閉架             Shelf O (closed)
         9264170685 uclear Science Utilisation and Reliability(closed) Power Proton Accelerators Workshop Proceedings, Mito, Japa
661999101P1       N           7/8/1999 閉架             Shelf O of High
661999111P1                   -           閉架          Shelf O (closed)
                  Nuclear Science Chemical Thermodynamics of Technetium
         9264171169 ECD Proceedings Back-end of the Fuel (closed) a 1000 GWe Nuclear Scenario Workshop Proceedings, Avigno
661999131P1       O           10/5/1999閉架             Shelf O Cycle in
         9264171177 uclear Science Advanced Reactors with(closed)
661999141P1       N           10/1/1999閉架             Shelf O Innovative Fuels Workshop Proceedings, Villigen, Switzerland 21-23 O
         926417124X adioactive Waste Management Water-conducting Features in Radionuclide Migration Workshop Proceedings, B
661999161P1       R           10/13/1999 架閉           Shelf O (closed)
         9264171940 adioactive Waste Management Geological Disposal of Radioactive Waste Review of Developments in the Last D
661999171P1       R           1/18/2000閉架             Shelf O (closed)
662000007P1                   3/2000      閉架
                  深地層貯蔵所の長期的安全に対する信頼 (原子力資料No.302)    Shelf O (closed)
         9264171681 adiological Protection Monitoring and G
662000011P1       R           2/24/2000開架             Shelf Data Management Strategies for Nuclear Emergencies
         9264171819 adioactive Waste Management Porewater Extraction from Argillaceous Rocks for Geochemical Characterisatio
662000021P1       R           8/22/2000開架             Shelf G
         9264171444 ECD Documents Reduction of CapitalO (closed)Nuclear Power Plants
662000031P1       O           2/2/2000 閉架             Shelf Costs of
662000037P1                   8/2000      閉架
                  原子力発電所の資本コスト削減 Shelf O (closed)
         9264171754 ECD Proceedings Business as Usual and Nuclear Power A Joint IEA/NEA Meeting, 14-15 October 1999
662000041P1       O           2/16/2000閉架             Shelf O (closed)
         9264058869 adioactive Waste Management Regulatory Reviews of Assessments of Deep Geologic Repositories Lessons Le
662000063P1       R           5/11/2000開架             Shelf G
         9264171983 ranium 1999 Resources, Production and Demand
662000071P1       U           7/11/2000開架             Shelf G
         9264058850 eform of Civil Nuclear Liability Budapest Symposium 1999
662000083P1       R           3/15/2000開架             Shelf G
         9264176578 adiological Protection Radiological Impacts of Spent Nuclear Fuel Management Options A Comparative Study
662000091P1       R           6/16/2000開架             Shelf G
         9264176586 adiological Protection Methodologies for(closed) the Economic Consequences of Nuclear Reactor Accidents
662000101P1       R           4/19/2000閉架             Shelf O Assessing
         9264176594 ECD Proceedings Core Monitoring forO (closed) Reactors: Improvements in Systems and Methods Workshop
662000111P1       O           4/17/2000閉架             Shelf Commercial
         9264176764 uclear Legislation, Analytical Study Nuclear Legislation: Analytical Study Regulatory and Institutional Framewo
662000121P3       N           10/24/2000 架開           Shelf G
         926405913X uclear Energy Data 2000
662000133P1       N           5/25/2000開架             Shelf G
         9264185143 eatures, Events and Processes (FEPs) for Geologic Disposal of Radioactive Waste An International Database
662000141P1       F           8/24/2000開架             Shelf G
         9264185178 ECD Proceedings Assuring Nuclear Safety Competence into the 21st Century Workshop Proceedings, Budape
662000161P1       O           8/2/2000 閉架             Shelf O (closed)
         9264185259 uclear Legislation in 開架 and Eastern Europe and the NIS 2000 Overview
662000181P1       N           9/1/2000 Central        Shelf G
         9264184171 uclear Development Beneficial Uses and Production of Isotopes 2000 Update
662000201P1       N           1/10/2001開架             Shelf G
         9264184252 eologic Disposal of Radioactive Shelf O (closed)
662000281P1       G           8/23/2000閉架             Waste in Perspective
         9264184295 uclear Development Nuclear Power Plant Life Management in a Changing Business World Workshop Proceedin
662000321P1       N           1/10/2001開架             Shelf G
         9264085807 adiation Protection Second International Nuclear Emergency Exercise INEX 2 Final Report of the Finnish Regio
662000473P1       R           12/4/2000開架             Shelf G
662001007P1                   10/2001 閉架
                  OECD/NEA加盟国の放射性廃棄物管理 (原子力資料No.305)  Shelf O (closed)
         9264186204 adioactive Waste Management Confidence in Models of Radionuclide Transport for Site-specific Assessment W
662001011P1       R           2/12/2001開架             Shelf G
         9264184430 uclear Science Pyrochemical Separations Workshop Proceedings -- Avignon, France -- 14-16 March 2000
662001021P1       N           2/13/2001閉架             Shelf O (closed)
         9264086404 adiation Protection Second International Nuclear Emergency Exercise INEX 2 Final Report of the Hungarian Re
662001033P1       R           3/9/2001 開架             Shelf G
         9264186670 uclear Science Evaluation of Speciation (closed)
662001041P1       N           5/9/2001 閉架             Shelf O Technology Workshop Proceedings Tokai-mura, Ibaraki, Japan 26-28
         9264186727 adioactive Waste Management Gas Generation and Migration in Radioactive Waste Disposal Safety-relevant Is
662001051P1       R           4/19/2001開架             Shelf G

                                                      Page 36

         9264186794 adioactive Waste Management Using Thermodynamic Sorption Models for Guiding Radioelement Distribution C
662001061P1       R           4/27/2001開架             Shelf G
         9264186913 uclear Science Shielding Aspects of Accelerators, Targets and Irradiation Facilities (SATIF 5) Workshop Proce
662001071P1       N           5/30/2001閉架             Shelf O (closed)
         9264193146 uclear Regulation Investing in Trust: Nuclear Regulators and the Public Workshop Proceedings Paris, France 2
662001081P1       N           5/14/2001開架             Shelf G
         9264186964 uclear Science Nuclear Production ofO (closed) First Information Exchange Meeting -- Paris, France 2-3 Octo
662001091P1       N           6/6/2001 閉架             Shelf Hydrogen
         9264187227 adioactive Waste Management Scenario Development Methods and Practice An Evaluation Based on the NEA
662001121P1       R           7/25/2001開架             Shelf G
         9264195254 uclear Development Management of Depleted Uranium
662001131P1       N           8/21/2001開架             Shelf G
         9264187499 uclear Science Utilisation and Reliability(closed) Power Proton Accelerators Workshop Proceedings, Aix-en-P
662001151P1       N           11/2/2001閉架             Shelf O of High
         9264095322 adiation Protection Second International Nuclear Emergency Exercise INEX 2 Final Report of the Canadian Re
662001163P1       R           9/4/2001 開架             Shelf G
         9264196870 uclear Fuel Safety Criteria Technical G
662001171P1       N           12/14/2001 架開           Shelf Review
662002007P1                   2/2002      閉架
                  続 OECD/NEA加盟国の放射性廃棄物管理 (原子力資料No.306)Shelf O (closed)
         9264196641 uclear Development Trends in the Nuclear Fuel Cycle Economic, Environmental and Social Aspects
662002011P1       N           2/6/2002 開架             Shelf G
662002017P1-1                 12/2002 開架
                  経済、環境、社会から見た核燃料サイクル                 Shelf G
662002017P1-2                 12/2002 開架
                  続 経済、環境、社会から見た核燃料サイクル               Shelf G
         926419715X uclear Science Fission Gas BehaviourO (closed)Reactor Fuels Seminar Proceedings, Cadarache, France, 26-29
662002021P1       N           2/14/2002閉架             Shelf in Water
         9264196951 adioactive Waste Management Radionuclide Retention in Geologic Media Workshop Proceedings - Oskarshamn
662002031P1       R           2/26/2002開架             Shelf G
         9264195092 uclear Development Environmental Remediation of Uranium Production Facilities
662002041P1       N           2/27/2002開架             Shelf G
         9264196943 adiation Protection Better IntegrationG Radiation Protection in Modern Society Workshop Proceedings - Villi
662002051P1       R           2/14/2002開架             Shelf of
         9264197435 uclear Legislation, Analytical Study Nuclear Legislation: Analytical Study Regulatory and Institutional Framewo
662002071P3       N           4/30/2002開架             Shelf G
         9264197818 uclear Safety Advanced Nuclear Reactor Safety Issues and Research Needs Workshop Proceedings, Paris, Fra
662002081P1       N           6/6/2002 開架             Shelf G
         9264097821 adioactive Waste Management Establishing and Communicating Confidence in the Safety of Deep Geologic Dis
662002093P1       R           5/30/2002開架             Shelf G
         9264197966 uclear Science Basic Studies inShelfField of High-temperature Engineering Second Information Exchange Mee
662002101P1       N           6/11/2002閉架              the O (closed)
         9264198237 ranium 2001 Resources, Production and Demand
662002111P1       U           8/16/2002開架             Shelf G
         9264198466 ata Bank 9/4/2002 開架
662002121P1       D                                   Shelf Databases in Performance Assessment Workshop Proceedings, Barcelon
                              The Use of Thermodynamic G
         9264198474 uclear Science Advanced Reactors with(closed)
662002131P1       N           9/10/2002閉架             Shelf O Innovative Fuels Workshop Proceedings - Chester, United Kingdom 22
662002147P1       原子力と京都議定書 閉架11/2002                 Shelf O (closed)
         9264098992 uclear Energy Data 2002 Edition
662002153P1       N           9/16/2002開架             Shelf G
         9264199411 adioactive Waste Management Stepwise Decision Making in Finland for the Disposal of Spent Nuclear Fuel Wo
662002161P1       R           10/3/2002開架             Shelf G
         9264199578 uclear Science Physics架 Plutonium Recycling Volume VI: Multiple Plutonium Recycling in Advanced PWRs
662002171P1       N                       閉
                              10/31/2002 of           Shelf O (closed)
         9264099115 adioactive Waste Management The Handling of Timescales in Assessing Post-closure Safety of Deep Geologic
662002181P1       R           11/28/2002 架開           Shelf G
         9264099697 adiation Protection Radiological Shelf G
662003011P1       R           1/16/2003開架             Protection of the Environment: The Path forward to a New Policy? Workshop
         9264199055 uclear Science Physics of Plutonium Recycling Volume VII: BWR MOX Benchmark - Specification and Results
662003021P1       N           3/17/2003閉架             Shelf O (closed)
         9264099190ndemnification of Damage in the Shelf G a Nuclear Accident Workshop Proceedings: Paris, France, 26-28 Nove
662003033P1       I           3/21/2003開架             Event of
662003067P1                   12/2003 閉架
                  社会と原子力: 理解向上をめざして (原子力資料No.310)     Shelf O (closed)
         9264102116 uclear Science Utilisation and Reliability(closed) Power Proton Accelerators Workshop Proceedings, Santa Fe,
662003091P1       N           6/4/2003 閉架             Shelf O of High
         9264103260 uclear Energy Data 2003 Edition
662003103P1       N           6/6/2003 開架             Shelf G
         9264103287 uclear Development Nuclear Energy Today
662003111P1       N           8/11/2003開架             Shelf G
         9264103546 adioactive Waste Management Engineered Barrier Systems (EBS) in the Context of the Entire Safety Case Wo
662003201P1       R           7/10/2003開架             Shelf G
         9264103961 adioactive Waste Management Public G
662003211P1       R           10/27/2003 架開           Shelf Confidence in the Management of Radioactive Waste: The Canadian Con
         9264104313 uclear Development DecommissioningG
662003221P1       N           8/22/2003開架             Shelf Nuclear Power Plants Policies, Strategies and Costs
         9264105700 adiological Protection The Future Policy for Radiological Protection Workshop Proceedings, Lanzarote, Spain,
662003231P1       R           12/22/2003 架開           Shelf G
         9264106502 adioactive Waste Management The Regulatory Control of Radioactive Waste Management Overview of 15 NEA
662004011P1       R           3/31/2004開架             Shelf G
         9264107703 uclear Science Nuclear Production ofG
662004021P1       N           5/7/2004 開架             Shelf Hydrogen Second Information Exchange Meeting -- Argonne, Illinois, US
         9264015388 overnment and Nuclear架
662004031P1       G                       開
                              04/22/2004 Energy Shelf G
         9264015426 uclear legislation in Central and Shelf G Europe and the NIS 2003 0verview
662004041P1       N           4/27/2004開架             Eastern
         9264015922 adioactive Waste Management Geological Disposal: Building Confidence Using Multiple Lines of Evidence First
662004051P1       R           6/9/2004 開架             Shelf G
         9264016015 uclear Science Basic開架
662004061P1       N                                    the G
                              6/9/2004 Studies inShelfField of High-temperature Engineering Third Information Exchange Meetin
         9264016325 uclear Energy Data 2004 Edition
662004073P1       N           6/18/2004開架             Shelf G
         9264016732 ranium 2003 Resources, Production and Demand
662004081P1       U           7/7/2004 開架             Shelf G
         9264016716 adioactive Waste Management Strategy Selection for the Decommissioning of Nuclear Facilities Seminar Proc
662004091P1       R           7/28/2004開架             Shelf G
         926401733X uclear Science Shielding Aspects of Accelerators, Targets and Irradiation Facilities - SATIF 6 Workshop Proce
662004101P1       N           7/28/2004開架             Shelf G
         9264108238 uclear Science Computing Radiation Dosimetry - CRD 2002 Workshop Proceedings - Sacavém, Portugal - 22-
662004111P1       N           8/23/2004開架             Shelf G
         9264108254 adiological Protection Stakeholder Participation in Radiological Decision Making: Processes and Implications T
662004121P1       R           8/4/2004 開架             Shelf G
         9264108505 uclear Development Nuclear Competence Building
662004131P1       N           11/11/2004 架開           Shelf G
         926401814X uclear Legislation, Analytical Study Nuclear Legislation: Analytical Study Regulatory and Institutional Framewo
662004141P3       N           11/5/2004開架             Shelf G
         9264006664 uclear Safety Debris 開架 on Shelf G
662004151P1       N           11/11/2004Impact        Emergency Coolant Recirculation Workshop Proceedings, Albuquerque NM, US
         9264007318 adioactive Waste Management Dealing with Interests, Values and Knowledge in Managing Risk Workshop Proce
662004171P1       R           1/12/2005開架             Shelf G
         9264008268 rojected Costs of Generating Electricity 2005 Update
662005011P1       P           3/24/2005開架             Shelf G

                                                      Page 37

         9264008306 adioactive Waste Management Geological Repositories Political and Technical Progress - Workshop Proceedin
662005021P1       R            3/9/2005 開架             Shelf G
         9264008780 adioactive Waste Management Management of Uncertainty in Safety Cases and the Role of Risk Workshop Pro
662005031P1       R            3/9/2005 開架             Shelf G
         9264008802 uclear Development Beneficial Uses and Production of Isotopes 2004 Update
662005041P1       N            3/9/2005 開架             Shelf G
         9264009086 adioactive Waste Management Stability and Buffering Capacity of the Geosphere for Long-term Isolation of Ra
662005051P1       R            3/11/2005開架             Shelf G
         926401036X adiological Protection Occupational Exposure Management at Nuclear Power Plants Fourth ISOE European Sy
662005071P1       R            11/2/2005開架             Shelf G
         9264010424 uclear Science Shielding Aspects of Accelerators, Targets and Irradiation Facilities - SATIF 7 Workshop Proce
662005081P1       N            5/24/2005開架             Shelf G
         9264011005 uclear Energy Data 2005 Edition
662005093P1       N            6/7/2005 開架             Shelf G
         9264011579 uclear Science Pellet-clad Interaction in Water Reactor Fuels Seminar Proceedings, Aix-en-Provence, France
662005101P1       N            7/27/2005開架             Shelf G
         9264012060 adioactive Waste Management NEA Sorption Project Phase II Interpretation and Prediction of Radionuclide So
662005111P1       R            8/17/2005開架             Shelf G
         9264012109 adioactive Waste Management Radioactive Waste Management Programmes in OECD/NEA Member Countries
662005121P1       R            1/18/2006開架             Shelf G
         926401313X adioactive Waste Management Engineered Barrier Systems (EBS) in the Context of the Entire Safety Case Wo
662005131P1       R            9/27/2005開架             Shelf G
         9264013628 adiological Protection Evolution Shelf GSystem of Radiological Protection Second Asian Regional Conference -
662005141P1       R            11/1/2005開架              of the
         9264013806 uclear Science Utilisation and Reliability of High Power Proton Accelerators Workshop Proceedings, Daejeon, R
662005151P1       N            11/1/2005開架             Shelf G
         9264014217 uclear Safety The Safety of theShelf G Fuel Cycle - Third Edition
662005161P1       N            11/8/2005開架              Nuclear
         9264025901 uclear Regulation Building, Measuring G Improving Public Confidence in the Nuclear Regulator Workshop Pro
662006021P1       N            5/24/2006開架             Shelf and
         9264024255 ranium 2005 Resources, Production and Demand
662006031P1       U            6/2/2006 開架             Shelf G
         9264024395 adioactive Waste Management Disposal of Radioactive Waste Forming a New Approach in Germany -- FSC Wo
662006041P1       R            5/24/2006開架             Shelf G
         9264024859 uclear Development Advanced Nuclear Fuel Cycles and Radioactive Waste Management
662006051P1       N            6/5/2006 開架             Shelf G
         9264024891 uclear Energy Data 2006 Edition
662006063P1       N            6/20/2006開架             Shelf G
         9264026258 egal Affairs Indemnification of Damage in the Event of a Nuclear Accident: Workshop Proceedings: Bratislava, S
662006071P1       L            7/20/2006開架             Shelf G
         9264026290 uclear Science Nuclear Production ofG
662006081P1       N            7/20/2006開架             Shelf Hydrogen Third Information Exchange Meeting, Oarai, Japan, 5-7 Octobe
         9264028064 uclear Development Forty Years of Uranium Resources, Production and Demand in Perspective The Red Book
662006091P1       N            9/22/2006開架             Shelf G
         9264028579 erspectives on Nuclear Data forShelfNext Decade Workshop Proceedings -- Bruyères-le-Châtel, France, 26-2
662006101P1       P            1/18/2007開架              the G
         9264029249 uclear Development Nuclear Power Plant Life Management and Longer-term Operation
662006111P1       N            11/3/2006開架             Shelf G
662007011P1                    3/2/2007 開架             Shelf G
                  Nuclear Development Innovation in Nuclear Energy Technology
662007021P1                    2/23/2007開架             Shelf G
                  Radioactive Waste Management Engineered Barrier Systems (EBS) in the Safety Case The Role of Modelling - W
662007031P1                    5/10/2007開架             Shelf G
                  Nuclear Development Management of Recyclable Fissile and Fertile Materials
662007041P2                    8/6/2007 閉架             Shelf O (closed)
                  Chemical Thermodynamics Chemical Thermodynamics of Solid Solutions of Interest in Radioactive Waste Manag
662007053P1                    6/21/2007開架
                  Nuclear Energy Data 2007 Edition     Shelf G
662007061P1                    7/3/2007 開架             Shelf G
                  Radioactive Waste Management Linkage of Geoscientific Arguments and Evidence in Supporting the Safety Cas
662007071P1                    6/21/2007開架             Shelf G
                  Nuclear Development Risks and Benefits of Nuclear Energy
662007081P1                    11/23/2007 架
                                          開            Shelf G
                  Radioactive Waste Management Radioactive Waste Management in Spain Co-ordination and Projects, FSC Work
662007091P1                    11/27/2007 架
                                          開            Shelf G
                  Radioactive Waste Management Engineered Barrier Systems (EBS) in the Safety Case Design Confirmation and
662007101P1                    11/29/2007 架
                  Nuclear Regulation TransparencyShelf Gof Nuclear Regulatory Activities Workshop proceedings - Tokyo and Tokai-Mu
         926412683X etrochemical Industry Energy Aspects of Structural Change
701985011P1       P            2/1/1985 閉架             Shelf N (closed)
         9264127720The Space11/1/1985閉架 Related Issues
701985031P1                     Industry Trade         Shelf N (closed)
         9264128166 roductivity in Industry: Prospects andN (closed)
701986011P1       P            5/31/1986閉架             Shelf Policies
         9264128689 estructuring the Regions: Analysis, Policy Model, and Prognosis
701986031P1       R            9/30/1986閉架             Shelf M (closed)
         9264129014 enture Capital: Context, Development, and Policies
701987011P1       V            1/31/1987閉架             Shelf N (closed)
         9264130411 ewly Industrialising Countries: Challenge(closed)
701988011P1       N            7/31/1988閉架             Shelf N and Opportunity for OECD Industries
         9264131035ndustrial Revival Through Technology N (closed)
701988021P1       I            9/30/1988閉架             Shelf
         9264131337 egional Problems and Policies inShelf M (closed)
701988031P1       R                       閉
                               10/31/1988 架              Turkey
         9264131612 overnment Policies and the Diffusion N (closed)
701988041P1       G            5/31/1989閉架             Shelf of Microelectronics
         9264133070 egional Policies in Germany
701989041P1       R                       閉
                               12/31/1989 架            Shelf M (closed)
         9264133674 echnical Engineering Services Shelf N (closed)
701990011P1       T            5/31/1990閉架
         9264134670 anaging Manpower for Advanced Manufacturing Technology
701990031P1       M            4/1/1991 閉架             Shelf N (closed)
701990037P1                    3/1992
                  高度製造技術 -労働力の管理-(日経調資料)) 閉架           Shelf N (closed)
         9264134743 egional Problems and Policies inShelf M (closed)
701991021P1       R            4/1/1991 閉架               Switzerland
         9264136274 lobalisation of Industrial Activities Four (closed)
701992011P1       G            2/24/1992閉架             Shelf N Case Studies - Auto Parts, Chemicals, Construction and Semiconduct
         9264137653ndustrial Policy in OECD Countries: Annual Review 1992
701992051P1       I                       閉
                               10/30/1992 架            Shelf N (closed)
701993021P1                    11/25/1993 架
                                          閉            Shelf N (closed)
                  Industrial Policy in OECD Countries Annual Review 1993
         9264140433 echnology12/27/1993 Path to Innovation The Case of Optoelectronics
701993031P1       T                       閉
                                Fusion - A 架           Shelf M (closed)
         9264141936 egional Problems and Policies CanadaM (closed)
701994021P1       R            8/10/1994閉架             Shelf
         9264141944 egional Problems and Policies United M (closed)
701994031P1       R            8/9/1994 閉架             Shelf Kingdom
         9264142959ndustrial Policy in OECD Countries 1994(closed)
701994041P1       I            11/8/1994閉架             Shelf N
         9264143181ndustrial Subsidies A 閉架
701995011P1       I                                    Shelf N
                               1/9/1995 Reporting Manual (closed)
         9264143211 oosting Businesses Advisory ServicesN (closed)
701995021P1       B            3/6/1995 閉架             Shelf

                                                     Page 38

         9264146938 he Global 1/22/1996閉架
701996011P1       T                                    and Services Industry
                               Environmental Goods Shelf N (closed)
         4906445047 ECD地球環境ビジネス商品とサービス (closed)
701996017P1       O            12/10/1998 架閉           Shelf N
         9264147683 ECD Documents The Environment Industry The Washington Meeting
701996021P1       O            2/6/1996 閉架             Shelf N (closed)
         9264146881 lobalisation of Industry 架
701996051P1       G                        閉           Shelf Sector Reports
                               11/15/1996 Overview and N (closed)
         9264153144ndustrial Competitiveness
701996061P1       I            11/19/1996 架閉           Shelf N (closed)
         9264153381 ECD Documents Industry Productivity International Comparison and Measurement Issues
701996071P1       O            10/28/1996 架閉           Shelf N (closed)
         9264153446ndustrial Competitiveness Benchmarking(closed) Environments in the Global Economy
701996081P1       I            2/26/1997閉架             Shelf N Business
         9264156798 ECD Proceedings Industrial Competitiveness in the Knowledge-based Economy The New Role of Governments
701997031P1       O            11/28/1997 架閉           Shelf N (closed)
         9264160612 potlight on Public Support to IndustryN (closed)
701998021P1       S            9/15/1998閉架             Shelf
         9264161899nternationalisation of 閉架
701998041P1       I            10/27/1998              Shelf N (closed)
                                           Industrial R&D Patterns and Trends
701998047P1                    3/2000      閉架
                  産業R&Dの国際化:パターンとトレンド N (closed)       Shelf
         9264171096 he Environmental Goods and ServicesNIndustry Manual for Data Collection and Analysis
701999031P1       T            9/23/1999閉架             Shelf (closed)
         9264171231 trategic Business Services
701999041P1       S            9/10/1999閉架             Shelf N (closed)
         9264186778 ew Patterns of Industrial Globalisation Cross-border Mergers and Acquisitions and Strategic Alliances
702001011P1       N            8/8/2001 開架             Shelf J
         9264099034 esearch and Development Expenditure in Industry 1987-2000 2002 Edition
702002033P1       R            9/12/2002開架             Shelf J
         9264105239 esearch and Development Expenditure in Industry 1987-2001 (2003 Edition)
702004013P1       R            3/29/2004開架             Shelf J
         926401022X esearch and Development Expenditure in Industry 2004 Edition
702005013P1       R            5/24/2005開架             Shelf J
         9264028811 esearch and Development Expenditure in Industry (ANBERD) 1987-2004, 2005/2006 Edition
702006013P1       R            9/22/2006開架             Shelf J
702007011P1                    7/11/2007開架             Shelf
                  Offshoring and Employment Trends andJImpacts
         9264038701 he Pulp and Paper Industry in the OECD Member Countries: 1990
711993603P1       T            5/24/1993閉架             Shelf N (closed)
         9264040285 he Pulp and Paper Industry in the OECD Member Countries: 1991
711994603P1       T            02/02/1994 架閉           Shelf N (closed)
         9282101851 esearch on Transport Economics October 1993 Volume 25
741993013P1       R            10/25/1993 架閉           Shelf M (closed)
         9282101940 esearch on Transport Economics November 1994 Volume 26
741994013P1       R            9/12/1994閉架             Shelf M (closed)
         9282102173 esearch on Transport Economics 1996 Edition Volume 28
741996013P1       R            11/21/1996 架閉           Shelf M (closed)
         9282102289 esearch on Transport Economics 1997 Edition Volume 29
741997013P1       R            10/28/1997 架閉           Shelf M (closed)
         928210236X esearch on Transport Economics 1998 Edition Volume 30
741998013P1       R            10/23/1998 架閉           Shelf M (closed)
         9282102505 esearch on Transport Economics 1999 Edition Volume 31
741999013P1       R            11/18/1999 架閉           Shelf M (closed)
         9282102661 esearch on Transport Economics 2000 Edition Volume 32
742000013P1       R            11/13/2000 架閉           Shelf M (closed)
         9789282101087 Round Tables No. 135 Transport Infrastructure Charges and Capacity Choice Self-financing Road Maint
742007011P1       ECMT         3/15/2007開架             Shelf I
         9789282101124 Round Tables No. 133 (De)Regulation of the Taxi Industry
742007021P1       ECMT         3/15/2007開架             Shelf I
         9789282101186 in the Transport Sector 1970-2005, 2007 Edition
742007031P1       Trends       3/22/2007開架             Shelf I
         9789282101247 Round Tables No. 132 TransportI Infrastructure Investment and Economic Productivity
742007041P1       ECMT         4/13/2007開架             Shelf
         9789282101469 Round Tables No. 架 Market Access, Trade in Transport Services and Trade Facilitation
742007051P1       ECMT                     開
                               06/05/2007 134          Shelf I
         9789282101513 Round Tables No. 136 Estimation and Evaluation of Transport Costs
742007061P1       ECMT         9/25/2007開架             Shelf I
         9789282101643 Round Tables No. 架 Transport, Urban Form and Economic Growth
742007071P1       ECMT                     開
                               12/17/2007 137          Shelf I
         9282110974 uropean Conference 閉架
751985031P1       E                                    Shelf M (closed)
                               1/1/1985 of Ministers of Transport 31st Annual Report: Resolutions of the Council of Ministers of T
         9282110982 hanging Patterns of Urban Travel
751985041P1       C            8/1/1985 閉架             Shelf M (closed)
         9282111032mprovements in International Railway Transport Services. ECMT.
751985091P1       I            10/1/1985閉架             Shelf M (closed)
         9282101029 uropean Conference 閉架
751985111P1       E                                    Shelf M (closed)
                               1/1/1985 of Ministers of Transport Annual Report Volume II: 1982 Transport Statistical Series - Tr
         9282111067Transport 01/01/1986 people : European (closed)
751986011P1                                閉
                               for disabled 架          Shelf M Conference of Ministers of Transport international comparisons of pra
         928210107X rincipal Actions of ECMT in the Shelf M (closed)
751986023P1       P            3/1/1986 閉架             Field of Road Safety 1986 Edition
         9282111091 uropean Dimension and Future Prospects of the Railways
751986041P1       E            7/1/1986 閉架             Shelf M (closed)
         9282111113nternational Traffic and 架
751986071P1       I                        閉           Shelf Needs
                               01/01/1987 Infrastructural M (closed)
         9282111121 igh-Speed Traffic on閉架Railway Network of Europe
751986081P1       H            1/1/1987 the            Shelf M (closed)
         9282111156 uropean Conference 閉架
751987031P1       E                                    Shelf M (closed)
                               1/1/1987 of Ministers of Transport 33rd Annual Report 1986: Resolutions of the Council of Minister
751987037P1                    12/1987 閉架              Shelf M (closed)
                  交通安全を改善するため人間の行動に影響を及ぼす方法について 決議No.48及び報告書)
         9282111199 ransport for Disabled People International Coordination and Standardisation of Measures and Policies To Prom
751987071P1       T            10/1/1987閉架             Shelf M (closed)
         9282111200 ransport for Disabled閉架
751987081P1       T                                    Shelf M Accessible Transport - The Role of Demand Responsive Services
                               11/30/1987People: Developing(closed)
         9282111245 uropean Conference 閉架
751988051P1       E                                    Shelf M (closed)
                               1/1/1988 of Ministers of Transport 34th Annual Report: 1987 Activity of the Conference
         9282111253 egulatory 11/30/1988the Transport Sector
751988061P1       R            Reforms in閉架            Shelf M (closed)
         928211127X ransport for disabled 閉架 : disabledM (closed) cars. ECMT Seminar, 12th-13th April 1988 : European Confe
751989011P1       T            01/01/1989people        Shelf people and
         9282111288 oad Safety: First and Foremost Shelf M (closed)
751989031P1       R            2/28/1989閉架             a Matter of Responsibility. Introductory Reports and Summary of the Discussi
         9282111296 ail Network Cooperation in the Age ofM (closed) Technology and High Speed
751989051P1       R            4/30/1989閉架             Shelf Information
         9282111474 ransport Policy and the Environment: M (closed)
751990011P1       T            4/30/1990閉架             Shelf ECMT Ministerial Session
         9282111458 ransport for Disabled People: A Shelf M of Provisions and Standards for Journey Planning and Pedestrian Acce
751990021P1       T            3/31/1990閉架             Review (closed)
         9282111482nland Waterway Transport in ECMT Countries to the Year 2000: A New Dimension
751990041P1       I            6/30/1990閉架             Shelf M (closed)
         9282111520 ransport for People with Mobility Handicaps: Public Transport by Bus
751991011P1       T            3/1/1991 閉架             Shelf M (closed)

                                                      Page 39

         9282111539 rospects for East-West European Transport
751991021P1       P            5/1/1991 閉架            Shelf M (closed)
         9282111571 ransport for People with Mobility Handicaps: Information and Communication
751991061P1       T            10/1/1991閉架            Shelf M (closed)
         9282111563 reight Transport and 閉架EnvironmentM (closed)
751991071P1       F            10/25/1991  the        Shelf
751991081P1       I                                   Shelf in the 1980s
                                in Transport Infrastructure M (closed)
         9282111652 uided Transport in 2040
751992051P1       G            9/8/1992 閉架            Shelf M (closed)
         9282111881 ransport Policy and Global Warming M (closed)
751993101P1       T            1/10/1994閉架            Shelf
         9282101908 rincipal Actions of ECMT in the Shelf M (closed)
751994023P1       P            2/10/1994閉架            Field of Road Safety 1994
         9282111954 oad Safety Education for YoungShelf M (closed)
751994071P1       R            8/17/1994閉架             Children and Teenagers
         9282112012 CMT Round Tables Charging forShelfUse(closed) Roads No. 97
751994111P1       E            11/4/1994閉架             the M of Urban
         9282111970 ight Rail Transit Systems
751994121P1       L                       閉
                               11/30/1994 架           Shelf M (closed)
         9282111989 CMT Round Tables Interurban Transport(closed)No. 98
751995011P1       E            1/17/1995閉架            Shelf M Costs
         9282112004 ccess to Air Travel for People with Reduced Mobility
751995021P1       A            2/1/1995 閉架            Shelf M (closed)
         9282111997 uropean Transport Trends and Infrastructural Needs
751995031P1       E            3/1/1995 閉架            Shelf M (closed)
         9282112020 ew Information Technologies in Shelf M (closed)
751995041P1       N                       閉
                               10/11/1995 架           the Road Transport Sector Policy Issues, Ergonomics and Safety
         9282112039 ransport Infrastructure in Central andM (closed)
751995051P1       T            4/27/1995閉架            Shelf Eastern European Countries Selection Criteria and Funding
         9282112055 oad Transport Informatics Institutional and Legal Issues
751995071P1       R            9/28/1995閉架            Shelf M (closed)
         928210205X uide for Government Officials and Carriers on the Use of the ECMT Multilateral Quota
751995083P1       G            9/13/1995閉架            Shelf M (closed)
         9282112063 CMT Round Tables Transforming the Structure of the Freight Transport Sector No. 99
751995091P1       E            9/13/1995閉架            Shelf M (closed)
         9282112071 hy Do We12/5/1995閉架
751995101P1       W              Need Railways?       Shelf M (closed)
         9282112098 ctivities of the Conference Resolutions of the Council of Ministers of Transport and Reports Approved in 1994
751995111P1       A                       閉
                               12/28/1995 架           Shelf M (closed)
         928211208X CMT Round Tables Transport Economics Past Trends and Future Prospects No. 100
751995121P1       E                       閉
                               12/22/1995 架           Shelf M (closed)
         9282112101 ombined Transport Hearing of Combined(closed)
751995131P1       C            1/22/1996閉架            Shelf M Transport Organisations and Companies
         928211211X ustainable3/26/1996閉架
751996011P1       S                                   and Eastern European Cities
                                 Transport in Central Shelf M (closed)
         9282112136 ccess to European Transport MarketsM (closed)
751996021P1       A            6/19/1996閉架            Shelf
         9282112128 ransport - New Problems, New Solutions
751996031P1       T            5/23/1996閉架            Shelf M (closed)
         9282112144 CMT Round Tables Express Delivery Services Economic Research Centre No. 101
751996041P1       E            9/4/1996 閉架            Shelf M (closed)
         9282112152 peed Moderation Road Safety Shelf M (closed)
751996051P1       S            9/17/1996閉架
         9282112160 CMT Round Tables Changing Daily Urban Mobility Less or Differently? No. 102
751996061P1       E                       閉
                               10/18/1996 架           Shelf M (closed)
         9282112187 ctivities of the Conference Resolutions of the Council of Ministers of Transport and Reports Approved in 1995
751996071P1       A            12/3/1996閉架            Shelf M (closed)
         9282112217 CMT Round Tables The Seperation ofM (closed) from Infrastructure in the Provision of Railway Services No.
751997021P1       E            5/5/1997 閉架            Shelf Operations
         9282112225 ctivities of the Conference Documents Approved by the Council of Ministers of Transport in 1996 No. 43 199
751997031P1       A            9/5/1997 閉架            Shelf M (closed)
         9282112241 CMT Round Tables New TrendsShelf M (closed)
751997051P1       E            6/23/1997閉架             in Logistics in Europe No. 104
         928211225X O2 Emissions from Transport Shelf M (closed)
751997061P1       C            11/5/1997閉架
         9282112292 rends in the Transport Sector 1970/1996 1998 Edition
751998011P1       T            3/12/1998閉架            Shelf M (closed)
         9282102300 tatistical Report on Road Accidents 1993/1994 1997 Edition
751998023P1       S            3/23/1998閉架            Shelf M (closed)
         9282112268 fficient Transport for Europe Policies M (closed)
751998031P1       E            7/22/1998閉架            Shelf for the Internalisation of External Costs
         9282112233 trategic Environmental Assessment inM (closed)
751998051P1       S            1/22/1998閉架            Shelf the Transport Sector
         9282112314 ransport Infrastructure in ECMTShelf M (closed) and Prospects (Monographs)
751998061P1       T            5/22/1998閉架              Countries Profiles
         9282112322 CMT Round Tables Infrastructure-Induced Mobility No. 105
751998071P1       E            6/19/1998閉架            Shelf M (closed)
         9282112330 ail Restructuring in Europe
751998081P1       R            9/1/1998 閉架            Shelf M (closed)
         9282112357 CMT Round Tables Intercity Transport Markets in Countries in Transition No. 106
751998101P1       E            10/6/1998閉架            Shelf M (closed)
         9282112381 eport on the Current閉架 of Combined(closed) in Europe
751998121P1       R            10/12/1998State        Shelf M Transport
         928211239X ctivities of the Conference Resolutions of the Council of Ministers of Transport and Reports Approved in 1997
751998131P1       A                       閉
                               11/17/1998 架           Shelf M (closed)
         9282112403 CMT Round Tables User Charges for Railway Infrastructure No. 107
751998141P1       E            12/2/1998閉架            Shelf M (closed)
         9282112411 4th International Symposium on Shelf M and Practice in Transport Economics Which Changes for Transport in
751999011P1       1            3/26/1999閉架            Theory (closed)
751999021P1                     in Transport Infrastructure M (closed)
                  Investment5/28/1999閉架               Shelf -- 1985-1995
         9282112438 rends in the Transport Sector 1970/1997 1999 Edition
751999031P1       T            3/30/1999閉架            Shelf M (closed)
         9282112446mproving Transport for People with Mobility Handicaps A Guide to Good Practice
751999041P1       I            5/20/1999閉架            Shelf M (closed)
         9282112454 ocial Aspects of Road Transport
751999051P1       S            5/6/1999 閉架            Shelf M (closed)
         9282112462 CMT Round Tables What Markets AreM (closed) Transport by Inland Waterways? No. 108
751999061P1       E            6/2/1999 閉架            Shelf There For
         9282112373 ommunication in Road Safety International Seminar - Warsaw, 2-3 October 1997
751999071P1       C            5/10/1999閉架            Shelf M (closed)
         9282112470 CMT Round Tables Freight Transport M (closed) No. 109
751999081P1       E                       閉
                               10/12/1999 架           Shelf and the City
         9282112489 CMT Round Tables Traffic Congestion in Europe No. 110
751999091P1       E            12/7/1999閉架            Shelf M (closed)
         9282112497 ransport Economics Research and Policymaking
751999101P1       T            10/5/1999閉架            Shelf M (closed)
         9282112519 leaner Cars Fleet Renewal and Scrappage Schemes
751999111P1       C                       閉
                               11/29/1999 架           Shelf M (closed)
         9282112527 ctivities of the Conference Resolutions of the Council of Ministers of Transport and Reports approved in 1998
751999121P1       A                       閉
                               11/29/1999 架           Shelf M (closed)
         9282112535 rends in the Transport Sector 1970/1998 2000 Edition
752000011P1       T            5/18/2000閉架            Shelf M (closed)

                                                     Page 40

         9282112551 afety in Road Traffic 開架
752000031P1       S                                  Shelf I
                               4/6/2000 for Vulnerable Users
         928211256X CMT Round Tables Transport and Leisure No. 111
752000041P1       E            8/1/2000 開架           Shelf I
         9282112578ntegration 5/19/2000開架
752000051P1       I                                  Shelf I
                               of European Inland Transport Markets
         9282112586 ransport Benchmarking Methodologies, Applications and Data Needs
752000061P1       T            9/28/2000開架           Shelf I
         9282112594 trategic Environmental 架
752000071P1       S                       開          Shelf I
                               11/15/2000 Assessment for Transport
         9282112608 CMT Round Tables Transport and Ageing of the Population No. 112
752000081P1       E            9/21/2000開架           Shelf I
         9282112683 ctivities of the Conference Resolutions of the Council of Ministers of Transport and Reports approved in 1999
752000151P1       A                       閉
                               11/21/2000 架          Shelf I
         9282112705 fficient Transport Taxes and Charges M (closed)
752000181P1       E            1/16/2001開架           Shelf
         9282112721 ailway Reform Regulation of Freight Transport Markets
752001011P1       R                       開
                               01/30/2001 架          Shelf I
         9282113280mplementing Sustainable Urban Travel IPolicies National Peer Review: The Netherlands
752001021P1       I            2/1/2001 開架           Shelf
         9282112624 CMT Round Tables No. 114: Regular Interurban Coach Services in Europe
752001031P1       E            3/6/2001 開架           Shelf I
         9282103587 tatistical Report on Road Accidents 1997/1998
752001043P1       S            2/14/2001閉架           Shelf I
         9282112691 hort Sea Shipping in Europe
752001051P1       S            2/23/2001開架           Shelf M (closed)
         9282113590 CMT Round Tables No. 113: Land Access to Sea Ports
752001061P1       E            1/25/2001開架           Shelf I
         9282113612 CMT Round Tables No. 115: Road Freight Transport for Own Account in Europe
752001081P1       E            5/16/2001開架           Shelf I
         9282113620 ssessing the Benefits of Transport I
752001091P1       A            4/19/2001開架           Shelf
         9282113639 ehicle Emission Reductions
752001101P1       V            8/3/2001 開架           Shelf I
         9282113671 ctivities of the Conference Resolutions of the Council of Ministers of Transport and Reports approved in 2000
752001121P1       A                       閉
                               11/22/2001 架          Shelf I
         9282113647 CMT Round Tables No. 架
752001131P1       E                       開          Shelf M (closed)
                               11/28/2001 116: Transport of Waste Products
         9282113655 CMT Round Tables No. 117: Economic Evaluation of Road Traffic Safety Measures
752001141P1       E            12/7/2001開架           Shelf I
         9282113663 conomic Aspects of Taxi AccessibilityI
752001151P1       E            12/7/2001開架           Shelf
752002011P1                    2/26/2002開架           Shelf
                  Implementing Sustainable Urban Travel IPolicies Final Report
         9282113604 ey Issues 5/27/2002開架
752002021P1       K                                  2000
                               for Transport beyond Shelf I
         9282113698 egulatory 3/12/2002開架 Freight Transport Proceedings of the International Seminar, February 2001
752002031P1       R            Reform in Road        Shelf I
         928211371X CMT Round Tables No. 120: What Role for the Railways in Eastern Europe?
752002041P1       E            3/12/2002開架           Shelf I
         9282113728 rime in Road Freight 開架
752002061P1       C            8/1/2002 Transport Shelf I
         9282113744 CMT Round Tables No. 118: Tolls on IInterurban Road Infrastructure: An Economic Evaluation
752002081P1       E            7/31/2002開架           Shelf
         9282113752 rends in the Transport Sector 1970-2000
752002091P1       T            8/13/2002開架           Shelf I
         9282112985 CMT Round Tables No. 119: Transport and Economic Development
752002101P1       E            10/3/2002開架           Shelf I
         9282112993 CMT Round Tables No. 架
752002111P1       E                       開          Shelf I
                               11/28/2002 121: Managing Commuters' Behaviour A New Role for Companies
         9282102998 tatistical Report on Road Accidents 1999/2000
752003013P1       S            3/17/2003閉架           Shelf M (closed)
         9282113019 rends in the Transport Sector 1970-2001
752003021P1       T            3/13/2003開架           Shelf I
         9282113035 afe and Sustainable Transport: A Matter of Quality Assurance
752003031P1       S            3/17/2003開架           Shelf I
         9282113051 CMT Round Tables No. 122: Transport and Exceptional Public Events
752003041P1       E            3/28/2003開架           Shelf I
         9282103013 CMT Round Tables No. 123: Vandalism, Terrorism and Security in Urban Public Passenger Transport
752003071P1       E            6/24/2003開架           Shelf I
         9282103056mplementing Sustainable Urban Travel IPolicies National Reviews
752003081P1       I            9/10/2003開架           Shelf
         9282103137 ifty Years 10/1/2003開架
752003091P1       F                                  Shelf I
                                of Transport Policy Successes, Failures and New Challenges
         928210317X eforming Transport Taxes
752003101P1       R            1/14/2004開架           Shelf I
         9282103218 rincipal Acts of the ECMT 1953-2003I
752003113P1       P                       開
                               10/24/2003 架          Shelf
         9282103234 rends in the Transport Sector 1970 - I2002 2004 Edition
752004011P1       T            4/26/2004開架           Shelf
         9282113116 ssessment and Decision MakingShelf I
752004021P1       A            3/31/2004開架            for Sustainable Transport
         9282113159mplementing Sustainable Urban Travel IPolicies National Peer Review: Hungary
752004031P1       I            7/15/2004開架           Shelf
         928212309X egulatory 5/25/2004開架
752004041P1       R                                   Russia
                               Reform of Railways in Shelf I
         9282113191 CMT Round Tables No. 架
752004061P1       E                       開          Shelf I
                               10/29/2004 125: European Integration of Rail Freight Transport
         9282123197 oad Safety Performance National Peer Review: Lithuania
752004071P1       R            8/23/2004開架           Shelf I
752004081P1                    11/25/2004 架
                                          開          Shelf
                  Improving Access to Public Transport I
         9282123219 CMT Round Tables No. 架
752004091P1       E                       開          Shelf I
                               12/24/2004 124: Transport and Spatial Policies The Role of Regulatory and Fiscal Incentives
         9282123251mplementing Sustainable Urban Travel IPolicies: Moving Ahead National Policies to Promote Cycling
752004101P1       I                       開
                               12/13/2004 架          Shelf
         9282103315 ontainer Transport Security Across Modes
752005011P1       C            4/19/2005開架           Shelf I
         9282103358 rends in the Transport Sector 1970-2003 2005 Edition
752005021P1       T            2/18/2005開架           Shelf I
         9282103390 CMT Round Tables No. 126 Airports as Multimodal Interchange Nodes
752005031P1       E            3/15/2005開架           Shelf I
         9282123332 6th International Symposium on Shelf I and Practice in Transport Economics 50 Years of Transport Research
752005051P1       1            9/6/2005 開架           Theory
         9282103439 aking Cars More Fuel Efficient Technology for Real Improvements on the Road
752005061P1       M            5/9/2005 開架           Shelf I
         9282103455 CMT Annual Report 2004
752005071P1       E            5/23/2005開架           Shelf I
         928210351X ailway Reform and Charges for the Use of Infrastructure
752005081P1       R                       開
                               11/30/2005 架          Shelf I
         9282123413 CMT Round Tables No. 架 National Systems of Transport Infrastructure Planning
752005101P1       E                       開
                               10/20/2005 128        Shelf I
         9282123308 CMT Round Tables No. 架 Time and ITransport
752006011P1       E                       開
                               12/23/2005 127        Shelf

                                                     Page 41

         9282123456 CMT Round Tables No.129 Transport IServices The Limits of (De)regulation
752006021P1       E           1/18/2006開架           Shelf
         9282123499 rends in the Transport Sector 1970-2004, 2006 Edition
752006031P1       T           2/9/2006 開架           Shelf I
         9282123537 CMT Annual Report 2005
752006071P1       E           11/2/2006開架           Shelf I
         9282103552 oad Safety Performance National Peer Review: Russian Federation
752006081P1       R           4/26/2006開架           Shelf I
         9282101398mproving Transport AccessibilityShelf I Guide to Good Practice
752006101P1       I           5/18/2006開架            for All
         9282113426 CMT Round Tables No. 131: Transport and Decentralisation
752006121P1       E           9/13/2006開架           Shelf I
         9282113388 CMT Round Tables No. 130: Transport and International Trade
752006131P1       E           8/15/2006開架           Shelf I
         9282113469nland Waterways and 開架
752006141P1       I                                 Shelf I
                              9/5/2006 Environmental Protection
         928211354X trengthening Inland Waterway Transport Pan-European Co-operation for Progress
752006151P1       S           8/25/2006開架           Shelf I
         9282113795 ransport Links between架
752006161P1       T                      開          and Asia
                              11/23/2006 Europe Shelf I
         9789282103821 Transport CO2 EmissionsShelf I Progress?
752007011P1       Cutting     1/24/2007開架            What
752007021P1                   3/22/2007開架
                  Improving Access to Taxis         Shelf I
         9264132449 aritime Transport 1988
761989011P1       M           1/1/1989 閉架           Shelf M (closed)
         9264134182 aritime Transport 1989
761990011P1       M           1/1/1990 閉架           Shelf M (closed)
         9264135871 aritime Transport 1990
761991011P1       M           12/1/1991閉架           Shelf M (closed)
         9264138226 aritime Transport 1991 1993 Edition M (closed)
761993011P1       M           2/9/1993 閉架           Shelf
         9264139974 aritime Transport 1992架
761993021P1       M                      閉          Shelf
                              10/18/1993 1993 Edition M (closed)
         9264144269 aritime Transport 1993 1995 Edition M (closed)
761995011P1       M           6/22/1995閉架           Shelf
761997017P1                   1/1999     閉架         Shelf M (closed)
                  海上輸送 OECD海運委員会 1996年年次報告書、1997年年次報告書
771974027P1       都市交通モデルの簡略化 10/1/1976閉架
771975077P1                   6/5/1978 閉架
                  交通安全キャンペーンのマニュアル M (closed)       Shelf
771980057P1                   1985
                  都市における駐車システムの評価        閉架         Shelf M (closed)
771982007P1                   1/31/1982閉架
                  欧米の21世紀交通ビジョン                     Shelf M (closed)
771983037P1                   8/20/1984閉架
                  幹線道路の交通容量 OECDレポート M (closed)     Shelf
         9264126929 oad Transport and Intermodal Linkages Research Programme Coordinated Urban Transport Pricing
771985011P1       R                      閉
                              10/31/1985 架          Shelf M (closed)
         9264127534 oad Transport and Intermodal Linkages Research Programme Energy Savings and Road Traffic Management
771985021P1       R           9/30/1985閉架           Shelf M (closed)
         9264127569 oad Transport and Intermodal Linkages Research Programme Traffic Safety of Elderly Road Users
771985031P1       R                      閉
                              10/31/1985 架          Shelf M (closed)
771985037P1       老人道路利用者の交通安全7/1986     閉架         Shelf M (closed)
         9264127666 oad Transport and Intermodal Linkages Research Programme Full-Scale Pavement Tests
771985041P1       R                      閉
                              10/31/1985 架          Shelf M (closed)
771986007P1                   1987
                  老人道路利用者の安全を改善するガイドライン  閉架         Shelf M (closed)
         9264128144 oad Transport and Intermodal Linkages Research Programme OECD Road Safety Research: A Synthesis
771986011P1       R           4/30/1986閉架           Shelf M (closed)
         9264128433 oad Transport and Intermodal Linkages Research Programme Technico-Economic Analysis of the Role of Road
771986021P1       R           7/31/1986閉架           Shelf M (closed)
         9264128816 oad Transport and Intermodal Linkages Research Programme Effectiveness of Road Safety Education Program
771986031P1       R                      閉
                              10/31/1986 架          Shelf M (closed)
         9264128824 oad Transport and Intermodal Linkages Research Programme Economic Design of Low-Traffic Roads
771986041P1       R                      閉
                              11/30/1986 架          Shelf M (closed)
         9264129073 oad Transport and Intermodal Linkages Research Programme Pavement Management Systems
771987011P1       R           2/28/1987閉架           Shelf M (closed)
         926412926X ynamic Traffic Management in Urban and Suburban Road Systems
771987021P1       D           4/1/1987 閉架           Shelf M (closed)
771987027P1                   4/1988     閉架
                  都市と近郊における道路交通の動的管理(closed)        Shelf M
         926412943X oll Financing and Private SectorShelf M (closed)Road Infrastructure Development
771987031P1       T           5/1/1987 閉架            Involvement in
         9264230467 oad Transport and Intermodal Linkages Research Programme Route Guidance and In-Car Communications Sys
771988011P1       R           3/31/1990閉架           Shelf M (closed)
         9264130446 oad Transport and Intermodal Linkages Research Programme Road Accidents: On-Site Investigations
771988021P1       R           2/28/1988閉架           Shelf M (closed)
         9264130519 oad Transport and Intermodal Linkages Research Programme Transporting Hazardous Goods by Road
771988031P1       R           2/28/1988閉架           Shelf M (closed)
         9264131507 oad Transport and Intermodal Linkages Research Programme Heavy Trucks, Climate Change, and Pavement D
771988041P1       R                      閉
                              10/31/1988 架          Shelf M (closed)
         926413199X oad Transport and Intermodal Linkages Research Programme Durability of Concrete Road Bridges
771989011P1       R           2/14/1989閉架           Shelf M (closed)
         9264132813 oad Transport and Intermodal Linkages Research Programme Traffic Management and Safety at Highway Work
771989031P1       R           9/30/1989閉架           Shelf M (closed)
         9264132805 oad Transport and Intermodal Linkages Research Programme Curtailing Usage of De-Icing Agents in Winter Ma
771989041P1       R                      閉
                              10/31/1989 架          Shelf M (closed)
         9264133178 oad Transport and Intermodal Linkages Research Programme Integrated Traffic Safety Management in Urban A
771989061P1       R           1/26/1990閉架           Shelf M (closed)
         9264133895 oad Transport and Intermodal Linkages Research Programme Behavioural Adaptations to Changes in the Road
771990011P1       R           6/20/1990閉架           Shelf M (closed)
         9264134093 oad Transport and Intermodal Linkages Research Programme Automobile Insurance and Road Accident Preven
771990021P1       R           8/28/1990閉架           Shelf M (closed)
         9264134697 oad Transport and Intermodal Linkages Research Programme OECD Full-Scale Pavement Test
771991011P1       R           5/2/1991 閉架           Shelf M (closed)
         9264136177 oad Transport and Intermodal Linkages Research Programme Bridge Management
771992011P1       R           2/1/1992 閉架           Shelf M (closed)
         9264136355 oad Transport and Intermodal Linkages Research Programme Cargo Routes: Truck Roads and Networks
771992021P1       R           4/23/1992閉架           Shelf M (closed)
         9264137300 oad Transport and Intermodal Linkages Research Programme Advanced Logistics and Road Freight Transport
771992031P1       R           9/28/1992閉架           Shelf M (closed)
         9264137696 oad Transport and Intermodal Linkages Research Programme Intelligent Vehicle Highway Systems Review of F
771992041P1       R           11/9/1992閉架           Shelf M (closed)
         9264137629 oad Transport and Intermodal Linkages Research Programme Dynamic Loading of Pavements
771992051P1       R                      閉
                              10/13/1992 架          Shelf M (closed)
         9264139001 oad Transport and Intermodal Linkages Research Programme Road Transport Research Outlook Twenty-Fifth
771993011P1       R           5/7/1993 閉架           Shelf M (closed)
         9264139036 oad Transport and Intermodal Linkages Research Programme Marketing of Traffic Safety
771993021P1       R           5/11/1993閉架           Shelf M (closed)
         9264139885 oad Transport and Intermodal Linkages Research Programme Road Strengthening in Central and Eastern Euro
771993031P1       R           10/8/1993閉架           Shelf M (closed)

                                                   Page 42

         9264140824 oad Transport and Intermodal Linkages Research Programme Environmental Impact Assessment of Roads
771994011P1       R             3/8/1994 閉架           Shelf M (closed)
771994017P1       道路の環境影響評価 閉架  3/1996                Shelf M (closed)
         9264141472 oad Transport and Intermodal Linkages Research Programme Improving Road Safety by Attitude Modification
771994021P1       R             6/29/1994閉架           Shelf M (closed)
         9264142282 oad Transport and Intermodal Linkages Research Programme Targeted Road Safety Programme
771994031P1       R             9/12/1994閉架           Shelf M (closed)
         9264142770 oad Transport and Intermodal Linkages Research Programme Road Maintenance and Rehabilitation Funding an
771994041P1       R                        閉
                                10/18/1994 架          Shelf M (closed)
         9264143009 oad Transport and Intermodal Linkages Research Programme Road Maintenance Management Systems in Dev
771995011P1       R             1/6/1995 閉架           Shelf M (closed)
         9264143157 oad Transport and Intermodal Linkages Research Programme Congestion Control and Demand Management
771995021P1       R             1/5/1995 閉架           Shelf M (closed)
         9264145427 oad Transport and Intermodal Linkages Research Programme Repairing Bridge Substructures
771995031P1       R             9/12/1995閉架           Shelf M (closed)
         9264145796 oad Transport and Intermodal Linkages Research Programme Road Infrastructure Rehabilitation and Safety St
771995041P1       R             9/26/1995閉架           Shelf M (closed)
         9264145788 oad Transport and Intermodal Linkages Research Programme Roadside Noise Abatement
771995051P1       R                        閉
                                10/12/1995 架          Shelf M (closed)
         9264148027 oad Transport and Intermodal Linkages Research Programme Integrated Advanced Logistics for Freight Transp
771996011P1       R             4/1/1996 閉架           Shelf M (closed)
         926415275X oad Transport and Intermodal Linkages Research Programme Training Truck Drivers
771996021P1       R             8/29/1996閉架           Shelf M (closed)
         9264154612 oad Transport and Intermodal Linkages Research Programme Recycling Strategies for Road Works
771997011P1       R             6/13/1997閉架           Shelf M (closed)
         9264154779 oad Transport and Intermodal Linkages Research Programme Road Transport Research Outlook 2000
771997021P1       R             4/23/1997閉架           Shelf M (closed)
         9264155864 oad Transport and Intermodal Linkages Research Programme Performance Indicators for the Road Sector
771997041P1       R             8/8/1997 閉架           Shelf M (closed)
         9264156232 oad Transport and Intermodal Linkages Research Programme Road Safety Principles and Models
771997051P1       R                        閉
                                10/27/1997 架          Shelf M (closed)
         926415664X oad Transport and Intermodal Linkages Research Programme Integrated Safety/Environment Strategies
771997061P1       R                        閉
                                10/23/1997 架          Shelf M (closed)
         9264170545 oad Transport and Intermodal Linkages Research Programme Safety Strategies for Rural Roads
771999011P1       R             4/20/1999閉架           Shelf M (closed)
         926419651X afety in Tunnels Transport of Dangerous Goods through Road Tunnels
772001041P1       S                        開
                                10/26/2001 架          Shelf I
         9264196668 geing and 11/22/2001 架
772001051P1       A                        開          Shelf I
                                 Transport Mobility Needs and Safety Issues
         9264196781 trategies to Reduce Greenhouse Gas IEmissions from Road Transport Analytical Methods
772002011P1       S             7/1/2002 開架           Shelf
         9264196811 afety on Roads What's the Vision? I
772002021P1       S             2/27/2002開架           Shelf
         9264197427 enchmarking Intermodal Freight Shelf I
772002031P1       B             4/10/2002開架           Transport
         9264197591mpact of Transport Infrastructure Investment on Regional Development
772002051P1       I             6/6/2002 閉架           Shelf M (closed)
         9264198393 ransport Logistics Shared Solutions to Common Challenges
772002061P1       T             8/15/2002開架           Shelf I
         9264102809 elivering the Goods 21st Century Challenges to Urban Goods Transport
772003011P1       D                        開
                                07/21/2003 架          Shelf I
         9264103228 oad Safety Impact of開架 Technologies
772003021P1       R             10/31/2003New         Shelf I
         9264106294 eeping Children Safe in Traffic Shelf I
772004011P1       K             6/23/2004開架
         926410495X an Cars Come Clean? Strategies for Low-Emission Vehicles
772004021P1       C             3/31/2004開架           Shelf I
         926400856X conomic Evaluation of Long-Life Pavements Phase 1
772005011P1       E             3/31/2005開架           Shelf I
         9282113345 oung Drivers The Road to Safety
772006011P1       Y             10/4/2006開架           Shelf I
         9282103773 peed Management 開架
772006021P1       S             10/20/2006            Shelf I
781981007P1                     3/1981     閉架
                  経済協力開発機構(OECD)加盟国の観光政策と国際観光について     Shelf Q (closed)
         9264032215 ational and International Tourism Statistics 1974-1985
781989013P1       N                        閉
                                10/31/1989 架          Shelf Q (closed)
         9264137343 ourism Policy and International Tourism (closed) Member Countries 1991
781992011P1       T             8/31/1992閉架           Shelf Q in OECD
         9264140913 ourism Policy and International Tourism (closed) Countries 1991/1992 1994 Edition
781994011P1       T             3/23/1994閉架           Shelf Q in OECD
         9264145710 ourism Policy and International Tourism (closed) Member Countries 1992/1993 1995 Edition
781995011P1       T                        閉
                                11/21/1995 架          Shelf Q in OECD
         9264148965 ourism Policy and International Tourism (closed) Countries 1993/1994 1996 Edition
781996011P1       T             6/27/1996閉架           Shelf Q in OECD
         9264153276 ECD Tourism Statistics Design Shelf Q (closed)for Policy
781996021P1       O             9/20/1996閉架           and Application
         9264185003 easuring the Role of Tourism in Shelf I Economies The OECD Manual on Tourism Satellite Accounts and Empl
782000021P1       M             7/25/2000開架           OECD
         9264112561 ocial Indicator Development Programme(closed)
811974051P1       S                        閉
                                01/01/1974 架          Shelf N Subjective elements of well-being : papers presented at a Seminar of
811979007P1                     5/25/1979閉架
                  「暮らし良さ」測定法の研究 国際比較の可能性をめざして         Shelf N (closed)
         9264121927 he Welfare State in Crisis
811981011P1       T             9/30/1981閉架           Shelf N (closed)
811981017P1                     3/5/1983 閉架
                  福祉国家の危機 -経済・社会・労働の活路を求めて-)          Shelf N (closed)
811984027P1                     4/1985     閉架
                  世界の職業紹介 -変動する労働市場における職業安定機関の役割と機能-) Shelf N (closed)
         9264126562 ocial Expenditure, 1960 to 1990 Problems of Growth and Control
811985011P1       S             10/1/1985閉架
         9264126597 mployment Growth and 架
811985021P1       E                        閉          Shelf N (closed)
                                01/01/1985 Structural Change
811985031P1                     -          閉架
                  New Policies for the Young          Shelf N (closed)
         9264127348 ocial Policy Studies No. 3 LivingShelf N (closed)
811985041P1       S             2/28/1986閉架            Conditions in OECD Countries: Compendium of Social Indicators
         9264127887 outh and Work in Australia Comprehensive Policy Agenda
811986011P1       Y                        閉
                                01/01/1986 架          Shelf N (closed)
         9264128921 lexibility in the Labour Market: The Current Debate
811986031P1       F                        閉
                                11/30/1986 架          Shelf N (closed)
         9264129731 inancing and Delivering Health Care AN (closed)
811987021P1       F             7/1/1987 閉架           Shelf Comparative Analysis of OECD Countries
811987027P1                     6/1992
                  保健医療の財政と供給 OECD諸国の比較分析)  閉架         Shelf N (closed)
         9264131132 geing Populations The Social Policy Implications
811988021P1       A             7/4/1988 閉架           Shelf N (closed)
811988027P1                     7/1990
                  高齢化人口 -社会政策への影響- (日経調資料))閉架         Shelf N (closed)
         9264131523 ocial Policy Studies No.架 The Future N (closed)Protection
811988031P1       S                        閉
                                12/31/1988 6          Shelf of Social
811988037P1                     10/1989 閉架
                  社会保障の将来 -OECD厚生大臣会議記録-)             Shelf N (closed)

                                                     Page 43

         926413123X ocial Policy Studies Reforming Public N (closed)No. 5
811988041P1       S           8/25/1988閉架             Shelf Pensions
         9264131345 easures to Assist the Long-Term Unemployed: Recent Experience in some OECD Countries
811988061P1       M           10/31/1988 架 閉          Shelf N (closed)
         9264131809 ew Technologies in the 1990s: A Socio-Economic Strategy
811988071P1       N           2/14/1989閉架             Shelf N (closed)
         9264132643 apan at Work: Markets, 架
811989011P1       J                        閉          Shelf R Flexibility
                              10/17/1989 Management and(closed)
         4538410942 本経済の柔軟性と雇用 -OECDパリシンポジウム-
811989017P1       日           8/10/1991閉架             Shelf R (closed)
         9264132864 abour Market Flexibility: Trends Shelf N (closed)
811989031P1       L           19/10/1989 架 閉          in Enterprises
         9264133038 ocial Policy Studies No. 8 Lone-Parent Families: The Economic Challenge
811989041P1       S           5/2/1990 閉架             Shelf N (closed)
811990001P1                   1990         閉架         Shelf R (closed)
                  Labour Market and Social Policy Occasional Papers No.2 Health and Pension Reform in Japan
         9264133631 abour Market Policies for the 1990s N (closed)
811990011P1       L           5/23/1990閉架             Shelf
         9264135375 valuating Labour Market and Social Programmes: The State of a Complex Art
811991011P1       E           7/23/1991閉架             Shelf N (closed)
         9264136673 ew Directions in Work Organisation: The(closed) Relations Response
811992011P1       N           6/25/1992閉架             Shelf N Industrial
         9264137912 ealth Policy Studies The Reform of Health Care A Comparative Analysis of Seven OECD Countries No. 2
811992021P1       H           12/4/1992閉架             Shelf N (closed)
         9264136630 rends in International Migration: Shelf N (closed)
811992031P1       T           6/15/1992閉架             Continuous Reporting System on Migration (SOPEMI)
         9264137904 ocial Policy Studies Private Pensions N (closed) Policy No. 9
811992061P1       S           12/4/1992閉架             Shelf and Public
         4492700358 業年金改革 公私の役割分担をめぐって)
811992067P1       企           5/22/1997閉架
         9264138021 ocial Policy Studies Private Pensions N (closed)Countries The United States No. 10
811993011P1       S           7/8/1993 閉架             Shelf in OECD
         926413803X ocial Policy Studies Private Pensions N (closed)Countries New Zealand No. 11
811993021P1       S           12/7/1993閉架             Shelf in OECD
         9264139389 mployment Outlook 1993
811993041P1       E           7/7/1993 閉架             Shelf N (closed)
         9264138005 ealth Policy Studies 閉架 OECD Health(closed) Volume I - Facts and Trends 1960-1991; Volume II - The S
811993051P1       H           7/2/1993 No. 3          Shelf N Systems
         9264140212 he Public 12/15/1993 Service Japan,N (closed)
811993061P1       T            Employment 架閉          Shelf Norway, Spain and the United Kingdom
         9264142134 ealth Policy Studies 閉架 Health Quality and Choice
811994011P1       H           10/19/1994 4 No.        Shelf N (closed)
         9264140565 ocial Policy Studies No. 12 New Shelf N (closed) Social Policy
811994021P1       S           3/4/1994 閉架              Orientations for
         9264140700 rends in International Migration Continuous Reporting System on Migration - SOPEMI 1993 1994 Edition
811994031P1       T           2/23/1994閉架             Shelf N (closed)
         4538411116 際的な人の移動の動向 先進国への挑戦)
811994037P1       国           12/31/1994 架 閉          Shelf N (closed)
         9264140778 ocial Policy Studies Private Pensions N (closed)Countries Ireland No. 13
811994041P1       S           2/17/1994閉架             Shelf in OECD
         9264141111 omen and5/6/1994 閉架
811994051P1       W                                   Shelf N (closed)
                                Structural Change: New Perspectives
         926414160X ocial Policy Studies Caring for Frail Elderly People: 1. New Directions in Care No. 14
811994061P1       S           6/29/1994閉架             Shelf N (closed)
         9264141456 ECD Jobs Study Facts, Analysis, Strategies
811994071P1       O           6/23/1995閉架             Shelf N (closed)
         4538411094 進諸国の雇用・失業 OECD研究報告N (closed)
811994077P1       先           11/2/1994閉架             Shelf
         9264141669 ECD Employment Outlook 1994 Shelf N (closed)
811994081P1       O           7/4/1994 閉架
         9264142509 ealth Policy Studies No. 5 The Reform of Health Care Systems A Review of Seventeen OECD Countries
811994101P1       H           11/2/1994閉架             Shelf N (closed)
         9264143165 lexible Working Time:閉架
811995011P1       F                                   Bargaining and
                              02/02/1995Collective Shelf N (closed)Government Intervention
         9264143335 ocial Policy Studies Private Pensions N (closed)Countries Canada No. 15
811995021P1       S           2/15/1995閉架             Shelf in OECD
         9264143394 ealth Policy Studies 閉架 Internal Markets in the Making Health Systems in Canada, Iceland and the United Ki
811995031P1       H           4/3/1995 No. 6          Shelf N (closed)
         9264144633 rends in International Migration Continuous Reporting System on Migration (SOPEMI) 1995 Edition
811995041P1       T           6/12/1995閉架             Shelf N (closed)
         9264144706 ECD Employment Outlook July 1995 N (closed)
811995051P1       O           7/12/1995閉架             Shelf
811995061P1                   10/18/1995 18No.        Shelf N (closed)
                   Social Policy Studies 閉架 Income Distribution in OECD Countries
         9264145451 ealth Policy Studies 閉架 Directions in Health Care Policy No. 7
811995071P1       H           10/19/1995   New        Shelf N (closed)
         9264145559 ocial Policy Studies The Transition from(closed) Retirement: No. 16
811995081P1       S           9/26/1995閉架             Shelf N Work to
         9264145648 ousehold 9/5/1995 閉架
811995091P1       H                                   Shelf N (closed)
                               Production in OECD Countries: Data Sources and Measurement Methods
         9264145850 ocial Policy Studies The LabourShelf N (closed) Workers: No. 17
811995101P1       S           12/19/1995 架 閉           Market and Older
         9264146555 iteracy, Economy and Society: Results of the First International Adult Literacy Survey
811995111P1       L           11/21/1995 架 閉          Shelf N (closed)
         9264148833 ob Creation and Loss: Analysis, Shelf Nand Data Development
811996011P1       J           6/18/1996閉架             Policy (closed)
811996017P1                   01/1998 閉架
                  雇用創出と喪失: 分析、政策、データ開発 (日経調資料)        Shelf N (closed)
         9264146628 ealth Policy Studies No. 8 Health Care Reform The Will to Change
811996021P1       H           2/29/1996閉架             Shelf N (closed)
         9264147772 he Public 4/4/1996 閉架
811996041P1       T                                   Shelf N (closed)
                               Employment Service Denmark, Finland and Italy
         9264147888 abour Market Policies in Switzerland N (closed)
811996051P1       L           4/10/1996閉架             Shelf
         9264148922 ocial Policy Studies Caring for Frail Elderly People: Policies in Evolution No. 19
811996061P1       S           9/20/1996閉架             Shelf N (closed)
         9264149082 he OECD 7/10/1996閉架
811996071P1       T                                   Shelf N (closed)
                               Jobs Strategy Enhancing the Effectiveness of Active Labour Market Policies
         9264149007 mployment Outlook July 1996 Shelf N (closed)
811996081P1       E           7/9/1996 閉架
         9264149309 he Public 9/24/1996閉架
811996091P1       T                                   Shelf N (closed)
                               Employment Service Austria, Germany, Sweden
         9264153187 ocial Policy Studies Ageing in OECD Countries A Critical Policy Challenge No. 20
811996101P1       S           10/23/1996 架 閉          Shelf N (closed)
         9264154965 he Public 9/17/1997閉架
811997011P1       T                                   Shelf N
                               Employment Service Belgium (closed)
         9264155082 rends in International Migration 1996 1997 Edition
811997021P1       T           6/20/1997閉架             Shelf N (closed)
         9264155570 ocial Policy Studies No. 21 Family, Market and Community: Equity and Efficiency in Social Policy
811997041P1       S           9/19/1997閉架             Shelf N (closed)
         9264155791 mployment Outlook July 1997 Shelf N (closed)
811997051P1       E           7/9/1997 閉架
         9264156240 iteracy Skills for the 閉架
811997071P1       L           11/28/1997              Society: Further
                                           Knowledge Shelf N (closed) Results from the International Adult Literacy Survey

                                                    Page 44

         9264156127 he Battle 1/21/1998閉架 Social Assistance in Australia, Finland, Sweden and the United Kingdom
811998021P1       T            against Exclusion:     Shelf N (closed)
         9264160663 ECD ProceedingsEarly Identification of Jobseekers at Risk of Long-term Unemployment: The Role of Profiling
811998041P1       O            4/2/1998 閉架            Shelf N (closed)
         9264160736 enefit Systems and Work Incentives 1998 Edition
811998051P1       B            6/15/1998閉架            Shelf N (closed)
         9264161163 rends in International Migration 1998 Edition
811998081P1       T            8/27/1998閉架            Shelf N (closed)
         9264161333 he Public 10/19/1998 Service Greece, Ireland, Portugal
811998091P1       T            Employment 架閉          Shelf N (closed)
         926416149X he Future10/2/1998閉架
811998101P1       T                                    Occupations
                                of Female-dominatedShelf N (closed)
         4990137906 性優位職業の将来 閉架
811998107P1       女            11/25/2002             Shelf N (closed)
         9264161929 he Battle 11/6/1998閉架 Social Assistance in Belgium, the Czech Republic, the Netherlands and Norway
811998131P1       T            against Exclusion:     Shelf N (closed)
         9264170073 Caring World: The New Social Policy N (closed)
811999011P1       A            2/12/1999閉架            Shelf Agenda
811999017P1                    4/2001
                  ケアリング・ワールド-福祉世界への挑戦-     閉架         Shelf N (closed)
         9264170111 he Public 4/4/1999 閉架
811999021P1       T                                   Shelf N (closed)
                               Employment Service in the United States
         9264170634 ECD Employment Outlook JuneShelf N (closed)
811999041P1       O            6/24/1999閉架             1999
         9264170782 rends in International閉架
811999061P1       T                                   Shelf N 1999 Edition
                               10/14/1999 Migration SOPEMI(closed)
         9264171088 he Battle 10/12/1999 架 Social Assistance in Canada and Switzerland
811999071P1       T                        閉
                               against Exclusion:     Shelf N (closed)
         9264171428 enefit Systems and Work Incentives 1999 Edition
811999081P1       B            12/7/1999閉架            Shelf N (closed)
         9264176535 ECD Employment Outlook JuneShelf J
812000041P1       O            6/20/2000開架             2000
         9264176543 iteracy in 6/14/2000開架 Age: Final Report of the International Adult Literacy Survey
812000051P1       L            the Information        Shelf J
         9264176551 System of Health Accounts Shelf J
812000061P1       A            5/29/2000開架
         9264176853 ushing Ahead with Reform in Korea: Labour Market and Social Safety-net Policies
812000071P1       P            6/29/2000開架            Shelf J
         926417687X eforms for an Ageing Society Shelf J
812000081P1       R            11/9/2000開架
         9264186123 rends in International Migration SOPEMI(closed)
812001011P1       T            1/16/2001閉架            Shelf N 2000 Edition
         9264185976 ECD Proceedings Labour Market Policies and the Public Employment Service
812001051P1       O            2/22/2001開架            Shelf J
         4538411450 働市場政策と公共職業サービスの課題-OECDプラハ会議(2000年)の報告より-
812001057P1       労            1/2002      開架         Shelf J
         9264186743 ociety at a Glance OECD SocialShelf J
812001061P1       S            9/7/2001 開架             Indicators 2001 Edition
         9264186891 ECD Employment Outlook JuneShelf J
812001081P1       O            7/3/2001 開架             2001
         9264187138 ealth at a10/19/2001 架
812001091P1       H             Glance 2001開          Shelf J
         9264187359nnovations7/26/2001開架 Policies: The Australian Way
812001111P1       I             in Labour Market      Shelf J
         9264195424 geing and 11/16/2001 架 Resources and Retirement in 9 OECD Countries
812001121P1       A                        開
                               Income Financial       Shelf J
         9264196706 rends in International Migration SOPEMI(closed)
812001131P1       T            3/26/2002閉架            Shelf N 2001 Edition
         9264196765 easuring Up Improving Health SystemJPerformance in OECD Countries
812002011P1       M            4/22/2002開架            Shelf
         9264196838 owards Asia's Sustainable Development: The Role of Social Protection
812002031P1       T            2/27/2002開架            Shelf J
         9264197788 ECD Employment Outlook 2002 Shelf J
812002081P1       O            7/10/2002開架             Edition
812002087P1                    3/2003      閉架
                  OECD雇用概観 雇用をめぐる諸問題 -OECD諸国の現状-      Shelf J
         9264197842 enefits and Wages OECD Indicators -J
812002091P1       B            6/27/2002開架            Shelf 2002 Edition
         9264198431 abies and 11/12/2002 架
812002111P1       B                        開           Work and
                               Bosses - Reconciling Shelf J Family Life (Volume 1) Australia, Denmark and the Netherlands
         9264299459 ECD Reviews of Health Care Systems Korea
812003011P1       O            5/1/2003 開架            Shelf J
         9264198873 ransforming Disability into Ability Policies to Promote Work and Income Security for Disabled People
812003021P1       T            2/27/2003開架            Shelf J
         4750319767 表でみる世界の障害者政策 Shelf J
812003027P1       図            9/16/2004開架
         9264099816 Disease-based Comparison of HealthJSystems What is Best and at what Cost?
812003031P1       A            5/1/2003 開架            Shelf
         9264197974 ociety at a Glance OECD SocialShelf J
812003051P1       S            2/28/2003開架             Indicators 2002 Edition
         9264199497 rends in International Migration SOPEMI 2002 Edition
812003061P1       T            2/27/2003開架            Shelf J
         9264199969 geing and 5/23/2003開架
812003071P1       A                                   Shelf J
                               Employment Policies/Vieillissement et politiques de l'emploi Sweden
         9264299963 ieillissement et politiques de l'emploi/Ageing and Employment Policies Belgique
812003082P1       V            5/23/2003開架            Shelf J
         926410061X ECD Employment Outlook: 2003Shelf J Towards More and Better Jobs
812003091P1       O            9/18/2003開架             Edition
         9264102574 ieillissement et politiques de l'emploi/Ageing and Employment Policies Suisse
812003112P1       V            6/25/2003開架            Shelf J
         9264102930 ombating 10/21/2003 架 Review of Policies
812003121P1       C                        開
                               Child Labour: A        Shelf J
         4750321214 界の児童労働-実態と根絶のための取り組み
812003127P1       世            5/25/2005開架            Shelf J
         9264104046 ealth at a10/22/2003 架
812003131P1       H                        開          Shelf J
                                Glance OECD Indicators 2003
812003137P1                    4/2004      開架
                  図表でみる世界の医療 OECDインディケータ(2003年版)      Shelf J
         9264104186 abies and 11/13/2003 架
812003141P1       B                        開           Work and
                               Bosses - Reconciling Shelf J Family Life (Volume 2) Austria, Ireland and Japan
         9264105743 geing and 01/13/2004 Policies/Vieillissement et politiques de l'emploi Spain
812003151P1       A            Employment 架開          Shelf J
         9264019448 rends in International開架
812004011P1       T                                   Shelf J
                               2/2/2004 Migration SOPEMI - 2003 Edition
         926410612X ieillissement et politiques de l'emploi/Ageing and Employment Policies Luxembourg
812004022P1       V            02/04/2004 架開          Shelf J
         9264020306 geing and 03/02/2004 Policies/Vieillissement et politiques de l'emploi Finland
812004031P1       A            Employment 架開          Shelf J
         9264020454 geing and 03/30/2004 Policies/Vieillissement et politiques de l'emploi Norway
812004041P1       A            Employment 架開          Shelf J
         9264021094 geing and 3/31/2004開架
812004051P1       A                                   Shelf J
                               Employment Policies/Vieillissement et politiques de l'emploi Japan
         4750321249 齢社会日本の雇用政策
812004057P1       高            7/13/2005開架            Shelf J

                                                    Page 45

         9264015159 enefits and Wages OECD Indicators -J
812004071P1       B           12/14/2004 架開          Shelf 2004 Edition
         9264015558 he OECD 5/14/2004開架Towards High-Performing Health Systems
812004081P1       T            Health Project        Shelf J
         4750320404 界の医療制度改革 開架
812004087P1       世           2/3/2005               Shelf J
         9264015590 he OECD 9/13/2004開架Towards High-Performing Health Systems Policy Studies
812004091P1       T            Health Project        Shelf J
         9264006680 he OECD 11/25/2004 架Private Health Insurance in OECD Countries
812004101P1       T                       開
                               Health Project        Shelf J
         9264108122 ECD Employment Outlook 2004 Shelf J
812004121P1       O           7/15/2004開架            Edition
         9264016619 geing and 7/15/2004開架
812004131P1       A                                  Shelf J
                               Employment Policies/Vieillissement et politiques de l'emploi Czech Republic
         9264017038 geing and 8/27/2004開架
812004141P1       A                                  Shelf J
                               Employment Policies/Vieillissement et politiques de l'emploi Italy
         9264017372 geing and 11/25/2004 Policies/Vieillissement et politiques de l'emploi Korea
812004151P1       A                       開
                               Employment 架          Shelf J
         9264108343 abies and 11/5/2004開架
812004161P1       B                                  Work and
                               Bosses - Reconciling Shelf J Family Life (Volume 3) New Zealand, Portugal and Switzerland
         926401621X geing and 10/5/2004開架
812004181P1       A                                  Shelf J
                               Employment Policies/Vieillissement et politiques de l'emploi United Kingdom
         926400792X rends in International Migration SOPEMI - 2004 Edition
812005011P1       T           3/24/2005開架            Shelf J
         9264018719 ensions at a Glance: 開架 Policies across OECD Countries 2005 Edition
812005021P1       P           6/1/2005 Public        Shelf J
         4750326518 表でみる世界の年金 - 公的年金政策の国際比較
812005027P1       図           12/19/2007 架開          Shelf J
         9264007121 ociety at a Glance OECD SocialShelf J
812005031P1       S           3/24/2005開架             Indicators 2005 Edition
         4750324744 表でみる世界の社会問題 OECD社会政策指標
812005037P1       図           2/6/2007 開架            Shelf J
         9264008489 he OECD 7/13/2005開架Long-term Care for Older People
812005041P1       T            Health Project        Shelf J
812005047P1       高齢者介護       6/2006      開架         Shelf J
         9264007946 xtending Opportunities: How Active Social Policy Can Benefit Us All
812005051P1       E           4/5/2005 開架            Shelf J
         4750321508 界の社会政策の動向-能動的な社会政策による機会の拡大に向けて
812005057P1       世           7/13/2005開架            Shelf J
         9264008462 geing and 03/16/2005 Policies/Vieillissement et politiques de l'emploi France
812005062P1       A                       開
                               Employment 架          Shelf J
         9264008926 ECD Reviews of Health Systems Mexico
812005081P1       O           7/18/2005開架            Shelf J
         9264009280 abies and 6/1/2005 Reconciling Shelf J Family Life (Volume 4) Canada, Finland, Sweden and the United King
812005091P1       B            Bosses - 開架           Work and
         4750320919 際比較:仕事と家族生活の両立-日本・オーストリア・アイルランド
812003147P1       国           6/1/2005 開架            Shelf J
         9264009590 geing and 5/9/2005 開架
812005101P1       A                                  Shelf J
                               Employment Policies/Vieillissement et politiques de l'emploi United States
         926400971X geing and 6/29/2005開架
812005111P1       A                                  Shelf J
                               Employment Policies/Vieillissement et politiques de l'emploi Australia
         9264010084 geing and 9/13/2005開架
812005121P1       A                                  Shelf J
                               Employment Policies/Vieillissement et politiques de l'emploi Austria
         9264010459 ECD Employment Outlook - 2005 Edition
812005131P1       O           7/13/2005開架            Shelf J
         9264010920 ducation and Training Policy Promoting Adult Learning
812005141P1       E           9/6/2005 開架            Shelf J
         9264012087 geing and 9/13/2005開架
812005151P1       A                                  Shelf J
                               Employment Policies/Vieillissement et politiques de l'emploi Netherlands
         9264012443 geing and 9/27/2005開架
812005161P1       A                                  Shelf J
                               Employment Policies/Vieillissement et politiques de l'emploi Canada
         9264012621 ealth at a11/9/2005開架
812005171P1       H                                  Shelf J
                               Glance OECD Indicators 2005
         4750323411 表でみる世界の保健医療 OECDインディケータ(2005年版)
812005177P1       図           9/26/2006開架            Shelf J
         9264012737 geing and 11/24/2005 Policies/Vieillissement et politiques de l'emploi Germany
812005181P1       A                       開
                               Employment 架          Shelf J
         9264013822 ECD Reviews of Health Systems Finland
812005191P1       O           12/7/2005開架            Shelf J
         9264014152 geing and 12/5/2005開架
812005211P1       A                                  Shelf J
                               Employment Policies/Vieillissement et politiques de l'emploi Denmark
         9264035877 geing and 2/23/2006開架
812006021P1       A                                  Shelf J
                               Employment Policies/Vieillissement et politiques de l'emploi Live Longer, Work Longer
812006027P1                   4/2006      開架         Shelf J
                  世界の高齢化と雇用政策 エイジ・フレンドリーな政策による就業機会の拡大に向けて
         9264036229 geing and 1/19/2006開架
812006031P1       A                                  Shelf J
                               Employment Policies/Vieillissement et politiques de l'emploi Ireland
812006041P1                   6/14/2006開架            Shelf J
                  International Migration Outlook SOPEMI - 2006 Edition
         9264023844 ECD Employment Outlook - 2006 Edition Boosting Jobs and Incomes
812006071P1       O           6/27/2006開架            Shelf J
         4750325694 界の労働市場改革 開架
812006077P1       世           8/3/2007 OECD新雇用戦略     Shelf J
         9264025820 ECD Reviews of Health架
812006081P1       O                       開          Shelf J
                              10/20/2006 Systems/Examens de l'OCDE des systèmes de santé Switzerland
         9264026312 ickness, Disability and Work: Breaking J Barriers (Vol. 1) Norway, Poland and Switzerland
812006091P1       S           11/14/2006 架開          Shelf the
         9789264030435emplois pour les jeunes/Jobs for Youth Belgique
812007012P1       Des         2/19/2007開架            Shelf J
         9264028188 ociety at a Glance OECD SocialShelf J
812007021P1       S           2/19/2007開架             Indicators 2006 Edition
         9264027327 ealth at a11/22/2007 架
812007051P1       H                       開          Shelf J
                               Glance 2007 OECD Indicators
         9264032142 ensions at a Glance Public Policies across OECD Countries 2007 Edition
812007071P1       P           6/8/2007 開架            Shelf J
         9789264032422 for Youth/Des emplois pourShelf J
812007081P1       Jobs        5/11/2007開架             les jeunes Spain
         9264032444 abies and 12/3/2007開架
812007091P1       B                                    Work
                               Bosses - ReconcilingShelf Jand Family Life A Synthesis of Findings for OECD Countries
812007101P1                   12/18/2007 架開          Shelf J
                  Benefits and Wages 2007 OECD Indicators
         9789264032699 for Youth/Des emplois pourShelf J
812007111P1       Jobs        6/26/2007開架             les jeunes Slovak Republic
         9264032851nternational Migration Outlook SOPEMI - 2007 Edition
812007121P1       I           6/25/2007開架            Shelf J
         9264033033 ECD Employment Outlook - 2007 Edition
812007131P1       O           6/25/2007開架            Shelf J
812007151P1                   12/18/2007 架開          Shelf the
                  Sickness, Disability and Work: Breaking J Barriers (Vol. 2) Australia, Luxembourg, Spain and the United Kingdo
         9789264040793 for Youth/Des emplois pourShelf J
812007161P1       Jobs        12/20/2007 架開           les jeunes Korea
         9789264041288 for Youth/Des emplois pourShelf J
812008021P1       Jobs        01/30/2008 架開           les jeunes Netherlands

                                                     Page 46

         9264127488 reating Jobs at the Local Level Shelf K (closed
841985011P1       C            8/1/1985 閉架
         9264131868 echanisms for Job Creation
841988011P1       M            2/13/1988閉架              Shelf K (closed
         9264133607 ocal Initiatives for Job Creation Shelf K (closed
841990011P1       L            4/18/1990閉架              Implementing Change Entrepreneurship and Local Initiative
         9264134360 ocal Initiatives for Job Creation Shelf K (closed
841990021P1       L            12/19/1990 架閉            Enterprising Women
         9264136304 ocal Initiatives for Job Creation Shelf K (closed Jobs in the Rural World
841992011P1       L            3/12/1992閉架              Businesses and
         9264140131 ocal Initiatives for Job Creation Shelf K (closed The Key to Job Creation Experiences from OECD Countries
841993011P1       L            11/19/1993 架閉            Partnerships -
         926414014Xocal Initiatives for Job Creation Shelf K (closed
841993021P1       L            11/26/1993 架閉            Territorial Development and Structural Change A New Perspective on Adjustm
         9264144358 ocal Responses to Industrial Restructuring in Austria
841995011P1       L            6/7/1995 閉架              Shelf K (closed
         9264199780 ocal Economic and Employment Shelf F
842003011P1       L            3/28/2003開架              Development Entrepreneurship and Local Economic Development Programme
         9264199535 ocal Economic and Employment Shelf F
842003021P1       L            5/23/2003開架              Development The Non-profit Sector in a Changing Economy
         9264101993 ocal Economic and Employment Shelf F
842003031P1       L            7/3/2003 開架              Development Private Finance and Economic Development City and Regional In
         9264104704 ocal Economic and Employment Shelf F
842003041P1       L            11/6/2003開架              Development Managing Decentralisation A New Role for Labour Market Policy
         9264107665 ocal Economic and Employment Shelf F
842004011P1       L            6/15/2004開架              Development Global Knowledge Flows and Economic Development
         9264015302 ocal Economic and Employment Shelf F
842004021P1       L            11/30/2004 架開            Development New Forms of Governance for Economic Development
         9264017089 ocal Economic and Employment Shelf F
842004031P1       L            12/20/2004 架開            Development Evaluating Local Economic and Employment Development How t
         9264017313 ocal Economic and Employment Shelf F
842004041P1       L            1/12/2005開架              Development (LEED) Entrepreneurship A Catalyst for Urban Regeneration
         9264007105 ocal Economic and Employment Shelf F
842005011P1       L            8/15/2005開架              Development Business Clusters Promoting Enterprise in Central and Eastern E
         9264009906 ocal Economic and Employment Shelf F
842005021P1       L            5/5/2005 開架              Development Culture and Local Development
         9264013296 ocal Economic and Employment Shelf F
842005041P1       L            12/07/2005 架開            Development Local Governance and the Drivers of Growth
         9264012508 ocal Economic and Employment Shelf F
842006011P1       L            6/16/2006開架              Development Skills Upgrading New Policy Perspectives
         9264028951 ocal Economic and Employment Shelf F
842006021P1       L            12/6/2006開架              Development (LEED) From Immigration to Integration Local Solutions to a Glo
         9789264029286 Economic and Employment Shelf F
842007011P1       Local        4/16/2007開架              Development (LEED) Baltic Partnerships Integration, Growth and Local Govern
         9789264038516 Economic and Employment Shelf F
842007031P1       Local        11/27/2007 架開            Development (LEED) Local Innovations for Growth in Central and Eastern Eur
         9789264039858 Economic and Employment Shelf F
842007041P1       Local        11/23/2007 架開            Development (LEED) Investment Strategies and Financial Tools for Local Dev
         9789264039872 Economic and Employment Shelf F
842007051P1       Local        11/23/2007 架開            Development (LEED) The Social Economy Building Inclusive Economies
         9264009248 ECD SME7/6/2005 開架
852005011P1       O                                      Outlook
                                 and EntrepreneurshipShelf J - 2005 Edition
         9264025014nnovation and Growth開架
852006011P1       I            06/20/2006 in Tourism    Shelf I
         9264029400 he SME Financing Gap 架 I) Theory J Evidence
852006021P1       T                        開
                               11/13/2006 (Vol.         Shelf and
         9789264031784 in Mexico Issues and Policies J
852007011P1       SMEs         3/14/2007開架              Shelf
         9789264029446SME Financing Gap (Vol. II) Proceedings of the Brasilia Conference, 27-30 March 2006
852007021P1       The          4/20/2007開架              Shelf K (closed)
         9264170499 uality and8/17/1999開架
891999101P1       Q                                      Higher
                                 Internationalisation inShelf I Education
         9264171436 he Response of Higher 架
891999111P1       T                        開            Shelf I
                               11/24/1999 Education Institutions to Regional Needs
891999117P1-1     地域社会に貢献する大学  4/20/2005開架              Shelf I
891999117P1-2                  3/31/2004閉架
                  地域社会に貢献する高等教育機関                       Shelf I
         335206735Managing Quality in Higher Education I
892000101P1                    6/15/2000開架              Shelf
         9264186190 urrent Issues in Chinese Higher Shelf I
892001011P1       C            1/11/2001開架              Education
         9264195246 anaging University Museums Shelf I
892001051P1       M            8/29/2001開架
         9264198245 esponding2002
892002041P1       R                        開架           Shelf
                                 to Student Expectations I
892002047P1                    10/28/2003 架開            Shelf I
                  大学・学生・社会の新しい関係 オーストラリア・ブリスベンとフランス・パリで開催した高等教育マネージメントに関
         9264017437 niversity Research ManagementShelf I the Institutional Challenge
892004051P1       U            9/21/2004開架               Meeting
         926400694X niversity Research ManagementShelf I
892005041P1       U            10/12/2005 架開             Developing Research in New Institutions
         9264141324 TI Review5/25/1994閉架 1994 Issue 1 (closed)
901994141P1       S              No. 14 Volume          Shelf N
         9264144277 TI Review6/6/1995 閉架 1994 Issue 2 (closed)
901994151P1       S              No. 15 Volume          Shelf N
         9264145729 TI Review10/18/1995 架 InnovationN (closed)
901995161P1       S                        閉
                                 Special Issue on       Shelf and Standards No. 16 Volume 1995 Issue 1
         9264147187 TI Review3/8/1996 閉架 Government(closed)
901995171P1       S              Special Issue on       Shelf N Technology Foresight Exercises No. 17 Volume 1995 Issue 2
         9264147195 TI Review7/31/1996閉架 Technology, (closed)
901996181P1       S              Special Issue on       Shelf N Productivity and Employment No. 18 Volume 1996 Issue 1
         9264147209 TI Review12/10/1996 架 Biotechnology No. 19 Volume 1996 Issue 2
901996191P1       S                        閉
                                 Special Issue on       Shelf N (closed)
         9264153802 TI Review10/1/1997閉架 1997 Issue 1 (closed)
901997201P1       S              No. 20 Volume          Shelf N
         9264153810 TI Review3/3/1998 閉架 1997 Issue 2 (closed)
901997211P1       S              No. 21 Volume          Shelf N
         9264159762 TI Review8/20/1998閉架 "New Rationale and Approaches in Technology and Innovation Policy" No. 22 Volu
901998221P1       S              Special Issue on       Shelf N (closed)
         9264159770 TI Review2/5/1999 閉架 "Public/Private Partnerships in Science and Technology" No. 23 Volume 1998 Issu
901998231P1       S              Special Issue on       Shelf N (closed)
         9264161783 TI Review8/18/1999閉架 'TheShelf N Research Village' No. 24 Volume 1999 Issue 1
901999241P1       S              Special Issue on        Global (closed)
         9264161791 TI Review3/21/2000閉架 Sustainable Development No. 25 Volume 1999 Issue 2
901999251P1       S              Special Issue on       Shelf N (closed)
         9264175806 TI Review8/1/2001 閉架 'Fostering N (closed) Spin-offs: A Public Strategy for Innovation' No. 26 Volume 20
902000261P1       S              Special Issue on       Shelf High-tech
         9264175814 TI Review2/19/2002閉架 NewShelf N (closed)
902000271P1       S              Special Issue on        Science and Technology Indicators No. 27 Volume 2000 Issue 2
911971061P1       Reviews of -             閉架           Shelf L (closed)
                                National Policies for Education: Japan
911971067P1                    -
                  日本の教育政策 朝日選書70           閉架           Shelf L (closed)

                                                      Page 47

         9264120718 eviews of 1/1/1980Policies for Education: Denmark
911980031P1       R            National 閉架          Shelf L (closed)
         9264121501 eviews of 1/1/1981Policies for Education Sweden
911981031P1       R            National 閉架          Shelf L (closed)
911984047P1       産業と大学3/1987              閉架
         9264127399 ducation in Modern Society
911985021P1       E           7/31/1985閉架           Shelf L (closed)
911985027P1                   1986         閉架
                  OECD報告書 現代教育への挑戦Shelf L (closed)
         9264127429 ducation and Training After Basic Schooling
911985031P1       E           8/31/1985閉架           Shelf L (closed)
         9264128654 irls and Women in Education Shelf L (closed)
911986011P1       G           9/1/1986 閉架
         9264129227 niversities under Scrutiny
911987021P1       U           04/01/1987 架 閉        Shelf L (closed)
         9264129804 ost-Graduate Education in the 1980s L (closed)
911987031P1       P           07/31/1987 架 閉        Shelf
         9264130284 eviews of 12/31/1987 架 for Education: Iceland
911987041P1       R                        閉
                               National Policies    Shelf L (closed)
         9264130357 dolescents and Comprehensive Shelf L (closed)
911987051P1       A           12/31/1987 架 閉        Schooling
         9264131752 athways for Learning: EducationShelf Training from 16 to 19
911988021P1       P           4/24/1989閉架            and L (closed)
         9264131760 ducation and the Economy in a Changing Society
911988031P1       E           07/05/1989 架 閉        Shelf L (closed)
         9264132074 eviews of 4/19/1989閉架 for Education Turkey
911989011P1       R            National Policies    Shelf L (closed)
         9264132546 chools and Quality 閉架
911989021P1       S           10/12/1989            Shelf L (closed)
         9264132848 ducation in OECD Countries: A Compendium of Statistical Information 1986/1987
911989031P1       E           12/04/1989 架 閉        Shelf K (closed)
         9264133151 eviews of 2/28/1990閉架 for Education: Norway
911990011P1       R            National Policies    Shelf L (closed)
         9264134123 eviews of 9/30/1990閉架 for Education: Higher Education in California
911990021P1       R            National Policies    Shelf L (closed)
         9264134131 he Teacher Today 閉架
911990031P1       T           12/13/1990            Shelf L (closed)
         9264134220 inancing Higher Education Current Patterns
911990041P1       F           11/2/1990閉架           Shelf L (closed)
         9264135308 lternatives to Universities
911990051P1       A           06/27/1991 架 閉        Shelf L (closed)
         9264134255 ducation in OECD Countries 1987-1988(closed)
911990061P1       E           02/01/1991 架 閉        Shelf K
         9264134883 eviews of 6/1/1991Policies for Education: Ireland
911991011P1       R            National 閉架          Shelf L (closed)
         9264136037 eviews of 1/1/1992Policies for Education Switzerland
911992011P1       R            National 閉架          Shelf L (closed)
         9264137785 igh-Quality Education and Training For All
911992031P1       H           11/20/1992 架 閉        Shelf L (closed)
         9264136088 eviews of 1/6/1992Policies for Education Netherlands
911992041P1       R            National 閉架          Shelf L (closed)
         9264138250 rom Higher Education to Employment:L (closed) Report
911992051P1       F           2/23/1993閉架           Shelf Synthesis
         9264139052ndustry Training in Australia, Sweden and the United States
911993011P1       I           5/17/1993閉架           Shelf L (closed)
         9264038906 ducation in OECD Countries: A Compendium of Statistical Information 1988/1990
911993023P1       E           09/28/1993 架 閉        Shelf K (closed)
         9264139893 eviews of 10/6/1993閉架 for Education Belgium
911993031P1       R            National Policies    Shelf L (closed)
         9264141901 ducation: 7/10/1995閉架
911994021P1       E                                 Shelf L (closed)
                              The OECD Perspective 1960/1990
         9264142851 ocational 11/24/1994 架
911994031P1       V                        閉        Shelf L (closed)
                               Education and Training for Youth Towards Coherent Policy and Practice
         9264142940 pprenticeship: Which 閉架 Forward? L (closed)
911994041P1       A           01/09/1995Way         Shelf
         9264143017 ocational 11/24/1994 架
911994051P1       V                        Germany Modernisation and Responsiveness
                               Training in 閉        Shelf L (closed)
         9264142983 ocational 11/25/1994 架
911994061P1       V                        the      Shelf Reform and
                               Training in 閉 Netherlands L (closed) Innovation
         9264143807 eviews of 4/10/1995開架 for Education Sweden
911995011P1       R            National Policies    Shelf I
         9264043551ndicators of Education Systems Measuring the Quality of Schools
911995023P1       I           4/3/1995 閉架           Shelf L (closed)
         9264143947 eviews of 6/22/1995開架 for Education Austria
911995031P1       R            National Policies    Shelf I
911995043P1                   4/27/1995閉架           Shelf Expectations of the Final Stage of Compulsory Education
                  Indicators of Education SystemsPublic L (closed)
         9264043578ndicators of Education Systems Education and Employment
911995053P1       I           4/26/1995閉架           Shelf L (closed)
         9264043586ndicators of Education Systems Measuring What Students Learn
911995063P1       I           4/25/1995閉架           Shelf L (closed)
         9264144420 eviews of 10/17/1995 架 for Education Finland Higher Education
911995071P1       R                        開
                               National Policies    Shelf I
         9264144757 eviews of 6/6/1995Policies for Education Denmark Educating Youth
911995081P1       R            National 開架          Shelf I
         9264144773 ontinuing 09/07/1995 Education of Highly-Qualified Personnel
911995091P1       C                        閉
                               Professional 架       Shelf L (closed)
         9264145680 erformance Standards on Education: In (closed)of Quality
911995101P1       P           12/1/1995閉架           Shelf L Search
         9264146903 ssessing and Certifying Occupational L (closed) Competences in Vocational Education and Training
911996011P1       A           3/1/1996 閉架           Shelf Skills and
         926414708X eviews of 3/5/1996Policies for Education France
911996021P1       R            National 開架          Shelf I
         9264147780 easuring What People Know Human Capital Accounting for the Knowledge Economy
911996031P1       M           4/16/1996閉架           Shelf I
         9264147799 valuating and Reforming Education Systems
911996041P1       E           3/8/1996 閉架           Shelf L (closed)
         9264147829 ECD Documents Education and Shelf L (closed) and Working in a Society in Flux
911996051P1       O           2/29/1996閉架            Training Learning
         9264148159 ifelong Learning for All
911996061P1       L           5/2/1996 閉架           Shelf L (closed)
         9264148973 eviews of 8/23/1996開架 for Education Poland
911996071P1       R            National Policies    Shelf I
         9264153098 ECD Documents Managing Information Strategies in Higher Education
911996081P1       O           7/9/1996 閉架           Shelf L (closed)
         9264153071 eviews of 9/16/1996開架 for Education Czech Republic
911996091P1       R            National Policies    Shelf I
         926415566X ECD DocumentsManual for Better Training Statistics: Conceptual, Measurement and Survey Issues
911997011P1       O           7/22/1997開架           Shelf I
         926415423X eviews of 3/18/1997開架 for Education Mexico Higher Education
911997021P1       R            National Policies    Shelf I
         9264153659 eviews of 1/28/1997開架 for Education Greece
911997031P1       R            National Policies    Shelf I

                                                    Page 48

         9264154787 ducation and Equity in OECD Countries (closed)
911997041P1       E            07/17/1997 架閉           Shelf L
         9264153683 athways and Participation in Vocational (closed)
911998011P1       P            1/22/1998閉架             Shelf L and Technical Education and Training
         9264160558 edefining 6/11/1998閉架
911998021P1       R            Tertiary Education      Shelf L (closed)
         9264160582 eviews of 4/17/1998開架 for Education Russian Federation
911998031P1       R            National Policies       Shelf I
         9264161511 vercoming Failure at閉架
911998041P1       O            11/13/1998School        Shelf L (closed)
911998047P1                    11/2000 開架
                  学力低下と教育改革 - 学校での失敗と闘う                Shelf L (closed)
         9264160639 eviews of 5/12/1998開架 for Education Korea
911998051P1       R            National Policies       Shelf I
         9264161120 eviews of 9/22/1998開架 for Education Italy
911998061P1       R            National Policies       Shelf I
         9264170235 ECD Proceedings Towards Lifelong Learning in Hungary
911999011P1       O            5/6/1999 閉架             Shelf L (closed)
         9264170421 eviews of 8/26/1999開架 for Education Tertiary Education and Research in the Russian Federation
911999021P1       R            National Policies       Shelf I
         9264170766 reparing Youth for the 21st Century: The Transition from Education to the Labour Market: Proceedings of the
911999031P1       P            8/20/1999閉架             Shelf L (closed)
         9264176314 rom Initial5/31/2000開架
912000021P1       F                                    Life I
                                Education to Working ShelfMaking Transitions Work
         9264176772 here are the Resources for Lifelong Learning?
912000031P1       W            10/31/2000 架開           Shelf I
         9264186751 tarting Strong: Early 開架
912001011P1       S            06/06/2001              Shelf I
                                           Childhood Education and Care
         9264196676 conomics 12/20/2001 of Lifelong Learning
912001021P1       E                        開
                               and Finance 架           Shelf I
         9264197222 eviews of 10/11/2002 架 for Education Lifelong Learning in Norway
912002011P1       R                        開
                               National Policies       Shelf I
         9264197346 nderstanding the Brain: Towards a New Learning Science
912002021P1       U            9/13/2002開架             Shelf I
912002027P1                    2/2005
                  脳を育む-学習と教育の科学 Shelf I    開架
         9264199438 eyond Rhetoric: Adult Learning Policies and Practices
912003011P1       B            02/21/2003 架開           Shelf I
         926419939X eviews of 5/23/2003開架 for Education Polytechnic Education in Finland
912003021P1       R            National Policies       Shelf I
         9264103082 eviews of 10/27/2003 架 for Education Tertiary Education in Switzerland
912003031P1       R                        開
                               National Policies       Shelf I
         9264105646 areer Guidance and Public Policy Bridging the Gap
912004011P1       C            3/4/2004 開架             Shelf I
         9264015191 areer Guidance A Handbook for Shelf I Makers
912004021P1       C            12/14/2004 架開           Policy
         9264017925 eviews of 11/25/2004 架 for Education Denmark Lessons from PISA 2000
912004031P1       R                        開
                               National Policies       Shelf I
         9264018107 o-financing Lifelong Learning Towards a Systemic Approach
912004051P1       C            11/25/2004 架開           Shelf I
         9264007008 eviews of 12/2/2004開架 for Education Bulgaria Science, Research and Technology
912004061P1       R            National Policies       Shelf I
         9264009183 rom Education to Work A Difficult Transition for Young Adults with Low Levels of Education
912005011P1       F            6/21/2005開架             Shelf I
         9264009736 eviews of 6/16/2005開架 for Education University Education in Denmark
912005021P1       R            National Policies       Shelf I
         9264010386 earning a 6/6/2005 開架
912005031P1       L                                    the Adult Literacy and Life Skills Survey
                               Living First Results of Shelf I
         9264018026 ducation and Training Policy Teachers Matter: Attracting, Developing and Retaining Effective Teachers
912005041P1       E            06/28/2005 架開           Shelf I
         9264012273 ducation and Training Policy ICT and Learning Supporting Out-of-School Youth and Adults
912006011P1       E            5/30/2006開架             Shelf I
         9264014314 eviews of 12/11/2006 架 for Education Higher Education in Ireland
912006021P1       R                        開
                               National Policies       Shelf I
         9264035451 tarting Strong II: Early Childhood Education and Care
912006031P1       S            9/19/2006開架             Shelf I
         9264030093 eviews of 11/27/2007 架 for Education Basic Education in Turkey
912007011P1       R                        開
                               National Policies       Shelf I
         9264013679 ducation and Training Policy Qualifications Systems Bridges to Lifelong Learning
912007031P1       E            4/30/2007開架             Shelf I
         9264032592 ducation and Training Policy No Shelf IFailures Ten Steps to Equity in Education
912007041P1       E            11/30/2007 架開           More
         9264009752 eviews of 12/11/2007 架 for Education Tertiary Education in Portugal
912007061P1       R                        開
                               National Policies       Shelf I
         9264033165 eviews of 6/22/2007開架 for Education Higher Education in Kazakhstan
912007071P1       R            National Policies       Shelf I
         9264039104 ECD Reviews of Tertiary Education Estonia
912007081P1       O            10/12/2007 架開           Shelf I
         9264039120 ECD Reviews of Tertiary Education Poland
912007091P1       O            9/19/2007開架             Shelf I
         9264040994 eviews of 12/17/2007 架 for Education Quality and Equity of Schooling in Scotland
912007211P1       R                        開
                               National Policies       Shelf I
         4313810242 術革新と現代経済
921980017P1       技            7/25/1981閉架             Shelf M (closed)
921981027P1                    12/1981 閉架
                  OECD南北技術移転 -今後の調整-(日経調資料)            Shelf M (closed)
         9264127011 eviews of 1/1/1985Science Policy: Norway
921985021P1       R            National 閉架             Shelf N (closed)
         9264127372 he Pharmaceutical Industry Trade Related Issues
921985031P1       T            8/1/1985 閉架             Shelf N (closed)
         9264127798 ast-West 12/31/1985 Transfer: The Transfer of Western Technology to the USSR
921985041P1       E            Technology 架閉           Shelf M (closed)
         9264128093 o. 02: OECD Science and Technology Indicators: R&D, Invention, and Competitiveness
921986021P1       N            3/31/1986閉架             Shelf M (closed)
         9264128174 rade and Economic Aspects
921986031P1       T            5/31/1986閉架             Shelf M (closed)
         9264128409 eviews of 1/1/1986Science and Shelf N (closed)
921986041P1       R            National 閉架             Technology Policy: Portugal
         9264128514 eviews of 1/1/1986Science and Shelf N (closed)
921986051P1       R            National 閉架             Technology Policy: Australia
         9264128840nnovation Policy: France
921986061P1       I            2/28/1987閉架             Shelf N (closed)
         9264129189nnovation Policy Ireland
921987011P1       I            3/1/1987 閉架             Shelf N (closed)
         9264130292nnovation Policy: Spain
921987061P1       I            1/1/1987 閉架             Shelf N (closed)
921988011P1                    3/1/1988 閉架             Shelf Canada
                  Innovation Policy Western Provinces ofN (closed)
         9264130586 eviews of 4/30/1988閉架 and Shelf N (closed)
921988021P1       R            National Science        Technology Policy: Denmark
921988031P1                    1988        閉架          Shelf N (closed)
                  Science and Technology Policy Outlook 1988
         9264131388 cience, Technology, and Innovation Policies: Yugoslavia
921988041P1       S            10/31/1988 架閉           Shelf N (closed)

                                                     Page 49

         9264131817 he Changing Role of Government Research Laboratories
921989011P1       T            3/31/1989閉架           Shelf N (closed)
         9264131930 he Measurement of Scientific and Technological Activities R&D Statistics and Output Measurement in the Hig
921989021P1       T            2/28/1989閉架           Shelf N (closed)
         9264132171 o. 03: OECD Science and Technology Indicators: R&D, Production, and Diffusion of Technology
921989031P1       N            9/30/1989閉架           Shelf N (closed)
         9264132724 esearch Manpower: Managing Supply and Demand
921989041P1       R                       閉
                               10/31/1989 架          Shelf N (closed)
         9264135499 echnology/Economy Programme (TEP) Technology and Productivity The Challenge for Economic Policy
921991011P1       T            10/4/1991閉架           Shelf N (closed)
         9264134891 he Technology/Economy Programme N (closed)
921991031P1       T            6/1/1991 閉架           Shelf (TEP) International Conference Cycle
         9264134999 hoosing Priorities in Science and Technology
921991041P1       C            6/20/1991閉架           Shelf N (closed)
         9264136142 eviews of 2/20/1992閉架 and Shelf N (closed) Italy
921991051P1       R            National Science       Technology Policy
         9264135987 echnology/Economy 閉架
921991061P1       T                                  Shelf N (closed)
                               1/6/1992 Programme (TEP) Technology in a Changing World
         9264136266 cience and Technology Policy: Review and Outlook 1991
921992011P1       S            3/4/1992 閉架           Shelf N (closed)
         9264136223 echnology/Economy Programme (TEP) Technology and the Economy The Key Relationships
921992021P1       T            2/27/1992閉架           Shelf N (closed)
         9264139265 egascience - The OECD ForumShelf N (closed) its Background
921993011P1       M            7/5/1993 閉架            Megascience and
         9264139281 egascience - The OECD ForumShelf N (closed)
921993021P1       M            6/24/1993閉架            Astronomy
         9264139567 egascience - The OECD ForumShelf N (closed)
921993031P1       M            8/20/1993閉架            Deep Drilling
921993037P1       深層ボーリング      5/1994     閉架         Shelf N (closed)
         9264139478 eviews of 8/19/1993閉架 and Shelf N (closed) Iceland
921993041P1       R            National Science       Technology Policy
         9264139982 mall and Medium-Sized架
921993061P1       S                       閉          Shelf N (closed)
                               10/11/1993 Enterprises Technology and Competitiveness
         9264140425 eviews of 12/7/1993閉架 and Shelf N (closed) Portugal
921993071P1       R            National Science       Technology Policy
         9264140697 egascience - The OECD ForumShelf N Change of Planet Earth
921994011P1       M            2/18/1994閉架            Global (closed)
         926414126X anufacturing Performance A Scoreboard of Indicators
921994031P1       M            5/16/1994閉架           Shelf N (closed)
         9264142029 he Measurement of Scientific and Technological Activities The Measurement of Scientific and Technical Activ
921994041P1       T            9/1/1994 閉架           Shelf N (closed)
         9264142053 egascience - The OECD ForumShelf N (closed)
921994051P1       M            8/29/1994閉架            Oceanography
         9264142371 cience and Technology Policy: Review and Outlook 1994
921994061P1       S            10/7/1994閉架           Shelf N (closed)
         9264142207 he Performance of Foreign Affiliates in OECD Countries
921994071P1       T            9/8/1994 閉架           Shelf N (closed)
         9264142320 eviews of 9/19/1994閉架 and Shelf N (closed) Mexico
921994081P1       R            National Science       Technology Policy
         9264142495 egascience - The OECD ForumShelf N (closed) and Synchrotron Radiation Sources
921994091P1       M                       閉
                               10/20/1994 架           Neutron Beams
         9264143963 egascience - The OECD ForumShelf N (closed)
921995011P1       M            1/24/1995閉架            Particle Physics
         9264143742 cience, Technology and Innovation Policies: Denmark
921995031P1       S            5/11/1995閉架           Shelf N (closed)
         9264143971 ECD Documents Protection of Intellectual Property in Central and Eastern European Countries The Legal Situ
921995041P1       O            3/8/1995 閉架           Shelf M (closed)
         9264144234mpacts of 6/22/1995閉架
921995051P1       I                                  Shelf N (closed)
                               National Technology Programmes
         9264143475 esearch Training Present and Future N (closed)
921995061P1       R            4/11/1995閉架           Shelf
         9264144749ndustry and Technology: Scoreboard of Indicators 1995
921995071P1       I            7/18/1995閉架           Shelf N (closed)
         9264145575 egascience - The OECD ForumShelf N (closed)
921995081P1       M            9/21/1995閉架            Megascience Policy Issues
         9264145753 egascience - The OECD ForumShelf Global Human Genome Programme
921995091P1       M            9/22/1995閉架            The N (closed)
         9264146288 est Practice Policies閉架Small and Medium-sized Enterprises 1995 Edition
921995101P1       B            10/11/1995for         Shelf N (closed)
         926414627X ational Systems for Financing Innovation
921995111P1       N            9/29/1995閉架           Shelf N (closed)
921995117P1                    12/1997 閉架
                  技術革新のための金融システム)Shelf N (closed)
         9264046127 he OECD 12/12/1995 架
921995123P1       T                       閉
                               Input-Output Database Shelf N (closed)
         9264146415 eviews of 12/22/1995 架 and Shelf N (closed) Turkey
921995141P1       R                       閉
                               National Science       Technology Policy
         9264148132 ECD Documents Employment and Growth in the Knowledge-based Economy
921996021P1       O            4/5/1996 閉架           Shelf N (closed)
921996031P1                    Patents and Technological Strategies
                  Innovation, 2/1/1996 閉架            Shelf N (closed)
         9264147934 eviews of 4/24/1996閉架 and Shelf N (closed) Republic of Korea
921996041P1       R            National Science       Technology Policy
         9264153993 lobalisation and Small and Medium Enterprises Volume I - Synthesis Report; Volume II - Country Studies
921996051P1       G            2/18/1997閉架           Shelf N (closed)
         9264148817 he OECD 5/15/1996閉架
921996061P1       T                                  Shelf N (closed)
                               Jobs Strategy Technology, Productivity and Job Creation Vol. 1 - Highlights; Vol. 2 - Analytical Rep
         9264149104 cience, Technology and Industry Outlook 1996
921996071P1       S            10/3/1996閉架           Shelf N (closed)
         9264153004 ECD Documents SMEs - Employment, Innovation and Growth The Washington Workshop
921996081P1       O            9/10/1996閉架           Shelf N (closed)
         9264153551 echnology1/21/1997閉架
921996101P1       T                                  Shelf Technology
                                and Industrial PerformanceN (closed) diffusion; Productivity; Employment and skills; Internationa
         9264154140 est Practice Policies for Small and Medium-sized Enterprises 1996 Edition
921997011P1       B            3/12/1997閉架           Shelf N (closed)
         9264154248 ECD Proceedings Creativity, Innovation (closed) Creation
921997021P1       O            2/12/1997閉架           Shelf N and Job
         9264154647 he Measurement of Scientific and Technological Activities Proposed Guidelines for Collecting and Interpreting
921997031P1       T            4/3/1997 閉架           Shelf N (closed)
         9264052658 he OECD 7/29/1997閉架 for Industrial (closed) 1976/1995 1997 Edition
921997043P1       T            STAN Database         Shelf N Analysis
         9264155074 cience, Technology and Industry Scoreboard of Indicators 1997
921997051P1       S            7/3/1997 閉架           Shelf N (closed)
         926405538X asic Science and Technology Statistics (closed)
921997093P1       B            4/3/1998 閉架           Shelf N 1997 Edition
         9264156976 ECD Proceedings Policy Evaluation inNInnovation and Technology: Towards Best Practices
921997101P1       O            1/13/1998閉架           Shelf (closed)
         9264160124 est Practice Policies for Small and Medium-sized Enterprises 1997 Edition
921998011P1       B            2/20/1998閉架           Shelf N (closed)
         9264160302 niversity Research in TransitionShelf N (closed)
921998021P1       U            1/13/1998閉架
         926416040X ECD Proceedings Women Entrepreneurs in Small and Medium Enterprises
921998031P1       O            4/1/1998 閉架           Shelf N (closed)

                                                      Page 50

         9264160566 orporate Governance: ImprovingShelf N (closed) and Access to Capital in Global Markets A Report to the OE
921998041P1       C           3/27/1998閉架             Competitiveness
         4322102034 ECDのコーポレートガバナンス原則 )
921998047P1       O           5/7/2002 開架
         9264160965 he OECD 6/29/1998閉架
921998051P1       T                                  Shelf N (closed)
                               Jobs Strategy Technology, Productivity and Job Creation Best Policy Practices 1998 Edition
         9264161090 cience, Technology and Industry Outlook 1998 Edition
921998061P1       S           7/28/1998閉架            Shelf N (closed)
         926405832X he OECD 3/5/1999 閉架 for Industrial (closed) 1978/1997 1998 Edition
921999013P1       T            STAN Database         Shelf N Analysis
         9264170383 anaging National Innovation Systems N (closed)
921999031P1       M           6/18/1999閉架            Shelf
         9264170804 ECD Proceedings Boosting Innovation The Cluster Approach
921999041P1       O           6/24/1999閉架            Shelf N (closed)
         9264170995 ECD Proceedings Asia and the GlobalN (closed) Industrial Dimension
921999061P1       O           8/24/1999閉架            Shelf Crisis The
         926417107X ECD Science, Technology and Industry (closed)
921999071P1       O           9/23/1999閉架            Shelf N Scoreboard Benchmarking Knowledge-based Economies 1999
         9264058826 asic Science and Technology Statistics (closed)
922000013P1       B           02/14/2000 架閉          Shelf N 1999 Edition
         926417656X ECD Small and Medium Enterprise Outlook 2000 Edition
922000021P1       O           6/7/2000 開架            Shelf J
         9264176942 New Economy? The 開架
922000031P1       A                                  Shelf J
                              7/3/2000 Changing Role of Innovation and Information Technology in Growth
922000037P1                   3/2001      開架
                  ニューエコノミー?成長における技術革新と情報技術の役割(日経調資料))Shelf J
         9264182985 orea and the Knowledge-based Economy: Making the Transition
922000061P1       K           1/11/2001開架            Shelf J
         9264185747 ECD Proceedings Innovation and the J
922000111P1       O           12/11/2000 架開          Shelf Environment
         9264186093nnovation and Productivity in ServicesJ
922001021P1       I           8/7/2001 開架            Shelf
922001027P1                   3/2002
                  サービス産業におけるイノベーションと生産性   開架         Shelf J
         9264186352 ECD Proceedings International Science and Technology Co-operation Towards Sustainable Development
922001031P1       O           3/7/2001 開架            Shelf J
         9264186484 ECD Science, Technology and Industry Scoreboard Towards a Knowledge-based Economy 2001 Edition
922001041P1       O           10/4/2001開架            Shelf J
         9264186492 ECD Proceedings Enhancing SME Competitiveness The OECD Bologna Ministerial Conference
922001051P1       O           4/18/2001開架            Shelf J
         9264186786 easuring Expenditure on Health-related R&D
922001061P1       M           5/14/2001開架            Shelf J
         9264187000 omen Entrepreneurs in SMEs Realising the Benefits of Globalisation and the Knowledge-based Economy
922001071P1       W           6/11/2001開架            Shelf J
         9264187065nnovative Clusters Drivers of National J
922001081P1       I           06/11/2001 架開          Shelf Innovation Systems
         9264187294 he New Economy: Beyond the Hype The OECD Growth Project
922001091P1       T           08/13/2001 架開          Shelf J
         9264187375 easuring Productivity - OECD Manual Measurement of Aggregate and Industry-level Productivity Growth
922001121P1       M           7/24/2001開架            Shelf J
         9264195386 cience, Technology and架
922001131P1       S                       開          Shelf J
                              10/26/2001 Industry Outlook Drivers of Growth: Information Technology, Innovation and Entrepren
922001137P1                   3/2002      開架         Shelf J
                  海外科学技術政策第13巻第3号 科学、技術及び産業のスコアボード:知識基盤経済へ向って(2:最終回)
         9264195416nnovative People Mobility of Skilled Personnel in National Innovation Systems
922001141P1       I           10/26/2001 架開          Shelf J
         9264195483nnovative Networks Co-operation in National Innovation Systems
922001151P1       I           10/26/2001 架開          Shelf J
         9264196897nternational Mobility of the Highly Skilled
922002011P1       I           1/18/2002開架            Shelf J
922002017P1                   11/2002 開架
                  海外科学技術政策 高度のスキルをもつ人材の国際的な移動        Shelf J
         9264096736 easuring Globalisation The RoleShelf N (closed) in OECD Economies,Volume I: Manufacturing Sector 2001 Ed
922002023P1       M           3/24/2002閉架             of Multinationals
         926409718X easuring Globalisation The RoleShelf N (closed) in OECD Economies, Volume II: Services 2001 Edition
922002033P1       M           3/24/2002閉架             of Multinationals
         9264197419 enchmarking Industry-Science Relationships
922002051P1       B           3/22/2002開架            Shelf J
         9264097481 asic Science and Technology Statistics (closed)
922002063P1       B           4/5/2002 閉架            Shelf N 2001 Edition
         9264197834 ynamising5/30/2002開架
922002071P1       D                                  Shelf J
                               National Innovation Systems
         9264199039 he Measurement of Scientific and Technological Activities Frascati Manual 2002 Proposed Standard Practice
922002081P1       T           1/16/2003開架            Shelf J
         9264199551 ECD Small and Medium Enterprise Outlook - 2002 Edition
922002091P1       O           12/5/2002開架            Shelf J
         926419844X ECD Science, Technology and Industry Outlook 2002
922002141P1       O           10/21/2002 架開          Shelf J
922002147P1-1                 2/2003      開架
                  海外科学技術政策 科学、技術および産業の展望 2002(1)     Shelf J
922002147P1-2                 3/2003      開架
                  海外科学技術政策 科学、技術および産業の展望 2002(2)     Shelf J
         9264100229 urning Science into Business Patenting and Licensing at Public Research Organisations
922003021P1       T           5/29/2003開架            Shelf J
922003031P1       I                                  Technologies ICT and Economic Growth: Evidence from OECD countries, indus
                               and Communications Shelf J
         9264103643 ECD Science, Technology and Shelf J Scoreboard 2003
922003041P1       O           10/27/2003 架開          Industry
         9264103740 overnance of Public 開架
922003051P1       G           10/09/2003             Shelf J
                                          Research Toward Better Practices
         4990180801 ogistics Developments Supported by ICT & ITS in the Asian-Pacific Region
922004011P1       L           10/30/2003 架閉          Shelf M (closed)
         9264021035 he Economic Impact 開架 Measurement, Evidence and Implications
922004051P1       T                       of
                              03/26/2004 ICT:        Shelf J
         9264015264 atents, Innovation and Economic Performance OECD Conference Proceedings
922004071P1       P           10/26/2004 架開          Shelf J
         4906445233 究開発による企業改革 OECD諸国における政策展開
922004117P1       研           4/27/2006開架            Shelf J
         9264006729nnovation Policy and Performance A Cross-Country Comparison
922005011P1       I           6/17/2005開架            Shelf J
         9264016201 he OECD 11/1/2005開架Health Shelf J
922005021P1       T            Health Project         Technologies and Decision Making
         9264009655 ostering Public-Private Partnership for Innovation in Russia
922005041P1       F           6/15/2005開架            Shelf J
         9264010297 nhancing the Performance of the Services Sector
922005051P1       E           6/28/2005開架            Shelf J
         9264108084 easuring Globalisation OECD Handbook on Economic Globalisation Indicators
922005061P1       M           6/1/2005 開架            Shelf J
         9264010556 ECD Science, Technology and Shelf J Scoreboard 2005
922005071P1       O           10/12/2005 架開          Industry
         9264011021 overnance of Innovation Systems Volume 1: Synthesis Report
922005081P1       G           08/03/2005 架開          Shelf J
         9264012389 easuring Globalisation OECD Economic Globalisation Indicators
922005091P1       M           12/07/2005 架開          Shelf J

                                                    Page 51

         9264013083 he Measurement of Scientific and Technological Activities Oslo Manual Guidelines for Collecting and Interpret
922005111P1       T           11/8/2005開架           Shelf J
         926401344X overnance of Innovation Systems: Volume 2 Case Studies in Innovation Policy
922005121P1       G           12/5/2005開架           Shelf J
         9264014071nnovation in Energy Technology Comparing National Innovation Systems at the Sectoral Level
922006011P1       I           3/1/2006 開架           Shelf J
         9264035710 overnance of Innovation Systems: Volume 3 Case Studies in Cross-Sectoral Policy
922006021P1       G                      開
                              12/12/2005 架          Shelf J
         9264022732nnovation and Knowledge-Intensive Service Activities
922006031P1       I           3/16/2006開架           Shelf J
         9264025847 overnment R&D Funding and Company Behaviour Measuring Behavioural Additionality
922006041P1       G           6/16/2006開架           Shelf J
         9264025375 omen in Scientific Careers Unleashing the Potential
922006061P1       W           12/1/2006開架           Shelf J
         926402848X ECD Science, Technology and Industry Outlook 2006
922006081P1       O                      開
                              12/04/2006 架          Shelf J
         9264029745 ECD Reviews of Innovation Policy Switzerland
922006091P1       O                      開
                              12/18/2006 架          Shelf J
922007011P1                   Science & TechnologyShelf Development Policies An International Perspective
                  Integrating 5/31/2007開架             into J
         9789264010253 Reviews of Innovation Policy Luxembourg
922007021P1       OECD        5/31/2007開架           Shelf J
922007033P1                   06/22/2007 架
                                         開            of Multinationals - Volume I: Manufacturing, 2000-2004, 2007 Edition
                  Measuring Globalisation ActivitiesShelf J
         9789264033658 Competitive in the GlobalShelf J
922007051P1       Staying     6/11/2007開架            Economy Moving Up the Value Chain
         9789264037601 Reviews of Innovation Policy New Zealand
922007071P1       OECD        9/18/2007開架           Shelf J
         9789264037885 Science, Technology and Industry Scoreboard 2007
922007081P1       OECD                   開
                              10/26/2007 架          Shelf J
         9789264038233 Reviews of Innovation Policy South Africa
922007091P1       OECD        9/24/2007開架           Shelf J
         9264039651 cience, Technology and架
922007121P1       S                      開          Shelf J
                              10/11/2007 Innovation Indicators in a Changing World Responding to Policy Needs
         9789264037519 Reviews of Innovation Policy Chile
922007141P1       OECD                   開
                              11/23/2007 架          Shelf J
931982017P1                   6/10/1983閉架
                  バイオテクノロジー OECDリポート                Shelf M (closed)
         4820701770 レコミュニケーション 主要国の政策と企業戦略の動向
931983027P1       テ           5/25/1984閉架           Shelf M (closed)
         9264126872 he Semiconductor Industry: Trade Related Issues
931985011P1       T           1/1/1985 閉架           Shelf N (closed)
         9264127550CCP Software: An Emerging Industry No.(closed)
931985041P1       I           9/30/1985閉架           Shelf N 9
         9264127577 iotechnology and Patent Protection: An (closed)
931985051P1       B           9/30/1985閉架           Shelf M International Review
         4827102317 イオテクノロジーと特許保護 国際的レビュー
931985057P1       バ           4/10/1987閉架           Shelf M (closed)
         9264128522CCP Computer-Related Crime: Analysis (closed) Policy No. 10
931986011P1       I           8/31/1986閉架           Shelf N of Legal
931986017P1                   11/1990 閉架
                  コンピュータによる情報処理システムへの加害行為に関する刑事法的対応 Shelf N (closed)
931986027P1                   2/1988     閉架         Shelf M (closed)
         9264129278CCP Information Technology andShelf N (closed)
931987011P1       I           4/30/1987閉架             Economic Prospects No. 12
         9264129405CCP Trends of Change in Telecommunications Policy No. 13
931987021P1       I           4/30/1987閉架           Shelf N (closed)
         9264130926CCP The Telecommunications Industry: The Challenge of Structural Change No. 14
931988011P1       I           6/30/1988閉架           Shelf N (closed)
         9264131078CCP Satellites and Fibre Optics: Shelf N (closed) Complementarity No. 15
931988021P1       I           6/30/1988閉架           Competition and
         9264130721 iotechnology and the Changing Role of Government
931988041P1       B           5/31/1988閉架           Shelf M (closed)
         9264131027CCP Information Technology andShelf N (closed)
931988051P1       I           6/30/1989閉架             New Growth Opportunities No. 19
         9264131396CCP The Internationalisation of Software and Computer Services No. 17
931988061P1       I           3/31/1989閉架           Shelf N (closed)
         9264131965 iotechnology Economic and Wider Impacts
931989011P1       B           3/28/1989閉架           Shelf M (closed)
         9264132058CCP Telecommunications Network-Based Services: Policy Implications No. 18
931989021P1       I           6/30/1989閉架           Shelf N (closed)
         9264132538CCP Major9/30/1989閉架 forShelf N (closed)
931989031P1       I            R&D Programmes        Information Technology No. 20
         9264132554 dvanced Materials: Government Shelf Mand Technological Challenge
931989041P1       A           3/31/1990閉架           Policy (closed)
         9264133275CCP Trade in Information, Computer and(closed)
931990011P1       I           2/15/1990閉架           Shelf N Communication Services No. 21
         9264134034CCP Performance Indicators for Shelf NTelecommunications Operators No. 22
931990021P1       I           8/31/1990閉架           Public (closed)
         926403336X ommunications Outlook架
931990033P1       C                      閉
                              10/26/1990 1990 Shelf N (closed)
         9264134972CCP Universal Service and Rate Shelf N (closed) Telecommunications No. 23
931991011P1       I           6/10/1991閉架           Restructuring in
         9264135537CCP Telecommunications Equipment Changing Markets and Trade Structures No. 24
931991021P1       I           10/3/1991閉架           Shelf N (closed)
         9264135642CCP Information Technology Standards The Economic Dimension No. 25
931991031P1       I                      閉
                              10/14/1991 架          Shelf N (closed)
         9264135731CCP Software Engineering The Policy N (closed) 26
931991041P1       I                      閉
                              10/30/1991 架          Shelf Change No.
         926413641X afety Considerations閉架
931991051P1       S                                 Shelf N (closed)
                              5/6/1992 for Biotechnology 1992
         9264136150CCP Telecommunications Type Approval(closed) and Procedures for Market Access No. 27
931991061P1       I           1/24/1992閉架           Shelf N Policies
931992013P1       I                                 Shelf
                               Technology Outlook 1992 N (closed)
         9264136339CCP Convergence between Communications Technologies Case Studies from North America and Western Euro
931992021P1       I           3/17/1992閉架           Shelf N (closed)
         9264137254 iotechnology, Agriculture and Food N (closed)
931992031P1       B           7/28/1992閉架           Shelf
         9264137688CCP Information Networks and New Technologies Opportunities and Policy Implications for the 1990s No. 30
931992041P1       I                      閉
                              10/23/1992 架          Shelf N (closed)
         9264137645CCP Telecommunications and Broadcasting Convergence or Collision ? No. 29
931992051P1       I                      閉
                              10/22/1992 架          Shelf N (closed)
         9264138145CCP Usage Indicators A New Foundation(closed)
931993011P1       I           1/21/1993閉架           Shelf N for Information Technology Policies No. 31
         9264138307CCP Economic and Trade IssuesShelf NComputerised Database Market No. 32
931993021P1       I           2/24/1993閉架            in the (closed)
         9264138412 ommunications Outlook 1993 Shelf N (closed)
931993031P1       C           4/13/1993閉架
931993037P1                   12/25/1993
                  OECD通信白書 1993 閉架                  Shelf N (closed)
         9264138595 afety Evaluation of Foods Derived by N (closed)
931993041P1       S           4/29/1993閉架           Shelf Modern Biotechnology Concepts and Principles

                                                     Page 52

         9264139966CCP The Economics of 架
931993051P1       I                       閉          Shelf N Allocation No. 33
                               10/19/1993 Radio Frequency(closed)
         9264140476 raditional 1/7/1994 閉架
931993061P1       T                                  Shelf N (closed)
                               Crop Breeding Practices A Historical Review to Serve as a Baseline for Assessing the Role of Mode
         9264140468 ield Releases of Transgenic Plants AnN (closed)1986/1992
931993071P1       F            1/5/1994 閉架           Shelf Analysis
         9264140441 afety Considerations閉架
931993081P1       S                                  Shelf N (closed)
                               1/5/1994 for Biotechnology Scale-Up of Crop Plants
931993087P1                               閉架         Shelf M (closed)
                  OECD報告 - バイオテクノロジーに関する安全性考察:作物のスケールアップ及び組換え植物の野外試験の分析
         9264140964 rivacy and Data Protection Issues and Challenges
931994031P1       P            4/7/1994 閉架           Shelf N (closed)
         9264142576 iotechnology for a Clean EnvironmentN (closed) Detection, Remediation
931994051P1       B                       閉
                               10/27/1994 架          Shelf Prevention,
         9264142894nformation10/14/1994 Outlook 1994 N (closed)
931994061P1       I                       閉
                                Technology 架         Shelf
         9264141979CCP International Telecommunication N (closed)
931994071P1       I            8/8/1994 閉架           Shelf Tariffs Charging Practices and Procedures No. 34
         9264143440 afety Considerations for Biotechnology Scale-up of Micro-organisms as Biofertilizers
931995011P1       S            2/15/1995閉架           Shelf N (closed)
         9264144072CCP Telecommunication Infrastructure The Benefits of Competition No. 35
931995021P1       I            4/14/1995閉架           Shelf N (closed)
         9264144188CCP International Telecommunication N (closed)
931995031P1       I            5/3/1995 閉架           Shelf Pricing Practices and Principles A Progress Review No. 36
         9264145443CCP Price9/7/1995 Telecommunications(closed) and Experiences No. 37
931995041P1       I             Caps for 閉架          Shelf N Policies
931995047P1-1                  12/1996 閉架
                  電気通信事業へのプライス・キャップ規制:各国の政策と経験)      Shelf N (closed)
         4818809306 ライスキャップ規制 理論と実際)
931995047P1-2     プ            7/15/1997閉架           Shelf N (closed)
         9264146342 ECD Documents Bioremediation The N (closed) Workshop
931995061P1       O                       閉
                               10/16/1995 架          Shelf Tokyo '94
         9264146520nformation2/8/1996 閉架
931995071P1       I                                  Shelf
                                Technology Outlook 1995 N (closed)
         9264143300 ommunications Outlook 1995 Edition N (closed)
931995081P1       C            2/20/1995閉架           Shelf
         4885498910 ECD通信白書 1995)
931995087P1       O            7/25/1995閉架           Shelf N (closed)
         9264146644CCP Universal Service Obligations in aNCompetitive Telecommunications Environment No. 38
931995091P1       I            12/4/1995閉架           Shelf (closed)
931995097P1                    3/1997     閉架
                  競争環境における電気通信のユニバーサルサービス義務          Shelf N (closed)
         9264147896CCP Mobile Cellular Communication Pricing Strategies and Competition No. 39
931996011P1       I            3/7/1996 閉架           Shelf N (closed)
         9264145699 uidelines for the Security of Information(closed)
931996021P1       G            4/2/1996 閉架           Shelf N Systems
         9264148698 ECD Documents Wider Application and Diffusion of Bioremediation Technologies The Amsterdam '95 Worksho
931996031P1       O            6/25/1996閉架           Shelf N (closed)
         9264148876 ECD Documents Gene Delivery Shelf N (closed)
931996041P1       O            6/25/1996閉架            Systems A State-of-the-Art Review
         9264153284ntellectual 10/25/1996 架
931996051P1       I                       閉           Transfer and Genetic Resources An OECD Survey of Current Practices and P
                                Property, Technology Shelf N (closed)
         9264154604 ommunications Outlook Volume Shelf N (closed)
931997011P1       C            3/27/1997閉架            I; Volume II Regulatory Annex 1997 Edition
         4885497051 ECD通信白書 1997)閉架
931997017P1       O            7/7/1997              Shelf N (closed)
         9264154752nformation6/9/1997 閉架
931997031P1       I                                  Shelf
                                Technology Outlook 1997 N (closed)
         9264155120 lectronic Commerce Opportunities and Challenges for Government
931997041P1       E            5/14/1997閉架           Shelf N (closed)
931997047P1                    1/1999     閉架
                  電子商取引 政府の機会及び課題) N (closed)        Shelf
         9264155945 ECD Proceedings Biotechnology for Water Use and Conservation The Mexico '96 Workshop
931997051P1       O            9/15/1997閉架           Shelf N (closed)
         9264156968 owards a Global Information Society Global Information Infrastructure -- Global Information Society: Policy Re
931997061P1       T                       閉
                               12/15/1997 架          Shelf N (closed)
         926416023X ryptography Policy: The Guidelines and the Issues: The OECD Cryptography Policy Guidelines and the Report
931998011P1       C            2/18/1998閉架           Shelf N (closed)
         9264160116 ECD Proceedings Novel Systems for the Study of Human Disease From Basic Research to Applications
931998021P1       O            2/3/1998 閉架           Shelf N (closed)
         9264161023 iotechnology for Clean Industrial Products and Processes Towards Industrial Sustainability
931998031P1       B            7/9/1998 閉架           Shelf J
         4274948641 イオテクノロジーと21世紀の産業 -OECD特別専門委員会からの報告-)
931998037P1       バ            3/10/1999閉架           Shelf J
         9264169725 he Economic and Social Impact Shelf N (closed)
931999011P1       T            2/3/1999 閉架            of Electronic Commerce Preliminary Findings and Research Agenda
         9264170138 ECD Communications Outlook 1999 Edition
931999021P1       O            3/15/1999閉架           Shelf N (closed)
         9264170308 ECD Proceedings Xenotransplantation International Policy Issues
931999031P1       O            3/16/1999閉架           Shelf N (closed)
         9264169563 ECD Proceedings The Social Sciences at a Turning Point?
931999051P1       O            4/30/1999閉架           Shelf N (closed)
         9264076360 uidelines for Consumer Protection in the Context of Electronic Commerce
932000023P1       G            3/15/2000開架           Shelf J
         9264176780 ocial Sciences for a Digital World Building Infrastructure and Databases for the Future
932000031P1       S            7/4/2000 開架           Shelf J
         9264183043 ECD Proceedings Genetic Testing Policy Issues for the New Millennium
932000051P1       O            1/11/2001開架           Shelf J
         9264185275 obile Phones: Pricing Structures and Trends
932000071P1       M            11/6/2000開架           Shelf J
         9264185968 ECD Proceedings Social Sciences forJKnowledge and Decision Making
932001011P1       O            1/31/2001開架           Shelf
         9264186301 ECD Communications Outlook 2001 Edition
932001021P1       O            5/2/2001 開架           Shelf J
         4990096002 ECD通信白書 2001
932001027P1       O            11/1/2001開架           Shelf J
         926418676X ECD Proceedings Social Sciences and Innovation
932001031P1       O            6/14/2001開架           Shelf J
932001047P1                    -          開架         Shelf J
                  生物資源センター (BRC) 生命科学とバイオテクノロジーの未来を支えるために
         9264195467 he Application of Biotechnology Shelf J
932001061P1       T                       開
                               11/16/2001 架           to Industrial Sustainability
932001067P1                    3/2002
                  産業持続可能性へのバイオテクノロジーの利用   開架         Shelf J
         9264197192 ECD Guidelines on the Protection of Privacy and Transborder Flows of Personal Data
932002011P1       O            2/27/2002開架           Shelf J
         9264197540 ECD Information Technology Outlook J
932002021P1       O            7/3/2002 開架           Shelf ICTs and the Information Economy 2002 Edition
         9264099468 ssessing Microbial Safety of Drinking Water Improving Approaches and Methods
932003011P1       A            3/28/2003開架           Shelf J
         9264199845 ECD Communications Outlook 2003 Edition
932003021P1       O            6/6/2003 開架           Shelf J
         4990096010 ECD通信白書 2003
932003027P1       O            10/1/2003開架           Shelf J

                                                     Page 53

          9264101624 rivacy Online OECD 開架
932003051P1        P             11/13/2003            Shelf J
                                             Guidance on Policy and Practice
          9264103562 ECD Guidelines for Protecting Consumers from Fraudulent and Deceptive Commercial Practices across Borde
932003063P1        O             09/05/2003 架開         Shelf J
          9264016856nformation1/6/2005 開架
932004021P1        I                                   Technologies OECD Information Technology Outlook 2004 Edition
                                  and Communications Shelf J
          9264009507 ECD Communications Outlook 2005 J
932005011P1        O             8/31/2005開架           Shelf
          4990096029 ECD通信白書 2005 開架
932005017P1        O             2/2/2006              Shelf J
          9264014039nnovation in Pharmaceutical Biotechnology Comparing National Innovation Systems at the Sectoral Level
932006011P1        I             4/11/2006開架           Shelf J
          9264026436nformation10/16/2006 架
932006051P1        I                         開         Technologies OECD Information Technology Outlook 2006
                                  and Communications Shelf J
          9264027165 ECD Anti-Spam Toolkit of Recommended Policies and Measures
932006061P1        O             9/22/2006開架           Shelf J
          9264028145 andbook on Hedonic Indexes and Quality Adjustments in Price Indexes Special Application to Information Tech
932006081P1        H             10/5/2006開架           Shelf J
          9264028528 reation and Governance of Human Genetic Research Databases
932006091P1        C             11/13/2006 架開         Shelf J
932007001P1-1                    -           開架        Shelf Invenstions
                   Guidelines for the Licensing of GeneticJ
932007001P1-2                    -           開架        Shelf J
                   OECD Guidelines for Quality Assurance in Molecular Genetic Testing
932006107                        -           開架
                   遺伝子関連発明のライセンス供与に関するOECDガイドライン(JBA訳) Shelf J
932007007P1-2                    -           開架
                   分子遺伝学的検査における質保証に関するOECDガイドライン(JBA訳) Shelf J
932007011P1                      10/31/2007 架開         Shelf J
                   Genetic Testing: A Survey of Quality Assurance and Proficiency Standards
          9789264006812 Communications Outlook 2007 J
932007021P1        OECD          7/23/2007開架           Shelf
932007031P1                      10/23/2007
                   Participative Web and 開架            Shelf J
                                              User-Created Content Web 2.0, Wikis and Social Networking
          9264136606 ecentralisation and Educational Shelf L (closed)
951992011P1        D             10/20/1992 架閉          Building Management: The Impact of Recent Reforms
          9264140980 rogramme4/28/1994閉架 Building - PEB Papers Educational Facilities for Special Needs
951994011P1        P              on Educational       Shelf L (closed)
          9264141898 rogramme09/02/1994 架 Building - PEB PapersThe Educational Infrastructure in Rural Areas
951994021P1        P                         閉
                                  on Educational       Shelf L (closed)
          9264143246 chools for04/27/1995 架
951995011P1        S              Cities     閉         Shelf L (closed)
          926414563X edefining 09/01/1995 Learn Shelf L (closed)
951995031P1        R                         閉
                                 the Place to 架
          9264148809 rogramme05/25/1996 架 Building - PEB PapersMaking Better Use of School Buildings
951996041P1        P                         閉
                                  on Educational       Shelf L (closed)
          9264152911 rogramme9/6/1996 閉架 Building - PEB Papers Schools for Today and Tomorrow An International Compendiu
951996051P1        P              on Educational       Shelf L (closed)
          9264057560 roviding a03/13/1998 架
951998013P1        P                         閉         Shelf L (closed)
                                  Secure Environment for Learning
          9264160817 acilities for Tertiary Education in the 21st Century
951998021P1        F             05/29/1998 架閉         Shelf L (closed)
          9264161104 rogramme07/13/1998 架 Building - PEB Papers Under One Roof: The Integration of Schools and Community
951998031P1        P                         閉
                                  on Educational       Shelf L (closed)
          9264170146 rogramme10/6/1999閉架 Building - PEB Papers Strategic Asset Management for Tertiary Institutions
951999011P1        P              on Educational       Shelf L (closed)
          9264170367 he Appraisal of Investments in Educational Facilities
952000011P1        T             2/16/2000開架           Shelf I
          9264186131 esigns for4/27/2001開架
952001011P1        D                                   Shelf I
                                  Learning 55 Exemplary Educational Facilities
          9264086048 chool Libraries and Resource CentresI
952001023P1        S             09/06/2001 架開         Shelf
          9264097295 ecentralisation and the Financing of Educational Facilities
952002013P1        D             7/17/2002開架           Shelf I
          9264101446 ducational2/16/2004開架
952004011P1        E                                   Shelf I
                                  Facilities and Risk Management Natural Disasters
          9264016694 chool Safety and Security Keeping Schools Safe in Earthquakes
952004021P1        S             08/04/2004 架開         Shelf I
          9264017399 chool Safety and Security Lessons in IDanger
952004031P1        S             02/01/2005 架開         Shelf
952004037P1                      10/2005 開架
                   学校の安全と危機管理 - 世界の事例と教訓に学ぶ            Shelf I
          9264022295 rogramme6/29/2006開架 Building - PEB Papers PEB Compendium of Exemplary Educational Facilities 3rd Edi
952006011P1        P              on Educational       Shelf I
          9264006486 1st Century Learning開架
952006021P1        2                                   Shelf
                                 04/11/2006Environments I
          9264123725n-Service 1/1/1982 and Training of Teachers: A Condition for Educational Change
961982031P1        I             Education 閉架          Shelf L (closed)
          9264127097 ecoming Adult in a Changing Society L (closed)
961985011P1        B             6/30/1985閉架           Shelf
          9264127089 andicapped Youth at Work: Personal Experiences of School-Leavers Volume 4
961985021P1        H             7/31/1985閉架           Shelf L (closed)
          9264127747ntegration 11/1/1985閉架
961985031P1        I                                    Secondary Schools Five Case Studies
                                 of the Handicapped inShelf L (closed)
          9264128247 ew Information Technologies: A Shelf L (closed)
961986011P1        N             6/30/1986閉架            Challenge for Education
961987021P1        I              Children at School Shelf L (closed)
          9264129898 ulticultural Education
961987031P1        M             8/9/1987 閉架           Shelf L (closed)
          9264130012 dults in Higher Education
961987041P1        A             9/30/1987閉架           Shelf L (closed)
          9264130969 uman Resources and閉架
961988011P1        H                                    Strategy: Technological Change in Banks and Insurance Companies - France,
                                 06/28/1988CorporateShelf L (closed)
          9264131329 isabled Youth: The Right to Adult Status
961988021P1        D             10/31/1988 架閉         Shelf L (closed)
          9264131957One School, Many Cultures
961989011P1                      5/18/1989閉架           Shelf L (closed)
          9264132872nformation9/30/1989閉架 Education: L (closed) for Quality Software
961989031P1        I              Technologies in      Shelf The Quest
          9264133119 urriculum 2/9/1990 閉架
961990011P1        C                                   Shelf L (closed)
                                  Reform An Overview of Trends
          9264134484 isabled Youth From School to Work L (closed)
961991011P1        D             1/29/1991閉架           Shelf
          9264135693 nvironment, Schools 閉架Active Shelf L (closed)
961991021P1        E             10/29/1991  and        Learning
          9264135979 dult Illiteracy and Economic Performance
961991031P1        A             1/6/1992 閉架           Shelf L (closed)
          9264136320 chools and Business:閉架 Partnership
961992011P1        S             03/24/1992A New       Shelf L (closed)
          9264137262 he OECD 7/29/1992閉架
961992031P1        T                                   Shelf L (closed)
                                 International Education Indicators: A Framework for Analysis
          926403692X ducation at a Glance 閉架 Indicators 1992 Edition
961992043P1        E             9/1/1992 OECD         Shelf K (closed)

                                                     Page 54

         9264139184 cience and Mathematics Education in L (closed) States: Eight Innovations
961993011P1       S            6/1/1993 閉架          Shelf the United
         9264140506 aking Education Count: Developing and (closed)
961993021P1       M            2/25/1994閉架          Shelf L Using International Indicators
         9264038949 ducation at a Glance 閉架 Indicators 1993 Edition
961993033P1       E            10/27/1993OECD       Shelf K (closed)
961993037P1                    -
                  図表でみる教育 OECD教育インディケータ   閉架        Shelf K (closed)
         9264140719 ECD Documents The Integration of Disabled Children into Mainstream Education Ambitions, Theories and Prac
961994011P1       O            2/11/1994閉架          Shelf L (closed)
         9264140956ssues in Education in 閉架 and the Pacific: An International Perspective
961994021P1       I            4/7/1994 Asia        Shelf L (closed)
         9264140875 chool A Matter of Choice
961994031P1       S            4/20/1994閉架          Shelf L (closed)
961994037P1       学校:選択の問題     3/31/1996閉架          Shelf L (closed)
         9264142118 ECD DocumentsEvaluating Innovations (closed)
961994041P1       O            9/22/1994閉架          Shelf L in Environmental Education
         9264141529 ECD Documents Disabled Youth and Employment
961994051P1       O            6/28/1994閉架          Shelf L (closed)
         9264141839 he Curriculum Redefined Schooling for the 21st Century
961994061P1       T            7/22/1994閉架          Shelf L (closed)
         9264142428 uality in Teaching
961994071P1       Q            12/6/1994閉架          Shelf L (closed)
         9264143033 valuation and the Decision Making Process in Higher Education French, German and Spanish Experiences
961994081P1       E            1/6/1995 閉架          Shelf L (closed)
         4938664437 等教育における評価と意志決定過程L-フランス、スペイン、ドイツの経験-
961994087P1       高            2/23/1997閉架          Shelf (closed)
         9264143998ntegrating 5/3/1995 with Special Shelf L into Mainstream Schools
961995011P1       I            Students 閉架          Needs (closed)
         9264144056 ducation at a Glance OECD Indicators 1995 Edition
961995021P1       E            4/16/1995閉架          Shelf K (closed)
         9264144218ndicators of Education SystemsDecision-Making in 14 OECD Education Systems
961995031P1       I            10/6/1995閉架          Shelf L (closed)
         9264144307 ur Children at Risk 閉架
961995051P1       O            07/20/1995           Shelf L (closed)
         9264144781 nvironmental Learning for the 21st Century
961995061P1       E            9/13/1995閉架          Shelf L (closed)
         9264145540 ECD DocumentsEducational Research and Development: Austria, Germany, Switzerland
961995071P1       O            8/12/1995閉架          Shelf L (closed)
         9264145532 ducational9/5/1995 閉架Development: Trends, Issues and Challenges
961995081P1       E             Research and        Shelf L (closed)
         926414529Xearning beyond Schooling: New FormsLof Supply and New Demands
961995091P1       L            7/10/1995閉架          Shelf (closed)
         9264145672 chools under Scrutiny
961995101P1       S            9/19/1995閉架          Shelf L (closed)
         9264147918ntegrating 04/03/1996 Children at Risk: (closed) France, Netherlands, Sweden, United Kingdom (England and
961996021P1       I                       閉
                               Services for 架       Shelf L Denmark,
         9264148957 ECD DocumentsKnowledge Bases forL (closed) Policies
961996031P1       O                       閉
                               01/07/1996 架         Shelf Education
         9264149236 ECD Documents Information Technology and the Future of Post-Secondary Education
961996041P1       O            8/28/1996閉架          Shelf L (closed)
961996047P1                    3/21/2000開架
                  ラーニング革命 IT=情報技術によって変わる高等教育        Shelf I
         9264153055 uccessful 10/04/1996 our Children and(closed) at Risk
961996051P1       S                       閉
                               Services for 架       Shelf L Families
         9264153179 dult Learning in a New 架
961996061P1       A                       閉         Shelf L (closed)
                               10/22/1996 Technological Era
         9264152881 ECD Documents Internationalisation of (closed)
961996071P1       O            9/2/1996 閉架          Shelf L Higher Education
         9264153195 apping the Future Young People & Career Guidance
961996081P1       M                       閉
                               10/11/1996 架         Shelf L (closed)
         9264153209 dult Learning and Technology inShelf L Countries
961996091P1       A                       閉
                               10/21/1996 架          OECD (closed)
         9264153578 ducation at a Glance 閉架
961996101P1       E                                 Shelf K (closed)
                               11/15/1996Analysis 1996 Edition
         926415356X ducation at a Glance 閉架 Indicators 1996 Edition
961996111P1       E            11/18/1996OECD       Shelf K (closed)
         9264052593 repared for Life?
961997013P1       P                       閉
                               03/18/1997 架         Shelf I
961997017P1                    5/1998
                  人生への準備は万全?:OECD新国際教育指標開発開架        Shelf I
         9264154922 arents as 20/08/1997 Schooling Shelf L (closed)
961997021P1       P            Partners in閉架
         4762008354 の学校参加 良きパートナーとして L (closed)
961997027P1       親                       開
                               12/10/1998 架         Shelf
         9264155899mplementing Inclusive Education Shelf L (closed)
961997031P1       I            8/12/1997閉架
         9264156224 ducation at a Glance 閉架 Indicators 1997
961997041P1       E            11/12/1997OECD       Shelf K (closed)
         9264156828 ducation Policy Analysis 1997 Shelf K (closed)
961997051P1       E                       閉
                               11/12/1997 架
         9264156011 ost-compulsory Education for Disabled (closed)
961997061P1       P            10/7/1997閉架          Shelf L People
         9264160388 o-ordinating Services for Children and Youth at Risk: A World View
961998011P1       C                       閉
                               06/05/1998 架         Shelf L (closed)
         9264160671 uman Capital Investment: An international Comparison
961998021P1       H                       閉
                               04/23/1998 架         Shelf L (closed)
         9264160760 taying Ahead In-service Training and Teacher Professional Development
961998031P1       S            5/29/1998閉架          Shelf L (closed)
961998037P1                    5/2001
                  教師の現職教育と職能開発:OECD諸国の事例比較開架        Shelf L (closed)
         9264161279 ducation at a Glance 閉架 Indicators 1998
961998041P1       E            11/23/1998OECD       Shelf K (closed)
         9264161287 ducation Policy Analysis
961998051P1       E            9/25/1998閉架          Shelf K (closed)
         9264161414 aking the 11/6/1998閉架
961998061P1       M            Curriculum Work      Shelf L (closed)
         4930826756 リキュラム改革と教員の職能成長 -教育のアカウンタビリティーのために-
961998067P1       カ            11/1/2001閉架          Shelf L (closed)
         9264169660 hildren and Families at 架 New Issues(closed)
961998071P1       C                       閉
                               12/22/1998 Risk:     Shelf L in Integrating Services
         9264170154 conomic and Cultural Transitions Towards a Learning City: The Case of Jena
961999011P1       E            8/13/1999閉架          Shelf L (closed)
         9264170219nnovating Schools
961999021P1       I            4/22/1999閉架          Shelf L (closed)
961999027P1       未来の学校教育      12/2002 開架           Shelf I
         926417026X vercoming Exclusion 閉架
961999031P1       O                                 Shelf L (closed)
                               04/13/1999through Adult Learning
         9264170375 lassifying 7/6/1999 開架
961999041P1       C                                 Shelf I
                               Educational Programmes: Manual for ISCED-97 Implemention in OECD Countries -- 1999 Edition
         9264170537 easuring Student Knowledge and Skills: A New Framework for Assessment
961999051P1       M                       開
                               05/25/1999 架         Shelf I

                                                   Page 55

         9264171215nclusive Education at 閉架 Students with Disabilities in Mainstream Schools
961999081P1       I             11/17/1999Work:       Shelf L (closed)
961999087P1       教育のバリアフリー 閉架  3/2001                Shelf L (closed)
         9264171363 ducation Policy Analysis 1999 Edition K (closed)
961999091P1       E                        閉
                                10/25/1999 架          Shelf
         9264171835nvesting in2/22/2000開架
962000021P1       I                                   Shelf I
                                 Education: Analysis of the 1999 World Education Indicators
         9264171932 hat Works in Innovation in Education Motivating Students for Lifelong Learning
962000031P1       W             6/8/2000 開架           Shelf I
         9264171991 ducation at a Glance OECD Indicators 2000 Edition
962000041P1       E             5/16/2000閉架           Shelf K (closed)
         9264176462 ISA Measuring Student Knowledge and Skills The PISA 2000 Assessment of Reading, Mathematical and Scient
962000051P1       P             4/20/2000開架           Shelf I
         9264176896 pecial Needs Education架
962000061P1       S                        開          Shelf
                                10/17/2000 Statistics andI Indicators
         9264182888 chooling for Tomorrow Learning Shelf I
962000081P1       S             9/22/2000開架            to Bridge the Digital Divide
         9264185240 earning to6/15/2000開架
962000091P1       L                                   Shelf
                                 Innovate: Learning regions I
         9264185895 he Well-being of Nations: The Role of IHuman and Social Capital
962001011P1       T             5/2/2001 開架           Shelf
962001017P1                     3/2002     開架
                  国の福利 人的資本及び社会的資本の役割 (日経調資料)         Shelf I
         9264185682 ities and Regions in the New LearningI Economy
962001021P1       C             1/18/2001開架           Shelf
         9264186360 ducation Policy Analysis 2001 Edition K (closed)
962001031P1       E             3/27/2001閉架           Shelf
         4750316393 界の教育改革 OECD教育政策分析 K (closed)
962001037P1       世             11/6/2002閉架           Shelf
         9264186468 ew School Management Approach
962001041P1       N             5/23/2001開架           Shelf I
         9264186689 ducation at a Glance OECD Indicators 2001 Edition
962001051P1       E             6/13/2001閉架           Shelf K (closed)
         926418693X -Learning6/1/2001 開架 Challenge I
962001061P1       E              The Partnership      Shelf
         9264186999 eachers for Tomorrow's Schools Analysis of the World Education Indicators 2001 Edition
962001071P1       T             6/22/2001開架           Shelf I
         9264195262 chooling for Tomorrow 架 Schools for the Future?
962001111P1       S                        開
                                10/16/2001 What       Shelf I
962001117P1       明日の学校教育のシナリオ  4/2004     開架         Shelf I
         9264196528 chooling for Tomorrow Learning Shelf I
962001131P1       S             11/6/2001開架            to Change: ICT in Schools
         9264196714 ISA Knowledge and Skills for Life First Results from PISA 2000
962001141P1       P             12/6/2001開架           Shelf I
         432406749X きるための知識と技能 OECD生徒の学習到達度調査(PISA) 2003年調査国際結果報告書
962001147P1       生             2/20/2002開架           Shelf I
         9264197656 ISA Sample Tasks from the PISA 2000 Assessment Reading, Mathematical and Scientific Literacy
962002011P1       P             5/24/2002開架           Shelf I
         9264198229 ISA Programme for International Student Assessment (PISA) Manual for the PISA 2000 Database
962002021P1       P             7/17/2002開架           Shelf I
         9264198903 ducation at a Glance 開架 Indicators 2002 Edition
962002031P1       E             10/29/2002OECD        Shelf I
962002037P1                     01/01/2003 架
                  図表でみる教育 OECDインディケーター 2002年版         Shelf I
         9264199306 ducation Policy Analysis 2002 Edition I
962002041P1       E                        開
                                11/25/2002 架          Shelf
         475032356X 界の教育改革2 OECD教育政策分析I
962002047P1       世             9/26/2006開架           Shelf
         9264199519 ISA Programme for International Student Assessment (PISA) PISA 2000 Technical Report
962002061P1       P                        開
                                12/18/2002 架          Shelf I
         9264099263 ISA Reading for Change: PerformanceI and Engagement across Countries Results from PISA 2000
962002071P1       P             1/22/2003開架           Shelf
         9264199713 inancing Education: InvestmentsShelf Returns: Analysis of the World Education Indicators 2002 Edition
962003011P1       F             2/21/2003開架            and I
         9264100261 nowledge 1/13/2004開架
962003021P1       K                                   Shelf I
                                managementMeasuring Knowledge Management in the Business Sector: First Steps
         926410030X nowledge 8/11/2003開架 Challenges for Educational Research
962003031P1       K             management New        Shelf I
962003037P1                     12/15/2004 架
                  役立つ教育研究 イギリスとニュージーランドの教育研究開発システム    Shelf I
         9264100342 chooling for Tomorrow Networks of Innovation Towards New Models for Managing Schools and Systems
962003041P1       S             6/24/2003開架           Shelf I
         9264101721 ISA The PISA 2003 Assessment Framework Mathematics, Reading, Science and Problem Solving Knowledge a
962003051P1       P             7/31/2003開架           Shelf I
         4324074070 ISA 2003年調査 評価の枠組み Shelf I
962003057P1       P             5/10/2004開架           -OECD生徒の学習到達度調査
         9264102337 ducation at a Glance OECD Indicators - 2003 Edition
962003061P1       E             9/17/2003開架           Shelf I
962003067P1                     11/01/2003 架
                  図表でみる教育 OECDインディケーター 2003年版         Shelf I
         9264102868 ISA Literacy Skills for the WorldShelf I
962003071P1       P             7/3/2003 開架             of Tomorrow Further Results from PISA 2000
         9264103902 ISA Learners for Life: Student Approaches to Learning Results from PISA 2000
962003101P1       P             9/30/2003開架           Shelf I
         9264104550 ducation Policy Analysis -- 2003 Edition
962003121P1       E                        開
                                11/21/2003 架          Shelf I
         9264018921 tudent Engagement at School AShelf I of Belonging and Participation: Results from PISA 2000
962003131P1       S                        開
                                10/22/2003 架           Sense
962003137P1                     5/2006     開架         Shelf I
                  生徒の学校への関わり:帰属意識と参加 - PISA2000年調査の結果から
         9264105050 isability in1/13/2004開架
962003141P1       D               Higher Education Shelf I
         889372721Key Competencies for開架
962003151P1                                           Shelf I
                                12/31/2003a Successful Life and a Well-Functioning Society
         4750323500 ー・コンピテンシー 国際標準の学力を目指して
962003157P1       キ             5/31/2006開架           Shelf I
         9264103724 ompleting2/10/2004開架 for Lifelong ILearning An OECD Survey of Upper Secondary Schools
962004011P1       C              the Foundation       Shelf
         9264105727 ECD Survey of Upper Secondary Schools: Technical Report
962004021P1       O             4/26/2004開架           Shelf I
         9264104100 ECD Handbook for Internationally Comparative Education Statistics: Concepts, Standards, Definitions and Clas
962004031P1       O             5/7/2004 開架           Shelf I
         9264105603 nowledge 5/10/2004開架
962004041P1       K                                   Shelf I
                                management Innovation in the Knowledge Economy: Implications for Education and Learning
         4872030982 ECD教育レポ-トシリ-ズ これからの学校 知識と情報による変革の時代に
962004047P1       O             12/8/2006開架           Shelf I
         9264103686 quity in Education: Students with Disabilities, Learning Difficulties and Disadvantages
962004051P1       E             6/10/2004開架           Shelf I
962004057P1                     6/30/2007開架
                  教育における公平性 心身障害、学習困難、社会的不利を抱える生徒たち   Shelf I
         9264015043nternationalisation and Trade in HigherI Education Opportunities and Challenges
962004061P1       I                        開
                                09/21/2004 架          Shelf

                                                     Page 56

         9264015086 uality and8/4/2004 開架HigherShelf I
962004071P1       Q             Recognition in         Education The Cross-border Challenge
         9264015671 ducation at a Glance OECD Indicators - 2004 Edition
962004081P1       E            9/14/2004開架           Shelf I
         475031997X 表でみる教育 OECDインディケーター 2004年版
962004087P1       図                       開
                               10/20/2004 架          Shelf I
         9264017712 ISA What 10/19/2004 架
962004091P1       P                       開          Shelf I
                               Makes School Systems Perform? Seeing School Systems through the Prism of PISA
         9264007342 ISA Messages from PISA 2000 Shelf I
962004111P1       P                       開
                               12/14/2004 架
         9264007245 ISA Learning for Tomorrow's World First Results from PISA 2003
962004121P1       P                       開
                               12/13/2004 架          Shelf I
         4324075719 きるための知識と技能架
962004127P1       生                       開          Shelf I
                               12/25/2004 OECD生徒の学習到達度調査(PISA) 2003年調査国際結果報告書
         9264006427 ISA Problem Solving for Tomorrow's World First Measures of Cross-Curricular Competencies from PISA 2003
962004131P1       P            1/14/2005開架           Shelf I
         9264018654 ducation Policy Analysis -- 2004 Edition
962005011P1       E            6/20/2005開架           Shelf I
         9264007393 ormative Assessment: ImprovingShelf I
962005021P1       F            2/11/2005開架             Learning in Secondary Classrooms
         9264008187 ISA School Factors Related to Quality and Equity Results from PISA 2000
962005031P1       P            4/11/2005開架           Shelf I
         9264009205 -learning in Tertiary Education WhereI Do We Stand?
962005041P1       E            6/15/2005開架           Shelf
         9264009809 tudents with Disabilities, Learning Difficulties and Disadvantages: Statistics and Indicators
962005051P1       S                       開
                               10/12/2005 架          Shelf I
         9264011900 ducation at a Glance OECD Indicators - 2005 Edition
962005061P1       E            9/14/2005開架           Shelf I
962005067P1                    11/01/2005 架
                  図表でみる教育 OECDインディケーター 2005年版        Shelf I
         9264013601 ducation Trends in Perspective: Shelf I of the World Education Indicators -- 2005 Edition
962005071P1       E            11/1/2005開架            Analysis
         9264036598 chooling for Tomorrow Personalising Education
962006031P1       S            2/24/2006開架           Shelf I
         4750325864 ECD未来の教育改革2 個別化していく教育
962006037P1       O            8/3/2007 開架           Shelf I
         9264022694 ducation Policy Analysis Focus on Higher Education -- 2005-2006 Edition
962006041P1       E                       開
                               11/23/2006 架          Shelf I
         9264023631 chooling for Tomorrow Think Scenarios, Rethink Education
962006051P1       S            4/21/2006開架           Shelf I
962006057P1                    11/2006 開架
                  OECD未来の教育改革1 教育のシナリオ -未来思考による新たな学校像Shelf I
         9264025316 ducation at a Glance OECD Indicators - 2006 Edition
962006061P1       E            9/13/2006開架           Shelf I
962006067P1                    10/31/2006 架
                  図表でみる教育 OECDインディケーター 2006年版        Shelf I
         9264028404 chooling for Tomorrow 架
962006071P1       S                       開          Shelf I
                               11/13/2006 Demand-Sensitive Schooling? Evidence and Issues
962006077P1                    11/2007 開架            Shelf I
                  OECD未来の教育改革3 デマンドに応える学校 - 教育の社会的な需要と供給
         9264029125 nderstanding the Brain: The Birth of aI Learning Science
962007011P1       U            6/25/2007開架           Shelf
         926403174X iving Knowledge for Free: The Emergence of Open Educational Resources
962007041P1       G                       開
                               06/06/2007 架          Shelf I
         9264032878 ducation at a Glance 2007 OECD Indicators
962007051P1       E            9/21/2007開架           Shelf I
962007057P1                    10/31/2007 架
                  図表でみる教育 OECDインディケーター 2007年版        Shelf I
         9264033106 nderstanding the Social Outcomes of ILearning
962007061P1       U            7/12/2007開架           Shelf
         9264033637 ross-border Tertiary開架
962007071P1       C                                   A Way
                               08/24/2007Education Shelf I towards Capacity Development
962007081P1                    managementEvidence Shelf I
                  Knowledge 6/22/2007開架               in Education: Linking Research and Policy
971971037P1       楽しく歩ける街                 閉
                               10/10/1975 架          Shelf M (closed)
         9264112553Major Air Pollution Problems The Japanese Experience
971974041P1                    1974       閉架         Shelf M (closed)
971975001P1                    -
                  汚染者負担の原則 定義・分析・実施 (1975)閉架         Shelf M (closed)
971980047P1       工業地区流域河川の水管理 1983       閉架         Shelf M (closed)
         9264123865 ontrol Policies for Specific Water Pollutants
971982081P1       C            1/1/1983 閉架
         9264125744 mission Standards for Major Air Shelf M (closed) Energy Facilities in OECD Member Countries
971984011P1       E            1/1/1984 閉架            Pollutants From
         9264126910 nvironment and Economics
971985011P1       E            5/1/1985 閉架           Shelf M (closed)
         926412697X nvironmental Effects of Electricity Generation
971985031P1       E            10/1/1985閉架           Shelf M (closed)
         926412716X he Macro-Economic 閉架 of Environmental Expenditure
971985061P1       T            8/1/1985 Impact       Shelf M (closed)
         9264127313 nvironmental Policy and Technical Change
971985071P1       E            9/30/1985閉架           Shelf M (closed)
971986007P1                    1986
                  季刊 環境研究 ≪OECD環境の状況報告書≫  閉架         Shelf M (closed)
         926412862X nvironmental Effects of Automotive Transport The OECD Compass Project
971986031P1       E            10/1/1986閉架           Shelf M (closed)
         9264128867 rban Policies in Japan 架
971986051P1       U            10/31/1986 閉          Shelf M (closed)
         4785703563 市への警告 OECD対日都市レビュー政策勧告
971986057P1       都            5/15/1986閉架           Shelf M (closed)
         92641290 Coal Environmental Policies and Institutions
971987011P1                    4/1/1987 閉架           Shelf M (closed)
         9264129219 ricing of Water Services
971987021P1       P            3/31/1987閉架           Shelf M (closed)
         9264129510 anaging and Financing Urban Services (closed)
971987041P1       M            5/31/1987閉架           Shelf M
         9264029605 ECD Environmental Data Compendium, 1987
971987053P1       O            1/1/1987 閉架           Shelf M (closed)
         9264129790 evitalising9/1/1987 閉架
971987061P1       R             Urban Economies      Shelf M (closed)
         9264030107 nergy and11/30/1987 Costs of Shelf M (closed)
971987073P1       E                       閉
                                Cleaner Air: 架        Reducing Emissions
         9264130454 ransport and the Environment Shelf M (closed)
971988011P1       T            4/1/1988 閉架
971988017P1       交通と環境2/1993   (日経調資料)   閉架         Shelf M (closed)
         9264130578 nvironmental Policies in Finland Shelf M (closed)
971988021P1       E            5/31/1988閉架
         9264131272 gricultural2/21/1989閉架
971988041P1       A                                  Shelf Opportunities for Integration
                                and Environmental PoliciesM (closed)
         9264131515 nvironmental Impacts of Renewable Energy: the OECD Compass Project
971988061P1       E                       閉
                               10/31/1988 架          Shelf M (closed)

                                                   Page 57

         9264131825 nvironmental Policy Benefits: Monetary Valuation
971988071P1       E            3/24/1989閉架           Shelf M (closed)
         4805792081 境政策の便益 -貨幣評価- Shelf M (closed)
971988077P1       環            5/15/1999閉架
         9264131566 rban Housing Finance 架
971988081P1       U            12/31/1988 閉          Shelf M (closed)
971988097P1       都市と交通12/1992 閉架                    Shelf M (closed)
         9264131949 enewable 4/28/1989閉架
971989011P1       R                                  Shelf M Incentives
                               Natural Resources: Economic (closed) for Improved Management
         9264132627 trengthening Environmental Cooperation(closed)
971989021P1       S                       閉
                               10/31/1989 架          Shelf M with Developing Countries
         9264032231 ECD Environmental Data Compendium 1989
971989033P1       O            1/1/1989 閉架           Shelf M (closed)
         9264132511 conomic Instruments閉架Environmental Protection
971989041P1       E            10/13/1989for         Shelf M (closed)
         9264132856 ater Resource Management
971989051P1       W            10/9/1989閉架           Shelf M (closed)
         9264134018 ontrol Strategies for Photochemical Oxidants across Europe
971990011P1       C            8/30/1990閉架           Shelf M (closed)
         926413462X ECD Documents Climate Change Evaluating the Socio-Economic Impacts
971990021P1       O            3/18/1991閉架           Shelf M (closed)
         9264134352 nvironmental Policies for Cities Shelf M (closed)
971990031P1       E                       閉
                               12/18/1990 架          in the 1990s
         9264134573 ighting Noise in the 1990s
971991021P1       F            2/19/1991閉架           Shelf M (closed)
         9264135685 nvironmental Policy How to Apply Economic Instruments
971991031P1       E                       閉
                               10/24/1991 架          Shelf M (closed)
         9264135650 esponding10/16/1991Change Selected Economic Issues
971991041P1       R             to Climate閉架         Shelf M (closed)
         9264135383 nvironmental Labelling in OECD Shelf M (closed)
971991051P1       E            8/5/1991 閉架            Countries
         9264035125 ECD Environmental Data Compendium 1991
971991063P1       O            9/16/1991閉架           Shelf M (closed)
         9264135847 rban Infrastructure Finance andShelf M (closed)
971991071P1       U                       閉
                               11/18/1991 架           Management
971991077P1                    9/1992     閉架
                  都市の基盤施設:資金調達及び経営 M (closed)        Shelf
         926413591X ities and New Technologies
971991081P1       C            2/12/1992閉架           Shelf M (closed)
         4478870187 進工業国の新環境政策 地球環境のための市場経済革命
971992007P1       先            1/30/1992閉架           Shelf M (closed)
         926413610X arket and1/16/1992閉架
971992021P1       M                                  in Environmental
                                Government Failures Shelf M (closed) Management: Wetlands and Forests
         9264137580 rban Policies for Ageing Populations M (closed)
971992031P1       U            9/30/1992閉架           Shelf
971992037P1                    5/1994     閉架
                  人口高齢化に向けた都市政策 Shelf M (closed)
         9264136398 lobal Warming: The Benefits of Emission(closed)
971992041P1       G            4/27/1992閉架           Shelf M Abatement
971992047P1                    3/1993
                  地球の温暖化 温室化ガス排出削減の便益     閉架         Shelf M (closed)
         9264136401 rban Land3/31/1992閉架 for the 1990s
971992051P1       U             Markets Policies     Shelf M (closed)
         9264137777 arket and11/19/1992 架
971992061P1       M                       閉          in Environmental
                                Government Failures Shelf M (closed) Management The Case of Transport
         9264136681 onvention6/19/1992閉架
971992071P1       C                                  Shelf M Aspects
                                on Climate Change Economic (closed) of Negotiations
         9264137491 nvironmental Policies in Turkey Shelf M (closed)
971992101P1       E                       閉
                               11/10/1992 架
         926413820X gricultural2/10/1993閉架
971992111P1       A                                  Shelf M (closed)
                                and Environmental Policy Integration Recent Progress and New Directions
         454092091X ECDレポート 環境と農業 先進諸国の政策一体化の動向
971992117P1       O            2/28/1993閉架           Shelf M (closed)
         9264138269 oastal Zone Management: Integrated Policies
971993031P1       C            2/23/1993閉架           Shelf M (closed)
         9264139206 ECD Environmental Performance Reviews Iceland
971993041P1       O            6/8/1993 閉架           Shelf M (closed)
         9264140026 ECD Environmental Performance Reviews Norway
971993061P1       O            11/5/1993閉架           Shelf M (closed)
         9264038825 ECD Environmental Data Compendium 1993
971993073P1       O            8/3/1993 閉架           Shelf M (closed)
         9264139354 ECD Documents Information SystemsM (closed) Management
971993081P1       O            7/1/1993 閉架           Shelf for Urban
         9264139370nternational Economic Instruments and Climate Change
971993091P1       I            7/16/1993閉架           Shelf M (closed)
         9264139435 ransfrontier Movements of HazardousM (closed)
971993101P1       T            7/19/1993閉架           Shelf Wastes Statistics 1989/1990 1993 Edition
         9264038868 ECD Documents Environmental Shelf M (closed)
971993113P1       O            8/25/1993閉架            Policies and Industrial Competitiveness
         9264140042 hoosing an Alternative 架
971993121P1       C                       閉          Shelf Fuel: Air
                               11/15/1993 TransportationM (closed)Pollution and Greenhouse Gas Impacts
         9264140034 ECD Environmental Performance Reviews Portugal
971993131P1       O            11/4/1993閉架           Shelf M (closed)
         9264140611 ECD Documents Environment and Taxation The Cases of the Netherlands, Sweden and the United States
971994011P1       O            1/20/1994閉架           Shelf M (closed)
         9264141073 roject and Policy Appraisal Integrating Economics and Environment
971994021P1       P            5/3/1994 閉架           Shelf M (closed)
         9264140859 ECD Environmental Performance Reviews Japan
971994041P1       O            3/10/1994閉架           Shelf M (closed)
         4805812532 ECDレポート:日本の環境政策 成果と課題
971994047P1       O            3/10/1994閉架           Shelf R (closed)
         9264140638 ECD Documents Aquatic Biotechnology (closed) Safety
971994051P1       O            1/18/1994閉架           Shelf M and Food
         9264140948 nvironmental Effects of Trade: 1994 M (closed)
971994071P1       E            4/19/1994閉架           Shelf
         4805813784 ECD:貿易と環境 貿易が環境に与える影響
971994077P1       O                       閉
                               12/10/1996 架          Shelf M (closed)
         9264141383 he Economics of Climate Change: Proceedings of an OECD/IEA Conference
971994081P1       T            6/10/1994閉架           Shelf M (closed)
         9264141367 anaging the Environment The Role of M (closed) Instruments
971994091P1       M            6/13/1994閉架           Shelf Economic
         9264141413nternalising the Social Costs of Transport
971994101P1       I            4/15/1996閉架           Shelf M (closed)
         9264141480 ife-Cycle 7/13/1994閉架 Trade
971994121P1       L            Management and        Shelf M (closed)
         926414188X owards Sustainable Agricultural Shelf M (closed)
971994131P1       T                       閉
                               08/08/1994 架           Production: Cleaner Technologies
         926414191X ransfrontier Movements of HazardousM (closed)
971994141P1       T            9/2/1994 閉架           Shelf Wastes Statistics 1991 1994 Edition
         9264142142 ECD Documents Reducing Environmental Pollution: Looking Back, Thinking Ahead
971994151P1       O            9/1/1994 閉架           Shelf M (closed)
         9264142126 ECD Documents Applying Economic Instruments to Environmental Policies in OECD and Dynamic Non-membe
971994161P1       O            8/30/1994閉架           Shelf M (closed)

                                                 Page 58

         9264142606 ECD Environmental Performance Reviews United Kingdom
971994171P1       O                       閉
                               10/28/1994 架         Shelf M (closed)
         9264142614 ECD Environmental Performance Reviews Italy
971994181P1       O                       閉
                               10/26/1994 架         Shelf M (closed)
         9264042636 nvironmental Indicators OECD Core Set (closed)
971994193P1       E            9/6/1995 閉架          Shelf M
         926414319X ECD Documents Trade架 Environment Processes and Production Methods
971994201P1       O                       閉
                               12/19/1994 and       Shelf M (closed)
         9264143327 ECD Environmental Performance Reviews Netherlands
971995011P1       O            1/16/1995閉架          Shelf M (closed)
         9264143122 otor Vehicle Pollution: Reduction Strategies Beyond 2010
971995021P1       M            2/27/1995閉架          Shelf M (closed)
         9264143491 ECD Environmental Performance Reviews Poland
971995031P1       O            3/29/1995閉架          Shelf M (closed)
         926414370X rban Travel and Sustainable Development
971995041P1       U            3/28/1995閉架          Shelf M (closed)
971995047P1                    10/1997 閉架
                  都市交通と持続可能な開発 「環境負荷の小さな都市渡航通」プロジェクトShelf M (closed)
         9264145354 ECD Documents Hazardous Air Shelf M (closed)
971995061P1       O            7/22/1995閉架          Pollutants
         9264144730 echnologies for Cleaner Production and (closed) Towards Technological Transformation for Sustainable Deve
971995071P1       T                       閉
                               10/23/1995 架         Shelf M Products:
         9264144897 nvironmental Taxes in OECD Countries (closed)
971995081P1       E            7/4/1995 閉架          Shelf M
         9264145281 ECD Environmental Performance Reviews Austria
971995091P1       O            9/6/1995 閉架          Shelf M (closed)
         926414546X ECD Environmental Performance Reviews Canada
971995101P1       O            10/6/1995閉架          Shelf M (closed)
         9264145834 he Economic Appraisal 架 Environmental(closed) and Policies A Practical Guide
971995111P1       T                       閉
                               10/31/1995 of        Shelf M Projects
         9264145893 ECD Documents Promoting Cleaner and(closed)
971995121P1       O            9/26/1995閉架          Shelf M Safer Industrial Production in Central and Eastern Europe
         9264146377 ontrol of Hazardous Air架
971995131P1       C                       閉         Shelf M (closed)
                               11/22/1995 Pollutants in OECD Countries
         9264146717 limate Change, Economic InstrumentsM (closed) Distribution
971995151P1       C            1/23/1996閉架          Shelf and Income
         9264046143 ECD Environmental Data Compendium 1995
971995163P1       O                       閉
                               11/23/1995 架         Shelf M (closed)
971996007P1                    8/5/1993 閉架
                  危険物質に係わる防災基本指針 Shelf M (closed)     危険物質に係わる事故防止、防災計画及び緊急対応のための行政機関、企業
         9264146865mplementation Strategies for Environmental Taxes
971996011P1       I            2/2/1996 閉架          Shelf M (closed)
         9264147713 ECD Environmental Performance Reviews United States
971996021P1       O            1/23/1996閉架          Shelf M (closed)
         9264147691 nvironmental Performance in OECD Countries: Progress in the 1990s
971996031P1       E                       閉
                               02/02/1996 架         Shelf M (closed)
         9264148078 aving Biological Diversity Economic Incentives
971996051P1       S            6/3/1996 閉架          Shelf M (closed)
         9264147977 ECD Environmental Performance Reviews Bulgaria
971996061P1       O            6/3/1996 閉架          Shelf M (closed)
         9264148205 ECD Proceedings Towards Clean Transport: Fuel Efficient and Clean Motor Vehicles
971996071P1       O            8/9/1996 閉架          Shelf M (closed)
         9264148221 ECD Documents Subsidies and Shelf M (closed)
971996081P1       O            4/22/1996閉架          Environment Exploring the Linkages
         9264148671 ECD Documents Food Safety Evaluation
971996091P1       O            4/16/1996閉架          Shelf M (closed)
         9264152954 ashington9/20/1996閉架
971996101P1       W                                 Shelf M Volume
                                Waste Minimisation Workshop(closed) I Five Waste Streams to Reduce; Volume II Which Policies, W
         9264152806 ECD Environmental Performance Reviews Sweden
971996111P1       O            9/23/1996閉架          Shelf M (closed)
         926415311X ECD Environmental Performance Reviews New Zealand
971996121P1       O                       閉
                               10/21/1996 架         Shelf M (closed)
         9264153438 ECD Documents Sources of Cadmium in the Environment
971996131P1       O            11/7/1996閉架          Shelf M (closed)
         926415342X ECD Documents Fertilizers as a Source(closed)
971996141P1       O                       閉
                               10/25/1996 架         Shelf M of Cadmium
         9264153608 valuating Economic InstrumentsShelf M (closed) Policy
971997011P1       E            2/28/1997閉架           for Environmental
         9264154043 nvironmental Policies and Employment (closed)
971997021P1       E            2/24/1997閉架          Shelf M
971997027P1       環境政策と雇用      3/1999     閉架        Shelf M (closed)
         9264154434 ECD Environmental Performance Reviews France
971997031P1       O            2/11/1997閉架          Shelf M (closed)
         9264154442 ECD Environmental Performance Reviews Spain
971997041P1       O            4/15/1997閉架          Shelf M (closed)
         9264154701 ransfrontier Movements of HazardousM (closed)
971997051P1       T            4/2/1997 閉架          Shelf Wastes Statistics 1992/1993 1997 Edition
         9264155023 ECD Proceedings Investing in Biological (closed)
971997061P1       O            4/25/1997閉架          Shelf M Diversity
         9264155139 eforming Environmental Regulation in M (closed)
971997071P1       R            6/2/1997 閉架          Shelf OECD Countries
         9264155147 conomic Globalisation and the Environment
971997081P1       E            6/2/1997 閉架          Shelf M (closed)
         9264155155 ustainable6/2/1997 閉架 Production (closed)
971997091P1       S             Consumption and     Shelf M
         9264155163 nvironmental Taxes and Green Tax Reform
971997101P1       E            6/2/1997 閉架          Shelf M (closed)
         4906445039 境税とグリーン税制改革
971997107P1       環            9/10/1998開架          Shelf H
         9264155732 ECD Proceedings Towards Sustainable Transportation
971997111P1       O                       閉
                               11/24/1997 架         Shelf M (closed)
         9264155589 ECD Environmental Performance Reviews Korea
971997121P1       O            7/21/1997閉架          Shelf M (closed)
         9264155619 ECD Proceedings Globalisation Shelf M (closed) Preliminary Perspectives
971997131P1       O            8/6/1997 閉架          and Environment
         9264155635 ECD Proceedings Sustainable Consumption & Production Clarifying the Concepts
971997141P1       O            7/16/1997閉架          Shelf M (closed)
         9264155937 ECD Environmental Performance Reviews Finland
971997161P1       O            9/24/1997閉架          Shelf M (closed)
         9264156186 pplying Market-Based Instruments to M (closed)
971997171P1       A            1/15/1998閉架          Shelf Environmental Policies in China and OECD Countries
         9264156267 ECD Environmental Performance Reviews Belarus
971997181P1       O                       閉
                               11/24/1997 架         Shelf M (closed)
         9264055398 ECD Environmental Data Compendium 1997 Edition
971997193P1       O            9/26/1997閉架          Shelf M (closed)
         4906445063 ECD環境データの概要 1997年版
971997197P1       O            9/26/1997閉架          Shelf M (closed)
         9264156739 griculture,10/17/1997 and the Environment Policy Options
971997201P1       A             Pesticides閉架        Shelf M (closed)
         9264156755 limate Change Mobilising Global Shelf M (closed)
971997211P1       C                       閉
                               11/24/1997 架         Effort
         926415681X eforming Energy and 閉架
971997221P1       R            11/26/1997           Shelf M (closed)
                                          Transport Subsidies Environmental and Economic Implications

                                                    Page 59

         9264160450 ECD Environmental Performance Reviews Mexico
971998011P1       O           4/1/1998 閉架            Shelf M (closed)
         9264160442 ECD Environmental Performance Reviews Australia
971998021P1       O           4/10/1998閉架            Shelf M (closed)
         9264160809 owards Sustainable Development Environmental Indicators
971998031P1       T           7/29/1998閉架            Shelf M (closed)
         9264160825 ECD Proceedings Water ConsumptionM (closed)
971998041P1       O           3/23/1998閉架            Shelf and Sustainable Water Resources Management
         9264160833 ECD Proceedings Globalisation Shelf M (closed)
971998051P1       O           3/17/1998閉架            and the Environment Perspectives from OECD and Dynamic Non-Member Eco
         9264160787 ater Management Performance Shelf M (closed)in OECD Countries
971998061P1       W           3/13/1998閉架            and Challenges
         926416085X co-Efficiency
971998071P1       E           3/25/1998閉架            Shelf M (closed)
         9264160876 owards Sustainable Consumption Patterns A Progress Report on Member Country Initiatives
971998081P1       T           3/23/1998閉架            Shelf M (closed)
         9264160914mproving the Environment through Reducing Subsidies Part I: Summary and Conclusions
971998091P1       I           4/22/1998開架            Shelf H
         9264161317 ECD Environmental Performance Reviews Belgium
971998101P1       O           10/6/1998閉架            Shelf M (closed)
         9264161325 ECD Environmental Performance Reviews Switzerland
971998111P1       O                      閉
                              10/19/1998 架           Shelf M (closed)
         9264170081 ECD Environmental Performance Reviews Denmark
971999011P1       O           4/19/1999閉架            Shelf M (closed)
         926417009X ECD Environmental Performance Reviews Czech Republic
971999021P1       O           4/6/1999 閉架            Shelf M (closed)
         9264161937 ECD Documents Environmental Shelf M (closed) Industrial Permitting: Vol 1 - Approaches and Instruments -
971999031P1       O                      閉
                              03/03/1999 架            Requirements for
         9264170227 ECD Proceedings Implementing Shelf H Tradable Permits for Environmental Protection
971999041P1       O           8/10/1999開架             Domestic
         490644511X 境保護と排出権取引:OECD諸国における国内排出権取引の現状と展望
971999047P1       環           5/7/2002 開架            Shelf H
         9264170596 andbook of Incentive Measures Shelf M (closed)Design and Implementation
971999051P1       H           7/27/1999閉架            for Biodiversity
         9264170790 he Price of Water Trends in OECD Countries
971999061P1       T           8/16/1999開架            Shelf H
         4990017013 の料金 -OECD加盟国の動向とその国際比較-
971999067P1       水           8/1/2001 開架            Shelf H
         9264170928 hina in the Global Economy Environmental Taxes Recent Developments in China and OECD Countries
971999071P1       C           8/23/1999閉架            Shelf M (closed)
         9264170936mproving the Environment through Reducing Subsidies Part III: Case Studies
971999081P1       I           1/10/2000開架            Shelf H
         9264171061 ECD Environmental Performance Reviews Turkey
971999091P1       O                      閉
                              10/14/1999 架           Shelf M (closed)
         9264171142 ational Climate Policies架 the Shelf HProtocol
971999101P1       N                      開
                              10/18/1999 and          Kyoto
         9264171274 ECD Proceedings Foreign Direct Investment and the Environment
971999121P1       O           10/1/1999開架            Shelf M (closed)
         9264171312 oluntary Approaches開架
971999131P1       V                                  Shelf H
                              1/6/2000 for Environmental Policy: An Assessment
         9264171452 ECD Environmental Performance Reviews Russian Federation
971999141P1       O           12/6/1999閉架            Shelf M (closed)
         9264058796 ECD Environmental Data Compendium 1999 Edition
971999153P1       O                      閉
                              11/22/1999 架           Shelf M (closed)
         9264171711 ECD Historical SeriesInternational Environmental Issues and the OECD 1950-2000: An Historical Perspective
972000011P1       O                      開
                              04/04/2000 架           Shelf H
         9264171894 ECD Environmental Performance Reviews Greece
972000021P1       O           5/31/2000閉架            Shelf M (closed)
         9264176888 reener Public Purchasing: Issues and H
972000041P1       G           8/30/2000開架            Shelf Practical Solutions
         9264182926 ECD Environmental Performance Reviews Ireland
972000061P1       O                      閉
                              11/15/2000 架           Shelf M (closed)
         9264182934 ECD Environmental Performance Reviews Luxembourg
972000071P1       O           12/5/2000閉架            Shelf M (closed)
         9264185321 ECD Proceedings Towards Sustainable Development: Indicators to Measure Progress (Proceedings of the Rom
972000111P1       O           9/6/2000 開架            Shelf H
         9264185429 ncillary Benefits and Costs of Greenhouse Gas Mitigation
972000121P1       A           11/8/2000開架            Shelf H
         9264185437 mission Baselines: Estimating the Unknown
972000131P1       E           11/6/2000開架            Shelf H
         9264186158 ECD Environmental Outlook
972001011P1       O           4/5/2001 開架            Shelf H
         4502646709 ECD世界環境白書 2020年の展望 H
972001017P1       O           7/31/2002開架            Shelf
         9264185860 ECD Environmental Performance Reviews Germany
972001021P1       O           5/4/2001 閉架            Shelf M (closed)
         9264185879 ECD Environmental Performance Reviews Iceland
972001031P1       O           4/25/2001閉架            Shelf M (closed)
         926418600X xtended Producer Responsibility: A Guidance Manual for Governments
972001041P1       E                      開
                              03/16/2001 架           Shelf H
         9264182942 ECD Environmental Performance Reviews No. 02: Achievements in OECD Countries
972001051P1       O           5/9/2001 閉架            Shelf M (closed)
         9264186565 omestic Transferable Permits for Environmental Management: Design and Implementation
972001071P1       D           6/18/2001開架            Shelf H
         4906445195 境保護と排出権取引II 排出権取引制度の政策設計
972001077P1       環           5/25/2004開架            Shelf H
         9264187014 ater Management and Investment in the New Independent States
972001081P1       W           8/7/2001 開架            Shelf H
         9264187189 ECD Environmental Indicators Towards Sustainable Development 2001
972001091P1       O           2/11/2002開架            Shelf H
         9264187316 nvironmentally Related Taxes inShelf H Countries Issues and Strategies
972001101P1       E           10/8/2001開架             OECD
         4641161585 境関連税制 その評価と導入戦略 H
972001107P1       環           7/2/2002 開架            Shelf
         9264196536 ECD Environmental Performance Reviews Portugal
972001131P1       O           12/6/2001閉架            Shelf M (closed)
         9264196544 ECD Environmental Performance Reviews Norway
972001141P1       O                      閉
                              12/14/2001 架           Shelf M (closed)
         926419665X aluation of Biodiversity BenefitsShelf H Studies
972001151P1       V           11/5/2001開架             Selected
         9264197311 andbook of Biodiversity Valuation A Guide for Policy Makers
972002021P1       H           4/11/2002開架            Shelf H
         926419732X ECD Environmental Performance Reviews Slovak Republic
972002031P1       O           5/22/2002閉架            Shelf M (closed)
         9264197370 owards Sustainable Household Consumption? Trends and Policies in OECD Countries
972002041P1       T           5/13/2002開架            Shelf H
         9264197443 ECD Environmental Performance Reviews Japan
972002081P1       O           5/27/2002開架            Shelf M (closed)
         4805844140 版 OECDレポート日本の環境政策 M (closed)
972002087P1       新           8/12/2002開架            Shelf
972002121P1                   8/16/2002開架            Shelf H
                  Implementing Domestic Tradeable Permits: Recent Developments and Future Challenges
         4906445179 境保護と排出権取引III 国内排出権取引の進展と今後の課題
972002127P1       環           2/18/2004開架            Shelf H

                                                   Page 60

         9264198261 olicy Instruments for Achieving Shelf H
972002151P1       P            9/13/2002開架           Environmentally Sustainable Transport
         9264199012 ECD Global Forum on International Investment Foreign Direct Investment and the Environment Lessons from
972002161P1       O                       開
                               09/03/2002 架          Shelf H
         9264199152 ECD Environmental Performance Reviews Italy
972002171P1       O            1/29/2003閉架           Shelf M (closed)
         9264198490 ECD Environmental Performance Reviews United Kingdom
972002181P1       O            12/3/2002閉架           Shelf M (closed)
         9264199128 ECD Guidelines towards Environmentally Sustainable Transport
972002191P1       O                       開
                               11/12/2002 架          Shelf H
         9264198253 nvironmentally Sustainable Buildings: Challenges and Policies
972003011P1       E            4/16/2003開架           Shelf H
         9264099484mproving Water Management Recent OECD Experience
972003021P1       I            3/12/2003開架           Shelf H
         4750319295 界の水質管理と環境保全
972003027P1       世            7/8/2004 開架           Shelf H
         9264099220 arnessing 6/4/2003for Biodiversity Towards Conservation and Sustainable Use
972003031P1       H            Markets 開架            Shelf H
         9264099913 ocial Issues in the Provision andShelf H of Water Services
972003041P1       S            7/31/2003開架            Pricing
         9264100954 ECD Environmental Performance Reviews Poland
972003051P1       O            6/20/2003閉架           Shelf M (closed)
         9264100997 ECD Environmental Performance Reviews Netherlands
972003061P1       O            6/24/2003閉架           Shelf M (closed)
         9264101551 he Environmental Performance of Public Procurement: Issues of Policy Coherence
972003081P1       T            9/19/2003開架           Shelf H
         9264101772 oluntary Approaches for Environmental Policy: Effectiveness, Efficiency and Usage in Policy Mixes
972003091P1       V            6/25/2003開架           Shelf H
         9264101810 ECD Guiding Principles for Chemical Accident Prevention, Preparedness and Response
972003101P1       O            6/4/2003 開架           Shelf H
         9264104992 ECD Environmental Performance Reviews Mexico
972003111P1       O                       閉
                               10/31/2003 架          Shelf M (closed)
         9264018883 ECD Environmental Performance Reviews Austria
972003121P1       O                       閉
                               11/19/2003 架          Shelf M (closed)
         9264019103 ECD Guidance on Safety Performance Indicators: A Companion to the OECD Guiding Principles for Chemical
972003131P1       O            12/9/2003開架           Shelf H
         926410576X reenhouse Gas Emissions Trading and Project-based Mechanisms
972004011P1       G            1/29/2004開架           Shelf H
         9264105263 conomic Aspects of Extended Producer Responsibility
972004021P1       E            6/2/2004 開架           Shelf H
         9264106189 ddressing 3/2/2004 開架 of Waste H
972004031P1       A            the Economics         Shelf
         9264106634 ommunicating Environmentally Sustainable Transport The Role of Soft Measures
972004041P1       C            4/27/2004開架           Shelf H
         9264107762 ECD Environmental Performance Reviews Canada
972004051P1       O            10/7/2004閉架           Shelf M (closed)
         9264107800 ECD Environmental Strategy: 2004 Review of Progress
972004061P1       O            4/26/2004開架           Shelf H
         9264015027 radeable Permits: Policy Evaluation, Design and Reform
972004071P1       T            5/21/2004開架           Shelf H
         9264108319 he Benefits of Climate Change Policies Analytical and Framework Issues
972004081P1       T                       開
                               12/20/2004 架          Shelf H
         9264108580 ECD Environmental Performance Reviews Sweden
972004091P1       O            10/7/2004閉架           Shelf M (closed)
         9264108629 ECD Environmental Performance Reviews Spain
972004101P1       O            10/7/2004閉架           Shelf M (closed)
         9264018611 andbook of Market Creation for Shelf H
972004141P1       H                       開
                               11/25/2004 架          Biodiversity Issues in Implementation
         9264007989 ECD Environmental Data Compendium 2004
972005013P1       O            4/19/2005開架           Shelf H
         4903530051 ECD環境データ要覧 2004
972005017P1       O            4/24/2007開架           Shelf H
         9264008985 nvironmental Management in Eastern H
972005021P1       E            4/19/2005開架           Shelf Europe, Caucasus and Central Asia
         9264009124 ECD Environmental Performance Reviews France
972005031P1       O            10/4/2005閉架           Shelf M (closed)
         9264009388 nvironment and the OECD Guidelines H Multinational Enterprises: Corporate Tools and Approaches
972005041P1       E            9/13/2005開架           Shelf for
         9264009671 ECD Environmental Performance Reviews Chile
972005051P1       O            5/9/2005 閉架           Shelf M (closed)
         9264011781 ECD Environmental Performance Reviews Czech Republic
972005071P1       O                       閉
                               10/12/2005 架          Shelf M (closed)
         9264012184 nvironment at a Glance OECD Environmental Indicators
972005081P1       E            4/21/2006開架           Shelf H
         9264012753 ridge Over Troubled 開架 Linking Climate Change and Development
972005091P1       B            11/17/2005 Waters:    Shelf H
         9264012826 ood Laboratory Practice: OECDShelf H
972005101P1       G            1/18/2006開架            Principles and Guidance for Compliance Monitoring
         9264013164 ECD Environmental Performance Reviews United States
972005111P1       O            1/19/2006閉架           Shelf M (closed)
         9264010041 ost-Benefit Analysis開架 the Environment: Recent Developments
972006011P1       C            2/9/2006 and          Shelf H
         9264036067 nvironmental Finance Financing Shelf Hand Environment Infrastructure The Case of Eastern Europe, the Cauca
972006031P1       E            2/23/2006開架           Water
         9264013970 conomic Valuation of開架
972006041P1       E                                  Shelf H
                               2/3/2006 Environmental Health Risks to Children
         9264022589 afety Assessment of TransgenicShelf H
972006051P1       S            7/24/2006開架            Organisms: OECD Consensus Documents Volumes 1 and 2
         1845423151 he Distributional Effects of Environmental Policy
972006061P2       T            3/24/2006開架           Shelf H
         9264024034 ECD Environmental Performance Reviews Korea
972006071P1       O            9/26/2006閉架           Shelf M (closed)
         9264025529 he Political Economy of Environmentally Related Taxes
972006081P1       T            6/29/2006開架           Shelf H
         4805846712 境税の政治経済学
972006087P1       環            9/26/2006開架           Shelf H
         9264025030 nvironmental Finance Intergovernmental Transfers for Environmental Infrastructure: Lessons from Armenia, th
972006111P1       E            9/4/2006 開架           Shelf H
         9264027122 ecoupling 11/16/2006 架 Impacts of Transport from Economic Growth
972006121P1       D                       開
                               the Environmental Shelf H
         9264028005 ECD Guidelines for the架
972006141P3       O                       開          of Chemicals
                               10/20/2006 Testing Shelf H
         4840718474 ECD毒性試験ガイドライン
972006147P1       O                       閉
                               12/25/1991 架          Shelf M (closed)
972006147P3                    -          開架         Shelf H
         9264029575mproving Recycling Markets
972006151P1       I            12/6/2006開架           Shelf H
         9789264030534 Environmental Performance Reviews Switzerland
972007021P1       OECD         5/18/2007開架           Shelf H
         9789264030572 Environmental Performance Reviews New Zealand
972007031P1       OECD         4/4/2007 開架           Shelf H
         9789264031111 Environmental Performance Reviews Belgium
972007041P1       OECD         3/28/2007開架           Shelf H

                                                    Page 61

         9789264031159 Environmental Performance Reviews China
972007051P1       OECD          7/23/2007開架          Shelf H
         9264031685 limate Change in the European Alps Adapting Winter Tourism and Natural Hazards Management
972007061P1       C             1/22/2007開架          Shelf H
972007071P1                     6/22/2007開架          Shelf H
                  Environment and Regional Trade Agreements
972007081P1                     Mixes for 開架         Shelf H
                  Instrument 6/8/2007 Environmental Policy
         9264026207 usiness and the Environment: Policy Incentives and Corporate Responses
972007091P1       B             4/16/2007開架          Shelf H
972007101P1                      a Better Environment: Progress in Eastern Europe, Caucasus and Central Asia
                  Policies for9/24/2007開架            Shelf H
         926401053X ISA PISA 8/9/2005 開架 Report
982005011P1       P             2003 Technical       Shelf I
         9264010637 ISA PISA 6/29/2005開架
982005021P1       P                                  Shelf
                                2003 Data Analysis Manual ISAS
         9264010653 ISA PISA 8/4/2005 開架
982005031P1       P                                  Shelf
                                2003 Data Analysis Manual ISPSS
         9264036083 ISA Are Students Ready for a Technology-Rich World? What PISA Studies Tell Us
982006011P1       P             1/25/2006開架          Shelf I
         9264023607 ISA Where Immigrant Students Succeed A Comparative Review of Performance and Engagement in PISA 2003
982006021P1       P             5/18/2006開架          Shelf I
982006027P1                     10/25/2007 架
                  移民の子供と学力 社会的背景が学習にどんな影響を与えるのか      Shelf I
         9264026398 ISA Assessing Scientific, Reading andI Mathematical Literacy A Framework for PISA 2006
982006031P1       P             10/2/2006開架          Shelf
982006037P1                     -          開架
                  PISA 2006年調査 評価の枠組み Shelf I        -OECD生徒の学習到達度調査
         9264040005 ISA PISA 12/14/2007 架
982007011P1       P                        開         Shelf I
                                2006 Science Competencies for Tomorrow's World: Volume 1 Analysis
         9264040145 ISA 2006 12/14/2007 架
982007023P1       P                        開
                                Volume 2: Data       Shelf I
982007027P1                     -          開架        Shelf I
                  生きるための知識と技能 OECD生徒の学習到達度調査(PISA) 2006年調査国際結果報告書
         9264128034 ocial Attitudes and Agricultural Productivity in Central Africa
991950471P1       S             1986       閉架        Shelf K (closed)
991951667P1                     3/31/1980閉架
                  住みよい街づくり 80年代の課題
         926412392X evelopment Cooperation Review 1982L (closed)
991953151P1       D             1/14/1953閉架          Shelf
         926412649X evelopment Cooperation Review, 1984 (closed)
991984211P1       D             12/1/1984閉架          Shelf L
         9264126864nterdependence and Patterns of Shelf K (closed)
991985021P1       I             3/1/1985 閉架          Development
         926412702X eviews of 5/1/1985Policies for Education Educational Reforms in Italy
991985061P1       R             National 閉架          Shelf L (closed)
         9264126988 oving Coal
991985071P1       M             5/1/1985 閉架          Shelf P (closed)
991985091P1                     1985       閉架
                  Science and Technology Policy Outlook 1985
         9264127151 lectricity in IEA Countries Issues and P (closed)
991985101P1       E             6/1/1985 閉架          Shelf Outlook
991985107P1                     12/1985 閉架           Shelf P (closed)
                  IEA諸国の電力事業 -課題と展望 - 電気事業の新たなる発展をめざして
991985117P1                     1985
                  OECD/NEA 原子燃料サイクルの経済性    閉架
         9264127321 urplus Space in Schools An Opportunity(closed)
991985121P1       S             7/1/1985 閉架          Shelf L
         9264126937 anking and Monetary閉架
991985141P1       B             7/1/1985 Policy
         9264127496Crisis and 8/1/1985 in Sub-Saharan Africa
991985211P1                     Recovery 閉架          Shelf K (closed)
         9264127623 rends in Banking in OECD Countries
991985311P1       T             10/1/1985閉架
         9264127712 wo Crises11/1/1985閉架and Asia, 1929-38 and 1973-83
991985341P1       T              Latin America       Shelf K (closed)
991985421P1                     1/1/1985 閉架          Shelf P (closed)
                  Coal quality and ash characteristics International Energy Agency a study
         9264128107 ethods and Procedures in Aid Evaluation
991986081P1       M             3/1/1986 閉架          Shelf K (closed)
         926412800X ast-West 3/1/1986 閉架
991986091P1       E                                  Shelf of Hungary
                                Technology Transfer Study M (closed) 1968-1984
         926412781X anual on the Choice 閉架
991986101P1       M                                  Shelf K (closed)
                                3/1/1986 of Industrial Technique in Developing Countries
         9264128018 hina's Special Economic Zones Shelf K (closed)
991986161P1       C             7/1/1986 閉架
         9264128271 ighting Noise, Strengthening Noise Abatement Policies
991986171P1       F             9/1/1986 閉架          Shelf M (closed)
         9264128050 rojected costs of generating electricity from nuclear and coal-fired power stations for commissioning in 1995
991986251P1       P             1/1/1986 閉架          Shelf P (closed)
991986257P1                     -          閉架
         9264129030 oung People with Handicaps The Road to Adulthood
991987061P1       Y             1/1/1987 閉架          Shelf L (closed)
         9264129421 enewable 4/1/1987of閉架
991987171P1       R             Sources Energy IEA   Shelf P (closed)
         9264129286 eviews of 4/1/1987Science and Shelf N (closed) Finland
991987191P1       R             National 閉架          Technology Policy
         9264129456 luminium, 5/1/1987 閉架 in Developing Countries
991987201P1       A             Copper and Steel     Shelf K (closed)
         9264129529 ew Roles 6/1/1987 and Towns Shelf K (closed)
991987251P1       N             for Cities 閉架
         9264129588 eviews of 6/1/1987Science and Shelf N (closed) Sweden
991987261P1       R             National 閉架          Technology Policy
         926412974X lean Coal 6/1/1987 閉架
991987271P1       C                                  Shelf P Issues
                                Technology, Programmes and (closed)
         9264129553 eviews of 8/1/1987Science and Shelf N (closed) Netherlands
991987331P1       R             National 閉架          Technology Policy
         9264129928 evelopment Policies 閉架the Crisis of K (closed)
991987351P1       D             8/1/1987 and         Shelf the 1980's
         9264129448 conomic Policies and Agricultural Performance in Sri Lanka, 1960-1984
991987451P1       E             12/1/1987閉架          Shelf K (closed)
991987461P1                      Technologies and    Shelf L (closed)
                  Information12/1/1987閉架 Basic Learning, Reading, Writing, Science and Mathematics
         926413042X evelopment Cooperation Report, 1987L (closed)
991988011P1       D             1/1/1988 閉架          Shelf
         9264030859 lectricity, 7/1/1988 閉架and Fuel Cycle(closed) Countries, Main Data, 1988
991988061P1       E             Nuclear Power        Shelf P in OECD
         926413137X eviews of 1/1/1988 閉架 and technology policy (Austria)
991988101P1       R             national science     Shelf N (closed)
991988131P1                     01/01/1988 架
                                           閉         Shelf N videotex
                  ICCP New telecommunications services : (closed) development strategies No. 16
         926413249X ne World 4/1/1989 閉架
991989031P1       O             or Several?          Shelf K (closed)

                                                     Page 62

         926413283X eviews of 12/1/1989閉架 and Technology Policy Switzerland
991989071P1        R            National Science
         926413316X rojected Costs of Generating Electricity(closed)
991990021P1        P           2/1/1990 閉架           Shelf N from Power Stations for Commissioning, 1995-2000
         926413395Xinancing and External閉架 of Developing Countries, 1989 Survey
991990041P1        F           7/1/1990 Debt         Shelf K (closed)
         9264133925 griculture 7/1/1990 閉架
991990051P1        A                                 Shelf K from Brazil
                                and Economic Crisis Lessons (closed)
         926413364X ranium Resources, Production and Demand, 1989
991990061P1        U           7/1/1990 閉架           Shelf O (closed)
991990067P1                    -           閉架
                   ウラン 資源・生産・需要 1989 Shelf O (closed)
991992091P1                    9/1/1992 Assessment
                     Bulgaria An Economic閉架
DSTI/ICCP/TISP(98)8/FINAL - 1999-1閉架         「電子商取引の推進における情報通信インフラの役割 -OECDオタワ閣僚会議のバックグ
         4906445187環           5/15/2004開架
ENV/EPOC/GEEI(99)12 境保護と排出権取引 IV 排出権取引制度導入の戦略的指針     Shelf H
ENV/JM/MONO(2003)10日本語版        2/2004      閉架        Shelf M No.9 「遺伝子組み換え作物を原料として利用する飼料の安全性評価
                   バ           2/2004      閉架
ENV/JM/MONO(2003) イオテクノロジーの規制的管理のための調和シリーズ No.27 「Zea Mays subsp. Mays(トウモロコシ)の生物学
                   新規食品及び新規飼料の安全性シリーズ(closed) 「コメ(Oryza sativa) 新品種の成分検討に関する合意文書:食品
ENV/JM/MONO(2004)15日本語版        2/2005      閉架        Shelf M No.10
                               3/2001      閉架
NEA/CNRA/R(99)4 規制上の検査行為に着目した原子力施設のデコミッショニングのための規制行為 Shelf O (closed)
         9264138072 egional Problems and Policies Poland K (closed)
141992031P1        R           1/7/1993 閉架           Shelf
         9264037098 ethods of1/25/1993閉架 Enterprises (closed)
141992073P1        M            Privatising Large    Shelf K
         9264138188 aluation and Privatisation
141993021P1        V           1/21/1993閉架           Shelf K (closed)
         9264139109 mployment and Unemployment in Economies in Transition Conceptual and Measurement Issues
141993051P1        E           5/18/1993閉架           Shelf N (closed)
         9264139907 tructural Change in Central and Shelf N (closed) Labour Market and Social Policy Implications
141993071P1        S           10/7/1993閉架            Eastern Europe
         9264139397 omania - 7/16/1993閉架
141993081P1        R                                 Shelf
                               An Economic Assessment L (closed)
         9264038809 ransformation of the Banking System L (closed)Restructuring, Privatisation and the Payment System
141993093P1        T           7/13/1993閉架           Shelf Portfolio
         9264140646ntegrating 1/27/1994閉架 EconomiesKinto the International Trading System
141993101P1        I           Emerging Market       Shelf (closed)
         9264038884 hort-Term Economic閉架
141993113P1        S                                  Commonwealth
                               9/2/1993 Statistics Shelf L (closed) of Independent States
         9264139451 xchange Control Policy
141993121P1        E           8/9/1993 閉架           Shelf L (closed)
141993131P1        I            Guides Ukraine       Shelf L (closed)
         9264140484 he Labour1/5/1994 閉架
141993141P1        T            Market in Poland     Shelf N (closed)
         9264143815 ass Privatisation An Initial Assessment (closed)
141995031P1        M           2/15/1995閉架           Shelf K
         9264144250 eview of the Labour Market in the Czech Republic
141995061P1        R           7/11/1995閉架           Shelf N (closed)
         9264044434 he Regional Dimension of Unemployment in Transition Countries A Challenge for Labour Market and Social Po
141995073P1        T           5/16/1995閉架           Shelf N (closed)
         9264145257 ocial and Labour Market Policies in Hungary
141995081P1        S           9/26/1995閉架           Shelf N (closed)
         9264146539 nvironmental Funds in Economies in Transition
141995131P1        E           1/23/1996閉架           Shelf M (closed)
         9264148280 egional Problems and Policies Czech Republic and Slovak Republic
141996091P1        R           6/14/1996閉架           Shelf K (closed)
         9264148302 abour Market and Social Policies in the Slovak Republic
141996101P1        L           7/2/1996 閉架           Shelf N (closed)
         9264149295 egional Integration and 架
141996111P1        R                       閉         Shelf K (closed)
                               10/29/1996 Transition Economies The Case of the Baltic Rim
         9264152822 ECD Documents The Changing Shelf N (closed)in Russian Enterprises
141996151P1        O           8/27/1996閉架            Social Benefits
141996161P1                    10/15/1996 架閉         Shelf N (closed)
                   Lessons from Labour Market Policies in the Transition Countries
         9264153632 ransition at the Local Level TheShelf K Republic, Hungary, Poland and the Slovak Republic
141996201P1        T           11/19/1996 架閉           Czech (closed)
         9264154175 ECD Proceedings Privatisation of Utilities and Infrastructure Methods and Constraints
141997021P1        O           5/12/1997閉架           Shelf K (closed)
         9264156062 abour Market Policies in Slovenia
141997091P1        L           10/6/1997閉架           Shelf N (closed)
         9264159797 ECD Proceedings Labour Market Dynamics in the Russian Federation
141997121P1        O           11/28/1997 架閉         Shelf N (closed)
         9264160531 alue-Added Taxes in Central and Eastern European Countries A Comparative Survey and Evaluation
141998021P1        V           7/30/1998閉架           Shelf K (closed)
         9264160922 ECD Proceedings Environmental Financing in the Russian Federation
141998061P1        O           4/22/1998閉架           Shelf M (closed)
         9264161015 ECD Proceedings A Regional Approach (closed)
141998071P1        O           6/8/1998 閉架           Shelf K to Industrial Restructuring in the Tomsk Region, Russian Federation
         9264171150 ECD Proceedings Privatisation, Shelf F
142000021P1        O           1/28/2000開架            Competition and Regulation
         9264176667 abour Market and Social Policies in Romania
142000071P1        L           6/8/2000 開架           Shelf J
         9264183280 orporate Governance in Asia A Comparative Perspective
142001011P1        C           8/20/2001開架           Shelf D
         9264186395 he Social 3/14/2001開架
142001061P1        T                                 Shelf J
                               Crisis in the Russian Federation
         9264100067 abour Market and Social Policies in the Baltic Countries
142003021P1        L           4/1/2003 開架           Shelf J
         9264028714 irectory of Development Research and Training Institutes in Africa
401986013P1        D           1/31/1987開架           Shelf E
         9264028722 egister of 1/31/1987開架
401986023P1        R                                 Shelf E
                                Development Research Projects in Africa
401987013P1                     Development Research Projects Concerning the English-Speaking Caribbean
                   Register of 1987        開架        Shelf E
         9264030816 irectory of Development Research and Training Institutes in Arab Countries
401988013P1        D           8/31/1988開架           Shelf E
         9264030824 egister of 8/31/1988開架
401988023P1        R                                 Shelf E
                                Development Research Projects in Arab Countries
         9264130977DIN Manual for the Creation and Shelf E
401988031P1        I           -           開架         Management of a Bibliographic Data Base Using Micro-ISIS
         9264030891 egister of 12/31/1988 架
401988043P1        R                       開         Shelf E
                                Development Research Activities in Latin America
         9264032371 egister of 9/30/1989開架
401989013P1        R                                 Shelf E
                                Development Research Projects in Asia and the Pacific
         9264035052 irectory of Development Research and Training Institutes in Europe
401991013P1        D           8/30/1991開架           Shelf E
401992013P1                     Development Research Projects in Selected European Countries
                   Register of 4/23/1992開架           Shelf E

                                                    Page 63

         9264035397 irectory of Development Research and Training Institutes in Africa
401992023P1       D            5/25/1992開架          Shelf E
         9264035362 irectory of Non-Governmental Environment and Development Organisations in OECD Member Countries
401992033P1       D            5/11/1992開架          Shelf E
         9264036997 egister of 11/3/1992開架
401992043P1       R                                 Shelf E
                               Development Research Projects in Africa
         9264030763 egister of 12/18/1992 架
401992053P1       R                       開         Shelf E
                               Development Research Projects in Latin America
         9264037055 irectory of Development Research and Training Institutes in Latin America
401992063P1       D                       開
                               12/18/1992 架         Shelf E
         9264038698 uman Rights, Refugees, Migrants and Development Directory of NGOs in OECD Countries
401993013P1       H            5/19/1993開架          Shelf E
         9264041710 opulation 8/24/1994開架 Directory E Non-Governmental Organisations in OECD Countries
401994013P1       P            and Development      Shelf of
         9264042628 irectory -9/14/1994開架
401994023P1       D                                  Research
                                French Development Shelf E Databases An Overview
         9264048391 irectory of Non-Governmental Organisations Active in Sustainable Development Part I: Europe
401996013P1       D            6/14/1996開架          Shelf E
         9264055371nternational Co-operation for Habitat and Urban Development Directory of Non-governmental Organisations in
401997013P1       I                       開
                               12/17/1997 架         Shelf E
         9264160256 acrothesaurus for Information Processing in the Field of Economic and Social Development Fifth Edition
401998011P1       M            6/4/1998 開架          Shelf E
         9264058222 irectory of Non-Governmental Organisations Active in Sustainable Development Part 2: Australia, Canada, Jap
401998023P1       D                       開
                               11/23/1998 架         Shelf E
         9264134395 igration: the Demographic Aspects N (closed)
811990031P1       M            1/31/1991閉架          Shelf
         4873262178 境汚染物質排出・移動登録 環境政策および持続可能な開発のための手法
OCDE/GD(96)32     環            6/19/1996開架          Shelf H
         9789264022287OECD 02/27/2008 架 on Security System Reform: Supporting Security and Justice
432007111P1       The                     開
                               DAC Handbook
         9789264041851 for Youth/Des emplois pour les jeunes New Zealand
812008031P1       Jobs                    開
                               02/27/2008 架
         9789264030732 Policies of IEA開架
612007201P1       Energy                            Shelf States: 2007
812008011P1                     Immigrant 開
                  A Profile of02/26/2008 架Populations in the 21st Century: Data from OECD Countries
852008011P1                    OECD Countries
                  Tourism in 02/22/2008 架 2008: Trends and Policies
         9789264040083 Framework for the Evaluation of SME and Entrepreneurship Policies and Programmes
852007041P1       OECD                    開
                               02/18/2008 架
962008011P1                    02/13/2008 架
                  Teaching, Learning and Assessment for Adults: Improving Foundation Skills
742008021P1                    03/26/2008 架
                                          開         Shelf I
                  ITF Round TablesNo. 138 Biofuels: Linking Support to Performance
972007131P1                    03/26/2008 架
                                          開         Shelf H
                  Environmental Performance Reviews: Australia
         9789264040588Development DimensionFishing for Coherence in West Africa: Policy Coherence in the Fisheries Sector in S
532008011P1       The                     開
                               03/26/2008 架
         9789264042100 Wages 2006/2007: 2007 Edition D
232008041P1       Taxing                  開
                               03/26/2008 架         Shelf
         9789264041035Convention on Mutual Administrative Assistance in Tax Matters: Twentieth Anniversary Edition
232008021P1       The                     開
                               03/26/2008 架         Shelf D
122008011P1                    03/20/2008 架
                  Economic Policy Reforms: Going for Growth 2008
912007021P1                    03/18/2008 架
                  Students with Disabilities, Learning Difficulties and Disadvantages: Policies, Statistics and Indicators - 2007 Edi
         9789264041790 into the Role of開架 Intermediaries
232008031P1       Study        03/18/2008Tax        Shelf D
         9789264044289 National Accounts of OECD Countries: Volume IIIa - Financial Accounts - Flows and Volume IIIb - Financi
302008113P1       SET:                    開
                               06/23/2008 架
         9789264043718 Territorial ReviewsIstanbul, Turkey
042008051P1       OECD                    開
                               03/06/2008 架
         9789264040489 Environmental Outlook to 2030 H
972008011P1       OECD                    開
                               03/05/2008 架         Shelf
         9789264030756 Policies of IEA開架
612007211P1       Energy                            Austria:
                               03/05/2008Countries Shelf G 2007
         9789264042230 Review of Agricultural PoliciesChile
512008021P1       OECD                    開
                               03/05/2008 架
         9789264019652 Survey on Monitoring the Paris Declaration: Overview of the Results OECD Journal on Development - Vo
432007101P1       2006                    開
                               09/28/2007 架         Shelf E
         9789264041967 Rural Policy ReviewsNetherlands
042008031P1       OECD                    開
                               06/06/2008 架         Shelf F
912008041P1                    National Policies
                                          開         Shelf I
                  Reviews of 03/26/2008 架 for EducationDominican Republic
012008081P1                    04/23/2008 Sustainable Growth: An OECD Perspective on Hungary
                  Reforms for Stability and架        Shelf B
112008011P1                    05/01/2008Inflation Targeting in Emerging Economies
                  Monetary Policies and開架           Shelf C
         9264008365 conomic Policy Reforms: Going for Growth
122005031P1       E            3/14/2005開架
         9264035915 conomic Policy Reforms: Going for Growth, 2006 Edition
122006011P1       E                       開
                               03/14/2006 架         Shelf B
122007011P1                    02/15/2007 架
                  Economic Policy Reforms: Going for Growth, 2007 Edition
202008011P1                    04/04/2008 Law:
                                          開         Shelf D
                  International Investment 架 Understanding Concepts and Tracking Innovations: Companion Guide to the Annu
         9789264006492 on the Implementation of the European Charter for Small Enterprises in the Western Balkans: SME Polic
212008041P1       Report                  開
                               05/15/2008 架         Shelf D
         9789264045279 Credit Financing Systems in OECD Member Countries and Non-Member Economies: 2007 Update
222008011P3       Export                  開
                               05/01/2008 架
282008031P1                     Anti-Corruption     Shelf D
                  Specialised04/4/2008開架 Institutions: Review of Models
         9264186476 nergy Consumption in Industry
612001031P1       E            3/28/2001開架
         9789264030718 Policies of IEA開架
612007191P1       Energy       04/09/2008CountriesFinland: 2007
612008031P1                    04/10/2008 架
                                          開         Shelf G
                  Promoting Energy Efficiency Investments: Case Studies in the Residential Sector
662008011P1                    04/10/2008 架
                                          開         Shelf G
                  Nuclear ScienceUtilisation and Reliability of High Power Proton Accelerators: Workshop Proceedings, Mol, Belgiu
772008021P1                    05/01/2008 架
                  Long-Life Surfaces for Busy Roads
         9264013822 ECD Reviews of Health架
812005191P1       O                       開         Shelf J
                               12/07/2005 SystemsFinland
         9789264033597 for Immigrants (Vol.架 Labour Market Integration in Australia, Denmark, Germany and Sweden
812007141P1       Jobs                    開
                               06/21/2007 1):
         9789264042063 Development Benefits from Staging Global Events
842008011P1       Local                   開
                               04/23/2008 架
         9789264043275 Economic and Employment Development (LEED)More Than Just Jobs: Workforce Development in a Skills-
842008021P1       Local                   開
                               04/09/2008 架
922008053P1                    04/25/2008 Activities of Multinationals, Volume I, 2007 - Manufacturing and Volume II, 2008 - Serv
                  Measuring Globalisation: 架
972007121P1                    01/29/2008 架
                  Environmental Performance Reviews: Denmark

                                                       Page 64

         9789264044128 Sustainable Development StudiesMeasuring Sustainable Production
972008021P1       OECD        04/10/2008 架開           Shelf H
         9789264041943 Rural Policy ReviewsFinland
042008021P1       OECD        04/23/2008 架開           Shelf F
262007011P1                   01/14/2008 架開
                  Enforcement of Corporate Governance in Asia: The Unfinished Agenda
         9789264038844 the Gap: Quantifying Principal-Agent Problems in Energy Efficiency
612007261P1       Mind        10/31/2007 架開           Shelf G
852008021P1                   04/10/2008 架開           Shelf J
                  Removing Barriers to SME Access to International Markets
         9789264034310 and05/21/2008 Policies: Impacts, Issues and Strategies for Policy Action
972008031P1       People                  開
                               Biodiversity 架         Shelf H
662008021P1                   05/21/2008 架開           Shelf G
                  Nuclear DevelopmentTiming of High-level Waste Disposal
         9789264045859 Economic Outlook 2007/2008 E
412008031P1       African     05/21/2008 架開           Shelf
972008051P1                   06/06/2008 架開           to Climate Change: Costs, Benefits and Policy Instruments
                  Economic Aspects of Adaptation Shelf H
742008031P1                   06/13/2008 架開           Shelf I
                  ITF Round TablesNo. 139 Oil Dependence: Is Transport Running Out of Affordable Fuel?
412008011P1                   06/06/2008 架開
                  Business for Development 2008: Promoting Commercial Agriculture in Africa
         9789282112632 in the Transport 架
742008051P1       Trends                  開           Shelf I
                              06/17/2008 Sector: 1970-2006 , 2008 Edition
         9789264046481 for Youth/Des emplois pourShelf J
812008111P1       Jobs        06/19/2008 架開            les jeunesCanada
932008011P1                   05/15/2008  Digital     Shelf J
                  Remaking the Movies: 開架 Content and the Evolution of the Film and Video Industries
         9264138277 he Changing Course 閉架
811993031P1       T                                   Shelf N (closed)
                              3/1/1993 of International Migration
         9264142002 igration and Development New Partnerships for Co-operation
811994091P1       M           8/5/1994 閉架             Shelf N (closed)
         9264147756 ECD Documents: Migration and Shelf N (closed)
811996031P1       O           1/24/1996閉架             the Labour Market in Asia Prospects to the Year 2000
         9264160396 ECD Proceedings: Migration and Regional Economic Integration in Asia
811998011P1       O           1/14/1998閉架             Shelf N (closed)
         9789264025561 Glossary of Statistical Terms B
302008121P1       OECD        09/22/2008 架開           Shelf
         9789264049918 Science, Technology and Industry Outlook: 2008
922008101P1       OECD        10/27/2008 架開           Shelf J
         9789264060142Development Dimension

032009051P1       The                     開
                              04/29/2009 架 
      Coherence for Health: Innovation for New Medicines for Infectious Diseases     
         9789264042384 Emissions from Fuel Combustion :G
612008123P1       CO2         11/28/2008 架開           Shelf 1972 / 2006: 2008 Edition
         9789264014190 Force Statistics 1987-2007: 2008 Edition
302008313P1       Labour      12/01/2008 架開           Shelf J
662008037P1                   11/20/2008 架

源、生産及び需給 G    開           Shelf
812007027P1                   12/25/2008 架開           Shelf J
                  図表で見る世界の社会問題2 - OECD社会政策指標
困・不平等・社会的排除の国際比較             貧

         9789264054691 Economic Outlook Volume 2008/2 No.84, December
122008031P1       OECD        01.07.2009 開架
         9789264056480Impact01/09/2009on Tourism
852009011P1       The          of Culture 開架
         9789264056831 Investment Policy架
202008091P1       OECD                    開
                              01/12/2009 Perspectives 2008
662009011P2                   02/04/2009 架開
                  Chemical ThermodynamicsChemical Thermodynamics of Thorium
         9789264055537 Information Technology Outlook J
932008041P1       OECD        01/26/2009 架開           Shelf 2008
         9789264050860 AidAid Effectiveness: A Progress Report on Implementing the Paris Declaration
432009131P1       Better      02/13/2009 架開
512008061P1                   03/19/2009 架開
                  Globalisation and Emerging Economies: Brazil, Russia, India, Indonesia, China and South Africa
         9789264054127 Patent Statistics 架
922009021P1       OECD                    開
                              02/26/2009 Manual Shelf J
         9789264043398 Policies of IEA開架
612008201P1       Energy      02/13/2009CountriesEnergy Policies of IEA Countries: Netherlands 2008
962008087P1                   01/31/2009 架
                  教育のトレンド 図表で見る世界の潮流と教育の課題開           Shelf I
811998031P1                   5/5/1998 閉架             Shelf N (closed)
                  OECD Proceedings Immigrants, Integration and Cities Exploring the Links
         9264161880 ECD Proceedings: Migration, Free Trade and Regional Integration in North America
811998121P1       O           10/27/1998 架閉           Shelf N (closed)
302009063P1                   01/30/2009 架開
                  National Accounts of OECD Countries 2009: Volume I - Main Aggregates
         9789264056947 Trade Policy StudiesOvercoming Border Bottlenecks: The Costs and Benefits of Trade Facilitation
222009021P1       OECD        02/09/2009 架開
532009011P1                   02/09/2009 架開
                  Reducing Fishing Capacity: Best Practices for Decommissioning Schemes
         9        OECD                    開架
812008151P789264051089 Reviews of Health Systems TURKEY
962009011P1                   26/02/2009 架開
                  Highlights from Education at a Glance 2008
932009041P1                   03/19/2009 架開           Shelf J
                  Promoting Consumer Education: Trends, Policies and Good Practices
932009011P1                   03/09/2009Other
                  Computer Viruses and開架 Malicious J  Shelf Software: A Threat to the Internet Economy
302008231P1                   05/12/2009 架開
                  Productivity Measurement and Analysis
662008087P1                   2009/02/00 架
                  原子力エネルギー・アウトルック2008 G   開           Shelf
         9789264056398 Reviews of Risk Management Policies          Japan: Large-Scale Floods and Earthquakes
032009031P1       OECD        02/03/2009 架開
         9789264055049 Journal on Development: Development Co-operation Repoprt 2009: Volume 10 Issue 1
432009011P1       OECD        02/03/2009 架開
                  Radioactive Waste Management 2009: Natural Tracer Profiles Across Argillaceous Formations: The CLAYTRAC
6620090219789264060470        03/19/2009 架開
742009021P1                   07/06/2009Competition and Hinterland Connections
                  ITF Round TablesPort 開架
         9789264059566 Rural Policy ReviewsOECD Rural Policy Reviews: China
042009031P1       OECD        05/22/2009 架開
         9789264060197 for Youth/Des emplois pour les jeunesJobs for Youth/Des emplois pour les jeunes: Australia 2009
812009051P1       Jobs        04/29/2009 架開
752009021P1                   Transport: 開
                  Intermodal 05/12/2009 架 National Peer Review: Turkey
         9789264056589 Identity Theft 開架
932009021P1       Online      03/31/2009              Shelf J
982009021P1                   04/21/2009 Manual: SAS, Second Edition
                  PISAPISA Data Analysis 架開
982009031P1                   04/21/2009 Manual: SPSS, Second Edition
                  PISAPISA Data Analysis 架開
812009011P1                   05/19/2009 架開
                  Society at a Glance 2009: OECD Social Indicators

                                                     Page 65

922009011P1                   12/14/2009  Microeconomic Perspective
                  Innovation in Firms: A 開架
         9789264043411 Policies of IEA開架
612008211P1       Energy      03/31/2009CountriesEnergy Policies of IEA Countries: Luxembourg 2008
         9789264038530Bioeconomy to 2030: Designing a Policy Agenda
032009041P1       The         04/21/2009 架開
422009131P1                   04/29/2009 架開
                  Measuring Government Activity
612008241P1                   04/29/2009
                  Cleaner Coal in China 開架
         9789264056787 AidImproving Incentives in Donor Agencies (First Edition): Good Practice and Self-Assessment Tool
432009071P1       Better      08/19/2009 架開
         9789264060210 AidManaging Aid: 架
432009161P1       Better                  開
                              06/10/2009 Practices of DAC Member Countries
         9789264060821 Environmental Performance ReviewsOECD Environmental Performance Reviews, Finland
972009061P1       OECD        06/10/2009 架開
         9789264061941 for Youth/Des emplois pour les jeunesJobs for Youth/Des emplois pour les jeunes: France
812009121P1       Jobs        08/19/2009 架開
812009081P1                   09/01/2009 架開         Shelf J
                  Pensions at a Glance 2009: Retirement-Income Systems in OECD Countries
         9789282101599 in the Transport 架
742009041P1       Trends                  開
                              06/24/2009 Sector 2009
         9789264061705 Economic Outlook 2009: Overview
412009021P1       African     07/02/2009 架開
612009011P1                   05/22/2009 Policies for Energy Efficient Electronics
                  Gadgets and Gigawatts : 架
982009071P1                    at Fifteen?: 架
                  PISAGreen06/10/2009 How 15-Year-Olds Perform in Environmental Science and Geoscience in PISA 2006
982009061P1                    the Class:開架
                  PISATop of05/22/2009High Performers in Science in PISA 2006
         9789264060067 Rural Policy ReviewsOECD Rural Policy Reviews: Spain
042009051P1       OECD        07/16/2009 架開
252009011P1                   06/10/2009 架開
                  Competitiveness and Private Sector DevelopmentSector Specific Sources of Competitiveness in the Western B
         9789264060241 InsightsInternational Trade: Free, Fair and Open?
012009121P1       OECD        06/24/2009 架開
702009013P1                   06/19/2009 架開         Shelf J
                  Research and Development Expenditure in Industry 2009: ANBERD
972009031P1                   06/10/2009 架開
                  Ensuring Environmental Compliance: Trends and Good Practices
232008057P1                   06/10/2009 架開
                  OECDモデル租税条約2008年版(所得と財産に対するモデル租税条約) 簡略版 2009年6月
812009101P1                   07/02/2009Outlook: SOPEMI 2009
                  International Migration開架
302009121P1                   09/18/2009 架開
                  Measuring Capital: OECD Manual Shelf B
         9789264056305Development DimensionInternet Access for Development
032009021P1       The         07/15/2009 架開         Shelf C
212009023P1                   09/15/2009 架開         Shelf
                  Insurance Statistics Yearbook 2009 D
         9789264047280 InsightsInternational Migration: The human face of globalisation
012009111P1       OECD        09/07/2009 架開
         9789264064133 Gas Market Review 2009
612009211P1       Natural     07/06/2009 架開
512009071E1                   06/05/2009 架開
                  Evaluation of Agricultural Policy Reforms in Japan
812008047P1                   06/30/2009 架開         Shelf J
                  図表でみる世界の医薬品政策                 グローバル市場で医薬品の価格はどのように決められ
812007097P1                   07/20/2009 架開         Shelf J
                  国際比較:仕事と家族生活の両立               OECDベイビー&ボス総合報告書
         9        事業再編に係る移転価格上の側面               民間コメント募集のためのディスカッション・ドラフト20
232009007P784930964175        07/10/2009 架開
         9789264030381 of Fisheries in 開架 Countries: Policies and Summary Statistics 2008
532009021P1       Review      07/29/2009   OECD
         9789264055926 African StudiesRegional Atlas on West Africa
442009011P1       West        07/16/2009 架開
232009071P1                   07/27/2009 Compliance by Banks
                  Building Transparent Tax架
512009063P1                   08/17/2009 架開
                  International Standards for Fruit and Vegetables: Early and Ware potatoes
512009031P1                    Policies in開架        Shelf H
                  Agricultural07/31/2009OECD Countries 2009: Monitoring and Evaluation
         9789264061200 Balances of OECD Countries 2009
612009163P1       Energy      08/04/2009 架開
         9789264061170 Statistics of OECD Countries 2009
612009153P1       Energy      08/04/2009 架開
         9789264060746 Territorial Reviews: Chile
042009091P1       OECD        08/04/2009 架開
         9789264068940 Reviews of Labour Market and Social Policies: Slovenia
812009161P1       OECD        07/31/2009 架開
         9789264064508 of Digital Content架
932009061P1       Piracy      07/31/2009  開         Shelf J
         9789264067226 Reviews of Innovation Policy: Korea 2009
922009041P1       OECD        07/31/2009 架開
872009011P1                   08/04/2009 架開
                  Creating Effective Teaching and Learning Environments          First Results from TALIS
612009141P1                   08/19/2009 2009 Edition
                  Renewables Information: 架
612009093P1                   08/14/2009 架開
                  Oil Information: 2009 Edition
512009053P1                   08/17/2009 架開
                  International Standards for Fruit and Vegetables: Pears
         9789264044425 Economic and Employment Development (LEED)Clusters, Innovation and Entrepreneurship
842009061P1       Local       08/19/2009 架開
         9789264060838 Environmental Performance ReviewsOECD Environmental Performance Reviews, Greece 2009
972009071P1       OECD        03/15/2010 架開
         9789264060975 Government Debt: Statistical Yearbook 2009
302009113P1       Central     10/06/2009 架開
         9789264059832 Communications Outlook 2009 J
932009031P1       OECD        09/15/2009 架開         Shelf
512009021P1                   08/14/2009 Outlook Shelf H
                  OECD-FAO Agricultural 架 開         2009
         9789264044494Future09/02/2009 架 Migration to OECD Countries
032009061P1       The                     開
                               of International     Shelf C
         9789264068827 Trade at a Glance 2009: Maintaining Momentum
432009181P1       Aid for     08/24/2009 架開         Shelf E
         9789264067257 Reviews of Regulatory Reform: Italy 2009: Better Regulation to Strengthen Market Dynamics
422009171P1       OECD        02/25/2010 架開
962009061P1                   09/08/20092009:
                  Education at a Glance 開架 OECD Indicators
962009051P1                   09/08/2009 架開
                  Highlights from Education at a Glance 2009
432009171P1                   Climate Change
                                          開         Shelf into
                  Integrating 08/24/2009 架 Adaptation E Development Co-operation: Policy Guidance

                                                   Page 66

         9789264073067Political Economy開架
112009011P1       The                                 Lessons
                              09/01/2009of Reform:Shelf C from Pensions, Product Markets and Labour Markets in Ten OECD C
         9789264043541 Reviews of Regulatory ReformRegulatory Impact Analysis: A Tool for Policy Coherence
422009161P1       OECD                   開
                              09/18/2009 架           Shelf F
612009131P1                   08/24/20092009
                  Electricity Information開架
         9789264075276 Transfer Pricing Guidelines for Multinational Enterprises and Tax Administrations 2009
232009111P1       OECD                   開
                              09/15/2009 架           Shelf D
662009063P1                   09/15/2009 架
                  Nuclear Energy Data 2009           Shelf G
         9789264061088 Gas Information 2009
612009121P1       Natural                開
                              09/01/2009 架
         9789264061057 Information 2009 開架
612009111P1       Coal        08/24/2009
         9789264040632Co-operation 2009: Towards Shelf D Playing Field: Assessment by the Global Forum on Transparency and E
232009091P1       Tax                    開
                              09/08/2009 架           a Level
         9789264061231 Statistics of Non-OECD Countries: 2006/2007: 2009 Edition
612009173P1       Energy                 開
                              09/07/2009 架           Shelf G
         9789264061262 Balances of Non-OECD Countries: 2006/2007: 2009 Edition
612009183P1       Energy                 開
                              09/01/2009 架
                  公務員制度改革の国際比較 公共雇用マネジメントの潮流 The State of the Public Service
4220081779784750330587                   開
                              09/25/2009 架           Shelf F
412009041P1                   09/18/2009 架
                                         開           Shelf E
                  Development Centre StudiesPolicy Ownership and Aid Conditionality in the Light of the Financial Crisis: A Critic
982009091P1                   09/29/2009 life?: How 15-year-old boys and girls perform in school
                  PISAEqually prepared 開架 for        Shelf I
512009081P1                   09/29/2009 架
                                         開           Shelf Approach
                  Managing Risk in Agriculture: A HolisticH
232009081P1                   09/18/2009 架
                  Engaging with High Net Worth Individuals on Tax Compliance
         9789264067912 Employment Outlook 2009:Shelf J the Jobs Crisis
812009151P1       OECD                   開
                              09/28/2009 架            Tackling
422009151P1                   12/09/2009 2009 Shelf E
                  Government at a Glance 架
         9789264060371 Policies of IEA開架
612009041P1       Energy                             Shelf Policies of IEA Countries: Portugal 2009
         9789264056060Economics of Climate Change Mitigation: Policies and Options for Global Action beyond 2012
972009011P1       The                    開
                              09/28/2009 架           Shelf H
612009231P1                   09/18/2009 架
                  Sectoral Approaches in Electricity ・Building Bridges to a Safe Climate
         9789264068582 Technology Transitions for Industry: Strategies for the Next Industrial Revolution
612009221P1       Energy                 開
                              09/28/2009 架           Shelf G
         9789264073012Financial Crisis: Reform and Exit Strategies
212009031P1       The                    開
                              10/12/2009 架           Shelf D
         9789264059405 e-Government 開架 Rethinking e-Government Services: User-Centred Approaches
422009091P1       OECD        10/19/2009  Studies Shelf F
         9789264060357 Policies of IEA開架
612009031P1       Energy      28/09/2009Countries: Spain 2009 Review
962009067P1                   10/10/2009 架
                  図表でみる教育 OECDインディケーター 2009年版
912009111P1                   10/19/2009 架
                                         開           Shelf I
                  Students with Disabilities, Learning Difficulties and Disadvantages in the Baltic States, South Eastern Europe an
         9789264075979 Reviews of Innovation PolicyOECD Reviews of Innovation Policy: Mexico 2009
922009051P1       OECD                   開
                              10/13/2009 架
932009051P1                   12/08/2009 架
                  Innovation in the Software Sector
         9789264063778Scoreboard 2009: 開架 Energy Trends over 35 Years
612009201P1       IEA                     35
                              11/03/2009 Key
         9789264073142 Energy Policy Review 2009 Shelf G
612009241P1       Chile                  開
                              11/03/2009 架
532009031P1                   11/03/2009 架
                                         開           Management Organisations
                  Strengthening Regional Fisheries Shelf H
         9789264063716 Science, Technology and Industry Scoreboard 2009
922009031P1       OECD                   開
                              01/22/2010 架
         9789264074200 Health Policy StudiesAchieving Better Value for Money in Health Care
812009171P1       OECD                   開
                              11/18/2009 架           Shelf J
         9789264061538 at a12/08/2009 架
812009111P1       Health                 開
                               Glance 2009: OECD Indicators
         9789264073401 Journal on Budgeting, Volume 2009 Supplement 1OECD Review of Budgeting in Mexico
422009101P1       OECD                   開
                              01/22/2010 架
         9789264075580 for Youth/Des emplois pour les jeunesJobs for Youth/Des emplois pour les jeunes: Poland 2009
812009191P1       Jobs                   開
                              12/01/2009 架
         9789264064515 Tax Convention開架
232009021P3       Model       11/26/2009on Income and on CapitalModel Tax Convention on Income and on Capital: Volumes I and
532009041P1                   12/07/2009 架
                  An Appraisal of the Chilean Fisheries Sector
932009081P1                   12/07/2009 架
                                         開           and J
                  Pharmacogenetics: Opportunities ShelfChallenges for Health Innovation
         9789264024731 Tax 10/19/2009 架
232009161P1       OECD                   開
                               Policy Studies No.18: Taxation of SMEs               Key Issues and Policy Considerations
         9789264045736 Benchmark Definition of ForeignD
202008031P1       OECD                   開
                              12/09/2009 架           Shelf Direct Investment Fourth Edition 2008
912009027P1                   10/26/2009 架
                  日本の大学改革 OECD高等教育政策レビュー:日本          Shelf I
612009261P1                   10/15/2009 架
                                         開           Shelf G
                  Implementing Energy Efficiency Policies 2009                     Are IEA member countries on track?
612009251P1                   10/27/2009CO2:
                  Transport, Energy and開架 Moving Toward Sustainability
662009071P1                   12/07/2009 架
                  Nuclear DevelopmentThe Financing of Nuclear Power Plants
         9789264073296 Economic and Employment Development (LEED)Community Capacity Building: Creating a Better Future T
842009091P1       Local                  開
                              12/07/2009 架
962009081P1                     Research 開and
                  Educational12/07/2009 架InnovationBeyond Textbooks: Digital Learning Resources as Systemic Innovation in th
032009071P1                   12/18/2009 架
                  Innovation and Growth: Chasing a Moving Frontier
         9789264068117 Statistics on International Trade in Services 2009, Volume I, Detailed tables by service category
302009133P1       OECD                   開
                              12/18/2009 架
872009031P1                   12/01/2009 架
                  Evaluating and Rewarding the Quality of Teachers: International Practices
962009071P1                     Research 開and
                  Educational12/14/2009 架InnovationWorking out change: Systemic Innovation in Vocational Education and Train
232009123P1                   11/26/2009 Special feature: Changes to the guidelines for attributing revenues to levels of governm
                  Revenue Statistics 2009:架
         9789264075214 American Economic Outlook 2010
412009031P1       Latin                  開
                              12/01/2009 架
         9789264076112 Territorial ReviewsOECD Territorial Reviews: Trans-border Urban Co-operation in the Pan Yellow Sea R
042009101P1       OECD                   開
                              12/14/2009 架
962009041P1                     Research 開and
                  Educational12/01/2009 架InnovationHigher Education to 2030, Volume 2, Globalisation
         9789264076877 Towns and Renewable Energy: Yes In My Front Yard
612009271P1       Cities,                開
                              12/18/2009 架
         9789264066625 Economic and Employment Development (LEED)Designing Local Skills Strategies
842009071P1       Local                  開
                              12/07/2009 架

                                                      Page 67

         9789264061309 Energy Outlook 開架
612009191P1       World       11/18/2009 2009
         9789264075283 for Youth/Des emplois pour les jeunesJobs for Youth/Des emplois pour les jeunes: United States 2009
812009181P1       Jobs                   開
                              12/14/2009 架
042009111P1                   12/14/2009 架
                  Regions Matter: Economic Recovery, Innovation and Sustainable Growth
         9789264056794 AidCivil Society and Aid Effectiveness: Findings, Recommendations and Good Practice
432009081P1       Better                 開
                              02/24/2010 架
         9789264076952 Investment Policy架
202009091P1       OECD                   開
                              12/21/2009 ReviewsOECD Investment Policy Reviews: India 2009
282009011P1                   01/22/2010 架
                  ADB/OECD Anti-Corruption Initiative for Asia and the PacificStrategies for Business, Government and Civil So
032009081P1                    for Democratic
                  Partnership12/21/2009 架 GovernanceContracting Out Government Functions and Services: Emerging Lesson
422009191P1                   12/18/2009 and
                  Lobbyists, Governments 架 Public Trust, Volume 1: Increasing Transparency through Legislation
302010021P1                   01/22/2010  Capital
                  Handbook on Deriving 開架 Measures of Intellectual Property Products
                  科学技術人材の国際流動性 - グローバル人材競争と知識の創造・普及
9220080879784750331065                   開
                              12/12/2009 架          Shelf J
                  教育とエビデンス 研究と政策の協同に向けて
9620070879784750331140                   開
                              12/28/2009 架
         9789264079311 Force Statistics 2009
302009213P1       Labour                 開
                              01/14/2010 架
922009061P1                   01/27/2010 架
                  Eco-Innovation in Industry: Enabling Green Growth
972010021P1                   02/10/2010 架
                  Globalisation, Transport and the Environment
982009111P1                   04/01/2010 架
                  PISALearning Mathematics for Life: A Perspective from PISA
         9789264079250 Reviews of Labour Market and Social PoliciesOECD Reviews of labour Market and Social Policies: Israel
812010031P1       OECD                   開
                              01/22/2010 架
432010041P1                   01/27/2010 架
                  Conflict and FragilityDo No Harm: International Support for Statebuilding
         9789264077393Development DimensionICTs for Development: Improving Policy Coherence
032009091P1       The                    開
                              02/12/2010 架
982009101P1                   02/04/2010 架
                  PISAPISA 2009 Assessment Framework: Key Competencies in Reading, Mathematics and Science
432009203P1                   02/05/2010 架
                  Creditor Reporting System 2009: Aid activities in support of agriculture
         9789264077270 Environmental Performance ReviewsOECD Environmental Performance Reviews: Luxembourg 2010
972010011P1       OECD                   開
                              04/13/2010 架
         9789264076891Expenditures in OECD Countries
422010041P1       Tax                    開
                              01/27/2010 架
812009027P1                   01/30/2010 架
                  日本の若者と雇用 OECD若年者雇用レビュー:日本     Jobs for Youth: JAPAN                   
0120091279784750331287                   開
                              01/26/2010 架              自

512009077P1                   02/07/2010 架
                  日本の農政改革 競争力向上のための課題とは何か開
532010021P1                   05/11/2010 and
                  Globalisation in Fisheries架 Aquaculture: Opportunities and Challenges
302010031P1                   04/01/2010 架
                  Structural and Demographic Business Statistics 2009
         9789264075207 of Gender and Development: How Social Norms Affect Gender Equality in non-OECD Countries
412010011P1       Atlas                  開
                              03/17/2010 架
         9789264083462 Water Resources架 Water and Sanitation Services
972010041P1       Pricing                開
                              03/17/2010 and
432010031P1                              開架
                  Development Co-operation Report 2010
512010021P1                    Management of
                  Sustainable03/17/2010 架 Water Resources in Agriculture
         9789264080294 Statistics on International Trade in Services 2009, Volume II, Detailed Tables
302010043P1       OECD                   開架
962010051P1                    Research 開 and
                  Educational04/01/2010 架InnovationEducating Teachers for Diversity: Meeting the Challenge
742010011P1                   04/01/2010 架
                  ITF Round TablesIntegration and Competition between Transport and Logistics Businesses
422010101P1                   03/17/2010 架
                  Dedicated Public-Private Partnership Units: A Survey of Institutional and Governance Structures
         9789264082083 for Youth/Des emplois pour les jeunesJobs for Youth/Des emplois pour les jeunes: Greece 2010
812010051P1       Jobs                   開
                              04/01/2010 架
982010031P1                   04/13/2010 架
                  PISAPathways to Success: How Knowledge and Skills at Age 15 Shape Future Lives in Canada
662010031P1                   04/01/2010 架
                  Projected Costs of Generating Electricity 2010
972010051P1                   03/17/2010 架
                  Innovative Financing Mechanisms for the Water Sector
         9789264083950 Rural Policy ReviewsStrategies to Improve Rural Service Delivery
042010051P1       OECD                   開
                              04/27/2010 架
                  OECD生産性測定マニュアル                 産業レベルと集計の生産性成長率測定ガイド       
9220011279784766413557                   開
                              07/20/2009 架
                  スクールリーダーシップ                   教職改革のための政策と実践
9120080579784750330303                   開
                              07/31/2009 架
                  世界の業績予算                       -政策評価・行政評価に基づく新たな予算編成システム-Pe
4220071479784906596072                   開
                              28/02/2010 架
0120071079784750331614                よ 開
                              03/31/2010 架                            知

912010021P1                   National Policies
                  Reviews of 04/01/2010 架 for Education:                            Higher Education in Egypt 2010
302009017P1                   03/31/2010 架
                  図表でみる世界の主要統計 ― OECDファクトブック2009年版
                  地図でみる世界の地域格差 OECD地域指標 2009年版
0420090179784750331720                   開
                              03/31/2010 架
212008067P1                   03/31/2010 架
                  OECD投資審査:ロシア連邦2008 投資のための政策枠組みを強化する
972010007P1                   04/06/2010 架
                                         開          Shelf H
                  OECD毒性試験ガイドライン OECD Guidelines for the Testing of Chemicals Section 4: Health Effects
         9789264079403 Territorial ReviewsOECD Territorial Reviews: Toronto, Canada 2009
042009121P1       OECD                   開
                              04/14/2010 架
252010011P1                    Reform Index 2010: Monitoring Policies and Institutions for Direct Investment in South-East Europe
                  Investment04/13/2010 架 開
662010021P1                   04/13/2010 架
                  Radioactive Waste ManagementPartnering for Long-Term Management of Radioactive Waste: Evolution and Cur
772009021P1                   04/27/2010 架
                  Effective Transport Policies for Corporate Mobility Management
         9789264060432 Policies of IEA開架
612009071P1       Energy      04/27/2010CountriesEnergy Policies of IEA Countries: Canada 2009
         9789264082199 Reviews of Risk Management PoliciesOECD Reviews of Risk Management Policies: Italy 2010: Review of
032010021P1       OECD                   開
                              05/06/2010 架
772009011P1                   05/11/2010 架
                  Improving Reliability on Surface Transport Networks
         9789264084438 Central Government Debt 2010: Statistical Yearbook 2003-2007
212010011P1       African                開
                              05/11/2010 架

                                                     Page 68

         9789264083561 Factbook 2010:開架
302010061P1       OECD      05/25/2010Economic, Environmental and Social Statistics
         9789264082991 Wages 2009Special Feature: Non-Tax Compulsory Payments as an Additional Burden on Labour Income
232010011P1       Taxing              開
                            05/21/2010 架
922001047P1                 3/2002    開架        Shelf J
                  海外技術政策13-3 2.科学、技術及び産業のスコアボード:知識基盤経済へ向かって(2.最終回)
4220091579784750332048                開
                            05/31/2010 架
         9789264085039 National Accounts of OECD Countries 2009, Volume IIIa, Volume IIIb
302009243P1       SET:                開
                            05/20/2010 架

                                                 Page 69

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