The sun has only begun to rise

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					The sun has only begun to rise

By: Alex Aguirre
Ka Leo contributing writer

        “I would have not imagined (it), but senior year is really something
special,” senior Annett Wichmann said.
        After being named the Western Athletic Conference Field Athlete of the
Week last week the all-star senior’s final year as a Rainbow Wahine has been
exactly that.
        Wichmann is one of two Rainbow Wahine, who have earned the title of
WAC Field Athlete of the Week honor and has been a dominant force on the
Women’s Track and Field team ever since her freshman year.
        Fellow award winner, junior Amber Kaufman, who is also a middle-blocker
for the Rainbow Wahine volleyball team, received the award last week after her
performance in the Sacramento State Mundo Invitational.
        “I hope it (their successes) helps to lift the spirit and motivates everyone
for the last couple meets, to just go out there and give their best,” Wichmann
        The 2009 season has shown just a glimpse of the potential that the track
and field team has begun to develop. With its first appearance in the WAC
Championships last year, head coach Carmyn James has elevated the team’s
competitiveness to a whole new level.
        After a 12 year hiatus, Coach James has overseen the program for the
past 9 years and has made it a habit to push her athletes to new heights.
        “Both (Wichmann and Kaufman) are an inspiration to the team. Not only
are we proud of them, but they also push us all to do our best,” freshman thrower
Jenna Robinson stated.
        “It gives us hope that any one of us is able to be athlete of the week to
give the program a better look…These accomplishments put UH on the map as
far as future recruitment goes…(and) we are making our way up to competing
with top colleges, individually and as a team.”
        After such outstanding displays thus far, the Rainbow Wahine have high
hopes for the conclusion of this season as well as the seasons to come.
        Local stand outs like freshman Jamilee Jaminez and sophomore Careena
Onosai are just two of the many younger athletes that have already begun to inch
their way into the spotlight. Both athletes have been putting up impressive results
and have set the bar higher for every track and field member.
        This week, the `Bows will host the Sunset Meet, Saturday, April 11 at the
Clarence T.C. Ching Field, which is the third of six in the series. The javelin,
hammer, and discus events will be held on Friday starting at 2:00 pm, while the
rest of the events will begin on Saturday, with pole vaulting scheduled to start at
2:00 pm.
        The meet is also open to athletes competing independently for a $2 fee,
which is used to raise money for the track program. Previously, the meet has
seen competitors hailing from places such as Canada, Guam, and even local
high schools.
       Serving as an exhibition outing to further prepare the team for the bigger
meets on the mainland, the Sunset Meet is also a chance to bring the community
out to enjoy the track program. The Rainbow Wahine will look to continue its
success and make its mark in the remaining competitions in the 2009 season.
       “There are a lot of seniors that came four years ago and that are now
ready to leave it all out on the track for the last season and give everything we
can,” Wichmann said.