Mandoo recipe by clickmyadspleaseXOXO


									Necessary items – stove, cutting board, sharp knife, strainer, pot (wide), carrot peeler,
wooden spoon, large bowl, extra bowls, cheese cloth, saran wrap, plate, spoon

Ingredients – Mandoo Pe (6 oz), Tofu (firm) 14 oz, ground pork (4-6 oz), green onion
(1/4 cup), carrot (1/3 length), mung bean sprouts (5 oz), yangban vermicelli (3-4 oz), Kim
chee (4-8 oz), pepper (1 tspn), 1 egg

Almost everything needs to be de-liquefied
1. Boil bean sprouts (6-7 minutes). When ready squeeze out water. Chop bean sprouts
into small pieces. Put into large bowl.
2. Break up tofu in an extra bowl. Squeeze out water using cheese cloth. Add to bowl.
3. Dice green onions and carrot. Add to bowl.
4. Boil vermicelli noodles (5 minutes). Rise in strainer when ready. Squeeze out water.
Chop noodles into small pieces. Add to bowl.
5. Squeeze water out of kim chee using cheese cloth. Add to bowl.
6. Add pepper.
7. Break and scramble egg in an extra bowl. Add raw egg to large bowl.
8. Mix everything thoroughly with hands.
9. Prepare a small bowl of water. Put saran wrap on top of the large plate or tray (so the
mandoo does not stick). Use a dry hand to hold the pe. Use other hand to wet outer
edges of pe with water. Fill pe with as much filling as possible. Close pe starting at the
top and working towards the corners. Do not let finished mandoo stick to each other.
About 30 pe are needed for this amount of filling.
10. Boil mandoo in pot (as many that can fit in the pot without sticking to each other).
Boiling time is roughly 7-8 minutes. Mandoo can be fried as well.
11. Dipping sauce – 1 part vinegar to 4 parts shoyu, or just shoyu.

*add or subtract ingredients as desired.

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