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					Don’t Repeat – Compliment!

     Ms. Simone Becker
    Ms. Leonie Ley-Mitchell
The Beginning…

   1985 Enrollment - 51 Students
1987 Enrollment - 193 Students
AIS Today
  Current Enrollment – 930 Students
          Where We Are Now
• With the adoption of the IB in all divisions,
  AIS offers a continuum of international
  education from K-12.
• The Primary School provides one
  challenging curriculum in two languages
  embracing the principles of the IBPYP.
• Students spend approximately 50% of
  their time in English and 50% in French,
  Spanish, or German from 4K to Grade 5.
Monday/English                      Tuesday/French
     8:20        Start of School         8:20
   8:20-9:35       Instruction         8:20-9:35
   9:35-9:50         Snack             9:35-9:50
  9:50-10:05         Recess           9:50-10:05
  10:05-11:40      Instruction        10:05-11:40
  11:40-12:05        Lunch            11:40-12:05
  12:10-12:50    Specials (either     12:10-12:50
                 PE, Art, Music)
  12:50-1:15         Recess           12:50-1:15
   1:15-2:40       Instruction         1:15-2:40
     2:45           Carpool              2:45
            Language Policy
AIS strives to make every student proficient in
two languages. All students will have the
knowledge of and the ability to use two
languages, but not all of them to the same
extent. Students vary in their ability to learn a
second language; some will achieve functional
proficiency in the target language while others
will become truly bilingual. The acquisition of
language must be seen as a continuum along
which each individual student progresses at
his/her own speed.
        Mission Impossible

To begin with the end in mind
 means to start with a clear
 understanding of our destination.
              Stephen R. Covey
     Challenges Along the Way
• Stereotypes
• “Teaching only 85 days a year”
• Collaboration
• Perspective of the student and not the
• Two sets of rooms, teachers, rules and
  resources for each student
• Second Language Acquisition (differences
  between languages)
• 6 years of common planning time -
  professional culture
• Specifically addresses subject areas within
  the transdisciplinary program
• Textbook is never the program
• Language Arts Curriculum review
• Six Traits
• Example: Under Construction
Science: Under Construction
       Strand                  Related              Content                       Skills
                               Concepts           Children will            Children will be able
                                                 demonstrate an                  to do…
Materials and            Form:                 A man-made structure       Research skills:
matter:                  properties            is a collection of         Use scientific inquiry to
                                               components assembled       design and conduct
Properties of                                  to support a weight        investigations
building materials       Function:
                                                                          Explore the properties of a
(stability, structure)   stability, process,
                                               Properties of materials    variety of building materials
                         forces                determine their use        Investigate how structures
Forces:                                                                   stand up
                         Connection:           How structures are built   Explain cause and effect
Squeezing,               interdependence       (from design to actual     relationships
stretching, bending,                           building)
sliding, twisting                                                         Thinking skills:
                                               All structures have a      Investigate geometric
                                               purpose                    designs to figure out which
                                                                          ones support more weight
                                               Structures are built in    Select, research and design a
                                               interdependence with       structure in a particular
                                               the local environment      environmental setting
 Mathematics: Under Construction
Grade          Unit               Strand           Expectations

  2     Transdisciplinary         Numbers
        Theme:                                        Add and subtract 2-digit numbers
        How the world                                 Multiplication by 2’s, 5’s, 10’s
        works                                         Read and write numbers up to a 1,000
        Unit Title:
        Under                  Measurement
        Construction                                  Measure length/height/weight in metric and US standard
        Central Idea:
        People and
        animals build a      Patterns & function
        variety of                                    Patterns in multiples
        structures to meet
        their needs.
                              Shape and space
                                                      Symmetry
                                                      Construct symmetrical shapes
                                                      Perimeter and area of polygons
                                                      Similarities and differences between 2 D and 3-D shapes

                               Data handling
                                                      Construct data tables, bar graphs, and tally charts
                   Language Arts: Under
Listening/Speaking                    Language Standards                    Reading                               Writing

Recalls sequence of events,           Parts of Speech                       Distinguishes between different       Uses part of the writing process:
remembers important detail:           Identifies nouns, verbs,              types of text:                        Improves writing using given
Summarize and present characters      adjectives:                           Alphabetizes to the third letter      criteria and checklists:
in the book (Sockensuchmaschine)      Carousel activity:                    Finds words in a dictionary           Traits: Organization and Ideas:
Sequences events (spaghetti tower,    Look for nouns, verbs and             Recognizes fiction/ non fiction:      Journal entries –plan your draft,
etc)                                  adjectives that have to do with       Use encyclopedia to look up           introduce common graphic
PowerPoint on bridges – watch.        construction                          definition of construction and        organizer
Listen, view and take notes: which    Work with vocabulary lists,           estehtics, review ABC order (1st      Use sample papers for
materials are used, which bridge is   review parts of speech                unit focus)                           organization
build for which purpose etc.          Compound nouns (words using –                                               Use checklist to revise work
                                      haus or Haus-)                        Reads and responds to a variety       Sequence: Read sentence strips on
Speaks clearly with appropriate       Conjugation of verbs in present       of text:                              Spaghetti tower steps and
expression:                           tense ( use construction verbs:       Fiction:                              sequence
Present children’s right during UN    abuen, streichen, etc)                Literature connections:
assembly,                             Past tense – Perfekt ( ich habe       Sockensuchmachine                     Writes for a variety of purposes:
Sing Rights of the Children           gebaut) of verbs                      Das große böse Schwein und die        Procedural writing: Record
                                                                            drei kleinen Wölfe                    experiments: Newspaper tower
Uses complete sentences with          Uses complete sentences with          Reads aloud with confidence,          Spaghetti Tower
appropriate word order Describe       appropriate word order:               fluency and some expression:          Build a bridge that carries a load
drawing of construction place to      Passive/ active voice: ich baue ein   Expressing different roles            Use scientific process structure to
each other, speak and record about    hause. Ein Haus wird gebaut.          Use text to classify materials and    record (Question, Hypothesis,
what you see in complete              Applies known spelling patterns:      tools for construction on chart       Experiment, Observation,
sentences                             Double consonants after short         Non-fiction:                          conclusion)
Song: “Fleißige Handwerker”, Use      vowels from vocabulary list for       Read text about AIS history
pantomime to show different verbs     unit                                  Reading comprehension questions       Write research report on influence
Present finding of research to the                                          Read pages on climate, purpose,       on construction: Purpose, climate,
group                                                                       materials and architects and          architects, materials
Expresses opinions:                                                         construction
Defend position on esthetics – do                                           Use information text to find
you think AIS is an esthetic                                                information, record date, interpret
building                                                                    it and present in written and oral
                                                                            form on poster

• Inquiry based instruction
• Inquiry Cycle by Kath Murdoch
              Inquiry Cycle

          Finding             Sorting
            Out                Out

Tuning                by                     Going
  In                 Kath                   further

         Taking                Making
         Action               Conclusions
            Teaching Cont.
• Example: City Life
• Literature based
• Example: Connecting
  the Pieces (Number
  the Stars SP, FR, E)
• Learning about
• Example: A Long
  Time Ago
Assessment-Essential Agreements
Pre- and Summative Assessment - Practical
  implication at AIS:
These assessments for the units of inquiry can be
  done in one language, or it can be shared by the
  two language teachers. The students should be
  given a choice of language, as this is not a
  language assessment but linked to the central
  idea of the unit. It should only be used to assess
  the conceptual understandings and not the
  language skills.
Example: A Long Time Ago (GE, SP)
           Assessment cont.

•   Concept versus language ability
•   Example: Under Construction
•   OLA, ERB’s, Writing Assessment
•   Report Cards
The Long and Winding Road…