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Introduction: My name is Luke Welling and I am currently a student at Florida Gulf Coast University studying
Elementary Education. My desired area to teach is upper-level elementary grades. This past semester, I was
assigned to read 30 children’s books documenting each in a list that will help me reference books to future
students. I hope to not only use this list as a reference, but also as a source for teaching lessons on various
       In order to produce the list below, I referred to different sources. My first source was Top 10 read aloud
lists that were supplied in an education textbook called The Joy of Children’s Literature by Denise Johnson. This
book was a great help because each chapter discussed a different genre of literature, then had a Top 10 list of
books that fell under each genre. Another source that I used was a database constructed by Lisa R. Bartle. This
list was especially helpful because it searches books that fall under different age categories, genres, and types of
literature. The final source that I used was my own memory. I tried to recall different books that I read in the
past that I enjoyed reading.
       It is important to develop an array of book genres and themes when choosing and selecting books. Concerning
this, Johnson mentions that “the content and availability of books on specific topics gives children the opportunity
to think critically and creatively, to solve problems, to make judgments, and to discuss literature with other
children” (Johnson, p. 4). It is also important to have a wide selection of books because one never knows which book
will spark a child’s interest for reading, a factor that might affect the rest of that child’s life. One thing that
sparks interest, or disinterest for that matter, is prior experiences that the reader connects to a book. This is
why it is important to learn about a student and his/her likes and dislikes so selected texts will be found
“interesting, engaging, and accessible” (p. 27). A wider selection of books is always more beneficial.
       I look forward to using this list in the future. I am especially excited to see the joy and newfound knowledge
the students experience from these books.
Reflection: Creating a list like this was completely new to me. I have never been that interested in reading, lest
develop a library of books to read and even reference to others. Despite that, I found it very beneficial. One
benefit that I gained from doing this project is the expansion of my children’s book knowledge. Throughout my
childhood, I might have encountered five of the books listed below. Every other book gave new experiences and
filled the void of literature that was missing from my life. A few of the books that I especially enjoyed was Owl
Moon, Big Country, Big Men, Old Yeller , Hatchet, Why Mosquitoes Buzz in People’s Ears, and Click, Clack, Cows that
Type. One reason I enjoyed Owl Moon so much is because of my relationship with my own father. Taking a journey
like the two main characters did in this book reminded me of something my father and I would do. Big Country, Big
Men is an excellent book of enjoyable tall tales that I recall hearing as a child. Reading some of them gave me a
nostalgic feeling. I also enjoyed Old Yeller and Hatchet because to me, these are typical boy stories, one about
responsibility and the other about courage. Finally, Why Mosquitoes Buzz in People’s Ears and Click, Clack, Cows
that Type were books that I found very humorous and amusing. Other books in this list had good morals, great
plots, or neat designs. I plan on using each of these books in lessons in the future and will label this list Mr.
Welling’s favorite books, so students will take special interest in them.

Title, Author, Copyright              Theme                             Personal Response to the Book                          Classroom Use
      Genre, Pages                   Summary
Picture Books                                      primary general, Sci or SS focus
Mouse Count, Walsh,        Counting (K-3)/                 I thought this was a great book for its interdisciplinary   I would use this story to teach
E.S., 1991, Fiction, 32    Mouse Count is a book about a   content. It can be used for language arts and math.         the parts of a story using a
                           snake’s search for dinner. As                                                               story map. We would identify
                           he catches more and more                                                                    the author, main characters,
                           mice, he is overtaken by                                                                    setting, plot, problem, and
                           greed. When he comes back                                                                   solution.
                           for his dinner, he finds a
                            Awards-Boston Globe/Horn
                            Book Award, ALA
                            Notable/Best Books Award,
                            ABA Book Council
Owl Moon, Yolen, J.,        Owls (4-5)/                      I really like this book because it is about a journey. I      This book would be great to
1989, Fiction, 28           This is a wonderful book that    myself am highly active and very curious about the world      teach different geographic
                            depicts a father and             around me. This would be a great book for those               locations of Massachusetts and
                            daughter’s journey to find an    students who share the same interests.                        how to pinpoint locations by
                            owl. As they walk through the                                                                  using a map. The students can
                            woods, the father makes owl                                                                    even create their own journeys
                            calls. Finally, they find a                                                                    by using a map or even an atlas.
                            wonderful creature, the
                            Great Horned Owl./
                            Awards-Caldecott Medal
Brooklyn Bridge, Curlee,    Historic Construction (8-12)/    I thought it was very interesting learning about the          I would give each student an
L., 2001, Nonfiction, 35    This picture book tells how      Brooklyn Bridge. I never knew of John and Washington          event from the provided
                            the Brooklyn Bridge was built    Roebling. This book is eye-opening as it goes beneath the     timeline, ask the students to
                            lead by the ideas of a father    surface of what the bridge is and means.                      find a picture or draw an
                            and son. It also gives a brief                                                                 interpretation of the event,
                            history of the bridge./                                                                        then present it in front of the
                            Awards-Smithsonian’s                                                                           class. The students would be
                            Notable Book, Robert F.                                                                        grouped to present and we can
                            Sibert Nonfiction award, ALA                                                                   figure out what sequence they
                            Notable/Best Books                                                                             go in. This would test knowledge
                                                                                                                           we gained from the book.
The Skull Alphabet Book ,   Investigation (K-3)/             I really enjoyed this book because of the author’s            This would be a great book
Pallotta, J., 2002,         Animal Biography (K-3)/          writing style. He writes as if he is setting you up to hear   for animal identification
Science, 32                 This picture book                the answer of what the animal skull is, but instead, has      from a biological standpoint.
                            challenges the reader to         the reader investigate.
                            guess the animal according
                            to the animal skull that is
                            shown. The reader
                            discovers different
                        animals from A-Z through
                        observation of the design
                        of the skull and what clues
                        can be gained according to
                        the design of the skull.

The Boston Tea Party,   American Revolution (K-3)/        I especially like this book because it goes beyond the      I would use this book in a choral
Edwards, P.D., 2001,    This book gives a description     single event of the Boston Tea Party. Instead it gives      reading activity to practice
Social Studies, 30      of the events that lead up to     the reader background knowledge of how and why the          fluency.
                        the Boston Tea Party. From        event happened.
                        the picking of tea leaves from
                        far-off lands to why we
                        celebrate the 4th of July, the
                        story gives an account of why
                        the event of the Boston Tea
                        Party was so important. This
                        book is excellent for
                        repeated phrasing activities.
Traditional Literature                Folk Tale, Myth, Epic, Multicultural Cinderella
Big Men, Big Country,   Tall Tales (4-5)/                 I really enjoyed reading through this book. It took me      One way to use this book would
Walker, P.R., 2000,     This book is a collection of      back to my days as a child listening to stories about the   be to teach main ideas and
Folktale, 79.           American tall tales about         great American tall-tale legends.                           sequence of events by using
                        characters such as Paul                                                                       story boards.
                        Bunyan, Pecos Bill, Davy
                        Crockett, and Old Stormalong.
                        One story in particular is
                        about Old Stormalong and how
                        he was the greatest, and
                        biggest, sailor who ever sailed
                        the seas. It tells of his many
                        voyages up to his death./
                            Awards-Aesop Award.
Why Mosquitoes Buzz in      Origins (K-3)/                   This was a very interesting book for me. I thought it was    This book would be great to use
People’s Ears, Aardema,     This book is a fantastic         humorous as the book progressed, although, I also            to teach onomatopoeia, a word
V., 1975, Fable, 26         African folktale that            thought it was a pretty harsh ending.                        that describes a sound. This
                                                                                                                          would also be a great book to
                            explains why mosquitoes
                                                                                                                          teach how early Africans viewed
                            buzz in our ears. When
                                                                                                                          the world.
                            mosquito tells a lie to
                            iguana, a chain-effect
                            occurs that includes an
                            animal death. At this point,
                            a council comes together to
                            hunt for the animal
                            responsible for the death.
                            Throughout the book,
                            onomatopoeia is used to
                            describe the sounds the
                            different animals make./
                            Awards-Caldecott Medal,
                            ALA Notable/Best Books,
                            SLJ Best Books.
Yeh-Shen: A Cinderella      Rags to Riches (K-3)/            I thought this was an interesting take on the story of       This book can be used to teach
Story from China, Louie,    This is a different              Cinderella. It was neat reading about the fish-bones and     compare/contrast skills by using
A.L., 1982, Multicultural   perspective on the story of      how they take the role of the American-version Fairy-        Venn Diagrams to differentiate
Cinderella, 32.             Cinderella told from a Chinese   God mother. In fact, it is actually closer to the original   between the Chinese version and
                            perspective. The story is        Western story when Cinderella makes wishes on a twig.        the more well-known Disney
                            about a young girl named Yeh-                                                                 version of Cinderella.
                            Shen who wishes onto magical
                            dead fish bones for serious
                            needs. Her serious need arises
                            when her stepmother demands
                            she stays home from an event
                            where a prince chooses a lady
                           to marry. After asking the
                           bones for help, she finds
                           herself dressed
                           extravagantly. She attends
                           the ball where she is
                           recognized by her step-
                           sisters. When noticed, she
                           runs and loses her shoe. The
                           king finds her shoe and
                           eventually finds its owner.
                           After being found, the prince
                           asks Yeh-Shen’s hand in
                           Awards-Boston Globe/Horn
                           Book Award, SLJ Best Book
Modern Fantasy:                               ( primary, intermediate, upper)
Good Night, Good Knight,   Helping Others (K-3)/           This is a great book that allows young readers to easily   This book can be used in the
Thomas, S.M., 2002,        In this story, The Good         connect with sleeping troubles. This would be a good       classroom to build vocabulary.
Fiction, 48                Knight comes to save three      book to have in the classroom because, in my opinion, it   For any unknown words, the
                           dragons from what seems to      allows the reader prior knowledge, a key component in      student can place these words in
                           be a sleepless night. To help   comprehension.                                             a word jar. In order to learn the
                           the dragons, The Good Knight                                                               word jar words, the student can
                           meets each dragon’s need                                                                   look at the word, draw a picture
                           that helps them fall asleep./                                                              of it, and write it in a sentence.
                           Awards-Boston Globe/Horn
                           Book Award, ALA
                           Notable/Best Books, SLJ
                           Best Book, BCCB Blue Ribbon
                           Book, Parent’s Guide Book
Fly By Night,              Adventure (4-6)/                This book reminds me of the upside-down world from the     For this book, students will
Hardinge, F., 2006,        Fly By Night is about an        book Fahrenheit 451. To me, this is an interesting take    learn to write through the RAFT
Fiction, 487.              orphan named Mosca Mye.         only from a child’s perspective in a fantasy world.        strategy. Each student will take
                     Mosca is an orphan of a                                                                     on the role of a character from
                     murdered father and a                                                                       the book, choose an audience to
                     mother who died at                                                                          write to, choose a format to
                     childbirth. Mosca’s world is                                                                write in, and write about a topic
                     different from our own; in                                                                  from the reading. By using this
                     her world, books are banned.                                                                strategy, students learn to
                     Punished for her ability to                                                                 write in different styles such as
                     read, Mosca escapes a prison                                                                a letter, poem, postcard, diary
                     setting. After escaping with                                                                entry, etc. and are given focus
                     Eponymous Clent, a con man,                                                                 for their writing.
                     they meet a crazy goose
                     named Saracen. The three
                     experience dangerous
                     journeys together, including
                     the restructuring of a
                     corrupt land./
                     Awards-BCCB Blue Ribbon
                     Book, Publisher’s Weekly Best
                     Book, SLJ Best Book.
Fahrenheit 451,      Futuristic Society (Upper       Once into the book, I could not put this one down. There    This book can be used to teach
Bradbury, R. 1989,   Level)/                         was a lot of action and unforeseen plot twists that         character development within a
Fiction, 179.        Fahrenheit 451 is a story set   entices the reader to read more. It is scary to think how   story by following a character’s
                     in a futuristic society that    this prophetical book is so close to being real in an age   role throughout the story.
                     has a mission to burn every     where books are being transferred onto electronic
                     book for the common good.       devices such as I-Pads and Kindels.
                     When Guy Montag starts
                     exploring intellectual ideas,
                     he is scrutinized and is even
                     turned into an outcast, an
                     outlaw who must be killed.
                     Montag starts on a journey to
                     find a new society that
                     memorizes books to hold onto
                     the rich history of the world
                            that once was. Towards the
                            end of the story, his eyes are
                            opened to a world that has
                            been a cover-up by the
Poetry Books                              (primary, intermediate, upper)
Wiggle, Cronin, D., 2005,   Movement (K-3)/                   I thought this was a very fun book, especially for young    I would give students a list of
Rhyme Book, 36.             This rhyme book is one            children.                                                   words from the book. The task
                            that is about the many                                                                        of the student would be to find
                            ways to wiggle. The many                                                                      words that rhyme with the
                                                                                                                          provided words. After finding
                            ways to wiggle are given
                                                                                                                          these rhyming words, the
                            from the perspective of a
                                                                                                                          student would use the two
                            breakfast-cooking, bed-                                                                       rhyming words in a sentence.
                            jumping, imaginative
                            cartoon dog./
                            Awards-BCCB Blue Ribbon

Sharing the Seasons: A      Seasons (4-5)/                    I really enjoyed the color scheme in this book. Each gave   After reading different poems
Book of Poems, Hopkins,     Sharing the Seasons is a          an appropriate warmth and coolness to each season.          from this book, the students will
L.B., 2010, Poetry, 83      collection of poems written by                                                                write in a form of poetry that
                            well-known, and other cultural                                                                describes their favorite part of
                            poets. Each poem gives a                                                                      any season. After writing, the
                            different description of a                                                                    students will share their poems
                            season, each from a different                                                                 with the class. This activity
                            perspective. The poems truly                                                                  teaches the different seasons
                            give a view of the seasons in a                                                               as well as poetry forms such as
                            creative and visual way.                                                                      Haiku, Cinquain, found poetry,
                                                                                                                          and free-style.

Space Songs, Livingston,    Space (5-7)/                      I really liked how each poem describes the title word       After reading poems from this
M.C., 1988, Poetry, 31.     This book gives descriptions      with definition like statements. In some poems, sensory     book, students will collaborate
                            of space jargon such as           words are given so the reader can almost feel what it is    to create a song about space.
                            satellites, meteorites,           describing.                                                The creation of the song will be
                            asteroids, Milky Way, and                                                                    a practice of rhyme, beat,
                            comets through creative                                                                      speed, and rhythm.
                            poetry. Each poem describes
                            the space word with clever
                            adjectives and gives each
                            word feeling. The poems take
                            abstract concepts and make
                            them concrete through the
                            connection of word meanings
                            to its visual artistic picture.
Realistic Fiction:                             (primary, intermediate, upper)
Radio Boy, Denslow, S.P.,   Inventions (K-3)/                 I thought this was an interesting book that shows one is   One of the inventions that
1995, Realistic Fiction,    This story is about a boy         never too young to fix a problem.                          Nathan tinkers with is street
29.                         named Nathan who was a                                                                       lights. I would use this idea to
                            young boy inventor. In the                                                                   teach about electricity and
                            small town of Murray,                                                                        demonstrate to the class what a
                            Kentucky, Nathan makes                                                                       circuit is. Using a battery, a
                            different contraptions that                                                                  wire, and a small light bulb, I
                            even Mr. Gaines, a local                                                                     would split the students up into
                            business owner, marvels at.                                                                  groups, giving each group
                            When a friend of Mr. Gaines                                                                  directions on how to connect
                            contacts him about a broken                                                                  different circuits. The students
                            telephone, Mr. Gaines tells                                                                  must test each circuit to see
                            the friend to send it because                                                                which work and which do not.
                            he has just the person to fix
                            it. Giving it to the boy
                            inventor, Nathan tinkers with
                            it for a week and finally fixes
                            it and goes on to discover
                            other marvelous inventions.
Old Yeller, Gipson, F.,     Friendship (4-5)/                 This book gave me an idea of what life was like in Texas   I would use this book in literacy
1956, Realistic Fiction,    Old Yeller is a boy meets dog     during the 1860s. I thought it was a great book that       circles. Each student would find
158.                       story set in the state of         exemplifies responsibility.                                  a different way to connect to
                           Texas. After his father goes                                                                   the text according to different
                           away to herd cattle in an                                                                      roles. This activity also
                           effort to bring home money                                                                     promotes cooperative learning.
                           for the family, Travis is given
                           the role of man of the house.
                           One day, a yellow dog arrives
                           giving a bad first impression
                           after stealing meat and
                           jumping in a spring-water
                           pond. Instantly, Yeller is
                           placed on Travis’s bad side.
                           As the story goes on, Travis
                           grows fond of Yeller after
                           seeing how Yeller protects he
                           and his family. In his final
                           protecting effort, Yeller gets
                           rabies and is now a danger to
                           the family. Now, Travis
                           knows what he must do to
                           protect his own family./
                           Awards-Newbery Honor,
                           State Award, Young Reader’s
                           Choice Award.
Hatchet, Paulsen, G.,      Survival (5-7)/                   This book sparked great interest with me. It would be        This book can be used to teach
2002, Realistic Fiction,   Hatchet is a book about a         great for any active boy or girl or perhaps even any child   about different geography
195.                       young boy who is part of a        who is currently experiencing divorce.                       landscapes and focus on the
                           divorced family. On a plane                                                                    type of land Brian had to live on.
                           trip to see his father, his                                                                    A study can be done about what
                           pilot dies and the plane                                                                       kind of meats and vegetation
                           crashes into the forest below.                                                                 would be available to Brian
                           Brian does what he can to                                                                      according to the location.
                           survive in the wild with a
                           hatchet given to him by his
                          mother. /
                          Awards-SLJ Best Book, State
                          Award, Margaret A. Edwards
                          Award, ALA Notable/Best
                          Books, Newbery Honor,
Historical Fiction                       (primary, intermediate, upper)
A Brave Soldier, Debon,   WWI (K-3)/                       This book was very political to me and had a bit of a bias   In order to feel what the
N., 2002, Fiction, 32     This book is one that is about   against war activity. Despite, it shows what innocence       characters feel and practice
                          a Canadian soldier named         most soldiers have going into a war and debunks all          fluency at the same time, I
                          Frank. Frank, along with many    naivety that many people think about war.                    would create a Reader’s Theatre
                          other Canadian soldiers at                                                                    to go with this book. I would
                          this time, was excited to                                                                     hand out scripts and have the
                          enter the war thinking it                                                                     students re-read them seven
                          would be finished quickly.                                                                    times before presenting them in
                          Throughout the book, he                                                                       front of the class. They should
                          finds out the harsh reality                                                                   get a feel of what most soldiers
                          that is war and how it isn’t                                                                  around the world felt before
                          what he expected it would be.                                                                 entering the war compared to
                                                                                                                        what they felt during the
A Faraway Island, Thor,   Holocaust Period (4-5)/          I have been fortunate enough never to have been in a         This book can be used as a
A., 2009, Fiction, 247    At the start of the second       foster home, but I do know what it is to be in a divided     source to help talk about WWII
                          World War, two Jewish            home. This book reminds me of different walks of life        and events that lead up to the
                          sisters from Vienna, Austria,    my youngest sister and I have had.                           entrance of the United States.
                          Stephanie and Nellie, are sent                                                                I would have the students do a
                          to Sweden by their parents in                                                                 QAR on the book, answering
                          order to flee Nazi                                                                            questions that are “right there”
                          advancements. Each sister is                                                                  in the book, “think and search”
                          brought up in a different                                                                     questions, “author and me”
                          foster home as they wait for                                                                  questions, and “on my own”
                          their parents to meet them                                                                    questions. This is used to learn
                          again. One sister is                                                                          the different kinds of questions
                          flourishing in the Swedish                                                                    and where and how to find the
                        lifestyle, the other, not so                                                                   answers to them. This book is
                        much as she is bullied by                                                                      also a great tool to use to teach
                        fellow students and lives in a                                                                 about European culture during
                        cold climate living                                                                            WWII including the climate of
                        environment. It is an                                                                          the people and the economy.
                        interesting book that shows
                        two different foster
                        Awards-Mildred Batchelder
                        Award, Horn Book Fanfare,
Lizzie Bright and the   Racism (5-6)/                    While reading this book, I experienced many emotions as       This book can be used to teach
Buckminster Boy,        Lizzie Bright and the            the book took me through an experience of one of its          from a social studies
Schmidt, G., 2004,      Buckminster Boy is a book        characters, Turner. The book puts into story form a           perspective to show how people
Fiction, 219.           about racial tension between     harsh reality that once was and still exists today, racism.   and places change over time. A
                        a white Maine community and                                                                    comparison can be done to show
                        an outcast black community                                                                     what life was like during this
                        that lives a channel away on                                                                   time period compared to today.
                        Malaga Island. In an effort
                        from a town to oust the black
                        community in exchange for
                        condos and tourism
                        attractions, Turner stands
                        strong against what seems to
                        be a juggernaut looking to
                        plow through anything that
                        stands in its way./
                        Awards-Newberry Honor, SLJ
                        Best Book, ALA Best Book for
                        Young Adults, Michael Printz
                        Award, ALA Notable/Best
Non Fiction                             (primary, intermediate, upper)
What Do You Do With a      Animal Science (K-3)             I really like how the author first poses a question      In order to better learn and
Tail Like This? Jenkins,   This was a wonderful book        about each function, then asks the reader to             identify which parts belong to
S., Page, R., 2003,        that teaches about the           identify the animal and what the animal might use        each animal, students will
Nonfiction, 32             many functions of eyes,                                                                   participate in a double-line drill.
                                                            it for.
                                                                                                                     Each student will be given an
                           ears, noses, feet, mouths,
                                                                                                                     animal and will explain as much
                           and tails of various
                                                                                                                     as they can to the person across
                           animals. The author has                                                                   from them. The students take
                           the reader use                                                                            turns sharing information.
                           investigative skills to
                           figure out which body
                           parts belong to which
                           Awards-Caldecott Honor,
                           BCCB Blue Ribbon Book,
                           ALA Notable/Best Books,
                           NCTE Notable Children’s
                           Books in the Language
Scholastic Atlas of        Weather (4-5)                    I really liked how this book implemented different       This book can be used in a unit
Weather, Scholastic        This book gives factual          measurements and charts exposing the reader to various   about weather. Math can be
Editors, 2004,             information about various        math and science tools scientists use to determine       implemented by testing
Nonfiction, 80             weather patterns such as         weather.                                                 different measurement systems
                           tornadoes, thunderstorms,                                                                 such as, for example, the use of
                           snowfalls, and hurricanes. It                                                             thermometers and recording
                           is a fact book about what the                                                             information.
                           causes are for change in
                           weather patterns and also
                           tells about many weather
                           terms such as precipitation,
                           weather prediction, pollution,
                           etc. The book also provides
                           various experiments.
The American Revolution     American Revolution (5-6)         I really enjoyed this book for the stories that it gave   As a pre-writing activity about
for Kids: A History With    This book gives a collection of   and the information that followed. This could be a        the battles that preceded the
21 Activities, Herbert,     stories of events that lead up    phenomenal resource for a teacher.                        American Revolution, the
J., 2002, Nonfiction, 139   to and occurred during the                                                                  students will create a data
                            American Revolution. In the                                                                 chart that labels battles, dates
                            book are also useful activities                                                             of battles, the location of the
                            that really bring the text to                                                               battle, and whether the battle
                            life for example, brewing root                                                              was a win or loss for the
                            beer, and performing                                                                        Patriots.
                            different dances from the

DIVERSE POPULATIONS                          (primary, intermediate,upper)
My Diary from Here to       Family Moves (K-3)/               This is an outstanding book that is great for             I would use this book using
There, Pérez, A.I., 2002,   Amada is a young girl who         immigrant families, or even families that have            prediction strategies, such as
Fiction Diary, 32.          lives in a Mexican family         experienced a new move. In elementary schools             picture walks and telling about
                            that is undergoing                                                                          the book solely by the cover.
                                                              today, these students are common. It would be
                                                                                                                        This book can greatly be used to
                            economical hardship. In           great to have this book around in the classroom.
                                                                                                                        identify with immigrant families.
                            order to provide for his
                                                                                                                        In response, this book can be
                            family, her father leaves                                                                   used to teach diary/reflective
                            Mexico for America to gain                                                                  writing.
                            funds so his family can
                            survive. The book is
                            written from a diary
                            perspective to the reader
                            and is translated from
                            Spanish to English./
                            Awards-Americas Award
                            for Children’s Literature,
                            BCCB Blue Ribbon Book,
                            Pura Belpre Award.
Brothers in Hope: The       Orphans (4-5)/                    I had heard of the Sudanese war but have never read       From this book, we can practice
Story of the Lost Boys      This is based from a real life    too much into it. This book hit home with me and is a fine   discussion in student-centered
of Sudan, Williams, M.,     story from the Sudanese civil     display of courage that most boys, in my opinion, can        small-group conversation about
2005, Historical Fiction,   war depicting the event where     learn.                                                       the book. Groups will discuss
40                          over 30,000 Sudanese boys                                                                      what stood out to them, what
                            were searching for a place of                                                                  they didn’t understand, and
                            refuge. The story is told from                                                                 what they still have questions
                            the perspective of Garang,                                                                     about. It would be an excellent
                            one of the leaders of the Lost                                                                 opportunity to learn about the
                            Boys. The book takes the                                                                       Sudanese culture. The teacher
                            reader on a journey as the                                                                     will sit in on each conversation
                            boys walk to Ethiopia, then,                                                                   and add input on important
                            because the war is spreading,                                                                  information or topics that were
                            to Kenya. Tom, an American                                                                     left out.
                            plays an integral role as he
                            sends the story of Garang to
                            an American source leading to
                            Garang’s adoption in the U.S.
Rickshaw Girl, Perkins,     Issues in Gender (5-6)/           I thought this story was incredibly unique in its image it   In the back of this book is a
M., 2007, Multicultural     This book is about a young girl   gives of Indian culture.                                     glossary of the foreign terms
Literature, 91              named Naima who is part of a                                                                   used in the book. These words
                            family that experiences                                                                        can be used in a word study such
                            financial hardship. Naima                                                                      as in a concept-definition word
                            really enjoys painting alpanas,                                                                map. This book also can be used
                            paintings designed by women                                                                    to teach about gender roles in
                            during special celebrations,                                                                   India and how they differ from
                            but she wants to do                                                                            our own.
                            something to earn more
                            money for her family, just
                            like a close friend does for
                            his. Unfortunately, her plan to
                            help her family runs amuck
                            and puts her family even
                            steeper into debt. All is
                            settled when Naima is hired
                           to use her talents by painting
                           alpanas on rickshaws./
                           Awards-Jane Addams Book
                           Award, Skipping Stones Honor
Eats, Shoots, & Leaves:     Grammar (K-3)                   I really like this book because it teaches grammar         I would use this book to teach
The Zero Tolerance         In the book Eats, Shoots &       in a very fun effective way.                               comma use. I would also use this
Approach to Punctuation,   Leaves Lynn Truss shows                                                                     book to teach conceptual versus
Trusse, L., 2004,                                                                                                      literal meaning.
                           the importance of a comma
Nonfiction, 209.
                           by displaying two
                           sentences that are the
                           same, yet very different
                           when a comma is included.
                           To show the difference, an
                           illustration is given for
                           each. The difference is
                           humorous as the meaning is
                           completely changed by the
                           addition of a simple
                           punctuation mark./
                           Awards-British Book of
                           the Year Award
Click, Clack, Moo: Cows    Animals (K-3)/                   I thought this was a fun book that tells about different   A fun activity to go along with
That Type, Cronin, D.,     This is a book about farm        farm animals. The book was very humorous because of        this book would be learning
2000, Fiction, 32.         animals that make demands        the animal demands on the owning farmer.                   about different farm animals
                           to a farmer, threatening                                                                    and what they do to help us live.
                                                                                                                       To understand this concept,
                           to stop their production if
                                                                                                                       students will brainstorm
                           their demands are not met.
                                                                                                                       different products each farm
                           A great way to use this                                                                     animal produces, then, we will do
                           book for teaching would be                                                                  language and writing practice by
                           learning about different                                                               writing letters to the animals
                           farm animals and what                                                                  about why we need what they
                           they do to help us live./                                                              produce. The students will
                                                                                                                  identify the main parts of a
                           Awards-Irma and James
                                                                                                                  letter: greeting, introduction,
                           Black Award, ABC Choice,
                                                                                                                  body, conclusion, signature.
                           State Award, NAPPA Gold/
                           Honor Book, SLJ Best
                           Book, NCTE Notable
                           Children’s Books in
                           Language Arts, Publisher’s
                           Weekly Best Book Award,
                           Caldecott Honor,
                           Storytelling World Award,
                           Charlotte Zolotow
                           Award/Honor Book, ALA
                           Notable/Best Books, Book
                           Sense Book of the

Mr. Peabody’s Apples,      Rumors (K-3)/                   I thought this book gave a fantastic moral about the   In this book are many compound
Madonna, 2003, Realistic   This book is about a young      damage that rumors do.                                 words. In a phonetic practice,
Fiction, 28.               boy named Tommy                                                                        compound words can be taken
                           Tittlebottom, who spreads a                                                            from this book to teach how to
                           rumor about Mr. Peabody and                                                            chunk up words to make them
                           how he was caught in                                                                   easier to sound out and, in
                           thievery. The idea that Mr.                                                            meaning, easier to understand.
                           Peabody was a thief was                                                                In a morpheme study, the
                           actually a misconception, but                                                          chunked up words can be
                           Tommy did not know. To help                                                            defined separately, then
                           Tommy understand what he                                                               defined when they are
                           had done, Mr. Peabody asks                                                             compounded together.
                           Tommy to do what seems like
                            an impossible task. So might
                            cleaning up the mess that a
                            rumor makes.
1, 2, 3: Counting Rhymes,   Counting (K-3)/                I thought this was a cute rhyme that had an interesting   I would use this book for an
Mitter, M., 2004, Poetry,   This book is a great           way to count.                                             early childhood number study,
16.                         interdisciplinary book that                                                              what the numbers are and what
                            connects language arts                                                                   they represent, and how to
                                                                                                                     count them. This book can also
                            with math. Through
                                                                                                                     be used for rhyming activities.
                            rhyming and pictures, this
                            book teaches children to

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