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					                  Retailing Curriculum - Hartland High School
Business Administration Core
Instructional Area BUSINESS LAW
                                                                                         Level   Retail   Comp
Adhere to commerce laws and regulations to establish and continue business operations.

Explain the nature of trade regulations (BL:004)                                         (MN)      X
Explain the nature of environmental regulations (BL:005)                                 (MN)      X

Understand human-resource laws and regulations to facilitate business operations.
Explain the nature of personnel regulations (BL:007)                                     (SU)      X
Explain the nature of workplace regulations (including OSHA, ADA) (BL:008)               (SU)      X

Understand tax laws and regulations to adhere to government requirements.
Explain the nature of tax regulations on business (BL:009)                               (ON)      X
Explain the nature of businesses’ reporting requirements (BL:010)                        (ON)      X


Read to acquire meaning from written material and to apply the information to a task.

Identify sources that provide relevant, valid written material (CO:054)                  (PQ)      X
Extract relevant information from written materials (CO:055)                             (PQ)      X
Apply written directions to achieve tasks (CO:056)                                       (PQ)      X
Analyze company resources to ascertain policies and procedures (CO:057)                  (CS)      X

Apply verbal skills to obtain and convey information.
Explain the nature of effective verbal communications (CO:147)                           (PQ)      X
Ask relevant questions (CO:058)                                                          (PQ)      X
Apply active listening skills (CO:017)                                                   (PQ)      X
Interpret others’ nonverbal cues (CO:059)                                                (PQ)      X
Provide legitimate responses to inquiries (CO:060)                                       (PQ)      X
Defend ideas objectively (CO:061) (CS)                                                   (CS)      X
Handle telephone calls in a businesslike manner (CO:114)                                 (CS)      X
Participate in group discussions (CO:053)                                                (CS)      X
Make oral presentations (CO:025)                                                         (SP)      X

Write effectively to convey information.
Explain the nature of effective written communications (CO:016)                          (CS)      X
Write business letters (CO:133)                                                          (CS)      X
Write informational messages (CO:039)                                                    (CS)      X
Write inquiries (CO:040)                                                                 (CS)      X
Write persuasive messages (CO:031)                                                       (SP)      X
Prepare simple written reports (CO:094)                                                  (SP)      X
Write proposals (CO:062)                                                                 (MN)      X
                                                                                       Level   Retail   Comp
Communicate with staff to clarify workplace objectives.
Follow directions (CO:119)                                                             (PQ)      X
Explain the nature of staff communication (CO:014)                                     (CS)      X
Participate in a staff meeting (CO:063)                                                (CS)      X
Provide directions for completing job tasks (CO:139)                                   (SU)      X
Conduct a staff meeting (CO:140)                                                       (SU)      X


Develop awareness of personal feelings and their impact on others to foster self-
Assess personal strengths and weaknesses (EI:002)                                      (PQ)

Exhibit techniques to manage emotional reactions to people and situations.
Identify desirable personality traits important to business (EI:018, HR LAP 10)        (PQ)      X
Maintain positive attitude (EI:019, HR LAP 11)                                         (PQ)      X
Demonstrate interest and enthusiasm (EI:020, HR LAP 20)                                (PQ)      X
Demonstrate responsible behavior (EI:021, PD LAP 7)                                    (PQ)      X
Demonstrate honesty and integrity (EI:022, HR LAP 19)                                  (PQ)      X
Exhibit self-confidence (EI:023)                                                       (PQ)      X
Demonstrate ethical work habits (EI:004, HR LAP 33)                                    (PQ)      X
Demonstrate initiative (EI:024, HR LAP 14)                                             (PQ)      X
Demonstrate self-control (EI:025, HR LAP 18)                                           (PQ)      X
Explain the use of feedback for personal growth (EI:003, HR LAP 3)                     (PQ)      X
Adjust to change (EI:026, HR LAP 8)                                                    (PQ)      X
Demonstrate adaptability (EI:006)                                                      (PQ)      X
Explain the nature of stress management (EI:028)                                       (SP)      X

Understand others’ feelings, needs, and concerns to enhance interpersonal relations.

Respect the privacy of others (EI:029)                                                 (PQ)      X
Show empathy for others (EI:030, HR LAP 17)                                            (PQ)      X
Explain the nature of positive customer/client relations (EI:031)                      (CS)      X
Demonstrate a customer-service mindset (EI:032, HR LAP 32)                             (CS)      X
Develop cultural sensitivity (EI:033)                                                  (CS)      X
Explain the impact of political relationships within an organization (EI:034)          (SP)      X
Explain management's role in customer relations (EI:035)                                         X

Manage internal and external business relationships to foster positive interactions.
Explain the nature of effective communications (EI:007)                                (PQ)      X
Treat others fairly at work (EI:036, HR LAP 24)                                        (PQ)      X
Use appropriate assertiveness (EI:008, HR LAP 16)                                      (PQ)      X
Foster positive working relationships (EI:037, HR LAPs 1,9)                            (CS)      X
Explain the concept of leadership (EI:009)                                             (CS)      X
Participate as a team member (EI:045)                                                  (CS)      X
Use consensus-building skills (EI:011)                                                 (SP)      X
Persuade others (EI:012)                                                               (SP)      X
Explain ethical considerations in providing information (EI:038)                       (SP)      X
Reinforce service orientation through communication (EI:039)                           (CS)      X
Respond to customer inquiries (EI:040)                                                 (CS)      X
Use conflict-resolution skills (EI:015)                                                (CS)      X
                                                                                             Level   Retail   Comp
Handle difficult customers (EI:041, EI LAP 1)                                                (CS)      X
Interpret business policies to customers/clients (EI:042, HR LAP 25)                         (CS)      X
Handle customer/client complaints (EI:043, HR LAP 23)                                        (CS)      X
Encourage team building (EI:044)                                                             (SU)      X
Recognize/Reward others for their efforts and contributions (EI:014)                         (SU)      X
Coach others (EI:013)                                                                        (SU)      X


Acquire an understanding of the fundamental principles of money needed to make
financial exchanges.
Describe functions of money (medium of exchange, unit of measure, store of value) (FI:060)   (PQ)      X
Explain the time value of money (FI:062)                                                     (CS)      X
Explain the purposes and importance of credit (FI:002, FI LAP 2)                             (CS)      X
Explain legal responsibilities associated with financial exchanges (FI:063)                  (CS)      X

Understand potential business threats and opportunities to protect a business’s financial
well being.
Identify speculative business risks (FI:080)                                                 (SP)      X
Describe the concept of insurance (FI:081)                                                   (CS)      X
Explain the nature of risk management (FI:084, BA LAP 2)                                     (ON)      X

Understand accounting’s role and function in business to track money flow and to
determine financial status.
Explain the concept of accounting (FI:085, MB LAP 9)                                         (CS)      X
Explain the need for accounting standards (FI:086) (GAAP)                                    (CS)      X
Prepare invoices (FI:087)                                                                    (CS)      X
Maintain petty cash records (FI:088)                                                         (CS)      X
Maintain daily financial transactions (FI:089)                                               (SP)      X
Explain the nature of balance sheets (FI:093)                                                (SP)      X
Describe the nature of profit-and-loss statements (FI:094, MN LAP 61)                        (SP)      X
Understand payroll requirements to facilitate the payroll process.                           (MN)      X

Manage financial resources to ensure solvency.
Forecast sales (FI:096, IM LAP 4)                                                            (MN)      X
Conduct break-even analysis (FI:101)                                                         (MN)      X


Lead staff growth and development to increase productivity and employee satisfaction.

Orient new employees (HR:360)                                                                (CS)      X
Coach employees (HR:364)                                                                     (SU)      X
Recognize/reward employees (HR:365)                                                          (SU)      X
Handle employee complaints and grievances (HR:366, MN LAP 45)                                (SU)      X
Ensure equitable opportunities for employees (HR:367, MN LAP 55)                             (SU)      X
Assess employee performance (HR:368)                                                         (SU)      X
Explain the nature of remedial action (HR:369, MN LAP 53)                                    (SU)      X

                                                                                       Level   Retail   Comp

Utilize information-technology tools to manage and perform work responsibilities.
Identify ways that technology impacts business (IM:260)                                (PQ)      X
Demonstrate basic e-mail functions (IM:261)                                            (PQ)      X
Demonstrate personal information management/productivity applications (IM:262)         (PQ)      X
Demonstrate basic web-search skills (IM:263)                                           (PQ)      X
Demonstrate basic word processing skills (IM:264)                                      (PQ)      X
Demonstrate basic presentation applications (IM:265)                                   (PQ)      X
Demonstrate basic spreadsheet applications (IM:267)                                    (PQ)      X
Demonstrate collaborative/groupware applications (IM:268)                              (CS)      X

Instructional Area OPERATIONS

Acquire knowledge of health and safety regulations needed to support a safe work
Describe health and safety regulations in business (OP:004)                            (PQ)      X
Report noncompliance with business health and safety regulations (OP:005)              (PQ)      X

Evaluate safety issues needed to protect employees.
Follow instructions for use of equipment, tools, and machinery (OP:006)                (PQ)      X
Follow safety precautions (OP:007, RM LAP 2)                                           (CS)      X
Maintain a safe work environment (OP:008)                                              (CS)      X
Explain procedures for handling accidents (OP:009, RM LAP 3)                           (CS)      X
Handle and report emergency situations (OP:010)                                        (CS)      X
Establish fire-prevention program (OP:011)                                             (ON)      X
Establish safety policies and procedures (OP:012)                                      (ON)      X

Analyze security issues to protect employees and to minimize loss.
Explain routine security precautions (OP:013, RM LAP 4)                                (CS)      X
Develop strategies to protect workplace security (OP:014)                              (ON)      X

Analyze purchasing activities implemented to obtain business supplies and equipment.

Explain the nature and scope of purchasing (OP:015)                                    (CS)      X
Place orders/reorders (OP:016)                                                         (CS)      X

Implement organizational skills to improve efficiency and workflow.
Use time-management principles (OP:034, PD LAP 1)                                      (SP)      X
Develop project plan (OP:001)                                                          (SP)      X
Manage projects (OP:002)                                                               (SP)      X
Schedule employees (OP:023)                                                            (SU)      X

Implement expense -control strategies to enhance a business’s financial well being.
Explain the nature of overhead/operating costs (OP:024)                                (SP)      X
Explain employee's role in expense control (OP:025, MN LAP 56)                         (SP)      X
Control use of supplies (OP:026)                                                                 X

Perform activities to facilitate ongoing business operations.
Maintain inventory of supplies (OP:031)                                                (CS)      X
                                                                                         Level   Retail   Comp
Identify resources needed for project (OP:003)                                           (SP)      X
Identify routine activities for maintaining business facilities and equipment (OP:032)   (SP)      X
Plan maintenance program (OP:033)                                                        (ON)      X


Acquire self-development skills to enhance relationships and improve efficiency in the
work environment.
Maintain appropriate personal appearance (PD:002, PD LAP 5)                              (PQ)      X
Demonstrate orderly and systematic behavior (PD:009, HR LAP 4)                           (PQ)      X
Set personal goals (PD:018, HR LAP 6)                                                    (CS)      X
Make decisions (PD:017)                                                                  (CS)      X
Demonstrate problem-solving skills (PD:077)                                              (PQ)      X
Demonstrate negotiation skills (PD:078)                                                  (SP)      X
Demonstrate appropriate creativity (PD:012, PD LAP 2)                                    (SP)      X

Utilize planning tools to guide organization’s/department’s activities.
Develop company goals/objectives (SM:008)                                                (ON)      X
Define business mission (SM:009)                                                         (ON)      X
Conduct an organizational SWOT (SM:010)                                                  (ON)      X
Develop action plans (SM:012)                                                            (ON)      X

                                       Marketing Core
Instructional Area DISTRIBUTION

Inventory Control Systems (DS LAP 2)
Describe the purpose of inventory control systems                                        (CS)      X
Distinguish between types of inventory control systems                                   (CS)      X
Identify the advantages and disadvantages of types of inventory control systems          (CS)      X

Counting Inventory (DS LAP 6)
Explain procedures for inventory counts                                                  (CS)      X
Accurately count inventory                                                               (CS)      X

Inventory Shrinkage (DS:026 LAP DS: 4)
Identify causes of inventory shrinkage                                                   (SP)      X
Describe methods of reducing inventory shrinkage                                         (SP)      X
Calculate inventory shrinkage                                                            (SP)      X

Employ marketing information to plan marketing activities.
Explain the concept of market and market identification (IM:196, IM LAP 9)               (CS)      X
Identify market segments (IM:239)                                                        (MN)      X
Select target market (IM:160)                                                            (MN)      X
Conduct SWOT analysis for use in marketing planning process (IM:141)                     (MN)      X
Explain the nature of sales forecasts (IM:003, IM LAP 3)                                 (SP)      X
Set marketing goals and objectives (IM:242)                                              (MN)      X
Instructional Area PRICING
                                                                                        Level   Retail   Comp
Develop a foundational knowledge of pricing to understand its role in marketing.
Explain the nature and scope of the pricing function (PI:001, PI LAP 2)                 (SP)      X
Describe the role of business ethics in pricing (PI:015)                                (SP)      X
Explain the use of technology in the pricing function (PI:016)                          (SP)      X
Explain legal considerations for pricing (PI:017)                                       (SP)      X

Employ pricing strategies to determine prices.
Explain factors affecting pricing decisions (PI:002, PI LAP 3)                          (SP)      X


Generate product ideas to contribute to ongoing business success.
Identify product opportunities (PM:134)                                                 (SP)      X
Identify methods/techniques to generate a product idea (PM:127, PM LAP 11)              (SP)      X
Generate product ideas (PM:128)                                                         (MN)      X
Determine initial feasibility of product idea (PM:129)                                  (MN)      X
Create processes for ongoing opportunity recognition (PM:136)                           (MN)      X

Develop an understanding of quality assurances to enhance product/service knowledge.

Describe the uses of grades and standards in marketing (PM:019, PM LAP 8)               (CS)      X
Explain warranties and guarantees (PM:020, PP LAP 4)                                    (CS)      X
Evaluate customer experience (PM:138)                                                   (MN)      X

Employ product-mix strategies to meet customer expectations.
Explain the concept of product mix (PM:003, PP LAP 3)                                   (SP)      X
Describe the nature of product bundling (PM:041)                                        (SP)      X
Identify product to fill customer need (PM:130)                                         (MN)      X
Plan product mix (PM:006)                                                               (MN)      X
Determine services to provide customers (PM:036)                                        (MN)      X

Instructional Area PROMOTION

Advertise to communicate promotional messages to targeted audiences.
Explain the types of advertising media (PR:007, PR LAP 3)                               (SP)      X
Explain components of advertisements (PR:014, PR LAP 7)                                 (SP)      X

Manage promotional activities to maximize return on promotional efforts.
Explain the nature of a promotional plan (PR:073)                                       (SP)      X
Coordinate activities in the promotional mix (PR:076)                                   (SP)      X

Instructional Area SELLING

Acquire a foundational knowledge of selling to understand its nature and scope.
Explain the role of customer service as a component of selling relationships (SE:076)   (CS)      X
Explain company selling policies (SE:932, SE LAP 121)                                   (CS)      X
Explain business ethics in selling (SE:106)                                             (SP)      X
Describe the use of technology in the selling function (SE:107)                         (SP)      X
                                                                                             Level   Retail   Comp
Acquire product knowledge to communicate product benefits and to ensure
appropriateness of product for the customer.
Acquire product information for use in selling (SE:062)                                      (CS)      X
Analyze product information to identify product features and benefits (SE:109, SE LAP 113)   (SP)      X

Manage sales activities to meet sales goals/objectives.

Using Buying Motives (SE: 209 SE LAP 102 &109)
Explain why customers buy                                                                    (SP)      X
Classify customer buying motives                                                             (SP)      X
Determine customer buying motives                                                            (SP)      X
Use customer buying motives in a sales presentation                                          (SP)      X

Customer Service Mindset (HR LAP 32)
Explain the importance of exhibiting a customer-service mindset                              (CS)      X
Demonstrate hoe to exhibit a customer-service mindset                                        (CS)      X

Customer Service Supersized (PM LAP 1)
Explain the relationship between customer service and business image                         (CS)      X
Explan management considerations in providing customer service                               (CS)      X

ADA and Customer Service (HR LAP 31)
Describe how ADA compliance affects customer service at properties                           (CS)      X
Demonstrate guidelines for providing customer service to guests with disabilities            (CS)      X

Handling Customer Complaints (HR:046 LAP HR: 23)
Identify reasons for customer complaints                                                               X
Demonstrate proper handling of customer complaints                                                     X

Preparing Cash Drawers ( MA:388 MA LAP 47)
Accurately verify a change fund                                                              (CS)      X
Properly arrange a cash drawer                                                               (CS)      X

Making Change (MA: 386 MA LAP 50)
Identify methods for making change                                                           (CS)      X
Demonstrate making change accurately                                                         (CS)      X

Purchasing (PU:001 LAP PU: 1)
Explain the importance of purchasing                                                          SP       X
Describe the nature of industrial purchasing                                                  SP       X
Explain the nature of purchasing for resale                                                   SP       X

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