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Blank Business Forms


Blank Business Forms document sample

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									                               SUNY COLLEGE OF ENVIRONMENTAL SCIENCE AND FORESTRY
                                              TRAVEL AUTHORIZATION


Request that the following person be authorized to travel on official business on behalf of the
College of Environmental Science and Forestry:




From                                     to                                From                                        to
                city & state                       city & state                                     date                              date

Method of Travel (check one)         ( ) Plane ( ) Train    ( ) Bus
                                     ( ) College Car        ( ) Personal Car              Estimated Mileage

Purpose of travel (Please be specific and do not use initials for organizations):

Estimated total expenses:                      $                             (transportation, meals, lodging, etc.)

New York State Account Number:

Research Foundation Account Number:


Multiple travel to same location for                                         PERSONAL SIGNATURES REQUIRED:
same purpose:
From (date):            To (date):                                                           Traveler

                                                                                           Unit Head


       (rev. 12/08)
                                          TRAVEL AUTHORIZATION

                                             TRAVEL AUTHORIZATION FORM

An approved Travel Authorization form must be on file in the ESF Business Office before funds can be
committed for transportation arrangements or released for advances or reimbursements. Authorizations must be
signed by the traveler's Faculty Chair, administrative unit head or project director.


College Vehicles: Requests for use of College vehicles should be sent directly to the Physical Plant. Requests
should be made as early as possible.

Airlines, State funds: You can no longer charge your airfare to your credit card and get reimbursed. You must use
BTI The Travel Consultants. Please contact the Business Office for details.

Airlines, Research Foundation funds: Purchase orders may be used to purchase airline tickets from travel
agencies when using Research Foundation funds.
Original airline passenger receipts must be submitted to the Business Office upon completion of travel regardless
of funding source.

Trains and Buses: Generally, the traveler will pre-pay these expenses, then request reimbursement from the Business
Office upon completion of travel. Original receipts are needed to document this expense.

                                                    TRAVEL ADVANCES

New York State Travel Advances: Requested on NYS Travel Advance Request Form two weeks prior to departure;
amount limited to per diem rates for meals and lodging multiplied by the number of overnight stays plus registration fees.

Research Foundation Travel Advances: Requested on RF Travel Advance Request Form at least two weeks prior to
departure. If the advance request is for a trip to a foreign country, please allow more time for processing.

                                               BLANKET AUTHORIZATIONS

A blanket travel authorization may be issued at the discretion of the respective Faculty Chair, administrative unit head,
or project director to avoid unnecessary delay where frequent or routine travel is undertaken by an employee. The
scope and duration of the blanket authorization is determined by the authorizing individual.

     (rev. 12/08)

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