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    Record    R-T-S     Acres      Years Requested By
      61     22-8S-1     320     1907-1935 Hon. Thomas Cooper - Land
                                           Commissioner, NPRR
     484     21-1N-23    80      1894-1910 RB Ketchum' Billings

     519     22-1S-12    160     1912-1950 WH Barkhoff, Billings

     1430    25-1N-34    160     1905-1957 Unknown (Lot #10, Tiffany

     1548    23-6S-23    320     1920-1950 Complaint of First National
               to26                        Bank - Bridger

     1852    26-1N-32    80      1882-1945 Clearing Title - Land Vacated

     2432    26-1S-2    457.86   1879-1899 Thomas Ellis Complaint

    2602   31-10N-7    1792.4   1864-1954 Oil & Gas Leases in
           30-10N-12                      Musselshell County

    2854    25-7N-2      160    1908-1960 Albert & Edith Busch

    2964    Metes &     Lots in 1884-1942 Cooke City Townsite &
            Bounds      Cooke             mining operations. Compiled
                         City             for RC Dillavou

    9988   30-2N-3&4   35,000   1905-1932 Water appropriation for
                                          35,000 acres in Huntley.
                                          Compiled for Wilson Trunk
    3468   26-10N-14    320+    1913-1921 Oil & Gas Leases in
                                          Musselshell County -
                                          Prepared for IL Putnam,
                                          Esq., Grass Range

    3558   32-1N-32      80     1887-1936 Plat of Normal Subdivision
                                          (Nov 1, 1940)

    4021   25-1N-25    160   1905-1946 Amvet Park Subdivision

    4652   26-1N-32    80    1882-1921 Plat of Foster's Addition.
                                       Prepared for Jacob Wagner
                                       on Lots19 & 20 in Block 44.

    4690    26-5S-5    n/a   1923-1951 Map of Pryor Townsite (in
                                       part), Lots 8&9.
    5541    24-2S-9    640   1883-1923 Laurel Townsite Lots 1 & 2,
                                       Block 17, of Laurel Realty
                                       Second Subdivision, East

    5754   24-3S-6&7   221   1938-1948 Land in Carbon County

    6428   30-10N-    960   1909-1951 Roundup

    6583   23-1N-34   320   1913-1916 Certificate for sale to Marion
                                      Nelson (Hesper)
    7393   26-1S-9    640   1896-1943 Sugar Subdivision

    7404   21-1N-23   320   1916-1924 Various Deeds

     8362      26-1N-32     80    1882-1947 Part of Foster's Addition; Lot
                                            5 & 6 sold first to John H
                                            Conrad for $3,000. File helps
                                            establish how Billings was

     9412      26-1N-32     160   1881-1947 Part of Foster's Addition;
              and 26-1S-4                   Anton Manderfeld obtained
                                            80 acres of land under
                                            Section 2306 of the
                                            homestead act Dec 6, 1881.
                                            Henry C. McKinsey filed for
                                            Patent on all 160 acres in
                                            1893. Dupilcated ownership.
                                            File helps establish how
                                            Billings was created.

     9988     30-2N-3&4     160   1905-1932 Water appropriation for
                                            35,000 acres in Huntley.

    12073-3    26-1N-32     160   1886-1955 NE1/4 Patent to Nathaniel B.
                                            Givens.(Paid for in 1887)

    15300      26-1N-26     160   1906-1940 Land bought by Allek Nelson
                                            under Section 2291 of
                                            Homestead Act.

    15914    Billings   1102.35 1879-1945 Extensive file on the NPR
            Townsite                      finances, creation of Billings,
                                          Suburban Subdivision and
                                          numerous claims against
                                          MMLIC (all unfounded)

    17779   26-1N-31      640     1884-1922 NPR land acquisitions,
                                            mortgages and releases, and
                                            slae to MMLIC.
    18634   26-1N-31      640     1894-1929 NW1/4 Highland Homes file

    20036   City of       n/a     1882-1945 Original Billings Plat filed in
            Billings                        Custer Co 1 June 1882.

    20947   27-2N-15      S1/2    1926-1923 BBWA Water Rights Files on
                         SE1/4              land .
    22974   Highland      City    1894-1951 Plats of Highland Additions,

    23012   26-1N-31    Clanton 1894-1948 NPR land ownerships record
                        Heights            listings, mortgages and sales
                                           to MMLIC.
    24271   26-1N-31    Highland 1894-1929 NPR G eneral Land Deed
                         Homes             and mortgages.
    24480   26-1N-33      640    1883-1953 Plat of South Half of Billings'
                                           Townsite and events related
                                           to five city lots.

    24868   26-1S-4    77.9   1881-1936 Lots 45 & 46 Block 14 West
                                        Side Addition-Billings.
                                        Numerous affidavits and
                                        legal action with many
                                        transfers. 1894 right to dig
                                        ditch by City of Billings

    27088   26-1N-32   80     1882-1964 Lots 31, 32 & 33 Block 2
                                        North Elevation Subdivision,
                                        1st Filing.

    29963   26-1S-4    160    1884-1936 Lots 32 & 33 Block 34
                                        Suburban Homes Addition,
                                        Plat provided.

    30360   26-1S-4    160    1884-1936 Lots 13 & 14 Block 31
                                        Suburban Homes Addition,
                                        Plat provided.
    32192   City of    n/a    1923-1958 Lot 38 & 1/2 Lot 39 Block 24
            Billings                    West Side Addition

    37107    Laurel    640    1894-1949 Lots 1 - 5 Block 7 of Laurel
            24-2S-9                     Heights Subdivision

    40693   26-1N-32   160    1886-1957 Sunnyside Subdivision & Plat
                                        1937, Land Dispute

    41038   26-1S-5    640    1894-1947 Broadwater Subdivision &

    44188   26-1S-9    640    1946-1951 Sugar Subdivision

    44290   25-1N-36   640    1884-1952 NW1/4 Land platted into lots
                                        from McAcres Subdivision,
                                        south of Pryor Lane. Plat of
                                        McKay Acres (20 Nov 1940).

    45715   City of    1280   1882-1947 NPR Land transfers to
            Billings                    MMLIC & @nd Addition to

    45938      Laurel        320       1887-1948 Nutting Subdivision Block 5 &
              24-2S-10                           6. Plat provided

    46268   Billings       632.07      1881-1955 Blocks 1-4 of Sanderson
            26-1S-5                              Subdivision (Details in file to
                                                 extensive to post)

    46193   Billings       632.07      1882-1953 Gov't Lot 2 (Blocks 1,1 & 4 of
            26-1S-5                              Sunset Subdivision)

    50445-5 23-1N-23        60.6       1882-1955 Triangular piece of land for
                                                 farming, home lots and later
                                                 contained a gold mine
                                                 (Heights Area)

    50976   Billings      Lots 9-11,     1948     Small piece of land in
            26-1S-4        Block 5                Yellowstone Addition

    51087    27-1N-31 &      200       1915-1953 Irregular shaped piece of
              27-1N-32                           land

    51659    26-1N-31        160       1946-1948 Right of Way for 10th Street
                                                 West. Part of an earlier
                                                 study,same purpose.

    52381     26-1S-10       160       1887-1950 Ford Subdivision & detailed
                                                 topo-Plat Map showing
                                                 sloughs, Grey Eagle Ditch
                                                 and ditch laterals. Also
                                                 shown is vegetation - 1906

     53025    26-1N-32       640   1886-1969 North 50 feet of Lot 2, Block
                                             14 Sunnyside Subdivision,
                                             3rd filing.

     53702    26-1N-27       640   1941-1948 Supplemental title no
                                             details.(7 pages)
     56108    25-1N-34       640   1949-1950 Supplemental title to Lots 13-
                                             15, Block 2 Roth Subdivision
                                             and others.

     56283    25-1N-34       640   1949-1950 Supplemental title to Losts 1-
                                             6, Block 1, Roth Subdivision

     56350    College        n/a   1941-1950 Supplemental titles to Lots 1
             Subdivision                     & 2 Block 12

     56634    26-1N-31       640   1947-1950 Supplemental titles to
                                             Schmidts amended plat 178
                                             (Suncrest Acres)
     56768    College        n/a   1941-1950 Lots 8 - 10, Block 11 Third
             Subdivision                     Filing
     56870    College        n/a   1927-1952 Lots 8 & 9, Block 7, second
             Subdivision                     filing

     57181   Cellan Acres    n/a     1950     Lot 1 Block 3 (two pages)

     57859   College Sub     n/a   1948-1950 Lots 33 & 35 in Block 5, First
     57877     Billings      n/a   1943-1949 Lots 16-18 Block 303, First
     59485     Kober         n/a   1949-1952 East 1 ft Lots 17-19 Block 7,
             Subdivision                     3rd fililng.

     60037    College        n/a     1951     Billings Polytechnic.

     61315   City Billings   n/a     1951    Lots 35 & 36 Block 19.
     73984   Sunnyside       n/a   1960-1964 50 ft of Lot 2 Block 8. 2nd
             Subdivision                     Filing.

                       Type of Records
NPR transfer of Bear Creek & Western Railway right of ways
original documents, including water rights.
NPR public aution sale of receivership to NPRC

Land Grant Payment, Kingdom of Netherlands, NPR 1907
Patent, Big Ditch route on 1912 map, Transfer of Yellowstone
Co to Stillwater.

Tiffany Subdivision Plat (WI), Zimmerman Land payment, Elsie
Scott Death-heirs (Paul, Scott, Phillips, Tiffany, Haugen,with
addresses), Goddard, Big Ditch Incorp 1900,

Certificate of original ownership (John Gaudino), Oil & Gas
Lease, loans and taxes, land transfers, divorce & alimony, test
well agreement,

William Blair Homestead-Foster's addition, record of events
and creation of Foster's Subdivision. Fictional Homesteads
under section 2306. Numerous deaths caused much legal
entanglement & transfers.

Perry McAdow land records, filing, water rights,

Plat, NPR Land titles and information, William C Grant's Water
Appropriation (10,000 miners inches in 1909), Numerous land
homesteads, legal actions and grants

Detailed plat with homes, Erchul Patent (1916), seed lien 1918,

Plat of Cooke (Park Co), Dediction certificate of town,
Homesteads & thransfers. The original Fellow D. Pease deed
provided to him by Stephens & Crocker (1887) was to be free
and clear.

Location of ditches, flumes and diversion. Organization of
Huntley Project (1921), Patent to Heirs of August Erickson
(1921) incl: water rights, ,
Romar Oil Company (1915), Montana Land & Investment
Company files

Napoleon Carron's land patent (provided by Louis, his father-
under the Mixed Blood law) using script No. 83 from Lake
Pepin, MN. Upon his death, court transferred title to Louis.Louis
was trapper in Montana. Most actions occurred in MN.
Napoleon (son), owned 480 acres in name title. Actions
relating to land south of the Normal School (MSU-Billings)
- eg., Poly drive.

Big Ditch route along property (1946), Joseph Zimmerman land
certificate (1905), Certificate of Amvet survey by Cooke.

Hezekiah James "Paper Homestead" Patent under provision
2306 and transfer to Robert Foster through lawyers.Robert
Foster's Addition plat of 80 acres and numerous court battles
and transactions needed to save the property. Property after
platted transferred to son, Fred Foster then to John R Conrad &
John King. See Foster Bio in YGF files. Transfers to the
County, deaths and various litigations. Contains original papers
and signatures.

Patent issued to Anna Ayres 1923 for lots in Pryor.

Land originally owned by NPR, took title 12-31-1894. Oliver
Billings, Trustee died 9 January 1894 and various trustees were
appointed. Land subdivided. This covers Lots 1 & 2.

Documents to clear the land titles in Red Lodge. Most
documents are filed in Carbon County. Willam B Scott died 3
Sep 1943 and litigation to clear titles ensued. Detailed PLAT of
the land provided. This is a supplemental file, and final results
are not posted.

Numerous litigations for the oil & gas land rights, and
identification of the Oil Companies wanting the land. PLAT
noted. The 1896 Deed transfers all rights received in the 1864
grant to NPR. It appears that three persons owned the land.
Musselshell Commissioner minutes (1940), PArtial listing of
names noted. See file for extensive details on these oil rights.

Land Plat noted, filed by Fred H Foster, 1913 Warranty Deed to
NPR for strip of land for Lake Basin Line.
Activity with Lot #15 (3.6 acres). File has extensive details on
NPR, Preston Moss and related events to transfer title of the
land. Contains Frederick Billings Will. MMLIC Incorporation 23
March 1882 in MN & MT Territory, MMLIC transfer Section 9
land to Moss for $25,600 1883. Frederick Billings Will and the
trustee actions that occurred. The track has shares of
Suburban Ditch water rights.

Stillwater County Map-1916 (reduced size)

Paper titles for land secured in secret to border the planned
town of Billings. Foster's Addition platted Dec 3, 1883 by
Thomas & Anna Kurtz, Robert & Lucinda Foster. Development
transferred to Fred Foster Nov 25, 1883 (MN). Loans
established with National Park Bank established numerous
court actions to collect default payments. Much litigation
ensued. Robert Foster died intestate, and lineages are
provided (pg24), land sold 1926 for taxes, substantial litigation.

Paper titles for land secured in secret to border the planned
town of Billings. Anton transferred title to George B Hulme Nov
10,1881 but held off filing until May 17, 1882. Foster's Addition
platted Dec 3, 1883 by Thomas & Anna Kurtz, Robert &
Lucinda Foster. Many litigations and defaults.Hulme transferred
land to Frederick Billings 80 acres on Mar 2, 1882 under a
Warranty Deed. After litigations land quit claimed to Austin
North in 1912.

Creation of The Huntly Project. Land owners affected by the
ditch, and other legal actions as to Tax Sales and loss of water

James H Harper water right from McKinzie Creek 1886.
Llewelyn Luce & Francis Armstrong Attachment of assests
belonging to Givens (May 17, 1886.) Right of way for BLI ditch
1903, Plat of Sunnyside Subdivision, Oct 1934, Various deeds
and tax sale documents.

Land piece crosses through three Sections, but file is about
small N_S piece in Section 26. Transferred land to Carrie
Klenck Dec 14, 1906 for $100.

City Plat showing NPR & Burlington lines in Sec 33, and original
townsite boundaries defined (surveyed by Theodore F Branch.)
Files trace history of Block 289 through numerous exchanges
and tax cases.

MMLIC mortgages noted, and NPR Trustees for Fredrick
Billings listed. Clanton mortgage to MMLIC has unclear title,
and numerous court actions reported.
File relates to BL&I Canal right of way routed through land
below Polytechnic (Poly) Drive.

NPR and MMLIC ownerships and mortgages noted. Transfer of
land to Protestant Episcopal Church (Lots 13 & 14, Block 139 in
BBWA shareholders meeting notes 1927 - 1928.

NPR Patent 1894 for subject land and subsequent deeds. Land
to help create Billings Sugar Company (1906) noted.

MMLIC slae to William H Clanton 1887 (Warranty Deed).

Incorp of MMLIC Mar 23, 1882 (MN) and purchase of Billings
site $40,000.
Primary focus is on Lots 9 - 12 in Block 267 (North 25th and 6th
Ave N), Will of MM Merrit (died Nov 28, 1951 - intestate but will
was preparted 1950) along with heirs listing pgs 141 etal),

Interesting titles issued and then retracted years later that affect
the growth of Billings. Alderson obtained a Receiver's Receipt
Feb 1, 1886 for his land in Section 4(Coulson). Patent to John
J Alderson for 155.82 acres Coulson filed 1898. Perry & Clara
McAdow transferred Lots 1 & 2 Section 4 in McAdow Addition
to John McGinnies 1886 for $2,000. John transferred same to
Alderson 1887. West Side Realty Company incorporation 1902
(George, Moss & Arnold),

These lots were originally platted on Lots 13 & 14 Block 4 of
Foster's Addition and 12th Ave N of Foster's Addition.
Combined Plat of additions shown. Summons 1894 took
property from Foster and sold for taxes. Many false titles
created and had to be corrected. Listings through 1918 shown
here. More available

Land originally was acquired by Jules Breuchaud (NW1/4) at
time of Billings' creation. He paid in full on Jan 2, 1884 and
received Patent in 1887, He transferred land (less site for
Broadwater School) to ID O'Donnell 1910. Perry McAdow sold
lots 1 & 2 in McAdow Addition to John McGinnis 1886.

Same as above #29963. Estate of Ella A Sheedy (C Don
Sheedy) original mortgage documents, 1945 are available.

Effort needed to clear title of property owned by Corda &
George Downey, deceased. Probate actions and heirs listed.
Specific builkding requirements for homes within the West Side
Addtion are noted.Failure to conform and all lands will be
reverted to Billings Realty without cause.

NPR rec'd Patent 1894, Release of Mortgages noted. MMLIC
sale of all lands to Oliver PC Billings. MMLIC sold the subject
land parcel to Ida L. Camp on March 23, 1899 for $443.04, in
NY. Land was re-distributed. Laurel land plat Heights
Subdivision (1907), Will of Israel Jones (1917) and distribution
of assets,

Billings Bench Canal passes across north edge of
subdivision.Harper filed for water rights Feb 11, 1896 (50 miner
inches from McKinzie Creek), Foster sold land to Billings Realty
1891, Additional mortgages and loan agreements for the BL&I
Ditch & the Shepherd Co,

Land titles and agreements with NPR and their bankers,
Certified copy of MMLIC incorporation Mar 23, 1882 (Heman
Clark, John Westbrook & Thos Kurtz), Lot sales to purchasers
& tax sales.

Mortgage Harry P Clark to Jess Olson,

Lots 8, 9 & 10 were used to create Tracts A and B.Title
irregularities present interesting tale. Water deeds for the
ditches and access for Polytechnic School.

Title problems with Lots 22 & 23 Block 245, 2nd Addition. Maps
shown. Sales, deeds and tax sales noted. 1904 Land Plat.

Lucius Nutting acquired Patent Sep 16, 1887 SW 1/4, less
existing water rights, ditches, etc. Wilder Nutting received
Patent for SE 1/4 June 30, 1884, same restrictions. Loans
acquired on property from WW VanOrsdel 1887; Jacob
Mills(L&C) 1902. Lots in question sold for taes at $10 - $15 per
Extensive NPR Land title record file, showing transactions to
establish Billings City, mainly from Dept of Interior, Washington
City (DC). Frederick Billings will is attached, and many years of
title investigations were required to clear his and other titles.

Repeat of major NPR land titles and mortgages, and problems
getting clear title to lots. Plat of Sunset provided. W1/2 Lot 2
sold to Angeline Beaudette with 5 shares Big Ditch. Portion of
land owned by Angeline sold to HM Nicholson 1916, including
1/5 of one cubic foot of water from BL&I Ditch.

Repeat of major NPR land titles and mortgages, and problems
getting clear title to lots. BL&L Deed to Elsie Gile Scott 1914 for
Lots 1-3 with 18.71 cu ft sec of water.Frank G Tiffany (WI)
appointed Power of Attorney 1908.

Gustafson Warranty Deed to Florabelle Duryea Burgess

Land is two miles east of Sacrifice Cliff. Land transferred to
Fredrick J Dart 1915 and back to Maggie Dart, along with joint
mortgage. Easement to Montana Power Company 1950.

Located between Grand Ave & Ave B. Surveys by CE Durland.

Aaron T Ford made final payment ($4.00, on 10 June 1887.)
He received Patent on 30 June 1892. He issued a Declaration
of Homestead on 24 Oct 1898; value was $3,000. In 1909
Sarta B urns established a mortgage with PB Moss on 20 acres
in the area; he transfered it to John Zimmer. The First National
Bank went bankrupt, and Swords was appointed receiver by
the Controller of Currency. Files detail the events that follow.

Plat of Sunnyside Subdivision (1937) incl earlier filings,
Receiver's Receipt to Nathaniel B Givens Nov 15, 1887 &
Patent on Oct 1, 1889. Transfers of BLI to BBWA 1916, and
various deed transfers of righhts and accesses. Cityu of Billings
Resolution 7976 to extend city boundaries as defined by City
Council 1953,
Clears titles for land from Meroney,

Declaration of ownership restrictions (Nov 9, 1949) to wit:
Defines home construction requirement details and setback,
front yard dimensions, ownership restricted to Negroes,
Chinede, Japanese & Mexicans; no livestock or fowls (except
chickens) permitted.
Same as 56108

Certificate from William Van Nalts to the Public(re: NJ) for the
Incorp of Widows and Orphans Friendly Society Apr 16, 1941,

Certificate of survey (1950 - Parkhill Drive area), details of plat,
Transfers from Richard Schmidt to George A Lewis along with
extensive restrictions, etc.(6 pages)
Deed transfers Mason Harget to Samuel Foshay

City of Billings extended boundary line, petitions noted and
copied. (Virginia Lane and Poly Drive area)

Search indicates a Tax Lien, no details)

City of Billings extended the boundary, and lands were
annexed (Virginia Lane & Poly).
Mortgages were cleared (Ganstad) & Anderson.

Restrictions imposed (25 years minimum): No commercial, size
of home 800 ft sq min, and using "A-1" material, front yard min
of 30 ft to street, no strucxtures closer than 5 ft, no livestock or
dog kennels permitted. Fowls not permitted.
Klindt served attachment to the college and identified lots in
College Subdivision that required formal release of claims. All
conformed to City Annexation.
Pettibone to Ward Deed.
Leonard Mortgage,

Parker, Stearns, Bender, Graham, Cones, Babcock, McLauchin, Hough,
Thomas, Egeland, Danaher, McMahon, O'Neil, Ketchum

Molebash, McIntyre, Dalke, Burley & Frantz, Billings Hardware Co,
Fellows, Elton, Hirst Oil & Gas Lease, Wheeler, Levy, Bolton, Betzner,
Harris, Pippenger, Moeszinger, Barret, Coe, Westbrook, Scarlett, Fabrick
(Bozeman), Neuman, Calhoun, Parcells,
Zimmerman, North, Beaudette, Fish, Foster, Shepherd, Tiffany, Scott,
Chapple, Covert, Roe, Davis, Birley, Combs, Wittrock, Schauer, Story,
Steele, Struck, O'Donnell, Nutting, Moss, Glantz, Lipp, Amen, Keithly,
Goodman, Ronan, Sullivan, Hathorn, Haid, Rehberg, Smith, Martin, Allen,
Drum (Drum Farm & Garden)
Woods, Gaudino, Breen, Hughes, Spencer, Tansil, LeRoy, Lamar, Smith,
Mathews, Albert, Simmons, Berger, Rich, Metheny, Davis, Schlehofer,
Anderson, West, Muth (Wheeler Mt), Streeter, Graham, McCollum,
McIntyre, Young, Chapple, Gaughan, Williams, Coleman, Adams, Lyle,
McLaughlin, Chapman, Merriman, Dillavou, Tobin, Strain, Herde,
Boystrem, Austinson (Ft Peck), Medlock, Bray (Ft Peck), Oakland, Brown
(Ft Peck), Hageland (Helena), Reimer (Bridger), Beaton (McCone City),
Snyder (Butte), Schroeder (Carbon Co), Bessie Gaudino (now Goulas),
Merrill, Sandels, Clark, Birely, Combs, Rusch, Spencer (Judge), Beaton,
Wiers, Jarussi (Estate decree), Reynolds (New Deal), Potts (New DCeal),
Klein (Roberts), Skoog, Gardiner, Cline, Scheeler, LArson,
Tobin.Pryde,McFate, Moore, O'Connell, Holland, Stephenson, Pefley,
Bailey, Larkin, Shelley, Saveresy, Goddard, DerryClineCobetto, Holzum,
Krop, Hughes, Orr, Best, PottsVennard

Blair, Robert Foster (Fred's father), James (Arkansas), Vedder, Luce,
Wilson (Bozeman Land Office Registrar), Johnson (testify for Ann James),
Kurtz (undivided interest in land), Abbott, Isaaci, Campbell & Stark, Mann,
Ramsey (Sheriff), Phillips, McFarlin (Gazette), Milburn, Berky, Austin North,
Talcott, Vilas, Vlissinger, Bruns, Barrows, Baxter, Holmes, Carwile, Morse,
Whitney, Frizelle, County Commissioners (1900), Linton, Bailey, Loud, PB
Moss, Parker, Wolcott, Swasey, Clanton, Montana Lumber Co- (Allen),
Sharp, Matheson, Rinehart, Mund, Hays, Thiel, George, Carwile, Rowe,
ON Newman (Commissioner), Bloom, Raleigh & Co, Maylone, Bacon,
Curtis, Wilson, Jones, Nichols, Strong, Pierson, Stripp, Bell, Peter Yegen,
Slayton, Stone, Stow, Gunn, Rasch & Hall, Lillis, Prickett, Johnson,
Durland, Tilton (Mayor), Chapple, Leedom, Werham, Leatherman, Frank,
Guthard, LAngworthy, Murray, Cole, Wright (Tulare, CA)Stewart, Owen,
Calderwood, Cunningham, McDermott, Havlik,

McAdow, Langhorne, Bogert, Garlock, Douglass, Westbrook, Stocker,
McGinness, Erwin, Mund, Hale, Goss, Garrett, Spendiff, Fraser, Liddell,
Tinkler, Word, Sproule, Belknap, Rowley, Harwood, Greggs, Putnam,
Goodspeed, PB Moss, Herford, McGinness, Fraser, Emma Fraser (now
McGinness), Babcock, Fenske, Lamb, Fox.

Grant, Kelly, Field, Swan, Hess, Hunter, Heaton, Webb, Ziesmer, Metzger,
Stensvad, Jud Smith, Larson, Davis, Cox, Taylor, Helms, Brown, Boyd,
Skoog, Fey, Helms, Nicholas (San Francisco), Nutt, Johnson,

Erchul, Spratz, Schneider (Musselshell), Ogle, Schrump, Lohman,
Thompson, Richardson, Rosalia Miklich-administrator of estate, Rojic,
Hunter, Bennett, Peter Jellar, FH Belts (Roundup), George Mincks,
Herman Miller, Raymond Hanna, Cora Belts (Divorce child support-remarry-
eg., Cora Burns), Sands, Scott, Charlton, Watts, William Moore, Albert
Josephus F Martin, S Deutsch, FK Armstrong, LA Gray, Janie F Gray,
McCauley, OM Holmes, Emma L Speaker, AH Gray (Nye), WC Latta, CL
Montgomery, LH Van Dyck, Tom Young, Charhes A Shorthill, Wm B
Calhoun, Olive Watt Nordquist, Jas H Stinson, JP Martin, John McGarry,
Patrick Murphy, Mary Mitchell (dau of Alice Murphy), John L Fraser, Henry
Potter, Horace F Hatch, Lafayette Peavey (Meagher Co), Daniels, McKay,
F Beley, Futter, Hefferlin, Beley, Habein, Pethbridge, Monroe, McClarity,
HG Cooke, Reese, Rose, Stark, Rasmussen, Winn, Kildea,Bourck (Butte),
Bunker (Bozeman), Roebling, James Duddy, Cl Montgomery, Wm
Menefee (Gardiner), G Joseph, Donigan, Silverberg, Fullerton (Oregon),
Brown, Ormsbee, Allen, Calhoun, G mason, Berg, Stephens, Crocker,
Roecher, Fred Lay, Nordquist, Towler (MN), Gene H Chievitz (was Gene
Louise Hoffman), McCarthy, Dittwe, August Demeel, Holland, Buchler,
Gilchrist, Mertz, Trowbridge, Ferguson (GA), Gilles,Dillavou,

Fred Inabnit, Girard, Beers, Strong, Dugarm, Davis, Mulvaney, Hays, Du
Garm, Daniellis,

Katherine M Smith, Swanson, Reid, Scott Butte), McGreevy, Dusenbery,
Owens, Stewart (Bozeman), Matthews (Roundup), Robertson, Reynolds,
Dear, Brunton, Hopkins, Dietz, Jesse, Leach, Overend, Tyler, Hurd,
Tillman, Putnam, Dusenbery, Birck, Hurley, Tailon, Veile, Tallon, Muirhead,
Gray, Heinserling, Harkins, Hosner, Collins, Banachback, Woanuk, Hagen,
Rice, Wilson, Evad, Sheldon, Callan, Meadows,

Carron, Artemas H Holmes (NY), Henry O'Gorman, BM Smith (MN), Frank
Robert, Wm Quinn, Frank Robert, Jr., Fred Gosewisch, Edmund W Bazille,
William H Starbuck (acquired land on via Quit-Claim which the school was
built in 1892), Austin North (bought land 1892 for $800), Wustrum (bought
land for $3,000 in 1893 and resold back to Austin for $3500), Goss, Myron
D Jeffers, Tavner B Switzer, WR Swank, Oliver G Smith, HV Bailey,
Goddard, Loud, PB Moss, G Douglas, EW Dunne, Taverner B Switzer, CP
Johnston, Harry L Wilson, LV Russell, DH Miller-IA, Stoner, Askew,
Atkinson, RL Smith, GC Cisel, Matlock, Bresnahan, Charles Spear, W Lee
Mains, HJ Rice, George W Swords, Clyde McLemore, Fred Inabnit, Lorin
T Jones, Frank O'Mears, Guy Willis, Lee Goodwin, AC Spencer, Laura E
Jones, Ed Burns, Wm Coombs, TE Fulmer, EA Brown (Billings), Lawrence
C Murray(DC), V irginia F George, Gladys Warren (San Diego), HJ
Coleman, Fanchion DuGarm, Pray, Garlow, Kegel, Fred Lund, Jacoby,
Osten, Wicks, Fenton, Yerrington, Durland, Osten.

North, Zimmerman, Birley, Coombs, Lamb, CF Watkins, PB Moss, Nutting,
O'Donnell, Schauer, WD Story, James Steele, Henry Struck, Glantz, Lipp,
Amen, Keithley, Goodman, Ronan, Sullivan, Hathorn, Haid, Phelan,
McConnell, AJ Rehberg, Watkins, Myers, Mrs George Fuhriman (nee
Watkins), Hays, Osten, Florence Smith, Proof of Will, Ralph Morris, RE
Cooke, Lipp, Allard, Taylor, CB Cruse, Ben Harwood, AW Stow, Moore,
Westbrook, Benedict, Inabnit, WS O'Brian, Robert Strong, Katie Davis, EO
Price, EA Enochs, Stamm, Crocker, Henry A Chapple, Mary F MacDonald,
Harry A Wooster, EO Price, Ira F Beeler, Durland, Knight, Wicks,
Yerrington, Fenton

James (Arkansas), CA Vedder, WK Ramsey, Meigs, IA Luce (Certificate
filing), Davis Wilson (Bozeman), CH Brush (GLO), Robert Foster, Luninda
Foster, Thomas C Kurtz, Anna Kurtz, Ed Moore, John Tinkler, RW
Cummings (MN), McGinness, EN Harwood, John H Conrad, JA Savage,
Paul Van Vlissinger Jr., Ira B Mills, WB Douglas (MN), Thomas C Kurtz,
FG Barrows, Louise Mc C Kurtz, WH Dickinson, LL BAxter, H Rasmusson
(MN), FG Barrows, Treasurer Yellowstone County, Austin North, Fred
Leffler (MN), LL Baxter, ES Holmes, Garwile, Morse, Linton, Hogan,
National Park Bank (1894 Suit), Campbell & Stark, Fred Hathorn, EH
Talcott, John T Smith, JC Villas, Jacob Wagner, Goss, Yellowstone
National Bank, McElroy, Fred Foster.Snell & Arnott, Kate & WS Salsbury,
AT Holmes, Merchants Bank of Moorehead, Lorin T Jones, JC Orrick, CH
Newman, Evans, Huffman, Steffins, Lamb, Cisel, Lorin T Jones, Ralston,
McDowell, James Terrell, Allen T Holmes, CA Lindeberg, Miles City
National Bank,

Ayres, Jas I O-Donnell (Edgar), LM Gibson (Bank President), CD
Goodnow, Sweeney, Wilhelm, Carl Rankin
WA Coombs, Heman Clark, CL Rohrer, John Westbrook, Thomas Kurtz, S
Kohn, Oliver Billings, George Hulme, EG Woolfolk, Anthony Thomas,
Samuel Wilkinson, PP Olcott,LR Kidder (NY), Samuel Kilner, Edgar
Nathan (NY), Charles Noyes, Michael Cardoza, Joseph Donovan, Carlton
Barnes, Preston Moss, Ed Bailey, Theo Hayes, ID O'Donnell, OF Goddard,
Henry White, E Regnier, Kenneth Clark, GF Burla, Gwen & Elizabeth Burla,
Benjamin Graham, JR North, JM French, WR Westbrook, Wm Allard, FM
Shaw, RS Hogan, Lou Chapple, Ira Whitney, Henry Gerharz, CH Kinney,
WL Jenkins, DO Jackson, HE Howell, Louis & Ursula Glodt, Harry L
Wilson, Delbert Jackson, Alford, Laurel State Bank, Meier, Cramer,
Sackett, Phil Gehrett, John Unger, Seeley Lumber Co, RE Titus, William
Dewhurst, John Ash, Robert Strong, BL Price, Albert Wolf, EJ Kircheis,
George Alden, George Graff, Emaline Merritt, Delbert O Jackson, JH
Lamb, WJ Carroll, CH Stillwell, Watsabaugh, BL Price,

William Scott, Howard Peck, SC Fish, CC Upton, Scott Hovey, Mary Bird,
Norma Coombs, Herbert Emmerich (DC), Myers, Joseph Aronoff, Vincent
DeMers (Huntley), TW Burton, RC Dillavou, Howard C Peck (Nephew-
Silesia), Guy C Derry, Hilda Richeson, LK Boyd, Barbara Winans, JJ
Gillen, Wallace W Penttila, Della Cobetto, Ted Schmitz, Marion Hayes,
Mildred Peck Thompson, HA Simmons, Charles D Thompson

William Grant (Fergus Co), Willard Stockwell, Leslie N Field, HJ Kelly, Jas
F Homer (GLO), CR Craig (Melstone), Arthur Ovrum, Lenora Blace (MN),
Oscar J Swan, W Scott, James Hunter, Newton, McCleary, Norman M
Moody (Musselshell Commissioners),Geo E Arnold, AW Eiselein (Roundup
Tribune), HW Sanford (GLO), Alfred L Cary (Special Master-NY), George
H Gardiner, Spooner, George W Board, Brayton Ives, William B Clarkson
(NY), Edwin H McHenry, Frank G Bigelow, Andrew F Burleigh, WD Searls,
ED Marston, G Sherman, BG Mitchell, Frank B Smidt (NY), HF Wilson, JH
Lewis, Lena E Hess (NPR Grant for S13 - 1923), CW Bunn, RH Relf,
Edwin Irle, Albert M Bagley (Dane Co, WI), JH Coe, HF Hunter (Deed for
S13 $1.00), C Wert Heaton, WT Thompson, (OH), CM Voorhees, Peter
Metzger, Walter Scott(Treasurer-Musselshell), Harold P Bennett, Della E
Webb (1939), James Hunter, HA Stensvad (1942-Contract for Deed), Wm
H Herron, Stensvad (Hans A, May G, Otto H & Harold), LA Marsh, Lina
(Lena) Larson 1948 Widow of Peter with extensive family tree (Pg58-63),
WW Mercer, WS Mather, John L Humble, died 1941 intestate, Numerous
claims of ownership.
Marion & Jessie Nelson, WH Ralston,

Gill Clark, Heman Clark, John B Westbrook, Thomas C Kurtz, James H
Mills, Albert Berg (MN), Preston Moss, George B Hulme, LR Kidder,
Frederick Billings, Oliver Billings, Samuel Kilner, Dumont Clarke, JJ
Bennett (NY), Frank & Ellen O'Donnell, BZ McCollough, JB Herford, ID
O'Donnell, HW Rowley, OF Goddard, MA & JB Arnold, Bertha & William
Calhoun (siblings) sold lot #15 to Moss for $567.00, Moss transferred
mortgage to Philip Tillinghast 1910 during receivership. National Bank of
Billings Receivership (DC) Lawrence Muray, TP Kane, WM Johnston, HJ
Coleman, Lot sold under sheriff sale 1911. JC Orrick, George Douglas, Lot
sold to Gill Clark 1911, Harriet C Whitney, EW Keene, David J Jones
(Columbus), William Jones, RH Collins (OR), WE Waldron, Harry F Scott,
Ed Cardwell, WB Vaughn, OM Jorgenson, RM Waters (1941), Niel
Anderson,William Jones, Rachel Lewis Jones, Ingvald Anderson Kvilhaug,
Jess & Gladys Olson,

William M Lindsay 1917 mortgage, NC Schellenger, Erhard Kramm,
Raymond B Ketchum & Mary, Lizzie Loos (IL), Cabot T Thomas Ada F
Thomas, 1908, Charles J Eddy, JF Harrison, HJ Fleming, CC Bowlin, HP
Sandela, EE Brown (1921), Dick Helmer, OJ Simmons (Red Lodge), RJ
Flemming, PJ Egan, CC Bowlen, HP Dandels, BL Price,

Hezekiah James (AR), CA Vedder(DC), JB Friedman, JR Young & WK
Ramsey (AR), FE Abbott, JC Isaaci, RW Cummings, John McGinness,
John R King, JA Savage, AP Stark, WL Ramsey, John M Ramsey, George
A Berky, Austin North, Hattie North, RK Babcock, TS Hogan, Henry A
Bruns, Ira B Mills, PV Vlissenger (Jr), LL Baxter (MN), R Rasmussen (MN),
FG Barrows, ES Holmes, Cora L Ramsey, Nat G Carwile, Will H Morse,
Thomas S Linton, Susanah Johnson(AR), DA Mudgett (Lot 4-MA), EB
George (MA), Claude Steffins, MJ Lamb, Geo W Pierson, Fred Inabnit,
Fred Rixon, JS Simineo, Ira L Whitney, Henry S Nutt, Geo G Osten, DG
Backhoff, Verne Johnson, Katherine Albertson (Brockway Real Estate),
Thomas D Sproat, FL Tilton, A Arntson, Floyd Pope, Rodney W Stone,
BArney B Hageman, BJ Brockway, OF Goddard, WS O'Brien, Neva
Kechely, SM Birely, John M Brust, Paul Nilson, HL Richardson, DA
Mudgett, Tansil & Smith, George S Smith, TW Polly, Ralph L Morris, SW
Mattlock, Robert Strong, Lizzie E Slayton(1927), Ernest G Slayton
(Cushman, MT), Florence W Greenhoot(CA), Molly B Franks, Niel A
Anderson, Hattie North (TX), HB Smith, FB Reynolds, CH Guthard, BS
LAngworthy, CH Murray, Dean J Cole,
John T Carlton, HV Bailey, OF Goddard, Gilbert A Lane, CH Loud, EW
Dunne, CH Newman, BC Lillis, Ira L Whitney, Athanase J Gravelle (Custer
Co), Frederick Billings Estate Filings after his death & probate orders,
Samuel E Kilner, Dumont Clarke, EN Harwood, William E Johnson (VT),
Merritt C Chandler (VT), Warren C French (NY), Thomas O Seaver (VT),
Jas R Goss, Robert C Strong, George W Pierson, Lorin T Jones, FW
Wilder (VT), Oto North, Hattie North, Lot 19 & 20 sold to Elevation Co for
$100,000, sold to Russell Loan & Title a year earlier for $50,000 & sold
back a week later, Neil E Anderson, (BG, Viaretta, WA and OJ Brockway),
Roy C & Nella W Kimmel, Edward Bolt, JY McCausey (MI), AR Moore (MI),
David H Cummings, Minor York, CR Ingle, Carrie E York, John Asmus
(1930), Verne Johnson, Lynn A Hogue, Olive Eugene Hogue, LW & Olive V
Palmer, Larry Palmer, Rudolpf G Bad (1933), Divorce filing Palmers 1925
(pg 55), Edna E King, Clarence E Kimg, SM West, Harry Smythe, HJ
Coleman, EE Reeve, Clayton & Lena Kyger, William H and Alma K
Humphrey (1944), Fred Lund, LC Morrison, HB Smith, FB Reynolds, CH
Guthard, BS Langworthy, CH Murray, Dean J Cole, TF Shea, AR
HN Savage, Edgar B Camp, Fred Inabnit, OR Girard, Elwood Mead,
August Erickson will (died 21 Sep 1917) heirs defined. Alice E Helms,
Tony Nicholas (San Francisco), Henry S Nutt, Verne Johnson, DG
Backhoff, JH Jones, Fanchon Dugarm (1930), MK Davis, Geo M Hays,
Roy Severson, Fanchon Du Darm, Willard Mulvaney, Chas W Daniells,
DO & Mable Mecklenburg, B G Brockway, WE Penrod, Jos Gehrett

BLI ditch location details 1904 ( HW Rowley). BLI Incorp ( 12 Oct 1903-
Schram, Clark, Rowley, Moss & O'Donnell). Northwestern Trust Deed
acquired 1910 [$350,000] with listing of ownership (MN). Deed paid in
1922. Quit Claim of BLI to BBWA 31 May 1916, including Rattlesnake
Butte. Incorp of BBWA, and various Power of Attorneys. 7% Bonds issued
June 1, 1922 to raise $40,000. Paid 1928.
Nelson filed complaint against Klenck Oct 14, 1907 concerning the earlier
transfers. Roloff, Goble, Crowe, Snell, Sullivan, Welshons, Babcock,
Nickey, Foley

NPR released all of Billings Townsite Mar 20, 1883 to MMLIC for $40,000.
(Mmlic incorp 23 Mar 1882 in MN. Heman Clark, John Westbrook &
Thomas Kurtz). File centers on James S Brisbin transfer of Lots 7-12,
Block 289 (and other lands) in 1884. Sunsequent transfers and mortgages
caused concerns in development, and numerous suits and claims were
made. File has 186 pages. Attempts to quit the titles ensued. MMLIC vs
Brisbin court files 1904. Paul McCormick, Henry White, Jas Goss, Murchie
Files report on actions taken to clear title.

Clantons deeded 160.28 acres of land to Moss and Rowley 6 Sep 1893,
and reverted back a year later. Various transfers, along with Big Ditch
water shares are noted.
MMLIC replacement of "lost" land deed to Henry Lumpp 1905, Lump
transfer of lot 15 to the Episcopal Church site. Lots later sold. Numerous
tax and land sale transactions follow.
BBWA mortgage for $175,000 to Montana National Bank (Drange, Holly).

Mortgage releases, NPR sale to Christian Yegen 65.43 acres 1899 to form
Highland Addition. Henry Gerharz surveyor (1906). Land sales from Sugar
Addition provided.
Clanton Heights plat 1915. Various liens, tax info, and land transactions

Various attachments and releases, sale and transfers of property. Power of
Attorney Alfred Strom 1902.
Clara L Merritt estate settlement & list of heirs 1950, G Sherman (NY), BG
Mitchell (NY), Wm Sohmer (NY), Heman Clark, John B Westbrook,
Thomas C Kurtz, CS Rohrer (MN), Fred Von Baumb ach (MN), James H
Mills (MT), Albert Berg (MN), Geo B Hulme, Theodore F Branch, Anthony J
Thomas (VP NPR), Sam'l Wilkinson, FP Olcott (NY), LR Kidder, Albert W
Hoyt (1883 Lots 8 & 9 for $200), HH Bole, Oliver G Seward, ES Holmes,
Nat G Carwell, Christian Yegen, JB Annin, Jacob J Wink, Laura B Yegen,
JE Kurtz, FJ Walters, WB Chrysler, ER Keil, Jacob Ewistaner, Fred J
Mashaw, Fred Inabnit, GF Burla, JT Webb, Henry A Frith, JJ Wink, Joseph
H Smith, Mary Wink, Etta M Smith, FE Williams, JN Purcell, Frank Purcell,
Wm V Beers, OA Fairburn, Goldie I Fairburn, Allia B Trumbo, JW
Beaudette, CH Newman (County Commissioner Board Chairman), AB
Renwick, HE Woodis & H Holmes Lots 10-12 for $75 1883, EM Hungeford,
JA North, Louisa I Holmes, Jeanie R Woods (MN), De Lancy D Webster
(MN), Edwin F Parriott, LC Babcock, Thos J Bouton, KE Bouton, Albert S
Hanson, Henry White, Edgar W Provinse, CM Simpson, Daisy D Provinse,
JO North, Oto North, Gertrude North, William & Minnie Berry, V erne
Johnson, Roy R Stewart, DG Backhoff, Buren King (UT), Philip Wisch

Anton & Anna Manderfeld, Athanase J Gravelle, Frederick Billings Will
(dated 1890), Samuel Kilner, John J Alderson, Leslie Bates, HH Mund,
George M Hays, James D Finn, EM Hungerford, JH Johnston, Fred H
Foster, Clayton E Warner, Wm Beers, John Tinkler, John H Conrad, EN
HArwood, Fred P Rixon, Thomas J Bouton, Henry A Frith, Harry L Wilson,
Mabel Barnaby Conrad and John Conrad, John R King, Annie E King,
Albert L Babcock, Henry W Rowley, FS Webster, Georgia Foster, Herman
Mund, Thomas McGirl, J Lawson, OF Goddard, George A Griggs (trustee
of bank), J Frank & Mae H Gernhard, William Gordon, Edward Heyde, PK
Fadsen, Arthur & Ethel M Trenerry, Zedd S Riggs, Myrtle Rogers (widow),
Oto North, FL Tilton, Lloyd Lipp, WP Vaughn, OG Nelson (Rockford, IL),
DW Streeter,

John M Ramsey, George A Berky, Fred H Hathorn, Henry A Bruns,
Thomas C Kurtz, H Rasmusson (MN), Paul Van Vlissinger, FG Barrows,
FH Pererson, Austin North, ES Holmes, Cora L Ramsey, Nat G Carwile,
Will H Morse, Thomas S Linton, EH Talcott (President National Park
Bank), JC Viles, RK Babcock, Hattie North, JR North, JW Fish, WO
Parker, JMV Cochran (1905), Henry Gerharz (Surveyor defined property pg
44), MJ Lamb, Claude L Steffins, WS Evans, Henry Ferguson, CH
Newman, JC Orrick, Geo Douglas, Fosters, Lorin T Jones, Theo W
johnson, Geo W Pierson, CC Jones, Lewis P Forestell, J Collins West,
Fred Inabnit, LT Jones, Walsh, Chas A Taylor,

Jules (Bro) Breuchaud, John T Carlin (Bozeman), Irene Breuchaud, ID
O'Donnell, MB Meagher (NY), Wm F Schneider (NY), John McGinness,
Lesley Bates, Louise O'Donnell, Charles S Bell, OF Goddard, Geo M Hays,
Irene Griffin, AJ Thorine, Guy Boyington, BC Lillis, EM Adams, W Lee
Millis, E Farnum, JS Simineo, AC Todd, Chester C Wells, Roy R Stewart,
Henry s Nutt, Verne Johnson, DG BAckhoff, WH Kennard, Willard
Mulvaney, Geo G Osten, Val Lechner, Chris W Demel, Philip Savarosy,
OB Prickett, AW Stow, WE Boley, Clem Sage, Alice Dullenty, AW Stow,
Jos Gehrett, JC Miller (Laurel), Robert C Strong, TA Cothron,

Same as above

Alex Fairgrieve, AF Christian, H Caulsen, Robert N Jones, HH Sackett,
Mary Ellen Rafn & Jacob S Rafn, Gladys V & Gehart J Magnus, Ingvald
Anderson & Lillie Anderson Kvilhaug, George H & Cords L Downey, Fred
Lund, [Release Note: Billings Realty Company by LC Babcock (1949),
removed "right of reverter."], Jessie G Smalley, (Chicago), Eileen Babcock,
[Downey heirs: Corda Downey, Harold Downey (son), Violet E Kruger
(dau), Alma L Bally (dau) & Corda Louise Edwards (dau)], Ben Harwood

Oliver Billings died Jan 9, 1894 and litigation files available. Heman Clark,
Charles P Noyes, Michael H Cardozo, Samuel E Kilner, Carlton J Barnes
(NY), Ida Camp, Edgar B Camp, Thos E Goodwin (trustee), Thos J
Bouton, Walter Matheson (L&C Co), Martin D Young, George H Patterson
(CO), JF Bacon, SW Soule, Eugene C Sampson, Marie [Dybdal] & Beda
Sharp Kron (Mount Horeb, WI), Louis Pierson, JS Simineo, Verne
Johnson, WH Kennerd, DG Backhoff, Geo G Osten, Chris W Demel, Philip
Savarsey, JW Settergreen, Millers, Rigneys, Skauges, Gunmow, AW Stow,
WE Boley, VG Schwan, E Kuschke, Jos Gehrett, RJ Williams, Robert C
Stong, Bert G & Viaretta Brockway (Laurel), Josephine A Jones, RS
Fudge, Israel Jones, Phillips, Llewlyn, Sigsworth, Jones, Missouri E Jones,
Joe Stefl, GW Fenton, Farnam, Bailey, HC West, Dugarm, Franklin Lamb,
James H Harper, Theo. Muffly, John Tinkler, Nathaniel B Givens (Patent),
Llewlyn A Luce, Grances K Armatrong (filed attachment), T I Dawes, Geo
M Hays, George A Griggs, Albert Babcock, Henry W Rowley, Henry
Burton, Kate Fratt, Paul McCormick, AL Babcock, Chas A Taylor, Elroy
Westbrook, AR Hammer, See file for others.

CS Rohrer (MN), James H Mills, Albert Berg (MN), MC Vail SE 1/4 land
quit claim to Brady & Kennard, including 6-700 poles (for pending power
line) 19 Nov 1881, Joe A Hart, Merih C Vail, John J Alderson, Julia Billings,
Geo B Hulme, Alfred Myers, PJ Kilner, UE Frizelle, Ben Myers, SW Soule,
Charles W LaBarre (Park Co), Broadwater Subdivision Incorp &
Dissolution (Arnold, Marshall & Snidow),
TR Vye, Wallace A Bent, Lamb & G alles, Dale F Galles, Ben Hagerman,
Barney, Knight, Thornton,
When MT filed for statehood, they omitted 4,621.72 acres of land in the
local area that should have been identified for schools. Included was this
portion of land. With a sweep of a pen, the GLO confiscated the land on 2
Feb 1901, but filed 12 years later. It was stated there were no conflicts with
land purchases. Not true, and subsequent title problems arose. (File 134
pages). Early owners in the section were: Cronk, George T Lamport, Frank
Kellett, WS Smoot, Samuel S Smith, John W Chapman, Amanda M Kyes,
Robert Steele, David Fratt, Benjamin Graham, William H Donovan, JF
Ford, HW Rowley, Charles Spear, WB George, ID O'Donnell, John D
Losekamp, AH BArth, AC Logan, EA Gerhart, Tom Ronan, Frank
Zimmerman, LLoyd Lipp, DJ Phelan, AJ Rehberg, WH Ralston, MJ Bell,
Walter M Ralston and others after 1912.

Plat of 2nd Addition created 29 May 1882 (filed 1 Sep 1884) by Heman
Clark. Mortgage on original land ($40,000) to Oliver Billings (NY).
Suburban Homes Company Incorporation 15 Dec 1904, and Extension 18
Oct 1924. Plaintiff actions between North Real Estate and Suburban
Homes. Tax sale of Lots 17-24 1922 for $8.43. In 1933 Lots 22-23 sold for
$25 per lot.

George W Deegan (Red Lodge), Manus Wentworth (Red Lodge). Chas A
Taylor, CJ Finley, Charlotte Dillworth, Frances Louise Peters, Mabel C
Wentworth, Jack Rees, LB Koons, George Deegan (TX), Chester C Wells,
Henry S Nutt, Fanchon DuGarm,

Alfred Myers, Preston Moss, Oliver Billings, Heman Clark, First National
Bank, Billings Land & Irrigation Water Right (600 Cu ft per sec) plus
location of ditch & incorporation 12 Oct 1903 & 24 Sep 1925. Billings
Bench Water Assn files, RE Shepherd, Chas O'Donnell, HW Rowley, FG
Tiffany, MA Arnold, AR Scott, Merchants Loan Co Incorp (1 Jun 1914),
Misc files of BBWA with share holder lists, BLI transfers to BBWA, 1922
including Rattlesnake Butte Lake, Water Deeds to shareholder Arnold
presented, who is one subject of title controversy. Ellen Miller, owner of
land, died intestate 15 MAr 1916. Heirs listed and court battles identified.

Alfred Myers, EG Bailey (President MMLIC 1895), FJ Kilner, Austin North
Water Right - 300 inches of waste water from Sec 5 and the Suburban
Ditch, 1897. PB Moss, Austin North. Angeline took out mortgage 1909,
payable to Mary Soule (MI) in 1914 for $600. MAry assigned Power of
Attorney to Catherine McIntyre. Transfer of mortgages and titles through
Red Lodge and Denver.

Location of Water Right for BL&I filed 8 Jan 1904 (Rowley - President),
BL&I Incorporation 12 Oct 1903 (WA). BL&I transfer to BBWA 31 May
1916 all ditch rights. In 1915 water rights reassigned at 1 cu ft sec per 100
acres by Scott. James Carroll, Venoni B oadbent, Frank Groshel in 1934
filed Placer Mining Location in noted section and started to mine for gold.

No explanations

Maggie Sample died Aug 12, 1922 and heirs and estate records follow.
Ruby Wiechert is administrator. Dart, Addie Allen (KS), Sadler (WA),
Lohr(CA), Sarah Streepy, Walter Robinson, B erzinkis, WM Fritz, JM
Moudry, FD Alkire, Alma Henderson (Valantine)
John W West, Lilly McBride

Water Right was claimed 6 Dec 1901 (10 cu ft / sec,) and was appropriated
18 May 1879 from Yellowstone River (26E T1S Sec 16, "Riverfront Park).
A dam was placed into the Yellowstone to divert the water. Grey Eagle
Ditch (Christian Yegen President) established water right 7 July 1902.
Details are noted.

Various attachments and rights of ways, plus mortgages and deeds. Elroy
Westbrook, BM Sheehan, HW Rowley, Art of Oncorp Merchants Loan
Company Jun 1, 1914 (Shepherd, Rowley & Covert), Ora Kemp,

Incorp of Widows and Orphans Friendly Society Apr 16, 1941,

Deed to Charles P Smith

Deeds to R Perry Kruidenier & McCune.

Documents apparently omitted from Meroney title file.

Certificate from William Van Nalts to the Public(re: NJ) for the Incorp of
Widows and Orphans Friendly Society Apr 16, 1941,
Certain lands were excluded in the annexation by city council. (Votes to
accept were 6010 for, 810 against) Agreement City of Billings to Edwrd
Mora to connect with City Sewer Syatem. Deeds to OE Lee & Company,
Henry J Luithle, Helen Rowland,

Mora & Huffman Deeds, Assignments and transfers noted.

Permission to connect with City Sewer System (1949) was noted and fees
agreed upon.
Exceptions to rules are noted. On 12 Sep 1950 a Warranty Deed for one ft
of land was granted to conform with recent titles.

DB ebtails of City annexation described.

Ward to Voris Deed, incl fire insuance.
Fire Insurance files,

                         Specific Interest Files
Water Rights Transfer, Tax Record-1913

Lake Basin Land Corp. Incorp" North American Company, Fisher (Molt),
Intermountain Polytechnic Ins.,
Stillwater Co Map-1912, Incorp: Noord Amerikannache Hypotheekbank,
Seed & Grain contract, Incorp: Interstate Investment Co, Laurel Lumber
Co, Hart-Parr Co, Holmes Lumber Co, Homestead Declaration-1917,
Delinquent Taxes, NPRC 1896 Incorp.,
Incorp: North Real Estate Loan & T itle Co, North Real Estate Investment
Co, Incorp: Montana Mortgage Co, High Ditch Irrigation Rights, Incorp:
Cove Ditch w/rights, George, Lipp, Adoption of Cove Ditch Irrigable Lands,
Big Ditch Operation Extension - 1939, Incorp: High Line Ditch Co - 1895 &
1928 Name Change to High Ditch,
East Bridger Oil & Gas Co., Valley Co, Foreclosures and various claims.

Foster's Addition Plat, Power of Attorney to Fred Foster, Sale of lots to
Conrad-1888, Conrad to King, King to Savage, Savage back to Robert
Foster, Foster to King, and Sheriff taking title in deed. Austin Notth bought
11 lots in block 2 for $10.00. National Bank gave rest of land to North for
$1.00 (1902), Incorp: North Town Land Company (1900), Incorp:
Yellowstone Building & Loan Society (1885), Plat of Northside Addition
(1933) & 1934 Second Filing, Incorp: Security Building & Loan Association

Billings Water Co, Sugar Subdivision, Water ditch defined. Sheriff sale of
original land repurchased by Perry McAdow, Boston Safe Deposit Co,
Incorp: Billings Water Power Company (1885),

Bankers Farm Mortgage Co, First Trust & Savings Bank, County of
Musselshell, NPR, Bankers Trust Company, NPRR, Western Oil & Gas
Co, Klamath Oil Co, Amerada Petroleum Corp, Estate of Henry F. Smith,

Wells-Dicky Co (Minneapolis), Erchul divorce action, Citizens Bank of
Roundup, County Commissioners (Puckett, Storer, Hunter 1949),

Tax sales, Various deeds, extensive plaintif action details, writs, Will of
Rual Vance Brown 1937 (witnessed by Eliz Clayton & Lyman Cummings
(Livingston) - detailed lists of descendants and others.) Will of Charles
Wheeler Hoffman (1930), Will of Gottfried Buchler (1895),

Petition listings and decrees, cancel of Water Right (1926), Will of: August
Erickson (1917), tax sales, Unit G identified), Quiet Titles, Brockway-
Mecklenburg Company,
Citizens State Bank (Roundup), Grandin Investment Co (MN), Oil leases,
Brunton Oil Gas & Development Co, Victory Oil Co, Ohio Oil Co, Chicago-
Wyoming Oil Syndicate (Assignment & Operating Agreement), Plackstone
Petroleum Co (WY), Placer mining location, and numerous 1% Interest
mining deeds.

First National Bank Billings, Austin North Company, Russell Loan & Title
Company-Iowa, North Elevation Subdivision, Bankers Loan & Mortgage Co
- Incorp 1912, various judgments & sheriff actions, American Bank and
Trust Company (executive sale order 91769) & incorp: 1914, 1930 Gazette
article on land sale, Road right of way (1935), Gas right of way, County
Commissioners (Wicks, Prickett, Yearrington, C ertificate of Plat dedication
(Hall, North, Jacoby), Durland's surveys.

High Line Ditch rights, locations of Big Ditch's water boxes and related
items, Big Ditch Company incorp (1900), & extension (1939), High Line
Ditch Company incorp (1895), Quit Claim of High Line Ditch to High Ditch
(1928), High Ditch Incorp )(1928), CF Watkins Company (1923), Charles
Franklin Watkins will (1934), Watkins widow deeded 30 acres to TF &
Lydia Moore along with ditch water rights (1945), Cove Ditch Incorp Laurel-
(1905), Cove Ditch to Cove Irrigation District (1922) - ID O'Donnell
President (details of water and land owner's acreage), TF Moore's will
(1945) & State Board of Equilization disagreement of the Inheritance Tax
split and explanation of the system - no tax due,

Austin North Incorporation of North Town Company 1900, (Babcock, North,
Morse), Tax records from 1882-1906, Judgments against County
Commissioners, Details about the land and its ownership( From Case
3934) including surveys and various agreements; including transfer to
Robert Fster while at same time placed into trust for Fred Foster. Details
cover Lots 19-20 in Fosters Addition.

Mortgage to Edgar State Bank, Tax Sale to Big Horn County for $9.38.
Assignment of lots to Homer Wilhelm 1951.
2nd Incorp of Minnesota & Montana Land and Improvement Co, in
Yellowstone Co 1883, Certified release of mortgage to NPR from Central
Trust (NY), Warranty Deed to MMLIC 1883, MMLIC mortgage on land fo
$40,000., MMLIC sale to Preston Moss for $50,000, Moss sale to ID
O'Donnell for $1.00, and numerous other transactions in establishing
Laurel. Laurel Realty Company Incorporation (1905), Plat of Laurel Realty
Second Subdivision (1907), Certs of Surveys, Incorp of Laurel State Bank

Federal Farm Mortgage, (Spokane), Yellowstone Valley Electric easement
(1938), appraisal & bonds, receipt of death tax ($141.88 (1944), Error in
appraisal noted 1948, and had to be redone, Howard Peck died 17 July
1948 and a new executer had to be appointed. Next of kin are listed
(pg34), Personal bond for $7,000 required by law for new administrator to
take over. Land re-appraised by Phillip Frank, Leslie Boyd and Roy E
Reams (1948),

Water right (1909) by William C Grant, Register's Certificate to Leslie Field
(1919) for 320 acres - Patent (1920), Mortgages, Tax Sale 1927 for $4.93
delinquency, Tax Deed to Musselshell Co, NPR Patent 1913 for land in
area, Deed to NPR 1896, Superior and St Croix Railroad Company Charter
(1929, Name change to NPR, Deed transfer from NPR (US Company) to
NPR (WI Company) - 1896, Receivers Deeds, NPR Loans-Trusts and
Mortgages, NPR Sale to Lena E Hess (1923), Transfers to HF Hunter
(1928), Transfer to C Wert Heaton Co (1930), Heaton to Western Oil &
Gas 1930 with all mineral rights, Western Oil to Peter Metzger & Heaton
(1933), Tax Sale to Musselshell Co (1933),

Promissory Note, no judgments

Plat of original Sugar Subdivision with 24 acreage losts identified in
Sections 8 & 9 (filed 1909). Later was changed to small city lots.NPR
Patent 1896, Central Trust 1881 Motgage with NPR for Section 9, Farmer's
Loan & Trust release to NPR for property (1900), NPR transfer ownership
of Clarks Fork's Land to MMLIC in 1883 for $73,658.86. (Covers original
transfer of same on 1 January 1881 when it was conceived to build
Billings). Surburban Homes Company Incorporat ion (1904), First Trust &
Savings Bank Incorporation 1906, Security Trust & Savings Bank
incorporation 1916),

Mortgages and transfers, Harrison Oil & Gas Co (OR), assignment of
leases, HP Sandels Co, NPR identified owners of land (1917), Barnsdall-
Foster Company (HV Foster, President), EH Balch, George Ryburn, CB
Rowe (Tulsa), Midwest Rfining Co, DP Killian (Tulsa), HG Taylor, TA
Pedley, George B Jankinson (1923 Trustee), Blanche Hogan Canfield, NC
& EH Schellenger, Jessie E Predmore,

Hezekiah James acquired land and lawyers held release until Billings land
was established. Part of other efforts. Transferred land to Robert Foster
Sep 28, 1882 for $680. Foster transferred land to Thomas Kurtz Oct 23
1882 for $8,000 (MN), Fred Foster administered the sale of lots. This
document describes events related to 4, 5 & 6 in Block 27 of the addition.
North Town Land Company incorporation (1900), Merchants Bank of
Moorhead, Receiverships for Kurtz and Bruns, Elevation Company,
Security Building & Loan Assn, incorporation (1919),

Plat of Foster's Addition and North Elevation Subdivision (1886). Land
transfer sequences for SW1/4 (McKinsey to Alphonse Fteley 1886, Fteley
to Paul McCormick 1894 (took title in Jan 1903), Paul to Austin North Jan
1903, Austin to City of Billings May 1894 donated easement rights for a
ditch, and in 1897 created a Deed of Assessment.) Preston Moss
established a Bond in 1897 to potect th Austin North Companies. Plat of
North Elevation Subdivision (Second Filing ) & Abandonment of all streets,
alleys as required by Billings to meet conformity needs in
1907.Incorporation of Elevation Company 1912, Water Right for 300 inches
in 1894 & 1897, Brockway Real Estate Incorporation 1914, Commonwealth
Savings Bank (Detroit), Restrictions on Building costs and setbacks noted,
Security Building & Loan Assn incorporation 1919 & Charter 1937, Federal
Building & Loan Assn Certificate 1923,

1905 750 cubic feet per second acquired from Yellowstone River on right
bank by order of USA, Organization of The Huntley Project 1921 & divided
into five districts, Listings of of all hearings and filings, Decrees,
Cancellation of water right for TS Nicholas, Tax Sale papers, Brockway
Mecklenburg Company Incorporation 1927, North Brothers incorporation

Givbens transfer to Fred Foster Jan 4, 1892, along with various mortgages.
Foster sale to The Billings Realty Co (1891-Albert Babcock , Fred Foster &
HW Rowley), and transfers to George A Griggs. Incorp & dissolution of
Billings Realty.

Lockwood Irrigation District 100 ft canal built on right of way 32 feet in width
starting from E1/2 NE1/4 S34 T1N R26E and other locations noted.

Patent and mortgage records for NPR starting with July 2, 1864 Act of
Congress and continuing until all finances were cleared for lands in Clark's
Fork Valley. Incorp Suburban Homes Co (Dec 15, 1904, O'Donnell, Rowley
& Moss, and 1924 extension). Files for Austin North, CH Newman, Burla,
Sorenson (1912 Board of County Commissioners.)

This is a companion document to history of NPR (15914)

Continuation of NPR mortgages and payments listed.

Trustees of Diocese Of Montana acceptance of Episcopal Church site
1900. Sale of lands to Joseph MV Cochran, and his gift of land to form
base for First Prespyterian Church of Billings (1905),
Westbrook Quit Claim to Edmunds (Shepherd) 1931 of land where BBWA
ditch runs. Incorp Merchants Loan Company (1914.)
Members listed, and donated lands identified. Billings Sugar Co Incorp (14
Mar 1905 O'Donnell, Shaw, Rowley, Moss & Arnold with $750,000).

Estate of Barbara Prishmont defined and heirs noted. Tax sale of land

Extensive Clanton estate files. Snidow action files aagainst Highland
Plat of First Addition, NPR Patent 1894 for Billings' area, Central Trust
Release to NPR 1899, Farmer's Loan & Trust Release 1900, MMLIC
Incorporation 1882 (filed 1896 MN), Plat of Billings June 1, 1882 (Custer
Co), NPR Warranty Deed to MMLIC Mar 20, 1883 for Billings (1102.35
acres) for $40,000, Land transfers to owners of the lots noted, Security
Building & Loan Assn Incorporation 1919 and extension 1945, Yegen
Brothers Incorporate incorporation 1902, Billings Loan and Trust
incorporation 1903, Empire Building and Loan Assn 1923, First Federal
Savings & Loan Assn Charter 1937,

Plat of West Side Addition, Receiver's Receipt #208 issued to Anton
Manderfeld (MN- Paper title only) for the property 1881 (This was a
balance due of $6.00 for acquisition obtained earlier - paid at Bozeman
Land Office.) Receiver cancelled the payment later in 1886! George B
Hulme was appointed Power of Attorney same date - 1881. George
transferred lot #1 in this property to Frederick Billings Mar 2, 1882. Billings
Realty Company incorporation 1891 (Rowley, Foster & AL Babcock), PB
Moss re West Side Addition, [Both Moss & Babcock on Oct 4, 1911 stated
they were President of the First National Bank of Billings], errors made in
documents are noted.

Hezekiah James Final receipt (see Abstract 4652), This file contains
duplicates of 4652, but expanded detail for actions prior to sale of lots
noted. North Town Land Company incorporation 1900, City
Commissioner's report Mar 7, 1905 to vacate streets & Alleys, Quiet Title
action presented in detail 1914 & 1917, Public Motor Company
incorporation 1908 (West, Baker & North), ,

O'Donnell transferred land to Suburban Homes 1910, Incorporated
(O'Donnell, Rowley & Moss) and plats 1904-1914, Tax Sales for lots 1923
and 1933.Chas E Wicks, Alma G Crawford (1936 bought tax sale lots)

Tax sale to Luke W Corbett 1936, Sale to William J Frates 1939, Frates to
Charles R Harris 1939, Harris to OW Evans 1945, Freda Corbett (wife of
Luke) to Sheedy 1945 & Evans to Sheedy same date.
Tax sale attempts and various actions. Main focus is on Federal Building &
Loans authorizations & name change. Certificate of firm 1923, Charter
1937. Termination of Joint Tenancy between the Downeys at time of
George Downey's death May 26, 1955. State Death Tax assessment
efforts noted, with decision that none is due. Appraisers assigned 1955
were: Fred Lund, Melvin Seitz & Peter Verdun.

Charter of Superior and St Croix Railroad Company 1929; change of name
to Northern Pacific Railway Company 1929. General land deed to the
railroad 1896. Transfer of lands from NP Railroad to NP Railway 1896.
NPR Quit Claim of land in Section 9 to existing owners 1933. NPR
Warranty to MMLIC 1883 along with all rights for water & mining, including
over and through access.MMLIC incorporation 1882 (March 23 - MN).

Givens quitclaim to Fred H Foster all land Jan 4, 1892. Givens etal to Fred
Foster Dec 2, 1887 for $2,000, Romane Givens, EM Edwards (MO), Foster
back to Givens, HH Mund, Givens to Foster, Milt Ewing (MO), Power of
Attorney for William M Givens (1886), Thos R Shaw (MO), Wm H Bellany
(MO), Incorporation of Billings Realty (Rowley, Babcock, Foster - 1891) &
dissolution, Geo W Pierson, Fred P Rixon, Lorin T Jones, Right of Way to
Billings Land & Irrigation Co (WA) for all lands (15 Dec 1903), Thompson,
Fred Inabnit, BM Sheehan, LC Babcock, BH Shenk (LA-Calif), Location of
Water Right 1904 for B L&I, Incorp of BL&I Oct 12, 1903 (Schram, Clark,
Rowley, Moss & O'Donnell),

Charter of Superior and St Croix Railroad Company 1929; change of name
to Northern Pacific Railway Company 1929. General land deed to the
railroad 1896. Transfer of lands from NP Railroad to NP Railway 1896. All
land transfer to MMLIC 23 Apr 1883 $73,558.86 in Clark's Fork Valley,
MMLIC sale of Sec 5 to Frederick Billings 1883 & subsequent transfers,

Subsequent attachments & share of water right in Suburban Ditch.

Edgar H Cronk received ownership of 160 acres on 9 May 1884 ($400)
from Yellowstone County. He filed with the Patent Office, and on 1 Feb
1889 received a Land Patent. The Bunnell & Eno Investment Co (NJ)
incorporated 12 Sep 1895. Billings State Bank Incorporation (18 Dec 1901
& 13 Jun 1945). The Big Ditch Company Incorporation (Filed 16 Jun 1900).
High Line Ditch Company Incorporation (11 May 1895). High Ditch
Company Incorporation (24 Mar 1928). North Bros. Incorp[oration (13 Jan

NPR acquired the land in 1882, but received Patent on 31 Dec 1894. Land
transactions prior were under a cloud. NPR received clear title for two prior
mortgages on 13 Nov 1899 & 2 Jul 1900.Charter of Superior & St Croix
Railroad Company Charter 14 Oct 1929, and name change to NPRC same
date (NY). NPR transfer to MMLIC ($40,000) 20 Mar 1883, for the Billings'
lots within 1102.35 acres of the NPR 1280 acre package. MMLIC
Incorporation 23 Mar 1882 (MN).

Wilder Nutting transferred land to Lucius 1903. In 1908 June 27th Lucius
created the Nutting Subdivision and started to sell lots. Manus Wnetworth
died intestate 24 Feb 1917 causing title accountability & tax problems.
Heirs are listed, including adopted child. Hall Lumber Co. Incorporation Oct
26, 1914 (Jennie & Walter Hall, Zephin Job),

On 5 Jun 1933 NPR Quit Claimed all mineral and mining rights to deeds of
record. Earlier, on 19 Nov 1881, MC Vail Quit Claimed the SE 1/4 of Sec 5
to P Brady & FK Kennard for $200. The land contained 5-600 poles and 2-
300 Posts. This land was belonging to NPR at the time, subsequently sold
to Frederick Billings, and into MMLIC so many conflicts of interest exist.
These poles are probably the ones used by MMLIC to run the power lines
from the first Water Power Plant (on barge) located on Perry McAdow's
land (Josephine Park area).

Mortgage & Releases to NPR, Charter of Superior & St C roix RR, G
eneral Land Deed cleared 18 Aug 1896, NPR transerred deed to NPRC 15
Aug 1896, Mortgage holders released their deed claims Oct 1896. NPRC
released All of Sec 5, and related lands in Clark's Fork Valley, to MMLIC 23
Apr 1883 for $73,558.86. This was for land to be irrigated by the M&M
Canal (Big Ditch.) MMLIC Incorp papers 23 Mar 1882. Sec 5 conveyed all
of land (Sec 5 & others in the tract) to Frederick Billings 15 Jun 1883 for
$25,600. Sec 5 alone was sold back to MMLIC for $1,600 12 Dec 1884.

Lease & Rights Claims issued to John Dover, SC Tolliver, AS Shannon,
SR Miller & Thomas McGirl 27 Jan 1904 for telephone lines in Huntley
Flats.BBWA Incorporation (24 Sep 1915) and listed are all members of
assn. Certificate renewed 1940.

Charlie Sample received Patent "under Actual Settler Act" 27 Nov 1915 for
200 acres. Payment was made Aug 17th same year. Fred Foster was the
Registrar. Articles of Incorporation - Banker's Loan & Mortgage (Askew,
Atkinson & RL Smith) 1912, various mortgages,
Deed from Rudolph Van Bramer to Ann Couser & Ella Pugh (ND-1946),
Hubert to Maxwell deeds, Maxwell to Florence A Thornton mortgage,

Various writs of attachments are listed and a mortgage from the Ripon
College of Trustees was made 24 July 1888 for $500. Paid in 1892. Other
mortgages are listed with Christian Yegen as attorney. Art of Incorp Grey
Eagle Ditch (6 June 1927 Cissel, Thompson, Barnes, Grover & Kolstad).

Water right of James H Harper (1886) 50 inches of water from McKinzie
Creek. Water right of BLI (WA) for 600 inches from Yellowstone River from
Sec 14, T2S R 24E Jan 8, 1904 by HW Rowley. Art of Incorp for BLI Oct
12, 1903 (Schram, Clark, Rowley. Moss & O'Donnell), Art of Incorp BBWA
Sep 24, 1915 (Covert, LArimer, Clarke & various others),

Land description defined.

Payments noted.

Payments noted.

TE Rowe (Mayor), OW Nickey, (Detailed plat derscription), Warranty Deed
from Billings Polytechnic (1947) to Edward Mora for numerous College
Subdivision lots and numerous Releases to each owner in the subdivision.
Incorp of OEH Lee Co 22 Aug 1927 (OE Lee, EA Lee & Turner H Early)

Building restrictions are imposed.

Land transferred to Oscar Gangstad 1949.

Enforcement rules are recorded.

Mortgages to the College and assignment of deeds.

All records cleared.

Description: Transfer of Deed document sample