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Legal Documents Templates - PowerPoint


Legal Documents Templates document sample

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									      Here is the Russell Video
       PowerPoint Template.
Try to keep all of your text within the
         yellow dotted line.
 Do not place anything outside the
          red dotted line.
To make things easier, you may want
 to place guides over the yellow and
              red lines.
  If you do not know how to place
 guides, go to help (F1) and look up

Next, let’s take a look at what fonts
look best on video.
    Large sans serif fonts
     look best on video.
      The minimum text size is 18 if you want it readable.

   If you are using dark text over a light background, no
                     shadow is needed.

Sans Serif fonts look better on video than
                Serif Fonts.
Try to put a black drop shadow on all fonts if you have a
dark background.
The next slide will show you how to create shadows
Adding Shadows to fonts and graphics
                                    Do not use this
                                    shadow option – it will
                                    put a white shadow on
                                    your fonts.

       Use this
       option – it will
       put a black
       shadow on
       your fonts.

         Make sure the shadow is close to the text.
         If it’s separated too far it’ll be hard to read.
             Using Video-safe Colors
 The following information is taken from “Designing Computer
          Graphics for Video” by George Otto found at:

NTSC ``legal'' colors have a compressed chroma and luma range.
             Non Video-safe Colors

Avoid highly saturated colors (particularly reds) and sharp
                   chroma transitions.
         Other Tips

 Don't use single pixel lines!

We suggest a minimum of 3pt.
   Other Tips

Avoid fine patterns.
           Other Tips

   If you want to spruce up your
presentation, add different graphic
backgrounds to your slides, or one
 background to your master slide.
           Other Tips

If you are using a newer version of
 PowerPoint, you may want to turn
   off any “Auto Design” features.
 If you have any questions about
      formatting a PowerPoint
presentation for video, please give
   us a call or send us an e-mail!

     (734) 213-0500

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