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Marketing Planning Strategy - PowerPoint by ley18036


Marketing Planning Strategy document sample

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									Marketing Strategy &
      Marketing Planning

  The end point of a Marketing Plan is…
  not only better planning. It’s about ...

Marketing Excellence
            Marketing Excellence
“ Many people believe that the basic issue in marketing is …
     convincing customers you have a better product,
     that in the long run the best product will win.

Not true … It’s an Illusion… there is no objective reality. The
      perception is the reality.

 Marketing is a battle of perceptions not products. All that exists in
the world of marketing are perceptions in the mind of customers”

             Marketing Excellence is ...
    Consistently winning the battle of perceptions.

          the 22 immutable laws of marketing by Jack Trout, Al Ries
           Is Branding Important?
“Products often struggle to demonstrate major differences in
  terms of clinical benefits … highlighting the need to obtain
  greater insight into user perceptions of brands, and
  factors motivating them to prescribe”

“The company that fails to examine and monitor the equity
  of its brands in the consistently evolving pharmaceutical
  markets, does so at its own peril”.

“Marketing Managers who don’t take account of the
 emotional factors in brand choice and prescribing miss
 the opportunity to maximize the value of their brands”

                             per David Bayton,
                             Managing the Equity of Pharmaceuticals
         Product or Customer Focused ?
    Product Focused                         Customer Focused
    Segment by products                     Segment by customers
• Scientific focus                      •    Focus on customer perceptions

•   Relies on relationships;            • Tracks market changes &
                                          modifies strategy based on
• Has difficulty disciplining Sales       market research & systematic
  to provide useful intelligence          collection of sales reports
• Talks about product performance       •    Talks about customer needs,
  and sales volume achieved                 share, uses & segments.
                                        •    Knows competitor strategy,
•    Knows competitive product
                                            assumptions, cost & objectives
                                        •   Uses Marketing Plan to
•   Checks Marketing Plan only              manage activities
    when it’s time for a new version.
   The Challenges of Branding?

Consumers buy products but they choose brands.

Consumers form relationships with brands, not products,
and not corporations.

The performance of the product, what it does, and how it
does it, is the core identity of the brand.

But the brand also has a distinctive personality and
character that makes an emotional and trust-based
connection with the consumer and distinguishes it from
competitive brands.
                              Source: Winning with P&G 1999
    Key Elements to Brand Equity

1. The physical element: perceived functionality
      • relative effectiveness is very important
      • how well advantages are communicated so that our
        customers perceive that we offer superior value

2. The emotional element: developing affinity
     • nostalgia, pleasant associations
     • bonding, sharing the users values or perspectives
     • Trust & Innovation
Winning the Battle of Perceptions
       Effective Brand Marketing Is..

First, intimately knowing the values and needs of
our customers.

Then ensuring that every element of the marketing
mix is aligned behind creating, delivering and
communicating the values which will trigger
customers to prescribe your brand over the
                       A Common Branding Process

       1.               2.                       3.                  4.           5.               6.
Understanding        Identifying the
                                         Is there a gap
   Customer              customer                               Design each    Implement
                                              between how
   Perceptions           value that                                               marketing
                                              customers            element of                  Measure &
• current                will cause           perceive our
                                                                   marketing      mix
   customer              them to              brands and                                          track
   beliefs               prescribe            the values           mix to      Define
                         our brand            they seek.                                          results
    Why do they                                                    support        ongoing
        prescribe    What are their           If so, develop
                                                                   strategy &     brand        How can we
        our brand                             optimal
        or our                                strategy and         positioning    support         track +
        competitor                            positioning to
        brand?       Defining our             close this gap.   What is brand     Optimize        measure
                         brand?          What are possible        essence?           commu
    What values                                                                                   brand
        do they          * what is it?        customer                               nicatio
        assign                                reactions to      Key messages?                     equity
                         * what do                                                   n roll-
        each                                  this
                         we want it                             Images?              out
        brand?                                positioning?
                         to be?

            To be agreed & distributed with Interim TA update (end Feb)
            The Pyramid


            Branding      Customer
     Common Marketing Plan Issues
1.   Strategic direction is still vague
2.   Roles & responsibilities not yet clarified
3.   Process is too complex
4.   Process not well linked to Business Plan cycle
5.   Planning not yet in the culture,
6.   Team can’t support all the deliverables
7.   Marketing products not driving perceptions
8.   Basic marketing processes not optomized.
                       Typical Planning Cycle
                               Annual Budget Driven Process
Timeline          Mid-July                        September             October            November

                 Overall Corporate Ambition                   Approve Business     Final Business Plan
  Senior        •Link to Company Vision                                            Approved
                                                              Plan First Draft
  Management    •Top down global sales                        3 year sales view
                • Global Marketing Strategy

                     Strategy + Plan Development            Strategy + Plan Development
 Corporate           •Product priorities, launch plans      •Branding, Marcom,
 Marketing           •Pricing, Market Research
                                                 Interim Updates

  Corporate                                                                   Target setting
  Sales                                    Internal planning                  •Targets to Region/Local
                                           • Resource allocation


                                           • Trade-off analysis

         Common Marketing Needs
•   Become much more intimate with customers
•   Understand customer perceptions & values
•   Develop and state clear strategies
•   Create and drive branding platform
•   Set more challenging objectives
•   Execute more impactful tactics
•   Understand investment & return trade-off better
•   Improve implementation & follow-up
•   Improve alignment between marketing & sales
             Key Elements of Marketing Plan
9 chapters

                                                Marketing         Performance
                        Implica-     Market     mix plan          Forecast
                        tions,       product
                        Issues       strategy   Pre-launch        Performance
  Product               & SWOT                  marketing         management and
  information**                                 plan              contingency plans

         Situation Analysis &
             Implications            Goals &
                                     Strategy   Marketing Mix &
                                                 Action Plan       Performance targets
                                                                        & Control

   4 key elements in the marketing
                               Solid Results require
                      strong alignment through organization
                                Implementation orientation
 Company                        Strategic to tactical
Business Plan                   Action plans per customer segment

                                                                 Return on Investment
    Branding,                                                    Incentive bonus structures
Communication Plan
 Product Devel. Plan
 Market research plan
                             Marketing Plan                          Key
                                                             1      Account
                                 Sales plan
Global Branding                    Financial
Business Overview              Perform. Tracking                    Individual
Resource Deployment                                           2
                                   M.R. Plan                         Territory
Business Tracking
                                                                     Plans /rep
                              Product Development
                                                                  Activity plan
                                 HR Resource Plan
                                                              Perform. measures
     How Will You Know You
   Achieve Marketing Excellence?
You will have achieved your goal when:

   You consistently win the battle
   of perceptions ...

   and …you are seen externally as a
       Marketing & Sales powerhouse.

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