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					                                                                 Toastmasters Everett Pacesetters Club #117
Meeting Minutes: April 26, 2007                                                                             Mtg. 3450
Theme of Meeting:                  Earth Week                                  Meeting opened by:           Krishan Aggarwal       Mtg Start Time: 6:50
Toastmaster:                       Judy Gribble                                Inspiration:                 Dana Smith             Mtg End Time: 8:37
Topicmaster:                       Sukoshi Fahey                               Jokemaster:                  Robyn Harris
General Evaluator:                 Lois Sexton                                 Timer:                       Susan Cournoyer
Grammarian:                        Krishan Aggarwal                            Cam Master:
Word of the Day                    Compost
Speaker                            Title                                       Manual                       Time                   Actual Time    Evaluator
Robyn Harris                       Setting The Stage for Success               Impromptu                    10-15 min              8:19           Speech Craft Educational moment
Christy Anana                      No Title                                    Speech Craft Ice Breaker     2-3 min                3:28           Amber Forrest
Barb Berg                          As Time Goes By                             Speech Craft Ice Breaker     2-3 min                3:49           Sukoshi Fahey
Jared Peterson                     I'am Jared and I Ride Bikes                 Speech Craft Ice Breaker     2-3 min                2:59           Rusty Ames

Best Prepared Speech:              Christy Anana
Best Evaluation:                   Lois Sexton
Best Table Topics:                 Ann Hill - Guest
Most improved Speaker Award
Overtime Award/White wash/etc
Members Present
Aggarwal, Krishan                  [x]                                         Jain, Rahul                  [ ]
Ames, Rusty                        [x]                                         Casey Kent                   [ ]
Christensen, Scott                 [ ]                                         Labrecque, Sharon            [x]
Cournoyer, Susan                   [x]                                         Okoneski, Valerie            [ ]
Fahey, Sukoshi                     [x]                                         Roman, Edgar                 [ ]
Forrest, Amber                     [x]                                         Schaming, Jim                [ ]
Franz, Debe                        [ ]                                         Sexton, Lois                 [x]
Gilbert, Darrell                   [ ]                                         Smith, Dana                  [x]
Gribble, Judy                      [x]                                         Stimpson, Roxy               [ ]
Harris, Robyn                      [x]                                         Stinson, Michael             [ ]
Guests Present: 1 ~ Speech Craft Guest:: 3                                     Member in attendance: 10
Guests Name: Ann Hill ~ Christy Anana ~ Barb Berg ~ Jared Peterson.
Highlights:Speech Craft Guest future Toastmaster gave their Ice Breaker speech an inspired the club with their speaking talent ~

Motions adopted at business meeting and other items of note written on back:

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